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  1. Week 2 GDT: Saints (1-0) @ Rams (1-0)

    I’m beyond words. I have been a football fan for most of my life but man I kind of hate the NFL. I don’t even want to watch the rest of this. It sucks. I don’t believe in conspiracies, I don’t think the league has anything against the saints. But there are holes in the rules and we have fallen into them three times in a row now. It always takes points off of the board for us and there is never anything anyone can do. Worst thing is that I don’t know how to even tell them to fix it. So here we are. I’m going to walk away from this one with the hope that nobody else gets hurt.
  2. Week 2 GDT

    The Falcons are a lot better than they played on Monday. I hate myself for saying that but they are. Especially at home, they're a super dangerous team.
  3. Week 2 GDT: Saints (1-0) @ Rams (1-0)

    I came into the season thinking we could easily start 0-4 again given our schedule so I'm glad we stole W1 back from Houston. I've had this one as an L all week, too... until last night. Something's broken in Carolina, they're not right. LAR was underwhelming against them. Now I wonder if LAR aren't actually hung over from the dreadful SB game they had... And so, my opinion of this game has changed, too. With some discipline and resolve that we don't usually show in the early weeks of a season, we can win this game. I think you still have to favor LAR here. They're playing at home. We have PJ on defense and they don't. They also don't have BOB on the sidelines so giving up 8.3ypc and 2-play 75yard touchdown drives absolutely won't win us this game. We got pretty lucky last week. If you'd asked me earlier, I'd have told you they win this game 80% of the time. Now? I'm more at 60-65%. I still think they should win most of these matchups but I sense a weakness in them that I didn't before. Let's go steal another W. 45-42 Saints, on a come-from-behind road win.

    Carolina losing is always a "win" for Saints fans. So yep, I came out of it ok.

    Week 2: Carolina Panthers This way, even if I lose, I still win!
  6. TNF: Bucs v Panthers

    I support the "swallowed by a sinkhole" idea. Let's make this happen.
  7. Week 1 GDT: Texans (0-0) @ Saints (0-0)

    I was in Houston for Harvey. It's hard to describe how that much rain feels. It's like the steadiest storm you can imagine, not a lot of wind or lightning, just a steady, rain-forest style downpour that goes on for 5 or 6 days without really stopping. Modern city infrastructure is capable of dealing with that for about an hour. After 5 trillion gallons of it, pretty much everything fails.
  8. Hello Say Hello! Introduction Thread

    @ET80 I kind of ❤️ the Texans too, (and the Astros, even when they aren't winning) plus NO and Houston have a lot in common. In my opinion, you're always welcome here.
  9. NFL Week 2 picks

    This. The beef the Saints have is with the league itself, not the Rams. Their guy did the only thing he could do to prevent a TD. Not his fault nor is it the fault of the Rams that it wasn't called. If the Rams have some kind of issue with NO, that's their baggage to carry. All grudges aside, I still have us (NO) losing here but I do hope we make a game of it and don't get whooped.
  10. Monday Night Football! Houston @ New Orleans!

    I dunno. I think they played it as well as they probably could have. If Stills goes down at the one and they don't get in... then what? That's the sort of trick you pull when you're down 2 and the field goal is a no-brainer. They needed a TD, they got it. Case closed. I know the Saints would have preferred the no-drama approach of another first down and then running out the clock. That wasn't to be. So you lean on your defense to stand up and make a stop. The NO defense didn't. When that second PAT went through, the odds of a Houston win were in the 90+ percentile range. Criticize the defensive strategy all you want but they did the right thing on offense. Score, take the lead, make the other team beat you. Yesterday it worked out that the other team did just that but I think most of the time it doesn't. We just remember and judge the times when it does.
  11. Week 1 GDT: Texans (0-0) @ Saints (0-0)

    Came back to say how much I love the fight. Any year in the last 4 or 5 we would have lost this game in the opener. The fight we showed here will help carry us. We wanted this more than they did. The Texans are a great team and they gave us everything they had and we were still fighting inside 30 seconds. But yeah defense needs to improve. A lot. Also 100% Ramzcyk (and the rest of the line). 1 sack vs Watt and Mercilus? Accepted.
  12. Week 1 GDT: Texans (0-0) @ Saints (0-0)

    Win accepted. Despite getting hosed twice by the zebras. The O-Line looked good and our D looked lost. We have to be better or Goff is gonna have a career day this weekend...
  13. Monday Night Football! Houston @ New Orleans!

    I'll take any kind of defense. Anything. We normally start the season without offense or defense so any kind of life from them will be a win in my book.
  14. Monday Night Football! Houston @ New Orleans!

    As a Saints fan living in Houston, I have the unique pleasure of rooting for both teams (with a strong favoritism to the Saints, of course). I also get to see and hear a lot about both teams' flaws. The Saints start seasons slow, this is a fact. We don't normally get it together until week 3 or 4. But the Texans have BOB as coach still, arguably more of a liability than the slow starts. I've penciled that as the key factor in this game from the beginning. The Texans are a really good team held back, I believe, by poor coaching and some organizational failures. We won't know how good this Saints team is (or isn't) until they play Dallas in week 4. I called it 20-13 in the Saints forum but it's football and anything can happen. In last year's opener we lost to Tampa Bay at home and they dropped 48 on us. Fitz had like 5 TDs by half time. After that game we kind of got it together (without really changing personnel) but who knows which Saints team will show up? I think both offenses struggle a bit and it's lower-scoring than people think. For Texans fans who don't watch a lot of Saints football, though, I'd say to remember the lesson of Tampa Bay. They dropped 50 on us in week 1. You probably can, too. But please don't, ok? 😀
  15. Week 1 GDT: Texans (0-0) @ Saints (0-0)

    Personally going with us, 20-13. I think we struggle a bit (no Ingram to balance our run game, normal rust we seem to accrue over the offseason) but pull it out in the end. Living in Houston, I can tell you the Texans also struggle early on in a season so I think both offenses will be somewhat sloppy and keep the score low. Love to get this first win and head to LAR on a high note, though.