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  1. Should we move Reed to WR full time?

    The advantage to lining up Reed inside to block is that, while me may be asked to do it sometimes, there are times, he chips and goes out on a route. He has to give the impression that he will be blocking to keep defenses guessing. Lining him up all the time as a receiving threat, takes away that disguise. Its about creating the mismatches that Reed is very good for.
  2. Should we move Reed to WR full time?

    Receiving TE's are not meant to block. Period. Making him a receiver negates any mismatch advantage he gives us.
  3. WK 7: Redskins @ Philadelphia

    HAHAHAHA. Thats funny.
  4. WK 7: Redskins @ Philadelphia

    Glad I saw this, but you're missing the main attraction Turtle. Cheerleaders. Unless you don't like that sort of thing.... This is not going to be pretty. Redskins 17 Eagles 34
  5. Should we move Reed to WR full time?

    I am quite surprised by this topic, and maybe I shouldnt be. Looking at the OPer, its clear that this has no legitimacy and is just a waste of my time. Jordan Reed does not have the speed to outrun or gain separation from CB's and what makes him a viable weapon is in the middle of the field where he can leverage his body on S's and speed on slower LB's. That is his strength. You take him out of that to where a CB doesn't have to work hard to blanket him, you take him out of the equation all together. Its a ludicrous thought and idea to think he should move to WR permanently.
  6. Brandon Browner was playing with the best secondary in football. Its no wonder he sucked when he jumped ship for more money.
  7. Things other than Redskins

    I am happy with Ioannidis. I am not happy with Ryan Anderson as he has been a ghost since the season started. I think that was a reach by a round and should have drafted Cunningham.
  8. Things other than Redskins

    Of course not you.
  9. Heard Breeland and Norman practiced today. Jonathan Allen may be out just 8 weeks, not the year, although that means nothing for Monday. Love the humor in this thread.
  10. Most iconic football picture iyo?

    Iconic or Ironic? lol...
  11. Jonathan Allen Out for the Season

    This is a huge blow to the defensive line, they were actually playing really well. The presence of Allen was allowing Matt Ioannidis to show his ability to play on the line and he was doing well. I hope he can continue, but this injury hurts the line. Our RT Morgan Moses had the same issue and has since come back from it and become one of the better RT's in the league. I believe Allen will do the same. He is not injury prone and his only knock was arthritic shoulders, which I point out, were not an issue at any point during the season. Frankly, other teams passing on Allen was to our benefit. So thank you.
  12. Matt Ioannidis

    Who is this Anderson guy? I have not seen him on the field if at all. Smith and Kerrigan seem to be finding their niche. Now with Allen out, I am not sure how that will effect Smith, but still.