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  1. Visiting New Orleans

    Went here last night....burgers and baked potato were great. I think that was also the largest cocktail i've ever consumed in my life
  2. TAST on Bourbon Street - That Aint Saints Talk

    Anybody watch Hard Knocks this year?
  3. Saints fielding calls for SS Vaccaro

    Based on our depth and the fact that he's on a contract year, I wouldn't hate the trade. With that said, I'd love if it brought in a starting CB or pass rush help. OL depth could help too, but I wouldn't want to trade him strictly for picks right now
  4. Saints fielding calls for SS Vaccaro

    Nope, we're just stacked at safety. Knowing our luck, he'll go on and become an all-pro a la Malcolm Jenkins
  5. I flew down with two of my Pats fan buddies from Boston for the game. Hope I didn't spend a week of vaca just to see us get blown out
  6. Why was Devante Harris getting so much playing time? He looked absolutely atrocious out there. Like Fred Thomas/Jason David bad. I didn't see Sterling Moore out there at all and he played very well last season
  7. Brees has a couple games every year where he looks scared and uncomfortable. Tonight is one of those games
  8. He was mediocre and got hurt in preseason. We had brought in 3 other LS during the offseason as potential replacements. I don't see us resigning him, especially if he is legitimately injured
  9. Justin Drescher. He was ours for a while but we released him with an injury settlement after trading for Jon
  10. Glad we were able to catch this early and potentially save his life. Curious if we get our compensation back from Philly because of this. No clue who we turn to for Week 1 long-snapping duties
  11. Glad that our physical might have saved his life. Wonder what we are going to do about a LS now and if we get our compensation back from Philly. Hope he's able to overcome this! http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/09/08/long-snapper-jon-dorenbos-needs-heart-surgery/
  12. Adopt a Saint Draft draft thread! Mid Iowa OTC

    Welp this sucks. The new forum hasn't been sending me updates. I guess I'll take Coleman and Bell....
  13. Adopt a Saint 2017 - General talk thread

    I think you already have me in there, but yes please confirm me!
  14. Adopt a Saint 2017 - General talk thread

    Seems like we have a lot of conversions already!