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  1. You don't let him go. You tag him and piss him off, then when he cools off you make him a fair offer with most of the money coming in 2022 and 2023, etc.
  2. Ryan is getting older, rumors of him potentially getting traded, Dave Ragone is there as the OC, Charles London is the QB coach, and Arthur Smith's scheme is absolutely perfect for Trubisky's skill-set. Other than that, no reason 😉
  3. My hope is if he comes to Chicago, DeFilippo will be in his arse.
  4. David Kaplan reports that his sources tell him Trubisky wants nothing to do with the Bears, and Nagy wants nothing to do with Trubisky. Watch him go to Atlanta and play good football.
  5. Yeah I hear that. Ugh Sam Darnold.
  6. Honest question, is he just a b*tch?
  7. I agree, I just find the logic difficult to digest. Most Bears fans hate that kid, but are willing to take a flier on a QB who hasn't done **** in this league.
  8. This is where we are, huh? Trubisky: KILL HIM Darnold: hey I'd give him a shot
  9. In Chicago this reeks of 2009 Jay Cutler.
  10. We're obviously desperate and the league knows it.
  11. I don't see it that way at all. You have a young, inexperienced, (hopefully) up-and-coming coach in Sean Desai. Providing him with an experienced mentor is tremendously valuable. The fact that he can also provide insight as to how he stopped our offense, etc, is the cherry on top. Great, great move.
  12. That's what every fiber of my fan being thinks as well. I'm trying to step back and look at it operationally.
  13. As boring as I found Nick Foles to be last season, he's still a decent option IF we beef up the talent at OT.
  14. I've been thinking about this... A 2nd or 3rd for Sam Darnold (don't love it) A 5th or 6th for Gardner Minshew
  15. I've watch clips of all his games from 2019 and 2020, I'm 5 games into 2018. Goal is to finish them all. He has insane talent -- Jay Cutleresque throws and ability to extend plays -- but he misses layups quite a bit and stays in the pocket way too long, which causes him to get hit unnecessarily AND fumble / have the ball batted and picked off. Long windup in his throwing motion as well. The talent is painfully obvious but this dude needs to be humbled, big time. If we do acquire him, I sincerely hope Nagy sits him down and painfully details his expectations. I hope DeFili
  16. Kurt Warner was on Waddle and Silvy yesterday and said he wouldn't make a trade for Wentz. He said what made him great in 2017 was making plays off-script. That's something you can't rely on so Warner said he looks what what he knows he's getting. He's of the opinion Wentz is damaged goods, has concerns about his mechanics and wondered out loud if Wentz is the type of person that would improve in that area/take to coaching to improve in that area. Long story short, why pay new car price for a used car with obvious dings.
  17. If I was in Pace/Nagy's position, that's what I would do.
  18. I'd be good with it too, honestly. We can address WR/OT with our first two 2021 picks.
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