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  1. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    1. Current rolling waivers 2. 3 QB Max 3. Wouldn’t mind 4 TEs but @USMC_PackFan brings up a good point in the fact there are barely enough productive TEs to have 3 on your team so 3 seems fine.
  2. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Just looked over my team, I read that we are waiting for other team owners to check in before trades open up but anyone looking for a RB get at me. Interested in a WR and/or draft picks.
  3. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Thank you @WE-R-Lions. Happy to be apart of a league with longevity and committed players like yourselves. It’s true I’m a niners fan, never even had a choice in the matter as my whole family are niner fans and I was born and raised in the Bay Area. But you guys know how that works being lions fans and all, no one openly chooses them do they haha? I kid, of course. Happy to be a part of your guys’ league though, look forward to this season and the ones to follow. I know I’m new and have to earn a voice in league matters but I’m big advocate of TEs (collect them in my other dynasty league), so any decision where more TEs can be had on a roster I’m a fan of. Side note, huge Kerryon fan, was my favorite RB last year and he’s on my other dynasty team I have so I’ll be rooting with you guys for a strong Lions offense this year.
  4. He only missed 4 tackles cause he was always being blocked and driven back 8 yards by OL. Pretty uninspiring pick, I guess he spends his on the PS but his film is a pretty rough watch for me. Hesitation from the snap, doesn’t shed, runs around OL instead of taking on blocks, limited strength, not very good at reading or poor instincts, not a whole lot of pop in his pads. This was one of the picks that made me cringe the most, especially when there was Ty Summers, David Long and Blake Cashman still on the board.
  5. 1. Quinnen Williams, DT 2. Nasir Adderley, FS 3. Chase Winovich, EDGE 4. Riley Ridley, WR 5. D’Andre Walker, EDGE/LB 6. Lamont Gaillard, C/OG 6. Kelvin Harmon, WR 6. Tim Harris, CB
  6. Any of these guys at 4 and then some OL in 6 and another defender and I’m good with this draft. Not who I would have taken in 3rd and watching Adderely go less than 10 picks in front of our 3rd hurt my heart but I like the draft and offseason so far. Improve the pass rush, find a running mate for Warner, get Jimmy G more weapons. Improve the OL depth and add some secondary players to see if we can’t find a gem to help us on the back side of the defense with what we already have there. Outside of Metcalf for the Seahawks there draft has been dreadful for me personally, Rams have been pretty ho hum with no big talent pieces coming in as well. The Cards are killing it to me, but their OL should still be an issue and will still be in the beginning stages of a rebuild this year. I think I’m usually fairly realistic about our chances every year, but I have to admit, I few real good this year to compete with the Rams this year and the years to follow for the NFC West crown if our OL and DBs can stay healthy and improve from last year.
  7. Add Butler and Risner to that list and I’m hoping we choose one of those.
  8. Completely forgot Risner and McCoy are still on the board as well
  9. Always been a Deebo fan and would be ecstatic with AJ, Deebo or Butler at the top of round 2. Adderely sitting there is awfully tempting though and just seeing what’s available at the top of round 3
  10. I think I’ll take part in the the one after the draft unfolds. I get too excited during to do anything productive.
  11. AJ Brown, Seatlle's second 1st round pick
  12. Well, there it is, the piece I think most of us have wanted all off season. Or at least the pick we can all be good with.
  13. The 2019 Annual Draft Game - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Thank you, forgot I hadn’t finished yet. I’ll have it done by tonight
  14. KFord's 2019 Niners Mock

    Would be pumped if we walked away from the draft with something like this, absolutely thrilled. I'm a fan and all for it.
