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  1. I can’t help but feel like this is going to jinx him and he’s going to get beat for two TDs in the red zone in this game now.😓
  2. For me I’m hoping we get Calais Campbell getting in on the sack party. He’s been great all season, but I really just want to see the big man throwing a QB to the ground.
  3. I wonder how the Jonah Williams vs Odafe Oweh battle will go down. Though I suspect Oweh will get some 5 technique looks as well against a guard. I have a feeling about Oweh coming up with a huge play in this one, I’d be specific but I’d rather not jinx it.
  4. Sucks we didn’t get a mentee in while Lewis was still in the building. Someone to take over the reigns.
  5. Yeah, the Patriots look like they’re building something over there and while the Jets and Dolphins are pretty trash, the Pats might be able to steal. I’d say their most loseable games are Colts, Pats x2, Bucs, Panthers. Also the Dolphins and Jets look pretty dead in water right now, though with young QBs it’s possible the teams improve significantly enough over the course of the rest of the season. Though to the earlier point, the Bills will definitely have the easiest ride presumably.
  6. 1. Daniel Jones is someone I forgot about. I’d have him in that good athleticism range with Mahomes. He’s got the speed, just not the kind of power and balance as Watson and Allen IMO. 2. I measure the athleticism based off of game impact provided. Allen from a combine perspective would likely be outpaced by a Justin Fields, yet his athletic impact on a game, even when he was also a raw rookie QB, was more pronounced. Deshaun Watson had a RAS well below that of Daunte Culpepper yet he has been quite easily the superior athlete when it came to his impact on the game. Both Watson and Allen
  7. He has the same arm talent as Flacco and the same caliber of athleticism as young Joe Flacco as well. Rookie Flacco averaged 4.2 YPT on 53 touches VS Herbert’s 4.3 YPT on 55 touches last season. Then Flacco stopped using his athleticism in games in each passing season until he became the absolute statue that he is today. Beyond that, you’re taking the Flacco comparison perhaps too literal because I mentioned Herbert clearly has the work ethic and processing power that Flacco never had. Herbert has elite levels in those areas while Flacco was average to below average and was carried by hi
  8. I just think the QBs are the stars that drive the league now. They’re the position group, of the skill positions, to be the least likely to go down with an injury. They’re likely to have the longest pro career. So I disagree that it would be better for the league to spread the love with the MVP award. You want your top stars front and center to win the award. I think that does more for revenue and popularity of the league. So I think I’d simply keep the MVP more of a QB award, while OPOY becomes mainly a skill position award. DPOY remains the same. Then I’d simply add something like
  9. In terms of the question, I think both RB are very comparable. Though I think Henry is better than Jim Brown. Just like I think Campbell was better than Jim Brown. Brown IMO is sort of overrated because he played in a league without the requisite talent/athleticism to stop him. Just like no one considers the GOAT QBs from that generation as legitimate GOAT QB options, neither do I consider Brown to be that dude. Conversely had Brown had access to the modern day sports medicine, I’d imagine he’d be a top caliber back in the league. In terms of style however, I do think Henry is compar
  10. Meh. If Miles Garrett gets 26 sacks, yet Mahomes finishes with 60 TDs, I’d give it to Mahomes, or Allen, or Brady, or Jackson, etc. JMO.
  11. Agreed. Yeah if it were against a team like the Chargers, I think you take your chances, but honestly against most top run defenses or top situational run defenses, I’d rather have Allen in the shotgun. Fwiw I felt the same with Lamar when we were stuffed. Spread the defense out and let them threaten the pass and the run. Lamar and Allen are just too dangerous with both their legs and arms that I’d feel confident they can expose whichever weakness in the defense. All that to say, I agree with you.
  12. Yeah while I think Lamar CAN win and should be higher in the MVP race than his stats show, but it’s Kyler’s ATM. I still can’t help but feel Kyler slows down due to soft tissue concerns and then gets passed by a couple others to end the race; mainly Lamar (doing the most with the least argument), Mahomes (carrying the team with a bad defense), and Dak (biggest market and is balling), and Brady (he’s old and balling). My prediction from there would be Brady fatigue and the talent on that offense and defense will sort of disqualify him. Dak has the CPOTY to fall back on, so voters will
  13. Bullied? You guys had like the best regular season run defense we faced all that season since Lamar had taken over. I think the rushing attack was averaging like 225-230 yds against everyone else, but you guys held us to like 165 yds. But I’m operating off of memory. Just remember Lamar to Andrews going for a big play (TD? Or maybe he got caught from behind). Either way, I’m sure if we meet this season in a playoff game it would live up to the hype this regular season thought it would have.
  14. Agreed. I just think you take part of what makes Allen a force away on that play. I say spread the Titans out and look to pass and with a spread out defense, if Allen sees just a smidge of space… keep it simple and go for the first down, if not, someone’s probably open for him to thread.
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