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  1. Some trades have taken place but let me know if the Papermakers aren't the team I needed to tag as OTC.
  2. NSFL S16 DRAFT (OTC: PSID412)

    Motor City Gunners select Davante Adams (GB) w/ pick 16 @Remixxxxxxx Scranton Papermakers are OTC.
  3. Will be making selection soon, just giving @EaglesPeteC a chance to review our options.
  4. @YoungBucs15 I believe you are OTC
  5. @TheKillerNacho Could you add the following preseason games to the schedule. Motor City Machine Gunners @ Little Rock Uni Royals @Gmen4ev Edit: Little Rock game is neutral field. South Africa Woolly Mammoths @ Motor City Machine Gunners @MookieMonster Thanks
  6. Thanks. Two is the max right?
  7. Doesn't look like we have a game in the reg season. Your house?
  8. Is it too late to schedule a preseason game?
  9. No worries man. It happens to the best of us. The list I sent you via PM should be corrected, but double check my work.
  10. @TheKillerNacho Was looking over the draft order and noticed that you have the following listed: The time slot from 8:45 PM jumps to 10:30 PM (picks 18 to 19) should it not read 8:45 to 9:30. Looks like you've added an extra hour. Last pick of the night should be 10:15 based on the 45 min time slots.
  11. Question: The drafted players irl have no value on the active roster. The only benefit to drafting them now is to tag them after this season correct?
  12. Deadpulse's Sig Gallery - Open

    @Deadpulse Hey man could you please check your messages. Trying to figure out what happened to my TCMD sig that you created for me. For whatever reason its been deleted and I didn't delete it. Thanks.
  13. Call Chip Kelly, he'd make that deal. Pete, I thought you might have been hitting the sauce hard this weekend.