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  1. GDT - NFCCG Rams (13-3) @ Saints (13-3): Get loud.

    I only partially invest in football these days. The Niners NFCCG taught me the perils of putting too much into something I'm not paid for. That said, this is no bueno. I was pretty hot when they didn't call that. In hindsight, though, we still could have won it. No excuses. When that didn't go our way, we deflated. We lost our fight. You could see it. My sister and I were discussing it. You knew he'd hit a 57 yarder, no slouch of a kick. So much hard work undone by letting a call get the best of us. But the game was in our hands where we wanted it. We won the toss. We did **** with that. That pick was a horrible decision, like selling out on the blitz when Goff was beating us up and down the field all day on that. I don't know. I want to be bitter but I'm just not. We were not the better team today and that makes me sad. I always believe and want the Saints to win but they get paid to earn it and they just didn't. Next year maybe they will. Till then...
  2. Was this the worst call in NFL history?

    Maybe we did get hosed. Sure. But we had other chances. Drew threw that pick. We decided to stop playing defense. This is on us. What's sad is that call will overshadow an amazing game by Goff and everything else the Rams did right. Make no mistake. We could and maybe should have been up 21-0 but instead it was 13. So everything else aside, the Saints lost that game. The refs didn't steal it. It is what it is. I hate it, it sucks, I want to do it again, but LAR were the better team tonight. Kudos to them. Through their own adversity, they stepped up and won it. Best of luck from here on. And no, not the worst call. But it's the worst we're likely to see today. Losing sucks.
  3. Rams vs Saints - part II

    I really don't think we are. If we play the Rams like we played the Eagles, the final will be something like 41-14 Rams. If we play a very nearly flawless game, we might escape with a 3 point win. Maybe. But it won't be dominant and it won't look good. Anything that shows us winning by more than 3 is insane. The Rams are healthy and ready. 3 of 5 of the Saints starters on the Oline are hurt. Peat has a broken hand (!!!). Armstead was suffering from what could be a torn pectoral in November. That's a slow healing injury. Unger hasn't been himself in a while. We are not 100% at all and even on paper we shouldn't be favored to win. We are because we are the home team but the spread at 3-3.5 shows how little confidence anyone has in us. That spread is entirely there because the dome crowd believes and is loud, not because anyone thinks we can win without their help. In LA, the Rams would be favored by 8 or more. We are a shell of the team that beat the Rams and the Eagles last year so this should be a bloodbath. No other way to spin it. All that aside, I'm a dumb homer so I still think the Saints will win.
  4. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    Who? Anyway - the real bad news is how healthy you are and how healthy we aren't. Hopefully you guys have an off game Sunday. It can happen.
  5. I don't think our offense can compete in a shootout right now. Our Oline is a shell of itself and our entire offensive strategy rests on them. Drew Brees is a surgeon but he needs time. We are letting him get pressured by 6th string scrubs. Cox was out for 2 quarters and they were still in his face every play. If somehow magically it reverts to form we can win another 45-35 game. Otherwise if the Rams hang 30 on us that's probably enough to take it. No, we need a defensive ground game right now. We have to force them to play it our way, like we got the Eagles to do yesterday. We need to have drives that take 11 minutes for only 7 points. We can't let the Rams drop 30 on us in 6 or 7, entirely possible for them. The Rams D is a whole lot stronger than is Philly's. The Rams O is a whole lot stronger, too. But they made mistakes last time. They can make them now. We can win it but probably 26-24 or 28-20 or something. Get them over 30 right now and I don't know if we can hang.
  6. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    I think the thing that should bother the Rams most about the Eagles game is that the Saints should have lost it and didn’t. We sucked. We weren’t just bad, we came out to what was at the time the most important game of our season and gave it away. It’s like we didn’t want it at all. And then we held them scoreless for 49 minutes. Our performance in that time was anything but special. It’s not like we ran up the stats or the score. We beat them in the worst way possible. 11 minute drives. Overcoming 3rd and 20, 2nd and 20, our own penalties. That’s awful for a defense. The Rams looked inhumanly good on Saturday. The Saints looked weak and very human. There is no other way to talk about the two games our teams just played. Maybe both teams will perform just as they did next weekend. If that’s the case, the Rams will win and by a lot. Maybe they won’t. Recent history says you have to favor the Saints at home but give the edge to the Rams on intensity and preparation. Hopefully nobody else gets hurt on Sunday.
  7. It’s hard. I’m normally the hopeful sort but this game was so dark right there at the start. I didn’t see how we got out of it. It still feels like we were fighting and clawing for anything. That drive in the third quarter was magical though. It was our turning point. It showed grit. I know we can beat the Rams but man am I worried about it. Our game plan needs to be one of the best Sean has ever drawn. It’ll be a different team and a different game. And lord am I glad they’re coming to our place. 😀
  8. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    We will most likely be favored because we are the home team. That’s probably as it should be. But given tonight’s performance, I’m not sure how we beat the Rams again. We did some good things - that third Q drive was a thing of legend - but we did so many bad things. So many. And losing Rankins is pain. Every team is hurting somewhere but the Saints live and die by our Oline. And they ain’t right. No sir. Against an anemic pass rush without Cox we could barely give Drew any time. Donald will be .... problematic. I don’t know. Everything except the location favors the Rams. Give me a choice and I’ll still pick us to win. I’m dumb. And a homer. Also the dome is magical, more so than Foles. But it feels to me like we should be the underdogs. The team that got blown out by Carolina’s 5th stringers is real, and they are us.
  9. It's a good thing for the rest of the league that Andrew Luck is not a Cowboy. Or reversing it, that the OL / defense from the 'boys does not play for Indy. Who's better? I'm going Indy for winning convincingly on the road but only slightly. The Texans aren't really as good as they often look and Seattle definitely is. More after we see how this weekend shakes out.
  10. It's just so creepy. In 09, the Cowboys beat us pretty bad and went on to lose to the 2 seed. Here we are again. Cowboys beat us pretty convincingly, heading to the 2 seed's house. If we beat Philly and Dallas loses... Getting away from the past, we beat the Eagles earlier this year, but it was a different Eagles team with a different QB. We were also at our best, playing our cleanest, most outstanding football. We are most definitely playing neither clean nor at our best now. Or weren't before the end of the season. This game is in our place though. It's our best chance, the most direct road to the bowl. Rather have this in our place than anywhere else. Let's go boys! 2 wins to Atlanta!
  11. Superbowl matchup you want to see

