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  1. Interesting that most of the top choices resulted in exactly 1 super bowl victory for the franchise the player went to. Brees, White, Brady, Sanders, Sharpe, S. Rice, P. Manning, C Woodson, R Woodson...I think I'll stop there.
  2. Sad news. Great coach and seemed like a great guy.
  3. It wasn't really an argument,IDK where I stand on this either way. IMO I think lists like this for football are going to differ so much between people because football seasons are small sample sizes and really short in terms of minutes played... Postseason especially. A team that goes 16-0 still has their fate decided each round in one game that is constituted of roughly 12 minutes of action. The other major US sports use 7 game series and a regular season consisting of 5x or 10x as many games.
  4. Would we be calling them one of the best teams to not win the super bowl had they lost? Also I'm not that familiar with the dvoa stat, but how sensitive is it? Football seasons are such a small sample size.
  5. I don't like anointing qbs early in their career, but isn't this his first double digit loss and like 10th career loss? Plenty of people thought the TB Dline could give them trouble against backup OTs and it happened, he tried to make plays and did... but several times his team mates couldn't bail him out. I don't think PM played that bad but the Chiefs as a whole sure did. Remmers with two bad SBs now
  6. Right when the playoffs started, how many posters here thought they'd be putting the 2020 bucs as the 2nd best (or 3rd best) team of the decade? Note: this isn't an attempt to discredit them, it's just how quickly opinions can change in a matter of weeks.
  7. Holds most playoff records for two teams. More SB wins than any franchise More postseason victories than all franchises except the Patriots, Steelers, packers, and cowboys. Crazy
  8. Brady restoring balance to the force that is the NFC lighting up the AFC in the super bowl
  9. I can't imagine trying to catch passes from him when the temps in the teens If they were going to both play in this era, Brees. In their respective eras, Favre. Yes he threw more picks but he his durability and longevity was incredible.
  10. It's hard to say yes because the niners were up on the chiefs 20-10 with like 6 minutes left. I don't remember what the pregame talk was last year about who was going to win, but the niners really blew it at the end (wiki says KC 1.5 fav for that game.) Remmers better have a better SB against Shaq than he did against Von Miller lol (assuming he's at LT.)
  11. Yep, I mean I think maybe a few picked em to go to the SB in that preseason thread, but for the most part people thought it wouldn't be enough, or he didn't have enough left to make it with the bucs. Now people are saying it's just cause his team was stacked?
  12. The guy genuinely seems to love competing and the football life. I think it takes serious injury or significant decline for him to hang it up. That's a great stat, and I agree about the implications, but more specifically aimed at the QB position. They were a great team for a while but either Dilfer was their QB and it took the [2nd] best defense of all time to get him a SB (and the Ravens were probably still lucky to win that season) and then...Shaun King? Brad Johnson? I don't even remember who won them that SB. If Testaverde was drafted 10 years later he could have probably had
  13. IMO what's interesting is that if these two go down as two of the best of all time, they'll have met in both a CFG and a super bowl. Would that be a first among HOF QB's (assuming they get in?)
  14. No. It's different too because people are talking about a chiefs dynasty and Mahomes as one of the best of all time and they have won 1 super bowl so far. This isn't a knock on Mahomes, it's just a totally different situation than with the pats: Mahomes was regarded as a top QB before a SB win, while hardly anyone outside NE considered Brady a top ten QB in the league until after he won 3 rings. I'm kinda neutral on the pats, but aren't most fanbases just kinda weary of them rather than hating them? The hate seemed to fade away after like a decade of dominance, or maybe I'm crazy. I'm
  15. I don't know about best class, but most impressive draft for the Gmen IMO was 2005. Only had 4 picks and no 1st round but: Rd 2 Corey Webster Rd 3 Justin Tuck Rd 4 Brandon Jacobs Rd 5 Eric Moore
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