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  1. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    No just overlooked. Will update shortly. Thanks
  2. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    @BowserBroncos @rackcs @Whicker @Counselor @TedLavie @samsel23 @Trojan @Deadpulse @SirA1 @bcb1213 @EaglesPeteC @wwhickok @DTMW78 @ny92mike @squire12 IMPORTANT READ I need to get some details worked out for this system we'll be using for the SIM, I know that the BDL guys are about to start their "shark tank" free agency up in a couple days, so I know you don't have much free time to comment but if you could that would be awesome. Also, with fantasy football and it just being the summer that I'm asking for a lot here but I really do need some feedback. So I get that finding time for this right now sucks, but I do need to get some details ironed out, otherwise it'll never get going, this information needs to get worked out with the next couple weeks or I'm screwed because I'm building these new books from scratch and will need enough time to do all of this. The test version we ran a few weeks back, I set up the SIM as viewable information. This allowed you guys to see the full regular season standings in real time. This version was fairly basic and didn't take into account a lineup as the system used all your roster stats to generate the standings. I need to know what you guys would prefer this first year. This is what I'm thinking based on feedback provided after the test version was ran. I'd like to create a depth chart styled sheet that allows you to create a lineup that basically is listing out your starters, 2nd and 3rd string. I'd be cool if I could work out a system where you determine the percentage for rotation and a reduced grade if playing certain players out of position. I don't want to over complicate this though so any suggestions you guys could provide would be very helpful with this build. Those that did use the sliders for both offense and defense let me know where I could improve on that. The offense slider was simple to use as it just determined what percentage you pass vs rush. Which I think worked out pretty well but I wasn't a fan of the 3 defensive sliders, so I'm changing that up. Not sure exactly how yet but I'm changing it, I'll have a better idea on this once I get the new workbook created. I'm currently working on breaking the position groups out in doing so, changing the defensive sliders will increase or decrease similar to what the test version did but easier to understand I think..haha. Of all the stuff for this Keeper League, the SIM is just one of those things that it's gonna take some time to get all the kinks worked out. I'm going into this first year with the idea that this isn't going to be the flawless system but it's a solid base to build upon. There also needs to be a discussion on how we'll run the reg. / post season. My idea is to pack the regular and postseason into roughly a 6 week timeframe. Where we're voting on the outcome of the simulated results rather than voting on game plans at least during the reg. season where the postseason it's required you provide a game plan. Including a 3 max callout system would allow us to inject a well written game plan against an opponent where you believe that the SIM isn't going to give you favorable results. I know I'm not providing you guys much to go on with this discussion request but it goes to show you guys that I really need your opinions. Thanks Team name, location and logo update. (Bold text have confirmed) IRL TEAM Abbr. Logo Conference Division TCMD TEAM NAME Location Owner NewOrleansSaints NO Bangkok Titans Bangkok @SirA1 ClevelandBrowns CLE Cleveland Browns Cleveland @rackcs DenverBroncos DEN Denver Broncos Denver @Counselor GreenBayPackers GB Green Bay Packers Green Bay @squire12 JacksonvilleJaguars JAC Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville @TedLavie KansasCityChiefs KC Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City @samsel23 NewYorkJets NYJ Mashhad Manticores Mashhad @bcb1213 MiamiDolphins MIA Miami Dolphins Miami @Trojan NewEnglandPatriots NE New England Patriots New England @Deadpulse DallasCowboys DAL Oklahoma City Sonics Oklahoma City @Whicker PhiladelphiaEagles PHI Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia @EaglesPeteC PittsburghSteelers PIT Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh @wwhickok SanFrancisco49ers SF San Francisco 49ers San Francisco @DTMW78 ChicagoBears CHI Sao Paulo Roosters Sao Paulo @BowserBroncos NewYorkGiants NYG UK Madhatters Lakenheath, UK @ny92mike
  3. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    We still have one spot open if someone is interested in joining. This doesn't start until late September. Available teams. ArizonaCardinals AtlantaFalcons BaltimoreRavens BuffaloBills CarolinaPanthers CincinnatiBengals DetroitLions HoustonTexans IndianapolisColts LosAngelesChargers LosAngelesRams MinnesotaVikings OaklandRaiders SeattleSeahawks TampaBayBuccaneers TennesseeTitans WashingtonRedskins
  4. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    @squire12 I'm assuming Green Bay Packers but let me know if you're changing the team name/ location and provide a logo. Otherwise I'll use the GB logo. Thanks man.
  5. fyi...So there is a 4 digit code, that I'm pretty sure that @TedLavie mentioned, this code will get used to prevent bids being made by anyone with access to the link. There is another option available for this, which is to require a sign on to submit a bid. This process collects the email used to sign in which can be used to verify. Either way works just wanted to make this information available to you.
  6. I thought he was talking about this entering the info into the player database sheet. Once the clock hits zero the player and amounts are locked in.
  7. It doesn't work like that, you've still got to enter this information into the main player database, this does make it much easier because its all organized. This workbook and form are just to make it easier for you guys to track available players, salary cap, players with bids, the time remaining on those bids, the current high bid and the team being awarded players after the time has expired. All of this is tracked in one location automatically, the only thing required of the owners is to put the bids into the form. I understand the concern of not being "quoted" or notified when your bid is upped by another team and not being able to access docs at work does suck. You guys do manage it better than FFMD did back in the day. Just seems to me that before you make a bid you've got to start on page one and review each page each time you go to make a bid to verify a bid hasn't already been placed. I'm lost every time I look at these in forum shark tanks. Looking in on workbook once or even twice a day to see where you stand seems like a lot less work even if sacrificing the notification. The 24 hr clock gives you enough time to increase your bid. Just my 2 cents
  8. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    More like this please....Awesome job man.
  9. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    After seeing those great names, I think we'll just keep the team names as is this first year....you guys frighten me.
  10. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    You guys are crazy...haha
  11. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    Looking for two more to sign up. @dcarey20 @titans0021 @justo @Justone2 @USC_Fan @Calvin-Stafford @chipperboy1 @djw4bucs @burnoutonme @dhunt2402
  12. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    I need you guys to get with @rackcs about your team name / location and a link to the team logo. We'd like to have this info soon, so I'm not making changes to the workbooks. So please get that to us by Friday this week. If you don't plan on changing anything, we still need to know. @BowserBroncos @Whicker @Counselor @TedLavie @samsel23 @Trojan @Deadpulse @SirA1 @bcb1213 @EaglesPeteC @wwhickok @DTMW78 @rackcs
  13. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    Doesn't kick up til late Sept. Not sure that changes anything for you but wanted to make you aware.