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  1. #FireBruceAllen

    Surprised the call was not made to Peyton or even Brett.
  2. And all reports I have seen are the Brett Rypien did the best of all EWSG QB's. I really hope he goes to any team but the Cowboys and Redskins.
  3. Kyler Murray

    You don't need a QB to do that, you need a healthy offensive line. Colt is certainly skilled enough to hand off the ball to Peterson and Guice. But none of them get much without a healthy offensive line. With the LG position being ignored for a back up swing tackle really made no sense. I just dont believe Murray is the answer with other issues and 2 QB's taking up a healthy portion of the cap. And the 2020 class is looking to be MUCH more talented at QB, not at Athlete.
  4. Kyler Murray

    I dont want an athlete at QB. I want a QB. You're entitled to your opinion as am I. I believe in pounding the rock and tough defense, but I also believe that you could take a 2nd or 3rd round pick like Easton Stick or Brett Rypien and draft a solid LG and WR early and do the same thing (although I do believe a S, LB, and CB are all a bigger priority than WR, but not LG). And with Alex Smith still on the books, Colt McCoy still on the books and Josh Johnson just a hint of success, and the simple fact that Kirk was not resigned, makes me absolutely believe that this front office does not want a young QB anymore. And lets not get started on an athlete with a big arm who won the Heisman schtick. Seems we have all heard that somewhere before...
  5. Kyler Murray

    You make Lamar Jackson throw the ball and he is awful. I always believed he needs a lot of work. Read it here: https://www.nflmock.com/post/lamar-jackson-bust-preview Putting in Jackson for the Ravens was the only option. Their OC did the same thing that Kyle did here with RGIII. Modified the offense to fit something that works. But again, Jackson will get figured out and the Chargers did just that. When they stopped being aggressive on defense in the 2nd half of that game against the Ravens, Jackson had some success throwing. When they clamped him down and forced him to throw, he sucked. And Jackson had the strongest arm in the class.
  6. Kyler Murray

    Dont see it. Sorry. 3rd round, maybe late 2nd. Definitely not a 1st round pick. Everything that I have seen has been marginal except for his arm strength.
  7. Are you kidding? Every media outlet has been slobbering Kyler Murray to the Redskins since 2 days before he actually declared. Yes. WE ARE THAT TEAM. Much like the Raiders with Al Davis. If an WR ran a 4.3 40, Davis took him. If a QB could throw the ball 80 yards, Davis took him. If a undersized QB declares for the draft, the Redskins are going to draft him. Cause we are that stupid and naive to think otherwise and draft something important, like say, a S or LG? Instead of getting rid of one who has so much passion and love for this team and the game, that he questioned the playcalling based on the evidence he saw on film? Yep, take Murray at 15, then take Trace McSorley in the 2nd round. I love misery.
  8. Kyler Murray

    Murray has the strongest arm in the class imo. BUT, as knowledgable fans, we know that is all that matters to Bruceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Desean Jackson will be back. Murray to Jackson all day. That is THEIR mindset. My mindset is: Murray has the best arm in the class, but he has a lot of things he needs to work on in Jay's offense. Timing, mechanics, stepping into throws, moving up in the pocket, footwork, looking off safeties, being under center, etcetera etcetera etcetera. 3rd round prospect IMO.
  9. #FireBruceAllen

    Are we really talking decades? This team has backed into the playoffs or gotten luck in which the division has sucked. I give no credit to this football operations for doing anything right. The amount of talent we have had on this roster over the past 20 years and the best we could do is 2 playoff wins? Given that with the Bruce Allen promotion to run EVERYTHING? He failed at football, he failed at PR, he failed in Tampa, and Snyder promotes him? What example am I setting for my kid in which I support dysfunction and failure. Kid: Oh hey, you root for the Redskins daddy? Are they any good? Me: No, but I am a fan of losing. So you should be too.
  10. Kyler Murray

    But if its Bruce Allen:
  11. Is it possible that Williams comes here. Next year, Jay is let go. Williams is named Head Coach? And, is that why Joe Gibbs was in the house with all the Eagles Fans at their 9th home game? Cause Joe Gibbs held Williams in high regard.
  12. It's interesting that reports have stated coaches want out, yet they are not willing to just up and leave. They want to be let go, understandably, to get full contract price. What sucks with this strategy, this team misses out on any good talent that could come in and be corrupted by this ownership and, all, not just football, but all operations overseen by the worst business mind on the planet. And Bruce Allen doesn't fall far from that logic either. In any busines, if you cannot produce a profitable product and there is no consumer interest in the product your business has developed, you get rid of the personnel and bring in competent ones. Unless.... ...you are the Redskins. They promote people for poor performance. I cannot imagine the team ended up in the black at the end of the season. Some of the marketing campaigns were the best I had seen in years, all due to Lafemina and his group. Of course, Allen felt threatened he was not getting credit and thus, all fired. Sick. I LOVE this team and the fans that I interact with, but everything is so nonchalantly done with no sense of urgency to produce a winning product. What's next? Bruce Allen takes over head coaching duties next season...wouldn't put it past Snyder and his corporate goons.
  13. #FireBruceAllen

    Got mine today.
  14. So, I was thinking about this statement as I am working and, I want to suggest the statement to the forum. If the Redskins do __________________________ , then I will ______________________________________ ? So, If the Redskins draft Kyler Murray, then I will quit completely. I don't think he is going to be a good NFL QB, and I am scared that the Redskins will be on board to fill seats with a potential exciting player, but one that is not all in on Football. And, I think the Skins would move up to get him in which this would secure Bruce of still having a job, yet again.