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  1. NFL’s New Anthem Protest Policy On Hold

    But muh country!!!! In actuality, I'm pretty tired of the over Americanization that sports have held onto post 9/11. I understood playing God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch of baseball games after 9/11 but it's been plenty long enough. It's just pandering.
  2. Bell contract 2018

    Why would you wish injury on someone? IT'S. A. GAME. The amount of people who take football and the Steelers so seriously is starting to really weigh on me. There are real life problems facing this country and this planet. Sports are supposed to be a fun distraction. Why does it have to be so life and death? Whether the Steelers win or lose, the world keeps spinning. In the grand scheme of everything this is all so insignificant.
  3. While it’s nice to think of what Carlos could get us, I’d rather just keep him. He’s young and I don’t really see us in a big multi-season tank. I bet we’ll be bad for a year but I doubt we’ll have a sustained bad streak.
  4. That's scary/exciting. I'd hate to lose Carlos but I can't even imagine the haul we'd get back.
  5. I’m sure a weight is lifted off the players.
  6. Looks like Weaver and Brebbia got optioned to make way for Gregerson and Lyons. I hope these guys come in and pitch like they can. We’ve got a bunch of fairly worthless arms in the pen.
  7. Yeah, I was just coming to say I think we should trade Norris. This team is a disaster. We have to get Matheny out of here and ditch some or all of “his guys.” I’ve been banging the sell drum for awhile because I don’t see any chance of winning a WS with this team and management construction. Mo needs to nut up and fire Matheny.
  8. I wonder what kind of deal Jose Martinez would get us if we made him available at the deadline? He seems like a great fit in the AL and looks to be the real deal at the plate.
  9. Steeler forum fantasy football

    I didn’t see that it was a keeper league. That’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to try a football keeper league. I’ve obly done that in fantasy baseball but that’s too tedious.
  10. Help Coming..?

    Who might be available? I don’t think it’s likely we trade for an ILB but I’m just curious. Maybe a late rounder for Sean Lee or a higher pick for KJ Wright?
  11. He’s apparently slimmed down quite a bit too. His weight was listed at 240 when he was drafted but it shows 210 now. It would be nice if he could stay in the OF. Dylan Carlson, Luken Baker, Gorman, Fuller That’s some real power potential in the lower system.
  12. Do any of you guys follow the gulf coast cardinals at all? I’m curious as to why Terry Fuller isn’t getting many at bats. I’ve asked on Reddit and I’ve tweeted at VeB and I’ve not heard anything. Hes only got 8 at bats but he’s hitting .400 with a HR and two SB. Was he injured? I hate trying to figure things out about low minor leaguers lol
  13. It’s a shame Yadi got hurt. He’d probably be the leading vote getter for catchers if he was healthy all year. Deservedly so. He’d probably have 3-5 more HR and 15 more RBI.
  14. I think we could get some nice pieces without shipping out Carlos. I mean, we already know he’s good and he’s young and fairly affordable. I think we already have some really great pieces in our minors. I think our latest first rounder is going to be a stud. Like a key building block type of player.
  15. Financial Experts say...

    Thanks @cddolphin and @Heimdallr for making me rest easier.