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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I've read that Wilson has a little more football smarts. What would you say about that? Isn't the big knock on White above the neck?
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    How different of players are Devin White and Mack Wilson. I really like the look of Wilson. He reminds me so much of Shazier.
  3. even munchak is tired of this

    Just block him.
  4. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I'm hoping Kyler Murray's entry into the draft will push some more talent down to #20.
  5. Argument for 4-2-5 defense

    Only his last year there, I believe. He was also hurt most of that year. Remember they had that NT the year before that everyone thought was going to be a beast. I think the Texans grabbed him in the 5th or something.
  6. Argument for 4-2-5 defense

    Can Tuitt play this position? He is similar to Michael Brockers IMO. I think he could play next to a more pass rushing DT like Hargrave.
  7. Anthony Barr

    So do you guys think Barr will be brought back? I keep hearing it is unlikely. Anyone care to wager a guess on how well he could play in other defensive schemes? Iḿ asking because I´d enjoy the Steelers looking at him. Does he fit better as a 3-4 Rush End or ILB?
  8. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    The Bungles usually have a pretty salty secondary. I don’t hate this. Maybe he’ll help with the draft.
  9. 2019 Draft Discussion

    What is your opinion on him? Is he worth trading up for? He looks like a bigger Shazier to me, but I'm far from confident in my draft scouting abilities.
  10. Argument for 4-2-5 defense

    I'm not sure where to put this. I didn't want to make a new thread for it. What would Anthony Barr look like in our defense? I feel like he could be an OLB but he has so much experience playing off the ball, he could probably fit at ILB too. I think he'd be a nice realistic choice for a FA signing. He'd be expensive but he's a game changer.
  11. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I think a trade up for Devin White would be a really smart idea. We have a good defense for him. We'll have thumpers that can play next to him and a good d-line to keep the big uglies off him. I know it isn't a popular idea, but I believe our defense is solid enough that we could bring him along slowly. His weakness is above the neck so that is probably best for him.
  12. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    LOL maybe McCullers will finally put it together and be the NT we need? What's the definition of insanity again?
  13. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Yeah, you're right @Dcash4 People need to look at Hargrave as one of our most talented defensive players(I know that's not saying much). If he continues to improve, even a little, he's definitely someone we can build a defense around. Interior pressure is one of the most important aspects of a good defense and he's really good at doing just that.
  14. Incels?

    TBH, I think I was on the path towards it about 8-10 years ago. It's scary to think how easy a person can get this way. Thankfully some things in my life changed and this never fully happened.
  15. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I'm not a fan of Butler, but his defense did look promising at times. I liked it when we stopped blitzing so much and only sent 4. We really need an influx of talent via the draft and FA. Real, game-changing talent. Just like what @August4th said ^^^