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  1. It really is amazing sometimes how little the game has changed in 100 years. Ask any coach...at any level, if you play good defense and run the ball, you have a good chance to win. 100 years. A passing game explosion, and it's still very much true.
  2. Shes married to Ashton Kutcher, who is a MASSIVE Bears fan.
  3. As G08 just stated below, back injury is a very broad term. It could be anything from disc to muscle strain. The thing with back injuries is they hurt like hell and can make life very uncomfortable when they are happening, but the vast majority of them just need rest and treatment.
  4. As a 14 yo, with no injury issues before, and in great health, I got back spasms, every step and breath hurt like hell. All I could do was rest, heat, ice for 2 weeks, tried to get back at it after that, made it about 15 mins into practice, and the pain came flooding back. Ended up going on muscle relaxers to go with the heat and ice for another 2 weeks, finally able to return. Havent had any related issues in the last 27 years. My point is simply, you're experience isnt a basis for a medical opinion. I think Suga's message above is apropos, we dont know if this is overly cautious or if t
  5. That's the problem w/ assuming the Arlington International racecourse property has waaaaay better public transportation setup. There is a metra station right across the street from the property. Even people in the city can take an Express train from union station right to that station. The property is 326 acres compared to 7 acres for soldier field. The reason why people are talking about the parking is bc the Bears can make the parking lot(s) as big as they want, and the property has very easy access to the highways. The only thing soldier field has over the property is that it's in a re
  6. A pure outdoor arena just doesnt make sense financially. With a retractable roof you get 365 usage out of a bldg that is probably going to cost $3B+ You can open the roof during the early fall and enjoy all the outdoor benefits, and you dont just get a one off superbowl, you get into the permanent rotation.
  7. The NFL will never force the Bears to.do hard knocks, regardless of whether they can or not. They could have forced them 2 of the 3 years under Fox. Could have for Trsstmans 2nd year, hell Lovies final year would have been ideal for Hard Knocks for the NFL, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery new to the team. Jay coming off a year which he was playing really good football before injuring his thumb, now coming back from that. The defense loaded with Peppers, Urlacher, Briggs, Peanut. Add in Mike Tice as the OC, Hot Rod as DC, it was an off season ripe with storylines and expectations. I f
  8. Watch his tape and you'll understand the confidence. He is first and foremost a mean,nasty, dominating blocker. He buries pretty much everybody he goes against. On top of that he is every bit the athlete as the other top OTs in this draft. Add in that he has great technique and a very high football IQ, and you'll get the picture. He has 9 starts at LT, so it's not completely new to him, he was going to be the LT this past year, until the RT got hurt and he moved to the right side to make it easier for the backup OT (also his gf's brother). He has also spent the entire offseason THIS year
  9. Just premiered the draft episode. Most of it is previously used stuff, but the scout stuff at the beginning was pretty neat bc you got a taste of the grind those guys go thru. The prospect interviews were really good too. That was all new. The draft stuff was all stuff available before, no real inside look there. Surprisingly, they included some of the first rookie team meeting, and ended with maybe the coolest thing I've seen on the Bears channel, the real hard knocks look into that first minicamp practice w/ Bill Lazor and John D micd up. All in all it was an excellent presentation, an
  10. Nagy's seat is probably lukewarm at best right now. Before they drafted Fields I would agree it was starting to heat up, but there is near universal agreement that Fields has probably bought Nagy at least 2 years. And truthfully he has been a good HC, no losing records, playoffs 2 of 3 years. What makes Nagy's seat warm at all is just the offensive performance, which is supposed to be his specialty. He is very much like young Andy Reid in that way. Often ignores the run game for incredibly long stretches of games, will get too cute at times with the calls. It's not a coincidence that the
  11. While I wish they would do hard knocks, you might be surprised to learn the Bears have started doing a lot of content. They are putting up their own long form behind the scenes draft show at midnight tonight. They started this show last year called 1920 Football drive. Very "hard knocks inspired" which makes me even madder that they wont do hard knocks ever
  12. Idk I would say "a lot" more. Cowboys are the most profitable franchise, but the Bears are #6. You could say even that is underperforming since by all rights they probably should be #1 when factory in history, prestige, and that they occupy the largest solo media market in the league. But you also have to remember they have the smallest stadium, historical site, cant sell naming rights, and they dont own the stadium. In terms of real dollars spent, the McCaskeys arent cheap or poor, that's a narrative that needs to die, the Bears almost always operate above 90% of the cap. They spend mo
  13. Let's correct some stuff, Eli Manning sat for 9 games behind Kurt Warner, and every guy on that team will tell you he should have sat all 16, that ended up being a team that just barely missed the playoffs at 7-9 after a 5-4 start w/ Warner. Rivers sat nearly an entire year and only got a chance to start because Brees injured his shoulder late in the season, Brees was phenomenal that year. That was the year that earned Brees a starting gig w/ NO even w/ questions about his shoulder. Roethlisberger was supposed to sit, but Maddox was hurt week 1 and he ended up starting 15 games, going 15-0
  14. Yeah it's weird, this is a fortune 500 company, I'm trying to promote to a technical trainer, which is the lowest level in the training dept. And it's just like, here are all these people you are never going to see or talk to, but they want to meet with you before we can offer this position, and oh btw one of them is the CEOs sister and if she doesn't like you, you are totally screwed with moving up in the company.
