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  1. 2020 Head Coaching Candidates?

    Jim Harbaugh didnt fail, he didnt get along with the GM, so even tho there were multiple teams in the NFL that have wanted and continue to want him, he chose Michigan bc he's at the top of the food chain there. He probably would only take an NFL offer similar to Gruden at this point. David Shaw is the most sought after coach in college, and nobody can convince him to leave Palo Alto. Kirk Fetentz has reportedly turned down multiple interviews to stay at Iowa. No job is necessarily superior to the other, sometimes guys prefer to stay in college for a number of reasons.
  2. Greatest rivalry in each division

    You've got jokes. It's the longest, most storied rivalry in the NFL with a combined 20 championships. So much so that the NFL is forgoing its tradition of kicking off the year at the superbowl winners place for its 100th anniversary to see the teams that started it all, that have played 200 times, and after the Bears win the series will once again be tied. Yeah that's THE rivalry in the NFL.
  3. Greatest rivalry in each division

    You're cute
  4. I'll just echo the other comments, Daniels has the potential to be a perennial all pro at center. Cody is going to be a fine LG and probably make some probowls. The question is do they want JD to drop some weight and go back to 305 after playing at about 315 last year. To me he seemed like his movement was still exceptional even with the added lbs.
  5. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I believe it's one he gave himself. But it comes from the old saying "he can turn chicken crap* into chicken salad" *edited for site rules, use your imagination
  6. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    One of Tarik Cohens many nicknames, and I like it better than the human joystick (more original too)
  7. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Chicken salad may be the ultimate offensive weapon, but it's really hard to call him a dual threat RB, especially one of the best. Hes just awesome with the ball in his hands period. We should give him the ath position designation.
  8. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    The Miami roster screams this, but I believe in Josh Rosen so idk. Guess I'm hoping the Raiders so that we can exchange pick 32 for 33
  9. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    I still maintain that Morse was the best ol on the chiefs last year, but I dont know anything. I'm done with this convo.
  10. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    I was discounting Charles, although I will say that Charles never led the league in rushing, whereas Hunt did (before Mahomes even) but Larry Johnson? Checkers not chess Larry Johnson? Get outta here with that. But thanks to all of the Chiefs fans for proving my point for me. I guess we'll see who is right in 2019.
  11. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    I havent seen anybody say that the Chiefs are going to suck, I have seen several posters to post legitimate concerns and criticisms about things that matter in football, only to have a chiefs fan respond by brushing it aside and saying it doesnt matter bc Mahomes. Mahomes was great last year, no question, but 2019 is a new year, and the chiefs are going to be missing their best weapon, are going to be without their best RB since Priest Holmes. Are missing their best OL, 2 best pass rushers, best overall defender, and all of that is going to matter.
  12. Bears "best kept secret" Eddie Goldman

    First of all Raymond has exactly 0.chance of getting playtime over Shaheen, first and foremost bc Raymond doeant play the Y and Shaheen does. And he doesnt have anything resembling slow moving feet. He has very good footwork, he catches pretty much everything and he scores the ball. Shaheen has injury concerns and they are legitimate, but he certainly hasnt been tereinle when he plays.
  13. Who is poised to be your teams breakout player?

    So many good candidates for the Bears, but I'm going with Roquan Smith. Didnt get much attention bc of the long holdout and then the injury in camp. Started kinda slow but really came on at the end of the year, pulling out the splash plays and becoming a force in the middle. 5 sacks, 5 INTs most tackles for a LB since Lach. Kid is probably going to be a star this year.
  14. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    I cant even with these KC fans. I guess we should all expect KC to go 16-0 have the best d and the best o PMII to go 75-0 and not to miss a beat w/o 1/3 of the starters from last year. I guess time will tell whether those of us that see regression as the only real possibility are haters, or if maybe we just might have been paying attention to what happens in football every damn year.
  15. Bears "best kept secret" Eddie Goldman

    That's not even remotely close to accurate.