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  1. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    1. Makes sense about Jimmy, couldn’t agree more with how nonsensical it would be to release Smith. With him we’ve got one of the most dangerous, versatile, and deep secondaries we’ve ever had. Heck this could make a run for a GOAT unit if they play up to their talent levels. 2. Agreed. We should target the position high in the draft. There’s a lot of receivers in the class, but that’s all the more reason to have our pick of the litter. 3. Agreed. Not against Brent Urban if it’s a great price. Surprised as well that he hasn’t been signed yet. 4. Hopefully we take the gamble with a mid round pick for a pass rusher vs taking one early in the draft. Unless a freak option falls. 5. Kind of sounds like he’s mentioning Dez Bryant in the draft and how we lost out on him. Or maybe DJ Moore last year?
  2. Gronk Retires

    In that era, I think Gronk lasts even fewer seasons. Gronk played in an era where you couldn’t abuse the receiver in the air to separate him from the ball. Those huge hits would’ve been a defenses ideal way of stopping him back in the day. And his durability was just not up to snuff. A guy like Tony G was a dominant force at his peak, but also proved to be one of the most durable forces at his position of all time as well. edit: Which isn’t to say that Gronk wasn’t a beast in this era. Only to address the spirit of his comparison to previous eras.
  3. Gronk Retires

    Taking Tony Gonzalez no question.
  4. Total Control Mock Draft.

    Well I like Simmons. That’s all I need to be satisfied.
  5. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    In terms of OL, I only really have been impressed by Jonah Williams and Garrett Bradbury. Williams will likely go top 10 and Bradbury would be an acceptable pick in my estimation, but he could go top 15 as well. Beyond that I see a bunch of 2nd round OL options from the tapes I’ve seen. Few legitimately grab my attention.
  6. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    Also track the DKM tape and you’ll realize that 90% of the time they only have him run go routes or hitch routes. This makes the defense’s job that much easier to defend him and lower his ability to separate. Even then he still creates separation due to his raw athleticism.
  7. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    The first matchup our OL did well, what changed? Did they stop taking their senzu beans or is it possible that the one dimensional nature of our offensive gameplan up until the final 4 minutes of the game did the line no favors? There is a lot to dislike about DKM when you look for it. But I never stated he was my favorite receiver in this class nor that he was an elite receiver. Like I stated, he’s got an elite trait that will make him successful in the NFL. In fact, his perfect fit would be with a talent like Lamar Jackson. Why? Elite agility is most beneficial against man coverage to gain separation. Speed and size combines well against zone coverage where a defender has a spot he has to cover... if you’re fast and deceptive enough you can shred that space and make him pay, especially if he’s caught with his eyes in the backfield. Enter Lamar Jackson, he can only be guarded by virtue of zone coverage where everyone can spy on him. If you don’t he can take off and pick up 20 yards in a hurry. You can see how when against zone coverage Metcalf gets behind the coverage. Even in the tapes you hate against LSU, just look at how much safety attention Metcalf sees deep. Even in what was one of the NWO worst performances of their season, you see DKM’s presence being felt. Now combined that with his age and the fact that if he ever develops the ability to box out and high point balls, he would truly be unstoppable. ... All that said, I don’t love DKM and much prefer JJ AW. He’s the best WR fit in this class IMO due to his size, agility, speed, scramble drill ability, and elite box out traits.
