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  1. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    Exactly. It’s the reason we lost to the Titans. The fact that we blitzed on something like 50% of downs and yet we’re only 21st in sacks is pathetic. Building with a focus of importance on the secondary is important, but we also need to put heavy emphasis on the front 7.
  2. Patrick Willis vs Luke Kuechly

    Not to mention the pro day run from Willis where he ran a 4.38s... stands to reason he could’ve run closer to the 4.4s if given another shot... whereas Kuechly combine time seemed closer to his on field reality.
  3. Is Lamar Jackson already better than Atlanta Vick ever was?

    Led the league in passing TDs and TD passes in the redzone... would say otherwise. Most would agree that redzone TDs is the most difficult passes due to the field condensing... so... yeah... your opinion is very, um... interesting.
  4. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    He’s Ray Rice incarnate. So much juice. Plus his collegiate workload was nothing compared to Rice. That said he MIGHT fall to the 3rd round with all the RB talent that should go late and push talent down. Another back similar to Rice is Ohio States JK Dobbins. If we go RB those are the two guys that make the most sense.
  5. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Yup. Especially with competition from Culley as well. Honestly I’m really curious to see what Urban can do leading the offensive unit. Seems very meticulous and detailed. Yet he’s clearly flexible enough to have been a great QB coach for Lamar after having been an top WR coach for the Cincy Bengals when they developed TJ Housh, Chad Johnson, and all those guys.
  6. Cam Newton '15 vs Lamar Jackson '19

    Perhaps. But Ingram and Stewart are similarly ranked backs. Stewart just played early in his career with DeAngelo Williams which limited some of his impact. Honestly he’s probably the more talented back over Ingram. In terms of TEs, Greg Olsen at that point was probably better than Mark Andrews. Ed Dickson was right in line with Hayden Hurst. Veteran Tedd Ginn Jr and rookie Hollywood Brown that was hobbled all year are probably comparable. Snead is a #3 level option. Though, we definitely had superior blockers with Boyle and the OL. Edit: So yeah, definitely an argument could be made for a race to the bottom on the aspect of weapons. Though I think in the future the Ravens weapons should develop some, so perhaps that will make it look better when we look back on this years later.
  7. How big is the gap between Mahomes and Watson/Jackson?

    Tier1: Mahomes Tier2: Wilson, Jackson, Brees Tier3: Watson, Rodgers, Wentz Tier4: JimmyG, Ryan, Murray, Brady, Goff, Fitzpatrick How I would have it currently. But the list is fluid. Things can change.
  8. Patrick Willis vs Luke Kuechly

    Patrick Willis was better. At his peak I thought he could’ve competed with Ray outside of his DPOY seasons. Though Kuechly was also a beast but I thought he was somewhere between Willis and Wagner.
  9. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Not a fan. Most of his pancakes I’m seeing are blindside type blocks... feel like he’ll be a penalty factory in the NFL. He’s not generally overwhelming guys straight up with his strength and technique. He’s also incredibly bad in the durability department to this point. Against bigger dudes I don’t expect him to get more healthy. For me he’s a solid swipe left.
  10. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I’m guessing part of Marlon’s frustration is he likes to play outside corner and while he still got All Pro, playing inside has definitely led him to not look quite as good as he could outside. We’ve seen him shutdown Julio along the outside. We’ve seen him man up against AJ Green outside IIRC. In some of his interviews he’s come across as being annoyed at his inside role and loves that Young will be back. So whatever we do with our corners, it’ll be interesting to see. They may just let Smith move on because with Humphrey and Peters on the outside, he’s redundant. Even though he’s a stud, the front office may have moved on. Unless Peters might be interested in playing some deep safety in nickel/dime sets vs corner, I’m not sure it will work. May instead just have to use Smiths money’s to throw at an IDL. I mentioned bringing in Marcel Dareus on a quality deal as a cut player. Perhaps the front office makes a serious commitment inside and as opposed to Smith we let him walk to offset signing a guy like Gerald McCoy. ————— Thomas ———— Clark ————— Humphrey———— Young ————— Peters Bowser —— rookie—— Fort—— Ferg/rookie McCoy—————Williams————— Dareus In this scenario we keep Carr as corner, nickel, safety depth. We still have the Joker at safety. We have some guys like Olaka and Board as inside depth options. With this front we should definitely be likely to win in the trenches.
  11. Ravens Roster Offseason Plans

