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  1. DOBBINS Ends up haunting us twice a year with the Ravens
  2. Steelers place franchise tag on LB Bud Dupree

    A new CBA was passed by the NFL players by a very close margin in their recently concluded vote and that’s a big deal if you’re a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. One of the biggest gains for the Steelers as a result of there now being a new CBA in place is that the 30 percent rule that was previously in place for the 2020 NFL league year will now go away. That rule going away will allow the Steelers to instantly free up more 2020 salary cap space via traditional contract restructures than they could have before the new CBA was passed.
  3. We know have 6 picks gained a 3rd round comp for Bell
  4. Combine/Pro Day Visits

    Ohio State RB Dobbins or TE with the 49th pick.
  5. Dalton

    After seeing a bigger sample size of Hodges he has no arm strength to play in this league. And to me, Rudolph is still a question mark. Hopefully Ben steers away from his drama when it comes to injuries and is upfront with his elbow to the organization. If it is not looking good we need a veteran QB so we do not see a good defense wasted again next year.
  6. Dalton

    I apologize if anyone mentioned this in another thread that I did not see. If Ben sees that rehab is not going well and is in question for next year would you mind Dalton on a 3 year contract if it fits our cap? He is only 32, an athletic guy who has played for some bad Cinci teams and I believe has around a 90.0 passer rating for career. I think with our defense if we put up 21 to 24 a game we win 11 games and I think he is a qb that can do that. Gives us a couple years to find the next guy. I do not want to watch this defense get wasted the next couple years.
  7. Mock draft

    We are not getting our next QB in this years draft - especially in the mid 2nd round. We have that guy in Rudolph already and he is not the answer for the future.
  8. 5 ups/downs on the 2019 steelers season

    Not a Tomlin fan. He is an above average coach. Making the same bad decisions over and over especially at crunch time in big games. Losing to bad teams that have cost us playoffs. We have like 3 play of wins the last 7 -8 seasons (something like that). We beat one team with a winning record this year. Did he keep the team together when it could of went really bad, yes.
  9. Week #13 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Cardinals

    Can someone please work with Pouncey on his snaps. What the hell is going on???? 80% of his snaps are low. Throws off the rhythm of the play at times.Its like he has never snapped before. Bad weather games coming up, I hope he doesnt cost us with a bad snap = turnover
  10. Titans will lose vs Saints in week 16
  11. Offseason Work to do

    Its nice to have players like that but if your OLine stinks it doesn't help you.
  12. Offseason Work to do

    After watching Baltimore physically beat up the Rams last night and knocking off New England and Houston easily....... We have a LONG way to go even if Ben comes back healthy. And it starts with our Oline they have been bad this year we need to draft and maybe add a FA. On Offense it all starts up front!
  13. Week #12 Steelers vs. Browns Backyard Brawl Part 2

    It's obvious something was said to the browns by coach Freddie Bathrooms letting his team know they have been beaten up physically and mentally the last 20 years by the Steelers. They came out head hunting trying to send a message. Hopefully the Steelers come ready to play. Hoping for bad weather because I have no faith in our offense whatsoever. Play in the slop and pull out a 10-7 win.In normal conditions Browns will score 20 to 27 pts I cant see us putting up more than 14. Can we sign James Harrison for one day.........
  14. Offseason Work to do

    Worried about the offense - Oline has been awful this year and it should have been our strong point on Offense QB - who knows how Ben will recover and Rudolph is not the answer. Receivers - Not thrilled here either many games against good defenses very little separation, is JUJU a number 1? Backs - Connor cant stay on the field, Samuels is a 3rd down back, Snell???? Tight Ends average at best Very concerning going in to next year!
  15. Week #12 GDT Steelers 5-5 vs. Bengals 0-10

    We will lose if we turn it over 3 or 4 times. If Rudolph struggles early bring in the Duck in his two appearances he has looked much more comfortable than Rudolph.