    Saints/<anyone>. Literally any team. As long as it's the Saints in the bowl. If it's not us, I'm significantly less interested...
  12. An Indepth Look At The Playoffs

    I see that now. My b. In my defense, I was reading fast...
  13. An Indepth Look At The Playoffs

    So nobody's paying attention to the reigning Super Bowl champs sneaking in at the last minute, playing with the QB that won them the bowl last year? Ok. I'm hoping the Saints take everything seriously and look past no one. The NFC is tough this year and any of these teams can come to our place and beat us. But Bears fans? You have your hands full next week.
  14. Saint's playoff picture - 2018

    I remember being very worried down the stretch in 09, too. I'd walked out of the Washington game in disgust. I was furious. My sister chased me down as I was getting in my car screaming that Suisham had missed the chip shot and we had a chance. I remember losing to Dallas and then fighting and losing to the Bucs at home. It felt like we couldn't do anything right. Hell, we'd almost lost to The Rams who were just godawful that year. The end of that season was draining, as good as the first part had been. Minnesota losing to Chicago meant we didn't have to play in week 17 but until then, the 1 seed was in doubt. So you could shut down the 09 offense and by the end of the regular season, teams had started to figure out how to do it. Our creativity on all sides of the ball was what ultimately separated us and enabled the run. Sean and Drew had weeks to plan for Arizona and it showed. This year, perhaps, our toughest playoff opponent will be one of our first (Dallas/Seattle) and we'll have two weeks to prep again, to get healthy, to remember how to scheme and how to fight. Everyone is 0-0 again for this run and we're counting on those two, who have done this together before, to work magic again. Two wins and we play in Atlanta in February. Three wins and it's two-dat! Every offense can be stopped but I gotta believe we're the most creative team in these playoffs. There isn't any team in the NFC that we can't beat comfortably in the dome and the next two are all set to come to us. LET'S GO!
  15. Saint's playoff picture - 2018

    We did just hang 31 on a very good Steeler's team playing with AB and for their lives. When it mattered, we got the turnover. This offense isn't as strong as the 09 offense for sure, and its far easier to shut it down completely it seems. Statistically the D is better but we've also played from behind in the last few weeks a lot. Don't lose hope yet. Let's see what the playoffs bring. The game today was meaningless. We're likely looking at either Seattle or Dallas coming to our place to hang out in two weeks and we can beat either of those teams. Not gonna be easy but we can do it. This is the best possible scenario we could have, being at home throughout, so chin up and keep the faith. You gotta believe!