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  1. This is why my wide receiver first, double defense fantasy football draft strategy is paying off. Saquon and CMC both now missing multiple games. Lots of preseason fantasy football pieces saying you NEED to take CMC number one. No runnign back save for King Henry is a guarantee.
  2. Previous picks - SEA, DEN, ARI, GRB, DAL, LAR Week 7 pick - New England Patriots
  3. Previous picks: SEA, DEN, ARI, GRB, DAL, Week six pick: Los Angeles Rams
  4. Previous picks: SEA, DEN, ARI, GRB Week five pick: Dallas Cowboys
  5. Previous picks - SEA, DEN, ARI Week 4 pick Green Bay Packers
  6. Eesh. Trent Brown back soon please. Then Gilmore, then Jonnu Smith's ability to play, and and maybe Dante can come out of retirement one more time.
  7. I saw that live but thought maybe the zebras wanted to see history too.
  8. At least the loss allowed me to switch over to Gamepass to see the greatest kick of all time.
  9. Twenty years on from the Mo Lewis hit, another legend is born. The brace comes off. The comeback is on.
  10. That's my thinking. Mac's not been bad and the defence is dealing. Judon is a force and the run d is legit today.
  11. Would still be a one score game without Jonnu's tipped ball.
  12. My dad always used to day you'll play worse and win. Could be true for Mac today.
  13. I'm moving house next week and am packing up everything in boxes tomorrow. But, as long as I have the WiFi router and a lie in on Monday, I will be all football after baby bedtime (games start at 6 in the UK). I suspect Bucs at Rams will be blacked out on Gamepass in the UK so will probably hit redzone or the Raiders game to see the Dolphins lose again. Patriots v Saints obviously and SNF if I can stay up or get up early enough to watch on replay.
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