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  1. My one and only mock draft. probably not enough trades but most team intentions. We will see Round 1 Pick 1 Cardinals: Kyler Murray (QB) OklahomaRound 1 Pick 2 49ers: Nick Bosa (DE) Ohio St.Round 1 Pick 3 Jets: Montez Sweat (DE) Miss. StateRound 1 Pick 4 Raiders: Quinnen Williams (DT) AlabamaRound 1 Pick 5 Buccaneers: Jonah Williams (OT) AlabamaRound 1 Pick 6 Giants: Dwayne Haskins (QB) Ohio St.Round 1 Pick 7 Jaguars: AJ Brown (WR) Ole MissRound 1 Pick 8 (DET) Falcons: Clelin Ferrell (DE) ClemsonRound 1 Pick 9 Bills: Rashan Gary (DE/DT) MichiganRound 1 Pick 10 Broncos: Ed Oliver (DT) HoustonRound 1 Pick 11 Bengals: Jawaan Taylor (OT) FloridaRound 1 Pick 12 Packers: Brian Burns (DE) Florida St.Round 1 Pick 13 (MIA) Panthers: Cody Ford (OG/OT) OklahomaRound 1 Pick 14 (ATL) Lions: Devin White (ILB/OLB) LSURound 1 Pick 15 Redskins: DK Metcalf (WR) Ole MissRound 1 Pick 16 (CAR) Dolphins: Dexter Lawrence (DT) ClemsonRound 1 Pick 17 Giants: Devin Bush (OLB/ILB) MichiganRound 1 Pick 18 Vikings: Andre Dillard (OT) Washington St.Round 1 Pick 19 Titans: Josh Allen (OLB) KentuckyRound 1 Pick 20 Steelers: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (FS) FloridaRound 1 Pick 21 Seahawks: Garrett Bradbury (C/OG) NC StateRound 1 Pick 22 Ravens: Marquise Brown (WR) OklahomaRound 1 Pick 23 Texans: Dalton Risner (OT/OG) Kansas St.Round 1 Pick 24 (OAK) Dolphins: Elgton Jenkins (OG/C) Miss. StateRound 1 Pick 25 (PHI) Jaguars: TJ Hockenson (TE) IowaRound 1 Pick 26 Colts: Christian Wilkins (DT) ClemsonRound 1 Pick 27 Raiders: Josh Jacobs (RB) AlabamaRound 1 Pick 28 Chargers: Kaleb McGary (OT) WashingtonRound 1 Pick 29 Seahawks: Greg Little (OT/OG) Ole MissRound 1 Pick 30 Packers: Mack Wilson (ILB/OLB) AlabamaRound 1 Pick 31 Rams: Gerald Willis III (DT) Miami (Fla.)Round 1 Pick 32 Patriots: NKeal Harry (WR) Arizona St.
  2. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    I had to look at average salaries to figure out what other QBs are getting. It seems like there are a few brackets for salaries. I'm sorry but Case is not worth the $20 million plus bracket. I just can't give Case a 3-5 year 20+ million after that game. Case is option 1. Offer him a 3-5 year 8-12 million. If he takes it great, if not move on to offer Teddy a deal. Offer Teddy a 1 year prove it contract for 1-5 million. No one should give him more than that. Name Team Salary/Year Matt Stafford Lions $27,000,000 Derek Carr Raiders $25,005,000 Andrew Luck Colts $24,594,000 Drew Brees Saints $24,250,000 Kirk Cousins Redskins $23,943,600 Joe Flacco Ravens $22,133,333 Aaron Rodgers Packers $22,000,000 Russell Wilson Seahawks $21,900,000 BenRoethlisberger Steelers $21,850,000 Carson Palmer Cardinals $21,000,000 Eli Manning Giants $21,000,000 Philip Rivers Chargers $20,812,500 Cam Newton Panthers $20,760,000 Matt Ryan Falcons $20,750,000 Tom Brady Patriots $20,500,000 Ryan Tannehill Dolphins $19,250,000 Sam Bradford Vikings $17,500,000 Alex Smith Chiefs $17,000,000 Andy Dalton Bengals $16,000,000 Tyrod Taylor Bills $15,250,000 Mike Glennon Bears $15,000,000 Jay Cutler Dolphins $10,000,000 Mitchell Trubisky Bears $7,258,109 Jared Goff Rams $6,984,418 Carson Wentz Eagles $6,669,085 Jameis Winston Buccaneers $6,337,819 Marcus Mariota Titans $6,053,494 Josh McCown Jets $6,000,000 Nick Foles Eagles $5,500,000 Blake Bortles Jaguars $5,163,701 Patrick Mahomes Chiefs $4,106,491 Matt Schaub Falcons $4,000,000 Chad Henne Jaguars $3,500,000 Deshaun Watson Texans $3,463,621 Drew Stanton Cardinals $3,250,000 Colt McCoy Redskins $3,000,000 Ryan Fitzpatrick Buccaneers $3,000,000 Matt Cassel Titans $2,625,000 Paxton Lynch Broncos $2,369,077 Derek Anderson Panthers $2,250,000 Landry Jones Steelers $2,200,000 Mark Sanchez Bears $2,000,000 Ryan Mallett Ravens $2,000,000 Case Keenum Vikings $2,000,000 Matt Moore Dolphins $1,775,000 Scott Tolzien Colts $1,750,000 Teddy Bridgewater Vikings $1,712,376 Brian Hoyer Patriots $1,605,000 DeShone Kizer Browns $1,237,103 Geno Smith Giants $1,200,000 Christian Hacken. Jets $1,165,076
  3. Postseason Plundering of the Coaching Staff

