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  1. My bad it was Hunter and you quoted him. Still dont see them winning less than 10 games. And that defense means they can beat anybody.
  2. You are full of it, you predicted the Bears to lose this week. And finish 9-7. You just dont want to admit that the Bears are much better than you thought.
  3. If you think Ryan Mallett had a stronger arm, then I'm not sure you know what "fastest ever recorded" means. Again we literally, with our own eyes, watched the dude launch a ball from the 20 to the back of the endzone. Is it the end all, be all? No, certainly not, but physically gifted is talented. You can be a better player and another player is more talented. Randy Moss was considerably more talented than Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice was considerably a better player than Randy Moss.
  4. Ok, here's what I would do: 1. 2 game suspension for any player who was at the workouts. That's a fine of 1/8 their annual income. 2. Any coach who knew, encouraged, or participated is suspended for the remainder of the year. Players get a second chance, leadership does not. 3. Titans lose 1st round pick 4. Titans are fined the equivalent of their share of 2 weeks of the shared revenue. 5. No forfeits, yet. if they have 11 guys healthy and covid-free they play the game. If they are unable to field a team on Tues, they forfeit Bills and Steelers games, and continue to lose the weekly share of TV revenue until they can. But nobody else's schedule is.getting screwed bc of their incompetence.
  5. Maybe people need to chill w/ the sky is falling stuff about this season. There has really only been 1 outbreak and 8n that case we have reason to believe protocols weren't followed. Other cases have been basically isolated incidents. Taking from my own life example, I am an essential worker whose job requires me to enter the homes of people from all walks of life. I have had people who thank me for wearing a mask, and people who have told me I dont need one. I always follow our guidelines which is to wear a mask whenever we enter a home and disposable neoprene gloves. Stay 6 feet away from anyone in the home. A couple weeks ago I thought for sure.I had covid, I was spiking a fever of 101.5 and I never get fevers. Had a cough, congestion. Smell and taste greatly diminished. Got tested. Started feeling better a day later. A day after that my results came back negative. Just a run of the mill upper respiratory infection. This made me realize something very important. Protocols work. We have yet to have any of our guys get covid. 100 techs servicing 200,000 subs, no positive test. We did have a supervisor who doesnt go in the field who was asymptomatic test positive, but that was after his wife who is a nurse, was also asymptomatic tested positive and they cut off access to the office for a week to disinfect everything. Nothing since. Protocols work.
  6. Hes bad dude, like really, really bad. And what talent does he have. He is not a + arm, he's athletic, but not super athletic. He is often injured. He sees ghosts, his own words. You already said you havent watched him as a pro, let me help you out here. Hes a Jay Cutler like decision maker, with a Kyle Orton arm. No one in their right mind would give up a first. As I said, Jets would be lucky to get a 3rd right now. If you really wanted Darnold I would offer to flip Tru straight up. Tru gets to go back with Loggains in a familiar offense and gets to at least play. Darnold comes here to learn how to backup a starter while Nagy and crew try to reinvent him I guess.
  7. What part of that was incorrect? Allen's ball was clocked at a ridiculous 74 mph. The guy who everyone says arm is stronger was 68. We literally watched him at his proday throw the ball from the 20 to the back of the endzone. Dude, anyone questioning Allen's talent needs to have their eyes checked.
  8. If you want to say Watson is the better QB, fine. But the bold is sheer lunacy. Josh Allen is probably the most gifted player since Elway. Strongest arm in the league, Cam Newton levels of athleticism. Like if anything isnt a debate it's that. This is why I said back in 2018 I'd take him #1, the ceiling was so high you have an all time great if he reaches it, and it looks like hes going to reach it.
  9. This is a really bad idea. Jets would be lucky to get a 3rd for Darnold right now. Hes awful, easily worse than Tru. As suga said, you would be much better off drafting a QB in the first than trading it for Darnold. At least a talented rookie gives you hope. Darnold is totally broken. (In the interest of full disclosure I did not like Darnold at all coming out, he is careless w/the football, not nearly as athletic as he thinks he is, and is not even an above average arm talent).
  10. First off I love Arob, but he basically is responsible for 4 INTs this year, 2 of which should have been TDs. You have to watch the games to see just what Montgomery means to the Bears and just how good he actually is. If he was in a Shanahan offense he would be a star and considered on of the best in the game
  11. No but Aaron Donald is looming a few weeks away and Daniels was really good against him 2 years ago. Hopefully Bars can get it together and Nagy helps him out. Foles is basically a statue so you cant move the pocket away from him. Will probably see a lot of Demeteius Harris to that side and let Leno help on AD
  12. He is more than just good, he always gains extra yards just on his own, never goes down on first contact. Last year he had over 900 yards getting hit in the backfield quite literally every play. You saw it several times this game where other RBs would be stuffed for losses and he still gets positive yards. The fault w/ his production is mostly bc the coach pulls him out and puts in Patterson at RB waaaaaaaaay too much. Monty should be touching the ball 20-25 times per game. Excellent receiver out of the back field as well. Doesnt miss protection assignments. His only flaw is that he doesnt have great break away speed, which is why having Cohen change him up was working really well. Monty wears defenses out and in the 4th qtr he is absurdly strong. If you go back to the Giants tape he almost singlehandidly closed that game out. He was getting big chunks on every carry. Moving the ball down the field. After a penalty negated another 10+ yard run for first down, and set the Bears back 10 yards, he then took a screen for 30. Then for some inexplicable reason Nagy pulled him out and put Patterson in at RB, who instead of hitting the hole, stretched it to the outside and lost 5 yards. Nagy then calls nothing but passes the rest of the way and the offense stalls.
  13. The run game had been pretty damn good until they faced the #1 and #2 rush defenses in the league. And the back is 100% not the problem. It's a mix of coach and OL. Monty is the Bears best offensive player this year w/o question. Losing Daniels for the year is going to hurt. He was becoming one of the best LGs in the game.
  14. Except Trubisky was the consensus top QB prospect in that draft. Taking Mahomes would have been outside the box.
  15. So Leno gets benched this week right? I mean if we are setting the standard that you are replaced if you arent up to par he should be
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