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  1. Part of the reason we need the Cowboys out of the NFC East and in a geographically appropriate division.
  2. Miami to the South, Baltimore to the East, and Indy to "North" makes the most sense.
  3. https://sports.yahoo.com/fire-the-entire-nfc-east-into-the-sun-153102824.html Yet they're still going to get half the primetime games every year..
  4. The NFC already has most of the big market teams, the AFC isn't going to trade off where it gets the smaller market. Also if teams share the same market it seems the NFL doesn't want them sharing conferences.
  5. I do agree, If you could somehow convince the NFL to take Dallas out of the NFC East, short of doing a major realignment where your swapping teams between conferences the only logical move would be to swap them with Carolina.
  6. Would the players go for this? More teams means more playoff games/wear and tear on their bodies.
  7. I think all things considered the NFC is ok as is. Dallas in the NFC East is the glaring problem, but as mentioned earlier there's too much money in having them play NYG, WSH, and Phil multiple times a year(all huge markets etc.). Besides, where else are they going to go? NFC West and South have teams that should all be there. AFC is a bit of a mess. Miami makes no sense. AFC South should be Miami, Houston, Tennessee, Jacksonville AFC East: New England, NYJ, Baltimore, Buffalo AFC North: Pitt, Cin, Clev, Indianapolis AFC East: Same Baltimore shouldn't be in the south. It's the in same greater metro as DC and no one considers DC the south. Of course, there's a possibility some or all of Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Cincinnati move within the next 10 years or so there's that.
  8. This forum is about discourse, and that's what we're doing.
  9. Again, you're making this about something that it's not. Snyder being a poor owner and vile person(of which his refusal for years to even consider changing the name is a part) has nothing to do with the merits of changing or not changing the name. If something has held that much importance in your life and given you that much joy, irrespective of the moral implications of changing the name then a name change really shouldn't cause you to just abandon it.
  10. The problem is that you're making this about yourself. It's not about you. It's about doing what's right.
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