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  1. Bears sign David Montgomery to 4 year deal

    Adam Jahns has been RAVING about him -- I can't wait to see him in Camp!
  2. Look at his numbers outdoors... that plus his age = hard pass.
  3. Why Emanuel Hall Has Been MIA

    I'm hoping for this as well... learn the playbook, "get healthy" and say bye-bye to Gabriel if he doesn't show out this season.
  4. 2019 Darling of Camp

    A big leg is great but the problem you find with someone utilizing that much power/torque on his approach is less accuracy. It seems like that is rearing its head in OTAs but I don't know for sure. I like the kid and am rooting for him.
  5. The Adam Shaheen Thread

    The biggest issue I had with Shaheen, aside from health, was his inability to consistently stay on his feet after making a catch. He either would unnecessarily leave his feet to catch the ball, or he will catch the ball, attempt to make a move, and fall on his face. I'm hoping flexibility and balance will be improved this season (sounds like it could be?). If so, he could in line for a nice season, but we will see.
  6. 2019 Darling of Camp

    I want to say I read a tweet saying that Piniero hasn't been looking too good... trying to find it
  7. Bears 100 throwback jersey leaked?

    Nagy has said he loves the stripes and wants them everywhere... curious if the helmets and socks will match
  8. The Adam Shaheen Thread

    I've been praying to the football Gods for Adam Shaheen to cut his weight to 258, 260... and the just might have listened! Per Adam Jahns of The Athletic, Shaheen has lost 7 lbs this off-season while looking to retain strength. He's been doing Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu to help with his flexibility, which I think is exactly what he needs.
  9. I am not expecting much from Tolliver, especially early this season. If/when Amukamara gets dinged the kid will have his shot to show what he's worth. We can say goodbye to Prince in 2020 for $1M.
  10. If I'm not mistaken he was a spread game analyst for the Chiefs once upon a time. It never hurts to have more ideas when it comes to our brand of offense.
  11. Bears OTAs and News

    I think you mean "Daniels can be dominant at OC you move him" but your point resonates.
  12. Rank your favorite draft pick ...

    Montgomery for me, I didn't think we had a chance in hell at the kid, but Pace saw him hit round 3 and made his move. Love it. After that, I love me some Dax Raymond.
  13. Yeah I can see Gabriel being a goner after this season if the brass like what they see from Hall. Bigger and faster than Gabriel...