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  1. Today marks the 47th anniversary of his passing.
  2. You know I remember in the early 80's when The Bears were doing so badly and often the games were blacked out local. I think that made the late George Halas hire Mike Ditka and with in a few years they went to the Superbowl. Maybe if fans stop attending games of teams that don't do weel it might encourage the ownership to fix up things.
  3. This summer here in the Chicago area we've had quite a few weeks of cooler weather. I was by the lake one time and this couple walked by in sweatshirts. One of their dogs sniffed me and I petted it and since it was warm I asked if they were? He didn't say anything but she said, "I'm a bit warm." I asked if she had anything underneath that sweatshirt and she didn't. I can never get why anyone do that. After all it's summer and dispite being on the chilly side it's supposed to be warm and if I go out, I put on a short sleeve shirt anyhow and wear a jacket.
  4. I don't see your last 2 statements have any impact on watching games. If players do something wrong then those refs have every right to call them and do you honestly expect to watch a game without commercials?
  5. Doesn't it just get annoying? In my case The Bears haven't had a Superbowl Victory in more than 30 years and you get teams like Detroit who have yet to have one or Dallas which has had many but it's been 20 years since they won the big one.
  6. What do you think about this episode? It's ashame Kevin turned out so unkind to Mr. Collins because he couldn't help him after school and obviously felt bad after Mr. Collins Died.
  7. Not quite over yet but getting close. I must admit the nice thing about it is we have the upcoming football season to look forward to but other than that I hate it when summer ends.
  8. Think they'll do well this year?
  9. So some of you are gonna boycott the NFL because of a suspension? Please.
  10. Are you still able to watch them or have you given up on them?
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