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  1. 10 of those carries came in the 4th quarter while the Bears had the lead. See what @AZBearsFan said above.
  2. Every offensive starter was the same except for Montgomery and Mustipher. Try again. Coaching did make a difference when a scheme was run that suited the starting QBs talents, we agree here.
  3. That's the problem, I recall Trubisky openly complaining in the posgame presser that the game plan was too conservative. When you do that, the defense will sit on your routes/condense the field and you will have nowhere to go with the ball. Reminds me a bit of Trestman's second year when we had no speed on the field and defenses just sat on Marshall/Jeffery/Bennett.
  4. I mean pick your argument... either they're one of the worst defenses in the NFL or Trubisky played a bigger role than you're letting on for the team's offensive output.
  5. I remember Nick Foles' whopping 6 points against that horrible Vikings defense week 10.
  6. True, but we also have to factor in the offense being catered to what Mitch liked as well during our 4 game stretch of averaging 35 ppg.
  7. In his defense, Chris Tabor gave him the green light on all returns. He's of the opinion you can't break one if you don't have the attempts (understandable, I suppose).
  8. I think Marquise Goodwin has the potential to play a ton of snaps for us...
  9. I hear ya, I still get pangs of excitement when I think of Justin Fields being drafted by this franchise, but then decades upon decades of futility at the position hit me with a dose of reality. Does Justin Fields have anything to do with that? No, he doesn't, but the point still remains. I do think this is the best QB incubator we have had as a franchise in recent memory. Nagy was around to see how Mahomes was brought along into this offense, John DeFilippo has coaxed some quality play out of QBs during his time as a QB coach, etc. I also think Justin Fields is the only QB we have d
  10. This dude is not 336 lbs...
  11. Cohen has a very thick lower body, can squat a Mack truck.
  12. I love how he fights for extra yardage, but if there's a clean kill-shot coming just get the F out of bounds.
  13. You want your primary WR in this offense to have elite speed. Allen Robinson isn't that guy... not bagging on him whatsoever but he's more of a Dwayne Bowe than a Tyreek Hill.
  14. Just thinking out loud, but how great would it be if Darnell Mooney ascended to being our true #1 and Cole Kmet ascends to being a top-tier NFL TE? If you follow the KC model and how passing attempts are distributed, about 48% of all passes go to Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill.
  15. If Robinson is being "unreasonable" I'd offer even more money to Davante Adams. If he's still being "unreasonable" I'd see if Chris Godwin or Juju Smith-Schuster will come over for less.
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