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  1. Sheesh. The moment Averett goes from coverage turd to quality corner he gets hurt. We just can’t catch a break there.
  2. Yup. Lamar is great throwing against zone coverage FTMP. Unfortunately defenses have adjusted and instead are giving him far more man looks now. Then containing Lamar as a runner but forcing Lamar to have to run up the middle. We only have two proven options to beat man coverage in Andrews and Hollywood. We’re going to need 1-2 more options to take the offense to the next level. That and Lamar’s got to improve his timing when passing to his receivers in 1v1 coverage. If Dobbins can activate as a legit receiver then perhaps he could be an extra option to make defenses pay.
  3. I’m not going to act like the Steelers are pretenders or anything because I definitely think they’re the kind of team that plays to the level of their competition. However I think everyone has to remember that they are still riding fresh off of their bye two weeks ago. They’ll be playing a physical Titans team right before playing a Ravens team that should be well rested. I say this because the Browns while riding high going on were also becoming quite banged up, while they themselves were rather fresh. They won’t be against us come our matchup and in fact will be the ones with less fresh bodies. So can we lose the game absolutely, but I don’t see anything more than two evenly matched squads that should push each other. They have the more clutch offense, so it’ll be important for us to cultivate a lead early, but their receivers aren’t ones that scare me like the Chiefs. They can out physical most any team but with Jimmy Smith and Marlon Humphrey in tow, we have the size and physicality to matchup with their WRs. The bye week should hopefully help get some of the young guys further up to speed such as Queen with his play recognition and Madubuike with getting more opportunities to activate again as a pass rusher. Best result might be the Steelers taking us to the brink and forcing Lamar to lead a GWD so this offense can build confidence in each other in late game situations that will come in handy come playoff time. They have confidence in the 2 min warning going into the half, so now they just need more confidence in other game situations. Hopefully rest allows Lamar to get back to throwing the tight spirals from early in the season. Another thing I think will help is this bye week will be HUUUGEE for Lamar. He’s had his knee a little sore and his hamstring issue from earlier in the year. The bye week should definitely help him as a runner. I was thinking how on that last possession, it looked like Lamar COULD HAVE went into another level speed wise but didn’t. He had the ability to separate and get the TD but just let himself be caught and ended the game. It’s possible he’s not pushing himself on that front. Get him fully healthy and those hamstrings back to elite juiced up status and plays like that will end in a TD more often than not. Also in terms of this game, yeah it was clear that the refs were providing some home cooking. There’s no excuse for so many pre-snap penalties. Killed some big completions we had made, kept the offense behind schedule, and kept the offense from playing with any level of confidence the rest of the game. The defense was mostly dominant outside of a few coverage busts here and there. Which leads me to a huge concern. How is it as far into the tenure with these defensive coaches and yet this defense is still as terrible as it is in zone coverage? I get it, we’re probably the best man coverage corner set in the league, however great defense’s need to be able to switch up looks against great QBs/OCs. Our defense is far too one dimensional in that regard. They need to stop practicing all these exotic blitzes and practicing more how to be consistent in their zone defense responsibilities when we have to go to those looks. The other issue is Judon is largely becoming the next Tony Jefferson. Always trash talking opposing players to give them life and motivation while providing little of actual substance on the field. He’s nothing but a barking chihuahua. Sure against TEs or unblocked he’s godly, but this defense will never take the next step until he’s no longer being relied upon to take the high amount of snaps that he does. Heck his idiotic tendency to go for the absolute latest QB hits is festering to the rest of this defense too. He’s such a waste of money, annoys me that we could’ve had Clowney for the money Judon has been getting. Everyone complained about how Clowney isn’t a pass rusher, but Clowney would be able to dominate in untouched and against TEs as well... only he’d be able to occasionally shred actual OL while being a force against the run. Marcus Peters needs to play better. He’s not trash Peters, but too much of his value comes from his interceptions, the TD fumble recovery by JJAW probably looks a little differently if Peter’s isn’t letting him block him all the way up the field and then just give up once he thinks his teammate is going to make the tackle. If he actually believed in all hats to the ball, he sheds the block once his teammate is there and we perhaps get a fumble recovery there for the defense. If the interceptions aren’t coming he’s got to do a better job being valuable elsewhere. It’s clear that once his contract is up we’ll have to have a drafted corner in place to cultivate taking his place... as Peters is the forever mercenary type. No way we’re going to be paying this guy for his efforts once his coverage begins to slip from 8/10 down to a 6-7/10 due to age. That said shoutout to Jimmy Smith, Marlon Humphrey, Calais Campbell, Chuck Clark, and Justin Madubuike for standing out. Patrick Queen for being in coverage as much as he was today also didn’t get particularly toasted so I’m here for it. Wasn’t his best game, but his value comes in his elite run stopping ability and he did have a crucial run stuff on that 4th and 1 situation with Wentz and had another big tackle on a play where Judon broke contain.
