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  1. I'm good with that too. Really just looking for anything to help out the new guys from killing their cap by released players that accumulate a lot of dead money, that ultimately hurts them down the stretch. Even if it's just sending them out a notification message letting them know that they are acquiring too much dead money. Something I wish I could have told Dave, Giant's GM a few years back...haha. Just now seeing the daylight from all of what I call poor transactions that were more damaging to our current and future cap.
  2. Suggestion to replace the 2 first round pick requirement would be to put the draft pick value at 1700. Which is the value of the 5th overall pick.
  3. Understand where you're coming from, just looking for something to limit the unnecessary cuts. We get this every year, where a member cuts their roster down to mid 40's, accumulate a ton of dead money and then can't afford to sign 53 players. I guess I'm fine leaving it as is, just hate seeing new members kill their cap with dead money early on and struggle to sign any talent. It's usually only one or two guys that do this, so it really isn't an issue.
  4. @LuckyNumber11 @whodatOL @Ghostnote @KingOfNewYork @BringinDaPain @Forge @sparky151 @cortes02 @JWingate @BowserBroncos @winitall @squire12 @jch1911 @Counselor @samsel23 @Trojan @carrolljcmc @EaglesPeteC @FinneasGage @DoleINGout @JetsandI @ny92mike @bcb1213 @T-rade @Cbrunn @Justone2 @mountainpd @Daniel @MikeT14 @drfrey13 @Deadpulse @YogiBiz @SerenityNow Note: If you wish to be removed from the above list of tags, let me know. This segment of questions pertains to the Free Agency After each round of FA Bidding, the APY values are decreased by X percentage. With declining talent
  5. Hate to admit it but I did find a formula error with the top 51 calculation.
  6. First, thanks for providing the feedback. So in previous mocks, we allow teams to restructure contracts to free up cap space. Each team is allowed to restructure no more than 4 players, but teams starting the off season with less cap are allowed to convert more money into signing bonus. Essentially, helping teams out a little more with the cap. It's worked out pretty well in the past. Basically looking to do the same set up for extensions. The main reason for doing it this way is to assist the teams with little to no cap space enjoy the mock. When teams are strapp
  7. Sounds good. Building these workbooks from blanks is a much bigger task than I thought...moving slower than originally thought.
  8. @LuckyNumber11 @whodatOL @Ghostnote @KingOfNewYork @BringinDaPain @Forge @sparky151 @cortes02 @JWingate @BowserBroncos @winitall @squire12 @jch1911 @Counselor @pwny @samsel23 @Trojan @carrolljcmc @EaglesPeteC @FinneasGage @DoleINGout @JetsandI @ny92mike @bcb1213 @T-rade @Cbrunn @Justone2 @mountainpd @Daniel @MikeT14 @drfrey13 @Deadpulse @YogiBiz @SerenityNow If you wish not to be tagged in this thread, let me know and I'll remove your name. Potential Rule Changes or Additions Include a rule that prohibits a team from dropping below a 50 man roster. I say this because som
  9. If any of you would like to assist on working on creating a better APY Value system, hit me up. Otherwise, we will continue to use what I've been doing with some minor adjustments. This is what I've currently got going with this project, some of the names still need to get removed as they have either retired or are listed out of position. Note: I haven't calculated yet, but some players will be given a higher APY value, because they are currently making more than the number listed. Passing Rank Name 2018 2019 2020
  10. Agreed...makes the formula easier to sort as well.
  11. Have you guys heard anything about the offensive line and how those guys are doing?
  12. Eli Manning was one of my favorites. Professional on and off the field, team first type player that elevated his receivers. His retirement came too soon, I'll miss seeing him in Blue. If he's still wanting to be involved in football; whether that's with the Giants organization or not. I wish him the best.
  13. Hope everyone is doing well. Over the next few months, I'm slowly going to be working on our next mock draft, so if there is any suggestions for improvement with the guidelines, workbooks or even how it's managed, please let me know. I'll be designing new workbooks that hopefully reduce if not eliminate the issues we dealt with in last years. Some of the major issues that hurt us such as the waiver wire and issues with the ufa bidding sheets will get fixed. Starting from scratch with this so I should be able to weed out all the issues. Anyway, keep your eye out for new content
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