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  1. Ryan Jensen made highest paid C by Tampa Bay

    I wouldn’t say it’s odd. It’s all about supply and demand. Usually elite centers don’t hit free agency so teams are left with settling for “good” to “really good” options instead and hope they can become elite. Jensen fits the bill. That said, I wouldn’t say it’s smart. He’s a one hit wonder at this point and it was a contract year. I wouldn’t spend record money on that. But then again, if you have it I suppose you’ve got to spend it somewhere.
  2. Ravens Fan Introduction Thread

    Weird I didn’t know the new welcome thread until now. 😆 Welcome to the forums Snicko! Don't worry about the technical aspects, I find you learn more as you go. I played ball through high school and in retrospect realize I knew very little about the game. Its been like 12 years since my first intro. So might as well... About You Username: Diamondbull424 aka DB Age: 28, will be 29 in a month Where's home: Live in VA Beach, but Home is MD Occupation/Area of Study: Sales Your Ravens fandom history When did you start following the Ravens: 2000- Super Bowl Season What made you become a fan: Had just moved from BMore city to the BMore county. My older brother and I were stuck in the house for months scared to make friends. Two black kids in an all white neighborhood. The neighborhood kids would occasionally play football within eyesight. Their was lots of hype about the Baltimore defense and we watched some games. My brother made the decision that changed our lives. He went outside the house to play, why? “Because I’m going to go Ray Lewis on them.” As the protective younger sibling I followed. We made friends. And to me, Ray Lewis became more than just a player, but a symbol of evolution. Favorite current Raven: Justin Tucker All-time favorite Raven: Ray Lewis Favorite moment in team history: Mile High Miracle Your interests Other favorite teams: Used to be a Kobe/Lakers fan; I do like the Warriors, but I probably won’t be an NBA fan until LeBron retires. Hate what he’s turned the league into. Hobbies outside of football: Books, Articles, Brunch, writing Favorite movie: The Matrix and The Lion King Favorite TV Show: Too hard to decide between GOT, Naruto/Shippuden, Battlestar Galactica, HIMYM, LOST, House, and The Wonder Years. Favorite band/musical artist: Kanye West and the Zac Brown Band
  3. 2018 draft talk

    True. I don’t disagree. In fact, I fully agree. He’s going to wear defenses down. He reminds me of Jamal Lewis a lot, just without that Lewis stiff arm. So, I could see him having highlights on sports center where he breaks through a cluster of like 5 tacklers and takes it to the house. Whats more out of the backs in this class, outside of Saquon Barkley, I think Chubb is the one that I see as the least likely to bust. I see him being able to step in day one and be ready for the NFL game. That’s another advantage I can see that he’ll have over some of these other guys. Some of them will take probably half a season or so to get going, like Ray Rice, whereas Chubb I see as more of a Jamal Lewis type that will come into the league as a man. After their rookie season, I see the other backs likely showing more splash plays for a time and people will even consider them better until they look back and realize that Chubb was always uber consistent and reliable the entire time. Just like Frank Gore was to Willis McGahee, Clint Portis, Edgerrin James, and the like. If the Ravens take Chubb, he probably doesn’t win because we’d have a backfield of Allen, Collins, and Chubb. But even then I can see him coming out of the gates with a 215 car, 1050 yds type of season. But yeah because of his surety and pro-readiness, I think he could have a shot to breakout early for the award.
  4. 2018 draft talk

    I go back and forth on this running back class. I had Penny as my #2 back at one point, but the tape is so tightly contested that it’s tough to decide. That’s why I had to place these guys into tiers instead: 1. Saquon Barkley 2. Nick Chubb, Derrius Guice, Rashaad Penny, Sony Michel 3. Ronald Jones, Damien Harris, Ito Smith 4. Kalen Balage, Royce Freeman There are some backs I still haven’t watched, but of the ones I’ve watched I’d put them in these groupings. So while I really like Rashaad Penny, there are things that I also really like about those others guys. Guice reminds me of Ray Rice. Chubb reminds me of Frank Gore. Michel reminds me of Cadillac Williams. So it’s tough to rank them, but I can agree with Penny being in contention for OROY. My darkhorse pick is Nick Chubb, his ability to pick up yards after contact is insane and I think he will create some nice splash plays because of it.
  5. DB424 Second Mock Draft