    In terms of Emmanuel Sanders, we had an opportunity to trade for him but didn’t get it done. He’s on a SB caliber team already, I doubt he leaves his new team with a quality QB that he’s got some consistency with to leave unless he gets overpaid. Tbh I think they extend him before the period of him becoming a FA. I think it’s more likely Green becomes a FA, though with that, he’ll probably be franchises and traded... which would take him off the table for us. But Green was clearly not hurt all season, I think he clearly leverage his star power to make sure he got paid while not damaging himself for his next big deal. If he’s franchise tagged and not traded, I’m sure he would largely activate strategies that pay him the most amount while doing the least damage to his body... including sitting out training camp and reporting late. Then finding other “bogus injuries” while the Bengals would be forced to trade him. They would be smart to move on. Most likely he gets traded next season at the deadline for peanuts to another team because the Bengals aren’t smart enough to know when they could get the most for their franchised player... unless they get lucky like the Jags did of course. But that’s neither here nor there. Overall both are probably unlikely. The draft is likely our best opportunity to improve the receiver position and while we have bigger needed positions... we HAVE TO address the WR position considering many in the draft community believe this to be the most talented WR class in the last 20 years. Thus we would be foolish to not spend at least a day 2 pick on a WR because Boykin showed some promise early. The reality is that at Notre Dame, Boykin never showed star potential and that’s why a guy with such an elite profile could fall to the 3rd round. His age score suggests that he’s slow to develop as well. I wouldn’t rely on him. If he comes out and balls, cool. But there’s going to be better options to upgrade the team in the draft. I would rather instead we focus on upgrading the other spots such as ILB, IDL, or Edge with a cut veteran and then either double dip at those positions via the draft using day 3 picks OR prioritizing them highly in the draft only after all else fails. With WR even if we get a veteran I’m double dipping with the draft. Seth Roberts is gone and Jaleel Scott can surely be upgraded. Boykin can be a special teams option if he can’t prove to beat out some of the other options.
  12. Lamar Jackson QB1

    I will add to this though that it doesn’t have to be Lamar, but it’s best if it’s him as he’s likely to be the guy to get the big bucks. But with Flacco he had a tough time getting “fired up to rev up the team” with Lamar it’s the opposite. With Flacco we needy fiery guys like Boldin and SSSr to ignite the offensive energy. Ingram has largely been the leader of this offense and him going down probably had a small field impact, but more of a great impact in the leadership aspect. He was moreso worried about making sure he could be healthy enough to play than to be the engine to this squad... which isn’t a fault at him but a fault at the dearth of leadership elsewhere on the offense. Ray got to intern under Rod, Ed under Ray, Suggs/Ngata under Ray/Ed. Lamar is going to need more veteran leadership on offense. We’ve got Ingram and Yanda and that’s basically it, maybe James Hurst. If we can add that calming presence that can be that guiding light as you say then that’s exactly what Lamar can see and pull from in his development.
  13. Mahomes or Jackson

    The game was two days ago... why are you still trolling?
  14. Ravens Roster Offseason Plans

    I’m not against Gerald McCoy but he already turned us down once. What’s more he’s going to be a FA now vs a cap casualty, which means he would impact our comp formula whereas last year he would not have. While I think we could see this team go for a quality veteran signing, I can’t see us going for two FAs. Whereas Marcel Dareus is a guy whose impact might not be quite as great and he’s not the same explosive option, but he’s going to allow the Ravens to still accumulate extra comp picks in future seasons to improve the team. Though the team might also look and pursue some trade avenues if the value is right. Have to imagine the rumors that Hayden Hurst was on the block at the trade deadline weren’t just rumors, as the where there’s smoke there’s fire saying poetically states... so I can imagine we see a scenario where Hurst is traded this offseason in a deal for an IDL option. Perhaps the Jaguars might be willing to part with Calais Campbell inside for Hurst considering the cap money they could save by trading him... though I would find that unlikely. More likely might be a sign and trade deal involving Yannick once he makes it known that he doesn’t want to be back in Jacksonville and they tag him with the expectation of trading him. I could easily see the front office parting ways with a 3rd round pick.
  15. Honestly I blame myself for this loss... never should’ve agreed to do this game day thread. Should’ve let @DreamKid do it. We would’ve gotten the dub I’m sure.