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  1. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    Didn't think that they would attempt it this year considering our salary cap was low. Shows you what I know.
  2. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    Just read that the Giants traded JPP to the Bucs. Starting to freak out a little over this new GM. I'm hoping that they haven't locked themselves into drafting Chubb and that the idea of Nelson isn't off the table. Trading him for basically a high 3rd rounder. After this trade our available draft picks, I think are: 1st 2nd 2 x 3rds No 4th 5th No 6th No 7th
  3. DE Jason Pierre-Paul traded to Bucs

    wow...didn't see that happening. Gettleman is definitely a lot more active with trading than our past GM's. I like it but he's got me a little nervous. Things just got interesting.
  4. 8 GM Mock Draft- 3 more GM's needed!

    Also Pete you'll be receiving some automated emails shortly as I test this system out.
  5. 8 GM Mock Draft- 3 more GM's needed!

    Same daily start and end times? 10am to 10pm
  6. 8 GM Mock Draft- 3 more GM's needed!

    @EaglesPeteC How much time is allowed for each pick?
  7. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    Nice work @EaglesPeteC I'll hit you up tomorrow about your mock draft.
  8. Eagles TCMD War Room- Draft Complete!

    Only because you nominated yourself....cheater....lol
  9. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    robbed....Just stole my cookie.
  10. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    Appreciate it. Pete knows because anyone that signs up to help, I will drive them crazy with talking about new ideas, as I beg for feedback to provide you all with a solid mock draft. If any of you want a good laugh just read through some of the messages in the ffmd thread. I drove those guys crazy too. This mock drafting is definitely a passion of mine as I've been doing these off and on since 2001. Great group of guys this year. It's been an emotional roller coaster this year from @EaglesPeteC being on a super bowl bender, @MKnight82 exploding on not being able to tag n trade, which I hope he returns. @Webmaster providing us a new forum but failing to assign a mod to this sub forum. The disappearance of @BringinDaPain. @Desperado82 relentless attempts to try and release free agent signing Neiko Thorpe. @cortes02 , @One Punch Man @PurpleMugen @Fragafootball hitting me up all hours day or night to make sure that they were doing things right. @squire12 for keeping me honest. @Counselor for taking the Colts, the team we all love to hate. @Deadpulse for creating my awesome sig and his willingness to provide our awarded members with a similar sig....you rock man. To all of you that put up with my crazy toward the end of this, as this mock would not happen if not for all of you. Total Control GM Mock Draft For the Fan by the Fan. Thank you all Mike
  11. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    The funny thing is that Malcolm Butler wasn't even my main target. Had my eyes set on Nate Solder with what I thought was a solid offer to win him. Never expected to land him because I considered him one of the bigger talents in free agency and offered a fair value for him. Not sure why no one else offered the man a contract, perhaps it was because of him being benched during the super bowl was still fresh on your minds. Whatever it was, it helped in the healing process as I cried myself to sleep after missing out on Nate.
  12. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    . Our running game has been horrible the past few years. We sucked at it to the point that our offense was one dimensional without their defense doing anything but standing in front of our lineman. There must be some balance to our offense, not a single team was concerned about our run game and why would they be? 6 rushing TD's per season over the last few years. The Giants offense lead the league in passing attempts, when our premier receivers weren't even on the field. They were forced into this because our offensive line sucked that bad. No guard is not a sexy pick but its a winning pick. If you don't like the idea of picking an offensive lineman, I get that you want a quarterback, but I personally don't see how drafting another quarterback is going to do anything for this team in the here and now. If they can address the rest of the offensive line with quality players, fine draft a quarterback or an edge rusher or kicker for all I care, but if they go tossing band-aids on the major problem that has prevented this team from succeeding I look forward to seeing Gettleman get fired. Until the offensive line is fixed and fixed right, drafting anyone other than Q. Nelson in the first round is just stupid. I can't imagine Eli agreeing to play another year under contract or not if the Giants brass can't keep him upright, and not having him roll out of the pocket to buy more time. Just once I'd like to see Eli work his magic without having to worry about safeties playing deep, because defenses don't respect our run game.
  13. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    Was really surprised that this talent was still on the board after the first round. Great value pick that will dominate the secondary.
  14. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    Thank you, thank you.