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  1. Have you tried Hunter x Hunter? Only the first half is on Netflix but the second half of the show is some of the best anime ever. You'd probably enjoy One Punch Man, Demon Slayer, and Mob Psycho as well.
  2. Check out Erased(SG), Trigun(CB), Baccano (CB), Hunter x Hunter(AC), Magical Senpai(DK) as well as Rascal does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Made in Abyss, and Tatumi Galaxy as more general recommendations.
  3. Pretty late to the party but I'll throw in mine. Out of the 302 anime I've watched: 10. Katanagatari 9. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 8. Revolutionary Girl Utena 7. Steins;Gate 6. Hunter x Hunter 5. Gurren Lagann 3t. Cowboy Bebop 3t. Fate/Zero 2. Monogatari Series 1. Neon Genesis Evangelion Of the 240 Manga: 10. Grand Blue Dreaming 9. Vinland Saga 8. One Punch Man 7. Great Teacher Onizuka 6. Monster 5. Tower of God 4. Chainsaw Man 3. Kaguya-sama: Love is War 2. Goodnight PunPun 1. Berserk
  4. Someone tell me if my picks are wrong. It's kinda hard to keep track of what picks I have in my phone. --I did trade down from 13 to 14 --I did not trade up from 31 --I did trade for Trent Williams --I did trade Marquis Goodwin --I did trade Matt Breida 14. Jerry Jeudy WR, Alabama 31. Matt Hennessy C, Temple 117. Bryce Hall CB, Virginia 153. Colton McKivitz T/G, WVU 176. Prince Tega Wanogho T, Auburn 190. Kahlil Davis DT, Nebraska 217. Eno Benjamin RB, ASU
  5. So uh how much are we going to be paying him this year? 15 million? It doesn't seem like his 20 mil is feasible. And I guess Kittles extension is going to get pushed to next year? Not sure how much I am comfortable with that.
  6. I hope we win the super bowl this year and give him a ring. He deserves it the most out of anyone on this roster.
  7. So I keep hearing he can squat 2k pounds. That seems like a stretch since it would be double the world record. Is there any proof of it? I can't seem to find the source of that claim.
  8. I'll take the Williams trade and draft Bryce Hall
  9. San Francisco does love its *****.
  10. I mean how much weight can he lose? He's already at 16% body fat.
  11. Am I the only one who didn't like Lamb for us? He doesn't seem like a personality fit for us at all. The same concerns people have with OBJs character seems to be the same with Lamb.
  12. I'd prefer Matt Hennessy in a trade back right here. But I guess I'll take him at 31.
  13. I like this pick but no super stoked about the trade up.
  14. I have rather not traded up but I like the pick.
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