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  1. Brian is the heir apparent in Iowa, but yeah it's a safe bet James will be a coach soon too.
  2. Leftwich was Arians OC in AZ as well, not his first year as OC.
  3. It is commonplace, it's a trend that started w/ Willis McGahee in 2001. Basically, if you have an ACL it doesnt disqualify you from the first round on it's own. So of the tape says your a first rounder, it's still an option.
  4. Oh believe me, I'm all for the meritocracy, and I wish I could believe like you that will win out. But then fact the diversity director is going to be involved in the process tells me at least one, if not both selections will be a minority, especially with all that is being made right now of Tomlin being the only AA head coach in the league right now.
  5. I think I would really like a schoen/daboll combo, but I have a feeling there is no way there wont be a diversity hire here, so maybe Morocco Brown/Daboll combo might be the best we can hope for
  6. Daboll has been my top asst if we go that way, Harbaugh is #1 for me, but Daboll is right up there with him. Also really like Flores. Side note: I love BB and the Pats getting a taste of what it's like to play in the playoffs against a vastly superior QB.
  7. It really is amazing sometimes how little the game has changed in 100 years. Ask any coach...at any level, if you play good defense and run the ball, you have a good chance to win. 100 years. A passing game explosion, and it's still very much true.
  8. As G08 just stated below, back injury is a very broad term. It could be anything from disc to muscle strain. The thing with back injuries is they hurt like hell and can make life very uncomfortable when they are happening, but the vast majority of them just need rest and treatment.
  9. As a 14 yo, with no injury issues before, and in great health, I got back spasms, every step and breath hurt like hell. All I could do was rest, heat, ice for 2 weeks, tried to get back at it after that, made it about 15 mins into practice, and the pain came flooding back. Ended up going on muscle relaxers to go with the heat and ice for another 2 weeks, finally able to return. Havent had any related issues in the last 27 years. My point is simply, you're experience isnt a basis for a medical opinion. I think Suga's message above is apropos, we dont know if this is overly cautious or if t
  10. That's the problem w/ assuming the Arlington International racecourse property has waaaaay better public transportation setup. There is a metra station right across the street from the property. Even people in the city can take an Express train from union station right to that station. The property is 326 acres compared to 7 acres for soldier field. The reason why people are talking about the parking is bc the Bears can make the parking lot(s) as big as they want, and the property has very easy access to the highways. The only thing soldier field has over the property is that it's in a re
  11. A pure outdoor arena just doesnt make sense financially. With a retractable roof you get 365 usage out of a bldg that is probably going to cost $3B+ You can open the roof during the early fall and enjoy all the outdoor benefits, and you dont just get a one off superbowl, you get into the permanent rotation.
  12. The NFL will never force the Bears to.do hard knocks, regardless of whether they can or not. They could have forced them 2 of the 3 years under Fox. Could have for Trsstmans 2nd year, hell Lovies final year would have been ideal for Hard Knocks for the NFL, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery new to the team. Jay coming off a year which he was playing really good football before injuring his thumb, now coming back from that. The defense loaded with Peppers, Urlacher, Briggs, Peanut. Add in Mike Tice as the OC, Hot Rod as DC, it was an off season ripe with storylines and expectations. I f
  13. Watch his tape and you'll understand the confidence. He is first and foremost a mean,nasty, dominating blocker. He buries pretty much everybody he goes against. On top of that he is every bit the athlete as the other top OTs in this draft. Add in that he has great technique and a very high football IQ, and you'll get the picture. He has 9 starts at LT, so it's not completely new to him, he was going to be the LT this past year, until the RT got hurt and he moved to the right side to make it easier for the backup OT (also his gf's brother). He has also spent the entire offseason THIS year
  14. Just premiered the draft episode. Most of it is previously used stuff, but the scout stuff at the beginning was pretty neat bc you got a taste of the grind those guys go thru. The prospect interviews were really good too. That was all new. The draft stuff was all stuff available before, no real inside look there. Surprisingly, they included some of the first rookie team meeting, and ended with maybe the coolest thing I've seen on the Bears channel, the real hard knocks look into that first minicamp practice w/ Bill Lazor and John D micd up. All in all it was an excellent presentation, an
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