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  1. I'd be thrilled. Book, to me, is going to be a quality #2 in the league, but who knows maybe he can show something if he develops as QB2/QB3. Don't forget, too, that Sam Darnold and Marcus Mariota will be FAs in 2022.
  2. That's where I am as well. Plus, Pace said our QB room is good for a young QB which means we aren't taking one in the first 3 rounds lol.
  3. Listening to the Pace and Nagy presses, I think we are drafting a corner and might not be interested in a QB until day 3.
  4. I know I'm just trying to make the penis joke a thing with @beardown3231 😇
  5. His penis impressed you that much, eh?
  6. You checked out their penises? Gross!
  7. I'd have to think the Bears would clear his medicals before thinking about drafting him. But that dude, if healthy, could be a good one. Still raw, played QB if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Subject to change, and operating under the assumption we have no shot at Lawrence/Fields/Lance/Fields/Jones: Mond Mills Trask Newman Book Ehlinger
  9. Brad Biggs is pretty freaking plugged in, and he nailed the Roquan Smith pick early in the pre-draft process years back. He's thinking corner... I'm thinking he might be right.
  10. I don't love him but there is something to be said about being the winningest QB in Notre Dame history. If I'm being honest he's a backup with maybe some upside if his free-wheeling style translates to the NFL.
  11. Was he? Nice! I didn't know that. I like Mond quite a bit as well.
  12. I don't want either of them to step on the field on 2021. It's why I think Foles will stick around as QB2 and the rookie, whoever they are, will be QB3 and inactive. Mills has a lot of the traits that, IMO, Matt Nagy wants in his QB: Able to read defenses Wants the offensive load put on his shoulders Craves the opportunity to change plays/protections at the line based on what the defense is doing Pocket presence/pocket passer Throws with anticipation Throws with accuracy Throws with touch He does have his warts, though. Kid put a lot of WTF throws "on tape" and
  13. In no particular order: Mond, Mills, Trask, Book. Should be one of those four I would think...
  14. I dunno... if the plan is to draft the QB of the future and sit him for the season, you likely will need a quality backup in case Dalton goes down. I could see Foles sticking around and who knows, maybe another team's starter goes down in the pre-season / early in the regular season and he's an asset.
  15. From Biggsy: Mills is an interesting prospect and some evaluators I’ve spoken with say he’s very similar to Alabama’s Mac Jones. Obviously, Jones was surrounded by a ton more talent and played against greater competition at the highest level. But they’re built similarly, have similar traits and strengths and Mills has a bigger arm. If more than a couple teams feel this way about Mills — that he’s a solid prospect similar to Jones in some respects — he will be drafted later but I’m not sure he will be a “late-round pick” if that is what you are getting at. I think chances are good he is a
  16. Truth. I was hoping 4.80, especially since he's cut weight for this Pro Day, but your point remains.
  17. I think at this point, and again this is by far the least involved I've been in a Chicago Bears off-season/NFL Draft cycle, I'd be good with Kellen Mond in round 2, Davis Mills/Kyle Trask in round 3. Trading up would be a nightmare for us, and we need to upgrade at OT and WR which is ripe early in this draft.
  18. Yeah, this dude is a statue/pocket passer and that's fine. I just like my QBs to have *some* juice.
  19. Kyle Trask runs a 5.00+ dash. Bleh.
  20. If it was me, I would have brought Mitch back for 2021 and fully committed to the Shanahan/McVay offense. Draft a WR/OT in rounds 1 and 2 and then take my developmental QB in round 3. But what do I know 🤷‍♂️
  21. It's fascinating that people (myself included) were foaming at the mouth for Derek Carr, and then completely **** on Andy Dalton.
  22. From another board... I'm guessing Dalton is player A
  23. *narrator voice* They do.
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