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  1. 2018 Draft Thread I

    I feel pretty good in our ability to move down even if QBs go 1 and 2 with us picking at 3. Chubb and Barkley should be pretty big targets for some teams looking to add a playmaker on offense or add, who I think, is the best pass rusher this year. With that said I don’t want to drop out of the top 10. I like @Forge‘s idea of taking Nelson early and making OL a priority fix. If he by chance is gone by our new pick, somewhere in the top 10 still, there are still guys I feel we could add at areas of need. Minkah Fitzpatrick, Arden Key, Harold Landry, Derwin James, Clellin Ferrell, Denzel Ward, Tarvaris McFadden, Isaiah Oliver, one of the OTs, possibly even another trade down with another team looking for a QB who’s still remaining. Edit : All that said and I forgot to mention the reason I came here haha. A WR who has had very good statistical production this year with nice size who has caught my eye is Anthony Johnson on Buffalo who’s playing right now if anyone is interested to take a look.
  2. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Yea I like Ridley probably the most, he won’t be any older than Kupp was coming out and I’ve been a huge Kupp guy since minute go, so his age doesn’t bother as much but I’m not sure he’s top 5 quality. There’s a bunch of “second tier” guys as I’ve called them. As @Forge said, doesn’t mean these guys can’t become superstars in the NFL but as prospects they don’t quite carry that “top prospect” label. I like Christian Kirk from TAMU a lot though, he reminds me a lot Golden Tate with a little OBJ. Anthony Miller from Memphis and Cam Phillips from VT have a little Steffon Diggs in their game to me. James Washington from OKST is in intriguing as well. But mainly I’ve been focusing on the bigger WRs, Courtland Sutton, SMU; Simmie Cobbs, IND; Marcell Ateman, OKST; Allen Lazard, ISU; Auden Tate, FSU; David Sills, WVU; Jaleel Scott, NMSU; Cedric Wilson, BOISE ST. Most should be available after the 2nd round on as well so plenty to choose from for us outside the 1st round.
  3. Haha. With all the bad luck we’ve had there this year the silver lining I find in it all is this is shaping up to be a very good safety draft class. Now while I hope we bring back ReId, and also have Tartt, Ward and Colbert coming back next year I’d like to take a S somewhere in the middle rounds since none of the guys listed seem to have the best injury luck and still haven’t “broken out” so to speak. Let’s keep adding talent to that secondary.
  4. 2017 NFL weekly pick 'em - Who's in???

    Got lucky with a couple wins late in the game but it seems your guys’ method of choosing games right when @Aussie9er posts the standings works haha. Jets really let me down against a bad Bucs team.
  5. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Sutton is one of the bigger WRs who intrigues me a lot. I often found myself wanting more while watching him play but then found out through the draft forum that he’s only been playing WR for a couple of years. He’s still relatively raw to the position and the physical talent is there without a doubt so I’ve actually warmed up to him a bit. Theres a couple of bigger bodied WRs who I’ve really taken a liking to this season, Courtland Sutton, SMU; Allen Lazard, ISU; Simmie Cobbs Jr., Indiana; Auden Tate, FSU; Jaylon Smith, Louisville; Equanimious St. Brown, ND. Then there’s always the smaller guys that I’m big on, Christian Kirk, TAMU; Anthony Miller, Memphis; Dante Pettis, Washington; Cam Phillips, VT Theres another big bodied guy from UTSA or NM or some small school like that who’s getting a lot of attention I’ve read from scouts. Forget his name or even his college haha but he’s 6’6” so there’s that.
  6. 2018 Draft Thread I

    I’d be all for trading down in the draft from our top 3 selection adding another 2nd, 3rd and 2019 1st or something (again, just throwing picks out there, not really taking time to look up value and past trades), taking Nelson in the 1st, adding a CB and WR in the 2nd and Ragnow and a pass rusher in the 3rd. I agree, we should be able to move Armstead for something, I’m pretty sure it would take a fairly high pick to package with Armstead to acquire Hilton but who knows, at the very least I think we can add atleast a 4 or 5. With the rest of our draft I’d like to see another OL, CB and WR added as well. Anything else added in FA would be great, looks like a good year to need a WR and CB in FA this year so that’s positive news for us.
  7. 2018 Draft Thread I

    This guy is a fool. It’s far too early to declare such things about a draft class. A year after this years draft will still be too early to claim such a thing haha. Back to OL discussion that was going on earlier, after looking into the FAs available i have to somewhat agree with @Forge in there just aren’t that many difference makers that will be available, as of right now. Some guys who may deem serviceable and perform adimarably but no one you’d think could be an above average starter for your team for the next 5 years. I’d like to see how Tomlinson and Garnett play out but I’d like to see another OG brought in with experience and another one added through the draft in the early to mid rounds. I’d also like to see a swing OT brought in through FA to compete with Williams in the offseason for this role. Most importantly i want one of these BIG 10 centers in this years draft. Iowa, Michigan and Ohio St all have Cs who should replace Kilgore from day 1. The two biggests weights sinking this ship in my mind are our OL and CB situation. Of course there are plenty more areas our team needs help at or new starters altogether but our offense will never succeed no matter who’s taking snaps, catching passes or toting the rock until the OL is fixed. On defense until we can actually cover someone we will always find ourselves playing from behind. Teams will be able to put up points, and quickly when our CBs couldn’t cover a twin bed with queen quilt. They are terrible and not only allow momentum killing big plays, drive saving penalties but are also absolutely useless in run defense. As much as i want some big name weapons on offense or some stud pass rusher through FA or the draft, I want to see these two areas addressed. I really don’t see how our team goes anywhere until then, there might be minimal improvement at times throughout next season but for continued success which we can build on year after a year I’d like to see those two areas addressed, and thoroughly with 3 or 4 new guys brought in at both spots. Being that this is the draft thread I’ll list three guys I’ve been keeping an eye on and reading up on as much as I could this season. C : James Daniels, Iowa; Billy Price, Ohio St.; Frank Ragnow, Arkansas (injured but a good one) OG : Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame; Will Hernandez, UTEP; Braden Smith, Auburn * Mason Cole, Michigan, not sure where he plays in the league but I’d take 5 of him for an OL everyday of the week. CB : Carlton Davis, Auburn; Adonis Alexander, Virginia Tech, MJ Stewart, North Carolina; Anthony Averett, Alabama; Quenton Meeks, Stanford
  8. Who are the good QB's in the 2019 Draft

