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  1. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    You guys good with using these projected Tag Values? Projected 2018 Tag Values by Position Position Pos. Exclusive Non-exclusive Transition Cornerback CB $15,114,828 $13,637,566 $13,234,844 Defensive End 34DE $18,445,988 $15,801,998 $15,234,906 Defensive End 43DE $18,445,988 $15,801,998 $15,234,906 Defensive Tackle 34DT $14,992,003 $12,575,401 $11,842,725 Defensive Tackle 43DT $14,992,003 $12,575,401 $11,842,725 Kicker K $5,360,261 $4,489,852 $4,622,911 Kicker P $5,360,261 $4,489,852 $4,622,911 Linebacker 34OLB $15,774,528 $13,820,706 $11,948,860 Linebacker 43OLB $15,774,528 $13,820,706 $11,948,860 Linebacker ILB $15,774,528 $13,820,706 $11,948,860 Offensive Lineman C $15,273,678 $13,569,536 $13,291,699 Offensive Lineman LG $15,273,678 $13,569,536 $13,291,699 Offensive Lineman LS $15,273,678 $13,569,536 $13,291,699 Offensive Lineman LT $15,273,678 $13,569,536 $13,291,699 Offensive Lineman RG $15,273,678 $13,569,536 $13,291,699 Offensive Lineman RT $15,273,678 $13,569,536 $13,291,699 Quarterback QB $22,957,997 $19,926,999 $21,007,219 Running Back FB $13,140,113 $11,508,023 $9,895,089 Running Back RB $13,140,113 $11,508,023 $9,895,089 Safety S $11,885,235 $10,327,647 $10,243,618 Tight End TE $10,925,786 $9,041,157 $9,035,332 Wide Receiver WR $17,010,728 $14,485,346 $15,389,499 This is what we used last year. 2017 Tag Values Used in Last Mock Position Pos. FRANCHISE TRANSITION Defensive End 34DE $14,656,200 $12,483,133 Defensive Tackle 34DT $15,150,000 $12,520,000 Linebacker 34OLB $16,272,665 $13,096,482 Defensive End 43DE $14,656,200 $12,483,133 Defensive Tackle 43DT $15,150,000 $12,520,000 Linebacker 43OLB $16,272,665 $13,096,482 Offensive Lineman C $10,604,400 $8,938,433 Cornerback CB $15,688,060 $13,952,630 Running Back FB $9,825,000 $7,879,190 Linebacker ILB $16,272,665 $13,096,482 Kicker K $4,307,000 $3,834,917 Offensive Lineman LG $10,379,200 $9,043,367 Offensive Lineman LS $1,142,600 $1,065,300 Offensive Lineman LT $13,940,000 $12,534,767 Kicker P $3,931,600 $3,412,800 Quarterback QB $23,825,000 $21,959,100 Running Back RB $9,825,000 $7,879,190 Offensive Lineman RG $10,379,200 $9,043,367 Offensive Lineman RT $13,940,000 $12,534,767 Safety S $10,455,958 $9,187,024 Tight End TE $9,982,400 $8,509,950 Wide Receiver WR $15,069,090 $13,757,878 btw, I love this new forum, makes it so easy copy and pasting info from the workbooks.
  2. Geno Smith to Start

    You really don't need to go to all this trouble, I doubt many people share his logic. It isn't like Geno went in and won the game single handedly, the team still lost posting a score of 17 to 24, practically spot on the average of what they've scored and allowed the entire season.
  3. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    Would you guys prefer to keep track of your rosters / depth charts within a forum thread? The doc we've used in the past was used by some of you while most posted in the forum in hopes of getting feedback.
  4. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    Fixed the scrolling issue by moving the notes column (way harder than it sounds) to the far left.
  5. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    Yeah man that really sucks. Heart breaking, wentz was having such a great season too.
  6. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    Quick question are you able to zoom out of the doc? For me the option is in the upper left side of the ribbon. I'll see what I can do to move the notes column over, the scrolling does suck. I use my desktop to work on this project and it has a bigger screen, so when i'm on the laptop, I reduce the workbook to 75% so that it displays everything, font is a little smaller but it works. Thanks for the feedback, let me know if you think of anything else. edit: The Giants have had one disappointing season to say the least. As for the first pick, I've got a couple different directions but will hold off should another Giants fan want to get involved.
  7. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    I'm working on the private trade block / draft board doc and could use your opinions on the layout, if you can think of anything you'd like added, etc. I'm at that point of making copies of this for each team and trying to add something later would be a ton of work. Other linked sheets aren't set up yet and can't be until a copy is made for each team but please give this a look over and use the drop down list. post any feedback and / or suggestions here. I need to get this done soon so that I can move to the next of many projects. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1R2MPasCnZohz88xmHfSoIjiSMnUI_O4bcuppMitwl4Y/edit?usp=sharing Thanks On another note, any veterans of the mock interested in helping me manage it this year, once it starts please message me. I could use the help as jrry32 isn't able to commish this year.
  8. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    Would creating a form/responses doc for transactions, which could be voted on during the mock allow you a better fan perspective for creating the nominees? So there could be one for the free agency, trades and the draft. You could then draw from those grades to help in your nominee selection process.
  9. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    In the final game of the season this week. At receiver who would you start? Josh Gordon, Cle or Tyreek Hill, Kc
  10. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    Personally, I'm a fan of the "inside the locker" thread, and getting more members to help out with that project is the way to go. I do think that the "twitter" doc adds a quick and simple way to send out a message but in keeping with the thought of providing the forum with viewers perhaps we should keep these types of docs out of it. @EaglesPeteC I'm going to leave you to decide on what you want to use since you are managing this feature, I'm fine with what you decide. off-topic: We do need to discuss how best to handle the awards for this mock. Last years, was good but feel we can expand.
  11. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    I agree it was a large task and since it was strictly private I opted to use the cbs big board over creating my own or I'd use it simply to rank the top ten positions. I'll leave what i got created in there if someone whats to use it, and perhaps we can eventually use it for submitting a big board if you know you'll miss your pick.
  12. TCMD '18 GM mock draft build (open discussion)

    In the previous workbooks, you could create big boards for your own viewing. Did anyone really use this feature? Trying to figure out if I should remove it, or if the layout could be better so that you guys would use it. I know its been awhile since you guys looked at this stuff, so here is one from last year. Let me know if you'd like anything added or a different layout. I'm currently working on building a new workbook that will house your personal war room info and draft info. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AiJGXJj9AuYDj_YHpTCqVr-mSWMlEQFc3KUGKqJxU54/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Well that blew my theory of Marc Ross out of the water.
  14. It will definitely make for a active off season. They'll need to figure out who stays from this oline as both Pugh and Richburg are listed free agents. If nothing else, its been a crazy ride this year, just glad its coming to an end.
  15. This isn't a surprise, Spags hasn't been a great head coach over the years, but I've always considered him a solid defensive coordinator. Also wouldn't be surprised if Vice President of Player Evaluation, Marc Ross isn't promoted to General Manager.