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  1. While I still love Zaven Collins, I'm starting to rethink my original idea of drafting him in the 1st. I wouldn't be mad, but I'm rethinking it. Vince Williams is still playing at a remarkably high level. He's 31, we'd only save 4M cutting him, he's a leader. I would give Vince a 2 year extension to lower his cap hit. When Vince is next to an athletic cover ILB, he's a beast. It's no surprise that his best years were next to Shazier and an experienced Devin Bush. I wouldn't be upset with an ILB somewhere in the mid rounds, but maybe not in the 1st.
  2. It all just depends on how the board falls for me. I like Collins in the 1st or Browning in the 2nd. I don't really love the other ILBs. Not for us, at least.
  3. I see him as a cross between Bud and Vince. Very useful type of player.
  4. That would be an ok haul for me. I really like Pat. It really depends on how the board falls. I'm hopefully excited about this draft. There are a lot of directions they could go that would make me happy.
  5. What are you talking about? 80 Trillion people across the universe watched Queen's Gambit. I heard that directly from Netflix. Why would they lie?
  6. I'd also disagree with his ceiling as a bottom 15 player. He still has a considerable amount of potential. I think he could be a really good QB if he figures it out. That's a big If, but I think he could be much better than a bottom tier starting QB.
  7. I like Darnold too. He shows some skill on tape occasionally. I wouldn't give up a 2nd for him, though. If he had more time on his rookie deal, I'd think about it.
  8. White Vision is the Vision that's always in my head. My first experience with the character was in an arcade game back in the mid 90s. That's the version they used for the game. The Hawkeye with the purple face mask thing was in it too. For that same reason I'll always think Yellow and Brown Wolverine is best. Different game, but same idea.
  9. I think people assume they'll get a 2nd for him because of the Rosen trade. They are not equal, but I think that's why. Rosen still had a bit of unseen potential because he hadn't played much. We've got 3 years of tape for Darnold and he hasn't shown consistency. I'd love to bring him in but not for a 2nd. I'd do our 3rd at most.
  10. I like Williams more too. I just switched it up because the last mock I posted on here had Williams in the 2nd. I am intrigued by Browning. He seems like he could be really good in a year or two.
  11. ILB, OT, and Center are pretty deep. Just a quick 4 rounder off the top of my head would be: Jaylen Mayfield OT Baron Browning ILB Michael Carter RB Trey Hill Center
  12. I like the Steelers draft. Personally, I like Trey Hill the most out of the center prospects. I'd take him in the 3rd and Etienne in the 2nd. But, I like yours a fair bit too. I definitely wouldn't complain if it were actually like this.
  13. I agree with this. I think a team needs to prepare for getting a rookie contract QB. Our defense will most likely still be pretty good in 2 years(I'm assuming the core of TJ, Bush, Minkah, Edmunds, Nelson, maybe Tuitt is still there). We have a young WR core, we need to build up the O-line this year, then go big for a QB in the next draft. That gives you a pretty affordable, young team. Add some high end defensive talent via FA and retain the weapons with the savings from the QB. That maximizes the window. Obviously easier said than done.
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