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  1. Redskins want to extend Ryan Kerrigan

    This draft class has a load of talent at the OT position. If Trent is gone, then bring back Penn and draft a 3rd round OT.
  2. Redskins want to extend Ryan Kerrigan

    The guy is 31, downside of a career. Not much of a difference maker. One move. Chase Young in our sights and its ludacris to think to keep him around. I would be shocked if the Bengals pass on Tua or Joe Burrow. Chase Young would then be sitting there at 2. BUT, BUT, this is Washington and they screw up the easiest of things.
  3. Alex Smith will be our starter for 2020.

    I am not going to discredit a guy drafted by this team which has no talent for scouting talent. Haskins was a Allen and Snyder pick to keep fan interest. I do not, however, think that crap show in Ashburn is going to start Alex Smith at 35 on 1 good leg just cause they owe him money, but I have seen worse situations, especially considering he will have a dead cap of 32M in 2020 if he were released. I would like to see what Haskins does after this year, working with a QB coach and OC to be ready in 2020. If Callahan is the HC, its possible, if Alex is healthy, that Smith starts. If its someone else, I see Haskins.
  4. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Trent Williams reports to the Redskins. WTF. Reported by Adam Schefter.
  5. Trade Deadline Rumors

    I am actually not in favor of moving Scherff. Morgan Moses can go for all I care. Ereck Flowers has surprisingly moved into that LG spot. LT is going to be a huge need. If Kerrigan were to be traded, we need to do what we can to get Chase Young. Vernon Davis will have no return. Norman may fish a 6th.
  6. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Trent Williams apparently has a 2nd rounder on the table and Bruce is looking to field a better offer by today. Josh Norman is likely to be traded for a bag of trash. Ryan Kerrigan has been inquired about. Redskins should be calling Pittsburgh to trade Peterson considering their dwindling RB status.
  7. Viking fans pillage WASH forum, start GDT

    I have been doing a lot of things. GDT threads can only go so far without the right inspiration. I mean Fox Sports is showing boobies during the World Series. This is primarily what I have been handicapped to...
  8. Donte Whitner Rips Redskins Coaching Staff

    I really want Jay to write a book about the issues at Redskins park and Bruce Allen. That would do SOOOOOOOOOO well in this area as well as among the NFL. The issue would be if Jay signed an NDA in which he can't publicly do those kinds of things. But the things in which Kyle Shanahan and Mike Shanahan do out in San Fran certainly show there is a lot of disfunction and corruption at the top of this organization.
  9. A little OJ in the morning

    To be honest, I have no idea why we are not looking up the road at the 3 TE's they have on their roster? Hayden Hurst would be on my radar considering Mark Andrews is leading that TE bunch.
  10. Williams to Browns Rumor

    Kind of his M.O.
  11. Williams to Browns Rumor

    From what I read, this guy actually predicted the OBJ trade to Cleveland.
  12. Miami just needs to be ahead of Cincy if they are going to grab Tua. At this point, they dont need that edge considering we beat Miami. But it will come down to strength of schedule if both CIncy and Miami go 0-16. Either way, both teams would have to win 1 more game than us.
  13. I have heard that over and over again about different prospects. Believe it when I see it. You really can't go wrong with adding a LT, arguably the best LT in the draft, to replace your aging disgruntled all world LT who doesnt want to play here anymore.
  14. Because we have Sweat and Ryan right now, and our star LT is holding out and the boobs in the FO wont trade him. The left side of the line is horendous and you want to bury the depth chart with more pass rushers? Cause we have done that year after year? Its like when Matt Millen and the Lions took a WR like 4 years in a row. I get BPA, but right now, we don't have an offensive line and a LT that is going to grow with Haskins.
  15. Stefon Diggs had 3 TD's in that game.