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  1. The case against IOL in round one: I feel the team has done a great job of deploying 2nd day selections in being able to Pro Bowl level talents. We’ve added a few options along the interior that I think present an underrated outlook currently, along with the prospect of day 2 additions in future years and I think they spot looks respectable. A stud center might be worth keeping tabs on, but beyond that I’m pretty content outside of that. The case for WR as a top 3 need: So I keep going back to the notion that Torrey Smith is the greatest drafted WR in franchise history. Until that’s no longer the case and until we have a track record of developing successful WRs on day 2 and day 3, like many of our other positions WR will always be a top 3 draft need year in and year out IMO. Beyond that I think everyone can agree that edge should be a top 3 need regardless. There’s too much uncertainty and also talent dearth at the position as it is. There will likely be a huge free agent and draft deployment towards resources to best attack the position. Which leads the final need to one of two positions. I went back and forth on both DL and S. Obviously the fact that we “missed out” on Derwin James and were in trade talks with the Jets for Jamal Adams along with the weird offseason by ET means safety has to be a position worth looking into and scouting. What’s more DBs have the lowest bust percentage out of all 1st round selections. Couple that with first round safeties really seeming to be in a boom stage where their value is being best utilized as opposed to the last decade or so where safety play had been on a decline after Reed and Head&Shoulders retired. That said I ultimately decided on the positional value that the DL brings to the equation. We’ve proven we can find dominating run stoppers late, but until we actually cultivate a pass rushing threat upfront that can do it all, it’ll be a position worth targeting. An elite IDL prospect that falls to us would do far more to benefit our defense than securing a safety.
  2. Kyler Murray Hype

    Yeah I definitely would have Murray in that MVP conversation. I don’t think it’s hype, it simply makes sense. Who wins the MVP award? Mainly quarterbacks. So now you have to find a QB that can put up stats; Murray is in an offense known for putting up great statistical performances at the collegiate level and with lesser weapons he put up pretty darn good numbers. So now the other component is you need someone with a great story; a great story can come in many shapes or sizes, but heather NFCW division is right now considered the best division in football and the Cardinals are considered the worst talented team in the division. That said they were VERY competitive in most ever game last season. If they can turn things around and win that division (which I think would be tough but similar to the NFCE in the 00s things can flip so quickly from year to year), then Murray would be given the Lion share of credit for that type of turnaround. What’s more he’s only like 5’9”/5’10” and if he puts up numbers overcoming that adversity of his size will heighten his story further. Just like Lamar last season I think Murray has got as a great shot as anyone to win. Things change from year to year, so if he can hit the above story notes... which I find all to be possible outcomes, then he’s got a strong chance. I would also put Cam Newton on my MVP watchlist, he too has a great story to push him through IMO. Then there’s Mahomes, who is special enough that he’s always in the conversation. Those would be my top 3 if they all start every game. Not as high on Lamar’s chances this season as I was last; don’t see enough narrative there and while talented, isn’t quite as much of what the league wants to market as what Mahomes is as their next best flagship.
  3. I look at it like it’s a spectrum. I like to think of it like from a sort of Madden perspective. 1-2: Pocket Passer/Statue 3-5: Effective/Balanced 6-7: Mobile 8-10: Dual Threat Being a balanced passer doesn’t mean you can also be a “pocket passer” but it means that you have greater versatility in your field movement skills. Whats more I think age plays a part in all this; young Big Ben and Aaron Rodgers were Mobile QBs, but aged out to finish their careers as effective/balanced threats; Mahomes likely falls on a similar trajectory later in his career. On that same note young Russell Wilson was a dual threat QB that has aged out to that mobile QB range as athleticism has been sapped and he’s adjusted. I feel like Deshaun Watson and Cam Newton are likely to fall onto that same trajectory as they age. Lastly you’ve got guys with such rare athleticism that I see them aging out but still maintaining their dual threat ability... just at a regressed level. Mike Vick and now Lamar Jackson are the only two QBs I feel will have fit this type of mold.
  4. What should be the new name of the Washington NFL team?

