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  1. 2020 Schedule

    That list just has everyone's inter- conference opponents. Those should have been known for ages. Is everyone seriously playing out of conference only for the first four weeks or is it a mistake? Doesn't strike me as a sensible Covid-19 strategy to maximise non-local games.
  2. Offseason Thread

    We're in for a normal football fan experience. Maybe one more year, and the roster has been overhauled quickly before, but we might not/probably won't be back to the big game again with this nucleus. I'm just glad no-one has done anything that might get a first rounder taken away. 😂
  3. WC: Titans at Pats

    As soon as I heard Brady yell I knew it would be misdirection. They did exactly the same thing against the Bengals or Bills.
  4. WC: BUF@HOU

    That's what I was thinking. Still an absurd play by Watson but a lucky one. Bills can't complain as they played the 3rd and 18 so badly!
  5. WC: Titans at Pats

    Hopefully the Bills will help us out on that one. 😉
  6. WC: Titans at Pats

    Pats by twenty has been my motto this season although I have looked silly recently. I hope you do better with it.
  7. WC: Titans at Pats

    Four games to glory. As the Dolphins showed yesterday, anyone can beat anyone on any given Sunday. That holds true for the AFC playoffs and title game. The reaction if we somehow did that in KC and/or Baltimore would be something to savour for th ages. But first, the defence shows up and Brady's elbow heals up for the Titans.
  8. Week 16: the AFC East Title Game

    Yep. Unlucky with the fumble and the iffy pick play call on Edelman and Gilmore was beaten for the first time all year for the big play. The Patriots outgained the Bills basically 2:1. This was one of the more impressive wins of the season. If they play like this and cut the errors out like the usually so come the playoffs then this is a team to be frightened of.
  9. Week 16: the AFC East Title Game

    I totally forgot this was a Saturday game. I hope to come out of Star Wars to see the Patriots up by twenty. Come the playoffs people will be scared of Brady to Harry
  10. Yep I saw that trailer too. Think he probably only has that one scene. Love WW1 history. Learned so much from reading Barbara Tuchman's Guns of August. She's my favourite female author alongside Ursula le Guin (apropros of nothing).
  11. Yep. I'm glad he converted there after the drop/lazy throw to Michel. Harry is showing something now. Hope he keeps it up for another month and a half.
  12. If they had another option Sanu wouldn't be on the field. Dorsett can't be trusted and Myers is too inexperienced sadly.
  13. I know it's just the Bengals with their 33nd ranked defence but it seems like the offence has a plan today. Karras and Wynn in the lineup together.
  14. GDT - Week 14. Operation Rebound.

    I feel better about the team after seeing the right and heart in the second half. Defence improved too. Harry balled out on that TD that was taken away. If Karras returns and Jones gets back on track I'm not afraid of anyone. I suspect they'll still get the bye and then anything cam happen.
  15. GDT - Week 14. Operation Rebound.

    Hope we get some make up calls now. Annoying thing is - if they weren't sure - call it a TD and it's automatically going to be checked.