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  1. Trey Adams and Joe Bachie are two that pop out.
  2. Who would we have been picking at #139 from Clemson? That is a bit random.
  3. I really like him as a college player, but the average NFL WR is not Collin Johnson. Really hope he works, love his attitude and tenacity. Time will tell I guess.
  4. Love his tape, but he is very VERY small.
  5. I love his attitude the most. Oh well.
  6. Hoping for Bryce Hall or K'von Wallace - would love both if we can wangle another pick.
  7. I don't know, Mayock is on $1,000 per pick!
  8. Love the trade down for an extra pick. Love Ruggs pick (though I liked Ceedee as well). Ruggs brings what our offense is lacking (and you will note that Denver replicated as well picking Hamler another speedy guy, this is such a copycat league). Jury out on Arnette. So onto day 3, I love the picks we have as 4th and 5th rounders are so valuable while 6th-7th are lotto picks. Still out there that I personally like: CB: Bryce Hall (Virginia) SAF: K'Von Wallace (Clemson) OL: Tyler Biadasz (Wisconsin), John Simpson (Clemson), Shane Lemieux (Oregon), Netane Muti (Fresno State), Logan Stenberg (Kentucky), Prince Tega Wanogho, (Auburn) Saahdiq Charles (LSU) WR: Gandy-Golden (Liberty), Gabe Davis (UCF) DT: James Lynch (Baylor), Leki Fotu (Utah), Khalil Davis (Nebraska) EDGE: Curtis Weaver (Boise State) LB: Akeem Davis-Gaither (App State), Troy Dye (Oregon) QB: Jacob Eason (Washington) RB: Joshua Kelley (UCLA) Of this list my favorites would be Hall, Wallace, Lemieux and Davis-Gaither. Looking forward to these picks.
  9. I really wanted Murray at #19 until they brought in Littleton and Kwiatkoski. You have to think they will be the starters which would make Murray either a role player (because we play nickel a lot) or a depth guy and I just don't think we can afford that for a first rounder. As MrOaktown 56 indicated Terrell looks like a clone of Mullen and has had too much emphasis put on that one game against LSU. Obviously I would prefer we trade #19 for a lower first then get Terrell anyway (maybe something like trade #19 and #91 for #26 and #56 with Miami as an example).
  10. I don't know if it will be the pick, but I like Ruggs III. His speed changes defenses - he is a weapon they HAVE to honor and fits that flanker mold that we need. I love Ceedee & Jeudy as prospects as well, but Ruggs would be my choice.
  11. Saved the best part of $3m cap in switching from Apple to Randall and got a better player!
  12. Why would we bring Brady in? Ignoring the fact of his age for a moment (though that is a pretty big factor), he has a Yard per average in 2019 of 6.6 which is a stat oft used to discredit Carr who had a YPA of 7.9! This is going to be a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng off-season.
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