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  1. Yeah this is just their yearly "combine interview".
  2. Alex Smith is going to be released by WFT... there's your 2021 starter.
  3. So are Trubisky's 🤷🏽‍♂️
  4. I don't care. He'll show up, he wants money too much to get fined/show up out of shape etc.
  5. Yes, it has. I remember when Lance Briggs said he'd never play another down for the Chicago Bears. I remember the hissy fit Matt Forte threw, etc.
  6. Very, very limited experience even dating back to high school.
  7. He's panned out better than Darnold, though...
  8. Again with Darnold... $25M to keep him after this season. I don't like that based on his track record in the NFL.
  9. I'd consider it, but the ***** of it is that regardless of how he plays in 2021, if you want to keep him in 2022 it'll likely cost you $25M.
  10. I think it's going to be Mac Jones or Kyle Trask... Jones is the pick if he's there at 20. If he's not, I could see us trade down to acquire more picks and draft Trask late in the first round.
  11. I've thought about that... it's one thing if we were flush with cash, we are the exact opposite right now.
  12. Brees has a stronger arm than Mac Jones.
  13. Pennington had some beauties to Laveranues Coles if memory serves... used to enjoy that Jets team.
  14. I would say Chad Pennington...
  15. Hmm... that makes sense. I was thinking they'd need to put up or shut up in 2021 but it does appear Nagy is under contract through 2022 (and I would assume the same for Pace).
  16. Do you think he'd bet the farm on a rookie QB to come into THIS system and excel as a rookie? That's a much tougher ask, IMO, than rolling with Foles. (and I "hate" Foles)
  17. To what is this in reference?
  18. We have the tag at our disposal. Use it. If he wants to be here, they'll figure out a number that works and we can back-load it; I'm sure all he cares about is the guaranteed $$$. If he doesn't want to be here, he can huff and puff but come week 1 he'll be on the field.
  19. This feels to me like it will be the Nick Foles show, with an upgrade at OT and WR.
  20. I don't agree with a lot of what he passive aggressively did during the season. It was unnecessary and, to me, petulant. He signed a contract, the 6th richest for a WR, and he was coming off a torn ACL. There are reports that other teams offered him contracts as well, but he chose us because it was the most money. That's fine, money makes the world go round. He's a solid WR, but to be paid like a true #1, you need to be a game changer. I watched him lose multiple 50/50 balls that wound up being intercepted by a corner. One cost us a TD, another he literally jumped (for no reason) and kic
  21. Sheeeeit, imagine being said organization
  22. What did Malcolm Jenkins say about Carson? Ditto Alshon?
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