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  1. which top tier CB could we trade for

    I didn't know what thread to put this on. Does anyone have an idea where we will be in cap space next year? I am guessing with Browns dead money gone and not having to re-sign Dupree we can add a couple free agents. If Ben retires I am guessing well under the cap.
  2. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    I think we have nine 1st round picks on our roster (defense) Heyward,Barron,Haden, Dupree,Watt, Fitzpatrick, Burns,Bush and Edmunds
  3. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    I agree. I don't think a ground n pound will work for anyone in the NFL. I was just saying Ben didn't have to win games throwing the ball when he began his career. They ran the ball and played good defense.
  4. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    I believe he was considered a late 1st early second round if you go back and look. Set all kind of passing records at OK State, good size, athletic will see what happens. I will say when Ben took over for Maddox he basically just had to manage the game - we RAN the ball with Bettis and a pretty good line.
  5. 5 Down Week 2 vs Seahawks

    Lets just keep it downs since we have not had many ups this year. Bush - abused by their tight end all game, will continue, no match for 6'4 6'5 tight ends. Soft Defense - after a good start let Wilson play pitch and catch the last 2 1/2 quarters - so hard to watch Moncrief should be released today I love Connor but he cant stay on the field
  6. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Do whatever you have to. He's proven and he is young. If they want a 2nd give it to them right now.
  7. Our biggest advantage is a west coast team coming east and having to play at 1pm
  8. Why is Ryan Switzer on the roster?

    Thank Chief. Exactly what I meant. Alot better athletes out there for ST's if we are not going to use a fullback.
  9. Why is Ryan Switzer on the roster?

    If your not going to use him why have him on the roster
  10. Why is Ryan Switzer on the roster?

    Add Nix to this. He will end up with 4 catches for 11 yards on the season and we do not bring him in to block on short yardage situations.
  11. 5down

    Three times third and 1.....ALL FAILED 4th and 1......FAILED 4th and goal from the 1 down 20 we kick a fg because our coach is an idiot Not once was Nix in at FB - by no means saying that is the answer but why have him on the roster
  12. Way, way to early draft needs 2020

    Edge, TE, Both Lines
  13. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Anyone know where we are cap space wise? Can we sign a safety with experience? We have Davis and Edmunds with experience at safety, if one goes down with an injury we are in trouble. And its not like Davis and Edmunds are lights out to begin with.
  14. Who do we get with our 2 #3s?

    I hope they package one of their thirds and another pick, maybe a fifth, and move into the second round and pick somewhere in the 50's
  15. I think White is gone at 5 to Tampa. I would not give up picks for Bush - was non existent vs top competition