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  1. Bears sign OL Germain Ifedi

    Ifedi at RG here
  2. Scouting Potential Bears Selections

    I think they like them as depth... think about it, if you can get a first round talent at pick #43, you've got two solid corners for a decent price when combined and it will stay that way across from your two expensive edge rushers.
  3. Scouting Potential Bears Selections

    Anyone think corner might be a target in round 2? *looks at roster* Outside of Fuller and Skrine, we have: Artie Burns (can be released for 887k) Kevin Tolliver II (can be released for 5k) Duke Shelley (can be released for 95k) Xavier Crawford (can be released for 21k) Tre Roberson (can be released for 215k) Michael Joseph (can be released for 12.5k) Stephen Denmark (can be released for free) I could very easily see us go for a stud corner to pair with our elite pass rush. That would make some combination of Burns/Tolliver/Roberson depth.
  4. Goldfish Improves Your Teams

    @goldfishwars Chicago Bears "regular" and one where they trade down from 43 please!
  5. I think, fair or not, the "competition" is tilted in Trubisky's favor. Unless he completely ****s the bed and/or Foles clearly outperforms him in camp/pre-season, Mitch will be the starter. I think he's going to be given at least 5 games to prove his development is back on the ascent. If he doesn't do that/can't do that, pull the plug and call it quits on the kid.
  6. Scouting Potential Bears Selections

    COVID-19 be damned 😂
  7. Bears sign OL Germain Ifedi

    From another board... this is not my work. Just sharing because I like you a-holes
  8. Bears sign OL Germain Ifedi

    Makes me wonder if we signed him as a swing tackle...
  9. Bears re-sign S Deon Bush

    Wouldn't shock me either... I like him more in the box as a thumper anyway
  10. Oh how I'd love to find the time to pull your posts commending them in 2018. You certainly "live in the now", Windy!
  11. This is my concern as well. If he wants to keep his passing attack the same, fine, but he'd better find a way to establish the run game. If that is non-existent, I don't care who is back there at QB. Fun banter, I'm gonna pass out
  12. All kidding aside, I'm more curious to see what Nagy's offense is going to be in 2020. If it's more of the same, I think Trubisky is done. If he looks more at what the Titans did with Tannehill...
  13. Then he can take both his seconds and trade down repeatedly.
  14. Pick #140, to me, is not a major resource. Pick #147 is in the 5th round.