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  1. 49ers Cut Navorro Bowman

    Along the lines of my thinking. Like @Forge has said I can't see the pick being anything higher than a 6th or 7th anyways, but regardless of what we were getting back the fact Lynch decided just to release Bowman to let him have his picks of his team this is huge. I can't really remember that ever happening and I think the former player, now GM Lynch is winning over a lot of players respect and making huge strides in bettering the overall outlook towards this franchises handling of players. Do I believe there was a trade that was awaiting his go ahead and he said "naw, Bow deserves to go where he wants and that's final." I'll put on my red and gold lensed glasses and say yes haha.
  2. New Forum - New Random

    Ya know for someone who likes Josh Allen you think a lot like myself when it comes to fantasy football haha, I kid I kid. Those were my thoughts, I still don't trust Simien against the Giants secondary yet, plus the Giants have got run on all season so I think Anderson gets fed a lot and often.
  3. New Forum - New Random

    Pretty much along the lines of what I was thinking. Honestly I was hoping someone would convince me to start Hyde haha but it doesn't seem possible. Beyond Washingtons solid run defense this year Zach Brown seems like an athletic cover for RB out of the backfield and I don't think game flow will be one where the Niners are running the ball a lot. Preciate it. Now since I have ya here, for another PPR league I need to choose between 4 WRs, Benjamin, Hill, Sanders and Crabtree? Pick 3.
  4. New Forum - New Random

    Got a question for all fantasy players amongst us and seeing as it relates to two guys playing in the game we'll probably all be watching figured I'd ask here. Im trying to decide who my flex play should be this week in a PPR league between Hyde or Pryor. Thoughts? ill tag @Forge cause I see him active in the fantasy thread a lot as as @steadypimpin I believe.
  5. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    For sure, and by no means am I hating on Allen but as @CWood21 put it the discussion and excuses that are given and/or had for Allen are almost nauseating at this point. Take him for what he is at face value for right now is my take, he's one hell of a physical specimen who's going to need a lot of time and work.
  6. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    This has pretty much been my viewpoint although was hoping to be proven wrong this season by Allen. I don't even really understand the comparison to Cutler's situation as Cutler was playing in the SEC and still had better numbers than Allen does up to this point playing in the MWC. Let alone whenever Allen plays a team more talented than his own seems to fall apart completely. Cutler had some rough games and moments his last year as well but more often than not gave his team a shot and kept them comptetitive. It just feels like people are wanting this too bad and therefor trying too hard.
  7. He's still learning the technique and the nuances of becoming a WR. The dude has the size and all the athletic ability in the world, he just needs to put it all together. I don't remember him having drop issues with the Browns so I think that can be attributed to him trying to do to much and overthinking everything. Other than week 1 and week 4 Cousins hasn't really tried Pryor deep or entrusted him with a 50/50 ball. That's where Pryor needs to stop thinking so much and use his god given ability. I do agree with you @Forge that he definitely needs to be more consistent on the field but his natural ability coupled with his work ethic, put in a lot of time working with great WRs this offseason and even in his progression from QB to WR happening so effectively so quickly, I think he'll be alright. He is older, I think almost 29 if not already, but there isn't a whole lot of wear and tear on his body so his prime might happen a bit later than usual.
  8. The Official: 2018 CalhounLambeau Draft Thread - RB Penny 10/14

    Gotcha, so last year was his second season playing as a WR. I'm still fairly impressed with that.
  9. I'll add to that further about York and the donations him and the Niners organization, among other Bay Area teams, have made towards relief/help efforts in the dealing of these north Bay Area fires. I think read somewhere in the ball park of half a mil donated.
  10. The Official: 2018 CalhounLambeau Draft Thread - RB Penny 10/14

    So Sutton's first year playing WR resulted in last years production? That's crazy impressive, and also makes a lot more sense now as to why he has such up and down games this year with the added attention from defenses.
  11. Trade Help Thread

    I'd probably try and make a deal to get Hooper then and just hold two TEs. Being a niner fan I want to tell you to go for Kittle but let's be honest, outside of that 4th quarter drive he hasn't been targeted much and seems to always have nagging injuries. I wouldn't give up anything crazy for Hooper but he's the guy personally I'd target.
  12. Trade Help Thread

    If you're good with trading Howard and want the WR depth then I'd pull the trigger. With Shady, Miller, Kamara and those pass catching RBs you'd still be set at RB so I'd probably do it. My preference would be to get Garçon with Dez over Fuller. Garçon will more than likely always get the lions share of the targets for the Niners where Fuller will always be option number 2 behind Hopkins. Garçon to me is a more consistent, reliable option as Fuller has yet to stay healthy for an entire season or produce for long stretches at a time.
  13. Trade Help Thread

    Miller got a lot of targets from Trubisky, even Dion Sims the second TE on that team did as well so Miller might be worth hanging on to. I don't think Hooper has seen more than 4 targets in a game this season so I might wait to see if Hooper is worth it, unless you're comfortable holding two TEs on your team. If you are I might try and offer a trade where I keep Miller and get Hooper. Is ASJ available through waivers?
  14. Trade Help Thread

    I'd target Hooper. He could probably be had for cheap and his last four weeks are the Saints twice, Bucs and Panthers. All games should be relatively high scoring with those defenses being questionable in the secondary but all offenses being able to score. Hooper still seems to be finding his rhythm and role in that offense but I like his skill set and opportunity.
  15. Trade Help Thread

    If your league is 2 RBs and 3 WRs PPR play I'd do it. If you can play a RB as a flex with 2 WRs I'd probably hold my RBs and watch the waiver wire for anyone who comes on later in the year. My reasoning for accepting the trade is that beyond Allen and DT I'd feel a little uneasy with Amendolas injury history and Sneads uncertain health and role. Beyond that though you're sitting good at RB with Shady, Howard, Duke (assuming you're in a PPR league) and Ellington (PPR right?).