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  1. Ya'll are crazy. Crazy I tells ya 😄
  2. We finally have a first round pick again, and people want to burn that and more future firsts? Guys. No. We NEED to draft young talent with these picks.
  3. He's got a better arm than Mac Jones in the limited amount I've watched of each.
  4. Well, here we are. Standing in line for another spin on the never ending Chicago Bears QB Ferris Wheel. I'm sure my thoughts will change numerous times this off-season as more information becomes available regarding our scheme, available QBs in FA or via trade, potential draft picks etc. We will have our options but how does one maxamize a run in 2021 while developing a QB for the future? I can envision a scenario in which Mitch Trubisky returns, with another off-season fully dedicated on tweaking the "Shanahan" offense that we were running late in the season. In doing to, you can focus
  5. I get it, but listening to Pace it didn't sound to me like they turned the page (yet), so to speak.
  6. I don't yet think Trubisky is done here. I'd be on board with trading a 2nd and 5th or 6th for Darnold if he was available. Mac Jones makes the most sense, but he has limited college experience and we just went through that nightmare. Roll the dice again? He has an average arm and limited athleticism, hardly a sure thing.
  7. Jay Rodgers has had some smoke to his name recently. Sean Desai is a sneaky option...
  8. Called it. Now I'm curious to see if they go "Full Nagy" and pray Foles is their savior, or if they bring Trubisky back and dedicate a full scheme to his talents (doubt it because #Nagy)
  9. If you've got 20 minutes, this is a hell of a listen and echos a ton of what I've been complaining about regarding Nagy and his scheme: https://www.radio.com/670thescore/podcasts/bernstein-rahimi-show-65/bernstein-rahimi-sage-rosenfels-lays-into-bears-coaching-hour-3-354437590
  10. QBR incorporates that "Total QBR is the raw QBR adjusted for the strength of the opponent."
  11. Yep. Foles will be a Bear in 2021 unless he is traded.
  12. Trubisky's QBR in 2020: 61.8 (ranked 20th in the league) Foles' QBR in 2020: 43.6 (ranked 32nd in the league)
  13. I think generally ownership wants to keep Pace and Nagy in place. They've had *some* success in the NFL and, truthfully, firing/replacing either one is going to cost $$$ that they lost due to the pandemic. Does Phillips "retire", Pace take his role and someone like John Dorsey get hired as GM? I don't know, maybe. I doubt it, but maybe. You don't let someone overhaul Halas Hall and fire him a season or two later; there is some clout/respect there in my opinion. Pagano has to go, but what quality defensive coordinator is going to come here knowing Nagy is a lame duck? (funny how this is a
  14. It'll be Foles next year with Kyle Trask or Mac Jones sitting for a season.
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