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  1. ^ I'm even okay with a trade-down in round one if there is an abundance of talent at #20.
  2. Co-signed. Let the draft come to you in round 1, in round 2 take your QB, even if it's an over-draft.
  3. My lazy comp: Kirk Cousins.
  4. Darrisaw/Jenkins?
  5. WR at pick #20, Davis Mills at pick #52. Thoughts?
  6. I hope he does! I have a sneaking suspicion it could be Trey Lance...
  7. While Leno is serviceable, he will always struggle with a bull rush. I'm strongly of the opinion if a quality LT is available at #20, you freaking draft him. He can start out at RT his rookie season and kick over to the left said in 2022 after Leno's contract expires. Or you can always designate Leno a post June 1st cut and free up another $8.34M in cap space. This feels like smoke to me. I can very easily see QB, OT, WR in round one. Hell maybe even CB, but the way this off-season has been going I think Nagy is going to do all he can to get weapons on offense.
  8. G08

    Davis Mills

    I think at this point I like Mond's upside to Mills'. Wish there was more "tape" but I digress.
  9. G08

    Davis Mills

    What makes you say this? I have not been impressed with his arm from what I have seen thus far, HOWEVER, I will say that he throws with touch more than he does rip his fastball.
  10. I'm starting to get a bit smitten with Davis Mills...
  11. I'm waiting until after the draft to join you, but I will say this is the least involved/invested I've been in any off-season I can recall as a Bears fan.
  12. They're butt hurt over "how little of a return" they got for Carson Wentz. One could argue trading with us and recouping a bunch of picks could help them to save face and rebuild their franchise.
  13. If we were, allegedly, willing to give up 3 first round picks, two thirds and a player for Russell Wilson, I'd have to think those are all in play to move up as high as we can in the draft. I have a funny feeling that Nagy loves Trey Lance (has some Patrick Mahomes traits) and if that kid falls to 6 or 7, we pounce.
  14. As they should. I am honestly mentally prepared for it to be an absurd compensation: 2021 1st, 2022 1st, 2022 2nd, 2023 1st, 2023 3rd for Russell Wilson and their 2021 4th round pick.
  15. Heard this on a podcast... I must say I don't hate it: Sign Alex Smith to a cheap, 1 year $3M deal to compete with Nick Foles for the starting job. Trade up from #20 to #11 for Trey Lance. Cost will be #20, #52, #164. Trey Lance sits for all of 2021 no matter what. If Smith is the starter and gets hurt, Foles go in (and vice-versa). In 2022 you unleash Trey Lance.
  16. Loose, loose, loose rumor that the Bears have made an offer to the Seahawks.
  17. He did last season, but Whitehair was better at that position. Keep him there.
  18. Why on Earth would you move Whitehair away from LG.
  19. Fine with me. Tag and trade him if we can use him as an asset.
  20. I don't watch any Texas football, but is this real...?
  21. Yes, it is difficult to find franchise QBs.
  22. Oh buddy... I think you're looking *at least* three 1st round picks and maybe even a second or two...
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