  15. Good luck coaching man, youth football can be a cesspool w/ the parents.
  16. I too am making some job changes. I've been interviewing for what is really a relatively low level position, but thus far I've interviewed with the HR manager, the senior manager of the department, the director of the department, the senior director of the department, I have a meeting this week with the senior director of another dept who isnt in the reporting structure but it kinda falls under her purview, and after that the coo, who is the CEOs sister, for what amounts to an entry level position in the department. I'm the last candidate standing, so the job's mine as long as I dont screw u
  17. Ty, nothing against you, but this is always a hot button topic, its brought up far too often lately and if you look into the origins of these identity politics that we've seen for the last 10 years, it was all created to distract the "peasants" from realizing how bad they were being screwed by the people with real power.
  18. I too wanted Watson, much for the same reasons you just listed. But the idea that racism was the reason they didnt want him, when, again, they were strongly considering Mahomes, well that just doesnt hold water. And as for the masseuse thing, if as a masseuse you're primary way of gaining customers is IG, I can understand if someone might be confused as to what types of services you offer if you get my drift.
  19. Cam didnt get $10M bc Cam was terrible in 2020 and has to show that he has anything at all left. $10M was actually low based on previous market value for a bridge, and was probably only so low bc of covid cap restrictions. Remember just a few short years ago the Bears paid Mike Glennon $18M to be a bridge. Case Kennum got similar money in Denver, Sam Bradford had to make more money per snap taken than anyone in the history of the NFL. Dalton can probably go make $20M per for the next 5 years being the Journeyman bridge if he chooses. It's the hard way to $100M but it gets you there none t
  20. I think the issue w/ Deshaun, was that he simply did not test well. That's why it came down to 2 guys who did, one of which was black (and the son of a former Cub, he would have instantly been a fan favorite here) and one was white. He made the wrong choice and assigning racism, even insinuating unconcious bias, is lazy. I happened to stumble across the 2017 episode of "Hey Rookie" on YouTube the other day, and everyone well before the draft kept referring to Tru as the top QB in the draft. I remember being on here and arguing for Watson and other people pushing for Tru, @Sugashane is the
  21. I hear ya brother, and I have my own opinions that dont necessarily coincide w/ the majority of either side (that's how I know it's the right one ) but I will admit, my ire was pretty easily stirred on the subject after having browsed thru some of the ccs topics on the subject as of late.
  22. Look, if people want to talk about Warren Moon or Doug Williams not being high picks bc racism, I'm here for it, bc there is a lot of truth to it. If people want to talk about "processing" being a dog whistle, again I'm here for it bc I witnessed it. But Pace chose the QB who was widely regarded as the top QB prospect in his draft, to the point many pundits said he was the only one worth a first round pick, over a guy who wasnt coached properly, had a lot of Bret Favre in him, and was thought by most to be a supremely talented project, that's not racism, its making what looks like the right
  23. The problem w/ this narrative is, its absolutely false. First off, no Watson wasnt strongly considered by Pace, but Patrick Mahomes, a black QB, was. And the Bears have brought in a FA black QB 20 damn years ago, just the wrong one in Kordell Stewart. This is why narratives about racism should be strongly scrutinized. Disproportionate outcomes do not automatically mean prejudice or bias. One thing that the NFL found and is working on is the reason that there are not more minority HC hires, despite their efforts to manufacture them, is that their is a lack of minority coordinators and high
  24. I used to call Jim Thome, Jimmy "2 times" back when he was w/ the Sox and would do spots on the afternoon saloon
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