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  1. 8th pick in the draft

    Look at how KC was assembled, I would think we are going to follow suit. Chubb Fitzpatrick Best OL on the board (if valued at 8) Trade down That's my "board"
  2. 8th pick in the draft

    You can find speed receivers anywhere in the draft, though. I am hoping Connor Williams' arms measure to at least 34", love most everything else I see when I watch him.
  3. 8th pick in the draft

    What's the word on McGlinchey? Looks like a prototypical RT to me from his build... Is he a top 10 pick?
  4. 8th pick in the draft

    Huge dude, haven't watched much of him. Can he play LT?
  5. 8th pick in the draft

    We've got too many needs and FA isn't deep enough to help us with all of them. Anyone's that's studied this class, do we know where the draft is strong/deep and where it's week? By my count this off-season we need at least two WRs, two CBs, two OLBs, one RT, one OG, and ILB depth.
  6. 8th pick in the draft

    Unless Bradley Chubb or Minkah Fitzpatrick are there, I'm hoping we trade back.
  7. 2018 Draft Prospects

    I think the story with Leno is that he was just soooo bad at RT. He said he felt very uncomfortable there mechanically. I'm sure with reps that can be fixed but why meds with a good thing? FWIW PFF ranked him as the #14 tackle last season. That's not bad at all.
  8. 8th pick in the draft

    Wait he's hurt?
  9. 8th pick in the draft

    Solid feet, nasty, curios what his arm length is...
  10. Which Bears Should Be Released

    Not sure how he is on movement plays but I'd kick the tires.
  11. 8th pick in the draft

    Seriously. This isn't even debatable.
  12. 8th pick in the draft

    Ya know... if his knee checks out, I'd draft Connor Williams at 8 and stick him at RT for the next 3-4 years and then kick him over to LT once Leno's contract is up.
  13. 8th pick in the draft

    I don't think they have anything to do with each other, but that's a solid strawman Windy
  14. 8th pick in the draft

    I'm willing to bet the majority of the elite offenses in the NFL do not have top 8 picks at OG.
  15. 8th pick in the draft

    The way it's looking then I'd trade back for the best value presented to me, I guess. If you can get 21 and 22 from the Bills you can potentially land Kirk and an OL/CB.