    RD 1. Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU: 6’3” 218 lbs, 32 3/8” arms, 9 3/4” hands 4.54 forty, 35.5” vertical, 10’4” ft Broad, 6.57s 3-cone, 4.11 short shuttle. 12 games, 68 recs, 1085 yards, 16.0 ypc, 12 TDs Pro Comparison: Allen Robinson The Ravens are picking at pick #16 in the first round. Therefore any player we take should be possessed of the ability to develop into a good #1 receiver, which I define as 1250+ yds receiving and 8+ TDs. No receiver in this class has a higher potential to reach that level than Sutton. At this stage in his development he’s a walking OPI machine. He has elite COD ability for a big receiver, but is very inconsistent in using it. He lacks the deep speed to truly separate, so is more of a 50/50 ball receiver. Going back to the tape, Sutton saw much more double teams than did Moore, Ridley, and Kirk. This is due to opposing defenses respecting his ability to dominate in 1on1 situations. In his rookie season Sutton should carve out a small role, seeing time in the slot and in the “x” receiver role. I could see him grabbing 35 receptions for 525 yds and 3 TDs. Making some big plays that gets the fan base excited all the while taking time to develop his technique and consistency. RD 2. Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia 5’11” 227 lbs, 32” arms, 9 5/8” hands 4.52 forty, 38.5” vertical, 10’8” ft Broad, 7.09s 3-cone, 4.25 short shuttle. 15 games, 223 rush, 1345 yards, 6.03 ypc, 15 TDs Player Comparison: Johnathan Stewart Even when the RB position seemed as though it might be somewhat stabilized with Justin Forsett, there was talk that the Ravens were highly interested in taking Ezekiel Elliot in 2016. Ozzie/DeCosta have stated on record that they wouldn’t be against adding a “special” back to their group. That special back is Nick Chubb. Chubb has been able to produce on both power scheme and zone scheme runs. He’s a patient runner that packs power. Chubb was such a dangerous runner that teams would load 8 to 9 guys in the box to stop him before he got going. While many will remember Sony Michel for his excellent playoff performances, Chubb is the more dominant runner. He consistently had insane numbers for yards after contact. He’s a workhorse back that would be the ideal man for the power scheme that we run. He would be a fast thunder to Alex Collins lightning. Lastly Chubb, like Stewart has quality hands, he simply lacks the agility to be elusive in the open field, he will succeed with power not agility. RD 3. Martinas Rankin, OL, Miss St. 6’4” 308 lbs, 33 3/4” arms, 10 1/8” hands Player Comparison: Michael Oher Rankin is my fourth rated OT in this class, he has great position flexibility. Ultimately I think his best position might be inside at guard, where I believe he has elite potential, however at RT I think he will have pro bowl potential. He’s a plug and play option but should compete with a veteran for the position. Rankin could fall a little bit because there are more athletic options to man the LT position that teams will likely covet such as Brian Oniel, Chukwumu