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  1. 3.4 Detroit Styles selects : Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, Browns @Lionized otc
  2. I’ll never understand how drafts take so long haha. When I sign up for a league, I’m aware there will be a draft at some point in the year at specific time. I account for it, and plan, plus I’m excited as all hell to get my new guys or draft my start up team. But it seems like every league I’m in rookie drafts and start ups take forever. Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s life that happens outside of a fantasy football draft, but that’s exactly what motivates me to get it done as quickly as possible so it’s not something that drags out for weeks. Just my two cents. Again, I get unexpected thin
  3. 2.8 Detroit Styles selects : Dyami Brown, WR, WFT @nagahide13 otc
  4. Agreed, thank you sir. Hopefully I can make that 2nd a little later than it was this year haha.
  5. This is a bit early but just to possibly speed up the process I’m looking to move into the 2nd round. I have three 3rds, 3.4 3.5 and 3.16 I believe. Next years 2nd on the table as well.
  6. 1.12 Detroit Styles selects : Justin Fields, QB, Bears @Oregon Ducks otc
  7. I’m looking to gain another pick here in the next 5-8 to picks. Next years 1st as a part of the trade.
  8. 1.7, Detroit Styles selects : Trey Sermon, RB, 49ers @WE-R-Lions otc
  9. Not sure if it’s been mentioned or not already but the only other young RB I can think of who had the same injury was D’Onta Foreman if I’m not mistaken. Also supposedly had poor work habits that didn’t help his recovery process I’m sure but it’s not great. Onviously Mack as well, but we haven’t seen him since.
  10. I’ve got 1.7 if that interests you let’s talk.
  11. My bad haha, I’ll switch it to my user name here, those are just my initials. With that said, trade! @Lions017 gets : Darrell Henderson, RB and 6.12 I get : Phillip Lindsay, RB and 3.05
  12. Yea not a surprising move by any means, the injuries he’s suffered up this point at this stage of his career it was likely. I think the reworking of his contract was done in part to have him retire as well. Just wondering if there was any significant gain. I think through that reworked contract the niners don’t lose any money however if I’m not mistaken.
  13. How does this affect our cap? I imagine all of money owed to him this year, even though it was recently reworked I believe, is taken off the books? Edit : Just saw my question answered by Lombardi, clears a little over 1 mil since the restructure already dropped his number considerably.
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