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  1. Looks fairly realistic for positions. I’d love to get Zaven Collins to replace Vince, though.
  2. We just signed a LB/LS to the PS. I think Canaday needs to improve his snaps or he'll find himself unemployed. He's been snapping low for the last couple weeks.
  3. Ummm he was also in Predator. So.... get it right. But yeah, I agree. He kind of sucks. His best role is making fun of himself in Arrested Development.
  4. I'm hardcore buying the hype on Zaven Collins from Tulsa, speaking of draft stuff. He's a hoss of a hybrid ILB/OLB. He'd be a good piece next to Bush.
  5. Nothing says Thanksgiving tradition like spreading a disease!
  6. I was hoping it wasn't an ACL when I saw him on the ground. Hopefully it won't have a lasting impact on his career.
  7. I only watched about a quarter of the game, but I watched the Jag's O-line move the entire LOS forward about 3 yards multiple times. Our line never does that.
  8. Season 2 and the 2nd half of season 3 is some of the best TV I've ever seen. Season 1 is really good too, but it really gets cooking in season 2. Season 4 has been its worst. Still watchable, just not quite as good.
  9. I LOVE the Steelers picks in this newest one. Nice work. Brings a bunch of nasty to the Steelers.
  10. I thought Detroit had a really solid draft. So did OKC. They both seem to have good foundations for contention in a few years.
  11. I think missing Vance really hurts on those double pulls. He's really good leading the way and scooping out edge defenders. I doubt that's the crux of the problem, but I just thought I'd add it in.
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