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  1. I dont think Bienemy wants the job if I'm being honest, that's the only thing that would make any sense in even considering Josh for the job, when the last coaching he did was HS assistant nearly 10 years ago.
  2. Not to be donny downer, but I'm guessing this means we are going to lose Jay Rogers, which is bad news for the defense. And in terms of which coach has done a better job, I'm sorry it's not close. Rogers has a legit case for best DL coach in the NFL right now, Desai, while he has been good for the other safeties, what the hell is he coaching Bojack? Hopefully I'm wrong and Sean is fantastic. But until proven unotherwise, it's a net negative for me.
  3. I'm sure Josh will be a heck of a HC someday. Hes very smart and he can own the room. But cmon man let him earn his stripes first as a QB coach and oc. This team is going to be a disaster and then Josh is always going to have that stink on him and he'll have to really fight to wash it off, and none of it will be his fault.
  4. I think you have me mistaken. I tend to not talk about Brady, all I ever say is father time is undefeated (although in TB12s case he may have literally sold his soul to the devil), but I've never thought much of McD. He was terrible in Denver, bad in STL and this year w/o Brady I gave him some credit for reworking the offense for Cam so quickly, but again it was bad w/o TB at the helm. Meanwhile TB had one of his best years ever in Tampa Bay in an offense that everyone said didnt fit his skillset.
  5. Man, idk about turning a 2 posession lead into a 3. Against the chiefs who can score in the blink of an eye, this seems like a bad idea. Especially if Garrett isnt full go.
  6. Roman was the right guy to bring in to design an offense for Lamar, but I agree that the pass game he calls doesnt do Lamar any favors. That's why I think you bring in a shanny guy who knows how to use the run to help the pass and vice versa. If they do that and Lamar still doesnt improve his passing, then you know where the problem lies. Oh and Lamar isnt Chad Pennington out there, he has more than enough arm talent to play effective even in windy conditions.
  7. Tell me, what has he done when hasnt had Tom Brady leading the offense? I mean we see what TB is doing w/o the Pats.
  8. My plan w/ Lamar would be this, figure out what the 5th year option would be, plus 2 years franchise tag, and offer him a 4 year ext at that price. Otherwise, that's exactly what I would do, 5th year option + franchise + franchise. Returns are already diminishing, it's likely to only continue to diminish, in this offense. I would bring in an OC from the shanny tree who can marriage the run game w/ the pass game. If the offense and the pass game gets better by the end of the 5th year, then you revisit the extension. If not then you get the next 2 years to work on replacing him. You cant
  9. Real quickly on the Watson thing, just reading tea leaves based on everything, I dont think Watson is an option not just because of the compensation, I think Watson wants to go somewhere where there is a black HC or GM or both. He seems to really be pushing the racial issue. Not that I blame him, he is a young man who grew up in the deep south and has probably experienced racism first hand. But just based on how he pushes social justice issues, the fact that his response about the Bears not contacting him was a response to a tweet about race, the fact that he is pushing for Bienemy, that he
  10. Actually there aren't. Speech is protected at nearly all times (in terms of prosecution). There are very few exceptions. Threats of violence is obviously one. And the supreme court has established the test. Granted the test could be changed, but that's very unlikely to happen. And I'm not saying it has to be an explicit threat of violence, I'm saying that the supreme court has established the test there must be a "reasonable belief of a threat to do harm". I can say to you "I hope a piano falls on your head" and there is no reasonable belief that I have intent to do harm to you. That is
  11. This isnt a state issue. Free speech is protected by the constitution, you know the first ammendment. "Putting somebody in fear" is not the established test. So if a state is actually trying to prosecute using that as the standard, it would never stand to court scrutiny. The test is "a reasonable belief of threat to person or persons". So again, simply saying mean things is not enough to establish assault. That does not mean that you have to specifically say "I'm going to punch you" or the like, just that what you say has to be a reasonable threat of violence, such as "you better watch y
  12. I understand that if any more words come pouring out your mouth, I'm gonna have to eat every chicken in this room.
  13. There is no such thing as verbal abuse (legally speaking). Now if you threaten violence against somebody that is an assault. But saying mean things to somebody else is protected by the 1st ammendment still.
  14. I would have to think at this point the NFL has realized the juice isnt worth the squeeze. Feel bad for this dude, million dollar talent, 2 cent brain. Seriously could have been thought of in the same breath as Julio and AJ Green, instead hes wasted it.
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