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  1. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Week 6 : Patriots I’ve used Ravens, Cowboys, Bills, Chiefs, Vikings.
  2. Official 2020 Non-Rush LB Thread

    Agree with a lot of that @Ozzy. I love the way Weaver plays ball and the intangibles he brings to the field. Unfortunately, my personal view really, the NFL has been and continues to go further away from this style of player. I’d take Weaver all day over Jahlani Tavai who the Lions took in the 2nd round of last years draft, so there’s a chance. I don’t think Weavers athleticism is horrid but he can be exposed and it’s definitely not the strength of his game by any means. The lack of quick twitch is a concern for redirecting while in coverage and also if he were to play on the end as OLB in a 3-4.
  3. Official 2020 CB/S Thread

    Ashtyn Davis from Cal, what are people’s thoughts? I may be biased but I see a solid FS mid round prospect.
  4. Official 2020 Non-Rush LB Thread

    Absolutely love Weaver being a Bears fan but as others have said he struggles greatly moving side to side. Tough as nails, sure tackler, great at coming down hill, above average instincts and understanding of the game but he’s a two down thumper who occasionally can sit down in the right zone from time to time but is going to be a liability in pass coverage.
  5. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Personally I’m choosing Sanders with his safer floor depending on who my starters are at RB and WR. If I need a HR I’d probably go Brown or Gordon.
  6. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Have Stefon Diggs or Diontae Johnson to decide on for my WR 3 spot. Who you guys choosing?
  7. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Whoops, I edited this as opposed to to quoting it. Not sure if that disqualifies me or not but if it doesn’t I’ll take the Vikings
  8. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I’m starting GBs defense tonight. GB have shut down teams passing games, while they’ve been run on the eagles have one of the worst rushing offenses. Za’Darius Smith should be a go tonight too for the Pack so that means both of their pass rushers will be in. As far as I see it, the Packers defense has been playing too well and Eagles offense, including Wentz, not well enough for me to pull them on a short week. Edit : That was rough...haha
  9. 49ers Survivor Pool

    I’ve used the Ravens, Cowboys, Bills, Chiefs Week 5 I’ll take the Vikings.
  10. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    I’m pretty sure that’s how ESPN sets up the schedule automatically. In another dynasty league of mine that has been going on for some years now we switched platforms from ESPN because of the scheduling along with some other things we wanted to be able to customize.
  11. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Week 3 : Bills
  12. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Still wish we had attempted to get Shaq Barrett. Granted this against a bad Panthers OL but he now has 4 sacks on the season and good players capitalize against bad players.
  13. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Week 2 - Cowboys
  14. 49ers Survivor Pool

  15. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    For real haha. He was my go to star on, fantasy wise real life the dude is a clown who probably needs a lot of help, but I’ll be alright. Got a lot of depth at WR. And just like that business is booming again.