  8. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    If that’s how teams win than why did we lose to the Chargers in the playoffs with a run game that dominates everyone else beforehand. While they had plenty of DBs out there, we also didn’t have any receivers that they had to fear deep/intermediate. So they could just sit in zone and watch the backfield. No All Pro OL was going to fix the fact that our coaches had a crappy gameplan and the fact that we were so one dimensional that we could not utilize our strengths for success. Whats more it may only be 4-6 targets, but Metcalf only had about that many in college but his YPC means he can go 6 targets, 4 recs, 100 yds, 2 TDs. So even when he’s “contained” he’s destroying a defense’s ability to contain our offense because now they have to fear what he’s able to bring to the table. The same is true for JJAW. He didn’t receiver too many targets most years at Stanford because of their run game dominance, yet when he does receive a target his elite box out ability keeps defenses honest. If you don’t shade a safety on him than he’s not losing in 1v1 coverage with the ball in the air. Lastly, how I feel about our OL is pointless considering there aren’t any elite OL talents in this draft class. There’s just a bunch of guys that have inflated values because teams/media with poor OLs have to convince the fan market that their is a solution to their problem via xyz prospect. I see a bunch of 2nd round talents parading as top 15 picks FTMP. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷‍♂️
  9. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    What’s more when an OL is of high talent and we have a shot at them I call for them. I loved Frank Ragnow. If you recall I had Ragnow ranked as an All Pro level talent and ranked him similarly to Nick Chubb. I had Ragnow ahead of Calvin Ridley and most of the receivers. I bang the drum for Derwin James because he was a transformative talent. Same with Lamar Jackson later in the process. DKM doesn’t have the same stat production, but his tape displays All Pro level talent because of his elite speed, strength, explosiveness, and length. He is so hyper elite in those measurables that his equally poor agility makes no difference. His hands are also similar to what I saw from Julio Jones coming out. Factor in DKM age score and the potential is at the same level we see with Mark Andrews. Lamar Jackson will have time to throw to DKM because defenders will have to hold contain against him due to his speed vs being as aggressive upfield. Those hesitation moments allow Jackson more time in the pocket and more time for DKM to beat his man deep. In 1on1 there are few corners that have the size, strength, and speed to battle DKM. Denzel award is probably the best corner in the division outside of Humphrey and his 180 lbs frame and his limited size isn’t containing DKM for an entire game. If the defense doubles DKM with a safety that plays into our hand with using the TEs in the middle range of the field. And again, I like JJ AW more because he’s an intermediate to deep threat with elite box out talent. I think he has lower bust potential and has just legit pro bowl potential. I have JJ AW ranked higher than every OL player except Jonah Williams (at LG).
  10. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    How does the list look for WR? Which when you craft such a list and find out that 8 hits is wildly better than just 1... it really puts things into perspective. Also when you look at your list and you determine that both Oher and Stanley (our first round picks) aren’t at much different of a level to Brown Jr and Wagner. Heck, one could even argue that the second tandem is better. You could go back to the draft with Yanda and Grubbs and determine the same. Your premise relies upon the fact that it makes more sense to draft an OL high because a) high success rate b) more talented c) more proven and d) we always go for the sexy positions. A) While we have a higher success rate going OL higher, we also have a drastically more successful hit rate for OL than WR in the mid-rounds. Heck Jermaine Lewis is the only WR in the history of the team that I can recall having legit impact, ever. Not just the past ten years. What’s more while the hit rate (I’ll define as a pro bowl caliber play for one season) for our 1st round OL is at 100% (2/2) the hit rate of the other picks is 25%, thus 1/4 will hit at Pro Bowl level potential. Now consider that we aren’t considering Senat and Bozeman because of limited opportunities and LOA dictate that if we draft two OL, someone will hit at a high level. With multiple mid round picks, it only makes sense that we would secure at least one draft IOL and pick up an UDFA option to boot. B) Look at the OL grades for the top IOL this year, they’re not something to write home about. Of the tape I’ve watched no one has stood out to me that has All Pro level potential. Best I’ve seen is POSSIBLY pro bowl level potential. C) Not really. Just like WR the OL talent is very tightly clustered with little deviation in starts and accolades overall. D) You act as though it’s an epidemic where the Ravens ALWAYS decide to pass on the OL talent for the “sexy” WR option. Chart the WR position and tell me just how many 1st round receivers we’ve taken in the past 10 years vs 1st round OL options? It’s Stanley/Oher to Perriman. Add in the 2nd round to the equation and it’s Osemele to Torrey. Add in the third round and you have a few OL but no additional receivers drafted. So if anything we should be complaining that we’re not drafting enough WRs, that our franchise isn’t “SEXY” enough. So yeah, this franchise needs to get MORE sexy if anything, not less. Especially when you consider the direction that the NFL has gone in with passing the ball.
  11. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    He might out perform a 4th round rookie from this class, but what he displayed last season leads me to believe Chris Moore is certainly more capable. And then we’ve got two unknowns that have proven as much in our system as Nelson has in our system, nothing. Hard pass on the vet direction.
