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  1. I've fully committed to the Hilton Hype Wagon. I think I'd try to re-sign him over Sutton if we have to choose between the two. Unless he chases a massive payday, which he's on his way to earning. I think he fits our defense to a T. I'm hoping Layne can develop well to replace Haden and maybe we can find another mid round guy, like Sutton, to develop into the #3 CB/FS guy. I'm not sure we're going to find a guy like Hilton.
  2. I think we will win too. This defense handled mobile QBs fairly well last year. Granted Kyler was a rookie.
  3. I think Edmunds, Bud, and Bush are going to need to play really well. We need their speed to contain Watson.
  4. Nice write up as usual, Hitman. I think a key to this game might be the running game. The Texans have some pretty beefy linebackers, but their DL(outside of Watt obviously) aren't super scary. I think we need to roll out a ground and pound gameplan. Utilize Watt, and run Conner. Eventually loosen up the defense and start hitting them with playaction and deep passes. I wish we had any kind of talent in the screen game, because those would be useful Sunday. I also think Watt should feast on Howard, their RT. Dupree might have a tougher row to hoe against Tunsil. I hope Bush continues making strides in coverage against backs. He's been good at that aspect, and David Johnson can beat teams in the passing game. I'd expect them to come out and try to get us to over pursue. Denver had some success with this and Houston has a far superior offense.
  5. The snap counts offer some insight into the gameplan. Vance's snaps are down. It seems like Ebron has officially surpassed him as the #1. Also, FB Watt's snaps are still low. I wonder if he starts getting a few more as sort of a hybrid wingback/FB/TE kind of thing? I think it would really help the running game. Conner runs so much better behind a FB, at least to the eye test.
  6. This is a game we’ve lost before. It’s good to beat bad teams and it’s good to win ugly sometimes. Remember this team is improving. The offense is still figuring each other out. The defense needs to iron out some kinks, but we’re winning games. That’s all that matters.
  7. This is a frustrating game. Poor offense and penalties everywhere.
  8. Our offense still isn’t as good as it can be. With how much better our team is really goes to show how bad the offense was last year.
  9. That was a bad call too. There was no PI on anyone.
  10. I think Jeudy is going to be really good. He’s smooth.
  11. Seemed like a legal hit too. I don’t even think he touched his head. Just blasted him in the upper body. I bet that hurt.
  12. A better punt and they might have scored a TD. No point in dwelling on it. We don’t know how it might have played out.
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