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  1. That's now what I asked though. They all bring in a list, yes, but how do you know that list wasn't discussed during the GM interview process? How do you know Dan Quinn and/or Matt Eberflus were not his guy?
  2. Eberflus, Caldwell, Pep Hamilton as QB coach.
  3. What makes you think during the GM interviews candidates weren't asked who they would bring in as head coach?
  4. Fair but I'm of the opinion that while the Bears were doing their initial round of interviews, they asked who the candidate would like or consider as head coach. Once they narrowed down their list (maybe multiple GM candidates listed the same coaches?) they started to ramp up interviewing said coaches. Regardless, we know this is Ryan Poles' show and it'll be his call at the end of the day.
  5. I like Kafka in theory but it's the same old **** with no playcalling experience for him.
  6. It's beautiful on paper and ostensibly covers the next 5-8 years.
  7. That's what I was thinking as well... HC: Eberflus OC: Caldwell QB: Pep Hamilton (welcome back!) Plan would be for Hamilton to grow in this offense with Fields and if/when Caldwell decides to hang 'em up, Hamilton would slide into the role seamlessly.
  8. Regarding Travis Kelce... he got kicked off the team for failing multiple drug tests for marijuana (which is now legal in some states). Big whoop. They took a swing on Kareem Hunt as well, a player I would have loved to have had on the Bears. Tyreek Hill is the engine that makes the Chiefs go. Look, this is football. If you are looking for choir boys with impeccable character, I'm willing to bet that you'll lose more games than you will win. Sometimes you need an elite talent that's a little rough around the edges (ideally they'd be the perfect human being, but that doesn
  9. I was wrong on the GM hire, but I feel like the head coach could be one of these two dudes. Brad Biggs had a terrific article on Matt Eberflus as well on the Tribune's website, check it out.
  10. Re: Dan Quinn By all accounts, he's been crushing his interviews and reportedly has an "all-star" coaching staff ready to come with him if/when hired. The rumblings for offensive coordinator are such that you look at current NFL Head Coaches that are play callers, it would be their OC. Some names: Kevin O'Connell - Rams Mike Kafka - Chiefs Pete Carmichael - Saints Mike McDaniel - 49ers Alex Van Pelt - Browns etc
  11. I kind of hope John DeFilippo sticks around as QB coach...
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