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  1. I don't think ROTY defaults to the best rookie QB as much as people think. Going back to 2000, there have been: 8 QB ROTY winners 9 RBs 3 WRs. Yes, that may have to do with RBs often being quick to adjust to the NFL from college, but as RamblinMan99 noted, even Baker Mayfield's record-setting rookie season did not win him the ROTY award. Give me Jefferson or Robinson, unless Hebert gets some game-winning drives to end the season.
  2. I'm just thankful the browns are good have a winning record this year :- ). (From my son) I am thankful for Stefanski, Teller, and the rest of the run game (O-line and RBs).
  3. Herd immunity without a vaccine is a pipe dream and not likely to result only from exposure to COVID-19. But trying on a large scale (e.g., ignoring social distancing and stay-at-home) would certainly overload our healthcare system and cause a huge spike in deaths and probably new or extended workplace closures causing economic and productivity losses. Is football worth that? No way, even though I desperately want good, live sports to watch. So I think the NFL needs to be extremely careful. I am not saying a "bubble" is the best answer and cancelling the season seems extreme, but cer
  4. That's exactly who I was going to mention. His career TD:INT ratio of 164:198 is surprising to many, too.
  5. Do people think Greggggg Williams will get another shot? I still worry about his history with bounty gate, but I feel like that is a distant memory for some. And while the talent on th Brown's defense has really improved, I also think their performance has to do with coaching. And if you watch his press conferences, he has really changed his schtick from when he was DC to sounding more serious and, well, good, as a HC.
  6. favorite team: Vikings (Browns a close second) week 1 pick: Lions
  7. Ray (the) Farmer: "I like the idea of slow-brewed, fresh-brewed coffee. I'm going to grind my coffee beans, I'm going to get my filter out, I'm going to pour it in, I'm going to let it simmer, I'm going to get a good cup. We all want it to happen like right away, we want these guys to come in, you want to improve your football team."
  8. For the Browns, I'd surely give up our 2013 pile of cr@p (Barkevious Mingo, Leon McFadden, Jamoris Slaughter, Armonty Bryant, and Garret Gilkey) for the Steelers draft that included Le'Veon Bell and others who actually still play on the NFL. And, yes, that 2013 haul would include giving up Josh Gordon, selected 2012 supplemental draft.
  9. It's not common, but Bernie Kosar and the Browns come to mind... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernie_Kosar#NFL_draft_controversy
  10. Just out of curiosity, why did you switch the Browns pick at 4? In both your scenarios, Barkley and Chubb are there, yet you switched the pick. Just for fun? Or do you really think it depends on which QB they draft?
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