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  1. 5 ups/downs on the Steelers season

    UPS Watt,JuJu and Conner - good (HUMBLE) players that could become leaders which this team lacks. Downs Coaching from top to bottom - same problems/coaching issues year after year.Needs to change or we continue with 9-7 seasons. AB,Ben the drama queens - both to blame. Both have issues and both care more about stats than wins.
  2. it was all porter's fault

    Frankly, there should be a middle ground. Because Tomlin has a resume worth defending: two Super Bowl trips with one victory, six division titles, 12 years without a losing season. However, over the last decade, that resume also includes almost as many seasons without the playoffs (four) as with them (six). Only three of those 10 seasons have featured at least one postseason win. Most disturbingly, those seven seasons without a playoff victory have come during a stretch of time when the Steelers have had the NFL's most coveted possession: a Hall of Fame quarterback. That's not to mention scores of other talented players over the years. Just look at this failed 2018 season. A team good enough to be 7-2-1 beyond the halfway point blew numerous leads, occasionally against inferior teams. As a result, it's sitting at home, eliminated short of the playoffs. It's tough to fault the construction of the roster or the individual accomplishments of its players. The team boasts six Pro Bowlers, which doesn't even include: • The team MVP: JuJu Smith-Schuster • The 5,000-yard passer: Ben Roethlisberger • The guy many consider to be the best defensive player on the roster: Joe Haden • The linebacker with the eighth-best sack total in the league: T.J. Watt When talent of that caliber fails to win, a lot of the blame should fall on the coach. And none of that is to mention the embarrassment bestowed upon the organization with his failure to manage his ego-driven stars.
  3. it was all porter's fault

    I think he was looking at Pitt, they fired their wr coach.....
  4. Offseason plans? Yea sadly it's that time.

    Good info/thoughts in your original post. Dont think it will happen My vague thoughts - 4 out their first five picks should be defensive players. The FO has to go out of their box and sign a couple free agents this year.Hopefully a couple mid range that will help this team next year. If not 10-6 or 9-7 again
  5. If we play a clean game I would agree. No turnovers (especailly in the red zone) and limited penalties. But we have only done that once or twice this year. Every game, penalties and turnovers at the worst times..... At most one play-off win and done.
  6. boswell

    Wasn't Tomlin a defensive coach before he became a head coach? I am sure he has had some say on drafting Dupree,Watt,Burns,Edmunds.. Why aren't these players developing? It's Butlers fault...Tomlin has no say over Butler....
  7. boswell

    Because he is the Head Coach, comes with the job, when the same mistakes consistently happen year in and year out with a talented roster and they do not achieve their goal, the coach usually gets fired.
  8. boswell

    Lets just keep Tomlin then. Sit here and watch the same CONSISTENT MISTAKES (hopefully I don't have to list them) Go around 10 - 6 every year with a pretty talented squad ( I think we have been mentioned as Super Bowl contenders the last 3 years - maybe I am wrong) And exit in the first round not even sniffing being a SB participant let alone winning it. His time is done, we are not going to win another Super Bowl with him coaching this team. Is it all his fault, no but it is time to move on!
  9. excuses

    Ditto to the above!
  10. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    The above/Vikings sort of sounds just like the Steelers- in shambles free falling.... Maybe Tomlin will be fired and someone looking to hire him as a D-coordinator!
  11. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    I don't know why some has mentioned the Cowher vs Tomlin argument, it really has nothing to do with Tomlins present coaching. But since it was brought up Cowher had Neil ODonnel and Kordel Stewart, and basically a rookie Ben at QB. Tomlin has had a first ballot Hall of Famer for 12 years and one SB win.
  12. This is what Tomlin (play-off lives on the line) had to say about Bens injury. Why didn't Roethlisberger re-enter the game sooner? "I was just waiting for coach to tell me when to go," Roethlisberger said. Coach Mike Tomlin offered this explanation for why backup quarterback Joshua Dobbs remained in the game for the third and most of the fourth quarters: "(Roethlisberger) probably could've come in a series or two sooner, but we were in a rhythm and flow of the game," Tomlin said. "He was ready to go when he got back out there." Making his second appearance of the season, Dobbs was 4 of 9 for 24 yards, one interception and a 12.0 passer rating. The Steelers had three first downs on four series while Dobbs was in the game. When Roethlisberger returned, he led the Steelers to a go-ahead score, throwing a 1-yard touchdown pass to JuJu Smith-Schuster with 2:55 left. He finished by completing 25 of 29 attempts for 282 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. He had a 130.2 rating. Roethlisberger expects to play Sunday against the New England Patriots. "I would assume so," he said. "I can't predict it, but I would assume so."
  13. 5up 5down Raiders

    How can I forget about our leader Tomlin..... I think the quote was he left Dobbs in "because we were in a rhythm....." His QB ranking was 12 coach, what rhythm would that be.......
  14. 5up 5down Raiders

    Downs Josh Dobbs (Tomlins Boy) - that is who you have on a supposedly SB contender team as your back up. He is horrible - he was horrible in college as well Not blaming the loss on him but you need a veteran back up
  15. Are you worried about missing the playoffs?

    No, its not all Tomlins fault but his team gets a failing grade for what they achieved the past 5 or 6 seasons with the talent they have had and he is part of the problem. Something like 3 - 8 in last 11 play-off games. Consistent lack of discipline leading to stupid penalties, consistently in the top of the league in turning the ball over. Horrible game management in the last two minutes of both halves.Not putting a stop to the drama the last few years. If they lose to New England - 4 -4 record at home. We saw Harrison's comments last year after he went to New England (night and day how the way the two teams are run) No, its not all Tomlin but alot of it is. The old saying you cant fire the team.............