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  1. I would feel a lot better about Dejong as our 2B. If his defense remains the same, that is. Especially if we can land one of those big name SS(or if Perez can continue to make strides).
  2. I actually think Dan Moore is insurance for Chuks. I think there’s a chance Moore is our starting LT in 2 years.
  3. I’m excited to see if he’s up for the challenge. His size could make him a better fit than even Hilton.
  4. I know it's easy to be down on the team right now, but I absolutely believe we're on the cusp of being in WS contention in the fairly near future. This offense is loaded. We've got a good mix of vets and young guys. Bader, O'Neil, and Carlson look to be a great OF. Our corner IF is locked up with studs. We've got a couple good MIF guys, DeJong, Sosa, Gorman?, Delvin Perez. We've got a top 100 catcher that is 21 years old. We've got a really deep minor league that could produce some players or trade chips. We've got talented pitchers, but just not enough of them. This is clearly the weakness of
  5. He's cooking right now! I hope he keeps it up.
  6. I'm sad to see Vince go. He was a tone setter. I'm excited to see what Spillane/Buddy can do at the BUCK.
  7. You should be able to run it back with a pretty similar team next year, right? Portis and Forbes with PO and a decision to make with Tucker. Any ideas what the Bucks will look to do, other than celebrate lol, this offseason?
  8. I think we’ll see a big good rotation between the two. Keep them both from wearing down by the end. I think it’ll probably be beneficial to Highsmith’s develop too. Give him a chance to see another vet prepare, let him work on the craft, then step into a full time role opposite Watt the next year.
  9. Training camp starts this week. Almost upon us yet again, folks.
  10. That’s exactly what I was going to say. Also, Trent Baker. I’m liking what I’ve read so far. I know it wasn’t D-1, but his stats were ridiculous.
  11. That’s an interesting idea. I kind of misinterpreted your post. I agree with you.
  12. I was browsing SD and they posted an interesting article. Apparently through extensive research, done by someone other than the dudes at SD, they have discovered about 99% of sacks from 1970-1981. This shows how many sacks each member of the 70s teams had, as they didn’t start counting sacks until 1982. Kind of interesting. Here’s the link Steel Curtain Sacks
  13. I like the first picks. The pitchers look like fast risers that could be helping the big squad in 2-3 years. Big, strike throwers. Can’t be mad at that. 2nd rounder, Baez, looks like a huge boom or bust guy. Massive power, speed, and arm, but questionable hit tool. Safer bet pitchers and risky, power bats. I like the approach.
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