    Whatever they do I would hate for them to change their colors. I know with St. John’s they changed the name from the Redman to the Red Storm. Colors stayed the same and so it’s less the audience has to get used to in the switch I think. But that’s just my opinion here. Perhaps after a few years and alternate color ways a new uniform style/color scheme could make sense to me.
  5. What should be the new name of the Washington NFL team?

    Yeah that’s disgraceful. Should at least deserve a serious warning. Like that is incredibly offensive. Providing a warning there ensures we see less stuff like this next time. Tired of seeing such takes every time I go into a thread that he posts in, it’s always a hand slap with no recourse for that poster. Anyways... toward the nature of this thread; Washington Wolverines. I have no internal logic for the name other than Wolverines are tough creatures and the assonance with the city name sounds pleasant.
  6. Lamar Jackson QB1

    Those RB passes is where JKD is going to earn his praise. I could easily see him accumulating 500+ yds as an outlet threat making Lamar that much more dominant in the pocket. He can stay there longer and have two options to beat defenses; the RB outlet or his feet.
  7. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I see what you’re saying and I get that it makes sense, but I have a feeling that Cam comes back with a force where we see a Randy Moss type of “comeback”. He’s definitely going to win CPOY, but I think I like his odds at MVP. I can see him get those Patriots to a 13-3 record that greatly exceeds their projections this season and that thrusts him to being in that MVP conversation. I see similar things coming together as how I viewed things lining up for Lamar last offseason.
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I don’t know about having an “identical” offense to ours, but I definitely think we will see a variation of the plus 1 offense orchestrated by the Patriots. I see them using those tight ends inside where Newton has excelled passing to open up their outside threats. Newton was able to make Kelvin Benjamin seems serviceable, Harry should similarly be able to become a reliable redzone target. All in all I agree with Brett in the fit and how it will likely all go down. Tbqh... I think Cam Newton has a great chance at his second MVP award this season. A motivated Cam is a scary thing IMO.
  9. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Well this is sad. Just let us know who the new you will be named. It’s going to be weird though... kind of like seeing a widowed mom remarry. You know why it logically makes sense... but still the change in the last name just doesn’t “feel” right.
  10. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Chuck Clark and Pernell McPhee seem to me like great guys to get them up to speed. Clark is said to be an encyclopedia for our defense and considering he was given green dot responsibilities and shifts the defense around, that likely means he can help mentor the new LBers. I’m sure both guys will play pivotal roles in both leadership as well as mentoring different techniques, looks, etc for different situations. Both bringing a unique perspective to the table. edit: Whats more, these rookies literally have nothing better to do I’m sure considering COVID-19 is keeping most everyone indoors... they better be studying their playbook especially.
  11. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Oh and in terms of talent, Lamar plays a pivotal role in that ranking. We’ve got a top 5 player at the most important position in the league; the teams most comparable with us in talent, many don’t bring that to the table. The Chiefs have Mahomes, but have bigger flaws on their team outside of Mahomes, he makes up the difference though. San Fran doesn’t have a top 10 QB. The Saints are incredibly talented but Brees is another year older, it’s quite possible he looks like something closer to a fringe top 10 QB this season if he experiences a decline. The Browns are yoked with their roster, but Baker Mayfield has shown to be too Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to this point. So yeah, we may not have the best pass rushing squad, but that’s really the only true weakness... LBs. We have the most talented secondary in football. We also have a DL that’s likely to be top 5 considering how deadly each of those dudes are at run stuffing, how they bring some pass rush to the equation, and how much depth we have at the position. Then offensively we still have one of, if not the best TE room, in the league with Andrews as a Pro Bowl pass catching TE talent, Boyle is arguably the best blocking TE in the game, and Ricard would likely be most closely related to the TE room as well as he will play more of that H-back role that Hurst saw himself in the past few seasons. This not counting any talent cultivated from UDFA options. Without Lamar in the equation, we now have one of the best RB rooms in the league... before JKD, that wouldn’t have been as clear. Dominant collegiate RBs that put up 2k YFS don’t typically take forever to translate like other positions. So we’re getting someone that can provide immediate impact. With Lamar however we have clear and away the best RB room in the league. OL still has two pro bowlers on the unit at bookend. We were on pace to have 4 pro bowlers before Skura’s injury last season. I’m higher on other guys but the reality is that he was one of the most effective at his position last season, considering the Lamar effect in pass protection. The OL will have question marks, but so will all the other OLs in the league. How many OLs can say they bolster even two legit PB level talents, if not closer to three? Even without Yanda we have what should be expected a top 5-10 OL in the league. WR- Lastly it’s our weakest position group. But with lesser weapons last season, we still had one of the most efficient offenses of the last decade. This with a gimpy Brown. Imagine adding a healthy version... that’s already an upgrade. The group looks no worse than last season.
  12. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    People really are getting their panties in a bunch over Hurst? 😂😂 His actual usage was more like that of a day 3 pick at TE. What’s more we have shown time and again that TE isn’t a position that we historically struggle with coaching up and fielding productive talents. We didn’t replace Hurst with a TE, no. But we also didn’t replace him with a RB either, Hurst was replaced in large part by Duvernay/Proche. They are both over the middle threats. If Andrews were for some reason to go down, Boyle is still a top 3 blocking TE in the league, followed by the best blocking FB in the league that would be inserted in blocking scenarios. Though we also have the flexibility to operate a spread system with getting more WRs on the field. Its not like replacing Hurst’s legitimate production will be some incredibly tall task. Hurst also wasn’t interested in playing Robin. He was clearly becoming disgruntled. In terms of JK Dobbins, if it was said that we had a stacked RB room but could trade Hayden Hurst for Ray Rice... I’m sure most would do it. Dobbins is a lethal running threat that has the shiftiness to be similarly effective in space as Rice; that alone will be huge as it means Lamar won’t have to take as much damage by scrambling for those yards himself. All these things are far more valuable than what Hayden Hurst provided to this ball club.
  13. Who is the best CB in the league today?

