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  1. I believe his cap hit is north of 12 mil this year if they get rid of him. Doubt the Browns get his value in a trade at this point anyways. But after this year a cap hit with his release or trade is nothing I believe as all his guaranteed money will have been paid. All likelihood they keep him for this year, get him to return to the production level of old OBJ and keep him or rebound his stock and get good value if they move him and use what money would then be freed to resign guys like Teller, Chubb, Baker, etc.
  2. Oh yea, I’m real happy with either taking over. Both have done good work from the little bit I’ve seen and know. Ryan’s has been talked about in a positive light, connects with players well, communicates well and has a coaching mind, by almost everyone who’s ever played/worked with him
  3. Demeco Ryans our LB coach seems to be the likely and assumed choice but possibly Tony Oden our DBs coach although he’s newer to the team but both are well thought of in house candidates.
  4. Haha, I usually don’t bother engaging as well as there are plenty of examples of doing so leading no where. This is the second time I’ve been sucked in, there will not be a third!
  5. Your post had little goal other than for you to pat yourself on the back about Josh Allen, yet again, and to post another one of your contrarian views that seeks attention and has little factual basis to it. If Brian Daboll were to leave would indicate little or nothing to the work Josh Allen put in, not even sure where that statement comes from as I think Josh Allen has put in a lot of work and his play this year makes that fairly obvious. I’m not speaking of mechanics, strength and conditioning type of work either but rather about the shoulder pads type of work. The fact that Jordan Palmer a
  6. These are your words @VanS After someone posted an article with quotes from Jordan Palmer stating Daboll’s influence with Josh Allen and denouncing his own, while a humble move it was also unprovoked, you refused to address it and typed as many words as possible so you could dance around the subject. So yes, when I ACT like you are denying it, it is because you flat out are. It’s literally the same thing over and over again, contradiction after contradiction, far too long winded responses that mean very little and obliviously ignoring posts that don’t support your narrative. You’
  7. I fully agree with this, and I don’t think it’s the method that people have a problem with. It’s literally everything else that precedes it and follows it.
  8. You don’t have a point, you never have outside of trying to act superior haha. You talk yourself in circles, contradicting and stumbling along the way. Read the articles that other people have posted, or take time out of patting yourself on the back in every thread possible and look into it. He gives a lot of credit to others for his progression. Side note, I might pump the brakes on calling people out for being unwilling/unable to admit when they were wrong but do you. I will also add, I was big time wrong on Josh Allen. Thought playoffs Josh Allen was what he would be alw
  9. You’re aware that Josh Allen himself in fact says otherwise right?
  10. Yea I read that link someone had posted. Much more than I thought it would be. Again, don’t condone any of stated behavior and action but it was almost two decades ago with nothing since correct?
  11. I was being lazy and thought I could get a quick sentence or two answer. Y’all made me read anyways, interesting, I want aware of all that. Nearly two decades ago though he seems to have straightened up.
  12. I’ve heard this mentioned a few times, what exactly were those issues?
  13. Pro bowl votes in general is a terrible metric, it’s a dog and pony show, whos got the more recognizable name game
  14. Came here to read about my favorite AFC team and see there’s yet another topic derailed by the one and only, stuck on repeat saying the same contradicting things while patting himself on the back.
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