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  1. I’m hoping they mix in a combination of Brandon Carr and Anthony Levine for that task.
  2. 2019 Rookie Talk

    Wow. I remember Smith explicitly stating in an interview (or article, can’t remember) that he’s purposefully not been training with receivers or helping them with technique because he didn’t want to “get that feeling that he can still go” and try to make a comeback. Wonder if this means that Smith is finally “comfortable in retirement”... or if maybe he might decide to comeback to the Ravens in a late season playoff run. 😂
  3. Lamar and Mahomes are both 7-0 with TDs to Ints this season. This game could potentially be determined by whichever QB that doesn’t turn the ball over in this game.
  4. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    ^^ Also we just saw Brees and Big Ben go out with serious injuries to change the entire landscape of this NFL season. Anything can happen to any team to weaken it (Brees/Ben) or strengthen it (add Jalen Ramsey).
  5. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    The way I see it this Patriots offense looks very similar to that Pittsburgh Steelers offense (AB = AB, Julian Edelman = Juju Smith-Schuster) only with the addition of Flash Gordon and the subtraction of that same level of OL the Steelers deployed. Trade Big Ben for Tom Brady. Trade Tomlin for Belichick. So all in all it’s a better more explosive version, but there are similarities. So all that to say I think we matchup as good as any team in this league when healthy. Playoff time should allow Jimmy Smith to come back and get up to speed. He can body up Gordon. Marlon on AB. Carr on Edelman. With Thomas at safety for additional assistance. What’s more they like to get their rushing attack going and our rush defense has looked very good to this point and we have more depth than we’ve had in some time with the addition of Mack. The biggest test will come with the Patriots top 3 defense vs our offense. We’ve got a lot of weapons, but they’re young weapons. To expect them to trade blows with a very experienced defense, play mistake free football, and drop buckets... is a tall task for ANY offense and QB. But Lamar’s unique skillset could be the most advantageous skillset to attack that defense that they will face at QB outside of perhaps Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. Harbaugh has also generally been one of the few top 10 coaches to keep up with Bill Belichick and not get embarrassed by him. So there’s that. They definitely have a shot, it would not be an “EASY” game for either team.
  6. Lamar Jackson QB1

    I never said that they can’t create a great gameplan. As they have superior players to put in position to stop Lamar, which I said. But beyond that, schematically, having Terrell Suggs on that defense who practiced against Lamar all last season and is one of the greatest defensive minds of any player in the league AS WELL AS Vance Joseph, that gives them an advantage. Similar to with Gregg Williams vs Baker Mayfield on Monday. So while BB is the greatest mind in the game, how do you stop a player that you can’t blitz up field or he can damage you for yards. Who has proven to escape pressure up the middle, by running up the vacated middle of the field if he escapes. That his passing strength is against zone coverage so running a bunch of zone looks isn't necessarily going to work, even if it’s the best way to keep an eye on him. That has great weapons along the outside for going deep as well as bubble screens. In addition to that they can hold their defensive looks to the last second, which he hasn’t really seen as much of yet as well. But I’m simply saying, the Cardinals are going to be one of the teams to best put together a gameplan considering how familiar they are with both a mobile QB as well as having Suggs on staff.
  7. Lamar Jackson QB1

    I think there is a firm difference in not underestimating him and simply not believing that there is a true solution to “solving” the Ravens offense. It’s like asking which pill is better, the red pill or the blue pill. I mean Lamar has proven he can hit other receivers outside of Brown/Andrews but simply leaned on them in this game heavily. Last year he loved to lean on Willie Snead down the stretch. Which means he can at anytime divert back to that. But if Hollywood and Andrews are more reliable (I can’t remember either dropping a pass that touched their hands) whereas Boykin has dropped passes, Snead typically catches his passes but had the drop against Miami that could’ve meant 6 TDs for Lamar, and Hurst while he doesn’t drop passes showed last season to not be completely reliable at boxing out his man or getting down low if the ball isn't 100% accurate. Brown and Andrews have proven an great catch radius and great hands. Can’t fault him for that. But if he needs to he can and will go elsewhere, I’m more concerned over if those other players step up when he does NEED to go their way (not so concerned with Snead, but moreso Boykin and Hurst).
  8. Yeah this will also be another key matchup. It’ll be good to know exactly what we’re working with in terms of Bozeman. He’s looked pretty good so far. Our line held up well enough against the rookie Wilkins of Miami, but Jones is the more advanced version.
  9. Ravens Fan Introduction Thread

    @drd23 Here you go again. Not sure where @Snicko went, but looks like you have another riding mate. Anyways welcome to the forum! Or were you also on the old one? I seem to remember an Aussie_Raven over there as well.
  10. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    I think he’s still searching for the switch....
  11. ^^^ I know many think I’m simply waxing poetic and over exaggerating. But I have never seen a QB better than Patrick Mahomes. Peak Peyton Manning was the only guy that I can throw at him because of his ability to be an OC on the field, but even then... Mahomes makes passes I have never seen before. If he stays healthy, I think he’s the GOAT. ... that said, Lamar Jackson should be nicknamed Gunsmoke like that old TV show. You lineup with 8 men in the box, go zone coverage, and/or try an all out blitz him... you get the gun. If you lineup in man, your ends are rushing aggressively upfield, or the linebackers are overly aggressive trying to attack the RB for the TFL... you get the smoke.
  12. Tbf to Chubb that dude was a beast and people just forgot because of his injury. I know we’re a long ways away and anything could happen, but he kind of reminds me of Frank Gore with his no nonsense approach. I think that’ll allow him to last a long time in this league.
  13. Yup. Had him in all of my mocks I believe. Was shocked we hadn’t heard more from him in camp and in the preseason. Looked like he might’ve gotten cut for that reason. But whatever the case, it looks like he’s turned it up a notch though in the regular season.
  14. The positives are that last season Tavon Young was playing obviously hurt and got abused religiously for it, he was noticeably slow. Anthony Averrett is at least healthy and typically has tight coverage, if this is the game where he learns to get his head around, he could be a boon. Jimmy was also working his way back into shape and didn’t have the speed to hang with their receiving core IIRC. So Cyrus Jones shouldn’t be too far off what Jimmy was able to provide last year. CJ Mosley is also gone and so we have more speed on the field to matchup. I wonder if we don’t use Brandon Carr on Kelce for most of the game as well. Treat him like he’s Larry Fitzgerald and force him to risk OPI against the smaller man to get his big plays. Other option would be using Tyus Bowser as a cover option as well. I anticipate a lot of Kenny Young and Peanut blitzing the A gap to deliver pressure to Mahomes up front. Which Mosley would attempt to do, but he was a below average blitzed and always got stuck on a block, making it a worthless tactic last year. This year that could be an effective way to get quick pressures on Mahomes.
  15. Forgot about that. He’s going to single handedly lose us this game. He might be more of a defensive weakness against the pass than Frank Walker and Corey Ivy... but that’s probably just recency Bias getting the best of me here.