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  1. We have.... 2014 has to be the worst off-season I've ever seen.
  2. This pick screams Adam Peters
  3. Outside of a slot receiver we're actually pretty set on any needs. Time to start drafting for BPA. Tyree Gillespie, Shakur Brown, Jordan Smith, Demetric Felton, etc.
  4. I'll take Trey Smith with the compository pick.
  5. So if I don't take the first trade I can't take the second trade?
  6. I'm going to stick at the original pick and draft Asante Samuel 1. Justin Fields 2. Asante Samuels (no trade)
  7. I've been a Asante Samuel stan for a while but I get the feeling he's not going to drop to our pick. I'm not a fan of any of the other corners there so give me a mauler right guard at 43. Jenkins, Davis, or even Meinerz would be a great pick here. But at the end of the day I think Kyle is going to take Amari Rodgers and honestly I would be pretty excited with that pick.
  8. But how much of that is true considering we now know that the media really had no idea about who our qb was going to be? How much can we really rely on any "leaks" for who we like?
  9. I quite literally jumped out of my chair screaming after the pick. I'd have preferred Fields but it really was a question of preference between him and Fields.
  10. What is their situation at tackle right now. After last year I thought they'd invest early and often on the oline.
  11. Low key I would love to take Teven Jenkins. Slid him into RG and let this offensive line just dominate.
  12. I'll take Fields as well if we're starting
  13. Mac is already the most hated man in Northern California and he hasn't even been drafted yet.
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