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  1. 2019 Expansion Draft - Which players would you put up?

    Alex Collins- Close to a 1000 yard rusher, has talent. Fumbling issues is why I’d let him go. Patrick Ricard- Big old school fullback that can move the pile. I’d only get rid of him because we seem to be moving towards more of a TE centric offense and Ricard isn’t a true factor in the passing game. Alex Lewis- Quality OL player, has been a starter. He just doesn’t do anything well enough to make me comfortable. We have the depth and talent to replace him. Maurice Canady- he’s got starter quality agility, but we’re very deep at corner. I’d only part ways with him as a means of giving him an opportunity somewhere else. Tony Jefferson- He’s a starter, but not a good schematic fit. He should be cut this offseason anyway. Michael Crabtree- Probably the most expendable player on a somewhat big contract that we have remaining. His hands are an issue, but he’s a gritty player with nice veteran savvy. Doesn’t complain just goes out and looks to execute. 1. Joe Flacco- Getting rid of his contract in its totality would make this a no brainer. Getting a high pick for him would be a great boon. He could be the QB they use to get the pieces in place for their future franchise guy. 2. Brandon Williams- One of the best interior run stoppers in the game, but he’s not a pass rushing threat. Getting rid of his contract with a high pick would be worth moving on.
  2. Offseason Trades

    You were still assuming, like the rest of us. Thus regardless of your above explanation, using your prior established logic, it’s similarly invalidated. You either need to discount your logic or discount your excuse above.
  3. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I don’t agree. From what I’ve seen they’ve moved him into cover one looks, they’ve had him in the box, he’s manned up TEs in coverage and locked them down. The hole in his game is that he doesn’t have the elite agility to stick with receivers in coverage and he’s not as instinctive in zone coverage to be a true cover one ballhawk. I have seen him miss assignments and make mistakes. I can agree on that. But I just don’t see their being any elite safeties on the level of Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu. In composition to them, James has a ways to go. But in comparison to the current crop of NFL safeties, I definitely think he’s elite.
  4. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    My point is, we don’t know what we’ve got. One year into the league on a team that is heavily veteran slanted doesn’t convince me that we haven’t received a potential pro bowl TE with two top 15-20 players. Mark Andrews, while not an All Pro, just broke our TE record for receiving yards and was one of the youngest players drafted. If he becomes the next Ertz/Kelce this trade suddenly becomes a lot different. I mean Kelce’s rookie year (while 24) he only started one game for no yards, was he without All Pro talent at that point? Zach Ertz (23) had 100 less yards his rookie season than Andrews had at 22 years old. Point is, Andrews has displayed great potential and could be on his way to a pro bowl, potentially All Pro year at some point. The value of an All Pro TE in today’s game is just as, if not more important, than an All Pro safety... regardless of which is the more athletically gifted player. I mean given the choice of prime Tony Gonzalez or prime Sean Taylor, who you taking? Throw in additional pieces that could result in a top 15-20 ILB (off of potential) and a potential top 15-20 TE in Hurst and in retrospect, it could look like a huge steal. The thing about hindsight is that sometimes, when you wait, all things become clear. We still need to wait.
  5. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Well All Pro. But if it’s one All Pro with the potential to get hurt for a season (torn ACL has already happened) vs 1 pro bowl player and two top 15-20 starters at their respective positions... I’ll take the latter scenario. Because even if say, Mark Andrews tears his ACL, we’ve still got Hayden Hurst there to step in and hopefully put up a pro bowl caliber season as well as Young being a top notch starter. With James going down we’re SOL. Whats more that trade is still a little more complicated because the last I checked it led to more than just 3 picks. I believe I traced it to the Orlando Brown selection as well.
  6. Who are your favorite broadcasters right now?

    I was just coming in here to say this. Love Romo, he’s not one of those biased schmucks that’s usually toted around. He just comments on the game and what each team might be thinking in key situations... and more often than not, he’s been right.
  7. Should the Steelers get rid of Antonio Brown?

    Liked to get you to 2k.
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    The question all hinges on how good the collective becomes. Andrews is actually very young. And he just posted by far the best rookie season for a TE in Ravens history. If he can develop into a 800-1000 yds receiving TE and Hurst can be a 500-700 yds type of TE, and Kenny Young reaches what looks to be his potential... then in reality, I would take that over Derwin James, for sure.
  9. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    These are my working comps for these players at the moment. Bryce Love = Priest Holmes Darrell Henderson = Brian Westbrook David Montgomery = Marshawn Lynch
  10. Mornhinweg Out as Offensive Coordinator, Roman In