    I think we can survive losing Shurmur by just plugging Sparano in and Edwards is Defensive Coordinator in name only under Zim. So I think we should be fine even if we lose both coordinators with Zim at the helm. I would love to keep this coaching staff in place for at least another year but with success come higher salaries for players and losing your assistant coaches.
  4. Week 16: VIKINGS (11-3) at Packers (7-7)

    I wouldn't have that either.
  5. Can a Case be made for Keenum...?

    We have needed a good QB for a long time let's not screw it up by over thinking this. He's 30 and has at least 5 good years left. He doesn't have the wear like a 30 year old QB who has started 16 games a year but does have close to the experience of one. Give a 3-5 year deal at about 20 a year or whatever market value is. Don't let him go. We have a small window with this Defense and salaries will go up for a lot of players on this team with more success this year. We do not have time to wait a see if Teddy will be great. Offer him backup money for 1 or 2 years because that is what he is right now. If he can get a better deal somewhere else, good for him. I love Teddy but you have to strike while it's hot and that's Case. If he wants to be a backup maybe Case gets hurt and then Teddy gets his shot also.
  6. Week 16: VIKINGS (11-3) at Packers (7-7)

    Vikes 27 Packers 3 The 3 is late to just get on the board. The vikes stick mostly to the ground and stop J Williams all game. Would like some snow in what should be a defensive game. Vikes D scores at least one TD from turnover. Hudley plays only the first half and they make QB change by choice or injury.
  7. This play because I was there and it was so unexpected. Our whole section just said did he really catch it? Did he really keep his feet in? It was just great to be there. Thanks for the video. Made my Monday a little better.
  8. I missed the game. Where is a good source to watch it?
  9. Bigger Disappointment as a Viking?

    Easy on Treadwell. He didn't play because he was a rookie playing for Zim and hurt. You can start that talk at the end of next year. Besides Kenechi Udeze, Erasmus James, Troy Williamson, Dimitrius Underwood, Leo Hayden, D.J. Dozier, Duane Clemons, and more are well ahead of him.
  10. Bigger Disappointment as a Viking?

    I almost said Ponder but then I thought about it. I still remember where I was and how pissed off I was when we drafted Ponder instead of Fairly or Prince. I never had any expectation of Ponder being good. I knew he sucked and he would continue to suck. On the other hand I was so happy when the drafted Kali. I was fairly certain we would have a starting LT for the next 10 years+. Hands down: Matt Kalil - 4th overall pick