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  1. I'm for it too. I like Sutton a lot more than Hilton in coverage.
  2. Offseason Work to do

    Here’s my 2 cents. We aren’t going to be in a position to take a QB that has good upside, so why not double down with Ben?I think people also are confident with Rudolph improving over the offseason and being a solid backup. We’re in a position to contend with Ben and I think they are going to put all the eggs in that basket. Are Fromm, Hurts, or the kid from Washington actually any better than Mason Rudolph? I’d argue no.
  3. Offseason Work to do

    All I know is I was watching some Big Ben highlights and some of his best games came when he had Bell to dump it off to. I think the thought that Ben doesn’t like checking down is overblown. He just rarely has anyone good to check down to. How many sacks did Bell save Ben from. Instead of holding it for an extra 3 seconds, as soon as his first couple reads weren’t there, he’d dump it to Bell.
  4. Offseason Work to do

    Yeah, I want someone who can house a TD in any run. CEH seems like a rich man’s Mewelde Moore. Not a bad player, in fact a very good one. I just want a faster, multi-purpose back. I think Akers is my pick of the backs too.
  5. It really depends on how the board shake a out in regards to the trade. I mean, we could also look to trade up a bit, depending on who drops.
  6. Offseason Work to do

    My main problem without Reagor is we’re going to have to get him at 49. I think our needs at IOL are bigger than WR, though I do like his speed. Tbh, I didn’t realize Reagor was as fast as he is. But sometimes I do questions Ben’s deep ball. Maybe his new elbow will get him back to his old days.
  7. Offseason Work to do

    I want to see a WR taken that has traits and skills we do not have. I feel like Reagor is a cross between JW and Diontae. That’s definitely a nice player. I just feel like we should be looking at someone like Michael Pittman or Claypool. Someone with some real size. Ebron might take that role, though. Either way, I’m on that Chase Claypool hype train. So much untapped potential.
  8. I think there’s some sneaky LT type of guys that we can get throughout the draft. I’m big on building through the trenches, but there are countless possibilities for a lot of positions. Also, I think we can find real WR talent later.
  9. Well boys, my first action as mod was pinning(I’ve always said “stickied,” apparently it’s “pinned”)this thread. FWIW, I’m probably going to keep calling it stickied. Also, are we sending PMs(or are they DMs?, they screwed up making me a mod lol) about the plans? If so, I’d enjoy to be involved in that.
  10. Thanks @CWood21 Well well well, how the tables have turned. They’ve messed up and given me the power. I want everyone to know that I’m going to rule this place with an iron fist. Banning people left and right. They hired me to clean up the riff raff around here, you know who you are. But in all honesty, I’m pretty honored to be a mod in the Steelers forum. I’ve been here since 2006. I witnessed spush and bobbrowns epic fights. I’ve spent almost half my life on this website(kind of depressing if you think that way lol). I think those of you who do know me, not @FourThreeMafia apparently lol, know that I’m pretty chill. I’ve had some disagreements with posters in the past, but know that there are no burned bridges from my side. I just want to talk Steelers. NOW GO GET IN THE FFMD!
  11. Running backs !!!!

    You’ve got that < > the wrong way. The way you said it is greater that 50%.
  12. Running backs !!!!

    I think Ruiz and Cush start at LG by the end of next year, at the latest. It wouldn't surprise me that they win the job out of camp. Wiz isn't good enough to start. I don't really think Chuks nor Banner are guys that alter the draft plans.
  13. Running backs !!!!

    Delpit Cush Ruiz That's what I'd do. Delpit is way too good to pass up. I bet he "slips" to the high teens or early 20s. I don't think he makes it anywhere near 49, if he does I don't even hesitate. Cush and Ruiz are really close to me. I like Cushenberry's upside. You can't teach size like his. Ruiz is a powerhouse, though. I'm not really in love with any of the earlier round DTs. I don't see the snaps being available to make the pick worth it.
  14. Running backs !!!!

    What's up with Willie Gay? I've heard nothing to make me think he'll be a 2nd round pick. Also, do we really need another high pick at ILB?
  15. Running backs !!!!

    I'm moving toward joining the hype train. Depending on how the board fell, of course.