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  1. I can live with WFT in a short term, but I think it does the franchise no good to NOT have a nickname. My issue is, that from a marketing standpoint, including things other than merchandise, being bland or neutral can seem cool, but it doesnt last very long. European Football Clubs have a different culture, following, and pride as it relates to their cities and the sports which populate European sports markets. There is no possible correlation between NFL and Bundesliga, Serie A etc...
  2. My two criteria for this team: 1. It has to remain Washington and have a nickname other than Football Team. 2. This team must get closer to Washington D.C. Keeping the WFT moniker is embarrassing. It shows no creativity and no commitment to the fanbase to reel fans in. My favorite names I have seen so far: Washington Red Wolves Washington Warthogs Washington Wolfpack I am still irritated that this forum still has a name of "Washington".
  3. I have not gone into the full story of the release, but frankly, the guy is 30 and was not a pro bowl OT at RT. I think that Scherff helped him more than Moses having a good ability. Moses was just average and filled a spot for a while. The bigger release to me is Geron Christian. There was no projection for him in this town and he just needed to go. Not even sure why he was drafted. It was a waste of a pick and it should have been another position or player. I like Cosmi for LT, but with signing Leno, Cosmi will likely slide into RT and do just fine. Its the cheaper way to do thin
  4. He ingested something laced with Fentanyl. Never regained consciousness.
  5. I think I see Trey Lance as the ultimate challenge for Kyle. If he can make him succeed and be a star, then Kyle will go down in history as the QB whisperer.
  6. I would feel opposite, cause we know that we need Cheesehead, but at least we have a potential for a better prospect than a LS. Patterson could play more than just a single position. ST's, 3rd down back, etc. Or another TE because Bates is primarily an inline blocker, which is needed, but having another receiving TE option would be great. But instead, we drafted a LS and we TRADED UP to get him.
  7. Right, cause they don't have any other thing to do in practice. There is a good study which Stathead did to identify the retention of kickers drafted and those undrafted, and I clump these all cause of ST's players in general. Their job is not difficult and was once done by TE's and back up C's. The position was created in 1971 by none other than George Allen. But drafting a player who does nothing but snap a ball, is something you could have back up TE's do in practice when the first team is on the field. It's a replaceable position.
  8. The fact that there are metrics for a LS, is how rediculous analytics can be. It's called overanalysis and is there such a thing as a strike zone for LS's for their accuracy target? Waste of a pick that could have been signed as a FA or, idk, make a TE learn the position? Maybe a back up LB that could also be on kick off coverage?
  9. No they are not. They are ST's players who have a single job. A waste of a pick which could have been an UDFA. PERIOD.
  10. No idea why this is even a thing. TE's are LS's. Hey lets pay a guy a 625K salary to snap a ball without blocking at max 15 yards. That is the complexity of his job.
  11. There are 2 guys I don't see making the roster but the PS yes. Bradley and Milne. Toney is a beast and I don't think Kerrigan would be resigned.
  12. He was a 2nd-3rd round projection. Not sure what happened.
  13. I love this pick. He is a polished route runner with grat hands. He doesn't need to be a burner but he has size and strength to win the route and just play ball. He won't start but he will get reps and looks in 2021.
  14. Good job old man. All my advice paid off. 😂😂 But seriously, I predicted way too many trades and Kyle Shanahan is a liar. Grats Thai, well deserved.
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