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  1. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    If the niners swung a trade for JuJu sending Pitt pick 31 I’d assume immediately that the team thinks that both Staley, Sherman and likely Ford would be playing their last years for us. Those cap numbers alone would open up a lot of space along with the restructuring of Jimmy’s contract. I’d then assume that now only having pick 13 we’d trade down, hopefully landing a late 1st and a 2nd or two 2nds, and attempt to find future replacements for those players, likely a second tier OT like Jones, Jackson, Cleveland, Niang and a CB.
  2. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    I’ll give ya that haha, that’s Jimmy’s claim to fame as well. If you spin it enough times you might make people dizzy enough to get them to believe it only took Jimmy 8 passes to win a NFCCG as well.
  3. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    I don’t have a dog in this fight and god knows Jimmy G ain’t some great postseason QB up to this point but what has Jared done so well in the postseason that I’m missing here. If I’m remembering correctly he wasn’t asked to do too much up until the super bowl where the whole team pooped the bed. 240 yards per game, 54% comp, 2 : 2 TD : INT doesn’t scream greatness with a lot weapons around him.
  4. Is Robinson all that stout at the POA? Or disruptive? Seems like a lot of money for a NT who, admittedly I haven’t paid much attention to so I could be wrong, isn’t a big difference maker. Who’s playing LB behind this DL?
  5. Brockers has been with that team for years, likely all of his medicals and anything related to injuries and past issues the Rams have knowledge of, not so much with the Ravens and their medical staff. I’m curious about Robinson now as I thought he was the replacement for Brockers no? Isn’t that quite a bit of money wrapped up in IDL with Donald, Brockers and Robinson? Outside of Donald you’re not getting any sacks either. Completely guesstimating without actually looking at the contracts but that’s almost $40 mil tied up in three IDL players, $50 mil with Floyd’s number added. Likely paying for $1.5 mil a sack from those players and I’m not sure the run defense is all that improved.
  6. 49ers sign Travis Benjamin

    Highly doubt Benjamin is our replacement for Sanders, I could be wrong but I’d bet heavily that’s not the case. As another poster said, he’s likely competition for return duties while also doubling as veteran depth to a young WR corps who knows Shanny’s system.
  7. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    If the numbers are correct I think the Pats only have 5 mil in cap space while the Chargers have 15 mil.
  8. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    I agree, if I remember correctly his price tag and/market was fairly low last year so maybe that’ll help keep his number low
  9. Consensus Mock Draft II - Post Combine - Pick 5 - Dolphins

    I feel pretty certain that even if they land Tua/Herbert/Love they’ll be rolling out Fitzmagic for at least a couple games. They’ve added pieces via FA but their OL and weapons are still far from ready for a rookie QB to step in and have success as of this moment. I went Tua, Simmons, Wills. Would be interesting if they used these three 1sts to continue to add to the trenches.
  10. Ravens trade DE Wormley to Steelers

    This is pretty damn good
  11. Falcons sign Gurley 1 year deal

    Quarantine hits people different I guess, let this one go champ. Mountains out of ant hills right here.
  12. Still some decent DTs And CBs available out there. Wouldn’t be surprised to see us throw some small contracts at a couple for one year and see if we can’t find some immediate depth with little financial commitment. DT - Suh, Shelby Harris, Snacks Harrison, Mike Daniels, Timmy Jernigan, Dontari Poe, Marcelo Dareus CB - Xavier Rhodes, Trumaine Johnson, Rashaan Melvin, Bashaud Breeland, Daryl Worley, Ross Cockrell, Ronald Darby, Arthur Burns, Talib, Jimmy Smith, Prince Amukamara
  13. 49ers sign Tom Compton Guard

    A guy who’s named has seemed to have lost some luster is Tyler Biadasz from Wisconsin. A C for all of his career at Wisc injuries hurt his stock it would appear this season but the kid is a player. I think his game could easily move to OG relatively seamlessly. Should be available in the 2nd round as well if we trade one of our 1sts to gain some more picks. As @oldman9er mentioned, Cushenberry could be a target as well as Cesar Ruiz from Michigan at the end of the 1st. Should all be able to provide quality C/OG depth which I still, and have for a while, deemed extremely important to upgrade. Richburgs injury makes him a question mark and having Garland and Compton on one year deals, both average to below talents and no real long term future, I’m praying it’s finally addressed this year. I like what Brunskil was able to do last year but other than him there is no depth.
  14. 2020 Draft Thread

    Haven’t read further back than this page but it sounds like we are along the same lines of thinking. DJ Jones should get his time to shine now with likely increased playing time. I was wondering where everyone’s head is at with our two 1sts? I’m thinking a trade down with at least one of them is highly likely to recoup some day two picks and/or mid round picks. But if we do keep both where y’all going with them? IOL, IDL, CB, S, WR? Those are the obvious needs in no specific order but personally would love to see the offense get addressed.
  15. Cowboys re-sign WR Amari Cooper (5 years, $100M, $60M gt'd)

    Not a Raider fan by any means so I’m not defending them but technically they didn’t have to pay AB and at the time, actually all of the time despite mental health, AB > Amari as a WR, everyday of the week. Even with AB being a far superior WR his contract was still a smaller AAV.