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  1. Another Vikings --> Saints migration. Sherels leads the Vikings all-time in PR yards and TDs
  2. Saints close to signing Jared Cook

    Well we already got that so...
  3. Saints close to signing Jared Cook

    Sidenote: has PFT ever broken news before? They didn't tag or quote anyone, they're claiming this is their own source. We might want to wait for more official word
  4. Saints close to signing Jared Cook

    Glad to finally hear something. I'm hoping we got him on a team-friendly deal due to lack of perceived interest in the media. He met with us a week ago and its been radio silence since
  5. Saints nearing deal with TE Jared Cook

    I followed Cook closely last year cus I had him in fantasy. Hopefully he can put up similar or better numbers with us. I'm not too worried about the contract, we met a week ago and there were no other reports of him visiting anyone else, so we can't have been in much of a bidding war.
  6. Saints looking into Robert Quinn

    A 6th or 7th rounder is likely enough and its an expiring deal that would be lessened by Miami absorbing some of the contract. If we don't get Ziggy and have no other use for the cap I'm fine with it.
  7. Looks like the Dolphins are trying to shed Robert Quinn's $11.8m salary this year. He has just one season left on his deal plus a $1.1m roster bonus. The Cowboys and Saints have both had trade talks with the Fins, however the Cowboys look like the front runners as Quinn is heading to Dallas for a visit. Dolphins are willing to absorb part of the salary to facilitate the deal https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/19/dolphins-talking-to-multiple-teams-about-robert-quinn/
  8. The Dolphins are trying to shed salary and are willing to eat a portion of Quinn's salary if it means getting out of his contract. He is in the last year of his deal and is owed $11.8 million plus a $1.1 million roster bonus. Not sure how much the Dolphins are willing to eat since we don't have the cap space to absorb the entire amount, but he would be a great addition to the D-Line and is exactly the type of all-in move Loomis would consider for one last run. It seems like the Cowboys have a slight edge in acquiring him over us, but we've had talks with the Fins already. Thoughts!? https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1108041832796168194 https://twitter.com/ArmandoSalguero/status/1108023315455713281
  9. Jinkies - Saints sign former Vikings G/C Nick Easton

    Guys we don't know the full contract details yet. Could be heavily backloaded with minimal guarantees. Lets chalk this up as a solid signing for now until we see the full numbers. He could always move over to guard next year when Peat is gone and Tom slides into C
  10. Saints sign Mario Edwards

    I guess this means no Ziggy Ansah On the bright side, this is a smaller deal and probably leaves us with enough cap to sign Jared Cook
  11. Ravens sign Mark Ingram 3 years 15 mill

    I think we quickly signed Murray after Ingram told us he was looking for $7-8 per year and we felt that was too far off from our offer of $4.5/year. If we had known he'd sign for 3y $15m I have no doubt we would have matched that deal.
  12. Ravens sign Mark Ingram 3 years 15 mill

    He was looking for $7-8 per year, so I think his agent played this wrong. Saints offered $4.5/year you would think he would've sacrificed $500k to stay with the team that loved him. Regardless, much love for the guy, I hope he has a HUGE season in Baltimore. He deserves it.
  13. Ingram signed for 3 years 15 mil smh
  14. Big Nutz Lutz Extended!

    5 year deal said to be the largest in kicker history. Well deserved to a very reliable kicker! https://twitter.com/wil_lutz5/status/1105858551564648448