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  1. Interesting note: www.washingtonadmirals.com redirects to the NFL website. It no longer redirects to a food delivery service or something like that...
  2. Actually, the Red Hog is not fictitious. Look below. That is a red hog.
  3. So you would want those garbage names that have no marketing guise or any similation of a modern mascot logo, instead of Redwolves? Sometimes I cannot figure you out sir.
  4. BUT, my disclaimer is quite simple. If it is the Commanders, I will be done. I cannot take it with this team. They have had one identity over the last 2 decades and its that Rain Man fat boy owner Dan Snyder. When anyone thinks about this team and its new name, its going to be Snyder that comes to the forefront. I absolutely hate what Snyder has done to this franchise. I don't like Ron Rivera as the coach. I don't like the role Doug Williams has. I don't like the role that Jason Wright has. 2 years to come up with a name that a majority of the fan base wanted, and trade
  5. And I cannot wait for it to NOT be Commanders and have y'all be like:
  6. So going down the hole that @Dr LBC was discussing very nicely, analytics are at play in every war room these days. There are metrics which are team specific to determine player rankings as well as multiple software options to provide scenarios to which they can be prepared for. The concept of Bayes Theorom is well in play and likely has mutliple hueristics and variables that are applied to each and every player. Moneyball analytics does not just apply to baseball. Many teams are trying to adapt and apply it to their rosters to determine the best metrics for each position and player. Bas
  7. Stingley is a good pick, but I have to worry about his injury history. The other interesting thing to note, I absolutely cannot stand when people cannot postulate their own mock draft without using TDN tool or OTC, etc.
  8. Most war rooms have 3 boards. 1. Team evaluation big board of all prospects available. As a player gets drafted, the player card moves to the NFL Draft Board. Usually split into rounds and players are ranked per round. 2. NFL Draft Board - Every pick in the draft. 3. Other teams rosters or depth charts for potential trade options and available draft picks. There is not much beyond that the war rooms need.
  9. But these are all subjective. Every year each team has a different set of needs, and each team identifies players at specific positions differently than every other team. You could look at a teams big board and compare it to another and find that one guy who could tween at 3-4 round could be a solid 2nd round guy for another team. Example - Clelin Ferrell. Mayock took him 4th overall, yet he was rated in the mid 20's by most analysts. Kolton Miller - easy 2nd round grade, but Raiders took him at like 18 overall. So if you flip the perspective to an analyst's point of view, developi
  10. The hardest part to a big board evaluation is that you are not comparing players within the same positions. So there is no common denominator. I am positive that every analyst has ties to scouts, assistants, coaches, and maybe a GM or two, who, when asked for information, might provide a favor about what a teams thoughts are going into the draft season. It's why there are meetings at he Senior Bowl, the combine, etc... Lots of these guys are there to see what teams are talking with what players. Those that are not invested in the tedious and lamenting torture it is to develop
  11. More or less, he has sources within each organization he uses to provide with helpful information. I do it, Walter does it, McShay, Kiper, Marino, etc... As an analyst on TV, he is way to busy to do all this leg work on his own without help along the way.
  12. I personally think we could let Samuel walk if he were not counted as $18M against the cap. The rest of the WR corps is fine. Terry, Samuel, Sims, Brown, and Roberts, and take a late round guy unless someone is on the board you can't see drafting over. (Dontario Drummond for instance)
  13. Drafting for a single team vs. contacting teams to find out what they are going after is a huge difference.
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