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  1. Atlanta{FX}Season 2-March 1

    Season 1 was some of the best comedy to come out in a long time. Donald Glover is killing it right now and I'm super excited about this new season. Outside of the new Westworld season, this is my most hyped show this year.
  2. Around the NFL

    bye-bye Nelson.
  3. Consensus Mock - 9. San Francisco 49ers

    I really wish Nelson was here because he would be perfect for our needs but to me, it comes down to the two best players left on the board. Tremaine Edmunds and Roquan Smith. We have a need for a linebacker to put next to Foster. Foster well-documented issues also influence this selection as we have no idea if we can rely on him moving forward. IMO Roquan is a little too much like Foster in his playstyle so I went with Edmunds as my first pick because of his versatility, high ceiling, and play style matching what we need. He could play MIKE primarily and then rush from the SAM spot every once and a while. I also really like Smith here because he would make an immediate impact and it would help us not be so dependent on Foster giving us the chance to release him if he causes more trouble. Some other options include Josh Jackson, Marcus Davenport, and Calvin Ridley but honestly, I'm not high on any of those guys so I'm not really considering them here.
  4. Reuben Foster Arrested Again

    I'm curious what is meant by dragged out. It could mean anything from him grabbing her hair and literally dragging her around or him just grabbing her arm and leading her outside like a bouncer would. It would make all the difference in the world for me. At least he didn't strike her but I expect a lengthy suspension anyways. Maybe the team ought to suspend him for the rest of the year regardless.
  5. Reuben Foster Arrested Again

    I was a bigger fan of us taking Edmunds before this incident because I thought that Smith was very much a clone of Foster on the field. Now since I have no trust in Foster moving forwards, Edmunds and Smith are 1a. and 1b. So I don't mind too much who the Raiders pick if they are ahead of us as I'd be happy with either option.
  6. Reuben Foster Arrested Again

    Wow, I'm super disappointed with this. The weed I could pass of as being young and dumb but this is some Aldon ****. At this point drafting another linebacker seems like an intelligent move.
  7. 49ers Agree to contract with Jimmy G

    I'm was born in the bay area and I always founds this stupid. Why does it matter if someone wants to shorten it. San Fran rolls off the tongue a lot better than San Fransico. It's been ingrained into me not to say San Fran but now since I live in Maryland everyone thinks I'm talking about the Chesapeake Bay when I say I'm from the Bay.
  8. Anime and Manga Thread.

    So I recently discovered there is a football anime called Eyeshield 21. It's actually has a rating over 8 on MAL which isn't easy to do. It's also all on Crunchyroll for free. I'm kinda intrigued and feel it would be pretty funny to see all the Japenese stereotypes of football but I'm a little intimated by the 145 episodes. It's also got a manga that's even higher rated than the anime at 8.57. I might try giving that a read. I've never really watched or read any sports anime but if it's as good as people hype Haikyuu!! or Ping Pong the Animation to then consider me interested.
  9. My Mock Offseason - Edmunds or Smith?

    Edmunds is very fast for his size is what I'm trying to say. Smith is extremely fast and probably faster then Edmunds but since Edmunds is quite a lot bigger it's a lot more impressive. Don't get me wrong I love Smith too, I think he can be a perennial pro-bowler, but I think that Edmunds has a higher ceiling and a better scheme fit for us than Smith is.
  10. 49ers Agree to contract with Jimmy G

    Some people are just exceptionally salty about this contract in the NFL News thread. Funny that a lot of them are Rams fans.
  11. My Mock Offseason - Edmunds or Smith?

    Yea either SAM or MIKE would be a good fit for him. I doubt the coaching staff would play him at MIKE though because it really seems that they like Foster there. I would prefer that Foster played WILL and Edmunds MIKE and then they shift to MIKE and SAM when needed personally. Edmunds doesn't really have any pass rush moves yet but he was making a killing kick other guys ***** with pure athleticism in college,so it's definitely some that he could do at the NFL level with some coaching. I really can't wait to see him at the combine in a few weeks.
  12. My Mock Offseason - Edmunds or Smith?

    Agreed. Although at 19 can you really blame him? I've never seen a linebacker have elite or even above average instincts at that age. More experience and snaps should remedy that issue after a few season. If you think the coaching staff can develop those instincts then your looking at a perennial all pro and potential defensive MVP player year in and year out. His ceiling is really high.
  13. My Mock Offseason - Edmunds or Smith?

    Edmunds has elite athleticism for his size. He can absolutely zip all over the field. Smith is fast but as far as size to speed Edmund beats him by a country mile.
  14. 49ers Agree to contract with Jimmy G

    100 million in the first three years would be too much. We still have to sign Ansah and Pugh. Plus Tartt and Brown will both be need contract extension in the next 2ish years. I love everything about this contract thus far. I'm extraordinarily happy right now.