  15. Furey's49ers Mock 4/23

    A couple days before round 1 begins fellas and with most of the offseason, as far as new additions to teams goes, over and done with we are down to the draft. I'll be honest, I'm not really sure of what to make with what Arizona is going to do at 1 and how that will affect our selection at 2, or who we select at 2, or if we stay at 2. This 2019 draft has the potential to be a whole lot of fun and I for one can not wait. Anyways, here's kind of a dream draft for myself at this point with many of my draft crushes who I feel would best at talent and depth to positions in need. Obviously with only 6 selections we can't address them all but I tried to address the areas of higher importance, or so that I feel. 1st - Quinnen Williams, DT - I know many of you aren't as high on QW joining our club because of the amount of bodies we already have on IDL. My stance from the beginning in regards to QW being our pick is you don't pass up elite talent because you a bunch of "depth/role players" and/or practice squad guys at that position. Buckner showed great ability last year and will receive even more attention from opposing OLs this year so pairing him with a monster like QW who will play the NT role in our scheme as he often did at Bama will do both wonders and allow them to thrive. Now I'm aware that we also have Armstead (who I think plays big DE in our scheme on base downs with the ability to shift inside on pass downs) and Thomas (who should see a lot more time on the inside in passing downs and may even get run at LEO on obvious run/early downs) but with them included no one even close to QW's talent and ability. Day, Taylor, Street, Jones and whoever else may be there can fill out the depth chart where needed, but I have a hard time convincing myself that we are set there because any of those names already on our roster, Armstead (on the last year of his deal) and Thomas included. QW took over games last year for Bama and was a one man wrecking crew, the one knock I have on him is he appeared to wear down at points late in a game and towards the end of the season. This big man never came off the field so that only makes sense. Beautiful part about how are roster is constructed right now is we don't need to keep QW on the field every down, we can allow him breathers throughout the game to keep his disrupting and big play tendencies at a high level, at least for this year until he gets his "sea legs" under him and adapts to the NFL schedule and physical demands. The kid is only 21 years old as well and already dominates on the field, in my eyes the sky is the limit with him and paired with DeFo we could potentially have ourselves the best IDL combo in the league for many years. In a division where there are two all league RBs (DJ and Gurley) and a team who might actually run the ball every down if they could get away with it in the Seahawks, it is extremely important for our defense to shut that aspect of opposing offenses down, QW goes a long way in that regard. 2nd - Chase Winovich, EDGE - Has been a draft crush of mine since the beginning of the college season when his motor and tenacity on the field really caught my eye. Then he went and tested like a very good athlete at the combine and his film becomes a little clearer to me. It's not just his drive and determination to be involved in every play but also his quickness and athletic ability that lends its hand to him being all over the place. For me, Winovich isn't your typical "try hard college ball player who's productive", he for sure has that aspect to his game but there are tools beyond that to work with and athletic ability for that production to continue on Sundays. Winovich could come in for us and man the SAM spot on base downs and EDGE spot opposite Ford on obvious passing downs or sub packages and I would feel very comfortable with him seeing the field often and early with his football IQ and high motor he brings to the table every play. 3rd - Kelvin Harmon, WR - Another one of my draft crushes since early on in the season. Love the way this kid plays with his physicality before and after the catch, aggressiveness in going and getting the football and the size he possesses. I know there are concerns over his speed and ability to separate. Speed will never be a part of his game, his game doesn't cater towards it anyhow. However his separation skills could, can and will improve greatly as soon as Welker and Shanny get their hands on him and begin to teach him how to use his hands. When releasing from the line as well as when the ball is in the air. Harmon up to this point in his career has gotten by mostly by being comfortable and able to make the tough, in traffic catches through sheer will and strength but doesn't use his hands all that well in the two areas I mentioned earlier. Coach him up on that aspect of the game as well as some little subtleties and nuances to route running and I think Shanny has his new Sanu in our offense with much greater potential. Not to mention his size at 6'3" 215 lbs is a welcome change on our WR depth chart. 4th - Phil Haynes, C/OG - A four year starter at Wake Forest who has spent time at RT, RG and LG throughout his career. His game translates well to the C position in the NFL as well and everything I have read or found on him talks about his durability and leadership which are fantastic and needed qualities on the interior of our OL. I see his game translating well to C in the NFL because while he's not completely inept as a mover or in space he's not as fluid as one might like to see when reach blocking or pulling. However he has a very good first punch, leg drive, anchor ability and recovery technique to get push in the middle as well as hold his ground against a bull rush which is everything that Richburg lacks as our starting Center right now. 6th - Jake Bailey, P - Sure, why not, at least it's not a 4th. 6th - Isaac Nauta, TE - Nauta didn't test nearly as well as most thought he would during the combine and already being on the smaller side for an inline TE at 6'3" 250 lbs I think his stock takes a bit of hit. This is great news for us as we aren't in need of a mismatch, move TE (remember that dude named Kittle?) but are in need of an all around TE who can compliment Kittle's game and be a reliable target and/or blocker when called upon. Celek is in the last year of his contract and Nauta could be brought along slowly and given time to adjust to the NFL for a year before taking over as our TE 2. What Nauta does bring is reliable hands, route running and zone understanding enough to get open and provide an outlet target for his QB, gets after it as a blocker and has a feel for positioning himself to either cut-off or meet secondary players at a spot when reaching the second level as a blocker. Better coaching in regards to technique and leverage will help him over come his slightly smaller size but the skill and will is there with plenty of practice and familiarity with it already having played for Georgia and their great rushing attack. QB - Garoppolo, Mullens, Beathard RB - Coleman, Breida, McKinnon, Mostert, Juszczyk WR - Pettis, Goodwin, Harmon, James, Matthews, Taylor TE - Kittle, Celek, Nauta OT - Staley, McGlinchey, Coleman OG - Tomlinson, Person, Garnett C - Richburg, Haynes EDGE - Ford, Moore, Winovich, Blair, Thomas, Watson IDL - Buckner, Williams, Armstead, Jones, Taylor LB - Warner, Alexander, Smith, Mayo CB - Sherman, Witherspoon, Moore, Verrett, Williams, Reed S - Ward, Tartt, Harris, Colbert Have at...