    Yeah, the Ravens were truly the most dangerous wildcard team in the playoffs and like I said during Chargers v1, it just was the absolute WORST matchup for our squad. Against the Patriots our defense would’ve been fierce and they’re defense with its many slow pieces was not stopping our offense. Now we could’ve definitely loss to the Chiefs but I didn’t think it would be because they could completely stop the run. I thought they would win because of a combination of our defense not being able to stop Mahomes mobility and throwing guys open as well as our passing attack not showing up... like against the Chargers. It just sucks that Marty’s incompetence cost us a shot at legitimately being able to hoist the Lombardi... with a rookie in tow.
  11. DB424 Mock Draft (Posted 1/12/19)

    I’m not against this philosophy. My only problem is that the difference in talent that we’ve been able to acquire in the first round with guys like Ben Grubbs and Ronnie Stanley have generally not exceeded the quality of OL players we’ve taken in the mid rounds like Yanda and Brown Jr. Now I acknowledge that much of this can be situational, but the Grubbs/Yanda additions both came within the same draft. One ended up being a good to great LG that was a perennial fringe pro bowl talent while the other went on to become an eventual HOF perennial All Pro talent. And we’re still seeing a host of mid round OL players go on to become All Pros. Our front office has proven to be good at discovering high quality OL talent on day two of the draft. So if we go OL in round one, I’m not like most fans where I don’t appreciate the value of an excellent OL, but I think it’ll be a waste. By double dipping at OL combined with our talent evaluators I like our chances of at least one reaching fringe pro bowl level play. But on the other hand our luck with finding high level interior pass rushers and WRs hasn’t been nearly as fruitful. We would do better to leverage our strengths with the OL while attacking our weaknesses at either WR or IDL earlier. With the DL and WR those are also positions where generally you don’t have a shot at a high caliber talent as late in the draft as we’re selecting, but this draft class is so deep at those positions that we’ve got a shot to get a cream of the crop talent while others pluck from the stems of mediocrity later. A second round DL talent isn’t going to really move our DL situation to the next level because that guy as a rookie likely isn’t going to have the talent to overcome the experience/talent combo that third year guys like Chris Wormley and Willie Henry bring to the table (or is Wormley going into his 4th year?). But if you throw in an elite pass rushing talent along the DL such as a Jeffery Simmons or Jerry Tillery, they have the ability to be a prime part of the rotation early and potentially even win starting roles from the get go through overwhelming pro bowl level ability. Same with the WR field, I personally only would go with JJ in the first round because he has the speed, hands, physicality, and smarts to make me think he could be the kind of player to be in Harbaugh’s good graces and make an impact early. So I’m down with any strategy. I agree that OL is a need that definitely needs to be upgraded though. It’s just all about the law of diminishing returns with me.
  12. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    Yeah I could definitely see that as a possibility and I definitely think it’ll cause him to fall down draft boards, but with the success we’ve seen from Peanut and his development as a person... I’m thinking we’ll investigate Simmons background and interview him extensively, if the research is fruitful I like him from a talent standpoint. Like you said, I think I saw more double and triple teams, with production, than I’ve seen on anyone’s tape other than perhaps Ed Oliver.
  13. DB424 Mock Draft (Posted 1/12/19)

    I haven’t paid attention to all the declarations yet, but did Holyfield declare? I guess I always just assumed he would go back to school because it never seemed like his family should need the money... with his dad being a famous boxer and all (though maybe they’re struggling to maintain their lifestyle like plenty of former athletes) and I thought he was a redshirt sophomore. But yeah, I’m keeping tabs on their other back Swift. As a true freshman he really impressed me last year. I haven’t paid as much attention to college football this year from a “watching” standpoint (moreso just with tape) so I haven’t watched much tape of the Georgia backs this year. I’ll have to give them a look.
  14. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    I’m surprised Tillery is the only one that interest you. I definitely like Tillery, but there seems to be a lot of talent on the interior this season. Jeffrey Simmons probably impressed me the most as he reminds me of Fletcher Cox, but Jerry Tillery also impressed me. IIRC he reminded me of former Raven Trevor Pryce. The only problem with both players is that with Simmons he has that assault video incident from before college that was pathetic (though by all accounts outside of that he’s a good guy) and Jerry Tillery seems like a grade A toolbag with the dirty plays I saw from him on the field. If the Ravens take either player, it means they likely passed their background check on them so I’d be good with them. But beyond that I’m surprised guys like Zach Allen and Rashaan Gary didn’t hold any appeal. But it’s been a while since I’ve scouted the interior rushers, so maybe I was giving those guys more credit than I should have.
  15. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    😆 I didn’t even notice him until like my 3rd/4th viewing, I was entranced by their center completely demolishing that defensive back and then flexing on him, only to get back into the play and get in the way of another defender. But yeah that was definitely one helluva effort by Cody Ford there. He would definitely be a beast as a guard in any scheme.