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  1. I think we're sitting in a decent spot. I predicted that the team would take awhile to gel. I'm not sure they have yet, but they do show signs of improvement every week. We need to get some of our injured guys back after the bye and start clicking.
  2. With a great O-line, I'm taking Taylor because of his speed. With a dumpster fire line, I'm taking Harris.
  3. That's an awesome rep. He really manhandled that guard. He still needs to pack on some muscle, though. Look how much smaller he is than Cam.
  4. He apparently had the announcers buzzing with a play he made in the 4th. I missed it unfortunately.
  5. That's interesting. Good call to whomever said it maybe had something to do with Jeff Albert.
  6. We’re not young pups anymore. We demand more intermediate passes and sleep!
  7. This is annoying. Even if we win, I’ll be annoyed for staying up this late lol
  8. We could use that jumbo ILB that Denver has. I don’t remember his name. Or Schobert and Bush need to get more physical.
  9. Yep, he’s not a great route runner. He could turn into one eventually, but right now he needs to be eating up the middle of the field. He’s way too fast for linebackers and too big for safeties.
  10. We need a turnover. The defense isn’t going to be able to stop them. We need a mistake
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