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  1. The Leader We Need

    can he get Chad Engelhart fired?
  2. Will Compton could not start on any other team in the league. He was a mercy signing for the Titans. They needed someone with experience. He was not super underrated as much as he just was not super and he was definitely not a fan favorite. Josh Bynes would be a great pick up if they ever decided to get their head out of their arsse.
  3. So would I. I am also in favor or watching Cole Holcomb and SDH give it a go.
  4. 2019 Redskin rookie mini camp

  5. 2019 Redskin rookie mini camp

  6. I have literally been saying this for a year. And someone that is named after a sea creature kept arguing with about them being fired. The S&C coaches need to be fired. They are not doing their jobs, yet didn't they get praised for something this past season? https://www.redskins.com/news/redskins-training-staff-earns-ed-block-training-staff-of-the-year-award
  7. Draft Pick Siggies

    Landon Collins @Slappy Mc
  8. Joe Thiesmann unretires #7 and gives it to Dwayne Haskins

    Absolutely! No more single digits for any Yankee players.
  9. Draft Pick Siggies

    Kelvin Harmon @ARTMONK HOF
  10. Joe Thiesmann unretires #7 and gives it to Dwayne Haskins

    Right? 1- Billy Martin 2- Derek Jeter 3 - Babe Ruth 4 - Lou Gherig 5 - Joe DiMaggio 6 - Joe Torre 7 - Mickey Mantle 8 - Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey 9 - Roger Maris 10 - Phil Rizzuto 15 - Thurman Munson 16 - Whitey Ford 20 - Jorge Posada 23 - Don Mattingly 32. Elston Howard 37 - Casey Stengel 42 - Mariano Rivera (Prior to the Jackie Robinson retire) 44 - Reggie Jackson 46 - Andy Pettite 49 - Ron Guidry 51 - Bernie Williams
  11. Draft Pick Siggies

    It’s a good pic. I really need to learn how to do jersey swaps.
  12. Draft Day Thread -Day 2

    I never said it was impressive.
  13. Draft Pick Siggies

    Yeppers, let me get the Kelvin Harmon one done.
  14. Draft Pick Siggies

    @MKnight82 Changed the pic a bit. Just found one that stood out...
  15. Draft Pick Siggies

    I can do that too. I might pick a different pic for size.