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  1. Easily sacks. There have been several 20+ sack seasons in the last ten years and I am sure at least one of them would have reached 23 given an extra game - especially if teams continue to air it out more and more. Plus - if it is a race between passing yards and sacks, the passing yards record won't be beaten until near the end of the 17th game, whereas the sacks record could go earlier.
  2. Can I just say I apprecaited the reference to TB in the thread title. Made me take a double look even if just for a second as it had been 30 mins since I last checked NFL twitter to make sure I wasn't missing out on blockbuster moves. I think it is a smart move to maximise the cap opportunity they have. Okay it is an overall downgrade with the loss of Thuney but we were stronger in the interior OL anyway with Mason and Onwenu and we now have the money to keep Andrews and invest in other parts of the team. Just need a QB and Golladay/Patrick now.
  3. I thought it was funny that the Bills' owners' daughter was beaten by Jennifer Brady in the quarter finals of the Australian Open. At home, away or in Australia, no matter how far the Bills travel, Brady has their number.
  4. Ya beauty!! I had a sneaky bet on a Devin White interception!! And it was the game ender! As someone whose initials are TB and as a Patriots fan rooting for Tom and Gronk I adopted the Bucs as my second team but I think I'll stay for the fun and the legends. Permanent NFC rooting team long after Brady retires.
  5. I seriously considered a Bucs -10 or 20 wager. Oh well. Time to bring out the Scotch anyway.
  6. Man. I wonder what those Gronk MVP odds were
  7. Wow. I go to do a nappy change and I come back to see Gronk in the end zone spiking again. I'll probably have to do another late in the 4th if we need the same effect. Apparently the refs are more flag happy today. I bet NFL Gen is salty.
  8. If the Bucs score here after that goal line stand, then it may be even more demoralising.
  9. You love to see it. I wonder if th Chiefs start going for it on 4th a lot more if this continues.
  10. The err subtle parts of Jensen's game are so good.
  11. Yeesh. Not a game of classic punting. But I've been VERY impressed with the third down defence.
  12. I hope we aren't reading post match special teams post mortems tomorrow.
  13. It was 66% earlier in the week. All the late money has been on the Bucs! 😂
  14. Same here. But Scotland beat England away in the Six Nations (a rugby tournament) yesterday for the first time since 1983 so I feel like it's a winning weekend. Plus in a pandemic I can work from home after watching football until 4am! You're not far short of 10,000 reactions. A good Tampa Bay performance, long GDT, a few trips to NFL General and a win and you could hit the mark! 😄
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