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  1. Most complete back in NFL history

    MY GUY BARRY SANDERS. My man could make a below average offense into a legitimate force to be reckoned with
  2. *2018 PREDCITIONS*

    What are your 2018 predictions for the Lions? I've got my Lions going 12-4 (I'm a Kool-Aid drinker) with the following record: Jets: W 49ers: W Patriots: W Cowboys: W Packers: L Dolphins: W Seahawks: W Vikings: L Bears: L Panthers: W Bears: W Rams: L Cardinals: W Bills: W Vikings: W Packers: W I'm predicting that we break even with our division, going .500 since the NFC North is looking like one of the best in all of football. I'm also predicting that we beat most of our out-of-division opponents because I just think we are a better football team than a lot of our opponents. And keep in mind we had the 32nd ranked rushing attack and still won 9 games with an injured Stafford for part of the season. And then we added LeGarrette Blount who can only make it better. I say the Lions get 12 wins. What do you guys think?
  3. Top 10 Most Talented Rosters

    Until The Jaguars can prove themselves in 2018 i'm still going to look at them as a GOOD defense that got torched by the steelers and 49ers(lmao)
  4. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I share the same concerns but the fact that we ranked 27th in total yardage allowed on defense and 21 in points per game allowed, is a good indication that there is room for improvement and there's a a good chance tht we improve on that. We added Deshawn Shead who is a run topping machine at the cornerback position. We added Sylvester Williams who is a solid Defensive Tackle (and former 1st round pick) and we added 2 linebackers in Kennard and Jones who are, in my opinion an upgrade from What we had last year. I suppose i'm higher on the Lions Defense than most but it's realistic that we can improve on 27th in yards allowed and 21st in points allowed
  5. Top 10 Most Talented Rosters

    umm best o-line in the nfl and top 3 rb, solid defense. Jags have....a good defense (who got torched by Pittsburgh).
  6. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    If this isn't the Lions year to win the division and make a playoff push then idk when we will. Stafford is coming off his 2nd best season (wasn't quite as good as 2011) and has been developing a great connection with his receivers, so I'm only expecting that to get better. Our running game has nowhere to go but up (we ranked 32nd) especially with LeGarrette Blount in the backfield and our defense has improved in terms of overall talent with the additions of Deshawn Shead, Sylvester Williams, Christian Jones, and Devon Kennard. I really liked our free agency and our draft as well. Anything less than a playoff appearance and at least 1 playoff win seems like a disappointing season to me. I'm very high on this team for the 2018 season.
  7. Top 10 Most Talented Rosters

    In no order: My Lions Falcons Patriots Vikings Packers Chargers Rams Saints Eagles Cowboys Just missed: Jags, Broncos, Steelers, Panthers, Raiders, Titans
  8. Your Team: High Expecations, Low Expectations

    My high expectations for the Lions are that they go 11-5. As long as Stafford doesn't have a season-ending injury we will win at least 11 games. Stafford played hurt in several games over the course of the 2017 season (Against the Saints, Panthers, Vikings, and Ravens, all of which they lost) and had the 32nd ranked rushing attack and still led his team to 9 wins. We also added LeGarrette Blount and improved our offensive line so it's very unlikely that our rushing attack doesn't improve from last year. All we need is improvement from the running game to help Stafford out. We also have a top 5 receiving corps with Golden Tate, Marvin Jones Jr., Kenny Golladay, and T.J. Jones and an improved defense with the additions of Devon Kennard, Christian Jones, Deshawn Shead, and Sylvester Williams. All of those free agents are an upgrade from what we had last season. So an 11-5 season is definitely a likely possibility for my Lions. The low expectation would be that Stafford suffers a season-ending injury and if that happens then everything is over and we get 5-6 wins.
  9. Richard Sherman Released--Worth a Look?

    Because he lacks the speed to keep up with the faster receivers in the league.
  10. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    Signing Andrew Norwell is the best possible FA move the Lions can make. Justin Pugh is a good second option. The second best one would be getting either Richard Sherman or Malcolm Butler. Butler represents better value. Side note: Whoever signs Trumaine Johnson will be overpaying immensely for an average corner so I just pray to the football gods that the Lions aren't thinking about being the ones to overpay him
  11. Lions Pick at 20

    DO NOT draft a running back at 20 lions, please don't screw that up. There's a ridiculous amount of talent in this year's running back class and we should, without a doubt, take one in the second round. We should take a defensive lineman with the 20th pick. The players I think we'll have a chance at getting are Maurice Hurst, Daron Payne, Taven Bryan Harold Landry, Arden Key, Marcus Davenport Maurice Hurst represents great value because he is the best defensive tackle (our biggest need) in the draft but will not be the first one selected due to being undersized and a heart condition issue at the combine. Arden Key is another player I like because he has all the potential in the world and displayed gamechanging ability in his sophomore season. He will also slide in the draft due to a lack of production last season (he was playing at 280 while in his sophomore season he was at 240-250) and off field issues.
  12. Richard Sherman Released--Worth a Look?

    We should absolutely give him a look. I have no doubt that Richard Sherman will be back to his all-pro form in 2018 no matter what team he plays for. Lawson isn't our guy opposite of slay and Tabor is best suited for the slot. Bringing in a solid outside corner should be a priority in free agency. I also love the idea of targeting Malcolm Butler and Robinson from Philadelphia. Sherman won't come cheap so those two are great FA targets as well.
  13. Doug Martin--Slowed By Injuries or a Bad O-Line?

    this 100%. There's no way Bob Quinn is signing Martin, I'd rather have Abdullah everyday of the week
  14. Mock offseason

  15. 2018 Lions Offseason Mock