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  1. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    This was without Gordon AND Ekeler. Wow.
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/oakland-to-file-lawsuit-against-raiders-and-nfl-which-could-accelerate-timeline-of-raiders-exit/ https://news.yahoo.com/sources-raiders-rescind-offer-rent-033343367.html
  3. XFL names eight cities for new franchises

    Pretty sure we're doing something right..
  4. https://sports.yahoo.com/report-raiders-general-manager-reggie-164048408.html
  5. How will the Chargers go into the playoffs with this absurd kicking situation?
  6. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    I wonder what effect this will have on the psyche of the Chiefs.
  7. Who Should the Cowboys Pay First?

    Talent isn't an abstract definition. It's physical ability combined with football IQ combined with the ability to have a work ethic that other's can't/won't match. Brady has more rings because football is a team game. That's an entirely different discussion. Both Rodgers and Brady are talented. Who's more talented can be debated. The ability to see the field and make a decision then execute on that decision and make a pinpoint pass in fractions of a second is something that's beyond coaching and the talent you play with.
  8. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    Yes. The emotional dynamic of relationships is a factor. Women will also often mouth off or get physical in certain situations because most men will restrain themselves from going back at them like that regardless of intoxication or emotions. Whereas men KNOW when there's an issue between men there can/will be physical consequences.
  9. Who Should the Cowboys Pay First?

    No, they are factors but talent is the greatest factor. Goff was a #1 pick with arguably the absolute worst offensive coach in the last 10 years. Unique situation. You aren't going to turn CJ Beathard into Aaron Rodgers no matter what the coaching and talent around him is.
  10. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    The Raiders could away with that knowing the franchise and it's image.
  11. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    I'd be shocked if anyone immediately claimed him with the potential PR fallout.
  12. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    You seem to be missing the distinction between legal consequences and public relations/morality.
  13. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    Curious who your top 5 backs are? Consensus would seem to indicate Hunt is not better than(no order) Gurley Bell Barkley Elliott Kamara
  14. I like how the topic says San Diego but the poll says Los Angeles.
  15. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams NOT IN Mexico City