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  1. Browns vs Seahawks in 2011......Browns win 6 to 3 in one of the most boring games I've ever watched and would not wish on anyone lol. Ah...the good ole days when we had Phil the drill instead of our recent run of bad kickers.
  2. I wouldn't doubt it as with COVID, people are still trying to get a lot more social than they have been. It's sad but there were a lot of people "protesting" just to be out doing something. I mean, in Texas when the Governor officially re-opened TX with rules like "restaurants/bars are only to be at 25% capacity"; people acted like we beat COVID and bars/social hang outs were packed like normal pre-COVID.....then the surge of cases resulted in TX being lockdown again shortly after lol.
  3. This is how I feel. Baker's rookie season, he didn't really have much pressure and it seemed for the most part, once Hue got let go, the coaches did everything they could to play to his strengths. I'd really like to see how this offense would be without OBJ and what seems to be the feeling of trying to force feed him the ball. The plan would work if we got the OBJ that was on the Giants where he was catching wobbly balls from Eli and/or making plays that gave him the label of "elite generational talent". I forgot who mentioned it but I agree that Baker strives when he is constantly looking to throw it to multiple receivers instead of trying to force it to OBJ. I'm not sure what's up with OBJ (injuries, lack of drive to continue to be a star?) but he isn't the same player we were hoping to get when Dorsey got him here.
  4. I think our offense would be so much better if we weren't trying to force feed OBJ who is demanding the ball but his effort is lack luster this game. Aren't we supposed to be running more and utilizing our TE's more?
  5. Are we thinking since we are behind, "lets keep throwing it to our stud WR who hasn't been doing much". Our best plays were Njoku....where is Hooper/Bryant?
  6. This team is nothing but hype every year. We have one of the highest paid receivers still dropping easy passes and a kicker who is awesome in practice but sucks in games when there is pressure.
  7. Geesh, Ravens marching down the field uncontested
  8. This is insulting....for anyone to even dream of challenging my Browns dynasty on suckage.
  9. Andy Reid seriously deserved this, way past due for his legacy.
  10. Yes please! He needs to understand this is the NFL and not college. The real work is done in the off season and not in OTAs. Also hoping someone can convince him to seek help like the ones who want to be great do.
  11. Its unfortunate but, had to be done. The dude seems like a good guy but, he was way in over his head and didn't seem to try to better his situation. He could have given up play calling duties so he could focus on being a HC but, instead decided to be stubborn and continue calling horrible plays that relied too much on the talent instead of successful scheming. Hopefully we get the coach right because an offense with Chubb, Hunt, Landry, and OBJ should not be as terrible as it was this year.
  12. Yeah and he didn't seem to do himself any favors with his refusal to give up play calling duties so he could focus on being the HC.
  13. You wouldn't make Freddie's coaching staff with this "thinking" you are speaking of.
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