Okorafor, and Brandon Parker to name a few. Also he hasn’t worked out for teams and that gives the Ravens a chance to target SEC country. RD 4. Shaquem Griffin, WILB, UCF 6’0” 227 lbs, 32 1/8” arms, 9” hand 4.38 forty, 9’9” ft Broad, 20 bench reps 13 games, 74 tackles, 13.5 TFL, 7 sacks, 1 Int Player Comparison: Jon Beason Griffin was made to be a Raven. Hearing his story, seeing his passion on the field, his athleticism. Shaquem will compete for the WILB spot with Peanut and in the end should upgrade the position. Griffin is an excellent form tackler consistently wrapping up. He has the fluidity in coverage and the athleticism to go sideline to sideline. Sure he might not be ideal at taking on blocks, but limitations have never stopped him before and that’s also why we have as many big guys up front as we do. Griffin should pair with CJ Mosley to form a really good LB duo. RD 5. Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin 6’5” 247 lbs, 34 1/8” arms, 10 1/4” hands 12 games, 46 recs, 547 yards, 11.9 ypc, 4 TDs, Big 10 TE of the Year Player Comparison: Brent Celek Not overly athletic but is a willing blocker, has quality size, and really good hands. He can make plays when relied upon. Even with crappy QB play, he found a way to consistently make plays and be one of the top receiving options within the Badgers offense. RD 6. Dorian O’Daniel, LB, Clemson 6’1” 223 lbs, 31 1/8” arms, 9” hands 4.62 forty, 32” vertical, 9’11” ft Broad, 6.64s 3-cone, 4.07 short shuttle. 13 games, 88 Tkls, 11 TFL, 5 sacks, 2 Ints, 2 TDs Player Comparison: Brenden Ayanbadejo O’Daniel has superb athleticism and along with Peanut and Griffin, they should all be competing to upgrade that WILB position. In addition to athleticism and high productivity in his final season at Clemson, O’Daniel was consistently a leader on the special teams unit for Clemson. This will endear him to Harbaugh and Rosburg especially. RD 6. Riley Ferguson, QB, Memphis 6’3” 212 lbs, 30 7/8” arms, 9 5/8” hands 4.98 forty, 29” vertical, 9’2” ft Broad, 6.96s 3-cone, 4.4 short shuttle. 13 games, 299/447 - 4257 yards, 9.0 avg, 38 TDs/9 Int Ferguson just makes a lot of sense for the Ravens. Their are other QBs that would likely present a better fit (Kyle Lauletta) but will ultimately go one to two rounds higher. Ferguson has a good resume that he brings to the table. His flaws (happy feet and staring down receivers) are similar flaws as Flacco. Ferguson should get an opportunity to compete for the backup spot, but more likely will be on the practice squad. RD 7. Bradley Bozeman, OC, Alabama 6’5” 298 lbs, 27 Bench, 2nd Team All American Pro Comparison: Ben Jones Bozeman didn’t get a combine invite. Which says to me that he might be a longer shot to make the draft than I’d expect. Ozzie goes out with a bang. Takes an Alabama player with his last pick ever as GM of the Ravens. Makes sense. On another note, Bozeman has a nice anchor and at his proday showed that he can slip down some weight wise as well. He should get an opportunity to compete with Skura for the starting center position.
  6. 2018 draft talk

