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  1. Maybe Alshon doesn't fit the mold of WR that Pace likes -- which is fine -- but GOOD GOD replace him with someone better than Kendall Wright/Markus Wheaton.
  2. Fair enough, so you can say he got rid of Marshall for White. Can you explain getting rid of Jeffery for some odd combination of Kendall Wright and Markus Wheaton? Because I sure as hell can't.
  3. I'm one of the many on this board that was screaming/begging for us to not draft Kevin White, so the injuries don't really factor in when an arm-chair "scout" like me can see that Kevin White isn't worthy of a top 10 selection at WR. Way too raw, and now we are finding out he's way too brittle.
  4. Getting rid of them is fine, the arrogance is in replacing them with Josh Bellamy, Deonte Thompson, Kendall Wright, and Markus Wheaton. Or maybe that's just pure stupidity?
  5. That will happen when you (arrogantly, IMO) jettison two Pro Bowl WRs are replace them with literal garbage.
  6. Something interesting I just found out: We have 2 WRs under contract for 2018! Kevin White and Markus Wheaton. Maybe Meredith comes back? Or... maybe Pace is waiting for his new offensive-minded head coach/coordinator to be hired and they can decide what type of WR they want to attack in FA and the draft. *crosses fingers*
  7. Bears fan here... is he legitimately on the hot seat? There's word in Chicago that Fox is a goner... curious what ya'll are hearing about Bowles. Loved him as a DC!
  8. I think Fox was a solid A to B guy... but he wasn't going to be a B to C guy. We needed a ton of help rebuilding this roster, and he played a role in it -- thanks for that. Now? Get a bright mind, a leader of men, and tie him to Mitch Trubisky. That will define Pace and the next 4 years.
  9. Gentry will be brought back to the PS, I can't imagine any other team signing him at this point in time. Why Josh Bellamy still has a job here is beyond me. I don't give two craps about special teams anymore, not when it means this joke is a starting WR for us.
  10. That's fair, but I think the coaching/teaching tape that he would have would be invaluable to Trubisky. "Here's how Brady studied it and ran it". I mean that's GOLD any way you want to dice it.
  11. Agreed, but all that does is tell me Fox doesn't give a **** about our future -- he's trying to win to save his ***.
  12. This is the least passionate I have felt about this team since prior to when I tried to cheer Matt Barkley into greatness... woof.
  13. Sounds like this kid had surgery to repair his broken scapula.... anyone have a timetable for when he could possibly return? Without surgery I've seen 4-6 weeks, but with?
  14. If Todd Bowles is whacked.... I would LOVE a McDaniels/Bowles partnership.
  15. I don't have it in writing but Pace and George have said it multiple times, and Pace said a condition of him accepting the job offer was that McCaskey understood that this is going to take time and won't be some quick-fix.
  16. I'm assuming you meant Pace... it's because he told the McCaskeys before he was hired that this is going to take time and he wants to build through the draft. They green lit him... combine that with him just drafting our franchise QB and he will absolutely get to hire head coach number two. Fangio's contract is up after this season and I don't think he's going to sign on for a lame duck year. Dowell Loggains really hasn't done anything to deserve being around here to develop Mitch.... I think it's in our best interest to just cut the ****in cord with this coaching staff after this season
  17. Trubisky can make every throw that Brady can make, and he can do some of them on the run/move. It would be a solid hire, IMO. Be pretty sweet if McDaniels is the HC and he convinces Fangio to stay as DC...
  18. Short list: McDaniels Carmichael, Jr. Jim Bob Cooter
  19. Sorry bros, was overseas! I'll take Tanner Gentry I guess...
  20. Nope, just the ankle. Had a messed up reaction to some meds so he put the shoulder off.
  21. A couple reasons, mostly because he's a better fit at LG (he's also left handed, which helps). He's also got a torn labrum in his right shoulder that needs repair. When you're on the right side, you're mostly using your right arm more. On the left side, you are using your left more, etc.
  22. White, Thompson, Wright, Wheaton, Bellamy, and Gentry
  23. I'm re-watching the Titan's game and Deonte Thompson is getting a TON of reps with the #1 offense. I think he's a lock to make the team: White Thompson Wright Wheaton That leaves Bellamy, Gentry, and Cruz fighting for 1 or 2 spots.
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