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  1. They've already committed to keeping the colors. So if they go with a military themed name won't it invoke the Soviet Union?
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/kroenke-pay-pivot-sparks-nfl-040102336.html
  3. It shows that the organization has no sense of how to...build an organization. You sign someone who hasn't coached in the NFL for years to a deal like that, who has led the team nowhere since then, while you've got a steroid scandal with the trainer, on top of an organization that hasn't done anything in 20 years and it's going to make any desirable executive or coach think to themselves "do I really want to get myself into this situation".
  4. In short, it is clear they are not a well run organization on the football side of things starting with the owner and I don’t think that will make them attractive to potential coaches/executives for a while. Hiring someone like Gruden to an absurd 10 year deal with nothing to show for it(even apart from what happened today) reinforces that.
  5. lol, considering how this whole fiasco has reinforced what a mickey mouse organization the Raiders are from top to bottom I'd say there are a lot of things that need sorting out before that is true.
  6. How exactly would they have done that? No one knew about this.
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/could-st-louis-emerge-rams-204444626.html
  8. Don't the Bears have a lease at soldier field for another 15 years? Going to be awhile before this thing gets built.
  9. Honestly, when you’re a lower tier team with a rookie qb why throw them into the fire as a starter? Usually these teams have bad o lines and you’re risking them getting beaten up. Get a placeholder qb for a year and let the rookie learn from the sidelines.
  10. Lawrence has had some good looking TD throws, but obviously also a lot of interceptions. Doesn't seem fair to judge him in his first year as he hasn't looked totally great or totally inept.
  11. Easier said than done friend, an untested QB and a good run game both need a good O line and it's hard to build around the run in today's NFL
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