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  1. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    There is a huge difference between Cousins and Fitzpatrick. And there is a much bigger difference in Campbell vs. Cousins. You put Cousins on this team, and he puts up 30 on the Bucs. No doubt in my mind.
  2. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    But, I thought that Las Vegas was open 24 hours a day...
  3. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    Makeshift OL? Meh, Cousins could do a lot with a makeshift OL. Add Smith. Yeah, that has me worried.
  4. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    I have to say that these are some of the hottest girls I have found in yoga pants, that I can show on here.
  5. Need this game to go to 6-3. Dallas and Philly play, so kinda got to route for Dallas in that one, unfortunately. I think we win, but if the Bucs get rollin with Fitzmagic, we are screwed. Redskins - 20 Bucs - 19
  6. man been hella busy, Devante Adams tonight
  7. Stacy McGee Activated from PUP

    Can he play offensive line? No?
  8. Brandon Scherff has Torn Pec

    This absolutely is on Bruce. Cannot believe that he takes a developmental swing tackle over a LG, or back up G considering that was the problem for us last year on the OL. Add in the Alex Smith deal and letting go Kendall Fuller plus a pick, Bruce needs to go.
  9. Week 9: Atlanta Falcons GDT

    Has to be more times than Alex Smith completed a pass. More times than Alex Smith taking a shot deep when its NOT garbage time. More times than Josh Doctson catching the ball. Stop me anytime.
  10. Alex Smith

    And that is the worst part, there is no escape clause. Alex Smith is the present and near term future, cause the long term future is not on the radar.
  11. Alex Smith

    And then give up Kendall Fuller in the process. SMFH.
  12. Week 9: Atlanta Falcons GDT

    Defensive line is getting abused. Gawd. And their offensive line is not that good.
  13. Week 9: Atlanta Falcons GDT

    Tevin Coleman is a very young Adrian Peterson. Much like I think Guice would be.
  14. Week 9: Atlanta Falcons GDT

    You might as well just go do it. Dink and Dunk Alex Smith the Punk is what this is. Still not watching but I can tell by the tones of the responses, that this is what I am expecting it to be.
  15. Week 9: Atlanta Falcons GDT

    Guys, I turned on the game to see the score and I thouught things were nice at 14-7. Since the Falcons scored before the 2nd half and then immediately after they get the ball in the 2nd half, I have not watched the game. Its sickening sometimes to watch Alex Smith. Today is one of those days. Just when I think he is going to throw the ball, he holds it and waits. Without Peterson, this team would be 1-7. Alex Smith should have never been brought in. This play is how he has been for the majority of his career, now all of a sudden we expect him to change. Nope. Just frustrating and done.