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  1. 2018 Regular Season Awards/Summary

    Team MVP Tom Brady Best Offensive Player James White Best Defensive Player Stephon Gilmore Coach (or assistant) of the Year Brian Flores (to be different from the obvious answer) Rookie of the Year Sony Michel Best Individual Performance of the Year Player Who Surprised/Pleased You The Most JC Jackson/Cordarelle Patterson Best Game of the Year (team) Beating the Bears away Best Moment/Play of the Year Brady threading the needle to Gronk (I was at the game - my second ever trip across the Pond to watch the team). If only there were a few more suhc moments - it was all more wistful for its rarity. - Most Disappointing Player Chris Hogan Biggest Drop-off From Preceding Years Rob Gronkowski Worst Game of the Year Inexplicably losing so badly to Detroit Worst Moment of the Year The Miami Miracle - I saw it once on Redzone after I assumed the game was over and have not been back since. What Would You Say Our Kryptonite(s) Has Been? Running QBs or maybe running backs on the outside - basically our edge defence due to slow linebackers. Your Expected Record Going Into The Season? 12-4 (13-3 on my more homerish days) How Would You Rate This Season (out of 10)? 8/10 to be honest - we're healthy and got the bye. Downers being the WR position and Gronk's decline. How Confident Are You For Our Playoff Chances, and How Far Do We Go?
  2. 2018 Regular Season Awards/Summary

    I agree that we would be favoured to lose at KC but our pass rush and secondary could do enough to limit the number of scores the offence needs. I am a bit more hopeful that we could get the win over Los Angeles at home (I almost wrote San Diego too.)
  3. GDT Week 17 The Jets @ The Pats

    And the Saints are superbowl favourites in a year where Brees goes for fewer than 4,000 yards. A strange season it was.
  4. The Other Games Thread week 17

    Or until we beat the Chiefs next month.
  5. GDT Week 16 the Billies @ the Pats

    I missed most of the game on a drive home for Christmas. I know it was only Josh Allen but did the defence look promising? We'll need sound defence and the run game next month. A few more 250+ yard games would be ideal.
  6. Josh Gordon "Steps away from Football"

    It was fun while it lasted. Too bad we didn't have another 6 weeks of quick slants and out routes. Maybe the other Josh will find other ways to scheme and playcall Hogan into 20 yards of openness.
  7. GDT - WK 15 @ Pittsburgh - The OPEC embargo version

    One problem with being a Pats fan in the UK is that Sky Sports pick the New England game still show live 5-6 times a season meaning they are blacked out on Game Pass and that I have to rely on RedZone to watch them. On nights like Last Sunday that's probably a blessing. Even though there were only two games in the window and I still saw plenty - at least I missed some of the offensive line penalties.
  8. What to do with Gronk?

    Yes that's what I'm assuming. It's a shame but he's definitely been thinking about his post playing career with his salary saving etc. He's looked great in spots but you can no longer rely on him to dominate. If he's healthy for one last playoff push let's hope he goes out with a bang.
  9. GDT - WK 15 @ Pittsburgh - The OPEC embargo version

    I doubt Josh McDaniels will throw it more than 4/5 times before the refs remember he's not on the roster. And if Josh Gordon throws and catches the 20 times well - we better extend him immediately and change our plan to draft a QB in the draft.
  10. The Other Games Thread week 15

    I'll watch the game later on gamepass but if the Texans nearly lost to that gangrenous Jets team then I would feel slightly better about hosting thembin a theoretical divisional game.
  11. The Other Games Thread week 15

    It's a game of inches (and in this case seven seconds left on the clock and sixty nine yards to go). I feel like on the three runs before the FG the Pats could just about have bled enough time off to end the game on the kickoff.
  12. The Other Games Thread week 15

    But now they don't have a game advantage. I expect going into Seattle will be tough. If they drop one the Chargers could be a sneaky first seed potentially hosting KC in the divisional. Has the fifth seed ever had a better record than the second seed? Will probably happen this year.
  13. GDT - WK 15 @ Pittsburgh - The OPEC embargo version

    I'd take a 5 catches for 94 yards and three touches stat line from Gronkowski again.
  14. GDT - WK 15 @ Pittsburgh - The OPEC embargo version

    I just want a win to take my mind off Brexit.