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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Division games in the NFL are tough. The Chargers and Raiders will be giving Kansas City everything they can handle as they’re both fighting for playoff contention. They have two games against the Chargers and one against the Raiders left. I think just of those three games they’ll drop at least one. I think we finish 13-3/12-4. If the Chiefs drop just one more game than we ensure we finish above them anyway as long as we handle business. We just need to tie the Patriots. So one game ties it and with a second loss I feel confident enough that we can go the rest of the way with just one loss. Out of our remaining schedule we’ve got: Rams 49ers Bills Jets Browns Steelers I think the Bills could be a potentially letdown game. And the Steelers I see that as a difficult task. They’ll be fighting for the playoffs and I’m sure at that point we’ll be mainly looking to just fight for the #1 vs #2 seed and make it out healthy. Hopefully we’ll have also already wrapped up the team rushing record and the Vick rushing record as well. Either way they’ll look to play spoiler or it’ll be their Super Bowl. But against the good teams we’ve shown that we have no problems getting up for those games. So I especially think we bring it for the 49ers matchup. It’s in Baltimore and i like our corners to cover their options and give Jimmy G fits. I like our run defense to be stout against their rushing attack as well. Kittle is a huge concern but Chuck Clark and Carr can double him leave everyone else straight up in man and zero blitz him enough. Whereas on the opposite side we’ve seen a mobile Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson give the 49ers defense fits already, so I feel confident Lamar Jackson can open things up for the rest of the offense there. That said i shock me if we run the table and then if NE is at 11-4 because of losses to the Cowboys and Chiefs and we’re at 12-3 because of the Bills then we can rest our main starters and afford to drop the Steelers game vs having to go all out and risk injury for the sake of the HFA. So yeah, I’d prefer us gridding hard up front get a little lucky with NE losses and then we can rest up a little bit before getting back into a serious grind for a SB run. But all of that is moot if we can’t handle our business in the first place.
  2. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Want the Chiefs to beat the Pats though. I think Dallas and the Chiefs are the best hope for them to lose two additional games. Plus I want the Chiefs as the 3 seed and NE as the two seed. Would prefer it if the Pats have to handle the Chiefs while we get either the Texans or the Colts at home. Both teams we have historically had great success against. I don’t want to have to go through both the Chiefs AND NE. Either or would be how I prefer it. Though I’m sure @DreamKid wants them both, he wants the most difficult path for the SB win. I can almost bet it. 😂
  3. Early returns for the 2019 Raiders Rookie Class

    Really loved the Maxx Crosby pick. He was a constant in my Ravens mocks and as it stands... he would’ve done an awfully good job for us especially with how disappointing our pass rush has been this season.
  4. Your 2019 MVP: Russell Wilson

    I’m greedy. Por que no los dos? And I’d rather the team also take the glory of Lamar being the first to do it since Warner. That’s how legacies are born.
  5. Your 2019 MVP: Russell Wilson

    True. The run defense isn’t elite, but you’ve got an elite secondary. And the BB defense may have bent but they didn’t break. Yet again they only gave up 10 total points. Whereas the Ravens were able to put up 30 points (with one defensive score). And it’s not as if the Philly defense also wasn’t balling out all game long. But yeah... that’s definitely looking like how everything is shaping up. Though the Chiefs can’t be discounted. I think it’s a 3 horse race. I think they’re going to figure out that defense and get hot down the stretch. So whichever team plays them I think will have the more difficult path. They’ll probably get the 3 seed so unless another team can beat NE and we can win out, it’ll probably be Chiefs after the bye and then the Patriots in the AFCCG if we can somehow beat the Chiefs. But they seem to be a less than ideal matchup for the Ravens. They’ve had our number to this point... though so was Denver in 2012 and we somehow found a way to overcome.
  6. CB Metrics (2018-19)

    This is also counting 2018 as was said. I can’t speak to the rest of the guys on this list but Humphrey has faced the above. I believe Evans was shadowed by another corner in that matchup last year. But in addition to that he’s played against AB/Juju in 2018 and also Juju in 2019. He’s played against Edelman. Jarvis Landry and OBJ. Tyler Boyd and some AJ Green as well. Last year he played a side. This year he’s traveling with the best receiver whether it’s in the slot or on the outside. Also when another team has a receiver that starts to get hot then he’ll switch responsibilities in game and generally shut that guy down to cool him back off. Not to say he can’t get beat, but he’s been very active. Since the Marcus Peters trade however he’s been able to just moreso settle in on one guy and not try and shutdown the hot hand.
  7. CB Metrics (2018-19)

    So just judging by my interpretation of the numbers the top 5 corners in the league, in no order are: TreDavious White, Stephen Gilmore, Marlon Humphrey, Richard Sherman, and Bashaud Breeland.
  8. Kyler Murray vs Daniel Jones

    That said this competition isn’t even close. Murray is quite clearly the better QB to this point and unless he starts doing a ton of insurance commercials in the offseason there’s no way he relinquishes his top spot to Jones. Any hope that “Danny Dimes” once held in this comparison, he fumbled away.
  9. Kyler Murray vs Daniel Jones

    College style offenses? Wentz gained his initial success by using the read option. Allen is less of a pocket operator than Lamar. Mahomes offense has a lot of air raid concepts incorporated into it. Watson runs read option plays. So the offenses aren’t some sort of similar mass of concepts that one can point to and say, “same thing”. In terms of bringing up the race card, I never did. I gave options as to explainable reasons for how you could hold such an opinion. You chose to focus on that perspective over the other, perhaps that perspective rings louder for you for some reason. Nope. They’re athletic. Play on the NFCW. Shorter QBs with great quickness and pocket presence. They both avoid contact at all possible. They both have great touch passes. Good ball velocity. They both are former baseball players. Excellent fundamentals consistently with their passes. Manipulate the pocket to get proper passing angles to eliminate the weakness of their height in terms of seeing over the line. They both have a great football IQ. Deep ball accuracy is a major strength for both players. Very similar field temperaments. Similar play style. But please try and deflect some more from what was at best a bad take and at worst something clearly flagrant and a very interesting take to have.
  10. So I didn’t realize or think about it until now but the Texans were a quality rushing team and we shut them down today... without the help of Michael Pierce. Our run defense seemed to be very leaky prior to adding those FAs that we brought in and with them in there, one might argue this was our best run defense all year.
  11. Marlon Mack suffers hand fracture

    Crazy how both backs went for over 100 yards rushing.
  12. Mahomes still left to play... if anyone could take it, it’ll be him. Allen also could have a very slight chance at it, but shouldn’t. He only had 4 more passing yards than Jackson while playing the entire 4th quarter. And the completion percentage is like 64% to 71% in favor of Lamar as well. Same amount of touchdowns.
  13. Your 2019 MVP: Russell Wilson

    Those odds and that consensus aren’t factoring in the games from today. My point was that after his performance and the Patriots defensive performance where they look better than that 49ers defense... it’s hard to not elevate Lamar’s performance against that squad. I think it was tied after last week with my bias giving Lamar the advantage. But at this point I think there’s just too much he’s doing. Worst case I see the Vegas odds being tied, best case I think he’ll have a slight advantage. Beyond that does Wilson still have the fan consensus? All I know is Deshaun Watson says Lamar should be MVP, so yeah.
  14. I’m out of likes until tomorrow but this is on my list. Love it.
  15. Your 2019 MVP: Russell Wilson

    Watching this Patriots game and that defense continue to look elite against the Eagles... not sure how Lamar isn’t the MVP front runner at this point. This defense is eating and he made them look quite human.