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  1. The Ravens and Texans have made a trade: Ravens receive: 3-67 4-121 Nick Young - C - For 2-58 @jch1911
  2. With the 47th pick in the 2021 TCMD Draft, The Baltimore Ravens select - D-0426 Trey Smith, G, Tennessee @Trojan OTC
  3. He would be best at 43 DE but I think needs to get stronger to play edge.
  4. Oh believe me, Ohio State QB's are nothing to revel over either. When was the last time any one of them panned out? I mean, where have some of the QB's in this league come from? Wyoming? Texas Tech? Wisconsin? North Dakota State, Mississippi State, California, Boston College, Oklahoma, Washington State, Lousiville. Did any one of those colleges actually win a national championship? The only pro QB right now that actually won a championship I think was Deshaun Watson. But Alabama is probably the most recent of great college QB's but mediocre pro's.
  5. While that is true, you could have rolled with them for this season while getting talent elsewhere and seen what your option would be next year. Its another 1st round pick on a mediocre Alabama QB, let alone the pick in Dwayne Haskins etc... I get your point, I am just saying, there were and are other options to make the team better as whole, than to say, we need a QB cause this year is our year, which its not. This is your show and its all good.
  6. I am going to watch the rest of the draft, but the Mac Jones pick was iffy. Alabama QB's don't fare well at the NFL level. I like what has been done so far with signings and other stuff. Mac Jones is quite the head scratcher tho.
  7. With the 27th pick in the 2021 TCMD draft, the Baltimore Ravens select: Azeez Ojulari - EDGE - Georgia Absolutely what we needed at this point. Quick and explosive. Love this kid. @JetsandI on the clock.
  8. The Ravens release the following in no particular order: 1131 - James Proche - WR 0228 - Binjimen Victor - WR 1197 - Jaylon Moore - WR 1824 - Miles Boykin - WR 2324 - Trace McSorley - QB 0257 - Bradley Bozeman - LG 1003 - Iman Marshall - CB 0469 - Chris Westry - CB 0764 - DeShon Elliot - S @ny92mike
  9. Does AJ Green need an advantage from Jackson's ability to run? Jackson needs weapons outside of Brown. And adding Green can allow coverages to be a bit more balanced. With Brown, and Andrews, adding Green is a bonus. Veteran WR to work with Jackson and help him grow, while giving Green a winning team, I think that is a plus. Jackson doesn't have to run all the time, but the fact that he can rush for over 1000 yards, is always a threat. It keeps defenses honest. Comparing Green to Bryant is an insulting comparison to Green.
  10. So the last 2 years Green has been under QB's that have either been a rookie (Burrow) or a not so good back up. (Finley). At least in Baltimore, he has the chance to play with Jackson who is light years ahead of either of the above mentioned.
  11. Marcus Peters is on the block. 2nd or 3rd rounder.
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