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  1. Foster and Brown May Start at MLB

    Anyone can learn to call plays, and that to me is not a saving grace for Compton. If you're playing defense with 10 men that are physically able to do so, you're always going to be at a disadvantage. Compton is a liability in run support and is not strong enough in the passing game to wrap up and tackle even a bull noze running back. He will get run over by Elliott, Blount and any other RB's in the league. Doc: We don't use a FB so converting him to FB might be the best way to get him off the roster.
  2. Or maybe he is just an average QB he shouldn't really be on our roster.
  3. Matt Jones

    This league is all about what can you do for me now. A history of fumbling at a position in which you were drafted 2 rounds too early, and really didn't show any reason to keep you outside of the fumbling issues, you become expendable very quickly. Jones could use a start somewhere else instead of sitting on the bench taking up a roster spot.
  4. Around the NFC East

    I agree Thai. A company can fire you if you are sabotaging what they are about. Saying that you like Coke better, publicly, working for Pepsi, directly effects their image and therefore, they have every right to let you go.
  5. Scot McCloughan is on twitter and has been very active as of late. Nothing elaborate but answering fan questions with one word answers. The usual kind of things about scouting and would you take this guy over that, who would you start a franchise with etc...
  6. Redskins Forum Fantasy Football League

    I dont mind 12 teams, but damn, 10 is usually just about right for quality depth on the bench for bye weeks.
  7. Trent Murphy Out For The Year-Torn ACL

    Care less about speed and more about tackling. I want people that can wrap and tackle.
  8. Trent Murphy Out For The Year-Torn ACL

    nothing wrong with the PS. This is a business not a charity case. Rudy was a movie. He won't hold his own against any blockers and TE's will eat him up. SS could be a solid position change, but if he can't cover than thats no use. I love heart, its a great thing. But that doesn't get you very far against an OG kicking you out who is 6'7 340 lbs.
  9. Trent Murphy Out For The Year-Torn ACL

    Um, 5'9 255...a little different that 200
  10. Things other than Redskins

    Been saying this for years!!!!! They are a dime a dozen and when drafted higher than a 7th round pick they become the smelly garbage they are. Nugent is mediocre and Aguayo is terrible.
  11. Things other than Redskins

    Out for the year with torn ACL.
  12. Reed was out, Pryor is new and Ryan Grant is meh. The running game didn't help itself and yes the OL had to do with that guano storm. Its a wake up call of sorts that this team needs to gel quicker.
  13. Trent Murphy Out For The Year-Torn ACL

    Nico Marley is interesting but I just can't see a 5'8 200lb LB playing in the NFL. I feel like Smithson is the next on the roster spot.
  14. Trent Murphy Out For The Year-Torn ACL

    Good thing we drafted Ryan Anderson. If Galette can stay healthy and Preston Smith is able to go, we should be fine. This would allow for Smithson to probably make the roster.
  15. Around the NFC East

    Matthews is out of Philly but they got Ronald Darby at CB. Glad about this for this season. Jeffrey may not play all 16 and Torrey Smith is all but washed out. Wentz is not everything people are expecting him to be. I think his slump hits them hard this season.