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  1. On 4/14/2021 at 5:21 PM, Heinz D. said:

    Yeah, it's the whole diva thing. If Trubisky didn't depend on Robinson like a security blanket...I think we'd have slightly different opinions of Miller. Which kind of makes you wonder why Pace is eager to trade him now, once Mitch is gone--but whatever. Another mystery from the enigmatic mind of Ryan Pace. 

    If Miller ran routes correctly, and was trustworthy, I'm sure he would have been targeted much more. 

  2. Brad Biggs thinks the Bears go immediate help in round 1, QB in round 2.

    Only caveat is if a QB we like falls and it isn't a king's ransom to move up.

    I'm inclined to agree... I could see CB (Newsome), QB (Mills or Mond), WR


    Slot WR is deeeep in this draft

  3. I think Nagy has some sound concepts, he just needs a QB who can make all the reads/checks AND he needs a quality offensive line.

    Not sure when it will happen, but I am expecting a RT to be drafted somewhere in rounds 1-3 unless Castillo has a boner for Lachavious Simmons...

  4. 1 hour ago, soulman said:

    This is what we don't know for certain.  Was it Mitch or is it Nagy?

    I'd say if you look at how Foles ran "Nagy's offense", it was pretty telling.

    Then again, they made changes on the fly and didn't really have a training camp to practice...

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  5. Very impressive interview with Adam Hoge, kid comes off as very intelligent (graduated in 2.5 years).

    Heard/read somewhere he squats 600 lbs.


    If we want to be the Chiefs, we need our dude who rips the top off a defense. I think Mooney can be that guy but you put a legit 4.30 kid on the other side and Cole Kemet will feast on the middle of the field.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Epyon said:

    Great  talent but his physical style is going to cause him significant injury problems in the NFL... and hell it's already caused him a ton in college.

    Kid is damn entertaining though.

    Posted this on another forum:


    Rondale Moore vs. Tyreek Hill

    5070 _____________________5081
    181 lbs___________________185 lbs
    42.5" vert_________________40.5" vert
    10'06" broad______________10'09" broad
    4.10 short shuttle_________4.06 short shuttle
    6.68 cone_________________6.53 cone

  7. 3 hours ago, RunningVaccs said:

    OR... How about way way up at enormous cost?

    This guy has some in house connection and is sometimes right, make of it what you will.


    I look at what the 49ers just gave up to go from #12 to #3, and I'm thinking to go from #20 to #4 it would be:




    2022 1st

    2023 1st


    at minimum.... no thanks

  8. 7 hours ago, soulman said:

    Mills may be a "poor mans" Mac Jones but at least he fits the present scheme and has played in a pro style passing offense.  We should ask ourselves what Mills college career might have been like if he'd played at 'Bama with the tools Jones had and Jones had played at Stanford?  Would Mills out rank Jones?

    Some scouts have called him Mac Jones with a better arm... I like him at #52.

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  9. Regarding Davis Mills...

    I've seen "Mac Jones with a stronger arm" thrown around by some beat writers after speaking with various scouts and team executives.

    Could be nothing, could be something.

  10. 20 minutes ago, Heinz D. said:

    I'd imagine that a big component of whatever passes for a "plan" is some sort of positive showing from a young quarterback.

    I think a young QB is what will buy them a return in 2022, but they are banking on something akin to the 2016 Chiefs.

    Top 15 offense (13th)

    Top 10 defense (7th)

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  11. 45 minutes ago, dll2000 said:

    How do you identify a QB with Brady or a Manning's 'upside'?    Answer is you don't, unless you try to figure out a way to quantify and identify it rather than throwing darts.

    It's funny you said this, I can't for the life of me understand why some team or company hasn't devised a VR program which gauges a QBs ability to read coverages / make throws vs various coverages.

    Hell, I don't know why they don't have that for a team's playbook against every potential coverage out there. Just keep running it over and over and over. There are your reps.

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  12. 3 hours ago, abstract_thought said:

    Getting excited about retread QBs that will be available next offseason... The plight of a Bears fan. 😫

    Yep. I endured the Cubs and got a World Series Championship out of it. I'll endure these a-holes too 😆🤔😭

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