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  1. Hi there, if you're still looking for people for that league I'd fill a spot.
  2. Your life Username: SamClemens89 Age: is just a number State you were born in: PA State you live in now: PA Something unique about you: I am a lactose intolerant Cheesehead. Your love of the Packers When did you start following the Packers: birth What made you become a fan: Dad and Grandfather liked the Packers, from my Grandfather rooting for them most likely because they were coached by a fellow Italian, Lombardi. Favorite current Packers: HaHa, Mike Daniels, Julio Janis All-time favorite Packers: Reggie White, LeRoy Butler, Gilbert Brown, Nick Collins, Chuck Woodson Favorite moment in team history: Outside of the Super Bowl wins, signing Charles Woodson in FA. Your interests Other favorite teams: Duke in college bball, Baltimore Orioles in baseball. Love NBA but don't have a particular team and don't follow hockey, novice soccer fan (Real, Everton). Hobbies outside of football: Music, hanging out, reading. Favorite movie: Can't pick just one. Recently rewatched the Prestige for the umpteenth time, so there's that. Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons Favorite band: The Beatles I'm more of a lurker, but come here because for as big as a fan base as the Packers have, I don't get to have too many intelligent, in-depth convos about the Packers. Always great insight on here and when there is football related misery, I have company. GOPACKGO
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