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  1. Offseason Talk:

    I guess he didn't learn from Ingram smh. Also theres some rumors that the Saints and Rams are talking Cooks for a 4th. Not sure I want him back, as good as he is, his brain is probably scrambled eggs by now with how many concussions hes had. Its sad, but he's got a large cap number
  2. Offseason Talk:

    Yeah I'm happy with it as well, especially since he was on the hook for 7.5m with the Eagles, so he barely got more per year. Seems like he was really done with the culture there and wanted a fresh start. Wonder if the 4th year is voidable as I'm not sure how long he can compete at a high level for
  3. Chargers sign CB Chris Harris

    Can't believe he picked the Chargers over the Saints. I guess he's used to losing games
  4. Offseason Talk:

    We were the runner up for Chris Harris
  5. 2019/2020 trade rumors or suggestion thread.

    Jerome Robinson
  6. 2019/2020 trade rumors or suggestion thread.

    Clippers getting IT in trade for Morris as well. Wizards hopped in as 3rd team
  7. Saints sign Safety DJ Swearinger

    Teamwork ftw!
  8. Saints sign Safety DJ Swearinger

    Nah we're pretty good there, honestly I could see DJ getting cut after Bell gets 100% healthy
  9. Saints sign Safety DJ Swearinger

    Doesn't change my point about him being a 4th string safety at best
  10. Saints sign Safety DJ Swearinger

    I think he's just there for depth. We have Bell, CJGJ, and Marcus Williams at Safety so we don't need a starter. Our rookie S Hampton was just put on IR and Bell missed last week to injury, so I think he's just in for veteran depth. Hopefully won't see him on the field too much
  11. But why were you watching the Cavs over the Saints..?
  12. Trade deadline/thoughts

    Agreed. For the 5th you absolutely do it. Brees would make him 10x better
  13. It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win. Defense absolutely shut them down
  14. Bridgewater has looked terrible today. I don't know why he refuses to throw deep