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  1. Cowherh had Covid-19

    I really question if there will actually be football this year. I feel like the second wave is going to come and smack us back into reality. Not that we ever really slowed from the first wave.
  2. Cowherh had Covid-19

    Dang, I’m glad they recovered.
  3. HOF game reportedly canceled

    I definitely won’t miss the guys playing on that grass. I know they’re talking a big game about getting this season in, but I’m starting to have doubts.
  4. Offseason Work to do

    I think this is a smart move. Feiler has experience at LG in our system. The rook and Wiz don’t. This offseason is a weird one, so having experienced players helps.
  5. Right and Wrong: Offense

    I definitely think our defense will regress, that may be something to think about in regards to the media sleeping on us. The defense almost assuredly can not take the ball away as many times as last year. Add in a QB with injury concerns, and we might be downright bad. I used to be kind of confident in Mason as the backup, but I’m talking myself into swinging for a top tier backup. I think we’re a fringe SB contender roster, with a good QB. I’d kick the tires on Cam honestly.
  6. Right and Wrong: Offense

    I feel like a big time homer, but I really think the one major thing that can go wrong with the offense is Ben. I don’t want to sound overly optimistic, but our offense is top 10 with a healthy Ben, I’d say even at 90% of what he was the year before the injury. We have too many weapons and potential for variety. I suppose if Fitchner completely implodes that could doom us as well. I do have a critique for that, though. If Ben is healthy, Fitchner is nothing but a cheerleader. If Ben’s healthy, were a contender, if not, we’re going to be at best an 8 win team. For the things we can do right, just pick your poison. We’ve got the deepest, most versatile, group of RBs we’ve had in years. We’ve got a physical offensive line, that will improve from last year. I think the loss of Foster(as important as he was in the lockerroom) is addition by subtraction, regardless of who is at LG. Wiz, Feiler, the Rookie, will all be at least as good as Foster was last year. All will be more athletic, and can help AV more than Foster could. We’ve got matchup problems at TE now with Ebron. I know it was small sample size, but look at how Ben used Ladarius Green. Vance will improve if he’s healthy because Ben can progress through his reads and actually find underneath guys that Mason and Duck simply couldn’t do. Our WRs are stacked. We’ve got deep threats in Cain and Claypool. I really hope they keep Cain over Switzer, because we’re deep in the slot and thin outside. We’ve got strong possession guys like JuJu and Washington. Plus a great route runner in DJ. I wish we had a little more depth at TE, but I understand you can’t be 6 deep with all stars at every position.
  7. 2020 Offense

    I agree and disagree with this. My stance on this is yes, a running game is important, but there is a lot more than RB that goes into a running game. I think our line is good enough to make RBs look better. I think Ben is good enough to make RBs look better. Teams can't stack the box on him, and he has gotten really good at dump offs to RBs. I don't think Conner is *that* much better than a combo of Snell/McFarland/Samuel. I agree with this too. I just don't think Conner is that. I think he's a better than average back. He runs hard, he's pretty fast, he's a good receiver, but he can't stay healthy. LIS, I don't think he's so much better than a combo of our backs. This, I completely agree with. I think Conner is a back that is good, but probably isn't suited for a full load. We've got guys that can do all sorts of different roles. Conner can wear teams down. McFarland can gash a tired defense. Snell can pound a worn out defense. Samuel, well he's there too. I think a strong running game is vital to our success. Ben's arm assuredly not going to be 100% in shape at the beginning of the year. It seems like Ben's always been a slow starter and that's even when he's healthy. We'll need to run the ball and play defense to win this year. Even if Ben is running on all cylinders, we still do a lot better when we can run as well as throw.

    Welcome(sort of) @turtle28 Your job seems interesting. I have a lot of thoughts on lobbying and Unions, not the time or place, though. I'm a teacher deep in the heart of a non-union state.
  9. 2020 Offense

    I agree. I just don’t think RB is that important in general. I just mean, I think we have enough talent to win without a top tier back. I’m not saying Conner is that, either. I think we can win without him, it would be better to have him, though.
  10. The STL Cardinals Thread - NL Central Champs!

    I'm liking the Flores style of draft. Big, athletic, projectable tools type of players. I think it's smart that we are emphasizing offense too, especially since the DH will surely be here before we know it. I hope Walker can stick at 3B and can continue to grow as a hitter. Obviously, there's always 1B and COF too. This gives us some insurance for our 3B of the future. One of these young guys will surely stick. Hopefully some of the others can at least hit. I'm hopeful.
  11. Mike Hilton

    Yeah, this is pretty spot on with my belief as well. Hilton is fun during the regular season, but as soon offenses and coaches get better by the end of the year, they’ll scheme against glaring weaknesses like Hilton in coverage.
  12. Mike Hilton

    I really like what those guys over there are doing with their film breakdowns. That site has definitely stepped up its game. I remember when it was just hot take after hot take.
  13. Mike Hilton

    Seems like he’s good at the little short, matchup zone things we do around the LOS, but I honestly don’t know much about scheme. I may be wrong.
  14. Mike Hilton

    That wrinkle is, apparently, something the FO really values. They looked for it with Senquez Golson(again, I can’t remember if that was exactly his name and doing two things at once on my phone is hard, y’all know who I’m talking about lol). I think they’ve maybe realized it’s easier to find a Troy Polamalu style of player at NCB instead of safety. I’m just thinking and typing here, but that kind of makes sense. NCB is a position that isn’t going to be flying across the field and hitting someone, so it’s probably easier to keep those guys safe. Remember injuries derailed Troy’s and Bob Sanders’ careers. Bigger, stronger safeties seem to be who they go for, and fiesty, rover, NCB types. I know I’ve mentioned him a few times but I’m hopeful for Trajan Bandy to be the “next man up.” That way we can keep the better cover guy, Sutton, and keep the rover NCB skill set without paying too much for it.
  15. Mike Hilton

    He is a very poor man cover guy. I was watching a video about Edmunds and Hilton was getting torched up the seams in man constantly. I like his toughness and zone coverage. If he’s within 7 yards of the LOS, he’ll get the job done for the most part. I think he’s going to have a big year this year, but I don’t think we’ll keep him. I think he’s really good at what he does, but he’s kind of a novelty. I think Sutton is more important. That’s why I’m pulling for Bandy to make the roster. He can slide into Hilton’s spot. Plus, maybe someone will sign him to a fat contract and we’ll get a comp pick.