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  1. FFMD Suggestions Thread

    1) What worked well for you? 2) What didn't work? 3) What would you like to see added? 4) Is there anything you want changed or removed? 5) Any other suggestions? @EaglesPeteC, For me, the Giants forum is what it is however it showed hope during the first 3 or 4 picks of the actual draft, so I think you'll have more Giants fans participating next season. I think everything went well this year and expect a much greater level of participation, look how it's already exploded the GM mock draft forum....It's booming with traffic now well more so than normal. Actually reminds me of when I joined, back then there were like 6 mocks going at once, I'd love to give credit to tcmd for that but I can't...lol...It's why I pushed so hard for ffmd, so I'm glad it's back. The talk of salary cap is probably due to why there was a version 1 and 2 for ffmd. ME....I'd stick with just the draft only, I think the minute you attempt to install a salary cap you're opening up the discussion for a free agency, because what else are you going to spend money on, "trades" not worth the headache, imo? Trade volume really doesn't bother me, I wish I was better at it, there are some of you that could sell a boat to someone with aquaphobia so I imagine for some that this is just part of the draft strategy and you hate to take that away, but if you froze player trades until after the say 5th round, because that is about when most start to die off. Even the irl draft, I started losing interest after the early 5th round was selected. Just hadn't scouted deep enough..."what she said". I just don't think you can keep the attention for 7 rounds, so I'd put all my focus on the first 3 rounds, toss in player trades on or after the 5th.
  2. 2020 NFL draft thread

    On the clock
  3. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Good...10 sacks last season would be nice to add a veteran.
  4. LB Cam Brown selected by Giants 6.183

    Looks more like a inside/safety to me. But need to watch more as that assessment was based off of watching 1 min of tape.
  5. Like this pick
  6. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    DG is locked in on offensive line. Hate we passed on tyler and then dallas lands him.
  7. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    Hard to say...wasnt expecting rt this early figured they would of used a 5th or 6th to draft a developmental tackle and with all my favorite edge guys off the board I'm in the dark. What you thinking?
  8. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    At least you know I read the article you posted. If all those other sites are legit rankings from the site then excellent news. I think the kid will develop into a starter so I'm good with it. Feel like you two got all fired up over nothing as we seem to all agree on his potential.
  9. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    Jesus Christ man did I just not explain it all? I used drafttek...a listed site with a high ranking but when I pulled that list of names from drafttek to create my rankings for the draft board doc that I do every year had him ranked low. I didn't rank him low they did attack them not the messenger....gd.
  10. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    I said it was drafttek that listed him late and you still havent looked. It was not my assessment it was just the value range that site had him at. Just making a statement followed by my assessment of him and why I could see them taking him where they did. So it sounds like we agree.
  11. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    He'll I'm even say he could start this year if he learns how to play as a tackle 6ft 7in tall.
  12. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    Look...lol. Ive heard of Mel kiper and I still ask why he still has a job. Sorry man...im personally not a fan but like I said I don't dislike it either... Kid probably turns into a starter. Just don't see it happening this year.
  13. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    Besides its my opinion I have of what ive seen not someone else...when do the "experts" get it right every time?...
  14. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    Did you look at drafttek?
  15. OT Matt Peart selected by Giants 3.99

    Basically the kid is going to have to learn how to play the position all over again...learn different techniques due to his height. But could easily see him as a starter just not this year.