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  1. True. But I have the opposite opinion. I mean, I know you always want a guy to make his money and you don’t want to wish ‘bad’ on anyone. But in terms of what would be most beneficial for the Ravens, I hope Olave runs a 4.53s forty or something, which could be just bad enough to cause him to drop from that pick #35-45 realm to possibly that pick #55-#65 realm where we will be picking (most likely) in the 2nd round. My biggest fear, partly because I think it myself, is that Olave just won’t be the BPA in the 1st round. For instance a scenario where on the board we’re looking at some combin
  2. That was my fault. I edited the 4.75s forty as a late edition to the post then forgot about editing the entire part. When I wrote that line I was initially referring to the 10.8s 100m time. He was a noted track guy in HS in the Cali area. From what I’ve read a 10.8 100m typically translates to roughly a 4.4-4.5 40 time. So I’m guessing with collegiate training, he likely cuts down that 4.75 to a more respectable time.
  3. Well someone is enjoying their offseason... and probably contracting the next great coronavirus type disease in the process.
  4. Absolutely agree. Wish this class had a true premier option that is simply undeniable. Moehrig and his teammate Washington might be the closest to that billing, perhaps Ford? Front office typically scouts DBs very well though, so I won’t ponder too hard on the position. See what they decide to do there. But yeah getting a great safety would really take our defense to another level.
  5. Was there any context behind this? Like you watched an Olave video or something? Just wondering. —— But yeah, how he times should make an impact to his draft stock for sure. But I view Chris Olave in a somewhat similar manner to how I viewed DeVonta Smith after last season. I also view him similarly to how I viewed Calvin Ridley. Now it would be true to say that I didn’t want Ridley that year over DJ Moore or Nick Chubb (though I think EVERYONE would’ve wanted him over Hurst 😂). The difference now IMO is that Ridley was 23/24 coming out and Olave is 20/21. Dude won’t turn 21 until
  6. This gives me confidence. Old guards time is over, time for the next generation to take hold of the kingdom. Sadly Ray Ray’s time as the leader of this kingdom is up. Lets get it Lamar! NextGenStats powered by AWS! 😎 ”... belee dat!”
  7. I finally waited to post this so as to give the most accurate likelihood of game time weather. Seems to be that snow is expected to fall, but not until after midnight, after the game has finished. The expected winds right now, aren’t ideal, but Lamar should be able to sling it through 11 mph winds with medium to low difficulty. If this changes significantly, I’ll try and update it, but the precipitation also looks minimal at this point. The visibility was supposed to be much worse with legitimate fog and 900 ft visibility expected, but that’s since dissipated. Looking like it will
  8. This is true. Though if he doesn’t anticipate the cut block like he did, I think his season is probably curtains. Good thing he avoided that block, we’re going to need Madubuike big time in these upcoming games to collapse the pocket. —— On another note, shout out to PFF, they somehow scored Madubuike with a 56.1 grade for that Titans game. 😂
  9. Personally I’m holding on to Brown Jr. he’s proven to be durable and a leader of the OL. With Stanley, I’ve never seen the level of leadership and tone setting at that spot. He was a finesse LT. I get the cap concern, but I think we can find a way to hide the cap. What’s more, an opposing team trading for Stanley can provide monetary compensation in lieu of less draft picks. If we trade Stanley after 2022 that provides a -9m cap hit, ask the other team to take on some cap burden and I could certainly see a deal getting done. We also don’t know exactly where the cap could find itself
  10. Yeah. One less destination. That’s certainly not a bad hire by them at all.
  11. Looking at the second play in the series right now and that should DEFINITELY have been a penalty. The RT went low for a cut block while Madubuike was still engaged with the IOL. Dangerous play that could’ve led to a serious injury.
  12. I know it’s stupid... but I want the Chiefs. I mean, I’m most confident in our matchup with the Browns- as is the reason to want them- but I want the most difficult path for this team. That way no one can take anything away from this squad if we win it all. No one can say, “well the Chiefs were coming off rest and played poorly against the Browns... that’s the only reason your team made the SB” or something crazy. Same with the Bills. Though I wanted the Steelers, only because I don’t like the fact that they beat us twice this season. I wanted to be the team to sink their playoff hop
  13. Yup. I think this game will depend on how the ball bounces. Key fumbles that a team recovers vs the opposing team. Tipped balls at the LOS that go up in the air and become dropped interceptions. Wide receiver drops a catchable pass- that becomes an interception. If anything bizarre happens, I think the football gods will have spoken. Kind of like the Cleveland game... only they were yelling very loudly in that one. 😂
  14. I find if intriguing/funny that this matchup is so even that Bills/Ravens fans aren’t even trash talking. This feels like a game where either team could win by 2 scores or either team could win by a single point. Edit: Like all the other GDT are over 10 pages by now, whereas this one.. we all acknowledge and respect the greatness of the opposing squad. I like it.
  15. We’ve already had Hollywood turn into ‘Soulja Boy’ with drops and bad play. That would be unbearable, this strikes too close to reality. 😂 The deal sounded enticing until you said all of that. Perhaps if you had suggested Skura had to last minute sub in for Mekari at center and snapped a few fumbles away, I might’ve gotten on board. Now, no deal. 😆
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