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  1. Consensus Top 5 Ravens Corners

    So in order to know where Marlon Humphrey might end up on this list, first we probably should determine the list. Who are the top 5 corners in Ravens history. In what order would you rank them and what makes you rank x player above others. What separates them? Also mods, if you want to carry over the conversations from the other thread into here that would be great. In terms of the poll, I will grade the players based off of: 1st place = 3 points 2nd place = 2 points 3rd place = 1 point
  2. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Wow. And dudes a rookie? Makes sense why he’s standing out the way he was against rookies. Dudes LITERALLY a grown man.
  3. @DreamKid I think the funny thing is that five years from now when Jackson is a legitimate star in the league and an MVP candidate, some analysts will stumble for the stats to explain how their agenda to not notice him was an honest mistake. How enough people on this website in NFL Gen will point to how he’s an outlier and that no one saw this type of ability from him as a player. Everyone will scramble to try and explain his greatness and why they were wrong to grossly underestimate his ability, like we saw with Russel Wilson in retrospect. It’s coming.
  4. Yeah, not to compare Lamar Jackson to him on a speed level (though Jackson is obviously fast) but Chris Johnson was able to succeed in the NFL as a 5’11” 200 lbs running back, with minimal durability issues. Which is a similar size profile to Jackson. Similarly to Johnson, Jackson has proven to be durable while taking hits in college. Jackson is literally the same size, speed, and power combination as Adrian Peterson at 6’2” 220 lbs. If he didn’t have legitimate QB ability, he would probably be an elite RB option. That said, it’s not ideal for him to take those hits. But we’ll assuredly utilize him on some designed runs. He’s also going to have a season where he rushes for 1000 yds for sure. As long as he does it by ending those plays with him running out of bounds, I’m absolutely cool with it. In terms of the Jackson as a passer part, he’s been executing some. But of course the media is going to build Flacco up to be the best passer. Because 1) he is, 2) he is the starter, and 3) the Ravens come control the message. Saying Jackson is crushing it as a passer only invites unnecessary QB controversy this season from fans when the team should be focused on winning football games with Flacco under center.
  5. Consensus Top 5 Ravens Corners

    Honestly completely forgot about Baxter. Probably because he went to the Browns. But I would definitely put him above Carr. Wasnt a Samari Rolle fan. He was the weak spot of those mid-2000s defenses (well that and Corey Ivy). He constantly played 10 yards off the ball and got toasted underneath. He was much better with the Titans, he was highly overrated IMO. Carr was a competitor, versatile in that he could do inside/outside duties and the better tackler. Carr never got abused like Rolle. edit: the list wasn’t meant to be serious... was honestly going to just do top 3 (because that’s easy) and have Ivy and Walker at 4 and 5 for the lulz.
  6. Consensus Top 5 Ravens Corners

    I disagree. I don’t think Smith has surpassed Webb yet. Webb in his prime was a top 5-10 LCB and an elite nickel corner. He also was a better tackler and playmaker. Smith’s 2017 was better than any year Webb had, but Webb has had more high level seasons and was more versatile. Another 2017 type season would’ve elevated Smith IMO, but it’s close enough that I’ll give the edge to the more versatile player.
  7. Consensus Top 5 Ravens Corners

