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  1. As a giants fan, I'm not too upset about what the eagles did. The gmen won 6 games and had to rely on a rival with nothing to play for, and they got a quasi playoff game and win v. the cowboys. That's as good as they deserve. As an NFL fan I'm a little upset. Some of the most memorable games are teams with seemingly nothing to play for beating playoff caliber teams (giants beating the undefeated broncos) and the fact that this was primetime and the last game of the regular season made it stand out. The game was already ugly and then they put suds in and I knew it was over. Not only that,
  2. I doubt any poster here agrees with me but who cares. Those sports leagues don't have to limit playtime for the players like the NFL does, nor do they have rules that make it hard for people to agree on what a fair overtime consists of.
  3. No college OT rules. Regular season games should end in ties. Playoffs should be 2 legs like UEFA champions league, only overtime if tied on aggregate after two games.
  4. Seasons are too short and careers too fragile for players (and coaches for that matter) to actively tank in the NFL.
  5. Fair is in the eyes of the beholder in this one I think. The NFL tries to blend different systems and sometimes it doesn't seem to work as well as others. If we're not going to award division winners then divisions need to go. No one whines about the world cup format when a team with 5 points in one group doesn't make it through but a team with 2 points makes it from another group.
  6. Franchise reputation would certainly be an advantage, but there's still a salary cap for teams to contend with. Football has a disadvantage for players too in that contracts are not guaranteed and football is highly injury prone, so for a young guy coming out of school to turn down lots of money with a crap team to sign with a contender for peanuts would be a huge mistake from a financial risk management perspective. Now if he doesn't want to sign with a team because they have a reputation of mismanagement and negligence then you now have more of an incentive for teams to treat their players w
  7. Football has a disadvantage in that you really have a cap on the number of games you can play due to time needed to recover and injury rates. Combine that with the number of teams and divisions you have to make massive changes to make things more "fair." As it stands I think it's ok, some wild card teams play in crap divisions and get weak divisions on their schedule, so I don't think just prioritizing records without evening out schedules would be fair either. I think you'd have to completely redo the division system and get rid of the "play your division rival twice" format. Or you can
  8. As a Giants fan it certainly seems so at this point, but the real answer is no. IF they win out and finish 9-7 I think he's either the #1 or #2 choice but that's a big IF. That would mean they finish 8-0 over the last half of the season, have beaten several good teams along the way and beaten the cowboys and eagles who they haven't beaten in years (I don't care that those teams suck this year.) This was a team that on paper was absolute garbage, especially on the Oline, which has started to come together. Their defense has managed to look good when at the start of the season they probably
  9. Which of these teams do you see winning 7 games? WFT and Dallas would have to go 5-2, NYG 4-2, PHIL 4-3. These teams have won a combined 2 games outside the division and each team has at most 2 divisional games left. Even those wins took a really beat up SF team and ATL blowing a big 4th quarter lead. Dallas has the easiest schedule but their defense is awful and they're on their third string QB. NYG has looked better the last two games but I'm not going to assume that after two games they've suddenly solved most of their problems. Plus that was against two divisional opponents who also
  10. Based on recent form, I'd rank them Giants, WFT, Eagles, Cowboys. Giants only have 6 games left, all else 7. Tough remaining schedules in my opinion: Giants: Cincinatti, Seattle, Arizona, Cleveland, Baltimore, Dallas WFT: Cincinatti, Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle, Carolina, Philadelphia Eagles: Cleveland, Seattle, Green Bay, New Orleans, Arizona, Dallas, WFT Dallas: Minnesota, WFT, Baltimore, Cincinatti, San Francsico, Philadelphia, Giants Bolded are games I expect wins. Maybe that Carolina game can be a W for WFT, which would put them in the lead at 6 games. If WF
  11. I thought that one thing we could count on in the NFC East was the Eagles sweeping the Giants. Now it looks like this division is wide open. Through week 10 the NFC East has won 2 games outside the division. How many wins will win this division?
  12. Nitpicking here but he didn't lose all those 25 fumbles. I believe he lost 15 which would make it 37 in 22 games, which is still almost 2/game. But I agree, if they have a shot at a QB they like in the draft they need to take it, unless Jones can somehow turn it around. I mean what position is more important versus which is a bigger drop in skill? I think you could make the argument that the need and drop in skill at the QB position is bigger than the OL position.
  13. I'm hopeful to get to see Mckinney in action in a few weeks I hope. The defense has surprised a bit this year I think. I think Gates has been playing better at center? And maybe these three young guys on the OL can start to play pretty well in the next few weeks. I'm sorry, but I don't think DJones is the guy. Sometimes you see him scramble and make a great play, or drop back and make a really pretty throw and a good read, and I think there's a real tendency for people to see someone with the physical tools and assume that their awareness and cognitive abilities will improve, but that
  14. Bottom line, if the Giants are bad enough to be in a position to draft in the top two spots then they should grab another QB. If after Eli's 2nd season the Giants were picking top two I would have wanted them to take someone else. We can compare Eli to Jones I guess, but it's two different leagues. Look at how Eli was compared to the average NFL starter, versus look at Jones now versus the average NFL starter. Not only that, if you look at Eli's career stats without knowing who it was you'd think average QB who hung around for a while. He caught fire for two postseasons, I don't think we
  15. That no call on the PI was probably the refs saying "Dude it was PI, but Daniel Jones is terrible. Do the Giants a solid and just let them have a chance at Lawrence. "
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