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  1. My main reason was availablity. 5600x is still getting sold out in less then 10 seconds every drop. Maybe in the future 8 cores will be better since games maybe be more optimized for the new consoles but I still would have grabbed a 5600x given the chance.
  2. Damn that is insanely lucky to get two of those. People out here ready to sell a kidney for Zen 3 right now. I did end up caving and grabbing a 5800x. Now it's time to wait for some black Friday deals on RAM and monitors and I'll be ready to play. I;m so excited.
  3. Finally snagged a 3080. It was the Aorus 3080 and its a bit extra for my needs but I'm well past the point of caring. I just want to play cyberpunk. Now I must continue my watch for a 5600x. I might just cave and snag a 5800x.
  4. I would in a second. I love Wilson. He's my draft crush this year.
  5. I'm coming up on the semi finals now. I just have to wait for my roommate to get back so we can keep watching.
  6. I'm still slowly working my way through Yu Yu Hakisho. The dub is unintentionally hilarious. The Higurashi remake looking like the anime of the season so far. It's original was easily the best horror anime I ever watched. I thought The Promised Neverland was a shonen. Now I'm very interested.
  7. It sucks because at no point in this season have we been able to gauge how good a team we will be in the long run. With all these injuries you forget we have players like Bosa, sherm, and Dee Ford.
  8. Wouldn't we just put Hasty back on the PS?
  9. Honestly right now I'm most interested in IOL for us. I think we're going to be picking in the teens which gives us a great shot at Creed Humphrey or Wyatt Davis. Either one would give both our passing and run game a huge boost for years to come.
  10. There seemed to be a lot of miscommunication on our offensive line. We need to be getting that ironed out ASAP.
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