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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    dammit man....its exit only. Prison rules do not apply in BDL.
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Sorry to hear.
  3. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Long Beach Leprechauns @ Oklahoma City EF5s Camden Hood Rats @ Sydney Dingos Cuba Smugglers @ Berlin Blitzkrieg Hawaii Nightmarchers @ Portland Horned Owls Game Plans and Lineups for the above teams are posted. Better be prepared for some long reading...haha.
  4. Hawaii Hawaii has won two in a row and we now roll into Portland on a winning streak. Offense Running game - The focus of our offense this week will be running the ball consistently and controlling the clock. We believe that Portland has a sub-par BDL and very small defensive line (with the exception of Short) and very light LBs Smith clocking in at 218 and Martinez clocking in at 237. Our base offense will feature a double TE set and/or an additional OL (Shon Coleman) on a majority of the snaps. We plan on physically overmatching Portland by doubling Short on every play and consistently getting numbers in our favor. On inside runs we will double both DTs, on outside runs we will have a double with the OT and TE and feature pulling guards to block out the LB in the second level. With Barkley, Lewis, and Cohen all running strong (451 total yards collectively last game) we figure to gash Portland in the run game. Passing game – The passing game will be used to help the running game. Antonio Brown and Stefon Diggs will get the start but we will use a heavy rotation of WRs that will consistently run middle to deep routes to keep both safeties high and out of the box. If the safeties decide to come down to help support the running game we will hit them for deep touchdowns. As we get later in the game we will also start to mix in Play action. With a heavy focus on the run and deep routes being run all game the play action should catch Portland safeties cheating later in the game, at this point we’ll just use the additional points to pad our lead. Defense DL/LB – Portland features a great QB and a very good offensive line, the one thing that KC has that Portland doesn’t is a good running game. With LeSean running with cracked rib cartilage, Peyton Barber being completely ineffective, and Bilal Powell only producing in the passing game we will look to our DL and LBs to continue to shut down the run game with a tight line formation and making sure to keep contain on the edges. Brandon Marshall will be the lone LB (assuming Portland again features 4 wide this week) and his job will be to focus in and lock down the running game. Secondary – Another thing Kansas City has that Portland doen’t have is better weapons. Davante Adams will see Casey Hayward and double coverage all game, Boyd, Sanu, and Crowder will be covered by Lattimore, McCain, and Hughes. If McCain is inactive the newly acquired K’Wuan Williams will step in, Williams has been great this year for SF clocking as the #25 ranked CB per PFF, he should have no problem covering Crowder who has been practically invisible this year (134 yards on the season). The CBs will be playing press man coverage, Mahomes has been phenomenal this year but he has excelled in passes under 20 yards, once he gets over that his completion percentage drops to a measly 36.6%. With the press coverage we will limit the shorter routes and force Mahomes to hold the ball longer so Clowner, Buckner, Liugent, and Clark can get home. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Motivation: We'll be playing the Hawaii Nightmarchers this week and since we're 0-4-1 we're pretty much out of the playoffs already. Doesn't mean we can't ruin some people's days and hopefully knock them out of the playoffs as well though. Portland Offensive Gameplan: We're going to let Mahomes go wild this week and really open up the passing game, Mahomes will be allowed to audible and make judgement calls. We'll focus on getting the ball to our WRs/RBs/TEs and going deep against a secondary with issues at safety. We'll commit to the running game and keep a balanced offense but we fully plan on airing it out and letting Mahomes win us the game with his Arm. The Passing Game: Mahomes has established himself as a very good QB early this season and he'll continue that this week against a solid but uninspired Hawaii defense. Hawaii's edge players while solid are weak in run support and undersized to play at DE and we'll be taking advantage of that by running to the outside more. Davante Adams will be our no.1 WR and will be featured heavily, I expect Heyward will cover him and Adams will win that matchup. Boyd will be our slot WR and he'll see quite a few targets this week, he'll play outside in 2 WR sets and in the slot in 3 wide. In 3 and 4 WR sets Crowder will be the no.3 and Sanu will be the no.4, we'll take a few deep shots to Bryant to try and take advantage of Hawaii's issues at safety. Austin Hooper gets the start at TE and will be featured a bit in this offense as a checkdown option for Mahomes, we'll make sure to use our TEs quite a bit in this game as run blockers along with using them over the middle of the field to take advantage of Hawaii's issues at covering TEs, they'll also be used in the redzone. We'll operate out of a shotgun offense for most of the game (Roughly 40% of the snaps) and we'll use our TEs as in line blockers to help in the running game a bit. We'll make sure to get the ball out quicker (less than 4 seconds) to adjust for Hawaii's strong pass rush, we're also going to commit to using our RBs heavily in the passing game as well. The Running Game: LeSean McCoy and Barber will split carries 80:20 with McCoy receiving the major edge in carries and touches, we'll try and establish our running game early to help tire out Hawaii's defense for later in the game, we'll leave a RB/TE in to pass protect as needed. The Blocking: In case of injuries, Beachum will play LT/RT, Jones will play C/G. We'll also leave a RB/TE in to pass protect or give extra