  4. #1 in overall DVOA coming into this week. Largely based on the play of the defense though considering the offense is currently below average to bad in its Drive Success Rate, down 7% in overall TD/FG scores this season over where we finished last season. That said, there are few coaches better coming off of a bye week than John Harbaugh. In 2012 we didn’t gain SB traction on offense until after the bye week where we switched McKinnie into the starting lineup (though firing Cam Cameron also helped). We saw this team install the “Lamar offense” in within the bye week in 2018. I don’t think I’d be shocked to see them add some more offensive wrinkles in for Duvernay and Hollywood. Especially with those quick hitters.
  5. All that said, I think the real issue with this game was that I created the gameday thread. We haven’t experienced such close nail biters since back when I used to make GDT on the regular. Clearly something in the Universe provides nail biters in such situations. So I think next game @DreamKid it’ll be vital for you to make the GDT if we’re to have any hope of coasting through the Steelers. 😂
  6. Yup. What would have been better for this team? Blowing out the Eagles heading into a bye week with the Steelers coming on the other side? Or winning a close humbling game that will force the coaches and players to re-evaluate and self reflect over the bye and work that much harder on the bye week, focus that much harder on getting healthy and improving on the lapses that they’ve had during this “first half” of the season. This team seems far more likely to respond positively to the latter than some meltdown loss against a terrible opponent.
  7. This team was playing around with the Eagles. This team has not played as terrible as it seems. The defense was in good position plenty of times in this second half but the ball simply didn’t bounce their way. Nothing more. On offense, the OL was penalized at an unbelievable rate for innocuous plays. Refs aren’t typically so anal for OL splits. Combine that with the uneven officiating our defense saw against the Eagles in holds? There was clearly some home cooking on that front. This team largely dominated Philly outside of a few bailouts by refs and lucky plays. The Ravens didn’t “deserve” to lose anything. Theres a stark difference between needing to tighten up execution and deserving to lose to a team that they outperformed in the game.
  8. Proche is a beast. Do a read with Lamar up the middle for the TD, completely end this.
  9. Good stop by the defense there. Just need a recovery and a first down to salt this one away.
  10. If only there was a thumbs down for rep points on this forum. This would deserve the full brunt of a fan wanting the team to lose.
  11. Well with the way the refs are calling this game and the way the OL is playing... little confidence we win if the defense doesn’t get a stop on the TD or the 2 point conversion. No reason this terrible Eagles team with Wentz just tossing up prayers off his back foot should keep getting completions.
  12. The Eagles are in this game because of the 80 penalties on our OL. Idiotic late hits because idiots are trying to get that “QB Hits stat” (dumbest stat), oh and Elliot dropping a gimme interception. I swear these refs are terrible.
  13. I bet Derek Wolfe has got to be upset that he couldn’t play in this game against THIS OL. I’d be pissed. Nice stat inflation game.
  14. These refs are annoying. I’ve never seen so many illegal formations in my life. It’s just whatever now.
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