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  1. WC: BUF@HOU

    My sincere hope for the Texans is that if they lose this game it's by a comfortable-enough margin that O'brien gets fired immediately as it ends. 🔥🔥🗑
  2. I think you're hearing the same thing from this forum. We don't know which squad we'll get, either. Hopefully not the one that blows lots of coverages and allows easy 75yard TD plays but you just never know. Also hopefully not the offense that needs to be behind by a lot before it figures out how to get a first down. We'll both know for sure in a few days. Here's to hoping nobody else gets hurt and that the zebras don't decide the outcome either way! 🍻
  3. I said in a different thread that this game will be closer than most think it will be. In betting terms, I'd take Minnesota at anything +5 or higher. Not because I think they're going to win but because I don't think the Saints will cover that spread. Part of that is because this game isn't about talent for me, it's about coaching. Speaking purely to how the end of this season has gone, the Saints should be (and are) the clear favorites here. Look at Minnesota's game against Green Bay two weeks ago. That's about as lackluster a performance as a team can possibly provide against a hated rival, with the division on the line, at home. It looked like they didn't even care. Imagine now that our Atlanta loss came in week 16 instead of way back after our bye. Would we still be favored so heavily, despite winning the division? I think not. It's hard to limp into the postseason that way and be effective. Losing like that takes air out of you, takes fight out of you. But no. We have faced adversity in a lot of ways but have generally beaten our opponents comfortably and lost one game (SF) by a very high and very close score. Speaking to talent, none of the above makes any sense. The Vikings are as good as we are talent-wise, better in a lot of areas, particularly on defense. They just don't play like it for reasons I don't fully understand. If they'd played to their potential this year, Green Bay would be coming to visit us while the Vikings rested at home. We'd be talking instead about visiting Minnesota again, on the road, to try to exorcise the demons from the Miracle in their house. But here we are, facing a very talented 6ft seed that's far superior to the 4th and 5th seeds but somehow coming to visit us instead. So coaching. I think their problems have a lot to do with it, but that's an outsider opinion and I really haven't watched (m)any of their games this year. Generally, though, with their level of talent, only leadership explains the gap fully. In our case, our coaching has thus far been excellent, but this is where it gets truly tested. How mad are we about the last two years? Will it affect us? The "Minnesota Miracle" will be played on a loop in this game, every Saint that takes a microphone will be asked about it. What happens if the Vikings jump out to a 14 or 21-0 lead like they did last time we met them in the playoffs? Can we recover again or will we just be angry? This will be our first test of anger management I think, overcoming bad penalties, overcoming a hot start by a team that's been dissed and abandoned for dead in the media (and by the NFL) for the last week. Make no mistake, the Vikings are p***ed and they usually play pretty strongly against us without the extra motivation. It's also worth remembering that we don't want to be here. We're 13-3, we shouldn't be playing Sunday, shouldn't be going on the road if we win. Can we overcome that, too? I think this game turns on how well we are coached and how well we respond to / recover from adversity. So all of those things make me think this will be close, maybe even coming down to the final possession of the game. I'd love to be wrong and have us just win comfortably. Maybe that's how it'll go. After all, if you ran this game through a simulator 10 times we'd win 7-8 of those, a few by staggering margins. As a long-time Saints fan, though, I tend to expect the 2-3 where it's close or we don't win more than I expect the 7 where it's easy. Regardless, I promise you that most teams in the AFC and NFC are Vikings fans on Sunday. Nobody wants to see us. If we do win here and then go on to win in Green Bay, woe unto the rest of the playoff field.
  4. I mean, since you put it like THAT... no? But that sort of performance, a la FitzMagic to open last season, wouldn't shock me. Cousins plays well against the Saints in general and the media and NFL have spent the week insulting both him and Minny, basically daring them to upset us at home... so, you know. This is life as a Saints fan. I expect that a game we should win fairly easily will actually instead be quite difficult and that we might spend a considerable portion of it playing from waaaay behind like we just did in Tennessee.
  5. Part of the reason that the NFL is fun is that you just never know which teams will come out hot and which ones will come out flat and that's generally true regardless of how a team is playing. The Saints this year have kind of reverted to form. Our offense puts up points fast and we have a receiver that really can't be covered. Our defense is ok to good but not great and our secondary will happily give up 50-70 yard plays multiple times a game (see: Titans, Tennessee). If Minnesota can exploit the latter while Brees / MT have an off day, they can beat us and move on. As to the question of which game is closer, I voted Saints/Minnesota. I think NE puts Tennessee away rather easily and moves on in a sleeper that's basically done before the half. NO and MIN will be in a fight until the end, with the winner coming down to the final possession. My sense is that neither defense will show up and we're looking at Cousins with 6TDs and Drew with 4+. It'll come to who makes the most mistakes and / or who has the ball last and the NFL will wish it'd been the evening game.
  6. This is what I meant though. I’m assuming Seattle beats SF tonight and we slide into #2. In that scenario, we will most likely see SF in Lambeau and Seattle coming to NO. I’m not sure GB can win that game... 🤔 But really, this year I think we can hang with any team anywhere. If we had to go to the tundra and then the Bay Area, I still believe we’d have a really good shot to be in Miami in February.
  7. I'm with this guy. I don't know enough about the Chiefs to really say how we'd stack up. Let's agree to have these two teams meet in Miami and find out.
  8. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. There's still at least one game we have to win between then and now.
  9. Packers or Saints, better team?