attention/blocking to a pass rusher if someone proves to be a problem. TDLR; Focus on getting the ball into our WRs Hands, make plays on 3rd down and in the redzone, Control the LOS and keep Mahomes Clean, don't turn it over, be aggressive and go for it on 4th down. Portland Defensive Gameplan: We're going to play 2 deep safeties to keep Brown, Diggs and Cohen from making big plays down the field. We'll mostly be playing zone coverage while mixing in some man with Cover 3 being our base zone defense and focusing on harassing Wilson as much as possible. Pass Coverage: We'll be playing mostly zone defense (roughly 55% of the snaps) with Trufant assigned to cover Brown in man and with some help over the top on occasion, Jimmy Smith will man the no.2 CB spot and should be able to handle Diggs fairly easily. If Brown/Diggs go into the slot the CB/Defender assigned to cover them will follow them into the slot, Brandon Carr otherwise will be the no.3 CB/Slot CB. Hawaii's offense overall is very good with no weaknesses except on the o-line, mostly on the interior but outside of that they're a fantastic offense held back by their o-line mostly on the right side with Mills being a turnstile. Due to lacking any TE of note we won't worry about covering that position and will put the extra attention on Brown&Diggs. As mentioned we'll be using 2 deep safeties and a cover 3 base zone defense for most of the game/55% of the snaps, Glover Quinn will be tasked with adjusting the pass coverage as needed. We'll make sure to blitz Hawaii's interior occasionally since Wilson likes to scramble and we feel like he can force him into the arms of our Edge Rushers, I'd expect my front seven should be able to put pressure on Wilson and control the LOS. Telvin Smith will be the signal caller on defense and he'll make adjustments if Hawaii tries something not outlined in the gameplan. Since we'll be mostly playing zone defense we won't be sending more than 5 that often, however I expect my d-line to get a decent amount of pressure on Wilson with a 4 man rush and for them to create a turnover or two. Orakpo+Morgan should be able to get after Wilson along with Smith rotating in, Short+Jones should be able to keep Hawaii's inside running game in check and Pierce will rotate in with Jones on running downs/goaline situations. Telvin Smith will make adjustments as the signal caller on defense as needed, we'll make sure to give equal attention to Brown&Diggs as well as try to take away Wilson's passing game checkdowns, I assume Hawaii will feature Cohen more heavily in the passing game this week and we'll adjust for that by focusing on limiting Wilson's options deep and forcing him to throw it to Short. Run Defense: With Hawaii having a solid o-line and a stud RB I expect Hawaii will try and establish the run game early to try and wear out my defense early, we'll make sure to adjust for this by rotating the front seven unit quite a bit to keep them fresh and to clamp down on the run, my front seven is more than capable of keeping Barkley+Cohen contained in both the passing and running game. My pass rush featuring Kawann Short, Orakpo, Smith, Jones etc. will put a decent amount of pressure on Wilson and should be able to create a turnover or two, whether that's a stripsack or a deflection that leads to an INT we will be in position to get turnovers. We'll rotate our DL, LB, DBs as needed to keep them fresh, we will also play situational defense and adjust the coverage we need depending on the situation. Telvin Smith+Quinn will be in charge of making adjustments for the front seven and secondary. TDLR; Control the LOS, Get after Brees, Shut down their deep passing game, Keep them from making big plays, force Brees to throw it short, keep Gurley in check. Meta Commentary: This is more or less a copy/paste from last week with the bare minimum of tweaking mostly because I moved this week, Hawaii deserved more effort than I gave this week and I wish I had the time to craft a better gameplan for them.
  5. Hawaii Offense QB – Russell Wilson RB – Saquon Barkley WR – Antonio Brown WR – Stefon Diggs TE - Dallas Goedert LT – Andrew Whitworth LG – Marshall Yanda C – Ryan Kelly RG – Brandon Scherff RT – Jordan Mills TE – Ben Watson BN – RB - Tarik Cohen BN - RB - Dion Lewis BN – WR - Christian Kirk BN – WR – Pierre Garcon BN – WR - Josh Doctson BN – WR - Tre’Quan Smith BN – OT – Shon Coleman BN – OC/OG - Pat Elflein Defense DE – Jadeveon Clowney DT – Corey Liugent DT – Deforest Buckner DE – Frank Clark LB – Brandon Marshall CB – Casey Heyward CB – Marshon Lattimore CB - Mike Hughes CB – Bobby McCain FS – DJ Swearinger SS – Eric Weddle BN – DE – William Hayes BN – DE - Arik Armstead BN – DE - Kyler Fackrell BN – DT - Sheldon Rankins BN – LB – Tahir Whitehead BN – LB – Roquon Smith BN - S – Ron Parker BN – CB – K’Wuan Williams Portland GameDay Lineup: QB1: Patrick Mahomes II RB1: LeSean McCoy WR1: Davante Adams WR2: Tyler Boyd WR3: Jamison Crowder TE1: Austin Hooper LT: Alejandro Villanueva LG: Clint Boling C: Matt Paradis RG: Will Hernandez RT: Laremy Tunsil Reserves: QB2: Andy Dalton RB2: Peyton Barber RB3: Bilal Powell WR4: Mohamed Sanu WR5: Martavis Bryant TE2: Charles Clay OL6: Ben Jones OL7: Kelvin Beachum Portland's 4-2-5 Defense: DE: Brian Orakpo 3T: Kawann Short DT: DaQuan Jones DE: Derrick Morgan WLB: Telvin Smith MLB: Blake Martinez CB1: Desmond Trufant CB2: Jimmy Smith SCB: Brandon Carr FS: Glover Quin SS: Malcolm Jenkins Reserves: SLB: Zach Brown RLB: Vince Williams CB4: Kareem Jackson CB5: Johnathan Joeseph S3: Jason McCourty DE3: Za'Darius Smith NT: Michael Pierce DL: Shelby Harris
  6. BDL 2018 Week 6 Match: Hawaii Nightmarchers @ Portland Horned Owls Away Owner: @Hockey5djh Home Owner: @SwoleXmad Vote for who you think would win the game. Rules: One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results. One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own. For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote. Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion. Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions. Good luck to you both.
