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  1. 5 Up - 5 Down / Week 8 vs Browns

    Like many of you mentioned above. Slow start, turnovers and stupid penalties. You can get away with it against bad teams, wont work against the good teams. This needs to be fixed if this season is to be a successful one.
  2. 5UP 5Down vs Bungles

    Up McDonald Downs Everybody else from front office to coaching to players..... I don't think this team wins 6 games this year.
  3. 5UP 5DOWN week 4

    Up McDonald Downs Everybody else from front office to coaching to players..... I don't think this team wins 6 games this year.
  4. 5up 5down wk3 Bucs

    UPS Ben - JuJu - Bostic - And teams wanting to trade for Bell (lets get something for him) Downs 37 penalties in 3 games, where is the discipline Tomlin? Defense is still awful, guys running open all over the place, lack of a pass rush, not the brightest guys in the world.....
  5. WEEK 3 GDT - Steelers @ Bucs MNF

    Yes , the defense is not as good without Shazier but our defense was just average with him and had the same secondary breakdowns. This team is headed in the wrong direction. Lack of leadership,coaching,talent (on D) and commitment. 3 play off wins in 8 years, our franchise QB is at his end and our next two most talented players want out. Bucs by 17
  6. Martavis Bryant trade

    For some reason Dobbs was the number 2 QB on Sunday, Rudolph was inactive. I loved getting Rudolph in the 3rd last year. I think Dobbs is nothing more than a career back up QB and was a waste of a 4th rounder last year.
  7. 5 UP / 5 DOWN. Disaster in Ohio.

    I don't want to make excuses but weather played a big part in our sloppy play. Downs Ben still making bad decisions especially in the red zone, cant happen. Tomlin, still no discipline (stupid penalties). Falls directly on the head coach. What big words did he look up in the dictionary for his press conference this week to make it look like knows what he is doing??????
  8. ILB M.Kendricks

    I heard he is signing a one year 3.5 million today with Cleveland. I know the Steelers hardly ever dip into free agency but I think it is a necessity this year to bring in another ILB. Bostic is injury prone and Matkovich is too slow. Bowman played well with his limited time with the Raiders last year and he is still available............
  9. Who plays MLB this year

    I think the team needs defense. Did you watch Jacksonville with Blake Bortles torch us in the play-offs at home? No one knows the answers, but I think we have a really good offense that can put up some numbers. I do not know if our defense can stop play off caliber teams, not real confident right now.
  10. Who plays MLB this year

    I really disliked taking Dobbs in the 4th last year felt we should have drafted defense instead (wasted pick) will be cut this year. Would our draft look better if we took Josey Jewell in the 3rd this year instead of Okafor????? No need right now for a project Olineman
  11. Who plays MLB this year

    The Raiders had to cut (cap casualty) Bowman he is available. If Bostic is all that why did he last so long as a free agent and at a low price? Not saying he is a bad player, he is just a stop gap until we find someone, nothing more
  12. Who plays MLB this year

    Who will start in Shazier's place this year? You hear it all the time in football "stop the run" - we did not do a good job of that last year even when Shazier was still playing! Free agency is basically gone, the draft is over and I still have no confidence in our defense. Rooney's post season recap, he was not happy with the Steelers defense, what have we done to improve it??? Added a couple of free agent band aids..... Any thoughts?
  13. Steelers Pick at 28

    Best linebacker available. To be honest, all draft picks should be on the defensive side of the ball. All of our offensive guys are signed for multiple years and we have decent depth.
  14. 4th and a foot

    Easy to do when that's all your asked for??? He did his job!! Not many guys can say that on our defensive side of the ball. I bet he is a 10 plus sack guy the next few years, not bad for a rookie 4th round draft pick
  15. 4th and a foot

    In that 40% he had 8 1/2 sacks!