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  1. I’ll add that my pick, 1.4, is also on the trade block if someone’s trying to move up.
  2. Vikings, Giants, Titans, Jets I think had very nice classes.
  3. I liked both those players as prospects as well. Outside of the Cardinals I think the Rams and Seahawks just face planted this class. I mean the Rams took 3 WRs and another RB. Seahawks used their most valuable pick on a WR who is quite similar to the 30 year old Lockett who they just locked up for decent money. Confusing pick considering they’d like to “get back” to running the football and have a defense with more question marks then answers. They obviously weren’t going to address them all but to add to one of your few strengths when there’s clear needs in multiple areas is an odd
  4. Forgot to mention earlier, it’s seems a lot of the picks after Lance were “Adam Peter’s” guys, I believe Banks and Thomas were both quickly referenced back to Peters as such, and strangely enough, I feel even better about them knowing that.
  5. A lot of energy went into that 1st round pick haha, both before it was made and probably immediately after in celebrating. With that said, some general notes from myself include; Lance makes or breaks this class, obviously, Sermon and Mitchell should be the RBs of the future as a nice 1, 2 combo, love seeing the investment made to the IOL as I’ve been wanting that for years, Ambry Thomas and Lenoir have a legit chance at not only making this roster but seeing playing time relatively quickly with most of our secondary again on one year deals and I think at their respective positions (outside CB
  6. I believe it’s very likely
  7. Niners take Fields, Shanny stays silent during interviews and just smiles.
  8. Billy B gets the credit is probably the most likely reaction in that scenario rather than the niners messed up by passing on Jones for Fields.
  9. Ready for a new season for sure after last years poor showing.
  10. I’ll add Marquez Stevenson to this list as well. Good names here though.
  11. I hope it’s higher, and I hope it’s in the 5th round. We’ve had good luck in the 5th
  12. Possibly, although I don’t think most people were looking at Molden like some kind of workout warrior. At least I wasn’t, I knew he was going to be smaller and more agile/quick than fast but the dudes instincts and aggressive nature whether in pass defense or coming down hill for a ball carrier are excellent. Honestly I’m more concerned with the sub 30” arms than the high 4.5 40. Jumps were good enough. I love his film, extremely smart and natural defender and I wouldn’t hate taking him with our 2nd but if we landed him with our 3rd I’d be ecstatic.
  13. Tryon, Keith Taylor, Elijah Molden are the three names I like out of Washington. Taylor would be a 3rd or later round guy for me but watching more of Molden I’m really liking the idea of him as a third safety/nickel/slot guy.
  14. He played this past year, I believe the OK St vs Texas game is great one with him and Ossai. I’m pretty sure that was this year. Speaking of Chuba, while OSUs OL certainly wasn’t the best by any stretch of the imagination most of his decline was of his own making. At least from my point of view. Dude just didn’t look like he wanted to be out there at all. Which sucks cause I loved what I saw from him in 2019 and was hoping he’d build on it.
  15. His hand placement and power packed behind those hands is pretty cool to watch. You can see DL feel it when he strikes them. A podcast I listen to turned me onto him and I’ve been a fan since. Could slip right into the Raiders hole at RT and provide a boost for that smash mouth running style Gruden wants.
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