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  1. WEEK 11 GDT - Steelers at Jaguars

    Nice to see you round these parts, @stillersenat
  2. WEEK 11 GDT - Steelers at Jaguars

    This a huge win for our season. Getting beaten in that game would have crushed this team.
  3. WEEK 11 GDT - Steelers at Jaguars

    Reminds me so much of the Tebow Broncos.
  4. WEEK 11 GDT - Steelers at Jaguars

    Welp, the defense has to score to win this one. I thought we had seen the last of the “Ben Games.”
  5. WEEK 11 GDT - Steelers at Jaguars

    This. Our last game against them they got up big early. We have a chance to win this game in the second half of the offense can wake up. This is the advantage of having so many weapons. We can attack different defenses different ways. We just can’t be stubborn and try to beat them how we beat other teams.
  6. WEEK 11 GDT - Steelers at Jaguars

    We proved how the offense needs to play during those last drives. Just kill them with Vance and James. Too bad for AB and JuJu, they can’t get open. Feed the tight ends and play good defense.
  7. Yeah, @Dcash4, I'm not sure what you were watching last year. Davis was putrid. I will willingly eat crow regarding him this year as he's played "above the line" but he was one of the worst starters on our defense last year. He was only not the worst starter on the field because that's how comically bad Mike Mitchell was. I don't care about how many tackles he had. He couldn't tackle or cover.
  8. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    What kind of package would the Cards have to put together to add to Dex to get that done?
  9. Could be a lazy factor too. Sometimes people get used to living with a lot of money and their interests fall away from work. I'm just throwing that out there, I have no idea if Artie is lazy.
  10. WEEK 11 GDT - Steelers at Jaguars

    Tuitt and Gilbert ruled out. Right when Tuitt was starting to get hot too. I hope Alualu can bring his big boy pants. We'll need him to stop the run. I'd bet we'll see some Hargrave playing with Heyward in the Nickel.
  11. I don't think 43 is talking about replacing Davis. He just doesn't want to give him a big extension right now. He's right too. Davis was hot garbage last year and the year before that he was pretty terribly average.
  12. WEEK 11 GDT - Steelers at Jaguars

    We've got to load up to stop the run. If they pound us with Fournette and they set the tone, it's all over for us. I think Conner will help us establish what we want to do. Also, I trust Fitchner more than I did Haley to beat this defense.
  13. Bell contract 2018

    I mean, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to turning Bell into more than just a comp pick. I'm not going to get my hopes up, though.
  14. Steeler vs. Panthers Thurday Night Football Gamethread

    I'd guess it'll be Brian Allen, Justin Hunter, LT Walton, or Matthew Thomas. But honestly, anyone's guess is as good as mine.
  15. Who gets the top two seeds in AFC

    The Steelers have a pretty brutal schedule to finish. We usually play well against good teams, so that may be a good thing. I'm still just hoping for a playoff spot.