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  1. I can cut him out of that, and use that as the render. I hate Dallas but Ill do that.
  2. Eagles cut Kendricks

    I would take Kendricks over Foster any day of the week and 2x on Monday.
  3. Trent Williams hosed on NFL’s top 100

    Yeah, Watt has missed almost the last 2 compete seasons.
  4. Forum font

    so this is an issue. Go to C: Windows\fonts Locate any Roboto font and delete it. Then go to fonts.google.com select the Roboto font from there. Restart the browser. I had the same issue with hangouts. This fixed it.
  5. Trent Williams hosed on NFL’s top 100

    Trent Williams should be at least in the top 25. To be ranked at 57 when he is the arguably the best LT in the NFL, seems like a back handed slap to the Redskins. Considering he played at a pro bowl level through pain and grinded it out at the highest level possible, shocks me that he is 57.
  6. Should we sign LG Ritchie Incognito?

    At this point, I think and hope that the front office is going to ride with what they have. My guess is that they thought that Kouandjio would be making some strides but I dont know. I don't believe that Lauvao was never truly off the roster. I think we have to see where Rouillier is after this season with full season starting. I would love to believe that the Redskins had some OG's on their draft board, but one can only know. My belief is no. Especially after taking Christian. I dont have a lot of hopes for Christian. I would have liked to grab an OG like Tyrell Crosby or Wyatt Teller. Would have gladly taken someone other than Christian or Apke.
  7. Should we sign LG Ritchie Incognito?

    This is bad. He has no drive other than money. Would rather bring in a younger guy to compete or at least someone who could be here a few years and give a damn. Unretiring because of a bonus, we would be dumb enough to think that he could solve the problem.
  8. Forum font

    maybe double check that you are on the current chrome version, I just had to update mine because I had not launched a new window in a while. Can you take a screen shot and post it?
  9. Forum font

    try control + or if you're using chrome, go to the 3 dots in the upper right, and then go to zoom and see if that works.
  10. Deepest Team Rankings

    Its not skewed when you have a perspective on how bad the depth is. I mean, LG - no starter. WR - marginal across the board. TE - 33 year old back up to a 91% chance of being injured Jordan Reed. 34 year old Alex Smith is the starting QB with 31 Colt McCoy as the back up. No starter across from Norman at CB, and its not Scandrick, he was brought in to play Slot. Dunbar is very raw. Moreau has no starting minutes. Just very skeptical at this team considering that when the injuries hit us, the depth didnt come through and while Cousins did all he could, this team just has no identity and no clear path on what they want to be.
  11. Guice will be lucky to get enough carries to see 1500 yards. I don't put any stock into Samaje Perine, but he will get some carries as the spell for Guice. Thompson will also get touches. When Peterson was able to get over 2k yards, he was the entire Vikings offense. He was a freak of nature. 31 NFL offenses are not built like that.