  7. Cuba Smugglers Offense: Berlin has some exploitable matchups and Kirk Cousins has been playing very well. Berlin’s secondary hovers around league average and we have a top three receiver in Julio. Perhaps AJ Bouye shadows him, and that is the only way his target share won’t be around 15-18 attempts (9-12 for strictly Bouye). On the boundary Julio Jones will run go’s or slants/hitches/ins to immediately get the ball. In the slot, he’s going to run crossing routes to vertically stretch and drag concepts where the opposing CB has to travel across the field in man (tackle in space) or occupy zones of the LBs which free up the RBs. We aim to target Gareon Conley’s assignment, as he was recently benched and is susceptible to deep patterns. Albert Wilson turned in his first full time snap count with Miami and reflects accordingly here. He’s adept at earning YAC so his 5-7 target share comes in a variety of short targets (hitches, screens). He’s also a pop pass guy for cheap and efficient targets. Donte Moncrief has been useful recently and produce with Bortles and is always a viable redzone target so his role reflects as such (5-7 target share). DJ Charkcomes off the bench and runs deep. He had some success last week so we won’t hesitate to give him an opportunity against if Conley starts or against Ronald Darby. His speed should open up the shorter routes especially if he’s lined up with Julio as the safety will likely follow Jones, again opening up the RBs in space. Jakeem Grant is another gadget guy who’s speed needs to be mentioned. He’s always a joker guy and should get 2-3 touches on shovel tosses or screens. The vanilla should eventually open up other players and Berlin’s pass rush is not as potent without Houston. The short stuff gives a variety of guys touches, lessens how often we have to target Julio and helps Kirk Cousins maintain a rhythm. Berlin has another area of weakness and it lies within their LB’s. TJ Yeldon and Latavius Murray share a similar 60/40 workload from recent weeks. Our guys should combine for at least twenty carries, effectively so we aren’t throwing 60 attempts (45-50 works). With David DeCastroleading the way, and Rob Havenstein playing at a high level we own top lineman in the NFL playing next to each other. Yeldon’s ability as a receiver helps Cousins with another checkdown target and is useful as Kirk has effectively served as his offenses only means of getting yards for three consecutive games. TJ Yeldon does the job as a pass catcher. Murray is a redzone short yardage hammer. Flat targets get Yeldon or Albert Wilson involved setting up wheel routes where we can earn chunk yardage. Yeldon’s catching ability against Tremaine Edmunds (like this matchup) or Rashaan Evans (LOVE that matchup) should help Cousins keep the chains and down/distances at a reasonable clip all game. Final note of significance, Justin Houston’s absence means we can help block Lawrence with chips. Ryan Griffin has that role. Peters is swapped for newcomer Castonzo. We will try frequently doubling Mike Daniels in pass pro and double Brandon Williams running up the middle. TLDR: Julio’s offense (he’s going to move frequently) and flower him with targets. Yeldon and Cook follow up with touches as featured weapons through pass catching/running. Target Gareon Conley’s assignment (especially if it’s Julio). Target Donte Moncrief in the redzone. Relentlessly target Rashaan Evans zone or man assignment. To a lesser (frequent nonetheless) extent on Edmunds. Bouye and Damonte Kazee are the only guys to seek avoiding. Kirk Cousins should have time in the pocket to get the extra guys involved while a heavy dose of vanilla (screens, shovel tosses, motions, pop passes) assure other people touch the ball. Defense Berlin suffered a massive loss as Jameis Winston returns as a starter this week. Jay Ajayi out means the next man is up and that means it’s a combination of Corey Clement and Lamar Miller. We respect any opposition but we can focus more on Berlin’s depth and impressive receiving core. For whatever reason Kenny Galloway doesn’t start, but he’s someone we want Richard Sherman to exclusively focus on. There will be some occasion where Sherman moves to boundary for Tyreek Hill, but in order to minimize Galloway’s targets, Sherman will keep tabs on him. I expect a very versatile lineup for Hill so it’s redundant assigning one man to him. As a slot, he’ll be focused on by Bryce Callahan and Derwin James coming down. If Berlin feature two TE’s that will be enough as the entire defense needs to be alert of where lines up. Otherwise, in three WR sets we will have Thomas Davis or Andrew Walker Jr. dictate their zone to finding Hill. We aren’t asking any one player to locate Hill as much as keeping him as our primary source of coverage and lessening the space he gets when he touches the ball in underneath situations. Quinton Dunbar has done his job very well so far (Booger McFarland called Dunbar ; not Josh Norman the Redskins top CB this season) so his respect will hopefully increase amongst everyone as 2018 continues. He’ll have DeSean Jackson. Safety help comes in the form of Joyner as we like some more cover 1 man cover schemes when we avoid cover 3. Thomas Davis is back from suspension and will occasionally switch roles with Anthony Walker Jr. to cover Kyle Rudolph. Trey Burton starting means less pressure on the LBs to deal with Hill as it would remove Jackson or Galloway from the starting lineup. We’re very interested in how Berlin plans on using their run game because if they seek to go pass heavy, we’re going to move Marcell Dareus out of the lineup and put Fletcher Cox/Calais Campbell inside together. This will give us more pass rush friendly sets with Terrell Suggs getting more run across from Jerry Hughes and Bruce Irvin becoming more useful as pass rush specialists. Our current lineup is bulked on interior guys so Cox and Campbell can get the necessary rest to utilize their ability to the best potential. Berlin’s strongest offensive asset is their OL, and our DL is ready to reciprocate that level of competition. TLDR: Cover one defense. Playing to stop the pass. Using two/three people to have Hill as the major focus. Richard Sherman on Kenny Galloway. Corey Clement and Lamar Miller are the only two runners. We can match their intensity. Berlin Blitzkrieg Offense TL;DR - Throw the ball, use the short pass to supplement the run game, run enough to keep them honest. One change at OL, we are starting Van Roten at LG as he has been very good for the Panthers this year. We are going to trust our OL to hold up against the front 4 of Cuba even though Calais and Cox are both excellent in every regard. 