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  1. The root of the problems run deep!

    I think this regime of Benson, Loomis, Payton, and Brees is so embedded with in the Saints and New Orleans community, that although inevitably ending at some point, I see this thing riding out for one more season even if it does fail. For some reason I see the team showing promise towards the last half of the of the season when the young defense grows up, gets healthy (Breaux) and the Saints get healthy in places they need. It will probably be a ripple effect where Mark Ingram will start benefit from Adrian Peterson, Kamara will get more comfortable, and Peterson will know his role and Ingram will cement himself as the go to RB. As far as the WRs, its all about time. When Snead comes back, he will give defenders more things to worry about, and yes, for me his presence on the field is bigger than EDIT (one guy may say LOL). I am not worried about our OL because Ramzy will learn, and we will get our starters back. The defense is going through growing pains, and fact of the matter is, our Def can only go up. Hopefully they dumb things down on def too, its too much going on IMO, and too many players playing out of position. From there they will give Peyton another shot. I KNOW, I KNOW lol, but this looks like one of those deals. Again....
  2. When has New Orleans ever needed to pay top dollar for receivers. Why would you ever play for top dollar receives and spend money on an offense when they have produced. Like all of a sudden out of thin air the Saints organization expects Brees to be mediocre now that he is 38. Brees best target was at one point Kenny Stills, Jimmy Graham, and Marques Colston. If im not mistaken, Thomas was Brees top target last season.
  3. Saints Defensive rankings: 2016: 27th 2015: 31st 2014: 31st 2013: 4th YAY!!!!!! LMAO 2012: 32nd 2011: 24th 2010: 4th YAY!!!!!! 2009: 25th
  4. You are seeming like Cooks is the end all be all for the Saints offense. When have the Saints struggle with our offensive production? The Saint's identity before and after Cooks will still be the same even though Sean Payton has always wanted to run the ball more. Brees passed for 300 yrds how? To who?
  5. Saints offensive rankings of total offense: 2016: 1st 2015: 2nd 2014: 1st 2013: 4th 2012: 2nd 2011: 1st 2010: 6th 2009: 1st
  6. To be 100% honest, Cooks was expendable because of Thomas IMO, plus Cooks didn't want to be there, and locker rooms suck when players are not happy. Its like a cancer. I know being a military guy, when you have a negative guy in the platoon, they literally divide the platoon. For us it was one guy arguing over some damn rifles (m16A4 vs M16M4), and who got to carry what lol. Anyways, the deal with Peterson was to me, brought in to run the ball more to set up the pass, set up the play action, and to take pressure off of Brees. With Snead, and Thomas, maybe the idea was to have the balance, and Ginn to play more of a dual role all over. Also with the us being told the TEs were to have bigger roles this season, the Cooks trade was viable. Not a bad trade at all, and we did get two solid pics in spots we needed. It just more of a role aspect if you ask me. Again the Saints have NEVER since Peyton put too much stock in any receiver. We have always created and made names to our WRs. Remember how dumb they said the Saints were when we traded Graham. The offence still produced. That has never been the issue under Payton and I suspect it still won't be. Brees puts up 5000 yrd seasons, lol, some one got them catches.
  7. I think Ginn was overall a better over the middle slot WR than Cooks was, but I do agree to a degree, Ginn was brought here to go over the top. I don't think it was a bad deal, because saints have always made our WRs known to the world. I did wish we go Butler some way some how out of it though. Butler had to be thinking while in the Dome, how much he could have helped the team lol.
  8. Wasn't able to catch the game, but I did here, Vacarro and other LBs got worked pretty bad by Gronk and Brady. I did also here that there was little pass rush. However the O-line I heard played decent considering. I suspected Brady would come back strong, which I wasn't surprised. I honestly didn't think the Saints would win this one when the schedule came out. I did however hear that the entire rest of team player very average. For me that is disappointing. Did they look like there were there to compete? Or were they going through the motions? After I watched LSU kill themselves with penalties and lack of motivation, I was hoping the Saints at least competed. Still, I will wave the flag post week 4 maybe week 5 vs the Lions if it seems like they are not even giving effort on D.
  9. I can't. I lived in DC for 9 years, and maybe, just maybe the Redskins fans hope maybe rubbed off on me. They will not give up on their team AT ALL! I remember when they played Seattle hard one year, and all the fans we screaming they (the Redskins) didn't suck LOL. As for RG3, you couldn't say anything bad about him, even when he played horrible. I also spent some time in Baltimore, and they are the same way. Ultra prideful. No more downing the Saint's "D". LOL
  10. In all reality, I want to say good things about the Def, but that has been our issue for years as known. I know they did look horrible today, but I didn't expect much. I just want to see how how team plays a couple games into the season. I still am in my optimist, growing pains mode. That may be annoying to some, but after the last couple years, this year, I am deciding to not give up so fast.
  11. Texans D looked like trash against the Jags ATL only scored 23 pts THE RAMS SCORED 46 Brady lost Manning looked like sh** Big Ben had a 200yd game Wilson had 100 yards passing Rogers was right above 50% WEEK1 is preseason week 5.
  12. This is why I am not really worried about our Offense. Again, again, why Im not in panic mode. Like why isn't this game 45 to 19? Watch both Denver QBs throw for 3 TDs each.
  13. LOT of good game tape for the secondary LOL... As mediocre as preseason game 5 has been, Bree's will still prob have a 300 yrd game.
  14. I do agree, however, im not sure what else the front office could have done. The one big thing I think he missed on the season was not being able to get Butler or a vet CB. As for Peyton not going for it, that hurt. However, would they let go of Peyton while Brees is there? But again, I will panic week 4.
  15. Assignment football Watch your team man!! We are young. Ill panic week 4. Right now, I just want the Saints to compete. As for the offense, nothing wrong.