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  1. NFL potentially moving to 17 game season in new CBA

    Is there any talk of adding a 2nd bye week?
  2. Buccaneers New Uniforms Confirmed

    If we took a vote on the Seahawks uniform vs. the current Bucs, the Seahawks would win in a landslide as to which one is better.
  3. Buccaneers New Uniforms Confirmed

  4. More flex scheduling could be on the way

    Why charge so much for games? It's a business, the point is to turn a profit. I'm very surprised by how NFL fans don't seem to get that, NBA fans are very well aware of the cold hard realities that pro sports is a business first, not a civic institution as they like to pretend.
  5. Antonio Brown back to Steelers?

    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28685486/antonio-brown-directs-latest-apology-ben-roethlisberger Should the Steelers go for it?
  6. More flex scheduling could be on the way

    Laughable. The NFL has multi-billion dollar TV contracts. That's where it generates it's revenue. There's no logic to what you're saying.
  7. More flex scheduling could be on the way

    60,000 people in a stadium(a fraction of which will go through travel arrangements) vs. millions who watch on tv, it's simple numbers.
  8. Philip Rivers, Chargers Agree to Part Ways

    He wants to play 2 more years: https://www.latimes.com/sports/chargers/story/2020-02-10/philip-rivers-chargers-farmer
  9. https://football.realgm.com/wiretap/43624/NFL-Exploring-Possibility-Of-Flexing-Games-For-Monday-Night-Football
  10. Do you wish the NFL was less popular?

    Watching paint dry is more entertaining than baseball.
  11. Chargers Officially Move on from Rivers

    I wonder how much this has to do with his ability and how much it has to do with the chargers wanting a fresh start on the new stadium.
  12. Which City deserves the next NFL team?

    If memory serves it's extremely easy to get in if you're a resident of Ohio.
  13. Is a London team viable at this stage?

    That's not how the market sizes are determined. Do some research on your own metro market and you'll see based on numbers and logic. There are nearly 20 million people within a roughly 50-60 mile radius of Los Angeles for example.
  14. Is a London team viable at this stage?

    Wrong. You look at metro(market) size not city size, and then you have to factor in the economy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_metropolitan_statistical_areas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._metropolitan_areas_by_GDP Green Bay draws from the entire state of Wisconsin and probably areas close to the border in Illinois/Minnesota, Buffalo draws from all of upstate New York. Saints draw from all of Louisiana and probably parts of the neighboring states which don't have NFL teams. Jacksonville is a distant third in Florida behind Tampa and Miami which are exponentially larger markets. Cincinnati is a shrinking market and the Browns dominate the state anyway.
  15. 2020 FF Consensus Mock Draft [Pick 6 - LA Chargers]

    Everyone's saying Herbert, but the Chargers badly need help on the offensive line and they already have Easton Stick to develop with Tyrod Taylor as a stopgap.