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  1. Week 2: Lions @ 49ers

    Test them deep! They're all playing at the line of scrimmage
  2. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    I agree with you on the Colts, Falcons, and Saints. As for your concerns about the Lions, Marvin Jones had the highest yards-per-catch of any receiver in the NFL last year at 18.0 and on top of that, Kennny Golladay (a rookie from last year) had a yards-per-catch of 17.0. I'm pretty confident in our deep threats, and Tate provides the perfect option underneath with his league-leading 22 formed missed tackles last year. I strongly disagree that we have no threats in the passing game at running back. We have Theo Riddick who is considered by many to be one of the best receiving backs in the league. They do have big question marks at tight end and on the defense, but we were able to win 9 games last year with an injured Stafford, a dead-last rushing attack, and an average defense. We simply disagree about the Dolphins which is fine. I can see them playing below average this year, but I also like them as a sleeper team. They have a lot of talent and I still think that Tannehill is better than people give him credit for. The Seahawks could suffer due to the losses of their notable all-pro players but Russell Wilson is a hall of famer and having the best quarterback in a division can never be underestimated. I like the Seahawks to outperform expectations and I can see them doing that especially if their offensive line manages to not be awful again this year.
  3. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    No need to wish that on someone I think that they had a good year last year but the playoff game showed that they were an above average team rather than a really good one. This year will tell a lot, if Goff is the real deal, if McVay can continue his success, if their free-agents were worth the plunge. There's a lot of things the Rams did that we won't know the impact of until the season is over. I don't wish failure on them, I simply believe in a win total under 10 wins.
  4. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    The Rams have a very good roster. They were the number 1 in scoring offense and 5th in turnovers generated on defense last year. They have added a plethora of big-name players this offseason. All of these things are why the public is so high on the Rams They are expected to win at least 10 games this year (based on their win total projections). If I were a betting man I would feel confident in taking the under on that. This entire topic is based on how I view those teams I listed as overhyped and underhyped compared to their projected win totals from Vegas. That represents how the public perceives those teams and how many games they will win. I disagree with the average person on their perception of the Rams because I think that it is very possible they win less than 10 games this year. We won't know until December 30th but I believe the Rams will under perform this year. The quarterbacks they played last year were: Scott Tolzien, Kirk Cousins, Brian Hoyer, Dak Prescott, Blake Bortles, Eli Manning, Tom Savage, Case Keenum, Drew Brees, Carson Wentz, Marcus Mariota, Jimmy Garoppolo, Blaine Gabbert, Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton, and Russell Wilson. I won't list all of the quarterbacks they're slated to face this year but they're a much more formidable cast than the aforementioned ones with more complete rosters. It's going to be close, like I said, but I wouldn't feel confident putting my money into the Rams going over 10 wins this year. That is asking an awful lot from Jared Goff and a second year head coach who had quite a lot of success in his first season.
  5. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    I never said that he was going to return to his 2016 form. I said that he will probably regress from his 2017 form, which means he will still probably be a top 10 quarterback just not an MVP-level quarterback.
  6. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    Carson Wentz had the 5th most passing attempts in 2016. Despite all of his attempts he was 18th in yards, tied for 28th in yards per attempt with Blake Bortles, 25th in touchdown passes, and he was tied for 9th in interceptions thrown with Matt Barkley, Carson Palmer, and Cam Newton. Carson Wentz is good but I expect some regression from his 2017 stats.
  7. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    Even though The Lions beat the Vikings at home last year and swept them the year before?
