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  1. Free Agent running backs

    The only one that I like is Carlos Hyde. Period. Bell will be franchised, again. That is only if Kirk stays would I think that Hyde would be a great addition.
  2. Kirk Cousins and what does he give us?

    Yet, he can't start or even dress while with the Colts. He is 4th on the depth chart. If he was that good or would have been that good, then the Colts would have had him playing. He didn't even dress.
  3. Kirk Cousins and what does he give us?

    Jones was awful. He should not have been kept or drafted for that matter. I am not sure what McCloughan saw in him, but he was stiff, couldn't cut, fumbled, ran tall, and was just not very good. Again, should have kept Morris. Likely would not be having these RB issues.
  4. The NOT Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Most of Clemson is returning to school
  5. The NOT Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Drafttek has him at 253 overall. CBS Sports has him 8th in RB's. Ourlads has him as 7 RB. I believe that he may rise and fall considering a lot of his production came from the Wildcat offense. Watching video, he is not a bad back. There are flaws much like anyone else, but for starters: The Good: He has good flexibility from the waist down. Tall lanky runner. Good vision. Waits for the holes to open. Avoids huge contact - heavy hits. Tough. Great blocker and picks up the blitz well. The Not So Good: Runs high - high center of gravity Won't push many piles in the NFL because of running style. Doesn't always fall forward - no leg drive to gain on extra yards NFL Tacklers will target lower body and that may lead to tough going Not a lot of punch in lowering the shoulder. More patient than assertive attacking the holes - late explosion through them Prone to fumbles - doesn't carry ball tight to his body Injury Risk - more than minimal A lot of production for the Wildcat which may not bode well for teams looking for a pro offense runner. Comparison: Darren McFadden
  6. The NOT Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I like Cobbs, but my favorite guy right now aside from Miller is Allan Lazard, Iowa State. 6'5 220 and knows how to use it.
  7. The NOT Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I like Cobbs, but my favorite guy right now aside from Miller is Allan Lazard, Iowa State. 6'5 220 and knows how to use it.
  8. The NOT Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Kerryon Johnson is not one of the top 10 backs in this draft and I dont see what you see. Sony Michel would be my ideal, but I also like Rahsaad Penny.
  9. The NOT Too Early 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I absolutely love Anthony Miller. I think he is better than Ridley.
  10. So maybe, just maybe, if you pulled off the blinders and just read the article about a Redskin finding work after football would be a better way to approach this instead of positioning that its political. Its not like the OP said the Speaker of the House Republican Paul Ryan. There is no other way to describe the importance of the job other than, Speaker of the House.
  11. Free Agent running backs

    Richardson was traded to the Seahawks and he has said he would like to stay there. Wilkerson would be interesting but my thoughts are that he stays as well. They can afford him and he is not a free agent.
  12. I work in Systems Engineering where I looka at systems and try to make them more efficient. Especially for the DoD. Hey look, this is my job description. Dockery basically gave his job description and what he has been working on. He didn't say whether he liked it or not or what affiliation he has. It was not political at all. Its cool that he found a job after a career in the NFL. Good for him. I only read more political crap from Turtle's posts. Sorry but, I saw nothing wrong with it.
  13. Kirk Cousins Stuff

    Why would we entertain a trade offer from the Broncos if they indeed land Kirk? Frankly, the coaching gig for Denver is a hot seat and Vance was nearly fired this off season. First off, trading Thomas would cost the Broncos nearly 8M in dead cap and Marshall would cost about the same. If they are deemed post June 1st trades, the numbers go down slightly, but what does that do for us? The Broncos would need to cut or trade those guys to free up room for Cousins prior to June 1st. Total Cap Liabilities: $161,359,956 Top 51: $158,594,049 Team Cap Space: $29,168,245 As it stands, Cousins would not be a Bronco. But, if the Broncos release Talib, that cuts 11M off that number. Which puts them right around 40M. They still need about 5M for draft picks. So ideally, 35M. That is not a lot of wiggle room to pay any other players that the Broncos might want to go after. Total Cap Liabilities: $122,399,473 Top 51: $118,041,136 Team Cap Space: $74,429,406 The Jets are in a far better position. They need offensive line help. They have enough money to spend on that and then some as well as adding top WR's in the draft. If they signed Cousins to AAV of 30M, they would still have enough money left over to sign quality free agents. Could we do a franchise and trade? Sure. Wilkerson is the only guy I like on that roster. If he is deemed a June 1st Cut, he only costs 3M against the cap. Prior to that, Wilkerson would cost 17M. Total Cap Liabilities: $134,773,560 Top 51: $134,118,744 Team Cap Space: $57,052,939 The interesting part of the Vikings is that while they have the cap room, do they spend on the one year wonder in Case Keenum, even with a Lombardi? Or do they go with Mr. Consistency with the higher ceiling and better QB in every aspect with Cousins. They have a running game. Some of the best receivers in the game. A solid TE that can usually stay healthy. And a defense that is nasty. They have the cap room, but do they go away from the guy that got them there or with a guy that might put them over the edge. With all 3 QB's being free agents, anything can happen, and they have the money to get the best QB free agent if he so wishes. Total Cap Liabilities: $168,963,723 Top 51: $168,290,234 Team Cap Space: $10,675,564 Carson Palmer is retiring, but he still counts against the cap. That is another 6M. The Cardinals are old. They have some key pieces like David Johnson, Chandler Jones, Tyrann Mathieu, P2, but their offensive line is mediocre, WR's are mediocre aside from Fitz and their defense is declining aside from the few I mentioned. With Bruce Arians retiring, that means a new coach. What that means is turnover and Cousins has stated he wants stability. Total Cap Liabilities: $157,219,878 Top 51: $138,500,590 Team Cap Space: $32,578,305 This is quite interesting in that, the Bills could cut Taylor as a post June 1st. This would give them a cap savings of 15M. Puts their cap number around 47M. While they need to improve their defense, this is the draft to do so and with their picks, they are set up to do so. They traded for KB13 and Jordan Matthews this season, but neither are true #1WR's. With Buffalo's 2 picks in the first round, they could snag one of the top guys easily. So take what you will from this reasoning. The logical spots at this point seem to be 1. Vikings, 2. Buffalo, 3. NYJets. Cleveland has all the cap room in the world, but would you, as a 30 year old QB who wants to win a SB go to a town that has not won a SB ever and has 1 win in the last 2 seasons with a coach that is more on the hot seat that any other? The Browns would be where his career would die, and I am 99% sure he doesn't want to have that happen. Especially because RGIII went there after he left Washington. He wants to compete and not rebuild. If he goes to Cleveland, it would only be for one reason and one reason only.
  14. Free Agent running backs

    There is a reason that we have not drafted a true NT. Even last year when there were a ton of them. The coaches were fine at playing Ziggy Hood at NT. An oversized 3 Tech.
  15. Free Agent running backs

    The Redskins dont value a NT. They would rather play an oversized 3 Tech than a true 1 or 0 tech.