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  1. No surprise here. NFL list biggest remaining offseason priority for each NFC team https://www.nfl.com/news/biggest-remaining-offseason-priority-for-each-nfc-team-can-seahawks-keep-russell Giants Top priority: Foster stability along the front five. In an alternate universe, beefy/mauling guard Alijah Vera-Tucker is strutting around MetLife Stadium in a Giants jersey. Instead, Big Blue didn't take a single offensive lineman in the draft. What remains is problematic for a group that finished as the second-worst unit league-wide, per Pro Football Focus. First-rounde
  2. Agreed... Good news is that with the new practice squad rules, we can stack them up.
  3. Good downfield vision, speed and power...I'll take it...haha.
  4. Rushing & Receiving Rushing Receiving Scrimmage Year School Conf Class Pos G Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD Career Temple 5
  5. Nice...Team really seems to be moving in the direction of power backs this year.
  6. Sterling Shepard discusses how Joe Judge reminds him of his days in Oklahoma. Shurmur and McAdoo's coaching style makes sense now on why we'd see the team gassed in the 4th quarter, they weren't coaching conditioning from what Shepard is saying. https://www.nj.com/giants/2021/05/how-giants-sterling-shepard-says-joe-judge-is-different-better-than-pat-shurmur-ben-mcadoo-in-this-specific-way.html Late in the season is when it clicked for Sterling Shepard, that he knew Giants coach Joe Judge had a plan all along. Judge caught a lot of flak for his coaching methods in training camp,
  7. Nice read...I knew we valued Georgia in the draft but didn't realize we had some many staff ties to the team.
  8. Old news but at least we know they are out practicing.
  9. yeah, I was just saying that I liked what he did to get the team unified.
  10. I played a lot of golf years ago, but looking to get back into it as a means of exercise but after the last few outings I quickly realized that it isn't like riding a bike. Need all the help I can get...haha.
  11. Any recommendations on GPS devices? Currently using the free download on the phone, but looking at the Garmin Approach S42/S62. Do any of you have one of these devices if so is it worth the money? Or any recommendations on a phone app?
  12. Off topic, but any golfers/hackers in this thread? Had some questions about GPS devices if anyone uses them.
  13. LOL...Even if our offense falls on it's face, our defense should have the odd makers a little more optimistic on our record.
  14. Right I get that it's not full pads or anything close to that, but I'd still like to see them as one unit if not just to get to know their teammates. I remember Coughlin would do things like bowling and golf get togethers to build a more unified team.
  15. With the reduced number of pre season games, you'd like to see the team practicing as a group as much as possible. We've got a lot of new members on this roster and they need time to gel. You'd think that these guys would want to be there to increase their odds of making the team.
  16. Yeah, I do like that Ryan is taking charge of the secondary.
  17. You're right about him being serious about not wanting to play for the team. I get that players want to have the outcome of the game in their hands, but looking at it from a statistical viewpoint. He wasn't having a lot of success in that last quarter, throwing 7 incompletions. Three of them coming in the plays leading up to the field goal. I get why the coach decided to kick the field goal over put the ball in his hands again. They still had all of their time outs along with the two minute warning clock stoppage. Brady had already thrown two interceptions in the 4th quarter, GB
  18. Reading what the other teams had show up this seems like a low number but I don't really follow the voluntary workouts stuff?
  19. He's been out of the game for awhile but we don't really have a TE back-up in the mold of E. Engram, so this makes sense. Not sure how well he'll work out if he even makes the final cut. Clement was a productive back in Wisconsin. At 5'10 220, he moves through the line well, with the power to push through the second level. I like his odds at making the final cut. Our depth at running back isn't all that great so I welcome this signing. Rushing & Receiving Rushing Receiving Scrimmage Y
  20. Nice post... I considered Gettleman a wrecking ball when he first signed. He went through the roster, burning bridges, poor signings it seemed like everything he did set the team back. The signing of Joe Judge seems to have changed everything or almost everything. I still think he gets a little crazy with some of his decision making but nothing like it was pre-Judge.
  21. To add. I understand I'm likely in the minority with my views on this and that's okay. What I mean is when I think of clinical care, they determine the individual has a problem, they then treat the problem, where in most cases is some form of impatient rehab. Which would prevent the player from even playing football as they would be hospitalized. The league now doesn't seem too interested in even testing for drug abuse of any kind. Annual testing is now just limited to the first two weeks of training camp. They increased the THC threshold of nanograms from 35, being a po
  22. In my opinion, on the surface "clinical care" sounds great, but I've seen what clinical care is doing with drug addition in some states. Where they consider "care" providing clean needles and safe places for users to inject drugs. Some states are even proposing reducing the charges for, heavy drug use. In my view, this isn't helping anyone with substance abuse issues, just enabling it. Punishment serves as a deterrent just like with any other crime.
  23. I'd agree with you if the evolution of pot had not grown beyond what we called dirt weed back in the day...haha. The potency levels they're producing now is unreal. It isn't the weed part of it that caught my attention as much as the clinical care over punishment, which includes all drugs not just pot.
  24. NFL changed their policy on substance abuse. I'm personally not a fan of these new policies, believe they went too lax by removing the disciplinary suspensions. Previous Structure Discipline-based program Suspensions possible for repeated positive tests Annual testing: April-August Threshold for positive marijuana test: 35 nanograms DUI – 2 game suspension New Structure Emphasis on clinical care over punishment. All treatment and testing decisions will be made by jointly selected medical professionals; No suspension for po
  25. WOW...Was looking over the new CBA agreement. Several changes some good some bad. Download the PDF https://nflpaweb.blob.core.windows.net/media/Default/PDFs/CBA Side by Side 3.9.20 FINAL.pdf Just some of the ones that caught my eye. New “Veteran Salary Benefit” allowing up to 2 players with four years of service to remain with their club; up to an additional $1.25M in Paragraph 5 excluded from the salary cap by each club each year; increases throughout course of deal. For all players making more than the applicable minimum salary who are under contract as of Februa
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