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  1. Clowney Franchise Tag

    I'm guessing you meant Ted Kczyinski, the unibomber, not Ted Bundy the serial killer of 19 women.
  2. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    4, there are 4 QBs with multiple 40+ TD seasons, each of those 4 only has 2. You are being willfully ignorant if you think 40 TDs is a floor.
  3. Goldfish's Slightly Too Early 2019 Season Predictions - All 32 up

    The Bears OL has been very good for the last several years. They are elite GCG, with reliable above average OT play outside. The Vikes OL wasnt even average last year, let alone close to equal to the Bears. The Rams OL was old and still is old. They are formerly great players that have seen their skills decline rapidly over the last year. The Bears OL is young. The "old" men on the OL are 28 yo Kyle Long and 29 yo Bobbie Massie. To try and compare the Bears OL to the Rams or Vikes is just plain foolish.
  4. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    OMG, you do realize the number of QBs to throw 40+ TDs in a season all time is very small, the number of QBs to do it multiple times is even smaller. To say that that is his floor is just ignorant.
  5. Clowney Franchise Tag

    Theres more to it than that, yes the revenue sharing makes all teams financially viable, but the salary cap helps keep all teams on the same playing field. If not.for the cap, the Cowboys could become the Yankees of the 90s outspending everyone else. The Bears would be able to crush the rest of the NFCN every year simply bc of revenue streams. You would create a haves/have not system and destroy the parity the league has worked so hard to create. The hard salary cap is a big part of the reason why the NFL is the most popular and most profitable league.
  6. Goldfish's Slightly Too Early 2019 Season Predictions - All 32 up

    This right here tells everyone what they need to know about your evaluation of talent. Even Vikings fans will freely tell you their Oline and the Bears Oline arent remotely close
  7. Goldfish's Slightly Too Early 2019 Season Predictions - All 32 up

    What depth of the secondary does Minny have that's better than the Bears?
  8. Goldfish's Slightly Too Early 2019 Season Predictions - All 32 up

    The Bears OL is better, the LBers are better, the secondary is better. The DL is better. Outside of WR where are the Vikings better?
  9. Goldfish's Slightly Too Early 2019 Season Predictions - All 32 up

    You keep saying this and I have yet to see any argument as to how the Vikings roster is better than the Bears.
  10. Robbie Gould Update; The Stalemate Continues

    A guy capable of hitting 88-90% of his kicks consistently would be the best in the history of the game. When he says top 30, he is referring to all time. Kicking is a fickle thing. I understand exactly what he is saying. It has become a situation where anything less than perfection is unacceptable. Perfection is always unobtainable.
  11. Top 50 Prospects Currently in the NFL

    If this was predraft 2017, what you thought his ceiling was in college would matter. Its 2019, hes 2 years into his career, and hes better than you thought he could be. It's time to put away your predraft thoughts and recognize that he has proven you wrong and move on. As for his tackling, his missed a few (less than Amos actually, but that's neither here nor there) but a lot of that stems from trying to make a play, and it should be scary for everybody that the best safety in the game today has room to get even better.
  12. Top 50 Prospects Currently in the NFL

    Who cares about college, we are talking about the NFL, and I'm not using PFF at all, I'm saying Eddie's ability to play the deep safety, lead to Amos being rated as the best S in football by PFF. As for Kyle, he deserves a ton of credit from going from a 1st round bust to an all pro, but you cant overlook the fact that that transition just happened to coincide with the arrival of Eddie Jackson, and Adrian Amos went from being an average safety to one of the best SS statistically. I dont give a rat's behind what you thought was his ceiling coming out, he is the best damn safety in the league, that's what his ceiling is. As far as being on the level of Reed, You might want to watch some film, bc that's what Eddie is. He just became the fastest safety ever to 5 TD returns. He is a ball hawk of the highest order. The fact that you are so concerned with what he did in college, vs what he IS now, just says everything you need to know about your ranking.
  13. The Wheel of Time TV Series

    Again, biggest company in the world and you dont even know your arguing against yourself. You are absolutely correct that Amazon video is just an enticement for prime subscribers. You seem to forget that in turn, Bezos doesnt care about cost. The reason Game of Thrones production value was so high is bc the budget was sky high. It had nothing to do with their 20+ years of experience. And everything to do with budgeting $10M+ per episode. It was expensive television. If Amazon chooses they can do the same thing. I certainly am not going to write off Amazon, and they have made some very quality series already.
  14. The Wheel of Time TV Series

    ^^^^^^^ You do realize that Amazon is the biggest company in the world, right?
  15. Clowney Franchise Tag

    Are we talking tabletop pad and paper? I want in...