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  1. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Why does he look so slow on kickoff returns then? Must be that he is indecisive when deciding where to go with it. I've always thought the best kick or punt returners aren't the guys who dance but choose a lane and hit it as fast as they can. One of the reasons I always thought Hester was so good, on top of his 4.3 speed he almost attacked kick coverages with his returns.
  2. Offensive Line Thread

    Barnes was by far the worst OL on a very bad Rams OL last year, I'm not sure how he even has a job still. Magnuson apparently can play all the interior positions which is extremely attractive with who will be playing ahead of him there. I'm praying Magnuson is a UDFA stud for us for years to come, we could use a find like that on the inside bad.
  3. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    I guess struggled is a bit harsh, inconsistent was the word I should have used. I did say however that he had good moments as well but go back and watch the games if you can and you'll see Solly getting stone walled, as in no push, no real pass rush move used or counter and then just kind of sit there and play patty cake while the OL has him pretty much neutralized. He didn't get nearly the amount of run that he did in the first game but I noticed on two separate occasions during this last game. In college he was able to use his strength, quickness and power to be able to beat most who lined up across from him. In the NFL even against 2nd and 3rd stringers you have to have a plan of attack and even a counter move if you are unsuccessful initially. Unless of course you have Norman Price lined up across from you. Something I'm sure he will get coached up on and continue to develop so I'm not that concerned about it cause have we've all seen on some plays he shows why he was a top 5 draft pick. With the noise Tank is creating on a consistent play by play basis this preseason though I think until Solly gets more consistent Tank plays in obvious passing situations. One of the few positions, being the big DE, on this team where we are actually looking very good.
  4. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Thats my thinking as well. Don't get me wrong I'm still a huge Solly Thomas supporter but in both preseason games now he's has some issues with rushing the passer, granted he's had moments where he looks good too but almost more out of effort than skill. But if Tank is playing with that kind of disruptance without needing to be on the field all that much to get the feel of the game I say we keep using him in that fashion.
  5. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Next game I'd assume we something more of a regular season game plan for the first half in regards to our "presumed" starters and playing time. Then we'll see guys who are still jockeying for position on the depth chart in the second half. For the last game I'd think it would be mostly back ups at important positions for most of the game with a couple roster battles that are highlighted
  6. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    It's almost as if we are about to see some cuts soon with how we've been seeing a lot of the vets get playing time. With the league change to just one large cut at the end of the preseason I wouldn't be surprised if we made a couple here and there to trim our roster down to that final cut date.
  7. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Would much rather keep Boldin than have Kerley be our WR 4. Give me Garçon, Goodwin, Robinson, Taylor, Boldin and Bourne. Let's find out if we have some one special on the back half of that depth chart.
  8. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Penalties, tackling, blocking, taking care of the football are absolutely killing us.
  9. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Not a good look for my underdog favorites Calitro and Skov
  10. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    It's official, I hate Norman Price. I just don't understand why we keep these OL who are worse than terrible. Why not let them go and sign some bouncer outside of a club, they have to be better at keeping people out then some of the OL we have. Like we get it Price, who don't know how to play football, go home now
  11. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Hightower does not look good, I really hope the reason we haven't seen Breida or Williams is cause they are our new RB 2 by committee like Richard and Washington were for the Raiders last year.
  12. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Coyle needs to go. He can't even get out of the tackle box on runs to the outside, gets swallowed up by the OL on inside runs and his idea of coverage is drop back 15 yards and sit there whether there is a WR in front of him or not
  13. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    I'm pretty sure Beathards real name is Yosemite Sam with that red mustache hanging over his chin strap
  14. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    I agree with this 100%.
  15. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Our CBs, starters all the way through are terrible, it's going to be a long season