3 WR - We will put Tyreek in the slot where Callahan will have to be on him as Callahan can’t play anywhere else. Golladay and DeSean play out wide. Sherman is back, but he hasn’t been as good as in the past and we will not shy away from him or Dunbar(who has been solid too)whatsoever. If any of the CBs don’t have deep help, we will throw it up. If we throw it up 3 times in a row in single coverage, we feel confident we will hit one of those three. This should force Cuba to go into a 2 deep shell which would open up Burton, Tyreek in the slot, and lighten the box. Not to mention, it would keep Derwin back in a deep zone where his abilities would be largely wasted. We will use a fair number of slants and WR/TE screens to supplement our run game. We will run Clement and Miller enough to make the D respect it. Especially with a lighter box. Both are also excellent in pass pro and catching the ball which we will take full advantage of. They’ll chip then slip out for a check down. Also, look for a lot of draws. Burton will move all around as we think he can regularly beat any LB Cuba puts on him. If they put Derwin on him, that means Derwin isn’t deep which we love. We will rotate Rudolph in here to box out defenders for shorter gains to move the chains and for added blocking. Jameis will also run take cheap gains rushing as their D should be on their heels. He averaged 4.1 YPC last year and even 4-5 good rushes will stretch their D even more. 4 WR - DJax, Tyreek, Golladay, Fuller/Godwin, and Clement/Miller. Cuba has some good DL. We will trust our OL to handle them long enough for our weapons to get open. The RB will aid in pass protection before slipping out on a check down. We will run a number of draws and screens out of this formation to keep their DL from just teeing off. 5 WR - 2 minute, hurry up, and sometimes just because. DJax, Fuller, Tyreek, Golladay, and Godwin. Shotgun formation for Jameis. OL v DL to see whether our OL can hold up long enough for our WRs to get open when their DL knows what is coming. Which we don’t think will take too long against their CB depth. We will use stacks and bunches to get picks(not officially) and rubs and free releases. 2 TE - More for red zone to allow our TEs and RBs to match up against their LBs. Look for Golladay to use his size and Tyreek to use his speed to get open in condensed space. 3 WR 45% - 4 WR 40% - 5 WR 10% - 2 TE 5% Defense TL;DR - Double Julio, shut down the run game with both LBs, and make their other weapons beat us. Conley has had some issues lately, so we are going to use Hilton this week. Hilton’s been great, but is slot only, and my investment in Conley has made me use him a couple more weeks than I maybe should have. Hilton takes the slot, Darby goes LCB, and Bouye goes RCB. We honestly trust any of those guys one-on-one against any of Cuba’s guys except for Julio. Darby was targeted 6 times Thursday with 4 PBUs and one catch for no yards on OBJ. Bouye and Hilton need no justification. Kazee will basically follow Julio around and bracket him with whichever CB so Julio is always doubled. Haha will have the TE in single coverage and will play very close to the line to aid in the run game. Both of our rookie LBs will be focused on shutting down the run game. Cuba has a couple of very good runners in Cook(who looks to be on a pitch count) and Yeldon, so we will devote two people to shutting them down. If it’s a pass, Tremaine will follow the RB in man while Rashaan sometimes drops into a middle zone that shadows to the side the RB releases and sometimes blitzes for added pressure. We are fine if they bite hard on PA as we think our CBs can make up for any deficiencies. We want to keep things simple for our rookies as they grow, although Tremaine has really come on in the past couple of weeks and Rashaan has flashed his first round pedigree. Cuba has an excellent right side of the OL. However, Carpenter is just okay and Peters, as good as he has been for a long time, has struggled this year. Castonzo may play this week for the first time as Peters was very not good Thursday night, and we like that match up as well. We will put Lawrence at RE to win against the LT, Daniels directly over Carpenter to win there, and Williams in the A gap in between Sullivan and DeCastro to force their attention. We also really like Godchaux and Hand as subs. Across from Havenstein(assuming Houston is out this week) will be a constant rotation of edge guys. We have a number of young guys who have flashed different weeks, and we will rotate them all. Wise gets the start as he is very good against the run and has been the most consistent. 4 WR - Conley goes to RCB and Bouye takes the other slot guy. The rest stays the same. Base - Kiko comes in for Hilton and takes the second TE or one RB. Everything else stays the same. Our goal is to erase Julio, take away the run game, and make their other guys beat us regularly enough to win.
  8. Cuba Smugglers QB: Kirk Cousins RB: TJ Yeldon WR: Julio Jones WR: Albert Wilson WR: Donte Moncrief TE: Ryan Griffin LT: Anthony Castonzo LG: James Carpenter C: John Sullivan RG: David DeCastro RT: Rob Havenstein RB: Latavius Murray OW: Jakeem Grant WR: DJ Chark WR: Chester Rogers TE: Ian Thomas RB: Frank Gore FB/OLB: Ryan Anderson OT: Jason Peters RDE: Jerry Hughes DT: Marcell Dareus NT: Fletcher Cox LDE: Calais Campbell WLB: Thomas Davis MLB: Anthony Walker Jr. RCB: Quinton Dunbar FS: LaMarcus Joyner SS: Derwin James NCB: Bryce Callahan LCB: Richard Sherman Edge: Terrell Suggs MLB: Preston Brown DT: Willie Henry DT: Lawrence Guy ROLB: Bruce Irvin NCB: Kenny Moore II RCB: Isaiah Oliver SS: Ronnie Harrison Berlin Blitzkrieg QB - Jameis Winston RB - Lamar Miller WR - Kenny Golladay WR - Tyreek Hill WR - DeSean Jackson TE - Trey Burton LT - Trent Williams LG - Greg Van Roten C - Corey Linsley RG - Gabe Jackson RT - Taylor Moton RB - Corey Clement TE - Kyle Rudolph WR - Will Fuller WR - Chris Godwin WR - MVS OL - Justin Pugh OT - Kolton Miller OT - Ja’wuan James Edge - DeMarcus Lawrence DT - Mike Daniels NT - Brandon Williams Edge - Deatrich Wise LB - Tremaine Edmunds LB - Rashaan Evans CB - Ronald Darby CB - AJ Bouye NB - Mike Hilton S - Haha Clinton-Dix S - Damontae Kazee Edge - Reggie Gilbert Edge - Markus Golden Edge - Efe Obada Edge - Justin Houston INT - Davon Godchaux INT - Da’Shawn Hand LB - Kiko Alonso CB - Gareon Conley
  9. BDL 2018 Week 6 Match: Cuba Smugglers @ Berlin Blitzkrieg Away Owner: @MD4L Home Owner: @Ragnarok Vote for who you think would win the game. Rules: One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results. One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own. For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote. Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion. Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions. Good luck to you both.
