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  1. TABT

    Pretty decent actually... had a big gain called back for holding, missed a deep shot to Parker by about a half yard, had pressure in his face and hit a slant (I believe) to Parker for a solid gain. Got crushed on a busted screen play.
  2. TABT

  3. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    He actually had these "mortar" kicks at FSU that would die at the 1 or 2 yardline and pinned on one of the boundaries. FG-wise... I don't know if his mechanics are garbage, but he changed them from what he did in college.
  4. The Polish Power Keg was 8/14 from 40-49 his rookie year.
  5. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    I looked at that more as us being short on slot WRs... Braverman and Wheaton (while I think he'll play outside more this season) were inactive. Our young WR corps looks up to Victor Cruz, and he by all accounts has looked solid in camp. I'll be shocked if he's not a lock.
  6. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    Locks: White Meredith Cruz Wheaton Bellamy That leaves Kendall Wright against Gentry and my money is on Wright. I think both Gentry and Braverman are ticketed for the PS.
  7. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    I wonder what this kid has to do in order to keep the job... kind of seems like an odd move to make since we picked up his contract, no?
  8. Mitchell Countdown

    I was talking about this on another board, but I just don't see any way he will (or should) start week 1. HOWEVER... If Glennon is absolute garbage, I wouldn't hesitate to start Trubisky week 5 at home vs the Vikings vs Vikings @ Ravens vs Panthers @ Saints BYE WEEK vs Packers
  9. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    I don't think he costs us anything other than us picking up his rookie contract (has some guaranteed money in there, but has offsets as well).
  10. Glennon during the Broncos game

    He didn't look thrilled, which is understandable, but Trubisky said that Glennon and Sanchez were helping him out on the sidelines as well. It seems like there is a good dynamic there... but man, I'd love nothing more than for Mitch to steal the job from Glennon and never look back.
  11. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    can't seem to get tweets to post
  12. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    This one isn't too shabby either... look at where Thompson is in his route when Trubisky starts his throwing motion (this is the anti-Cutler) https://twitter.com/PFF_Steve/status/895834734626054144
  13. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    This. Throw. https://twitter.com/PFF_Steve/status/895835381966491648
  14. Texans @ Panthers

    He's just fun... a play isn't dead if reads 1-2-3-4 aren't there.... that is a KILLER for defenses.
  15. Texans @ Panthers

    Did a ton of work on Watson this past off-season, I thought he looked really good for ya'll tonight. I was a bit surprised to see him rip it 66 yards in the air, bigger arm than I anticipated seeing him in college. I thought he was collected in the pocket, had a great internal clock and took off for positive yardage a couple of times, one for a TD. Seemed accurate for the most part save for two throws. Arrow's pointing up!