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  1. Jon Bostic

    If we paired Vince Williams and Tyler Matakevich our defense would get demolished. Short passes and outside runs would kill us.
  2. Who plays MLB this year

    Fan sites have... I think Thomas has a good shot at making the roster but I think the hype is getting g out of hand.
  3. Pre-Training Camp Roster Prediction

    Yeah I posted that on the bottom. I wasn’t sure who the other guys would be.
  4. Jon Bostic

    I hope you guys are right about Matakevich but I’m not seeing it. He’s been a demon on special teams but he’s been awful on defense. He had a bunch of tackles in the Miami game a few years ago but they were not quality. He seems way too slow to be helpful consistently on defense.
  5. The STL Cardinals Thread - Injuries. All The Injuries (23-18)

    The future of our pitchers is very bright. Flaherty looks to be a stud. I remember looking at his profile and thinking, what makes this guy good? He didn't look like he had any one thing that stuck out. That was pretty foolish of me. His slider is electric and if he can keep his FB velocity at about 93-94 for his career, watch out. This is not based on the one fantastic start, but his future is looking really good.
  6. Jon Bostic

    I think the important thing to note here is, Bostic isn't going to replace Shazier. The defense is going to change fundamentally without Shazier. I can't imagine Butler and Tomlin will just have Bostic go out and try to do the things Shazier was doing for us. With an entire offseason to prepare for life after Shazier I think the coaching staff will get it figured out. I think that's why we emphasized communication and leadership with our acquisitions. They are going to change the defense. We can't rely on otherworldly athleticism now.
  7. Who plays MLB this year

    I hate to rain on your parade but all the UDFA’s received 3 year deals.
  8. The STL Cardinals Thread - Injuries. All The Injuries (23-18)

    Feast or famine offense continues.
  9. Your Team: What are you most looking forward to?

    I'm excited to see our new look defense. The secondary might actually be....good. *gasp*
  10. I used to watch a lot of Athlean X videos when I was still working out. he has very interesting takes on things. I incorporated a lot of his stuff in my routines.
  11. Just some thoughts...

    Why wouldn't you say that? It's not like he's been in the league for 15 years. He's entering his 3rd year. Young, talented players improve. Don't be jaded.
  12. Just some thoughts...

    I think the defense will be much improved from where it was in the playoffs last year. Butler will have an entire offseason to adjust the defense post Shazier. I think we'll see a similar defense built on speed. @3riversis correct, the offense will have to carry us. They did last year too. The defense is built on speed and turnovers and that usually requires playing with the lead. I do think our base defense will improve against the run. I think the addition of Dunbar will help with that. I expect Hargrave will improve against the run and Bostic is a solid addition. The communication and tackling will improve with Burnett and Bostic. I think Vince might be poised for a big year too.
  13. How good is Jadeveon Clowney?

    Well who is?
  14. Pre-Training Camp Roster Prediction

    I'm kind of wondering if they'll keep Toussaint or Ridley on the roster with Samuels. It would be a smarter move to keep another pure RB in case of emergency.
  15. I was thinking about this today and trying to figure out how many players at each position the team might carry. I figured why not just start a thread about it. QB - Ben, Landry, Rudolph - 3 RB - Bell, Conner, Samuels - 3 FB - Nix - 1 WR - AB, JuJu, Washington, DHB, Tucker - 5 TE - Vance, James, Grimble - 3 OT - AV, Gilbert, Hawkins, Chuks - 4 OG - DD, Foster, Finney, Feiler - 4 OC - Pouncey - 1 Offense - 24 DE- Heyward, Tuitt, LT Walton, Alualu - 4 NT - Hargrave, Frazier - 2 OLB - Bud, Watt, Chick, Keion Adams - 4 ILB - Vince, Bostic, Dirty Red, Thomas - 4 CB - Artie, Haden, Sutton, Hilton, Brian Allen - 5 Safety - Burnett, Davis, Edmunds, Marcus Allen, Nat Berhe - 5 Defense - 24 P - Berry K - Boswell LS - Canaday or whatever his name is. ST - 3 I'm not sure who the other guys will be that make it. Maybe a 6th WR or CB? Any predictions?