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  1. So most stadiums now require you to buy a PSL (personal seat license) for the privilege of buying season tickets. So yes it is separate. PSLs are typically thousands of dollars by themselves, then your season tickets are charged to you at face value by the number of games played.
  2. Apparently Google isnt your friend since your sources all contradict each other the first says that it doubled by 2010 (the stadium opened in 2010), another says $750K (LOL) the final says Jones was paying $650M which was 2/3 of the expected cost. I mean, I'm just an old guy, but I remember being around here in 2007 and 2008 and us talking about the $2B Jerry World project. If somebody was interested enough, I'm sure the old thread could be found, but truthfully I dont care that much. I've noticed you've yet to contradict the proof of things costing (3+)x as much in LA as Arlington. What's really funny is that I wont claim AT&T is the best stadium either. From my sources (although I've never been) I've heard that NRG is probably the best. Even though it was built in 2002, renovated in 2012 ( @ET80 feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Theres not a bad seat in the bldg, the roof is perfect bc it offers protection in the sweltering climate, food is good, Location is good with lots of parking available.
  3. Not sure were you got $650M from, the moment it was announced they were saying $2B.
  4. Do you know for a fact it's not 1/4 the cost to build in Arlington? I think you are making an assumption without facts. Keep in mind through your claim, that this is not a $6B stadium, it's a $2B stadium whose price ballooned to $6B. And again cost is relative. You want to know how relative? Well the median home price in Arlington is just under $200K, whereas the median home in LA costs more than 3x as much at $600K. Account for inflation and I would say that Jerry world in fact cost more. And Jerry world stayed on budget, it was supposed to be $2B and it stayed there, whereas Sofi was supposed to be $2B and then it skyrocketed and not because the design was changed.
  5. Idk if you're being deliberately obtuse, or do you dont understand basic economics. Let me give you a couple real world examples. #1: How much does gas cost in CA these days? I live on the Iowa/IL border and its interesting bc with a just a river separating. Gas costs are different in each state. Why is that? Well bc one states regulations require gas to be at a higher cost just to break even, and the other state is less regulated. How about a pack of smokes? Same deal. Why does it cost so much more than say NRG in houston? @ET80. Well bc Texas is a much less regulated state than the MOST regulated state in the country. Regulations cost money. Just trying to use cost to justify it as "the nicest stadium in the world" doesnt pass the smell test. You can pay $100 or a $1000 for the same thing, that doesnt mean the $1000 version is any nicer. It just means it cost more.
  6. Colbert was in the FO, but he was not making decisions, that's kinda the point. We are talking about GMs picking the right QB. I could have swore Ryan was part of the McKay regime, but I could be mistaken, so I wont fight you on that one. Again, yes Veach was in the FO, but he was not the decision maker, that was John Dorsey, and the story is that Reid was the one who really pushed for Mahomes. Veach, again, has not "picked the right QB" Was Decosta heavily involved in the LJ pick? Rumor is that was 100% Ozzie Newsome. Again, we are talking specifically about GMs picking the right QB. I admittedly forgot about McGlinchey, as he is a pretty damn good RT, as for Warner, Samuel, and Greenlaw, one season does not a successful pick make. But I digress, the point was that he said Lynch was very good at drafting, which the evidence does not reflect.
  7. Again I'm talking about context. Look at the history of QB debuts in the playoffs. It's terrible. Just compare the other debuts the same year. Deshaun Watson played like trash, Lamar Jackson was so bad the fans were chanting Flacco at halftime. Mahomes was ok and again statistically worse than Trubisky. The QBs with better debuts than Trubisky are HOFers and SuperBowl winners. The bottom line is that the QB had his team in position to win the game as the clock ticked zero. If the FG goes in they do.
  8. Real talk- GMs who have gotten the QB position right (meaning their work) Belichick Schneider Loomis The maybes: Snead Spielman Roseman Jones Everybody else either went into the situation with the QB already in place, or are in the same situation as Pace. Just for some clarification purposes, some info you may or may not know before you try to invalidate the list. John Dorsey was the GM who drafted Mahomes and it was an Andy Reid decision. Personnel power belonged Bill Cowher when Ben was drafted. Eric Decosta ( who I love as a GM) was just promoted last year, Jackson was Ozzie's last first round pick, was 100% his decision, and oh btw, Qzzie has taken A LOT of bites at the QB apple. Interesting aside none of the got it right crew drafted their QB in the first round and only 2 of the maybes. None of the GMs who drafted the elite first round QBs of today have jobs anymore. Gaming is really, really hard.
  9. I'm just curious if you know that was one of the best playoff debuts in history for a QB? Like the only guy who was close to Trus level for a playoff debut that year was Mahomes (who in fact was statistically worse). Like if Anthony Miller just holds on to the ball after catching it, or just picks the damn thing up after fumbling it and it laying on the ground for 20 mins, that's a totally different ball game and Trus #s are right behind Montana and Warners respective playoff debuts. Want to talk about Tru not playing up to snuff last year, thats fine and I agree. But to say he was horrible in THAT game of all games, well thats just downright laughable.
  10. Walsh has: George Seifert Mike Shanahan Mike Holmgren Who have all won Superbowls they then beget Jon Gruden Andy Reid Gary Kubiak Who have all won Superbowls Who then beget John Harbaugh Doug Pedersen Who have both won Superbowls And also: Kyle Shanahan Sean McVey Ron Rivera Who have been to Superbowls And we are not even factoring the Dennis Green branch which includes Tony Dungy and Mike Tomlin It's an ridiculous tree that continues to not just influence but dominate today's game.
  11. When you factor in the coaching tree I dont see how the answer is anything but Walsh, he won superbowls, his branches won Superbowls, his branches branches won superbowls, and his branches branches branches have won Superbowls. Like 3/4 of current HCs today could have the roots traced back to Walsh, it's hard to believe there has ever been a more prosperous tree. Now being fair, that's a feather for Brown as well bc Walsh was a Brown disciple.
  12. Wasnt meant to be an endorsement, just to point out GMs can be weird and do weird things. Shanahan was so worried about somebody getting Cutler ahead of him that he hid his interest (btw, its not even debatable that Cutty was the best QB from that class)
  13. Again I was a Watson guy, but there were plenty of reasons to like Mitch better, not the least of which was better physical tools. To be quite frank in terms of the physical tools, Mitch was #1, and Kizer was #2. Yeah Mahomes had the best arm, but Mitch had a + arm, and way more athleticism. Watson had the weakest arm BY FAR of the top 4, is not nearly as athletic as people will try to make him out to be. And saying he had the highest floor is revisionist at its finest. The highest floor was widely considered to be Nate Peterman. Let that sink in for a while. The bottom line is the "experts," the coaches, the GMs all might as well throw darts at a board when it comes to drafting QBs. It's the toughest position in sports to evaluate. You have physical traits guys like Jeff George, Jamarcus Russell, and Ryan Leaf who fail. You have smart accurate guys like Joey Harrington, and Josh Rosen who fail. You have mechanical marvels like Kyle Boller and Todd Marinovich who fail. While you have an argument between a 3rd round pick and a 6th round pick as the greatest of all time. Philip Rivers had the worst looking mechanics I have ever seen. It was like Barkleys golf swing. QB is an absolute crap shoot.
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