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  1. Yeah...im not too worried about his condition at least not yet. Degenerative joint disease doesn't really start take hold until mid to late 30's at least that was my case with degenerative disc disease.
  2. Oh btw, the official schedule will be released this Wednesday, May 12 at 8 p.m. ET.
  3. At home, the two teams that would worry me would be the Rams, with imo a much better quarterback than they had last year. The other team would be the Falcons as they just beefed up their receiving group with Kyle Pitts. Good news is that our defense regardless, how good or bad the offense is, will keep us in a very tight scoring game. Our division has so many question marks, that we've got just as good if not better chance of winning those games. Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers Las Vegas Raiders Denver Broncos Los Angeles Rams (NFC West Same-Place F
  4. I hadn't heard that Will was going through a transformation, I'll be interested to see if this helps. Love your enthusiasm but I'll buy into it when I see it. I wasn't impressed with him when we drafted him and just don't believe that losing the weight will be enough, but I'm skeptical. I really do hope you're right.
  5. According to the NFL's 2021 Strength of Schedule, we have a pretty easy schedule. Let's hope we can take advantage of it. "Based on combined winning percentages from the 2020 season, the Giants have the eighth-easiest strength of schedule next season. The Giants' 2021 opponents went 128-142-2 (.474) in 2020. The Philadelphia Eagles (.430) will head into next season with the "easiest" lineup, while the Pittsburgh Steelers (.574) have the "hardest" schedule in the NFL." Home Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers Las Vegas Raiders Denver Broncos Los Angeles R
  6. Hypothetical question, what if Azeez Ojulari was drafted prior to Giants actually selecting him in the 2nd. Who do you think we would have selected? Reason I ask is because I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did. Right before the draft, he was climbing up the boards really quick. Saw some sites even having the Giants take him at 11. Trading down in the 2nd was a ballsy move, with him still on the board. I wish I could view the Giants draft board to see what their top players ranked in this draft. Makes me wonder if their plan wasn't to draft offensive line in the second, as the v
  7. Odell's rookie season, Manning had 601 attempts that year. Where our top receivers were Odell, Rueben Randle and Larry Donnell. You're right that line wasn't anything to write home about. Will Beaty, LT / Weston Richburg, LG / JD Walton, C / John Jerry, RG / Justin Pugh, RT. The difference maker was Eli Manning. Love or hate him, people liked playing for him. That following year, they adjusted the line again with Ereck Flowers / Justin Pugh at LG / Weston moved to center / Geoff Schwartz / Marshall Newhouse where Eli got even a heavier load with 618 attempts. imo, the last tim
  8. You're an idiot....that's a fact....pathetic enough for you? Let me know when you actually bring something worth reading to the forum. They have pills for your condition....you should make an appointment.
  9. Just stop typing, you're gonna hurt yourself. You can't redeem yourself, best for you to just walk away at this point.
  10. LOL...30 minutes later you come up with this? Did you hurt your brain coming up with this one, you know you really should stop eating paint chips. You really suck at this.
  11. Thought you were done talking to me...Just can't let it go can you....haha.
  12. oh relax dude...You're gonna stroke out using all those capital letters. So glad you joined the forum, your wisdom is such a delight.
  13. Not looking to get banned so I'll end this ridiculous "debate" @Cuziam71
  14. You still going on?...haha. Name calling really...Stupid is comparing the line that we currently have to the line you mentioned. That's stupid. Homer...Just because I don't agree with your retarded logic. Get real man.
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