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  1. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    Man, you might even want to start your mock up now rather than later. This one is definitely going to be late.
  2. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    Alright bad news guys. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to postpone this mock draft. Between the workbooks being a mess of mistakes and them glitching I can't see continuing to send them out again and again only to have to resend them because I keep finding or others keep finding formula errors. I completely rushed to get them out and clearly did not allow enough time to effectively conduct tests to make sure the formulas were working correctly. This and the addition of added frustration by them glitching for whatever reason, is unacceptable to me and I don't expect you to put up with it either. Definitely not my best work. Time has been an issue for me from the late start on working on this project to being gone a full week and knowing that I'll be gone another full week around the end of this month, the timing of this mock could not have came at a worse time for me. I haven't even started working on the schedule or the guidelines that include the changes we've made. The question came up about updating the rosters to reflect the latest irl transactions but because trading has already been going on the roster will stay the same. I would suggest that we all just take a step back until I can get everything worked out. If you guys continue to discuss trades, boredom is going to have you making trades where the value isn't what it should be, just so you can say you're doing something, so honestly it would be best if you stopped negotiating trades this far out. This postponement is going to be at least two weeks long with a possible start date around the first of the month and perhaps later depending on which week I'll be gone for. If any of you decide that it isn't worth the wait, I completely understand but please let me know if you won't be participating so that we can attempt to find a replacement when the time comes. Apologies for this delay but hopefully when it does start we won't have any issues. I just can't put out a product like this knowing all the issues it has and expect you guys to be cool with it, or myself to ignore it. @D82 @EaglesPeteC @ny92mike @mike23md @Trojan @winitall @squire12 @RpMc @CHOMP_CHOMP @Justone2 @BringinDaPain @Dome @LuckyNumber11 @Forge @jrry32 @One Punch Man @NickChowaniec @mountainpd @KingOfTheDot @Deadpulse @sparky151 @cortes02 @DTMW78 @Cbrunn @Counselor @Tugboat @jch1911 @IrishHooligan00 @BowserBroncos @SirA1 @samsel23 @daineraider
  3. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    I tried saving some time by basing it off their age. Otc doesn't make it easy to get all the info without doing manual entry and looking up each individual player. The other is because it was taking to long to set it up like last year. Sorry man this mock snuck up on me.
  4. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    Guys there are definitely some issues with these workbooks. Glitches that shouldnt be happening. I'm not 100% why its happening to some and not all but ill be working to resolve these issues over the weekend. If I believe they are fixed by Tuesday we will continue with the start date of thursday. If not, we will need to postpone that start date to sometime early March because it'll mean rebuilding new workbooks from scratch. Ill keep you all updated on the progress. For now it might be best not to even mess with them until you hear back. Sorry about this. For whatever reason these workbooks arent working like the template that created them.
  5. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    Right they are all doing this.
  6. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    Working the issue...you arent alone here.
  7. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    Unfortunately a new workbook comes with issues but nothing we cant fix.
  8. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    Give me a bit and ill fix it. Ive got a few names like that to fix. Basically if the position is listed different in the 2020 than it is in the 2019 it will #n/a.
  9. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    I'll try to have the schedule and guidelines posted over the weekend. I'm thinking about a thursday start date.
  10. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    @mountainpd Hey man hit me up. I can't message anyone but I'm looking at your trade block.
  11. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    That is the tender offer sheet that you're referring to right? If so, yes those are place holders. Basically names that were tagged in the last mock. I'll remove them.
  12. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    added. 5003 - Kareem Hunt - RB
  13. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    fixed...not sure why there were so many duplicates because I was pretty sure I checked this a week ago.
  14. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    More than welcome to help out if you like, I know we differ in our approach but could always use the help with the draft and free agent scouting. This second one we plan to run will be more similar to what everyone is used to seeing with ffmd but using a trimmed down version of how tcmd runs to manage it.
  15. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    Jesus I forgot about the limit of messages per day being set to 20. I've sent workbooks out to the first 20 in alphabetical order. So I need the following GM's to message me so that I can get them the workbooks. Please state the team you are a GM of in the subject line. Minnesota Vikings MIN @RpMc New Orleans Saints NO @Dome New England Patriots NE @Deadpulse New York Giants NYG @ny92mike New York Jets NYJ @KingOfTheDot Oakland Raiders OAK @daineraider Philadelphia Eagles PHI @EaglesPeteC Pittsburgh Steelers PIT @Cbrunn San Francisco 49ers SF @Forge Seattle Seahawks SEA @One Punch Man Tampa Bay Buccaneers TB @CHOMP_CHOMP Tennessee Titans TEN @IrishHooligan00 Washington Redskins WAS @mike23md @D82 @EaglesPeteC @ny92mike @mike23md @Trojan @winitall @squire12 @RpMc @CHOMP_CHOMP @Justone2 @BringinDaPain @Dome @LuckyNumber11 @Forge @jrry32 @One Punch Man @NickChowaniec @mountainpd @KingOfTheDot @Deadpulse @sparky151 @cortes02 @DTMW78 @Cbrunn @Counselor @Tugboat @jch1911 @IrishHooligan00 @BowserBroncos @SirA1 @samsel23 @daineraider