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  1. FFMD II '20 - Baltimore Ravens Front Office

    Still working as well. Perhaps @Boodgyman5220 would do GM and everyone else here would offer support.
  2. Ravens will NOT be signing DT Michael Brockers

    Meh. Wormley hasn’t really made much improvements from being a rookie. Continuing to ride with a sunken cost makes no sense. Would much rather pay a rookie that has potential $1m to figure it out for the stretch run than to pay Wormley a dime more to be the epitome of average play. He’s not commanding double teams, opposing teams could probably even leave him unblocked to target our other front 7 options. At least with a rookie they have the potential to earn their own clout upfront and learn from a dominant veteran with great habits in Campbell.
  3. Ravens Mock Draft Simulators

    I was hoping a few here would get the reference. Isaiah Simmons falling that far, even only in a mock clearly must’ve seen some goat sacrificed. 😂
  4. Ravens will NOT be signing DT Michael Brockers

    Tbh I had made an assumption, but your logic makes a lot of sense. So if your logic holds true than I would easily take on Marcell Dareus. He already has plenty of experience working with Calais Campbell along the DL so it would definitely be an ideal fit in a season with reduced training camp time.
  5. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    If NFL teams allow Jonathan Taylor to fall to our pick in the second round, I’m sprinting to the podium. I find our RB options as very pleasant. But when I look at the group none combine elite athleticism with elite vision. Ingram has great vision, but only average athleticism. Gus has good vision with good athleticism. Hill has great athleticism with terrible vision. I see the current group as being a version of those 2007/2008 backfields. Ingram is McGahee. Edwards being a more athletic McClain (plus with the Lamar effect). And Hill being a Rice with vastly inferior RB vision. None of the backs are particularly “special.” If we could’ve traded that 2007/2008 backfield for a prime LaDainian Tomlinson, I absolutely would have done it. The only negative I see with Jonathan Taylor is the amount of mileage, but luckily his running style is similar to Lamar in how he tries to avoid damage when he can, so that might allow for him to be a little less battered than his carries might indicate.
  6. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    I think a part of this is injury concerns combined with the usual over-analysis of an elite talent. Had Biadasz come out last season he’s the first IOL off the board, but with the increased year and the injury issues, it’s caused a little pause. That and center prospects generally don’t go high in the draft to begin with. Usually the top center options such as Travis Frederick or Frank Ragnow, etc only go after pick 20... so if you have a few good ones it pushes everyone else down the board. This year you’ve got Lloyd Cushenberry, Cesar Ruiz, Tyler Biadasz, and Matt Hennessy as top quality centers. All of which have versatility to play in both man and zone blocking schemes. So now as opposed to taking a center at pick 20-25 range and starting the run on position, teams can afford to wait until the second round and still feel confident that you’re going to get a top notch center on day two. That as well as TheDraftNetwork seem to be aggressively against Biadasz for some reason. Most other sites I check have him as a second round option, successfully putting him as a top 3 center along with Ruiz and Cushenberry, while they have him as like the 4th/5th best center making him much lower on their board.
  7. Ravens will NOT be signing DT Michael Brockers

    Also if no one else is playing poker and the highest deal Clowney is able to ascertain has been $17m, I would prefer Clowney to Judon. While neither is advanced in their pass rush moves, Clowney is at least a souped up version. He’s just not as durable. He would bring the desired length and he’s an elite run defender... which Judon is not. Signing Clowney would mean we could pickup a Raekwon Davis or Justin Madubuike in the second round of the draft and still be set inside. The edge position would be pretty set with a capable 3rd round pass rusher with potential being a perfect addition for the eventual snaps Clowney would lose to durability.
  8. Ravens will NOT be signing DT Michael Brockers