  10. Camden Hood Rats Offense This week against the Fighting Dango's we take on a team with lots of talent in the lineup, but we feel like with the right game plan our talent on offense can move the ball effectively. Here is how we plan to do that. Use man coverage to get matchups- Since the Dingo's like to trust their CB's and play lots of man coverage without switching sides, we'll move our 3 starting WR's around to get good match ups. Beckham is matchup proof, so we won't shy away from him at all, ever, in any game including this one. Jones has had a good year and Peters still has name recognition despite below average play, but pretty much any of our starting 3 should be able to run away from Logan Ryan on a 1 v 1 basis. If Dingo wants to play zone he can hide Ryan, but man to man against the speed I'm bringing he's going to be a liability. Split Njoku out to spread this defense- The Dingo's have athletic LB's, but we'll still force them to make decision on a regular basis in this game when we flex Njoku out. Put a LB on him and risk keeping a light box against our run game, or put a S or CB on him and have an automatic mismatch in our favor. Now that Njoku has a capable RL QB, you see how vital he is to helping move the chains for his team. He's going to help be a pivot for us today and he'll get his share of targets today from Smith. Counter the Dingo interior with delays/screens- With the Dingo's bringing a strong/aggressive interior presence, using our RBs to keep them bouyed will be key. Michel, Hyde and Duke will be tasked with helping in pass pro, but more importantly we're going to use them to counter the interior rush we mentioned. Dump offs and screens will be heavily employed, as well as lots of delayed hand offs to try to catch this defense flying upfield and overrunning the play that should be right in front of them. Also, with Njoku being flexed outside that should lighten the box and allow us to attack the edge players of Sydney in the run game. Defense (4-2-5 cover 2 zone base) When reading a Sydney offensive game plan, it usually goes "All our WR's will play inside and outside, we'll run inside and outside, we'll go pass heavy and run heavy, we'll employ a West Coast offense but also go deep regularly, we'll run every formation ever made", so it's hard to say what their offensive identity actually is. So we'll focus on the best way to stop their best players and go from there. Here are the keys to our defensive game plan. Stop the short/intermediate throws- A true West Coast offense is a rhythm offense relies on short to intermediate passing, lots of crossing routes and screens to get the ball to their players early and let them work after the catch. Generally I'd employ a more man-heavy scheme to combat this, but Sydney has an array of pass catchers so we feel running a zone is the best way to allow our pass rush to get to Ben early, while having defenders crossing in and out of passing lanes and make Ben think. With our LB's being so young and athletic, we feel we can combat Sydney TE's and RB's out of the backfield fairly well. Use our 'Big Nickel' as often as possible- Sydney likes to show a 3 WR base, so that's why we showed our standard nickel base on our lineup, but if they decide to run any 2 TE sets or I-Formation sets we'll go right back to our defense from last week that gets all 3 of our very good young safeties on the field, removing the nickel CB in favor of Bradley McDougald and giving us more ability to make a splash play on defense. I'm going to say the names David Johnson, Austin Ekeler and Jimmy Graham so certain members of the league understand I plan on actually covering these players when they leave the back field. Zone blitz packages- The advantage of us running a heavy zone scheme today is that it allows us to open up or blitz packages. Darius Leonard has missed a game, yet he already has 4 sacks this season because his combination of timing and athleticism allow him to be such an effective blitzer. We will use Leonard, Jewell, Jamal Adams and Bradley McDougald predominantly to attack Big Ben from different angles with our edge players occasionally dropping off into a quick passing lane to cause problems. We feel these blitz packages combined with our already very good pass rush should be a limiting factor in Sydney's passing game. Sydney Dingos Motivation: This week we will be playing the Camden Hoodrats, Our team will play to the best of their ability despite being 1-4 on the year. We will be looking to rebound after a disappointing loss last week against the Long Beach Drunks. If we're gonna climb out of this hole it starts this week at home against one of our rivals. Sydney Offensive Strategy: Our playmakers must make plays when given the opportunity, block well for Roelthisberger, get our RBs touches in both phases of the offense so they can be help Ben out early and keep Camden's defense guessing. Scheme; Our offense will focus on getting the ball out quickly to counter Camden's pass rush, we'll mostly be playing a west coast offense with the focus of making plays over the middle of the field and getting our RBs, TEs, WRs going early. We'll also take a few deep shots against Camden since we feel we can take advantage of their CBs on the boundary, our RBs will also be heavily involved and will feature a lot in the passing game. Formations; Shotgun, Single Back,2 back sets, I-Formation, 2 TE Sets, Spread, 4 wide, 3 wide etc. Pass to Run; 55% Pass to 45% Run. The Passing Strategy: Ben has been playing very well this season and faces a very solid Camden back seven this week he should be able to take advantage of Camden's issues at CB, Camden's Safeties specifically Byard and Adams are fantastic and will pose an issue but we feel we can make plays despite their presence. Ben will also make audibles and adjustments if necessary and be allowed to change/tweak the gameplan if he sees fit. Golden Tate takes over as the no.1 WR again since we feel he embodies what Ben looks for most in his trusted no.1 WR he'll play outside in 2 wide sets and in the slot in 3/4 wide he'll also command 10+ targets regardless of who covers him, Mike Williams will be our no.2 WR this week and he'll be a factor in the redzone and he'll command 5+ targets and get the occasional jumpball target deep where we feel he can win and make plays down the field. John "Smokey" Brown will operate as our 3rd option at WR as well as being the main deep threat for our offense, Brown's ability to get deep and make plays down the field is the main reason he'll be slotted back as the 3rd WR. Ridley will also be involved and will rotate in with Williams+Brown and he should see about 50% of the snaps and get an opportunity to make plays. We'll take a few deep shots early to show Camden we're willing to take deep shots and get some early plays to get Camden to back their safeties up. David Johnson will be our no.1 RB and will get 80% of the touches and be the bellcow of our running game, he'll get somewhere north of 20+ touches though we wouldn't mind giving him 35+ if the gamescript calls for it. Austin Ekeler will be a lot more involved this week since he's established himself as one of the top backup RBs in the league and he'll split Touches with Johnson and get the remaining share of the workload, Aaron Jones like in real life will be underutilized and not get nearly enough touches as he deserves, he'll probably top out at 5 carries/touches. Our TEs will be involved a lot in the passing game as well since we feel Camden does not have the personell to cover a 2 TE set so that will be a feature of our offense on roughly 15% of the snaps, if Camden brings a S into the box we'll make sure to go deep and force Camden to take that safety out of the box or set up play action so we can get that safety to bite hard later in the game. Jimmy Graham+Vance McDonald will split snaps, with Graham seeing about 65% of the regular snaps while McDonald will be featured on running situations whereas Graham will be featured in the redzone and be used in passing