    This whole season I’ve been impressed with him and Stanley from Iowa. From their good games to how they responded to bumps in the road. They each seem to be progressing nicely as this season continues as well.
  9. 49ers Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

    This is very true, remember Shanny was with Matt Ryan for two years and after the first there was some noise about whether Ryan and Shanahan were a fit after there wasn’t much improvement from Ryan’s play from years prior. Anyhow, the taking two years part to fully understand Shanahan’s system I can understand completely. I’d like to see Jimmy sit all year but I have a feeling like the decision makers might throw him in there in the last couple weeks of the year to give us fan base something to get excited about for next year, and although they’ll never admit it, better their drafting position to either acquire a top prospect or trade out of. Waiting till then will hopefully return some of our injured guys, Brown and Staley, and get some young guys more experience in hopes their play improves, Taylor, Bourne, Kittle, Interior OL.
  10. Around the NFL

    It’s his other knee than the the one he hurt in college but this thought did cross my mind when I first heard it because of how mobile he is. Wish the guy a speedy recovery.
  11. 2018 Draft Thread I

    @48 1/2ers, I'll agree with that. Barkley is going to be special. Kid is an animal and an even better dude off the field.
  12. 2018 Draft Thread I

    @Forge I was only referring to the depth mid round picks as purely depth haha. I don't think I made it all that clear but I want atleast two new starters along the interior part of our OL. I just prefer we get them through FA, guys that have proven to play well in the NFL. The mid rounders are then added depth. With the plug and play OL there are some admittedly I forgot about cause of injury such as Stanley and Decker, and some I was just ignorant and wasn't sure how they were playing but Ramcyzck and Conklin. But the Cowboys OL that you mentioned were from 5 or more years ago I believe. Tunsil, for how highly touted he was coming out hasn't been anything great since moving to LT, that one I know about cause I have Ajayi on a lot of fantasy teams and have watched a handful of Dolphin games. I was speaking more recently like the past 2-3 years though. But again, I forgot a couple names that you mentioned, maybe that is because last years OL class and the year before have been somewhat disappointing. Maybe Garnett has left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not sure what it is that has me feeling that way but none the less I'd like to go out and sign a new C and OG during FA, or trade for one if need be (I'm looking at you Armstead). Next years FA market for OG does include Shawn Lauvao, Justin Pugh, Jahri Evans (both a little older but better than what we have), Andre Smith, Andrew Norwell, Jack Mewhort, John Greco, Matt Slauson, Chris Hubbard, Xavier Su'a Filo. No one who is gonna need huge money contracts either but plenty of better options than what we field every Sunday. Theres still a part of me who hopes Tomlinson or Garnett can claim one of those spots. And I will admit, Quenton Nelson would be great get for us to be a stalwart in the interior part of our OL.
  13. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Exactly, I wasnt necessarily saying that's all I'd ask for but was betting low with the two 2nds and a mid round along with their 1st. If we got a haul like the Eagles gave up I'd be very happy. And at 8, or somewhere around there, there should be some OL, pass rushers and secondary help still available.
  14. Rashard Robinson Traded to the Jets

    See but we've been preaching potential on Robinson all offseason and so far all we've seen is regression. I understand he's young and still learning as player only playing a limited time in college. But how much better is he going to get always dealing with nagging injuries and attitude problems/melt downs. You're correct that a 5th round pick isn't the greatest of return but I think there's more to this behind the scenes that we don't get to see. Plus we already have Dontae Johnson, we don't need his clone.
  15. 2018 Draft Thread I

    At this point after acquiring Jimmy G I'm all for the trade down, obviously, and acquiring more picks. Maybe another 2nd this year and next with a mid rounder in this year. I don't want to drop down too low though as I still want a top end talent. Id love to see Fitzpatrick added with our 1st, then a WR and pass rusher in the 2nd, maybe a Cobbs and Hubbard for example. Maybe some OL, CB/S and LB depth worth having in the middle rounds. But for the most part I'd like to see us fix the OL and secondary issues with known quantities through FA. OL coming into the NFL seem to be less and less ready to make the jump whether that be because of college schemes or whatever is, it just doesn't seem like guys are of draft, plug and play quality anymore. With that being said I definitely want some young depth added in the middle rounds as I said earlier but I'm hoping we use some more of our cap room on impact FAs and less on minimal role playing guys.