    Agreed. Gilmore is IMO on another level. It’s like Humphrey and White are on platform 9 and Gilmore is on 9 3/4. White has the benefit of better passer rating grades, but he plays LCB exclusively while Humphrey has covered all over the field and has been a top 5 CB as both an outside corner and slot corner. He’s also one of the best tackling corners I’ve ever seen. He’s not playing “protected” as purely an outside corner or on simply one side with a lesser corner for offenses to exploit opposite him. Humphrey has another All Pro CB opposite him... before that Smith/Carr were still superior. There’s thus no “protection” to insulate his performance metrics. Which more closely resembles Stephen Gilmore and what he’s able to accomplish... Gilmore is simply better than both. All that to say White is still a beast... just that he has it the “easiest” of the other top notch coverage options.
  14. What would you trade for Adams?

    I’ve been trying to figure this out. Honestly not sure what I would deem reasonable compensation for the Ravens. Would ultimately depend on what he’s asking for I suppose. I’d be willing to trade Earl Thomas and a 2nd for Adams, if he’s willing to accept a reasonable deal. Roughly $15m. But as I understand it, he wants a lot more than that... thus I would probably tap out. If he wants more I would probably ask the Jets to take on more of ETs guaranteed cash to help with getting a deal done. They are trying to win the AFCE and that will require talent. ET brings that, he’s just older and thus has less prime years remaining... which is what would get me to be interested in a deal like the above.
  15. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I’m guessing you were referring to Earl Thomas? Not that I’m for it from the “respect” angle, as we just signed him last season and that could be a bad look, but that money could go to Adams, Humphrey, and Stanley. Perhaps extending all three players. ETs salary is $10m. That could be rolled into a signing bonus for all three players possibly. Marcus Peters only got an $8m signing bonus. Being on the short list we might be able to convince Adams to take a signing bonus of something like $18m. Do a four year extension, spread over the 6 years would equate to just $3m per. Same with Humphrey and Stanley. If the Jets press us for a 1st/2nd round draft pick then we request them to pay ETs guaranteed portion of his deal, freeing up an additional $5m to throw towards Stanley. With the front Office getting ever closer to a “make or break” season, I doubt they’ll be just looking for draft picks. They need to win or possibly be out of a job or on a short leash. Bringing in a veteran like ET could be a huge boon considering losing a franchise defensive player. ... all that said our recent draft picks have been pretty fire, id easily give up a 2nd but a 1st would feel a little steep considering we would also likely have to include ET in the deal to make it happen.