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  1. What a good ride it was. I've been a Saints fan for a long time and I remember the awful before all of this. It's been nice to be respected and feared, even if it only ended well for us one time. I'm sure gonna miss Drew being back there, but I'm really glad we got to have a Drew Brees era at all. See you folks next year!
  2. It's a pity the Texans fired BOB already. Watson and a 6th to the Saints for Winston and a 2nd was definitely within reach.
  3. I feel about this game like I felt about Chicago. We're the better team and we should win. I don't think Tampa's secondary can keep us as contained as Chicago's did early on - it's been their weakness all year. I know their run defense can be stout, though, and that presents the Payton / Brees trap of thinking Drew has to save us with bombs. I'd love to see us hold the ball for ages and wear them down slowly. Games don't usually play out like that, though. If we make a bunch of mistakes and find ourselves in a deep hole, it could be a long day. Or they could make a bunch of mistakes and let us
  4. Yeah I was hoping we wouldn't see either Tampa or LA in the postseason. πŸ€” Chicago first, though. I want us to win this game like it's early 2010 and they're the cardinals. Hopefully it's over by the half.
  5. Yeah, about that... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/02/saints-backup-running-backs-out-sunday-as-close-contacts-with-alvin-kamara/ We officially have no running backs available for tomorrow. Maybe Taysom can just, you know, not fumble? πŸ€”πŸ˜‘
  6. I'm usually lurking around somewhere. With the plague, though, I somehow have even less time to post than before it. I'm doing this "work-from-home" thing wrong I think. πŸ€” I bet this decision is as much on Drew as Payton. Drew's probably been in Payton's ear since last week: "How bout now?" "Now?" "Can I play now?" "How bout now?" He's never been old before. He's not used to being hurt. This is new for him. But really, if we'd just played defense last week at all and Taysom had even a little bit of pocket recognition, I bet Brees would be sitting and Hill starting. It was a team effo
  7. I'm gonna go on record for this: bringing back Brees here is a mistake. MT is out and we're still banged up elsewhere. Even with MT and Brees at or near 100% we're just not very likely to win this game. KC is playing out of their minds and we need our offense from a decade ago to even think about keeping up. The last thing we need is Drew taking another big shot and being out for the season. I'd sit Drew and let Hill / Winston try their luck. Rest Brees. We probably can't win on Sunday but we are going to the postseason. I'd much rather have Brees under center for the single-elimination g
  8. Yeah, this is probably a game we should win. With KC next week, though, looking past this team is a legitimate concern. Hurts played really, really well last week despite not having any first team reps. With a week to prepare I expect he'll be much harder for us to contain. If we go into it focused on what's next and not what's now, this team could very well surprise us. I'm not going to read too much into it. Rather have a bad week now than in the playoffs. No, no. I'd rather have no bad weeks but, you know. I can't always get what I want. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ As we stand right now, though, before the g
  9. Yeah we have definitely had some terrible luck. I feel like 2011 we deserved. No way SF should have marched the field what that time in like 3 or 4 plays to beat us. If memory serves, they had no timeouts and only about a minute. That's on us.
  10. I think it's amazing how often it worked. What's sad is that it never seemed to have the same effect in the post season after 2009.
  11. Wow that's a lot more confident than I feel to be honest. The Chiefs seem to play like we did in Brees' 2009-2011 prime, though. They can start slow and fall behind by a lot. They're just never out of any game and can toss 21-28 on us in no time. But our defense is playing really well... we can absolutely win this game but 2 scores is putting a lot on whoever is under center. I'd be happy with a win by 1 or 3. 😁
  12. Yeah... I don't think we can beat the team that played the Raiders last week, not in this current injured state. If they show up again it'll be a long day for us. Fortunately that was last week and the Falcons are a bizarre hot/cold team. No telling which of their squads shows up - the last place defense or the guys who held one of the best offenses in the league to only 6 points in their house. For us, this is probably mostly on the defense. If we keep them under 30 we have a chance. If not, well... it's gonna be a long day. πŸ˜… Let's go low scores!! One more W to keep us in the 1-se
  13. Denver's defense used to be good, I think Von Miller might still be. I have no idea what they're up to this year. I should probably watch more football... πŸ€” Vic Fangio is a name that usually gives our offenses trouble, though. We're down two starting linemen (COVID / concussion). That probably hurts Taysom a lot. Add to it that he is playing in Denver makes me think he'll struggle a bit today. I think we win but probably win pretty ugly. I agree that the final score will be "close" but the game might not feel that way? On the other side, starting an unknown at QB who's never played an NF
  14. It also looks like the Broncos have no eligible quarterbacks to play us tomorrow. I kid you not. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/11/28/all-broncos-quarterbacks-ruled-out-because-of-covid-19-exposure/ Such a strange year this is. I wonder ... a lot of things. But mostly if this means our secondary can just sit (most) of the game out and rest up more? 😁 Like a mini-bye week. I don't want to be overconfident but I would expect lots of run plays...
  15. That almost seems normal to me now for our Dennis Allen defense. He brings the whole New Orleans experience: start with a monster hangover but eventually get yourself together and do some real work by about the middle of the day season. Hill definitely has potential. He leaned heavily on MT and that was probably part of the plan. I mean, he basically stared him down on almost every throw and Thomas still caught almost everything that came his way. It's nice for a QB to have that kind of a blanket at his disposal. I think that's also why Kamara was not as involved in this week's plan: th
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