situations. The Running/Blocking Strategy: We're going to run the ball frequently with Johnson+Ekler and try to get yards early to establish our identity on offense and get our offense going early, plus we'll set up play action early this way. Camden has a very solid front seven and we feel it will be a challenge to run the ball here, however we feel confident in our run blocking we feel we can still get yards especially if we can get Johnson to the second level where he can make people miss. We'll also use RBs/TEs as pass protectors and slide some extra protection or a double team on occasion to Chandler Jones's side. We'll also make sure to go after their 3rd CB when possible since I feel our WRs are a matchup nightmare for their 3rd CB, Camden also used a 3 safety base defense last week so I expect we'll see that again this week, I assume McDougald will come down to cover as CB in those situations and we'll make sure to target McDougald a bunch. No changes to o-line this week, we'll put a focus on running outside this week since we feel we can beat Camden on the edge along with getting our RBs involved as much as possible. David Johnson will split touches with Jones+Ekeler but I'd expect he'll get roughly 80% of the touches while our other RBs split touches with him. In the event(s) of an injury, Whitehair shifts to C/G, Iupati plays G, Hubbard plays OT etc. TDLR: Open big running lanes, Make plays when given the chance, Protect Ben, Go deep, Finish in the redzone, convert on 3rd down, take advanatge of what Camden gives us. Sydney Defensive Strategy: Man to man coverage, Stop the pass, Blitz Smith, Force turnovers, Control the LOS, Get after the QB, limit ODB. Formations; 4-3, 4-2-5, Goaline, Dime, Cover 3, Cover 2, 2 Deep Safeties etc. Scheme; Man to Man coverage with a mix of zone, Double Odell Beckham Jr regardless of who covers him, Limit Alex Smith and keep him in the pocket, control the LOS and force Smith to check it down so we can potentially bat balls at the line, Get after the QB and pressures Smith as much as possible. Contain the run and win the battles at the LOS so our LBs can make plays in the passing/running game. Ratios: 60% Man Coverage to 40% Zone Coverage, Blitzing on 15% of the snaps, heavy rotations on the d-line with no one playing more than 85% of the snaps. The Secondary Strategy: Byron Jones will be shadow ODB this week and while he may be in zone against him regardless of where ODB lines up Jones will cover him, with help over the top on occasion to keep ODB in check, Marcus Peters moves to the no.2 CB spot this week and will cover whoever he Camden lists as the no.2 WR whether that's Gordon or Westbrook we shall see, I expect Peters will cover fairly well and he's healthy now so he won't have any issues. Logan Ryan is the no.1 CB for the Titans in terms of snap count and I expect he'll be able to handle the task of covering the slot and whoever he covers, In 3wide/4wide/spread wide Ryan covers the slot , Donte Jackson will be our 4th CB and will come in for 4 wide/spread etc. Our secondary is the strength of our defense and we feel we can limit Camden's weapons in the passing game since we have such excellent depth and are our DBs are playing incredibly well this season, boosted by the return of Reshad Jones. With Reshad Jones back healthy and up to his usual level of play he'll cover TEs on occasion and will play closer to the LOS except when we go with 2 deep safeties, his main focus will be helping to take away ODB(He'll be the help over the top) and limiting plays over the top and defending his area of the field. With Sean Davis taking over for Ricardo Allen at FS I expect we won't see a drop in our ability to defend the deep ball and we really shouldn't have to worry about that with Alex Smith but Camden no doubt will try anyway. If an injury occurs Eric Murray takes over at S. We'll mostly focus on playing a 2 safety look in man, with a cover 3 look in zone however we will of course mix this up with zone blitzes and other coverages. Camden is probably going to come out running the ball quite a bit and try and get their RBs involved in the passing game, I don't know if Freeman will suit up but if he does he won't be 100% either way we'll be able to handle Michel+Freeman+Hyde and keep them in check in both the passing and running game. Myles Jack+Lavonte David form one of the best LB duos in BDL and should be able to handle the responsibility of covering Camden's RBs+TEs whenever given that assignment. Alex Smith depends on his ability to check down to his RB/TE so we'll make sure to have our LBs and CBs prepared for the check-down, Smith is a solid running QB but I don't expect him to run much in this game so we don't devote any extra attention to that. We'll blitz Smith on occasion as well so our defense can QB hunt and force Smith to start fearing our pass rush early so we can potentially force a turnover later. Shane Ray will be moved around the formation to get a shot at Smith and he'll play a decent chunk of snaps on run heavy downs and in obvious passing situations so he can go QB hunting and be used as a run blitzer, Ray will also rotate in with our DEs to keep them fresh and give him more pass rushing snaps. For clarification we'll be playing man coverage on roughly 60% of the snaps mixing in zone on about 40% of the snaps, we'll be playing a base cover 3 when we play zone. We'll mix it up with some 2 deep safety looks and a variety of other coverages as well, we'll blitz and occasionally use zone blitzes as well. Reshad Jones will cover Njoku on occasion and will be tasked with taking care of check-downs/TEs when he plays closer to the LOS, if Jones isn't covering him one of Myles/David will more than likely pick up Njoku in coverage. The Front Seven Strategy: Camden ran a Lamar Jackson package last week so we'll be ready for that and any gimmicks they run out of that, I don't expect that to be a major part of their offense but regardless we studied the tape and we'll be ready for it. Lavonte David will be the QB of our defense and make adjustments as he sees the need to, he'll also be a major part of keeping Alex Smith in check given David is excellent in coverage and should be able to limit whoever he's covering. We'll rotate our defensive players as needed to keep them fresh, we'll focus on limiting the short passing game and disrupting Alex Smith with our pass rush and zone blitzes. I'd expect we'll blitz on roughly 15% of the snaps to get after Smith and use a variety of different coverages to keep him guessing. My d-line and front seven should be more than capable of shutting down the run and winning the battle at the LOS especially on the exterior with Camden starting a medicore duo of lineman at OT, Jack and David's athletic ability should be able to let them make plays in both facets of the game. We'll rotate our players and play the defense needed for goaline, nickel, dime etc. as the need arises. Might as well boast about my D-line since it's seen as a weakness by some, Jackson+Williams form the one of the best duos of interior players only behind Singapore's and Seoul's. Mercilus while far from the best edge rusher in the world is a very good all around player capable of getting after the QB and beating on Glenn/Decker, Addison is an underrated player who quietly led the Panthers in sacks last year and has 2.5 on the year so far, we'll also have Shane Ray as an edge rusher/LB/DE who will get a decent amount of snaps to go QB hunting. TDLR: Dominate the Line of Scrimmage, Control the passing lanes so we can potentially bat balls, Sack/Hit Smith and get after him, Force turnovers, Contain ODB, Force Smith into checkdowns so we can wrap up, Wrap up and keep them out of the endzone. Special Teams: Enunwa will return kicks and punts, Dak Prescott will line up at cheerleader. Sponsorship: This week's game has been brought to you by Dingoo, the defunct game console our team sold the naming rights to for 12 Kangaroo steaks and we're stuck with it because our legal team is made up of a bunch of Dingos.
  11. Camden Hood Rats QB- Alex Smith RB- Sony Michel WR- Odell Beckham Jr WR- Josh Gordon Slot- DeDe Westbrook TE- David Njoku LT- Cordy Glenn LG- Larry Warford C- Chase Roullier RG- Trai Turner RT- Taylor Decker ____________________ RB- Carlos Hyde RB- Duke Johnson Jr WR- Nelson Agholor WR- Courtland Sutton TE- Tyler Higbee OL- Ethan Pocic OL- Ron Leary OL- Trey Hopkins DE- Chandler Jones DT- Akiem Hicks DT- David Irving DE- Yannick Ngakoue LB- Darius Leonard LB- Josey Jewell CB- Denzel Ward CB- Chidobe Awuzie CB- Ahkello Witherspoon S- Kevin Byard S- Jamal Adams ______________________ S- Bradley McDougald DE- Solomon Thomas DL- Star Lotulelei DL- Harrison Phillips CB- Daryl Worley CB- Nevin Lawson LB- Jamie Collins LB- Reggie Ragland Sydney Dingos QB1: Ben Roelthisberger RB1: David Johnson WR1: Golden Tate WR2: Mike Williams WR3: John Brown TE: Jimmy Graham LT: Nate Solder LG: Cody Whitehair C: Mitch Morse RG: Brandon Brooks RT: James Hurst Bench: QB2: Dak Prescott RB2: Austin Ekeler RB3: Aaron Jones WR4: Calvin Ridley WR5: Quincy Enunwa TE2: Vance McDonald OL6: Mike Iuptati OL7: Chris Hubbard Sydney Defense: LDE: Whitney Mercilus 3T: Malik Jackson DT: Leonard Williams RDE: Mario Addison WLB: Lavonte David MLB: Myles Jack CB1: Byron Jones CB2: Marcus Peters CB3: Logan Ryan FS: Sean Davis SS: Reshad Jones Bench: SLB: Shane Ray RLB: Alec Ogletree DE3: Alvin Dupree DT3: Derek Wolfe DT4: Brandon Mebane CB4: Donte Jackson CB5: Steven Nelson S3: Eric Murray
  12. BDL 2018 Week 6 Match: Camden Hood Rats @ Sydney Dingos Away Owner: @Jlash Home Owner: @DingoLadd Vote for who you think would win the game. Rules: One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results. One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own. For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote. Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion. Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions. Good luck to you both.
  13. Long Beach Leprechauns Gameplan Offense: Our Strategy this week is to play a ball control offense against an undefeated OKC team. We will line up predominantly in two wide sets with Hopkins and Kupp as the Receivers. We will have a two back offense this week featuring all three of our top backs. If Crowell is not healthy enough to go we will feature our top two backs. Janovich will play in power run formations and in three back formations. We will motion frequently whether it is to get Hopkins in the slot on a two wide side while motioning McCaffrey out wide to the other side, or motioning McCaffrey into the slot to spread out the defense. Bottom line is we will have a lot of movement pre snap. Run Game: We want to run down their throats in this game, to take advantage of their undersized back end defenders. We will run right at Von, and pull often to his side as well as lead with the Fullback right at him. We want to tire down their one true pass rusher. This OKC team has a pretty solid interior up front. We will not back down as we trust our line to get movement. We want to power our way to eating up clock. We would ideally like to get McCaffrey, Ingram, and Crowell 12 carries each. Each back provides a different style of runner. If Crowell can’t go this week we will split between Ingram and McCaffrey the same bulk of carries. Kittle will line up on whatever side Von is lined up on as part of our motion pre snap, if not already lined up in front of him. We will frequently move our zone blocking in a slant towards Von and if they line up Heyward next to Von like they did last week we will be forcing Heyward to two gap and providing cut back lanes towards Tuitt and the over aggressive Lee who will likely have ran himself out of position. Having two backs in the backfield allows us to run misdirection with a pitch or toss option, further spreading out the defense setting up our inside run game. Passing Game: We will primarily have our two wide looks and get Hopkins and Kupp sufficient work on the outside or in the slot after motioning. If Peterson shadows Hopkins the motions will be much more frequent to get him into the slot. We will be picking on Shaq Griffin early and often regardless of who he lines up on, if he gets the start at the number 2. Kittle will chip Von often and eat up the middle of the field on his routes as well as stretch the seam opening up some of the underneath coverage. McCaffrey will be a pass catcher out of the backfield and split out. Ingram or Crowell will provide the extra pass blocker against Von. If they go to cover one when I split out McCaffrey we will be working Kupp on crossing routes running combos with Hopkins taking advantage of Griffin trying to cover Kupp. Defense: Line up in a nickel against their 3 wide sets Jarran Reed is new to the defense and gets the start inside at DT Vea and Senat rotate in at NT and DT to keep the interior fresh Budda Baker is in the slot We will be playing predominately zone to mask the weakness of our outside corners Zone will consist of Cover 2 and Cover 3 looks Schobert will spy Cam Newton In Man Collins has one of the OW and Brown has the other. Mathieu plays over the top at all times to eliminate any big plays Oklahoma City EF5s This week we take on the Long Beach Leprechauns, a fierce division rival with a very strong offense. Fortunately for us, they come in struggling on the defensive side of the ball, and we believe we can move on them all day with our dynamic offense and let our talented defense get enough stops to win. Offense: Long Beach has come out in primarily zone defenses in the past couple of weeks. To best counter this, we are going to use bunch formations and flood concepts to overload zones and create open receivers. Even