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  1. Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Mock Draft! - (2017) - Discussion

    yes it does.
  2. Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Mock Draft! (2017) - Draft Thread

    Giants select: Round 8 2 79 ny92jefferis LAR Alec Ogletree ILB
  3. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for tonight. Game should be a fun one to watch with all the additions to the roster. Players and positions that I'll be focused on: Defense Middle Linebacker - Second year BJ Goodson Defensive Tackle opposite Snacks Free Safety Eli Apple's progression from last year. Offense Erik Flowers at left tackle The entire Right side of the line Running success or failures Rookie Quarterback Receiving core with the additions of Brandon and rookie Engram at TE Is Ellison's contract gonna pay off List is pretty long but I'll provide my analysis after the game. Good Luck Giants.
  4. FFMD

    @EaglesPeteC I don't think that the forum would have any issues getting enough personnel to conduct FFMD 2. @The LBC conducted one a few years back and it worked out pretty well, at least up until the final rounds of the draft where things slowed down a bit, but nonetheless I don't recall it being too hard to get enough members to participate.
  5. Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Mock Draft! - (2017) - Discussion

    Okay Giants are caught up on their picks. Also here is a basic workbook that list out which players are still available and that have been drafted by our teams. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14xHzyO4gjxG_Onlnyqe1uGF2mPppIPYofTjN8CsYxoA/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Mock Draft! - (2017) - Discussion

    Yes.... This platform is great.
  7. Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Mock Draft! - (2017) - Discussion

    I'll be making my pick(s) today. Sorry for the delay, life is getting in the way. @NickChowaniec I'm working on a workbook so that we can keep track of who has been taken and hasn't. I'll post the link today, that is if I get it completed enough before the game this evening. It'll be pretty basic but don't want to get too crazy with it just yet. Also, got a few questions about the rules that I'll message you later today.
  8. 1st Official Unofficial Depth Chart

    Good for Goodson. Hopefully he can hold the starting role at middle linebacker. I like his style of play and think he can be the run blocker we've needed. Ready to see his first game performance on friday.
  9. Training camp battles

    I think you're right, I really think that Thompson is going to do great and believe Adams gives us a solid back up with starter qualities. Haven't looked over the cornerback position much but will now that you mentioned it. I'm also interested to see how the TE depth plays out. I figure we'll have starters in the rookie and as much as we paid Ellison I expect him to be 2 but any thoughts on past that, with Adams and Tye. We've got 6 showing on the roster now. Anyone else excited to see second year Goodson on the field? Think he'll get the start?
  10. Total Control GM Mock Draft Improvement Talks

    Check it out. Free Agency Contract Structure Template Attempt one of one for creating a way to measure guaranteed base salary. The doc is set up so that you can adjust anything within the light blue cells. If you require more cells access for testing purposes let me know.
  11. Training camp battles

    Position: Free Safety Players: Thompson, Darian Adams, Andrew Who do you think will win this battle? Also feel free to list any other positional battles you see taking place.
  12. 2017-18 | CFC Fantasy Questions & Advice

    Thanks man, exactly what I was looking for. Didn't ESPN provide this last year? Either way I appreciate you posting the link. Thanks again
  13. 2017-18 | CFC Fantasy Questions & Advice

    ESPN fantasy website question. In years past I remember being able to pull up stats and points by year. This year, I can't seem to find it, It looks like the website has changed a little or I'm just overlooking it. I don't recall this information being so difficult to find. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike
  14. Total Control GM Mock Draft Improvement Talks

    1. I wasn't a fan of it either, the war room thread I created in the Giants forum last year got very little attention and the attention it did receive just sucked the fun right out of it for me. I'm personally leaning to make it optional, but want to get more feedback before making a final decision. It'd be great if the mock draft discussions within the team forums were as active as the Browns or Eagles, who seem to be on the same page with most of their discussions, but it just isn't the case with all the sub forums. @IDOG_det mentioned just having the general managers keep a depth chart with the GM Mock Draft thread, similar to what we've all seen in the past with most mock drafts and something most are familiar with already. 2. For the keeper league only right? If so, yes I think we should expand the contract structures to include base guarantees. Over the next month or so I'll create some sample docs for a variety of contract structures that include this option so that we can figure out exactly which system would provide a fair way to calculate the highest offer. For the original mock draft, I don't really see the value in providing the option for base guarantees do you? 3. Right...I'm good with it too, and you're probably right about leaving the bids alone and just reduce the number of rounds or not touch anything. This time of year is when I'm looking at the past mock draft to determine if anything looks off and start tossing out ideas to tweak it. When I came across this data, it just looked off to me but perhaps there isn't anything wrong with it at all and I just need to stop looking at things to hard...haha. Also, I'm still looking to add roughly 3 to 4 members to management for the keeper league. With my excel knowledge I can handle a lot of the workload but I'm stressing this keeper league a little so if you or other TCM members are interested please let me know. In addition, I know that both the OG and the Keeper are months away but the build for these things take a tremendous amount of time so the more feedback and suggestions I get now save me from rushing to put it all together at the last minute. So please keep this thread alive.