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  1. Should we keep Derek Carr (Voter Names Public)

    We need a poll to decide if we want another poll to decide if we keep Carr.
  2. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    I am not even that keen on Murray at #19.
  3. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    If the Raiders pick the second best off the ball linebacker at #12 while Ceedee Lamb is still on the board (our biggest need) then Mayock and Gruden would need institutionalised.
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    No way? You can always offer more (future picks etc) - which you may not think is worth it but it is not impossible. With that having been said, Burrow is the only guy I would go for this year. I am not a Doctor but Tua's injury is concerning enough to me that I would not invest a high draft pick in him.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    No. Not for me. I would continue to build the team around Derek Carr. If we provide him all the weapons this year and he doesn't wow, then we sell the farm next year to get Lawrence who imho is one of the best QB prospects I have seen in a long time (though I do take the argument that playing for Clemson makes it easier to look good).
  6. You decide: Do we move on from Carr this offseason?

    I am happy to go on record that I voted to not move on from Carr. I have already stated that you can find a stat to support any argument (on completion percentage Carr is the second best QB in the league! ;)). - just joking! However, I look on QB rating as one of the best overall calculations of the contribution a QB makes to the team as it factors in all kinds of production, completion %, yards per attempt, td:int etc. It is by no means perfect but a decent indicator. With that in mind we should note that Carr (of any player that has passed at least 100 times) is 8th in QB rating this season - all of which was attained while having a sub-par WR group. I am not saying this makes him definitively the 8th best QB in the league but there has to be something in this. Compare him to Patrick Mahomes (who is obviously MVP / god of the football field). Their QB ratings are not that far apart, and he has Hill (I hate saying it but he is the best well rounded speedster WR in the league and true #1) and Kelce (just the best receiving TE in the league) with a decent supporting cast of Watkins, Hardman, McCoy etc. I am not demeaning Mahomes who is a talented QB, but how good would his numbers be throwing to our WR corps with gods of the game like Ateman, Doss & Jones...don't forget Gafford, Davis and Grant! Now, I am not a Carr disciple, he has to produce or we start to look elsewhere, I am just saying that while QB is the most influential position on the field, there is a big difference playing in a star studded offense like KC and one that has "some nice pieces" like ours. If we get a true #1 WR (maybe another reliable WR as well) and Carr is not getting it done then we need to move on, but there has to be some context given to his performances relating to how poor our roster has been around him.
  7. You decide: Do we move on from Carr this offseason?

    The thing is we can find a stat that backs up any argument. I get that Yards per attempt is never a bad thing and demonstrates a more explosive offense, but the fact of the matter is if we are scoring TDs, having limited interceptions and are winning games which we started to do in 2015 and did a lot of in 2016 I couldn't care much about YPA. It is like the cold weather thing, you can use the lack of success in cold weather to say Carr can't win in cold weather but I am guessing a number of those are against KC who (NEWS ALERT) are just a better overall team than us (irrespective of the weather) and have been for Carr's entire tenure (not all on Carr). That also does not contextualize that (I am guessing the Jets were a cold weather game) in the Jets game 5-6 passes hit his receivers in the numbers or the hand (including the interception). I am not saying Carr is (or is not) the answer, I am just saying he has to have the tools to prove he is or is not.
  8. You decide: Do we move on from Carr this offseason?

    I am not sure that I am getting this at all. Carr is running the offense the way Gruden is calling it (for the most part at least), and therefore if it is bland and conservative it is likely because it is being called that way - no doubt because our WR talent is poor at best as it is difficult to stretch the field throwing to TEs. Williams has been hurt most the season and not up to the standard you would expect of him and while Renfrow has been a nice addition, my #3 guy would be Gafford (a practice squad guy who used to be a corner!). Jones needs time but has not impressed thus far, while Doss and Ateman are not the answer (imho). We need to give Carr 1-2 difference makers on the outside - if he is still checking it down then he is not the answer and we need to get rid but even the best QBs need talent around them. I am not a Kool-aid drinking Carr fan that can see him do no wrong, but the two seasons he was both fit and had some decent talent at WR (2015 and 2016) he posted 28 & 32 TDs. He was hurt and playing through injury in 2017 (broken back if I recall correctly) and was running for his life last year with 2 rookie Tackles and no-one to throw to (Jordy Nelson was a player in his time but past his sell by date by the time we got him. If Gruden doesn't trust Carr or doesn't see eye to eye with him there will be absolutely NO delay getting rid of Carr - lets face it once you have shipped a player like Mack, nothing is off-limits, so his ongoing presence can only mean Gruden is actually happy / content with him.
  9. Raiders - Chargers GDT (Just Lose Baby)

    Exactly this. We all want a winning team, and that sense of competitiveness has to be ever present - you can't say to a team to tank for a few games then expect them to be competitive and then turn it on when you want. We should be trying to win out given that we have an (albeit mathematically improbable) chance of making the playoffs. As for CeeDee / Simmons, the Bears pick is 7-7 at the moment with the Chiefs and Vikes to play, they could be 7-9 which arguably might get us high enough. Remember the Pats pick low every year and it doesn't seem to hold them back.
  10. Makes you wonder how good he will be when he plays fully fir!
  11. Week 13 GDT Raiders(6-5) Chiefs(7-4)

    NOW OR NEVER ...if we want any chance to win the West.
  12. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I agree with your Gruden / Musgrave comment and is what I want to see in any coaching staff. Getting rid of and not renewing are kind of the same thing, the point is we could have had Musgrave if we wanted and didn't. Obviously when Downing was appointed I hoped he was some genius and him and Carr were going to re-write the book of football (and probably said positive things to convince my self this was the case), though I didn't "buy it" at the time, after years of wandering in the darkness, we had something to feel good about and then decided to dismantle it all on the promise of an unproven play caller.
  13. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    +1 to this, if you are going to get rid of an OC that has the offense humming (from memory we were #6 offense) you better be sure the replacement is a revolutionary thinker than can change the whole dynamic of your team (in a good way). After years of sucking we got an OC that was moving the ball then we got rid. Crazy stuff.
  14. Gabe Jackson has consistently been one of our better players of recent years, but since he has come back from injury he has not been the same guy. I never thought I would ever say this but is it time to put Denzelle Good back in - he was blocking (run-blocking in particular) pretty well early in the season.
  15. Pick is in, #149 - WR Hunter Renfrow

    Taken out of the play by Dougie Howser - Hubbard should hang his head in shame!