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  1. If Williams is asymptomatic and has a negative test tomorrow and Saturday, he should be good to go. That being said... I'm good with an 80/20 split between Herbert and Nall.
  2. Yep, 2013 per the googles! Marc Trestman takes heat for missed field goal on second down - ProFootballTalk (nbcsports.com)
  3. Oh yeah against San Diego... Trestman did the same thing against the Vikings I believe.
  4. I thought John Fox was the one who challenged us scoring a TD, only to have it turn into a turnover and touchback for the opposition...
  5. I think you mean the last 2 games, and in those two games we had a run-pass ratio of almost 2:1 (76 to 41). I get what you're saying but "full speed" in this instance might be max protect deep shots of PA.
  6. As far as I'm concerned, Aaron Rodgers OWNS US until we prove otherwise. 20-5 record against us, 80% winning percentage. Good grief 🤢 Our offense is playing 1980s football with a heavy emphasis on the run and little-to-nothing in the passing game. Can you sustain that in 2021? Can the defense play lights-out football and have a special teams score to help the 30th ranked scoring offense in the NFL? I dunno. Maybe we see some more designed runs for Justin Fields (we should have already, damnit), but him being banged up might play a role in scrapping that for the next couple weeks. H
  7. Problem with your analogy is letting him play "full speed" could get him killed. I am not interested in him getting sacked 9 times again; that's how you ruin a QB if you expose him to this type of abuse over and over and over.
  8. I think what we are doing is meshing together two different offenses based on how defenses want to play us. You still have the Nagy quick game, RPOs, and traditional deep shots. However, with a kid QB and shoddy pass protection, you are seeing more of an emphasis on the run (inside/outside zone) and play-action shots off that. What I've found most intriguing is if you watch out opponent the week prior, we are stealing run and pass concepts that the previous opponent used successfully. That I-formation fake screen draw? The Chargers beat the Raiders up with that play. It's interesti
  9. Great read: Matt Nagy discusses how Justin Fields earned Bears' starting QB job - Sports Illustrated
  10. I think this is Fields through and through. Likely will try to build an offense around what he does well, I still anticipate some Ohio State concepts to be worked in during the season. I'm good with it, use this season to build a new scheme around what Fields does well.
  11. I think Nagy genuinely cares for his players, I watched the presser live and you could see how much it impacted him having to tell Dalton he was no longer the starter. Maybe it was due some promise that was told -- none of us will really ever know -- but as a leader and as a human I respect Nagy 100% for that type of approach. That being said, he made the decision to have that difficult conversation with Dalton and do what we all knew was right after last week: start the kid and play to his strengths. I'm 100% on board with all of this PROVIDED THAT we are designing the offense arou
  12. Yep. The moment I saw him staring at his playsheet and not having a clue what happened, or how it looked, the play before told me all I needed to know. Coach the team, Nagy, or learn how to call plays while seeing what the defense is doing / how your players are performing.
  13. I think he tried to adjust later but it was too little too late.
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