    I don't think this is the right question. Given today's results, the real question should be: Packers or Saints at Lambeau in an ice storm. Who ya got? 😐
  10. Saints working out Antonio Brown

    Because Goodell. He does not have to be placed on the list, everyone is just assuming that he will be placed on it at some point so nobody has signed him. Also if he does get placed on the list while signed with a team, I think the league has to pay him. Could be wrong on that though. Also AB is a terrible human and nobody should sign him. That the Saints are even kicking the tires is either 1) telling of how bad the MT injury really is or 2) SP trolling the league. I hope it's 2. We're normally pretty good about staying far away from locker room cancers...
  11. So let's not lose. It's Carolina without Rivera or Cam. Only CMC can beat us now...
  12. The most likely game to give us a bye is SEA beating SF. There's also the outside chance DET will beat GB but I think it's really an outside chance. SF gave it all to beat LAR last week just like they did with us. The following week they got beaten by ATL so I'm hoping recent history will repeat itself. I think as long as we win and either GB or SF lose we get a bye. If both lose we get a better bye.
  13. I think that SF proved themselves worthy to be in that company when they went to Baltimore earlier in the season and almost took it. Play that game in SF and the Ravens probably lose. Then we're talking about all roads to the SB going through NE again. So I don't have a problem seeing SF hosting the trophy. On their best days, I think almost no team in the league can hang with them, including KC, NE and BAL. I agree with you, though, that an AFC win is more likely.
  14. Super Bowl Prediction

    My personal pick is SF - NE, Garoppolo's Revenge. It's the one where SF wins and Belichik punches Brady in the mouth on national television for making him trade Jimmy. Good stuff.
  15. I know rankings are personal but I'm not sure how you put any NFC team above Baltimore right now. They have the better record and it isn't like they've faced a bunch of scrub teams to earn it. They've looked reasonably unbeatable for a while now with no signs of slowing down nor any key injuries to mention. SF and NO are both banged up pretty good and SEA is a dumpster fire after yesterday. There's a decent case to be made that Minny is the class of the NFC but they have to earn that still. Let's see how they do tonight. (also Go Vikings... what's that thing you guys say? Skoal or somethingorother? Do that thing... petty please? ) No, until NE/KC goes into Baltimore and beats them in OT, Baltimore is #1.They've earned it.