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  1. How bad are the Miami Dolphins?

    I say the Commish should use his magic discretionary powers to forfeit picks from a team that blatantly tanks and in so doing throws the game into disrepute.

    That's right. Also - you can position yourself better for any tie-breaker if they do turn out to be the real deal.

    Tough pick between them and the 49ers but... Week 3 pick: Green Bay Packers (Saving cowboys for when I need them)
  4. Who writes for NFL.com? The three stooges?

    I like listening to the ATN podcast on my drive into work - although I find half of them individually annoying and their bickering to be childish. I have just started with Move the Sticks and it is better. I have a soft spot for Dave Dameshek too but it's barely a football podcast at this point. I can't stand Robert Mays - both his voice and his content - so the Ringer is out. Any other suggestions for podcasts for someone trying to learn more about Xs and Os and deepen their understanding of the game.
  5. We won't beat the points record but the differential record could be under threat. I don't normally crow about fantasy (second ever year doing it) but 37 points from the D/ST was a nice bonus from this game.
  6. The Other Games Thread Week #2

    It's looked like 16-21 forever and Cousins is 13 for 31. Need to watch that one later to see how that one played out.
  7. Yeah me too. They're professionals doing their job and being embarrassed in front of their city, partly due to the front office and ownership. It must be hurting. Some of them won't deserve this infamy. How many more will want trades now?
  8. I came back from Redzone just in time to see that beauty. Thing is the offense hasn't been that great and they've still beat the spread by ten plus.
  9. They really needed to get that play off quicker.
  10. Yeah. Hopefully it won't cost us but he needs to get his mojo back.
  11. Did they ice Gostkowski or did they want to do a BOB and use a timeout to decide whether to throw a challenge flag for OPI? I'm not so worried yet as he got all the kicks last week right?
  12. I was running with Dorsett as one following the conversation and assuming that Gordon (if he stays on plan) and Brown would count as true no. 1s on most teams. I guess Edelman might not be a no. 1 on many other teams though. Tbh there's a case White will have more catches than at least a couple of the receivers.
  13. We have four potential no. 1 receivers at the moment. Hopefully none of them complain that they all have to share. They'll all get theirs.
  14. Miami Tanking and Draft Lottery

    I would favour the current system, but with the addition (which presumably already exists within Roger Goodell's powers) that a team which tanks so egregiously that they bring the league into disrepute (and also distorts results and playoff qualification and seeding by being a free win to anyone lucky enough to have them on their schedule) should have their first round pick forfeited altogether.