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  1. I would like to see us shift back to a 43 defense.
  2. I've been using the app theGrint for course gps and distance and I have no complaints. Really just thinking I was missing out on something after being away for so many years. Last time I played consistently this stuff didn't exist.
  3. If we could land some gems in this draft at edge and offensive line...We've heard this before, but maybe we get lucky and get a GM that actually likes addressing the needs of the team next season. Sadly, if some of these guys under contract next year don't step up on the line, we basically will need to find 4 starters as well as depth for this O Line.
  4. Someone, anyone...Please make me feel better about our future.
  5. Can't stop thinking about our salary cap situation. And maybe it isn't a major situation, as teams always seem to dig money up during the offseason. Nevertheless, I'm looking at next season cap and what holes we are projected to have in the '22 season. According to overthecap.com our projected cap next season is roughly 2.7 million. So what STARTER positions will we be thin heading into the offseason? Offense Quarterback Starter I really believe that Daniel Jones has taken a step forward this season, and would have no issue starting him next season. A new
  6. Giants! You want your fans back? Win this game. This game just feels like one of those career games for Joe Judge. Win this game, and we have a coach. Take a loss and who really knows who will be coaching this team next season,...Kind of games. LOT riding on this game if you ask me... Can't wait to watch it unfold. Get up boys! It's GAME WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. If the Giants (and by Giants I mean Daniel Jones & Barkley) can play the game like they did last week, we've got this one. Dallas has been playing some solid football this year, no denying that. However, looking at stats, I was a bit surprised to see that Dak has amassed 4 fumbles, 2 int. and 7 sacks in the last 4 games. So if our defense can force some turnovers and get creative with some coverage sacks. On the flip side, our defense has a total of 6 sacks (31st) and 2 forced fumbles. Perhaps, this win last week has fired up the defense. I know it's fired me up. Our coach
  8. Hoping that the Giants can figure out way to get pressure on Dak as I believe this will be vital to slowing down this offense. The team can't allow this guy time in the pocket, he's got too many weapons that or secondary can't cover them long term. Not to mention two very solid backs. Our offense is going to have to score early and often. burn the clock when possible.
  9. Sounds weird saying this but, I'm proud of how the team played this game. Daniel Jones really showed up, not that he hasn't the last few games but damn 400+ passing yards. Jason Garrett finally figured out how to get Barkley involved by throwing him the ball. Reminded me of his rookie year when Eli was throwing to him. Jason also go our rookie receiver involved in the passing game. Defense refined their game a little but we still need to get more pressure on the qb. Regardless it was really nice seeing the team get a W. However this win doesn't change the fact t
  10. Holy crap where was this offense? Jason G finally put together a solid game plan.
  11. I sure hope so and hope he's ready for them. Just hope that Jason doesn't give him additional trick play reps and that he actually has him running routes that take him past the line of scrimmage. I'm ready for tomorrow as it's going to tell us a lot about the future of this team.
  12. Any golfers in here that use range finders on the course? Never used them before, but now that I'm getting back into the sport, I'm seeing tons of people using them and was looking to see if anyone here could recommend one or know if the Blue Tees model listed below is good or not, it's definitely cheaper than the Bushnell model. Blue Tees SERIES 3 MAX GOLF RANGEFINDER WITH SLOPE https://www.blueteesgolf.com/products/series-3-max-golf-rangefinder-with-slope I'm also looking to upgrade my irons. Looking for a players club but not a real blade. Had my eye on t
  13. Giant News Buzzards are no longer circling, they've landed...haha. Injury Report Player Position Injuries Practice Status Game Status Darius Slayton WR Hamstring Did Not Participate In Practice Out Kaden Smith TE Knee Limited Participation in Practice Questionable Saquon Barkley RB Limited Participation in Practice Keion Crossen
  14. The next project I'll be working on is the Waiver Wire. Last years waiver wire was a mess so I want to make sure I get this right. This year I want to set it up like how the NFL runs it. Basic rules Player with less than 4 years of service are subject to the Waiver process. Current contract is used to claim player. Draft order (prior to trades) determines the team's priority. tcmd setup Player with less than 4 years of service are subject to the Waiver process. Current contract amount is used to claim player. Draft order (prior to trades
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