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  1. Week 10 GDT: New Orleans (6-2) @ Buffalo (5-3)

    Lol okay buddy....
  2. Week 10 GDT: New Orleans (6-2) @ Buffalo (5-3)

    Correct, you didn't. And I agree with you on that point, I was replying to your fellow fan who did suggest it. Regardless, best of luck the rest of the season
  3. Week 10 GDT: New Orleans (6-2) @ Buffalo (5-3)

    Sorry dad! I just get upset when teams get blown out and then suggest they should start injuring our players. Total lack of class and sportsmanship. But you're right, shouldn't have sunk to their level!
  4. Week 10 GDT: New Orleans (6-2) @ Buffalo (5-3)

    You're right. You guys should've been given a free shot at Brees to try and injure him because of that call. Totally equal.
  5. Week 10 GDT - Saints @ Bills, 1pm EST on FOX

    Damn we gave up a TD!
  6. Week 10 GDT: New Orleans (6-2) @ Buffalo (5-3)

    We were in no-mans land the 4th down before and it was short. Too long for a FG attempt and punting would've been pointless if there was a touchback. Happens all the time. I highly doubt we were super concerned about another 3 points when we are laying an absolute SMACK DOWN on you
  7. Week 10 GDT: New Orleans (6-2) @ Buffalo (5-3)

    We threw it for 3 yards. Relax. We wanted the first so we could run the clock down and put you guys out of your misery. If you think that is in the same class as purposely trying to injure our QB because you can't handle an *** whooping, then you have some interesting values. Take this 44 point L and sit down!!
  8. Week 10 GDT - Saints @ Bills, 1pm EST on FOX

    What a great drive by Rankins. Huge TFL on 1st and then the pick on 3rd!!
  9. Week 10 GDT - Saints @ Bills, 1pm EST on FOX

    That was a WEAK fumble wtf
  10. Saints Stats and Metrics thread

    I forget who tweeted it, but Craig Robertson has the second highest run stop % in the NFL
  11. Did any of you fall for the fake Twitter news that we traded for TY Hilton?
  12. Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin traded to Buffalo

    The NBA is like this every year its great. I don't see why the NFL can't be a little more active at deadline
  13. Yeah I don't get that trade at all but I love it. They got back a 3rd round pick from the 5-2 Bills, which will hopefully end up being a late 3rd
  14. Hau'oli Kikaha

    He doesn't really fit our new scheme. He was just drafted when we were still running some 3-4 sets and he fits very well as a pass-rushing OLB. He can play DE in the 4-3 too, however our DC likes his DEs on the bigger side to help with the run. On top of that we have two rookies who have really impressed opposite Cam Jordan and I think the team wants to see more from them. Kikaha was great his rookie year, its sad to see his talent wasted