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  1. Players refusing to play in Preseason

    My response is indicating that a) preseason games are necessary bc you cant simulate game speed in practice. b) that players are not bargaining down practice time bc they dont need them as evidenced by quality of play at the start of the season. Now if you can get the players to agree to more padded practices and expanded rosters in exchange for going to 2 preseason games im all for it, but until players agree to those terms preseason is very much necessary
  2. Players refusing to play in Preseason

    All teams starters play less than a full game thru 4 games
  3. Players refusing to play in Preseason

    No, if you ask any player they will tell you, they just dont like camp. They are grown men and practice sucks. Favre said when he retired the first time its not the games that are ever the issue. Its the practices. Players bargained them to nothing bc they dont like to do them, not bc they dont need them. Look at tackling the first few weeks of the season and then tell me the players had adequate time to prepare.
  4. Players refusing to play in Preseason

    You realize that the coaches access to players, practice time and roster size are all collectively bargained right. Players have negotiated to the point they basically get 15 hours of padded practices before the start of the season. We had that many in less than a week into camp in hs. Preseason while it makes money also serves a purpose.
  5. Players refusing to play in Preseason

    Are you seriously comparing HS to the NFL. We also had 2 a days in HS something the NFL doesnt have anymore.
  6. Do you agree?

    What you are looking at there is the league bonus. These guys also have incentives in their contract if they make playoffs, probowl, title games, etc... Dont cry for the upper tier guys, they are well compensated
  7. Who would you draft at 8? Poll

    There doesnt seem to be much question about his cod which is actually where my questions are (not so much athleticism but more how smooth is hip flip), but everybody seems to think hes not fast bc he went to Iowa and they play vanilla zone. Smh
  8. 2018 Free Agency targets

    You gonna tell your wife that too?
  9. Non-Football NFL Stories - Tillman joins FBI

    Tillman is my 2nd all time favorite Bear. Hes such a good dude and has always felt like this was his 2nd dream after the level. Best of luck to Peanut. Ik he will do a great job.
  10. 2018 Free Agency targets

    Not I. I didnt like the thought of paying Landry #1 money and I still dont, im especially not interested in trading assets for the right to pay him #1 money
  11. Who would you draft at 8? Poll

    We all know how much i 💘 josh jackson. And I 100% agree he runs a 4.4 next week he goes top 10 and deservedly so. He brings something rhis defense lacks and thats the knack for getting his hands on the football. If you are going to give Fuller a long term deal, you need a guy like Jackson on the other side to be somebody who offenses have to not just respect, but fear throwing the ball his way.
  12. Who would you draft at 8? Poll

    Not much, we know hes long, athletic, powerful, and as raw as a farm fresh egg. We also know that in a class where if not for what they saints did, would be lauded as the best overall last year, hes the only one who didnt get an opportunity. With his natural talent and Hiestand coaching him up, he COULD become a conerstone piece on the line, but we just dont know what he is yet.
  13. 2018 Free Agency targets

    The light definitely turned on for CJ as he had a really good year. Hes not a green dot guy and never will be, but he has solid instincts and tremendous athletic gifts and at worst hes a reliable thumper on the inside.
  14. Who would you draft at 8? Poll

    No thats not the OL depth chart at all right now. Its actually Leno Sowell Kush Morgan Whitehair. Grasu Long Morgan Massie Sowell Sowell was forced to play guard last year but hes actually our Swing. Kush started the year at LG last year whlie Long missed training camp until he got hurt. From what I hear the Bears really like him and i believe it based on what i see on tape.
  15. 2018 Free Agency targets

    Id love Watkins here, id have a little trouble backing up the brinks truck considering hes missed A LOT of time and never really had #1 production.