  8. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    The Rams played both the NFC East and AFC South last year. Against the NFC East they beat the Cowboys, without Sean Lee, and Giants, who went 3-13. They lost to the Redskins at home. Against the AFC South they beat the Colts in a game where they didn't have Jacoby Brissett, and beat the Texans with Tom Savage at quarterback. They also beat the Jaguars and Colts so they swept the division. In their division they swept the Cardinals, but in the first game they played Carson Palmer for less than a half and Drew Stanton the rest of the game. In the second game they played Blaine Gabbert. Against the 49ers they beat Brian Hoyer 41-39 and lost the last game of the year when they were resting starters. Against the Seahawks they lost at home and then beat them pretty badly in their place although the Seahawks were suffering from multiple injuries including to Richard Sherman Kam Chancellor, Cliff Avril, Deshawn Shead, Bobby Wagner, etc. They also played the Vikings, who they lost to badly and they beat the Saints. They also played an unimpressive game in the playoffs where they only scored 13 points. I think they will have a decent year but I'm not as high on them as others. https://www.turfshowtimes.com/2018/8/3/17649072/los-angeles-rams-one-of-the-most-overrated-teams-in-2018-walter-football
  9. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/qbr/_/year/2016 Nope, try again
  10. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    Remember that this is my opinion compared to the betting public. The saints are perceived as a top 8 team, while I view them as a top 3 team, and the best team in the NFC. The public believes that the eagles, vikings, packers, steelers, rams, and patriots will win more games than the saints. The patriots or steelers may achieve that due to being in the weaker conference and having top 5 rosters but I don't believe that will be the case with the rest of those teams. The Vikings maintained an unusually healthy roster last year and suffered almost no major injuries to their starters with the exception of Dalvin Cook, Sharrif Floyd, and Sam Bradford. That will likely change this year due to the nature of the NFL. They are also in the strongest division and conference in the NFL and will have a 1st place schedule this year. The Rams had a much easier schedule last year than they will have this year and are relying on the additions of big name players to help them get to the playoffs (they won't get that far) and advance past the first round. The Steelers, along with having a weak draft, lost Martavis Bryant and their defense was one of the weaker units in the NFL during the second half of the season. They still have a great roster and a great offense but I see them repressing a bit this year. The eagles have a lot of hype after winning the superbowl and, as expected, the public is very high on them and they are expected to win the division again. I don't see them performing as well as they did last year and I don't expect Carson Wentz to have an MVP-Caliber season again. Remember in his rookie season he threw only 16 touchdowns to 14 interceptions and had a total qbr of 46.7 on the year which was 26th out of 30 lower than Osweiler, Siemian, Dalton, Flacco, Tannehill, Kaepernick, Palmer, and many others. The Packers are the one team most I view as most likely to prove me wrong because of Aaron Rodgers, but they are relying on a very young roster around him.
  11. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    One of the reasons I like for the Lions to outperform their vegas line (7.5) is because they won 9 games last year despite being ranked 32nd in rushing, Stafford playing hurt in multiple games upon being one of the most sacked and hurried quarterbacks in the league, and they added some nice pieces and returned some starters (Deshawn Shead, Devon Kennard, Legarrette Blount, Sylvester Williams, Frank Ragnow, Kerryon Johnson, and their starting left tackle returns from a season in which he was injured for half the year) while losing very little to free agency. I disagree with the colts because vegas has them at 6.5 which indicates that the public views them as the worst team in their division but I think they have a chance to win or place second. I agree with your view of the Falcons and I think, since the OC was so bad last year, there's really nowhere to go but up, especially with all of the talent on the offense. I like the Dolphins because of their division, young talent, and because Ryan Tannehill is an upgrade over Cutler. The public is also low on them after losing star players like Suh and Landry but I don't think it will be a big enough factor to keep the from going over their line of 6.5. The seahawks are underhyped in my opinion because they lost Kam Chancellor, Michael Bennett, and Richard Sherman and it's to be expected that losing 3 players of that caliber would mean regression but I think they could duplicate their win total from last year or even surpass it mainly because if their o-line can do even marginally better then Russell Wilson will find a way to win 9-10 games. The saints are hyped but I just think that they are a top 3 team rather than a top 8-10 team like their vegas line indicates.
  12. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    The line for the saints is at 9.5 which is lower than the eagles, steelers, patriots, vikings, packers, rams and tied with the chargers. The saints are better than all of those teams except for the patriots so I consider them underhyped.
  13. If a quarterback can successfully pull of a deception of that magnitude then he deserves every extra yard he got
  14. Teams that are overhyped/underhyped

    Overhyped: Panthers, 49ers, Vikings, Jaguars, Eagles, Giants, Bears, Texans, Rams, Raiders Underhyped: Lions, Colts, Falcons, Dolphins, Seahawks, Saints
  15. Training Camp and Preseason

    Lions going 10-6 or 11-5