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  1. NBC Universal to reboot Battlestar Galactica for Peacock

    As a Gen-x-er myself, the generation is only tiny if you use the most stupid definition of millennial which is from like 1983-2000. That's absurd. My GF is not from a different generation than myself. Anyways...... I loved Saved by the Bell in elementary and MS, the college years was kinda fun in HS, other than maybe a reunion tv movie, I am likely not interested in saved by the Bell, the AARP years. Yes Kelly is still hot, but Elizabeth Berkley did showgirls, Dustin Diamond is a real creep. The girl who played Lisa is irrelevant, and Mario Lopez is, well Mario Lopez. I dont think it's going to do much. Also, not sure the need to reboot BG like 5 years after the last reboot ended.
  2. Hurry Up?

    I'm pretty sure I made this same point in the GDT
  3. Patriots sign WR Antonio Brown hours after his release by Raiders

    It's the same doc, the SI article talked about the video being posted online.
  4. Patriots sign WR Antonio Brown hours after his release by Raiders

    Yep, and called out and shamed on SM. I mean even if he actually believes this, he has to understand that an agreed upon currency is the only acceptable form of payment. What does he think is going to happen when he cant ball anymore and nobody wants to do business with him bc his word is worthless.
  5. Patriots sign WR Antonio Brown hours after his release by Raiders

    And the SI article said that he thinks throwing some Swag their way and promoting them over social media is compensation enough. I've heard this story from social media "influencers" before
  6. Hurry Up?

    It's a strong statement about the coach. Again if he doesnt trust the QB, then why with the lead, with under 4 mins to go, having just got a first down by said QB throwing a quick out, do you then throw 3 consecutive passes. I'm not absolving Mitch here, but this has not been anything like the offense last year. We ran a jet sweep ONCE, effin ONCE, yesterday. And it gained 12 yards. Last year we saw it probably 5 times a game, and we used that motion 10-15 times a game. Where are the stick routes which are a staple of the WCO? He hasnt moved the pocket, no naked boots, none of it. That's what's a red flag to me, and the QB isnt the one calling the plays.
  7. Patriots sign WR Antonio Brown hours after his release by Raiders

    Matts posted the video above.
  8. Hurry Up?

    The "not trust the qb" narrative is a bunch of bs considering that just a week ago Nagy asked his QB to throw the ball 50 times, unless last week Nagy "didnt trust the RBs". This has nothing to do with trusting the QB, it's about not bringing his A-game and not DOING THE SAME THINGS THAT MADE THE OFFENSE SUCCESSFUL LAST YEAR!!!!! Seriously, I know everybody loves to blame the QB but it's a bit ridiculous when there has been NOTHING about this years offense that looks REMOTELY like last years.
  9. Patriots sign WR Antonio Brown hours after his release by Raiders

    This is becoming worse and worse for the league. The sexual misconduct itself is disturbing enough, but why you gotta keep stiffing the poor souls who work for you? Seriously, is his longterm plan to keep his money just not pay anybody? I feel bad for these people who have gotten themselves mixed up with a dude who continually doesnt pay his bills.
  10. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    Yeah, but it was a massive overcorrection this week. As I said earlier there is a happy medium. It isnt rocket science. You pass about 55-60% and run 40-45%. Saying the Bears are winning in spite of Nagy is a very true statement right now.
  11. Hurry Up?

    I've been saying this for a while. We need to play the tempo game. And by that mean controlling andnchanging the tempo. Remember how good MT10 was with the hard count last year? They can speed things up and slow things down and control the game. You are then dictating to the defense instead of reacting, which is 100% what they are doing right now. When you change tempo you get the defense playing on their heels not knowing if you are speeding up or slowing them down. It's incredibly difficult on a defense. I hope Nagy takes a step back this week and self scouts and really focuses on what worked last year and what's not working at all this year.
  12. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    Truthfully, I had us at 1-1 after 2 weeks so we are what I thought we would be. For me it's this simple, I believe in Mitch. You dont do as well as MT10 does when the game is on the line if you're not a good QB. I think Nagy is really struggling this year. We have eaten delay of game and 12 men in the huddle penalties bc of the coach. We havent seen the tenants of our offense from last year that made us successful. Hell the only times we have seen those things, it's been successful and resulted in points. There also seems to be a serious lack of trust in the WRs other than Arob. Idk if that's Mitch, or if its Nagy, or if its WRs not.doing their job. Right now tho, if we really take a deep dive here, this feels like the same position we were in last year. Unsure about the QB after 2 games, the defense being the story. I really hope it doesnt take till week 4 for the offense to hit its stride again.
  13. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    Theres a happy medium there somewhere. And you can run tempo and still use different personnel groupings which they arent doing anyway. It's almost like Nagy threw last years playbook in the trash and is running it brand new.
  14. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    Yeah you may be right, either way it was a bad spot to give them the 1.
  15. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    They spotted it on the 1, so they gave Denver a free yard.