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  1. @deuces22wild I have not forgotten you. I am just trying to find one that I like.
  2. So I have been at a work conference all week and didnt have much time to work on this. I will try to push this out today. Then I can start on the Josh Jackson one.
  3. I gotta see if he is actually in uniform.
  4. That Winston one is pretty cool but the look on his face is so weird. He never makes good faces. I will start on the Kwon Alexander one.
  5. Its such a slippery slope these days with the way that players want to be coddled, and coaches have to walk a fine line of being a disciplinarian as well as getting along so players will buy in. The psychology alone has to be exhuasting, then you have to coach a team at the highest leve while dealing with game planning. Add in Bruce Allen and I am shooting myself in the head.
  6. @kingseanjohn I like this one. enjoy!
  7. @kingseanjohn I am not liking this too much. I am going to fix it.
  8. I can. Let me take a look at some pics.
  9. NFL Expansion Draft 2018 - Redskins

    Spaight plays with a lot of energy and I can appreciate it. Could I see him as a starter? I dont know. Foster is far more experienced and should be starting, but I cant see him as a long term option.
  10. I can but how long have you had the Corey Davis sig? Plus Butler has just been there for a hot minute so, he aint gonna be in a Titans uni for a while.
  11. @iPwn Let me know what you think. If you want any changes let me know.
  12. Yep, and there is no reason, absolutely none, he shoudl be away from the team during those times. He was not the most polished or technically sound OT in the draft and I think was drafted a bit high. If he had any drive or determination to play in the NFL and be somewhat of a success, these are the times that you need to earn your stripes.