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  1. NCAA Tournament Thread

  2. Where there's smoke there is fire

    While true, they still have Adam Theilen who is by far one of the best receivers in the game behind AB. Guys, believe me when I tell you this: Emanuel Hall, WR, Missouri. He is so underrated as a WR.
  3. Where there's smoke there is fire

    It is, maybe turtle optimistic, but Flowers had a first round grade on him and there had to be something there to warrant that? Might be that he needs a guy like Trent bringing him along. I dont know, but there are the guys that get drafted and just simply stop working towards their potential. This may be that kind of thing. But trust me, if and when he leaves, no sweat off my rocks.
  4. Where there's smoke there is fire

    Its chump change and is likely just salary. That doesn't count against the books if he is cut before the season. Scherff is a monster RG, and as such should stay where he is. Never liked people talking moving Trent to LG. Lets not talk about Scherff to LG. Just need to draft one. Its that simple.
  5. Where there's smoke there is fire

    I would actually pay for Ziggy Ansah. Let him stand up and see what he can do. Not breaking the bank, but just a thought.
  6. Where there's smoke there is fire

    God I hope not. LG has been such a big issue, we need a young LG that is an actually good lineman. Flowers is a decent back up but nothing more.
  7. Dwayne Haskins

    Giving up sooooo much with so much needed. Just can't do it.
  8. Dwayne Haskins

    Kyler Murray shouldnt be the best overall QB. I have him as a mid to late 3rd rounder. Really raw and an offense has to be schemed for him to adjust to his height. Forget ever taking the ball under center. He has a cannon for an arm, but I just don't see him being all that great. Out of this class, I think its Lock, Rypien, Haskins. Jones is a mess. I addressed Murray. I think I would rather have Tannehill than any of these QB's besides Rypien.
  9. Dwayne Haskins

    I wouldnt take him if he's there at 46. Too many other needs and I can wait out Keenum right now. Seriously. Gimme a late flyer, Brett Rypien, start chaning the position and go younger. Build for the future. In 2020, cut Alex, cut McCoy, cut Keenum, and draft your franchise guy. 2020 has way better QB's than this class.
  10. Washington Free Agency 2019

    1 year 4M, blah. Literally, camp fodder. If he has or shows anything, great.
  11. Where there's smoke there is fire

    Don't worry, that is just Bruce. we know he would trade for a guy named Stefan Diggs from Minnesota instead of Stefon Diggs.
  12. Mini TCMD - Discussion Thread

    Savage is a stud. Solid pick up.
  13. Mini TCMD - Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I get that, was just trying to be fair I guess..., but the NFL don't do it so why should I...lol
  14. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    With pick 107, skipping @KingOfTheDot for 106, the Washington Redskins select: Emanuel Hall, WR, Missouri @CHOMP_CHOMP you are on the clock!
  15. Mini TCMD - Discussion Thread

    what are the time limits on the current otc picks. I have tried to be fair and wait, but when is enough enough?