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  1. Week 3 GDT - Saints at Falcons

    Yeah all 5000 fans that showed up 😂
  2. Week 3 GDT - Saints at Falcons

    I hope PJ retires at halftime
  3. Davenport has the second highest grade of all rookie pass rushers after 2 weeks. The snaps will come, everyone relax
  4. The best part is everyone was freaking out the same way last year. 0-2 we got smoked in both games and gave up a record amount of yards in the first two games. Look at the outcome of last season. Lets wait until at least week 4 before declaring all these wild thoughts a certain truth
  5. He was one of our highest graded players last week, I'm not worried. You can't compare the snaps of players from different positions when expressing your concern, especially when our team seem to be focused on stopping the run-first Browns last weekend. If we had the lead all game and Taylor was slinging the ball around then I bet you the snap count wouldn't be worrying you right now. Right now, Okafor and Jordan are both better run defenders at the DE position, and as others mentioned we are dealing with injuries at DT which is why Stallworth saw an increased snap count. Its been two games, and two games we've been playing from behind. Give the guy a little time
  6. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    We really just let Fitz scramble for the game smh
  7. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

  8. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    Crawley looking like Jason David out there. Burnt Toast!
  9. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    2 - the third was the wrong number
  10. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    We're garbage.
  11. Preseason Game 1

    We got the W tho!
  12. Most complete back in NFL history

    Alvin Kamara
  13. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    ESPN had him ranked as the 10th WR and 82nd overall prospect. Take it with a grain of salt, but its not a reach if thats accurate