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  1. read as: rarest of the rare
  2. Did you read my list of the top NFL QBs today and their traits? Nobody is saying to ignore anything, mind you, but that list demonstrates your odds are better with athleticism and arm talent. Brady is a ******* unicorn... and a GOAT... a unigoat
  3. To be fair, though, Chad Pennington had a great deep ball. Doesn't mean he had a great arm, etc.
  4. ^ Would I hate him at #20? No, but if we trade up for him that would be tough to stomach. I also don't know how Pace/Nagy risk their careers on him (let alone in a trade up).
  5. I just feel like the NFL is moving toward mobile/athletic QBs: Aaron Rodgers (big arm, mobile) Deshaun Watson (big arm, mobile) Patrick Mahomes (huge arm, mobile) Josh Allen (huge arm, mobile) Ryan Tannehill (good arm, mobile) Drew Brees (good arm, not mobile) Russell Wilson (big arm, mobile) Kirk Cousins (good arm, fairly mobile) Tom Brady (big arm, not mobile) Derek Carr (big arm, mobile) Dak Prescott (big arm, mobile) Lamar Jackson (big arm, mobile) Justin Herbert (big arm, mobile) So on and so forth. That's what you want in today's NFL. Mac Jones has neither
  6. These days I just don't have the time/energy to play out 30 different permutations of what could happen. I mean, really, this could be anything from trading up to a top 3 pick, or trading Khalil Mack, Roquan Smith, Eddie Jackson and #20 for Deshaun Watson.
  7. When do you think we find out, boys? Draft day?
  8. Yeah this is just their yearly "combine interview".
  9. Alex Smith is going to be released by WFT... there's your 2021 starter.
  10. So are Trubisky's 🤷🏽‍♂️
  11. I don't care. He'll show up, he wants money too much to get fined/show up out of shape etc.
  12. Yes, it has. I remember when Lance Briggs said he'd never play another down for the Chicago Bears. I remember the hissy fit Matt Forte threw, etc.
  13. Very, very limited experience even dating back to high school.
  14. He's panned out better than Darnold, though...
  15. Again with Darnold... $25M to keep him after this season. I don't like that based on his track record in the NFL.
  16. I'd consider it, but the ***** of it is that regardless of how he plays in 2021, if you want to keep him in 2022 it'll likely cost you $25M.
  17. I think it's going to be Mac Jones or Kyle Trask... Jones is the pick if he's there at 20. If he's not, I could see us trade down to acquire more picks and draft Trask late in the first round.
  18. I've thought about that... it's one thing if we were flush with cash, we are the exact opposite right now.
  19. Brees has a stronger arm than Mac Jones.
  20. Pennington had some beauties to Laveranues Coles if memory serves... used to enjoy that Jets team.
  21. I would say Chad Pennington...
  22. Hmm... that makes sense. I was thinking they'd need to put up or shut up in 2021 but it does appear Nagy is under contract through 2022 (and I would assume the same for Pace).
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