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  1. I've seen a lot of bad takes before but this might be the worst football take I've ever seen. I wish there was an opposite of the like button.
  2. I actually love that play even though it didn't workout.
  3. It's hard on our D when our offense doesn't give them any time to recover on the sidelines.
  4. Lmao Williams just moved his man straight to the sidelines. He really is a silverback gorilla.
  5. Lmao then proceed to show a replay of Armistead getting held.
  6. Our offense really did the best they could to keep us out of field goal range. But God damn mitch that kick had days of air underneath it. What a stud.
  7. The games is still close. It's not like they've been dominating us. We just need one score.
  8. Is it crazy that I actually like Mark Sanchez as an announcer?
  9. We've had quite a few fumbles that just seemed to bounce back to the offense. It's like we've angered the football gods.
  10. Honestly passing on Asante Samuels was much more egregious.
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