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  1. The more I'm thinking about it... why do we automatically assume that Edmunds is ticketed to be an EDGE only in this defense? Fangio highly values his ILBs and both Trevathan and Kwiatkoski come out of contract after 2019.
  2. Kevin White, Leonard Floyd, Mitchell Trubisky... Pace swings for upside in round 1. Nobody is calling Edmunds a reach my frent.
  3. Then go back and look at how Andy Reid doesn't value guards, and how when Reid first got to KC and Pederson first got to Philadelphia they didn't invest 1st round picks or elite $$$ into guards. Then go even further and look at Harry Hiestand, a top-tier OL teacher and ask yourself why would he need someone like Nelson to groom -- especially when it could cost you an elite-level talent at a skill position. Guards are a dime a dozen bros, Brad Biggs in his latest piece said numerous personnel evaluators told him it's the easiest position to fix in football.
  4. Forecasting the 2018 Bears Offense

    Remember how awful Christian Jones was early in his career? A couple years with Fangio and he got paid pretty well on the open market. 'Cheese' isn't exactly the brightest bulb in the room, either. I trust Fangio to develop his defenders.
  5. Forecasting the 2018 Bears Offense

    Ding, we have a winner. Especially with being young, teach him how the defense works and stick him in the VR room so he can get looks from different positions. But on game day? Give him the Aldon Smith treatment: See the dude with the ball in his hands -- the QB? Go hit him.
  6. Forecasting the 2018 Bears Offense

    If you look at where the talking heads rank Edmunds, he wouldn't be a reach at all.
  7. Just for the sake of being bored, look at the moves Reid made his first year in KC, and Pederson made his first year in Philly... Reid: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_Kansas_City_Chiefs_season#Roster_changes Pederson: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Philadelphia_Eagles_season#Roster_changes I didn't see G as a major investment outside of Isaac Seumalo being drafted in the 2nd round for the Eagles. Andy Reid's philosophy is to have a QB, two offensive tackles, two pass rushers, and two corners. He famously said "I'll figure out the rest". I'm not saying Nagy is the same way, but we have to keep in mind this is the man under whom he learned everything he knows about the NFL.
  8. I don't see any scenario where Barkley is available at 8 so I haven't even bothered thinking about it. Fitzpatrick is a darkhorse to be there and really, if he is, I would be hard-pressed not to take him there. Kid can do a lot of different things and it frees up our 2nd round pick to go EDGE/OG/OC or even trade down if there a lot of names there. I think 3 QBs are absolutely to go in the top 7, which leaves Barkley/Nelson/Chubb/Fitzpatrick/Edwards. I'm fine with any of those 5 players and I don't think we have the juice to move up from 8 to 6 if someone is falling.
  9. Forecasting the 2018 Bears Offense

    Sounds like they're waiting to see how the draft shakes out with regards to where Whitehair will be playing. More and more I think we go defense at #8 and interior OL at #39. Makes too much sense.
  10. I went with #1... I think Edmunds has the highest ceiling as a defender/pass rusher. I understand the lure of Harold Landry's ability to bend the edge, but giving someone like Tremaine Edmunds to Vic Fangio is the equivalent of giving a Queen to a Chessmaster. Fangio could use him in a multitude of ways... inside linebacker in base downs, he can move him to the slot to cover WRs and/or TEs, he can matchup on a RB out of the backfield, and he can rush the passer. Having two OLBs that can not only pass rush but cover receivers and TEs is a luxury many teams do not have. (This also is why I love Minkah Fitzpatrick, but that's for another day). It's not just about pass rushing with this kid -- he can literally do everything, but at 19 years old he needs to be allowed time to learn the nuances of the game and these positions. That's where a private visit becomes imperative; let Pace/Nagy/Fangio and the defensive staff sit down with this kid and see if he can pick things up quickly and more importantly if he has the drive and excitement to want to be used in such a manner. If they come away from that visit impressed with the kid, you have to take him. I understand the Quenton Nelson love, but you can read Biggs' latest piece and he states how numerous personnel evaluators have told him guards are one of the easiest positions to fill in football. We're lucky at pick #39 to have some quality interior linemen from which to pick if we decide to address defense in round 1.
  11. Pretty straight-forward; please vote for the draft scenario you want the most.
  12. I can clarify: Emery came in to a team that had failed horribly in the draft, and he thought he could rectify that by trading for and signing the Brandon Marshalls, Martellus Bennetts, and over-the-hill Jared Allens of the world. Meaning: he tried a quick-fix with questionable players (character, age) and only added to the problems that Pace needed to address.
  13. 2018 Free Agency targets

    I'm thinking they might be wrong... I feel like it should be closer to $25M.
  14. 2018 Free Agency targets

    According to overthecap.com we have $37,293,440 in cap space remaining.
  15. This is why Emery fell on his face (window slammed shut) and why it has taken Pace longer to re-build our franchise (old, decaying talent trying to be off-set by money-hungry ******* divas).