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  1. Agree with the team not being needed for this, it's just what I use to post in the forum, I'll see what I can do to remove it. Thanks man.
  2. I can reduce the width some by rewording how I have the draft selection. 2ND Rnd - Pick 32 | Overall: 64 | New York Giants to 2nd - #32 | Ovr. #64 | NYG Any other suggestions?
  3. **EASTERN TIME ZONE** Team General Manager Round Pick Overall COMPENSATION Start ON THE CLOCK GB squire12 2ND 30 62 $885,857 Mon, Mar 01 @ 12:40 PM Team General Manager Round Pick Overall COMPENSATION Start NEXT UP KC samsel23 2ND
  4. Just sent it to the GM. Waiting on his reply. Thanks man.
  5. Could I get some feedback on the new build workbook. Looking to combine the player trade block and league trade block. Also started working on the trade value chart sheet. The trade value chart is one of my favorite sheets that I use a lot to evaluate trade proposals, but I think it could be much better. This version would pull the opponents roster. I currently have this being dropped in to the right of the opp. draft pick info, but wondering if it should have it's own sheet or if having it in the one sheet works better. I'm also working on plugging in players to the block to
  6. Okay, just wasn't sure about removing it because it allows us to see what releasing a player does to our cap before making it official. It's the only reason I've used it for as long as I have, but adding players is such a pain in the butt. I looked at the top 51 for both the official and unofficial rosters and all but one matched while the rest are miles off. So we clearly aren't updating it to mirror the official ones. Deleting it will free up a ton of space allowing me to potential get everything into one workbook or at the very least speed up the load and run times.
  7. A huge space saver for the workbooks would be to eliminate the personal team roster workbooks. I'm thinking if we privatized the official team roster workbook, and just provide a link to a single workbook that displays everyone's team roster for public viewing. From what I'm seeing 99% of us aren't even using them in terms of rosters matching the official ones.
  8. I have not seen the show evil and I really liked yellowstone and wind river....will definitely have to check this show out. Thanks.
  9. Well I've got an old workbook that I used for this a few years back, but it includes all 32 picks. Was hoping to just change some things up with it rather than build something new.
  10. In round one there were 122 contracts 16 contained a w/o bonus and 9 a roster bonus. The only reason I've used the roster or w/o bonus was if the apy value was really close and to save time from adjusting the base salaries again, I just added in a small number of these types of bonuses.
  11. I'm rebuilding these new ones from blanks. I get that and would need to look at how many GM's are using these. Making them equal doesn't really work at least not without making some additional adjustments. I mean how many contracts do we see where the workout bonus is greater than the base salary. We see it sometimes with roster bonuses but that's typically tied to some base guarantee money. I won't scratch it without seeing what changes we could do to keep it, but I'm personally not a fan of the roster / w/o bonuses.
  12. What's your reasoning for wanting to keep them? I remember we played around with the numbers a few years back and couldn't ever get it to look right.
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