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  1. I am not out to convince anyone, I just understand what people have been saying for the last 6-7 years.
  2. More people would be willing to go to a game if its at the site of Old RFK. It was easy access with Metro and easy parking. Fed Ex is hard to get to, Metro is 1 mile away. Its not ideal and was a bad business move to stay there.
  3. Prince Georges county nor the state of Maryland have that kind of money to pony up for a stadium. If they do, their best interest should be near the national harbor.
  4. So, a couple of years ago, DC residents and lawmakers had stated they were not in favor of bringing back the Redskins unless the name was changed. With the pressure of COVID, and the location of the stadium, Snyder was forced to change the name (although I am pretty sure he was thinking about it for the stadium sense). With the LA and LV teams getting new stadiums, with Fed Ex not being iconic like Lambeau, it makes no sense for the team to stay there. And we all know that Snyder likes the limelight and cannot be outdone. For all the reasons stated above, Superbowls, Wrestlemania, College BB tourney, Concerts and more, money would come in hand over fist. Keeping the stadium where Fed Ex is now, is just not worth it, for the legacy of the franchise and its fans, there needs to be a turning point in which Dan matures to stop appeasing the fan in him, and start to appease the fan in us.
  5. mike23md

    Sam Darnold

    That is exactly what it is. Its near fool proof.
  6. mike23md

    Sam Darnold

    I am interested in a QB with this criteria. Did Haskins have this? No. He was overdrafted and we reached for him. 1. Be a three-year starter 2. Be a senior in college 3. Graduate from college 4. Start 30 games 5. Win 23 games 6. Post a 2:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio 7. Compete at least 60-percent of passes thrown I would have signed Cam to a 1 year deal and waited than to draft Haskins. There was hope that he turned a corner this season, but he seems to be more of a sit and wait case than someone who picked it up and was ready day 1.
  7. Well, if you look at that list, there are many Franchise QB's on that list. But, they were not Washington Franchise QB's.
  8. Don't you ever make fun of my kicker cleats again. Laces out Dan!
  9. I would have put it all on a cargo plane and air dropped it on the city of Baltimore.
  10. Um, 2021? Ja'Marr Chase, LSU DeVonta Smith, Georgia Rondale Moore, Purdue Rashod Bateman, Minnesota Jaylen Waddle, Alabama Seth Williams, Auburn Amon-Ra St. Brown, USC Sage Surratt, Wake Forest Tylan Wallace, Oklahoma State Chris Olave, Ohio State. All of these are rated in the 2nd round or higher.
  11. Not really interested in trading for Allen Robinson. If he really wants out, let him take the money from another team, and the draft pick. We're not going anywhere yet, and there is a loaded WR class coming in.
  12. RB's are a dime a dozen and should not be paid 12M a year. I understand Kamara is fairly special, but his ability was maximized in the Saints offense. Not really in the market for a RB that we might already have on the roster with Gibson, Love and McKissic.
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