  12. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    DK isn’t simply a purely upside player though. He’s an elite deep threat option that gets nice separation deep from jump street. He’s a better deep threat than Hollywood Brown. So you doubt Lamar’s ability to throw to 9 routes and post routes? You doubt his ability to deliver the ball to a receiver with plenty of separation against his defender? Aren’t you of the position of “surround Lamar with a track team?” Meh. I don’t know if I’ve seen any real Ravens fan wanting Josh Jackson. He seems to be more of a media creation than anything. The kind of guy that goes 2nd/3rd round in the actual draft and the media has to scramble to explain and justify why. In terms of WRs, it’s not about sexy. It’s about success rates, track record, and opportunity cost. We’ve drafted multiple Pro Bowl talent OL players be it 1st round (Grubbs) or 3rd (Yanda) round. 2nd round (Osemele) or 5th round (Ricky Wagner). If we select a receiver in round one and two IOL in round three/four... there’s a much stronger chance that all of them end up in hits vs if we were to select an IOL early and then wait to get a receiver until the 3rd round. We literally don’t have any past indicators to point to that as being a successful strategy. If that’s the strategy then we might as well just avoid the position all together based off of past indicators. At least we have Torrey Smith as a hit that we secured in the early rounds as a success indicator. Also, the WR situation is in much more disarray than the IOL. Along the interior if we don’t draft any player what’s so ever, we’re starting a center that’s over 24 starts in. A guard that has started the bulk of the last two seasons and both have performed at average levels. The WR situation on the other hand returns ONE (semi) starter and a large cast of unproven options that were late round picks the year prior with no professional success to point to for comfortability. Even if we acknowledge that we’ll be running the ball a lot, a deep threat would come in handy to make the run game more efficient underneath. Lastly, simply put, I’m just not that impressed by this OL class. I would really like this current IOL class to be compared to even just last season and it’s clear how the top options aren’t on the same level as blockers. So while it may look “fancy” the receiver position is a necessity. A deep threat is on the field for most every down and that impact opens up the offense for the QB. Thus their impact can be felt even on run downs or when passes go elsewhere. Just don’t see the value in taking an IOL in the first. I don’t see a dominant option that is an elite performer an elite athlete.
  13. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    That doesn’t bother me so much. We’re not talking soft tissue injuries. Those are injuries that are seemingly a reoccurring problem. The neck injury is a freak injury that had he not received he likely easily eclipses 1000 yds receiving. His redshirt freshman season he was healthy. And his true freshman year he had a foot injury that again isn’t a tissue issue. He’s only a redshirt sophomore. If he were to return and be healthy for the full season and put up a 1000 yds season on top of the combine he just put up, he’s a top 5 pick. As it stands, this is a buy low scenario. I know it’s a situation where after a similarly low production (FTMP) Breshad Perriman pick, it’s easy to want to pass on a talent like Metcalf. But Perriman had hamstring issues which are known to be killer injuries because of how repetitive they can be. Perriman was also more of a Stephen Hill (wrong Stephen at first, two completely different sports) with a frame that was less stout and with less muscle. Metcalf was benching 27 reps, his combination of strength and speed is next level. Worst case scenario he becomes another Torrey Smith type of player with plenty of deep threat ability that has some questionable hands. Best case he becomes an elite NFL receiver because of his elite physical tools. He’s essentially a rich mans Andre Johnson in terms of athletic talents. He could completely transform how dangerous our receiving core... if he works out. What’s more he looked really good with his routes at the combine. So while his route tree was limited, he’s shown he can do it. Plus with his strength he can separate with that if need be. I still prefer JJ to DK, but there is no rule saying we can’t get both and if we just miss out on Jeffery Simmons, I’m all for taking an elite athlete that can be developed into a difference maker. Whichever rookie we select is probably going to see minimal snaps in his first season anyway. Would I rather those minimal snaps go to a potentially elite transformational athlete at the position we’ve most struggled as a franchise in its history? Or would I rather they go to some other player that we probably could pick a mid round option for similar results... just based off of our draft history? For me, it’s clearly a no brainer.
  14. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    Yeah I probably would’ve gone with DK as well had I been on. He’s got elite potential and he provides a receiving element to the team that we don’t already have with his deep threat ability. Not a fan of his concentration drops though.
  15. 2019 RDT

    It seems to me that Peanut had developed into our best blitzing backer by season’s end. He was completely creating havoc from the inside. He’s not as new, but he definitely is someone that I expect to be an absolute terror, especially given the fact that he’ll be going into his contract season, thus I can’t see him not balling out.