    That Ed Reed though. ... and Uber dude might’ve been the greatest thing to happen to Humphrey. Maybe it made him that much more hungry to perform so he can buy his own top of the line car charger.🤓😁 But yeah, I can’t wait to see what Humphrey is able to do this season. He’s definitely not going to be the one to test. Humphrey has a legitimate chance to become our best corner of all time. I wonder where he’ll finish in the rankings when it’s all said and done: 1. Chris McAlister 2. Lardarius Webb 3. Jimmy Smith 4. Duane Starks 5. Chris Carr ... 1027. Corey Ivy/Frank Walker 😎
  8. Yeah, it wouldn’t be ideal obviously. I only met that if he’s on the bench for a couple seasons and bulks up, I might be more willing to see him lower his left shoulder in those situations for a touchdown. Less likelihood of injury when players haven’t gotten to build up their full speed yet. Would certainly not want to see him lowering his shoulder against a Derwin James in the open field, I know Jackson has proven to be durable in his college career. But any hit can go the wrong way for sure. So overall I definitely agree. I’d much rather him win with speed and finesse than his power. It’s just crazy that if he wanted to, he could win with either. This guy is truly talented.
  9. He’s got power, but that’s the one thing I don’t want him to use (per se). Perhaps on short yardage goal line type runs in a Cam Newton/Big Ben type of way. But as long as he continues to run towards the sideline, the right sideline especially, so if he does lean forward he can protect his right shoulder from getting hit that’s all I ask of them using him as a runner. But yeah, Vick had low 4.3 speed and that’s something else. But Jackson is a much more sturdier version of what Vick brought to the table. I’m a Flacco supporter and I’m hoping Jackson gets at least two years to develop behind a pro, like Phillip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers, and can hit the ground running. He’ll be a serious passing problem by the time he hits the field and he will truly be unstoppable at that point.
  10. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Bro this is garbage and unnecessary. Get this out of the forum. I know you like to incite, but take it somewhere else. Yeah, this is a case where the media sees a young player like a fish in water and think they’re going to capture a national headline off of a young 1st round pick. They know he’s answered the question but are looking to make a story out of him by attempting to lead him into a direction they want by manipulating his words. We’ve seen it too many times to count. Serves no purpose. And they wonder why many of these players offer less and less candid responses to ANY question and why less and less intelligent minds read their trashy articles or watch their trashy shows. And if they do, they surely won’t pay for a subscription for that garbage and will only subscribe to higher quality publications. I saw the Harbaugh video where they tried doing the same thing. Same with Flacco with Lamar. Harbaugh’s a pro though. Not only was he not phased, but he shuts them down so thoroughly. They asked him about Flacco-Lamar and he smiles and says, “did you get a chance to ask them that question?” (Respond with the question with a question is a brilliant strategy) and then when the reporter is forced to admit that it was a non story only then does Harbaugh answer the question with “yeah I think they looked great”😂 They didn’t ask the question again. Same with the kneeling question being asked multiple which ways. Was beautiful to watch his interview stiff arms.
  11. Agreed. And Kaep was only a 4.5 guy. Griffin a 4.4 guy. Jackson is a 4.3 guy. I don’t think these people, like you’ve both said, TRULY understand speed and athleticism. Not only that but Jackson is the most prolific runner of the football for a QB ever. He legit has moves that should make RBs envious. You don’t rush for over 1500 yds twice off 70% being designed runs being just fast. He’s like a rich man’s CJ Spiller with actual quarterback ability. Spy or not, that’s not something you just hop into the phone booth, throw on your cape, and exit ready to stop him.
  12. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    I’d spend money to get him, if he’d come cheap enough for us to afford him. We were willing to offer Dez some money to come here. That said, we have a good relationship with the Eagles. Them releasing him now might mean there’s something to be concerned about that wouldn’t jive well with our franchise (since our franchises are pretty similar).
  13. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    The other problem with it is that it means Thanos lies to Strange. He promises to leave Stark alive, if he kills him he’s going back on his word. Granted, he’s evil, and that’s what those guys do sometimes. But he also has a set of rules he’s playing by in the process. Killing Stark would make his character beyond reproach.
  14. Predict the Final 53-man Roster

    Updated and completed. Biggest changes, Perriman makes the team. Scott gets the fake IR. Bam Bradley goes to practice squad. If a defensive injury occurs, I expect him to have the greatest chance of being moved to the active roster.
  15. Deadpool 2

    That actually makes some sense. I saw that as proof that the entire movie was spoofing Superhero movies (from start to finish) on how they can be poorly written yet can get away with it via some “dramatic” (and even worse) Deus Ex Machina plot device and few call them out on it. I’m on the opposite side of the fence though, if only the last part was done in jest, then I’d lower it below the first movie. I kind of like the idea that this movie is making a statement. As a stand-alone film it definitely isn’t as good as the first, but if the entire film was done to troll other movie franchises, while still being its own franchise, it would make it like a giant inside joke. Edit: And that delicate of a troll job puts it above the first in my eyes. Its like a filler episode in anime breaking the 4th wall to tell you it’s filler, while making fun of every filler episode of the most popular animes, while acting like its being a serious main episode. That’s brilliant. It’s like in the song “1985” when J-Cole dissed Lil Pump and these other new rappers, while acting like he was giving them life advice, while still dissing them at the same time. Which made it above a simple diss track and elevated it to special. (If that makes sense where I was going with that analogy).