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  1. Bears sign Buster Skrine

    When Leno was paid it was at the 14th highest at LT in the league. He went to the probowl last year. And deserved to. Leno's deal was spectacular
  2. What is Rosen worth and to who?

    Guys its all a moo point now, Peaches has guaranteed that Rosen will be traded, which means hes 100% staying in AZ
  3. 2019 Draft: Targets

    It's just not how they operate at HH is all I'm saying. Nagy is working him out, Pace is in the back corner overseeing the whole thing. It gets put on Twitter. If the interest is that genuine it would be the most obvious interest ever. Might have well as had 10 throw to him too. HH has been the fort Knox of secrets since Pace.came in. Him changing that now seems highly unlikely
  4. 2019 Draft: Targets

    That is one hell of a smoke screen
  5. 2019 Bears: How will it go?

    There is some media (Colin Cowherd) that thinks hes mediocre, but I would say the fact that he was selected to the probowl shows that's not really the perception nationally. He was 4th in the NFC in fan voting. So nationally fans view him pretty well. You also have PFF passing their narrative as well, but I listen to alot of sports talk and watch a lot of football shows. I'd say from what I heard and saw perception was pretty well that he had a good year. Yeah the Rams game was awful on Nat'l TV, but Goffs was worse and was the story. He ended the year playing pretty damn well in his first playoff game. It was the best first playoff game for a QB in a while at that.
  6. 2019 Bears: How will it go?

    I'm hoping that's a copy paste from Walter football or something, bc there are some really bad takes there. 25 and 12 as a 2nd year player is not poor. Being 4th in the league in QBR is not poor. Everyone and their mother is talking about how GREAT Quan looked in the 2nd half of the season.
  7. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    On the subject of PFF they carry some good stats, but the he rating/grading system is a joke. The problem is their majority is a major color commentator, so nbc has basically become their mouthpiece. The NFL owns PFR so that has been my go to source for adv stats (which I fully admit I dont like using as predictive measures bc football is the most team focused sport there is). FO does a good job with analytics. But PFF is the casual fans source of how good/bad a player is bc they put it in an easy to read format. That format tho uses totally subjective stats and there is no clarification on how they come up with any of this stuff. Thus they become impossible to argue against bc you truly dont know what you are arguing.
  8. 2019 Draft: Targets

    I'm referring to Arden Key. He had character concerns, then had a terrible combine and workout, and the athleticism you thought you saw on tape was clearly not there.
  9. Free Agent Rumors

    The first thought I had when the Pack signed him was Pernell McPhee. At least then it made sense to let HIM go bc they had Tsizzle. They have nobody to rush the passer from the outside right now, he didnt sign an exorbitant contract that would have precluded them from making the other signings they have, and hes home grown talent. That's some serious red flags to me, especially for a playoff team. There are also a long line of Ravens pass rushers who leave and do nothing. Maybe he becomes the exception, but that's not where my money is.
  10. Bears sign Mike Davis

    Teams get 30 official visits. Now there are ways around that, i.e. going to the player vs bringing them in.
  11. 2019 Draft: Targets

    No, Key is the example of not doing this.
  12. Free Agent Rumors

    It's also worth noting that the 2 biggest FAs were at the most replaceable positions on offense and defense, respectably. Lev Bell and Landon Collins. Maybe the fact that smart teams don't want to spend big money at those positions had something to do with it.
  13. Free Agent Rumors

    So much about this is clearly false. The offense finished 6th in scoring. Granted a lot of that is bc the defense put them in great positions, but its 6th nonetheless. We had a rookie WR catch 7 TDs, which is outstanding. Tarik Cohen established hes a premier game changing playmaker. We made the big moves last year. Everyone needs to keep in mind there is a reason why these guys end up hitting the open market. Who were the real big names that were available via FA this year, especially on offense. Lev Bell? Yeah no thanks, I'd rather not spend big on a 28 yo rb with a history of injuries and suspensions. The big names that moved this year, just like last year, were mostly via trade. That's how we got Mack, how the Browns got OBJ, and how the Raiders got Brown. It's how Flacco, Keenum, and Tanehill found new teams. You dont question why the Ravens were willing to part with Za Smith, the same year they lose Terrell Suggs and CJ Mosley? The Steelers showed James Connor can do the same things Bell does behind that line. Get used to this being what our FA is like. This is what happens when you draft well. You keep your own guys and you supplement your depth with good players who fit what you want to do. This is what GB did for 20 years. What Pitt has been doing for 40. What NE has done since BB took over. None of this is a bad thing.
  14. Rapoport: Chicago is a Destination

    It's not shocking, it's what always happens when the team has a winning culture. It's a world class city. It's the charter franchise, it's a great fanbase, and unlike NY and LA, its not a split fanbase. It truly is a bears town. Now we have a young energetic coach and GM, and owner that's willing to open the checkbook (seriously, not enough is talked about what's going on at HH right now). This has the makings of a great team for years to come, and we wont have the challenges teams like GB and Pitt have in trying to convince guys who want to make themselves marketable brands to live in an afterthought of a city.
  15. Free Agent Rumors

    Ballard is a really smart GM. They are not going to spend money just to spend it. What WR was available on the FA market that would have made sense for them? Or CB? This was not a good FA class. There has been some real funny money handed out to 2nd and 3rd tier players. They are building something in Indy that's going to be real special. My preseason superbowl prediction is Bears v Colts.