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  1. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    If thats what you took from that statement, then my god im sorry for you. The reason btw i brought up peewee to college is the offenses they run and the fact these guys who come into the nfl, many of them dont know the route tree bc of the simplified spread offenses dominating every level of football save for the nfl these days. Its pretty clear that you are either a troll, or completely clueless about football. Me, yep im an amateur. An amateur who has been coming to this board for over a decade now to talk football on a regular basis. Ive had debates with a respected nfl insider before he became one. Ive had conversations with the guys who took bleacher report from a joke of a clickbait site to a legitimate source for news and analysis. Im not going to say its impossible that you know a scout. But bc that is your sole defense im inclined to believe it likely isnt.
  2. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    THAT is a strawman. I actually said almost the exact opposite implying that it was Waddle's technique that allowed him to play in the nfl as long as he did. And why would i mention peewee thru college offenses? What would be the purpose? Whats the commonality?
  3. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    Except they dont. First, id like to encourage you to go attend an actual nfl practice so you can see for yourself how little time is actually spent running routes. Second i want you to go look at what 95% of peewee all to the college are running as offenses. Then if you can go find an nfl playbook and take a look at what they are doing in comparison. Then understand that a large portion of nfl wrs didnt play wr until hs at the earliest. Many didnt play the position before college. They are responsible themselves for learning the nuances and technique of route running on their own time.
  4. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    Dude you are so laughably clueless on this stuff. There has been a lot of talk over the last 15-20 years about the decline of tackling in the NFL. Now according to you its a pure coincidence that for the last 15-20 years we have seen more and more restrictions placed on full contact practices. Now you can stand on an island and say one has nothing to do with the other, or you can listen to the countless coaches and scouts who say they go hand in hand bc you cant practice tackling anymore and nobody is working on their technique. If you coached even peewee level football you would know there is a lot of technique in tackling. As for your insistence that pass rush is about athleticism id like to introduce you to vernon gholston. Vernon was a freak of nature who had inhuman sparq numbers. Vernon was also somebody who got by in college on his athletic traits and had VERY POOR technical ability. Ask anyone who has EVER played on the line and they will tell that line in play is 95% leverage and technique and 5% power and athleticism.
  5. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    This post says everything we need to know about your knowledge of the game. Tackling is technique. Pass rush is about technique, a lot of it being hand technique. My god, go watch a youtube scouting video at least to educate yourself.
  6. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    Shirley you cant be serious? The age old adage in the nfl is everyone is fast. Everyone is a great athlete what separates players in the nfl is technique. There is a reason that "unathletic" guys like Tom Waddle were able to consistently get open.
  7. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    @NFLExpert49 Since you are the nfl expert and the rest of us are just poor shlubs who dont know the game at all, im sure you know all this, so we'll just say im educating all the ones who dont. Cod speed is only a very small part of route running. First thing i coach about running routes is eye discipline. The eyes naturally want to go to where the cut is on the route. A good cb will spot that and use it. You have to keep your eyes up and down field. Second is the stem. Do all of the routes look the same before the break. Does a 9 look the same as a 7 or a 3 or a 1? Where is the cb leverage. If im running a 2 for example, its imperative that i dont let the cb cross my face. Where is the safety? My breaks have to adjust for these factors. I dont necessarily want to run full speed every time. If its a wc timing route its much more important im in the exact spot im supposed to be when the qb is ready to release the ball than it is to be full speed. There is a reason why the best route runners the league has seen are not all the short quick guys but are the guys who notoriously worked their craft until they became masters. Thats why Fitz is one of the best all time. Saying Fitz was not a great route runner is a terrible take and demonstrates a clear lack of understanding of the position. You of course are welcome to your terrible takes but dont act surprised or high and mighty when people call out the fact that your terrible takes are terrible.
  8. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    Truthfully those are very average #s (for nfl wrs) even for a wr his size.
  9. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    No, OJ went to jail for armed robbery of his own possessions bc he, himself, took it back by force and used a gun.
  10. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    Yes you most certainly can. This is his house. She is squatting on his property. That does not mean that person can forcibly enter and assault anybody, but you absolutely can have somebody pick up stuff for you from your house.
  11. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    Shes an exgf who has been living in his house rent free and refused to leave. If you know anything about rental law, then you know that actually getting out a squatter is a long, time consuming process. The #1 reason being there is no lease to fall back on.
  12. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    This is not a landlord/tenant rental property situation. This woman is a squatter. She does not have leasee rights. McCoy has every legal right to collect his belongings either himself, or thru a representative. Now if McCoy told his representative to beat her up, that would be conspiracy. If he told the representative what to collect and where to find it, and the representative assaulted her on his own, McCoy has no culpability. I would say at this point there really is zero risk to McCoy unless there is a recording somewhere of him telling the guy to beat her up.
  13. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    You really do not know much about the game if you think either of those things are true.
  14. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    I think we are saying the same thing here ET. But Larrys ability to win the jump ball is more about his body control and hands and the fact that he is 6'3" often facing 5'10" cbs. I wouldnt describe him as explosive as much as i love him.
  15. What is some NFL history you think needs to be revised?

    2 shutouts in the playoffs and 10 points allowed in the Superbowl. Thats why they are the standard.