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  1. Who had best draft?

    Ugh, don't remind me
  2. Day 3 Draft Picks

    I'm most excited by him, even watching clips of him at OTAs man... this kid can MOVE.
  3. left to right I think you will see Leno/Daniels/Whitehair/Long/Massie
  4. Who had best draft?

    He's made and completed throws on the football field that literally have made my jaw hit the floor. People can say what they want about Brady, he doesn't have anywhere near the pure football talent that AR12 does. It's not even close.
  5. Who had best draft?

    It's a really weird feeling being a die hard Bears fan but knowing Aaron Rodgers is the best QB I have ever seen in my life and I actually enjoy watching him play. So bizarre.
  6. Who had best draft?

    I'd just like to take this moment to say FTP and that offensive line gets away with ridiculous amounts of holding.
  7. I thought he started coming on toward the end of last season, honestly. He's looking thicker/wider too so I think his body is in the proper shape to play 5T rather than 3T. If he's got some more power and still has his juice, he could be in for a surprising season.
  8. @beardown3231 ^^^ he's right, you know.
  9. I won't lie, I loved the Marshall acquisition and I was pimping Jeffery ever since the start of the draft process that off-season. I was thrilled, honestly. Hated the McClellin pick but after a while I felt so bad for the **** that kid had to endure. I had a chat with him at camp and decided to root my *** off for him that season... not to any avail but hey, at least the kid went on to get himself a Super Bowl ring.
  10. Pretty much. Phil Emery really had no idea what he was doing.
  11. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Bears listed Smith at 225 lbs fwiw...
  12. And everyone and their mothers were screaming for Chandler Jones. So stupid.
  13. Overall Draft Grade

    Honestly man I don't care what other teams did. I like Kylie Fitts a lot but he comes into Chicago with an injury history and that gives me pause for concern. If he hits then this class is an A for me, but the way it stands we went into the draft with a gaping hole at EDGE and we came out of it with a big question mark still remaining. I'm glad he didn't draft for need, don't get me wrong, but still...
  14. Watson and Kamara

  15. Watson and Kamara

    That makes two of us. And really, I am even more excited that we are going from "DEAR GOD MITCH DON'T FU*K IT UP!!!" to "KID, IF YOU SEE IT JUST RIP IT IN THERE". I mean Jesus, Loggains in the headset against Baltimore had to tell Mitch "Hey this is 3rd and long in OT, if you need to make a play here make it" and then sure enough the kid does this: