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  1. Week 3: Green Bay Packers

    Actually surprised to see a win here. Glad we got one, but all in all, whenI actually watch the game, I will hopefully see a game that was well coached and played. Could be 3-0 but 2-1 is ok for now.
  2. Week 3: Green Bay Packers

    I am so sick of Larry Michaels. He is Danny's yes man and has his nose so far up Snyder's butt its crazy. He might as well be captain of the cheerleaders. Cannot stand the guy and he is worthless in the organization other than to rah rah Danny's brilliance.
  3. Ill work on something. Have to take a look at the players. Edit: Devante Adams has the best pics. Lol.
  4. I can do so, but that Clinton-Dix is smokin. My guess is Rammy did that one.
  5. The last time the Packers came to town, they got shipped back to Green Bay with a butt whippin by Kirk Cousins. While Rodgers might be a bit banged up, he is certainly still dangerous. I really don't like our ability to game plan against teams that don't matter, i.e., Colts, and I most certainly don't believe they are going to do anything but try to pass on this young Packers secondary. I, I, think we lose big. Big enough that I am not starting our defense against the Packers in fantasy. Packers 34 Redskins 9 Makes me want to go on vacation! Waterfalls are amazing! God Bless America! That burger looks so good.
  6. Redskins Sign 2 WR's. Why?

    Frankly, I don't care who drafted who. Jay should be able to coach with who ever is out there and, if you're a good coach, then you can usually get the best out of your players. Doctson might have shown his best on the sidelines when he was injured. Mo Harris is that kind of guy. Takes advantage of playing time and uses ever bit of it when he can. Cam Sims was the same way. But, I think this is a big need currently.
  7. Redskins Sign 2 WR's. Why?

    I am not blaming the coaching staff. I am blaming Doctson. And Jay was here under McCloughan who drafted Doctson. Doctson just seems soft. He doesn't have the speed to get open and his route running is iffy at best. He doesnt gain any seperation if at all and seems like he is playing at half speed. This is his 3rd year in the league and he should be doing much more.
  8. Redskins Sign 2 WR's. Why?

    Nope, I didnt see that Sims hit the IR with an ankle injury.
  9. Redskins Sign 2 WR's. Why?

    Honestly, I would push Sims to the front of the line and sit Doctson. I would do that with Harris, but with him banged up, Sims is the next man up for me. I just can't see Doctson being anything more than a WR 4 at this point.
  10. Redskins Sign 2 WR's. Why?

    I was with you on the moving on from Doctson. He has no ability to take over his position and doesnt seem to have that drive to do so. Want to see what this WR crop has this year and see if that is a potential area we need to upgrade. I am still not with you on the last part. Would rather keep Jay, move on from Alex and start over.
  11. Developmental QB slot - a way to groom QBs.

    Is it possible that this could be looked at for every position? But combining a few like DL, CB/S, OL. Would there need to be equality along the lines that the QB doesn't look as though its favored?
  12. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000963600/article/redskins-sign-wrs-breshad-perriman-michael-floyd Brashad Perriman and Michael Floyd. Should have traded for Josh Gordon imo, but neither of the two above are head cases. I guess this means that Doctson is as dumb as they thought he was? Or just as slow. Or a combination of both?
  13. Rob Kelley out at least a Month

    Not a real big impact here.
  14. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    Right before kickoff.
  15. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    Herbert, Patterson, Lock, Finley are all promising 1st round talents. Keep Smith and bring in one of them. I really don't know what Jay has to offer any QB that is indecisive and wont get the ball out of his hands.