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  1. Saquon looks like he's destined to be one of the best players in the league...he could very well be the most impactful player to come out of the draft.
  2. I don't have a problem with bad teams in primetime if two conditions are met: 1. They have some exciting pieces to build around like a hotshot young QB 2. They aren't playing a team which is going to slaughter them. I wouldn't be opposed to a matchup coming out of any combination of the Bills, Brown, Jets, Cardinals for example so that at least we have evenly matched teams going at it. But please not teams like the Redskins just because they play in a big market.
  3. NFL eliminates cross-ownership policy

    Just to clarify, the rule meant that if you owned an NFL team in city A, you could not own another professional sports team in city B if city B ALSO had an NFL team. I believe the reasoning for this was so that NFL owners wouldn't be competing for the same sports dollars through franchises in other sports/leagues. Why change it now I'm not specifically sure why, other than that the NFL/pro sports is a different animal then it was when the rule was devised and owners probably want more flexibility to own more sports teams.
  4. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    Raiders are ready to trade everyone https://www.yahoo.com/sports/nfl-rumors-jon-gruden-expected-153501887.html
  5. Probably has to do with the fact that with 17 weeks and 32 teams it wouldn’t be fair to have some teams play multiple tnf games and some teams none from a physicality standpoint.
  6. Where do you rank the Chargers in the AFC

    Chargers have sold out all of their season tickets both years in LA.
  7. LAC owner Alex Spanos has passed away

    I believe season tickets for stubhub have been consistently sold out. It's just a placeholder while they establish themselves, I don't think they are overly concerned with building a rabid home presence there.. The relocation fee is being allowed to be paid over something like 10 years. They released Inglewood ticket prices today, they are competitive:
  8. Where will the Raiders play in 2019?

    Apparently the Rams and Chargers are blocking San Diego because they consider it part of their market. They could just play in the 49ers stadium.
  9. NFL eliminates cross-ownership policy

    No, quite the opposite. I believe it was more akin to "If I own an NFL team in one city, I cannot own a pro sports team in another city which also contains an NFL team".
  10. NFL eliminates cross-ownership policy

    "in markets containing OTHER NFL teams" ie you couldn't own an NFL team in one city and another pro team(ie basketball, baseball) in another city which had a NFL team. To my knowledge. This doesn't affect just the owners. There can be a lot of situations where teams come up for sale in pro sports and now you will have more NFL owners potentially in the mix. I don't think I need to explain how ownership can affect sports teams and fanbases in any number of ways.
  11. LAC owner Alex Spanos has passed away

    The wealth thing doesn't matter in a market like LA. NFL teams print money from the TV contracts alone. In small markets with decades old stadiums it's an issue but not in a market of 20 million people with a practically free brand new stadium coming in a business where the tv contracts alone guarantee profitability. Look at the Lakers, same situation where it's a family-owned business and they don't have outcome outside of it but the franchise prints money and has always spent lavishly.
  12. LAC owner Alex Spanos has passed away

    I thought Tesla was headquartered in Palo Alto? You mean Fisker? Chargers will be fine, for all of the aformentioned reasons above. I think one of the biggest problems for them building fans outside of San Diego has always been is the perception that their brand is boring/lame. That will change once they keep pushing that "new" horse logo, and switch to the powder blues full-time once the new stadium opens.
  13. LAC owner Alex Spanos has passed away

    I'm just going to re-post some posts I made on another site when someone said the Chargers would move back to San Diego eventually:
  14. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/10/17/nfl-finally-ditches-cross-ownership-policy/
  15. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    Look how much coverage say, ESPN gives to LeBron and how much it gives to Brady and there is your answer.