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  1. Who's the MJ of Football?

  2. Well, this bit of news might spark some interest here: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/tom-brady-docuseries-follow-last-dance-at-espn-1295481 Should be fun times.
  3. 1) Where did it say it would be only about Emmitt and no one else? 2) I don't know which 10-part documentary you watched, but "The Last Dance" in no way made it look like MJ was a god and didn't have any help. It showed what that team went through that year with fighting management, each other, dealing with MJ's drive to win at all costs, how much MJ did lean on his teammates (especially Pippen and Rodman during the second three-peat) and coaches (buying into Tex's and Phil's triangle offense), and cementing themselves as one of the All Time Great teams, and showing how they got to that point from when Jordan was drafted. Yes, MJ was the focal point of the series, but he wasn't the only one.
  4. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Good thing it's not the only argument for MJ.
  5. Who's the MJ of Football?

    Kareem, I can see. I don't agree, but I can see the argument for Cap. But Lebron? Nope.
  6. Mods, lock this thread. Yes, I know it’s my thread, but this can’t be topped. 😂😂😂 You know I’m kidding, right, mods? But it was funny as hell.
  7. https://sportsnaut.com/2020/05/emmitt-smith-hints-last-dance-style-90s-dallas-cowboys-documentary-could-already-be-in-the-works/ I’m loving the hell outta “The Last Dance”, reliving the epic moments of the 1990s Chicago Bulls. There are other sports teams I’d love to see get a similar treatment, and tops on the list for me is the Dallas Cowboys of that same 90s era. If any team deserves it, it’s that team. What do y’all think? What other sports teams would you like to see get a Last Dance?
  8. Do you think Seattle tried to trade Russell Wilson?

  9. Mahomes will surpass Brady as the Goat. True or False?

    He'll have to win multiple Super Bowls to be considered the GOAT QB. Super Bowls victories aren't the only things that matter, but you can't be considered the best ever with only one or even two wins. You have to dominate your era--regular season wins, playoff wins, SB wins, and individual stats and accolades all combined.
  10. Can't dispute this. As a Dolphins fan, I can say our division has flat out SUCKED for 20 years. Indeed, it's not New England's fault that Miami, Buffalo and New York have been trash all that time, but damn if it didn't give the Pats basically a free ride to the playoffs and AFC Championship almost every year.
  11. Just saw this article and it never occurred to me that Herschel isn't in the Hall. Should he be? https://sports.yahoo.com/herschel-walker-hall-fame-211414080.html
  12. Who will be better? Bucs or Pats?

    I believe you.
  13. Monday Night Ravens @ Rams

  14. Monday Night Ravens @ Rams

    Stop the damn match?