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  1. Saints sign Safety DJ Swearinger

    Teamwork ftw!
  2. Saints sign Safety DJ Swearinger

    Nah we're pretty good there, honestly I could see DJ getting cut after Bell gets 100% healthy
  3. Saints sign Safety DJ Swearinger

    Doesn't change my point about him being a 4th string safety at best
  4. Saints sign Safety DJ Swearinger

    I think he's just there for depth. We have Bell, CJGJ, and Marcus Williams at Safety so we don't need a starter. Our rookie S Hampton was just put on IR and Bell missed last week to injury, so I think he's just in for veteran depth. Hopefully won't see him on the field too much
  5. But why were you watching the Cavs over the Saints..?
  6. Trade deadline/thoughts

    Agreed. For the 5th you absolutely do it. Brees would make him 10x better
  7. It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win. Defense absolutely shut them down
  8. Bridgewater has looked terrible today. I don't know why he refuses to throw deep
  9. Practice squad

    I thought he was starting as well.
  10. Saints trade for LB Kiko Alonso

    Miami is tanking. They wanted to get out of Kiko's contract and only had to pick up $1m of his contract by trading him to the Saints. They get back a young linebacker with potential and a small contract. I'm sure they tried to get a pick but not many teams wanted Kiko at $6m per
  11. Saints trade for LB Kiko Alonso

    It was actually a swap for Vince Biegel
  12. Saints trade for LB Kiko Alonso

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/01/dolphins-trade-kiko-alonso-to-saints/ Saints are sending LB Vince Biegel back to the Dolphins. No picks involved
  13. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/01/dolphins-trade-kiko-alonso-to-saints/ Still waiting to see what the compensation was, but I've always liked him as a player. Will be interesting to see who's spot he takes in the rotation EDIT: Saints are sending back LB Vince Biegel
  14. Preseason Thread

    Apple not having a good day
  15. Preseason Thread

    I missed the first few drives, but the defense looked real good on the last drive. Vonn Bell had a hell of a PBU flying across the field to prevent a huge pass. Then Onyemata tipped a pass that AJ Klein picked off and returned about 20 yards