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  1. This is a weird one, whoever loses this one their season is over. The Bucs playing 2 scrub backups on the right side will be the defining story and will allow the Panthers DL to eat and land the Bucs on the "season is over" list.
  2. This really was super disappointing. The Bucs got physically dominated and had their manhood stolen from them by the Saints.
  3. I wonder if Salesi Uhatafe makes the roster now.
  4. He cost himself a lot of money letting his friend with a suspended license drive his car recklessly.
  5. The guys at Pewter Report think Beckwith's career may be over.
  6. I'm glad the Saints lost and hopefully we can get a 4th or 5th for DJax.
  7. I would take a 4th or a 5th for him or just release him.
  8. Chiefs fans are split on this. He wanted to be in California, so I am glad the Bucs didn't get in on it.
  9. Good. I want to see the interior portion of the line minus Marpet gone.
  10. Like it except for the kicker. This franchise should never draft a kicker again.
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