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  1. Kaepernick

    Why would they have to cut AV? Can the dude not be on the same team with someone he may not see eye to eye on everything?
  2. Kaepernick

    I’d sign him yesterday. He’s only 32. I’d sign him, ease him(quickly lol) into the starting role this year. His mobility would help the o-line and run game. His passing isn’t worse than Rudolph’s. He had a huge arm, I bet he can still sling it. If he plays well, keep him around to compete and push Ben. Maybe he beats him out and we can move away from Ben’s massive deal. Maybe Ben beats Kaep and we have a talented backup or trade asset. Rudolph can keep developing, or Duck can beat him out. The Minkah shakeup helped, try it again.
  3. NFL arranges workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

    I hope the Steelers sign him. We need a spark on offense. Unfortunately after Thursday’s game we might not have the kindling for a spark to hang onto.
  4. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    Maybe this will give the FO justification to try and ship out Knizner in a package? Put Herrera in the heir apparent seat. I don't love the idea of a long term deal for Yadi, either. Maybe if it's ridiculously cheap and he's ok with being a backup by the end of it, but that seems unlikely.
  5. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    I hope not, but I have a soft spot for Carlos. I don't know much about Benintendi, other than he has a name that is odd to spell.
  6. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    They brought back the Wain Train on a one year deal. Can't have too much pitching.
  7. Week #11 GDT Steelers at Browns Backyard Brawl Pt. 1

    Our run defense better bring their big boy pants. Cleveland is going to look to smash us in the mouth and they've got a team that can do it. Our run defense has been shaky. Our pass rushers get neutralized if they run it down our throats. I hope Heyward gets them hyped because we're going to need big games from him, Hargrave, Alualu, and Vince. Teams haven't challenged us with the run as much as they should and this is going to be a big test. The Brownies have some legit backs.
  8. The Curious Case of OLB Bud Dupree

    I think Johnson has really good separation skills. Unfortunately he doesn't have the best hands in the world. Washington's jump ball skills and hands make him open even when he's not. I think our WRs would be shining a bit brighter with Ben. Rudolph just hesitates a little too much, but he should get better about that.
  9. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    Seeet lord, Switzer is bad. Someone has to be able to catch punts.
  10. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    Can the defense do it yet again?
  11. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    A TD would end it I believe. Can we do it, doubtful.
  12. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    Teams should probably just keep running against us. We’re not a very good run defense.
  13. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    This is just terrible. You can’t keep expecting the defense to hold. The offense has to score some points.
  14. Week #10 GDT Steelers vs. Rams

    Washington’s hands are like vice grips.