    Yeah, it’s the one thing that could take our defense to the next level. A dominant interior pass rushing threat. That and a dominant WILB that can cover TEs and fly sideline to sideline. The BPA side of me is saying take that guy if he’s there. But the side of me that understands just how horrible we are with developing receivers tells me that we should use this opportunity to finally take the most capable receiver in the draft vs settling for scraps. Bank on our already quality DL and attempt to add a dominant threat sometime down the road. Some Trevor Pryce-esq player.
  7. Ryan Jensen made highest paid C by Tampa Bay

    Regardless, I think it plays an important part in the fact that when developing a team with a finite cap sometimes you have to make sacrifices. Our ability to consistently develop OL allows us to be more stern in contract negotiations and also makes us more likely to avoid even bigger cap issues by tying too much of our cap in our OL. Ideally we would be able to resign all these players, but it’s opportunity cost. Guys looking for huge deals that aren’t elite players, we have to make a business decision on. We have to allow them to leave so that we can stash more money in the positions, like WR, that we can’t develop so well and have to spend our additional moneys on. I guarantee that if we develop a receiver finally, that guy is getting paid by us in a heartbeat. Same with why we made Flacco the highest paid quarterback, we couldn’t afford to let him go with how poorly we struggled to develop the QB position for years... that and him having arguably the best postseason of all time by a QB.🤷🏽‍♀️ I wouldn’t say it’s about developing great players so much as developing solid players. We could go back to an undrafted player like Mike Flynn from back in the day as a solid player we developed all the way to Jensen. We may not always develop good players, but we do it at a solid enough clip that we can lean on and bank on our coaching and drafting ability to get the OL going sooner rather than later. Teams overpay but those players generally do very well with their new teams, they even arguably become probowl players. We usually take day two picks and turn them into day one looking picks and day three/UDFA picks and turn them into day 2 type solid starters. This also is the reason I think we should strongly consider taking a day two pick this year because the OL could use an injection to get it to another level and prepare for when Yanda leaves. But I largely agree with everything you’re saying here though.
  8. Ryan Jensen made highest paid C by Tampa Bay

    Wow. I didn’t know that was a thing. I must be really stingy with my like button. Either that or you put out way too much.😂
  9. Ryan Jensen made highest paid C by Tampa Bay

    Yeah it was because Wagner would’ve net a 3rd round comp had he played the entire season. His injury lowered him to a 4th round comp. That then allowed him to be cancelled out by a lesser comp pick. Had he completed the additional 3 games, we would’ve earned a 3rd round come pick.
  10. The Offseason target

    Yeah like @Danand said, I’m not relying on him at all. He’s likely to start the season off in Harbaugh’s dog house so he’ll have an uphill battle. What’s more all the other guys have proven much more than him to this point. Players have to earn and prove their respect. Dixon has done neither.
  11. The Offseason target

    On that note, I wouldn’t mind him then. I trust our coaching staff to develop him as a blocker. If his receiving skills are solid yet he has the athleticism to make some solid plays, I think that’s better than the guys we currently have. Whats more, I don’t really see anyone in the draft at the TE position that really excites me. I definitely like Gesicki, but his combine performance will undoubtedly make him likely overdrafted. Dallas Goedert is intriguing but he won’t fall to third round. I think better players will be available in the second round then this crop of TEs. I’d much rather go running back with a guy like Nick Chubb who has the production, the athleticism, the nastiness, and the leadership qualities that would upgrade our running back position. The Ravens backfield would then be the NFL version of the Georgia backfield: Nick Chubb = Nick Chubb Buck Allen = Sony Michel Alex Collins = D’Andre Swift Obviously Collins would command more carries than Allen in that scenario but still. That’s a backfield that could really wear some defenses out and lean on.
  12. Ravens sign Michael Crabtree to 3 year deal

    That’s fair. I only compared Brown to Torrey because he’s a deep threat that’s going to be on the field to stretch the defenses and open up room underneath for Crabtree and <insert 1st round receiver> to thrive underneath and in the intermediate parts of the field. This lineup definitely caters well for the selection of DJ Moore though. As Moore is essentially Derrick Mason before the ball gets into his hands and then turns into Steve Smith after the ball gets into his hands. His intermediate game should be sick.
  13. Ravens sign Michael Crabtree to 3 year deal

    Yup. And if we account for the magic that was DPI, that number is even higher. He probably accounted for like 1400 yds receiving with that. Smith’s impact as a deep threat was also very underrated. Boldin was partly allowed to dominated so much in the playoffs because of Torrey’s ability to take the top off. He had elite deep speed, but it was also deceptive. Just like how Alshon Jeffery has deceptive speed, Torrey did as well, but his deceptive speed was elite vs good. Defenders had difficulty adjusting to it.
  14. Ryan Jensen made highest paid C by Tampa Bay

    Based off the contracts dished out this offseason, I wonder if we might only get a 4th... though I’m clearly not very knowledgeable on how the comp selections are established.
  15. The Offseason target

    So are we talking Ed Dickson essentially?