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    dunno. Ill have to check back.
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    So the img host I had moved their domain for images, and a lot of you lost your sigs. If you give me a player or what you had before I might be able to pull it out. I think I still have the Warpath Awards.
  4. I have been really busy to get my thoughts for these game day threads, especially with this team. I am done with Gruden. Done with Manusky. Bring in new ideas, guys who want to win and not just look like a turd split from a bulls arse when his team gives up 27 points when leading 20-7 at half and inactivate Adrian Peterson, your OFFENSIVE MVP last season, only to see Guice get hurt again and watch the injury prone Chris Thompson take a majority of the carries in the 2nd half when you have a healthy AP on the roster. Just tired of thinking this team can get "it" and then taking a dump on the field.
  5. Glad He's Gone...

    Minnesota places Josh Doctson on IR, already. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001053855/article/roundup-vikings-place-receiver-josh-doctson-on-ir He was inactive in week 1, so how in the blue hell?
  6. Redskins 20(19) Questions Contest

    1. How many regular season games will the Redskins win? 6 2. Will the Redskins make the playoffs? NO 3. Who will lead the Redskins in passing yards? Case Keenum 4. Who will lead the Redskins in rushing yards? Guice 5. Who will lead the Redskins in receiving yards? McLaurin 6. Who will lead the Redskins in sacks? Kerrigan 7. Who will lead the Redskins in interceptions? Moreland 8. Who will be the Redskins’ starting QB in Week 9? Haskins 9. How many NFC East games will the Redskins win? 2 10. Will Jay Gruden be the head coach for all 16 games? Yes 11. Who will have the most receptions: Jordan Reed, Chris Thompson, or Trey Quinn? Thompson 12. Which number will be greatest: Dwayne Haskins starts, Montez Sweat sacks, or Terry McLaurin TDs? McLaurin TD's 13. Which number will be greatest: Trent Williams starts (for Redskins or any other team), Ryan Kerrigan sacks, or Derrius Guice TDs? Kerrigan sacks 14. Who will lead the Redskins in TDs (non-QB)? McLaurin 15. Who will have the Redskins’ longest TD (non-QB)? McLaurin 16. How many Pro-Bowlers (original selection, not alternate) will the Redskins have? 2 17. Who will be the NFC East champion? Dallas 18. Who will be the NFC champion? Dallas 19. Who will be the AFC champion? New England 20. Who will be the Super Bowl champion? New England TIEBREAKER: What pick will the Redskins have in the 2020 NFL draft (1-32; before any trades)? 10.
  8. Im out. We are know where near ready to start the season with the hope that we could have heald a lead against the Eagles. We lapsed to prevent defense and just gave up. I hate this defensive composition in the secondary.
  10. So afraid of the long one, they give up the first down over and over again.
  11. Where is the blck in the back on that punt?
  12. $40M dollars just dropped the easiest pass.