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  1. ILB M.Kendricks

    I heard he is signing a one year 3.5 million today with Cleveland. I know the Steelers hardly ever dip into free agency but I think it is a necessity this year to bring in another ILB. Bostic is injury prone and Matkovich is too slow. Bowman played well with his limited time with the Raiders last year and he is still available............
  2. Who plays MLB this year

    I think the team needs defense. Did you watch Jacksonville with Blake Bortles torch us in the play-offs at home? No one knows the answers, but I think we have a really good offense that can put up some numbers. I do not know if our defense can stop play off caliber teams, not real confident right now.
  3. Who plays MLB this year

    I really disliked taking Dobbs in the 4th last year felt we should have drafted defense instead (wasted pick) will be cut this year. Would our draft look better if we took Josey Jewell in the 3rd this year instead of Okafor????? No need right now for a project Olineman
  4. Who plays MLB this year

    The Raiders had to cut (cap casualty) Bowman he is available. If Bostic is all that why did he last so long as a free agent and at a low price? Not saying he is a bad player, he is just a stop gap until we find someone, nothing more
  5. Who plays MLB this year

    Who will start in Shazier's place this year? You hear it all the time in football "stop the run" - we did not do a good job of that last year even when Shazier was still playing! Free agency is basically gone, the draft is over and I still have no confidence in our defense. Rooney's post season recap, he was not happy with the Steelers defense, what have we done to improve it??? Added a couple of free agent band aids..... Any thoughts?
  6. Steelers Pick at 28

    Best linebacker available. To be honest, all draft picks should be on the defensive side of the ball. All of our offensive guys are signed for multiple years and we have decent depth.
  7. 4th and a foot

    Easy to do when that's all your asked for??? He did his job!! Not many guys can say that on our defensive side of the ball. I bet he is a 10 plus sack guy the next few years, not bad for a rookie 4th round draft pick
  8. 4th and a foot

    In that 40% he had 8 1/2 sacks!
  9. 4th and a foot

    I think Carl Lawson is a very good pass rusher for the Bengals - especially for a rookie. We passed on him for Connor...... I think he is a better pass rusher than all of our OLB's!
  10. 4th and a foot

    Because are coaches are not that smart!
  11. 4th and a foot

    If you watch enough New England games you see Brady on every 4th and one on the other side of the 50 yard line hurry his team to the line and sneak it for two or three yards, every single time and it works. Is Belicheck and Brady geniuses, nope they just use common sense when making decisions. Ben is 6'5" 250, who made the call... I do not know but at this stage of his career Ben should be able to audible to that at any time......
  12. The Future of This Franchise (Coaching Staff Debate)

    This defense was an average defense before Shazier went down. The window is closing fast, when Ben retires it will be a few years before we are one of the top teams. Tomlin continues to make the same mistakes over and over. To defend the 4th down calls yesterday......and to mismanage the clock AGAIN waiting to call the timeouts after the two minute warning, there is no logical explanation to that. Tomlin has been fortunate with the talent he has had over the years and most of the time his team has underachieved - that is on the head Coach!
  13. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    I think Albert Breer is wrong. We would still have to beat Houston or Cleveland to get #1 seed. If we end up tied with Jacksonville they beat us head to head and would win tiebreaker.
  14. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    Great GDT! To win this game and once the play offs start, our games will have to be like last night. Scores in the the 30's. Hope the defense can get a couple stops and maybe a turnover here or there. Offense has to carry us the rest of this year!
  15. Move Bud Dupree to ILB

    We have a month to figure it out. Win three games and clinch a bye. I just do not want Chickolo starting, he has done nothing since the opener in Cleveland!