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  1. Creed Humphrey shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if we take in the 1st round. He was always a 1st round talent, its just that if we COULD have gotten him for a 2nd round pick then that would have been most ideal. Seeing as though thats now becoming less and less likely as time goes along and big boards are becoming more and more appropriately stacked, I think securing the most obvious talents where we can get them makes the most sense.
  2. Depends on what you mean by “need”. I think it’s definitely a top need and I think the front office will respond with attacking the position with a double dip in the draft. As @DreamKid mentioned, there is a precedence we seem to have established with attacking our weakest slots with a draft double dip early and in the middle rounds. IOL was never going to be the position where that was the case as we needed a veteran presence to lockdown the IOL with being able to be fluid in diagnosing opposing DL stunts and such for protection. WR already is composed of plenty of youth and so
  3. None of that dispels the notion that in the thread I gave him props. I just fail to agree with the nonsense that he’s a better QB than Lamar Jackson and after I expressed that, I defended Jackson. What’s more Cincy’s receiving core was very talented and if AJ Green were still at his prime (as I said there) then there aren’t many receiving cores I’d put above that squad.
  4. Ar’Darius Washington if available. Also like Divine DeAblo assuming he’s still there. Not sure if Marvin Wilson is on the board. Just stopping in.
  5. Agree completely. Exactly what I was saying, only far more humorously put. 😆
  6. Or I simply find Lawrence to be the real deal, could it not be that? What’s more where have I discredited his accomplishments? I find Lawrence to be a better talent/prospect, I’ve found Justin Herbert to be a superior QB last season (he was), I found Lamar Jackson to be the superior talent to Burrow. Yet in each thread I’ve given Burrow some level of props, I’ve acknowledged that it’s not a one sided debate. That others’ opinions are valid. But yeah, continue with your assertions as this forum’s new structure makes it quite easy to produce receipts. Tbqh I could care I very litt
  7. This makes no sense to say it’s “legitimately being asked” without including the fact that the legitimate answers every time were a resounding no from said “people”. Those asking the ridiculous questions are in the huge minority. Which again to @Tk3 point, you are using hyperbole and rhetoric to appear overly counter-hype. To point to his hype as something resounding when it’s been extinguished every time, points more towards popularity than insanely irrational hype. This time last year Joe Burrow was eviscerating a unanimous MVP in polling about who would have the better career, I’d
  8. I think Trevor Lawrence has the better season. Burrow is going to be playing within the 2nd toughest division in football with two defenses that year in and year out are atop the league and then the Browns are an average type defense. ———— Conversely the Jags are in a division where Lawrence will have some solid offensive tools to work with from jump and that’s not including the help that can be added with having so much draft capital to work with. Then when I look at that division you’ve got the Colts who should be a top 10-12 type defense. But the Titans pass defense was atr
  9. Meh. Weaver is definitely the superior talent to the guys on the board around his spot. His dominance and impact was so noticeable while watching his film. He would go off the field and that Pitt defense looked absolutely different, even with Patrick Jones II in the game. Whereas with Jones off the field, it wasn’t the same decline in field impact. Meinerz, to me, has small school player hype. I’ve seen it a number of times on FFMD where everyone gets caught up thinking these guys are going to become the next Edwin Mulitalo or something. I’d much rather wait and go for a Drake J
  10. Yup. Figured that would be the case with Grant. Oh well, I still love Divine DeAblo and ArDarius Washington later on in the draft. For me, it’s BY FAR 1a. Jordan Smith 1b. Rashad Weaver Beyond that I don’t think any other prospect is particularly close. Myers and Meinerz (sp) I don’t find to be on too different a standing from Drake Jackson. Whereas the cupboard at edge is far more limited IMO going from the above down to Hamilcar Rasheed or someone of that ilk. Whats more I find the above options to be BPA over the IOL options as well. I think Weaver is the more pro re
  11. Can’t say I’m a fan. He’s an athlete with great size, but his field instincts were terrible IMO. I’m a big proponent of not being able to coach instincts. If we were going on go the route of selecting the high upside athlete, I’d MUCH rather go with Jordan Smith. Jordan Smith and Rashad Weaver are definitely atop my edge list with their length, effort, impact, etc. In terms of Meinerz, I definitely don’t think he separates himself above Drake Jackson more than Smith/Weaver separate above the next best edge talents on the board. Ill have to look at who is on the board but I
  12. Cant say Turner being ranked low offends my sensibilities tbqh. I’m not much a fan of Turner. Feel his feet are too slow and heavy. Looks like he’s running in sand when moving around and trying to use his COD abilities. The only redeemable quality I find with him is his length. He reminds me of Jaylon Ferguson. I’m much more a fan of Rashad Weaver, he’s got the requisite length and his technique is very advanced for a prospect. I also find his athleticism and strengths of a similar quality to Zadarius Smith. Really like what I see there. That said, I haven’t been as active with prospects
  13. 1. Wyatt Davis 2. Rashad Weaver 3. Jalen Mayfield 4. Jordan Smith, UAB 5. Walker Little 6. Ronnie Perkins
  14. Not to mention Mel Kiper Jr has picked him to go to the Ravens in every one of his mock draft updates.
  15. That’s where I got it from. There’s no deeper source then that. Sharpe is somewhat connected to the Ravens, so if he’s hearing theres some pursuit of AB, i have reason to believe it’s either a smokescreen purposefully provided to him so as to quell any fans in the event that we ultimately don’t go WR and can thus say “hey we tried in FA and the draft and things just didn’t turn out how we liked” OR if there’s some level of actual smoke to his rumors and we indeed are considering AB as a more legitimate option. While I’m sure it’s probably the former scenario of this being a smokescreen th
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