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  1. 2019 Rookie Talk

    But yeah, good thing JJAWs went to a non-rival. I can still root for him to do well.
  2. 2019 Rookie Talk

    Sanders wasn’t my favorite runner, I’m still on the Bryce Love bandwagon. I think he’s a power rushing attack back and struggled running behind the zone blocking scheme that Stanford switched too. I compare Love to Priest Holmes and Jamaal Charles in that regard. He’s one of the small runners that aren’t a fit for a ZBS. Besides that, I did like Miles Sanders as much as I love any back in this class. My biggest concern with him that made me back off of him in a big way is his fumbles. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. But in terms of rushing ability alone, he’s second to none in the 2019 class. I think with the right coaching and inside of a good RB rotation, he becomes another Jonathan Stewart type of player.
  3. Team Needs

    I was iffy on this grade, and I know you like looking at the running back position. I feel kind of torn in both directions with them. Weirdly, if someone offered a higher or a lower grade evaluation of them. I wouldn't really object. I thought the HB ratings was very much on point. We have talents that can get the job done in different ways: - Ingram has the all around rushing style, but has much of the durability that we’ve lacked out of our runners recently. He has the combination between agility, strength, and vision that makes him a high level option. - Gus Edwards has power and decisiveness. He falls forwards and gets the tough yards. - Dixon will probably be traded as he’s basically Ingram with a little more juice and much less durability. - Hill brings the long speed and explosiveness that should be dangerous with Jackson. But as much as we have above, we don’t have any one player with more than one elite trait. We have a committee of talent vs someone that is a true difference maker.
  4. Team Needs

    Probably the only spot I’d disagree with. Tony Jefferson is just too much of a liability, as the starter, for me to give that position group that much clout, especially above that FS group. I think Jefferson brings this unit down to a B+ based off of his performance to this point. Though having Earl Thomas as a potential cover 1 option to cover ground could potentially free Jefferson up to be an intimidating box presence... but that still remains to be seen.
  5. Team Needs

    Interesting point with the Jimmy Smith/Brandon Carr Point. Hadn’t truly considered that angle.
  6. Team Needs

    1. Center- Below average to average center that struggles delivering consistent snaps. Doesn’t do anything particularly well and isn’t able to handle the line calls and adjustments. 2. Dominant/Pass rushing IDL 3. Outside pass rusher 4. OG- We have a lot of average talent, a difference maker could go a long way. 5. WR- Until we see proof that we have something with our current investments, we have to assume the history of the position could repeat itself.
  7. How All NFL Franchises Fared Over Last 20 Seasons (Best to Worst)

    Panthers: 239 points Rams: 238 points Chiefs: 228 points Bears: 196 points Jets: 194 points Dolphins: 179 points Bengals: 173 points
  8. How All NFL Franchises Fared Over Last 20 Seasons (Best to Worst)

    Broncos: 268 points Giants: 266 points Saints: 263 points Falcons: 225 points Titans: 222 points Vikings: 221 points Chargers: 219 points Cowboys: 214 points
  9. How All NFL Franchises Fared Over Last 20 Seasons (Best to Worst)

    1. Patriots: 544 Points 2. Steelers: 356 points 3. Colts: 344 points 4. Eagles: 320 points 5. Seahawks: 319 points 6. Ravens: 318 points 7. Packers: 316 points 8. Broncos: 268 points 9. Giants: 266 points 10. Saints: 263 points 11. Panthers: 239 points 12. Rams: 238 points 13. Chiefs: 228 points 14. Falcons: 225 points 15. Titans: 222 points 16. Vikings: 221 points 17. Chargers: 219 points 18. Cowboys: 214 points 19. Buccaneers: 197 points 20. Bears: 196 points 21. Jets: 194 points 22. Texans: 193 points 23. 49ers: 193 points 24. Cardinals: 185 points 25 . Dolphins: 179 points 26. Bengals: 173 points 27. Jaguars: 169 points 28. Raiders: 168 points 29. Redskins: 166 points 30. Bills: 142 points 31. Lions: 129 points 32. Browns: 97 points
  10. How All NFL Franchises Fared Over Last 20 Seasons (Best to Worst)

    I’m a fan of the effort, but not the rankings. No way should the Cowboys be ranked higher than the Giants. The Ravens should be higher than the Eagles, etc. The list should be weighted towards: a) Super Bowls- because that’s the number one goal of each team. On that front the Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, and Giants are multi-winners. (6 points) b) Conference Titles- Representing the conference is the second most prestigious award that a team can be given. (5 points) c) Playoff wins- This is all about team legacy. Where a team is seeded or a divisional title pales to whether they get it done when it matters most. (4 points) d) Divisional Title- These rivalry bragging rights being fun to the game, it also ensures a playoff appearance. Important, but less than the factors above. (3 points) e) Playoff Appearances- It May not always be pretty, but making the dance is always the goal. Winning 10 games but not having a shot to do more stings. (2 points) f) Reg. Season wins- This does show team consistency and the strength of the organization, so it’s very important. But less so than the above factors obviously. (1 point) So while I like the compilation of data provided, I would however change it slightly. Points would be attributed based off of each occurrence. For instance the Patriots: f) 263 wins = 263 points e) 16 playoff apps = 32 points d) 16 divisional titles = 48 points c) 30 postseason wins = 120 points b) 9 Conference Titles = 45 points a) 6 Super Bowl Wins = 36 points Total: 544 Points (1st Place) Then from there the Steelers would remain in second place just off the eyeball test. But the rest of the top 10 would surely be slightly different. It would attempt to weigh what matters most (Super Bowls) the most in the league.
  11. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I’ll take Steve Smith. Stanley does enough to not be a problem on the left side. The only extra component about Ogden would be the durability factor and the run game dominance. This is a passing league. Steve Smith has attitude and can take a short pass and turn it into gold. In his prime he was a 1500 yard receiving threat. Pairing his abilities with Hollywood and our TEs? How could this offense be stopped? Pick your poison. Whereas with Ogden we’re still one dimensional and haven’t confirmed a fix at the receiver spot.
  12. “It’s a non issue”, he’ll be redshirted anyway.😂 But this is interesting. Not much leverage for himself with the scale and all.
  13. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I think the Harbaugh “terrible clock management” stigma is coming from Harbaugh as a young coach. Admittedly his first 2-3 seasons he was definitely below average, but quite clearly it has seemed to be a strength of his/this team.
  14. 2019 ROT

    Exactly why he needs to be scrapped. Too often Lamar was caught off guard with his high and low snaps. Lamar can improve his own fumbling issue, but between Gus and Skura, a few of his fumbles are on those guys.
  15. Predict the Week 1 Roster

    True. I must’ve misread an article during the season. Thought it mentioned that their was some ambiguity to his contract after this season. But now, of course, I can’t find it. Either way, the stat that says Gus hasn’t fumbled is wholly inaccurate. He fumbled multiple times from handoffs after the ball was placed in and he took a couple steps, those just don’t count because they’re given to Lamar as a fumble instead. No other back fumbled Lamar’s handoffs but Gus. Either way, I like Gus’ running power, but he also reminds me of LeRon McClain... only with the added bonus of Lamar Jackson creating additional space. Perhaps this season might be too soon based on the contract, but getting rid of him before his final season could maximize return and he’s not a franchise RB. But I’ll concede the point until a further time.