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  1. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    @WindyCity Clearly I've sparked a movement... how much money do you want to change the avatar? You can donate it to your favorite charity!
  2. ** looks at topic ** Half expecting to see NSFW content here, @AZBearsFan
  3. The 2020 Draft Thread

    McDonald feels like another Shaheen type to me. I want more of an athlete/playmaker than a lumbering dude with stiff hips.
  4. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    CHANGE THE AVATAR! I'm starting a gofundme page to get you to do it. I'm convinced of it bro... you're the cause of our pain
  5. 2020 Senior Bowl Discussion

    To add... I expect to see significant resources added to the offensive side of the ball. This is both in FA capital and draft assets. Give MT10 every chance to succeed, and if he doesn't you should have solid talent on both sides of the ball for your rookie QB in 2021.
  6. 2020 Senior Bowl Discussion

    You have to understand that Pace was very upfront with George and Ted when he said this was going to take time. He came into a literal ****-show in Chicago and had to gut not only the team but the building as well (coaches, trainers, hell even Halas Hall). Pace took over in 2015, with a defense that just earned the honors as "Worst In Chicago Bears History". Fast forward 3 years and our defense was ranked #1 in the NFL. Pace stripped down one of the oldest -- if not THE oldest -- rosters in the NFL and now has the following core pieces: WR - Allen Robinson OG - Cody Whitehair OG - James Daniels (rated 5th at LG by PFF last season) NT - Eddie Goldman DE - Akiem Hicks ILB - Roquan Smithh OLB - Khalil Mack FS - Eddie Jackson That's solid talent with a handful of elite players. Clearly we need to do upgrade the talent level offensively, and I think we would be fools to not give Pace and Nagy every opportunity to succeed on that side of the ball. Nagy is here through 2022, Pace is here through 2021. Unless the team completely falls apart next season (I don't see that happening) I can't imagine Pace and Nagy being fired. I'm firmly of the opinion they should be given another shot at drafting a QB if Mitch fails... but I'm one of the few on this planet that think the kid has not yet hit his ceiling. Trubisky is the least experienced QB to ever be drafted in the first round of the NFL draft since the 1967 merger. That means something as much as some care to ignore it.
  7. 2020 Senior Bowl Discussion

    "As I reported before Senior Bowl practices even began, Trautman was already receiving second round grades around the league and was being considered by many as the top tight end from the senior class. He did nothing to disprove that opinion and in fact, he further strengthened it. The Dayton product displayed himself to be a complete player at the tight end position and, if nothing else, dispelled the belief by some that he’s not worth a day two pick."
  8. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    I'm convinced you're a freaking curse. From that Trestman avatar to this nonsense. Change our mojo, Windy!
  9. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Seconded! @dll2000 what's up with the avatar lol
  10. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Saw that... wouldn't hate it if the price was right. Should know the offense.
  11. 2020 Senior Bowl Discussion

    This is so lazy Windy, come on now
  12. 2020 Senior Bowl Discussion

    *giggles uncontrollably*
  13. The 2020 Draft Thread

    This feels like a lot of **** measuring... are we ignoring RBs as targets and TEs as well. Come on now. Our WR corps is fine, we need one thing IMO after we cut Gabriel and that is pure, unadulterated speeeeeeeed.
  14. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

  15. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Yeah, reading the argument in this thread is fun because I agree with both sides, but let's not forget this dude drops passes like nobody's business. Give him Jared Cook's deal in 2019 (2 years, $15M, $8M guaranteed). It will be a lot of money tied into the TE position for 2020, but I'm of the opinion we are drafting another one and likely will release Burton after the 2020 season.