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  1. Rally Around the QB Mock Draft

    I'd be stunned if we took a QB that high... too many needs on this roster. At minimum we could use upgrades/cheaper options at OT, OLB and CB.
  2. What if Mitch IS the guy?

    I'm of the opinion Pace and Nagy are going to ride or die with Trubisky. Since that is the case, the smartest allocation of resources in the draft are to shore up the team. I think OL and TE must be addressed early, as well as corner and OLB. You can cut Prince Amukamara and think about throwing money at a Y TE in FA, and then draft a corner high in round 2. The best thing offensively is continuing to have the playmakers grow together with Trubisky. If, heavy emphasis on the if, we fall flat on our face in 2020, you'll have a high pick in the finest round and you can draft your new QB there.
  3. What if Mitch IS the guy?

    Thank you for the laugh 😂
  4. Mitchell Trubisky's last few games

    I've been pimping the Drew Brees / Mitch Trubisky development arc for the past couple months.
  5. Mitchell Trubisky's last few games

    Adam Jahns is stealing my schtick!
  6. Mitchell Trubisky's last few games

    I would love for defenses to do that.
  7. Cowboys @ Bears, 12/5, 7:20 GDT

    Updated through 38 games: Drew Brees: 61.17% | 7850 yards | 49 TDs | 34 INTs | 6.57 YPA | 82.2 ratingMitch Trubisky: 63.8% | 7856 yards | 47 TDs | 27 INTs | 6.8 YPA | 87.4 rating
  8. Cowboys @ Bears, 12/5, 7:20 GDT

    Asked what he thought of Trubisky as a quarterback, Smith used the highest term of endearment that his counterparts on the Bears use. “He’s a guy that’s a dog,” Smith said. “He’s going to battle. We knew that going into it, and he had the upper hand tonight.”
  9. Cowboys @ Bears, 12/5, 7:20 GDT

    They didn't account for him and he made them pay for it. Green Bay won't make that mistake, question is: how does Nagy adjust?
  10. Cowboys @ Bears, 12/5, 7:20 GDT

    If/when you re-watch the game or the highlights, focus on Trubisky's feet. Throwing on time and in rhythm. It's a beautiful thing baby
  11. Cowboys @ Bears, 12/5, 7:20 GDT

    I'm a broken record: keep taking baby steps and stacking positive production. I'm not getting too high or too low but he is clearly demonstrating he can play well in this league.

    I found it curious that we signed Saubert to our active roster and left Raymond on the practice squad. Feels like we are taking a free look at the local kid. Dude has awfully similar athletic metrics to Travis Kelce, although I don't think he's anywhere near as good a blocker.
  13. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving, 11/28, 11:30 GDT

    I think Leno needs more sand in his ***. Packers exploited his inability to handle bull rushes and other teams are following suit.
  14. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving, 11/28, 11:30 GDT

    Yup lol. If he has a great game "oh it's just the Lions" if he has a mediocre-or-poor game "oh my God he can't even play well against the Lions". Gabriel and Braunecker might both be out huh? Who the hell is left at TE? Bring up my boy Dax! Also, might be cool to see Riley Ridley get some burn