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  1. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving IGT

    Pound the rock, play suffocating defense, and let Daniel make some plays off play action. I actually think he's going to play well tomorrow if we can keep him protected.
  2. Checking in with Trubisky

    Selfishly I wish he was playing, but shoot... he misses one game and ostensibly gets two bye weeks (13 full days) between NFL starts. I'm good with it... and really I think him watching the game from the sidelines will give him another perspective on the game.
  3. Bears @ Lions, Thanksgiving IGT

    Trubisky officially listed as Doubtful for tomorrow's game
  4. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Daniels had some tremendous blocks in the run game.... very impressed with that kid.
  5. This is our Moment

    This game was everything that I wanted it to be, save for Mitch Trubisky having a lights out day. Still, the kid made big plays with his arm and feet when we needed it. Heal up and let's go kick Detroit's *** on Thanksgiving!
  6. This is our Moment

    Bingo. That's the thing that I have zero idea about since this is such a new team offensively. Defense is going to battle, I expect that. Offense... I have a feeling man, if they can protect 10, he's going to put on a show.
  7. Shaheen Injury Effects Not Talked About

    So some clarity: The Bears have 3 weeks to decide if they want to active Adam Shaheen or shut him down for the year. Saturday at 3PM marks the end of week 2. Week three for us, if I'm not mistaken, is sometime before the Lions game on Thanksgiving. Why wouldn't we want to active him for the Vikings game? If he's not healthy, he's going to get what, one more practice before we play the Lions? Unless something unforeseen happens (last I read he was at 90%) I think he's active Sunday night
  8. This is our Moment

    @dll2000 I wasn't sure what to expect of him during the coaching search last off-season. I didn't like how his offense sputtered after taking a solid lead in the playoffs against the Titans. But there's SO MUCH MORE to coaching than just X's and O's, as you described above. I'm impressed with him as a person, as a communicator, and most importantly as a leader of these young men. I sincerely hope Nagy/Trubisky will be the next Payton/Brees. Keep them together for the next 10-15+ years.
  9. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    This game is going to be so ******* epic. We're battling for NFC North supremacy dudes.... LET'S GO!!!!
  10. This is our Moment

    Guys I'll be the first one to admit in my younger days that I fell victim to blind loyalty and fandom for this team. Every week we had a chance to win, no matter what, I always saw that little sliver of chance. Reality eventually would kick in and I realized that core was never going to accomplish what many of us wanted. Enter Matt Nagy and an aggressive Ryan Pace. I didn't think we would trade for Khalil Mack... our GM values draft picks like malk values role players on cheap contracts. So what does he do? Trade future picks for Anthony Miller, for Khalil Mack, goes out and overhauls the WR position. On the surface it looked like maybe he knew this was his last shot at getting this thing right... putting HIS stamp on the Chicago Bears and defining his legacy. I created a thread asking if I was the only one not drinking the kool-aid and some of my fellow "beaten down Bears brethren" chimed in and echoed what I felt: this franchise found a way to let us down time after time after time. We knew Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay would always find a way to **** us, and wouldn't you God damned know it week 1 it happened to us again. The optimists of the world told us to relax and that this was a good team... I didn't care to take anything at face value anymore -- not with this team -- until they earned it. Well... here we are. It's week 11 and we're in first place. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are currently 2 games behind us and there is a lot of talk brewing that Mike McCarthy is a goner at the end of the season. Our game was flexed to Sunday Night Football because we're taking on the second place Minnesota Vikings, and if we win we will have a solid 2 game lead over them (and 3 game lead over the Packers). I understand Nagy is talking about this being another game and that it has a little more importance since it is a divisional game, but I'm not ******* buying it. This is it -- this is OUR moment to show the rest of the world and the NFL that the NFC North is ours. The table is set and everyone will be watching how we perform. You couldn't ask for a better story for the ascension of Mitch Trubisky and our Chicago Bears than to come out and make a statement on national television. What are our Chicago Bears going to do? I can't ******* WAIT for Sunday night, baby!!
  11. Checking in with Trubisky

    The best thing MT10 can do is show up on Sunday Night Football and light up the Vikings. That will shut everybody up. Kid has to do it, though!
  12. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    This game is going to boil down to how well our OL can block Minnesota's front four. If we can shut them down and force them to blitz to generate pressure, I think Mitch can have a field day. If they can get home with 4 and drop 7 into coverage, we might be in for a long day. Defensively, shut down their run game and ******* tackle. If our corners play off they're going to try to test our discipline with quick hitters and screens (think Vikings). If we can demonstrate that doesn't work and still play up on their WRs, it's going to force Cousins to hold the ball a little bit longer while Thielen/Diggs/Rudolph try to get open. That's where our front four needs to get home.