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  1. Without a massive trade up it's going to be really hard to get a good prospect. Unless we can find some Russell Wilson/Dak Prescott type of dude(which is becoming increasingly more difficult) in the mid rounds, it's got to be a trade up. Our defense/offensive skill guys are too good to allow us to finish low enough to pick one. I agree with you. I'm also not completely against Mason, but I don't think it's likely he ever becomes much.
  2. Great write up, @kurganI always appreciate how much effort and analysis you put into things around here. It's one of the things that really makes this a cool community. I agree with most of your analysis too. As I watched some Loudermilk stuff after he was drafted I was impressed. I haven't looked much at Roche's stuff from Temple, but it seems like that will be the best place to see how his game will translate with us. I think you're right about the Green/Finney situation. I see Green starting by mid season. Finney is a valuable player, but not as a starting Center. I'd imagine he's probably
  3. So it is possible for Webb to pitch without giving up runs. He should try to do that more often.
  4. I'm rolling with Avalanche. I've got a friend that is more into it, but apparently this one is revolutionary in terms of it's blockchain. I figure I'd toss a couple bucks in and see what happens. It's more than doubled since I bought in.
  5. I don't really understand what the Phins are up to regarding their defense. They cut two of the leaders in Van Noy and McCain. They didn't really seem to replace them either. Maybe they did and I just didn't see it because I don't really pay attention to other teams.
  6. Sad to see him go out getting DFA'd. I don't think people that have watched him the last 10 years are that surprised he did, though.
  7. Pujols has just been DFA'd. I didn't think that would happen. Didn't his contract have years of coaching or work for the team involved? I hope he catches on somewhere to continue his HR chase.
  8. I think I remember seeing that this was supposed to be a series about new kids every year, but the S1 cast was so popular they just made it a continuation. Either way, I'm excited for the potential of more Matthew Modine. That was his back right?
  9. I wouldn't hate bringing in McCain. I also think we should look at Russell Okung. I know he's always injured, but I'm worried about Chuks as our LT. I hope he's improved from last year. Granted Chuks probably did look his best next to the powerful Dotson. He looked worse with Decastro next to him. We need to do better at staggering our finesse and power blockers. Chuks(finesse) - Dotson(Power) - Green(we'll see) - Decastro(Finesse) - Banner(Power) That's better than having one side of finesse and the other of power.
  10. I'd be ok with him coming to join that other certain safety.
  11. I'm excited to see this new Lions team. They really seem to be emphasizing physical football.
  12. We can’t rule out a trade before the season. It seems like Colbert is kind of keen on trades for vets.
  13. I liked that one the most of the new movies. That battle is the best of any of the movies IMO.
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