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  1. That’s what I’m assuming as well, I just haven’t seen anything one way or the other. With the news of Dion being called up I’m not sure why they’d wait at RB.
  2. Is there any news on Hasty that you guys have heard of?
  3. I know he was hurt last year, maybe IR all year?, and I’m sure there was some struggling leading to the release but this should be someone the niners take a look at. We have the depth chart currently to let him see some run and to sit and learn when guys come back healthy.
  4. He’s a good RB, good is not great but he’s certainly better than average. I don’t think the 4 mil was the issue for going unclaimed, I think it’s the personality/attitude coming along with the 4 mil.
  5. Haha I just happened to check to see if I got Trent Taylor and once I didn’t grabbed Miller. Lucky timing, hopefully it pans out.
  6. Gotcha, figured that was the case. No rush, just making sure nothing was wrong on my end
  7. Is anyone else not being able to edit their roster? I noticed this yesterday, maybe just until all rosters are edited?
  8. I absolutely agree. I even drafted Hasty in the last round of some of my rookie drafts haha. He fits what Shanny asks of his RBs, has some what of a young Devonta Freeman to his game as well.
  9. With pick 6.9 Detroit Styles selects Younghoe Koo, K, Atlanta Falcons. @jollyninja is OTC
  10. With pick 6.7 Detroit Styles will select the Seahawks Defense. @Oregon Ducks is OTC
  11. Aiyuk will likely be asked to step in right away with Deebo’s foot injury and Sanders leaving for the Saints. Bourne will see time as will Hurd and Taylor but more will be asked out of Aiyuk in the beginning than what typically happens in Shanny’s offense from a rookie WR. Kinlaw will be a part of the rotation. He may very well start but getting some vets back healthy there will be a healthy rotation along our DL this year. Everyone else will be depth and STs player. Interesting guys to watch will be Ahmed and Hasty, if one of them makes the team over Wilson, or with Wilson. Shanny used 4 RBs at different points of last season, so they very well could see some field time.
  12. Makes sense, i don’t remember ever including it in a trade. And 6.9 is close enough to 6.7 that I could have thought them to be back to back
  13. I’m looking to, went all the way back to 56 haha
  14. Yea I’ve only drafted 4 players so far, Dillon, Edwards, Sternberger and now Hurd. I should have two consecutive picks in the 6th, I believe 6.6 and 6.7 Not sure what happened or what changed but I no longer have my 6th round picks
  15. Pick 5.7 Detroit Styles selects Jalen Hurd, WR, San Francisco 49ers @Oregon Ducks is OTC
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