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  1. Sorry I am a bit late with this due to baby Scottishpatriot so I am posting after the consensus. MVP: Jake Bailey OPOY: Damien Harris (HM: Jakobi Myers) DPOY: JC Jackson (HM: Winowich) ROTY: The one and only Onwenu Best unit: OL Worst unit: WRs (HM: linebackers) Breakout player: Onwenu and Harris? Regressed player: Not sure - I'll go with J McCourty too I guess Best game: Beating the Chargers
  2. Are we sure Mike Vrabel is the same guy this year? How can the same coach give Bill a taste of his medicine in click management and deliberate penalties one wild card round and then catastrophically botch the 4th down decisions in the same round a year later???
  3. Yes. Had he not done so, I would have posted one more time here to say so long and thanks for everything. I would have gladly supported the Pats during the rebuild but not in those circumstances.
  4. I would take that playoff slate in a second, not just because the Bucs win, but because 11 out of the 13 match-ups are one score games. Poor Bears.
  5. Yaaassss!!!! A worthy winner! I made it to week 14 I think but that feels like ages ago. I knew you were in the final nine and meant to check in but Christmas and little Scottishpatriot Junior came along. What was your final pick?
  6. Word on the streets of Boston is he might join the Pats staff. He could be one of those guys much better suited to a coordinator or assistant position than head coach role.
  7. I trust him too. He has more assets than usual in picks (but still damn you Bengals doc) and cap space. And, perhaps more importantly, he'll have a year or two where the diamonds in the rough he turns around don't instantly get taken by other teams looking to build on their success. I'm looking forward to a run first team with both Harris and Michel being part of the future. Just need some tight ends, WRs and a play action game. Front seven is definitely the bigger need though.
  8. Yep. The hullabaloo about the Jets beating the Rams and ruining their future will soon be moot what with their impending beatdown of the Pats and Goff's collapse. I wonder if their trajectory could be similar to Miami's last year after they were accused of tanking with their moves and 0-7 start. Probably depends on what they do with Gase and Darnold. In fact, AFC Least could be a power division for a few years to come. Will be a long road back for the Pats if that is the case.
  9. I suppose I am now rooting for Harry as no-one has picked him yet. Would also be nice to see him continue on his upward trend.
  10. Let's ask the players whether they like having more short weeks, distorted and unpredictable routines, and extended trips away from home. Also as UK based fan, the late night games are really hard to watch, and more of them would make it more likely that the only ones I want to see on a Sunday are blacked out from Gamepass (because they are selected for Sky SPorts).
  11. I picked the Colts v Raiders and Ravens v Browns games for rooting purposes. I guess we want the Colts and Browns to win to make sure we end up ahead of the Raiders and Ravens on the tie-breaker. Or do we want the Raiders to win in case we can end up ahead of the Colts and Raiders somehow? I will watch the Bucs game as well - just to see if Arians and Brady got on the same apge over the bye week.
  12. I wonder what the single game DVOA record for special teams is. This is impressive. Never heard of Achord but this could be the second year in a row our ST coordinator gets tapped at this rate.
  13. Holy mother of Bethel. Ride these special teams to the super bowl.
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