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  1. Why I have faith in Nagy

    Bro I'm just glad you got rid of that God damned avatar
  2. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Million dollar question. What I do like, oddly enough to say, is that it seems like Nagy is literally rewiring this kid's brain and teaching him how to be a QB in THIS offense. We are going to see some hiccups for sure, but once we start seeing flashes it's going to be God damned exciting!
  3. Why I have faith in Nagy

    Players have said he's runs a strict locker room, more strict than John Fox last season (not saying much). Beat writers have said that, multiple times, Nagy has turned around during practice and told Josh Bellamy (and others) to "shut the ____ up" because they were horsing around. Trestman had no spine and had no idea how to police a locker room or hold people accountable. That's IMPERATIVE for a NFL coach (hell, for any coach). Any stupid/lazy Trestman comp needs to die right there. I don't care that they're both white and offensive-minded coaches.
  4. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Someone posted the video below on Reddit and I was kind of taken aback... 2017 MT10 was seeing the field and throwing it with conviction. 2018 MT10 hesitates, and I think it's because he has SO MUCH information running through his brain. I read once that Taylor Gabriel said he had 4 different options on one route based on what the defense is doing. Imagine being a QB and having 2-3 seconds to scan a defense, think how your WRs should be adjusting, hope that they see the defense the same way you see it, and then get the ball out accurately and with velocity. It's a heavy load, and I get it for sure. I wish he didn't miss Howard in the flat or a WIDE OPEN Gabriel on a chunk play, but those things happen. I'm okay with mistakes, my concern and anger will rise if it turns into consistent issues -- which I hope it doesn't.
  5. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Everyone is on their own journey my friend. The Bears have waited FOREVER to find a franchise QB, I'm willing to give MT10 all the time he needs.
  6. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    I didn't get that impression. Mack was a blue-level talent that Pace wanted on this roster. He knows that Trubisky is on a rookie deal for the next 3 seasons so he can afford to bring in a potential Hall of Fame talent to help rush the passer.
  7. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    I do too. We all do, bro.
  8. Hi. I'm Baker Mayfield. The first NFL game I play for the Cleveland Browns, they win. It's the first time they won a game in the past 635 days. STUD.
  9. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Alex Smith is one of the smartest QBs in the NFL... he said it took him 3-4 years before he fully felt comfortable in this offense.
  10. Bears fan here... LOVED Mayfield coming out of the draft and he is NOT disappointing at all. Kid is a mother ******* gamer and he raises all boats. Ya'll got a good one!!! Pulling for you guys this year, enjoy this DUB!!!
  11. What if Mitch is not the guy?

    Baker and Darnold are both seeing the field well and letting it rip. Baker looks ******* legit... love that kid! I think Mitch is over-processing -- understandable -- and isn't trusting what he sees.
  12. Why I have faith in Nagy

    For sure, just like I'm entitled to think it's dumb. I hear ya though, cheers.
  13. Why I have faith in Nagy

    Exactly. Spend all of two seconds watching Trestman in a locker room and Nagy in a locker room. That's all it takes. Oh but they're both white and offensive minded head coaches so they're similar and quirky
  14. Why I have faith in Nagy

    What my problem is? Okay well, not to be a ****, but I kind of think you talk out of your arse. This is why: I'm taken aback by how unbelievably wrong you are, a dude who clearly is a die hard Bears fan that spends time on message boards, etc. Invoking Marc freaking Trestman comparisons to Matt Nagy is just.... I don't have words for how preposterously stupid I think that perspective is. Hope that clears it up It's like you pointing to the ocean and telling me it's red. Get your **** together for goodness sake or @Sugashane is going to blow an aneurysm!
  15. Why I have faith in Nagy

    Nagy did this locker room thing for CAMP only, guys. Trestman did it for the whole season. Nagy said clearly that once the season started he wants position groups together so they can talk about plays, responsibilities, etc. Trestmean was a Grade-A weirdo who had no idea whatsoever how to hold players accountable. Nagy is the exact opposite if you listen to what players have been saying about how he runs a locker room.