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  1. Alshon

    Dude threw 7 times today and we got another W
  2. Alshon

    I don't disagree Windy but I think this team as currently built is defense, run game, QB. If we ever shift to focusing on the QB to win games then yeah let's get him some legit WRs in the draft. I just don't see that happening. We just beat the Ravens with Gentry, McBride, and Wright at WR. Get Meredith back, spend some cash on a true #1, retain Wright and we are in much better shape for the current formula this team employs.
  3. Alshon

    I'm on the other end of the spectrum... I think a legit OLB helps this team out more than a highly drafted WR. Pace whiffed, badly, on Kevin White (and Markus Wheaton?) so I don't exactly trust him there. Sign someone in FA, Meredith your 2, Wright your 3, White your 4, and let Gentry/McBride battle for 5.
  4. Alshon

    I hated that Pace wasted the #7 pick on an athletic specimen that was not polished, AT ALL, as a WR. Scouts said it themselves once White got to the NFL, he might be timed as a 4.3 guy but he lacks any sense of WR savvy that he plays like a 4.6 guy. Add inconsistent hands to that and you have all the makings of a garbage pick. I HATE him.
  5. Thoughts and Observations: Ravens

    I went back and re-watched the game last night; my God was that defense ALIVE! Everyone was flying up and hitting, and Adrian freaking Amos of all people was blowing up plays and making open-field tackles. Eddie Jackson continues to flash his athleticism, and I've been impressed with his willingness to come up and tackle. Kyle Fuller, you're serving me a disgusting plate of crow and I will gladly eat it... I hope he stays healthy and continues to play at a Pro Bowl level
  6. https://twitter.com/MarkPotash/status/920071999992590336 I HATE Sam Rosen
  7. First Quarter Mock 2018

    Sims is coming around... had a couple key blocks on big runs, and made a great play on his TD grab. Give him some time, let's see where he's at week 17.
  8. Jahns: Markus Wheaton out 4-6 weeks

    Sounds like Wheaton tore his groin at practice, for some reason Fox decided to have it outdoors on the wet turf. Get this ******* idiot out of here, please.
  9. John Fox: Swan Song

    Hoge & Jahns said something interesting in their podcast... if/when Fox is fired and a new coach is brought in, would it make sense to keep Loggains around? They argue that Fox gives him the gameplan and Loggains needs to pick plays to match that design. Maybe Loggains has a better idea if he had no reigns on him (assuming he has any reigns at all)? Scheme consistency is always good... should be interesting to watch unfold.
  10. John Fox: Swan Song

    Peter King made it sound like Josh McDaniels would want to hire his own GM when he accepts his next gig...
  11. John Fox: Swan Song

    Come on, AZ... this face doesn't excite you??
  12. Bears release WR Deonte Thompson

    Makes a ton of sense to me, but I have to think they want to see what Wheaton can do before they realize he was a wasted signing. I think he's the only one that can legitimately take the top off a defense... maybe McBride if you look at his timed speed but it doesn't seem like he plays up to those numbers.