against man coverage, we believe that we can win our individual matchups from these formations and attack at all levels of the field. One player we have a lot of respect for in the Long Beach secondary is Landon Collins. We will use pre-snap motion and shifts to identify his assignment on each play. We'll come to the line with two plays: one for deep safety Collins and one for box Collins. Against deep safety Collins, our playcalling will be 65/35 in favor of the run. When running against this lighter box, we will use power concepts to mainly run inside against a weak interior defense. Against box Collins, our playcalling will be 80/20 in favor of the pass. Our runs in these situations will look to attack edges and use our bunch receivers to create extra blocks. We will utilize 2 RB formations and feature both Melvin Gordon and Joe Mixon as receivers both split out and out of the backfield. We want to give both of them plenty of opportunities to run at a soft interior as well as get the ball in space. Ideally, Gordon will see about 75% of snaps with Mixon receiving about 50%. Unless he sees double teams, Adam Thielen will be our featured receiver in this game. We believe that he is at or approaching matchup proof status and we trust him to win against any individual on Long Beach's roster. He will line up both in the slot and out wide and, as usual, there will be no limits to his route tree. Kenny Stills will once again keep the defense honest with his deep game. We will take our deep shots against any Long Beach corner if Stills doesn't receive safety help over the top. Taywan Taylor will be utilized on screens, shovel passes, jet sweeps, etc. in order to get him the ball on the move. Robert Woods, in addition to working as our #2 WR, will also have his number called on a couple of manufactured touches. Cameron Jordan is another important highlight on the Long Beach defense, and we will look to provide help to our right side when passing. We will alternate between most forms of additional pass protection, including sliding our line, RB blocks, WR chips from close formations, delayed routes, and QB rollouts. Defense: This week we're going to utilize a man-heavy Cover-1 scheme with a middle zone out of a 2-4-5 base formation. One reason we think a Cover-1 scheme will be successful for us is our cornerback, Patrick Peterson. Peterson might be the only corner who can shut down someone like DeAndre Hopkins with no help, and we plan on using that ability in this game. Peterson will follow Hopkins everywhere. Shaquill Griffin, then, will cover Marvin Jones Jr. With Peterson requiring no safety help, we can line Amos up in the box where he does his best work. Amos is going to play a middle zone and disrupt passes over the middle. We also want him to be especially aware of Christian McCaffrey coming out of the backfield. Malik Hooker will play in the Cover-1 zone which will be shaded away from Patrick Peterson. Like Amos, we want Hooker to keep an eye on McCaffrey. Darron Lee will be the main man in coverage on McCaffrey or Ingram. Bene' Benwikere will cover Cooper Kupp and Lorenzo Alexander will cover George Kittle. We want both to maintain outside leverage against their opponent, influencing the call of in-breaking routes towards Amos' zone. If Kittle stays into block, Alexander will rush. Against a 2 RB set with both McCaffrey and Ingram in the game, Cory Littleton will come onto the field for Benwikere and be responsible for Ingram. Against I-formation with a fullback, we will take Benwikere off the field for Eddie Goldman and go with a heavier front. With Rodgers hurting, we aren't as afraid of him breaking the pocket and making a play as we usually would be. Therefore, we want Von Miller and Ryan Kerrigan to be aggressive off the edge and test his mobility.
  14. Long Beach Leprechauns Offense QB- Aaron Rodgers RB- Christian McCaffrey WR- DeAndre Hopkins WR- Marvin Jones WR- Cooper Kupp TE- George Kittle LT- Terron Armstead LG- Andrew Norwell C- Max Unger RG- Joe Thuney RT- Bryan Bulaga RB- Mark Ingram RB- Isaiah Crowell FB- Andy Janovich QB- DeShone Kizer WR- Devin Funchess WR- Keelan Cole OL- Charles Leno Jr OL- Quinton Spain Defense LE- Cam Jordan NT- DJ Reader DT- Jarran Reed RE- Trey Flowers SLB- Joe Schobert WLB- Jayon Brown CB- Artie Burns CB- EJ Gaines Nickel- Budda Baker FS- Tyrann Mathieu SS- Landon Collins DE- Preston Smith DT- Vita Vea DE- Sam Hubbard DT- Deadrin Senat LB- Jarrad Davis LB- Avery Williamson CB- Bradley Roby CB- Beshaud Breeland Oklahoma City EF5s QB: Cam Newton RB: Melvin Gordon III WR: Adam Thielen WR: Robert Woods WR: Kenny Stills WR: Taywan Taylor LT: David Bakhtiari LG: Zach Fulton C: Rodney Hudson RG: Michael Schofield III RT: Morgan Moses RB: Joe Mixon RB: Alex Collins WR: Anthony Miller WR: D.J. Moore TE: Mark Andrews QB: Josh Rosen OL: Jesse Davis OL: Brian O'Neill LOLB: Von Miller DT: Cameron Heyward DT: Stephon Tuitt ROLB: Ryan Kerrigan SLB: Lorenzo Alexander MLB: Darron Lee WLB/S: Adrian Amos CB: Patrick Peterson CB: Shaquill Griffin CB: Bene' Benwikere FS: Malik Hooker OLB: Nick Perry OLB: Matt Judon NT: Eddie Goldman DL: Tyeler Davison LB: Cory Littleton CB: Trevor Williams CB: Fabian Moreau S: Jordan Poyer
  15. BDL 2018 Week 6 Match: Long Beach Leprechauns @ Oklahoma City EF5s Away Owner: @Counselor Home Owner: @Whicker Vote for who you think would win the game. Rules: One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results. One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own. For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote. Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion. Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions. Good luck to you both.