    Wow. Brockers was a great scheme fit. This is a big blow. That said hadn’t really considered him before hand. Prior to all this I thought Calais Campbell and/or Marcell Dareus would be great FA additions. Dareus would cost less than Brockers and provide similar run impact. Though the elite length isn’t there, he’s still got more ideal size than Brandon Williams if he’s willing to play DE again as he did in Buffalo. Only problem is I thought the Jags would have to cut him vs simply not picking up a team option year... that’s a huge difference as Dareus would now count against the cap formula whereas I didn’t think that he would initially.
  9. Ravens Mock Draft Simulators

    And now I sacrifice my 3 monster cards on the field to summon my Egyptian god card...
  10. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Absolutely. And I should probably clarify, when I say Ruiz isn’t as cerebral, it’s not me saying he’s a dumb player that can make the line calls. He’s actually very good in that aspect. I think Ruiz is cerebrally on a similar level to Pouncey. From a playstyle standpoint he reminds me of Travis Frederick. Now that all being said, Tyler Biadasz is IMO the best center prospect that I’ve ever scouted. From a combination of power, contact balance, liquid hips to pull, and a cerebral ability of the highest order. I think Ruiz is faster and more powerful than Biadasz, but Biadasz I feel rolls off the bus as a more pro bowl capable center/IOL from day one. I see this comparison as Ruiz (Whirfs) vs Biadasz (Wills). Or said another way Peyton Manning (Biadasz) vs Phillip Rivers (Ruiz).
  11. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    I was the first on the Ruiz bandwagon but I wouldn’t. He’s not an elite center prospect IMO. I think he’s a fringe 1st/2nd round talent. But he’s clearly inferior to Tyler Biadasz at center. Ruiz is strong, physical, a people mover... he’s quick. But he’s not nearly as cerebral and gets guys aligned at the same level. He’s also not as agile to pull. Feel his contact balance is also less impressive. Would much rather target Biadasz over Ruiz. It’s very similar to the comparison between Wills (Biadasz) and Whirfs (Ruiz). Though I will agree that if we can come away with either of these two players in the second round that would be a fantastic boon.
  12. Ravens trade 5th round pick for DE Calais Campbell

    Well my signing bonus and salary numbers on page two were exact. Just failed to account for the fact we would sign only a two year deal... can’t recall us doing many two year deals in the past. That’s still somewhat of a shock to me.
  13. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    That’s just the thing, while I think it will be true for this season now... it’s only because the lost time new players will likely receive. But the way I see it a veteran like Judon is just going to stockblock playing time away from the rookie because he’s so entrenched. Now said play will he left competing for scraps with Ferguson and Bowser. Conversely I think all things equal (normal offseason expected), I think Bowser would upgrade Judon’s pass rushing centric role, while Baun would be a legit pass rushing threat while YGM would be a better edge setter than any player we have and in his scenario he would replace Judon with similar pass rush ability with superior edge setting. But alas things won’t be equal and said rookies will likely be struggling to get down the playbook and preferred techniques in such a short time. That said, it’ll likely be a similar offseason to what Jimmy and Torrey Smith experienced given that 2011 lockout. So the good thing is Harbaugh having experiences something SOMEWHAT similar, he should have a plan in place with making sure our new crop of rookies get up to speed as quickly as possible. Only thing is apparently Wink’s system is more complicated than what we were running back then if all the notions about how difficult it is a defense to pickup are to be believed. Targeting a specialized player and really just introducing them to that aspect while slowing building onto their expectations will be key.
  14. Who will be better? Bucs or Pats?

    I’m easily taking the Pats in this scenario. I trust them to put together a playoff team regardless of the QB because of BB. But if they get a healthy and highly motivated Cam Newton at their disposal, they’re going to be absolutely scary. And I think they will acquire Cam for what it’s worth.
  15. Ravens resign CB Jimmy Smith 1yr up to $6M

    Hometown discount. Jimmy loves it here and while he probably could’ve gotten more elsewhere he loves it here and sees the championship potential. He was Lamar’s biggest defender after that Chargers playoff game two years ago. Though I’m sure being above 30 and having a concerning injury history also killed some FA value. Amongst other things.