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  1. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Crosby, Gustin, Walker and a few others I like are creeping up in interest level of mine around the 3rd and 4th rounds if we do go QW at 2. Would love to see one of these guys at SAM to get him some playing time initially and then as the season progressed hopefully to the EDGE spot opposite Ford. Im assuming of course with QW being our pick at 2, WR is chosen in round 2, and then an edge in round 3. Or QW, FS, WR, EDGE. Not ideal for me in addressing or EDGE issues but one I could get on board with if QW was added to the equation. I assume with the acquisition of Ford our FO feels pretty set at LEO, especially if Marsh was let go so quickly afterwards. All that said, still prefer Bosa or Allen at 2 but just stating how ridiculous this draft class is along the DL, that prospects I like quite a bit could be had in rounds 3 and 4 at the EDGE spot.
  2. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Interesting, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bell wanted to come here more than we wanted him here. Would make since seeing as how Shanny is running the offense and we are a bit more established on that side of the ball and along the OL. Although they don’t tell us the guaranteed money thats lower that what the Jets offered and we were still contention to get him.
  3. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Haynes of Wake Forest, McGovern of Penn St, Jordan of Ohio St and Deiter from Wisonsin (more of a OT/OG) are some names that should be available in 4th, 3rd at the highest for some.

    Exactly, I should have been more clear. I’d be drafting Allen for his pass rushing and ability to be a play maker for us on defense. This would most likely come in the form as pass rusher on edge. However, in base downs with the talent we do have and his versatility it’s a huge bonus that he could play SAM and do so at a very efficient and effective rate. I know the argument that SAM barely plays but that’s also because we’ve barely wanted who was playing SAM to play. And on sub packages where we have four down lineman Allen would be one of them on the opposite side of Ford with still the ability to drop back and perform stunts with Werner and Kwon. He’s an extremely talented chess piece for our defense and a playmaker at all levels. I’m a fan of Bosa and what he brings, I love Allen’s skill set and versatility to be able to disguise our defensive schemes easier and QW next to Buckner is mouth watering. Which ever direction we go at 2 I’ll be fine. It’s the rounds after that I’m more worried about as there are certain positions I would like to see addressed and obviously have no clue as to if they will be or not

    Has been my thinking towards adding Allen for quite sometime, even before the Ford trade. I’m a huge fan of getting our most talented players the most playing time.
  6. 49ers cut Cassius Marsh DE

    Didn’t we just recently resign Marsh? Outside of Dee Ford, who are our edge guys everyone is talking about again? I’m confused cause unless we are referring to the world renown Watson, Thomas, Blair I’m not sure who we are talking about. Marsh was by no means worth 5 mil but who else do we have?! This is getting a little ridiculous with this team. 14 Safeties and RBs, one true edge player...
  7. Raiders trying to sign ALL the WR's: Add J.J Nelson

  8. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    If there is a next move I’d expect it to be in the offensive side of the ball with a WR (Kearse), or a IOL, or a TE. Outside of those three maybe a DT/NT to compete with DJ Jones but I’m not sure we add anymore DL till after the draft seeing as how we may have a selection of difference makers there at pick 2
  9. 49ers Re-sign Jimmie Ward

    Please let me believe the lies I tell myself to feel better, thank you
  10. 49ers Re-sign Jimmie Ward

    I hope not and FS is addressed in round 2 but I can see what you said happening too. Not how I’d go about it at all but it is what is.
  11. 49ers Re-sign Jimmie Ward

    That timeline you mentioned is exactly what I’ve been telling myself and some buddies of mine. We missed out on Earl and now used that money to add depth to our RBs where we were starting our RB 4 at one point and resigned a S who outside of injury has been a decent player for us and provides some continuity. I think FS now becomes our number two need and we’ll address that in the draft; my choice is Adderley but there are options for us at the top of round 2 after we add another difference maker on defense at pick 2
  12. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Top three for me would be as @Forge stated, EDGE, FS and WR. For me after that I think we could see any possible combination of TE (to challenge for TE2), OT (to groom), OG/C (to groom/challenge), NT (possible with only DJ Jones on our roster who really fits that mold), LB (future depth as both Smith and Coyle should not see the field ever and Lee is on a one year contract), CB (to challenge and push Moore and Witherspoon), P. If I had to guess, or had it my way, I'd say we'll probably look at OT, NT, P after the draft via UDFA route and a TE 2 to challenge Celek will be brought in via FA later in the process leaving OG/C, LB and CB as areas we address on day 3.
  13. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Much like my feelings towards addressing our edge rusher problem, I don’t want to rely on only one guy to fix it. I wanted a vet (Ford) and a rookie both to make sure we fix that problem. Much like I’d like the team to approach our FS problem
  14. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Not sure I ever said I was done with anyone. At no point did I say get rid of, cut, trade, take around to the back of the shed, or anything of that nature haha. I simply said depending on these guys who have proven to be not so dependable is foolish and how bad teams stay bad. Williams being a really good slot CB might be a stretch too. But yes haha, if the Safety we draft this year sucks too cut him!!! I’m not sure if you’ve read any of my posts on Solly but I’m still very much in support of him and would like to give him more time to develop a role and stay at a position when most are ready to call him a bust. I’m fine with doing that or applying the same thought process to our DBs in Williams, Reed (who I actually really like) and AC. However to depend on them to step up and perform like above average starters or hopefully better seems foolish, especially with how our secondary performed last year. Also, with my support in Solly I’m still not opposed to drafting QW. When you don’t have top talent or atleast above average talent at a position you don’t not draft a guy who has a chance to be great at the same position because we have a bunch of depth players already. I’m aware Buckner plays DT as well but very often there are two DTs on the field at a time and two devastating ones could go very far in helping a defense that is lackluster in other areas. Atleast that’s my thinking.
  15. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Williams and Reed are average nickel CBs from what I’ve seen and watched last year. HaHa would be our FS while Adderley/Thornhill learned the role and played NB/3rd S roles this year much like the Cardinals did with Bethea and Budda Baker. Now Baker is taking over a FS for a seamless transition. You really counting on AC to come in and threaten to start at the FS role? He was terrible last year, and that’s not exaggerating. I’m not counting him as depth or relying on him for any position at this point, maybe he can slug it out with Harris and Tartt at SS but we’ll see, again I’m not counting on him for anything. This log jam you speak of is a group of players who would be depth and STs guys on other teams with more talent. I’m not letting the “depth” we have now prevent me from upgrading and area of our team that was dreadful most of the year with many of the same players we are now referring to depth with?