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  1. Eli Manning is retiring

    I wouldn't vote Eli into the Hall of Fame, even before 2015 he was too inconsistent except for his durability. I think he'll be in though. I don't think you can put him in the same class as B Johnson or T Dilfer, because he legitimately carried a terrible team to a title in 2011 (worst rushing attack in the league, negative point differential, bottom 5? defense.) 2007 wasn't a good team either, not a good defense until they stepped it up in the playoffs. People would probably knock Eli's first victory over the pats as "defense carried that game" but then also rank that team as one of the worst defenses to ever win a super bowl.
  2. Patriots Sell The House For Burrow?

    Belichick to trade himself and a conditional 7th round pick to the Bengals for Joe burrow.
  3. How is Bill Cowher a HOF'er?

    I guess I don't have a good enough feel for what the cutoff is for HoF caliber coach. I have no problem with Cowher being a HoF coach, I can understand peoples sentiments about other coaches who are more deserving. I guess winning a championship is pretty crucial to getting in, looking now kind of surprised Reeves and Schottenheimer aren't in.
  4. This was one of the best games I've ever watched. Not a fan of either team but I thought there was 0 way the Giants could beat the Saints in New Orleans.
  5. Why don't MVPs win the Super Bowl?

    If you use the earlier example of 16 playoff contenders it's a 15/16 chance that the MVP is not on the eventual champ team. Odds of that happening 20 years in a row is about 27%. Going this length of time is strange but not exceptionally so in my mind. If you want to limit it to just playoff teams its closer to 18%.
  6. What qualifies as garbage time?

    Does garbage time start earlier if both teams are out of playoff contention already?
  7. That was the previous decade. Plus the Giants are on this list and they won a super bowl. Although as a Giants fan I don't feel offended by their inclusion, but I don't think I'd list rank them as bottom ten.
  8. Giants hire Joe Judge as Head Coach

    The thorough 45 minutes of research on this guy that I've done leads me to believe this is the worst hire in the history of sports. Watch him actually be decent but the giants regress on special teams
  9. The NFL needs to rethink how it does overtime

    Dang good question. Maybe Dutch auction style
  10. End of the Patriots era?

    Bradys got like 8 more years relax guys, gronk dropping pounds but he'll come back as a wr.
  11. The NFL needs to rethink how it does overtime

    Keep same format except instead of a coin toss each team bids 1-99. Largest bid gets ball first, but that many yards from the end zone.
  12. Was Saquon the right pick for Giants?

    Any pick would have looked liked the wrong pick, at least at this point in time; the Giants are awful on both sides of the ball and both sides of the sidelines. I think a better question is, where should Saquon have been picked? Seems like most people in this thread wouldn't even take him in the first round.
  13. I don't think he has a realistic shot. It'll be really tough for anyone to catch Rice. Only tougher stat to catch I can think of atm would be career interceptions IMO (for defenders not QBs hah.)
  14. Why did Terrell Davis win 1998 MVP?

    If you're a voter in 1998, here's what you see Cunningham having: 1) One of the top 5 receivers of all time 2) Another guy who had one of the best seasons ever for a WR and the best rookie WR season ever (who had a better season than the future hof receiver) 3) Another receiver with several 1000 yard seasons 4) Pro Bowl Runningback 5)3 pro bowl linemen He had a great season no doubt but that is one stacked side of the ball, so his play doesn't stand out much versus his team mates. TD had a historic season and was probably a more valuable player overall.
  15. Should Mike Alstott be a HOF?

    Probably not. Depends on who's up for entry each year, but usually the names I see I'd put in before him.