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  1. Good find. Which makes me all the more confident that the chances are significantly higher for Rodgers winning another ring than his hypothetical scenario. In the time period of recent history to go off of, there were let’s assume roughly 3-4 first round QBs/yr over the last 20 years equals 70 1st round QBs. Only Eli and Rivers would qualify and so that’s roughly 1/35 chances of happening. Now over the last 20 years there have been only two other QBs with a performance similar to Rodgers in terms of MVPs and production and they (Brady and Manning) both have/ended their careers with m
  2. I didn’t mention anything about Rodgers whining his way to a few more years in GB. The Packers front office appear to know what they have in Rodgers from a toxic perspective and thus already have his potential replacement in house. So there’s no point in us discussing the optics of some random scenario that isn’t particularly relevant. However, the chances that Love both becomes a very good QB for the next 15 years AND he does this for a team other than the Packers… I highly doubt those odds are greater than the odds of an elite QB (fresh off an MVP), with maybe 3-4 quality pla
  3. The ultimate goal of every team is to win SBs, so that’s the ultimate point and ultimately the only point that’s most worth banking on IMO. Rodgers currently gives them the best chance at doing so, Love is an unknown- probably even so in a large enough part to GB considering COVID-19’s impact on development for rookies in general. You stated that not trading Rodgers and rolling with Love is somehow an admission of Love’s inadequacy in the post I quoted. I am simply countering that it’s not. Because even if Love is impressing behind the scenes, you don’t trade Rodgers away after he ju
  4. The 6 SBs before the rookie scale: Winning QB age- 28.2 yrs Player Exp- 6.9 yrs 9 SBs after the rookie wage scale: Winning QB age- 33.8 yrs Player Exp- 11.7 yrs Remove Brady and it’s still: Winning QB age: 29 yrs Player Exp- 6.6 yrs So while teams may rebuild fastest with a rookie QB, we’re still looking at a league where the QB winning it all, is the veteran QB more often than not. Rodgers would then present a far more likely option to win than a young inexperienced year two QB to win it all. So no it doesn’t make the most sense to trade him away and start with t
  5. Oh. I didn’t mean weeks ahead of time. I meant, prior to making the call to Love, make the call to Rodgers. But again, get Rodgers his WR first to placate him. Not only did they draft Love, but they moved up for him. Granted, it’s very likely/possibly someone else takes Love and foils such a plan, so I can’t truly fault them too much. But getting him Higgins and then trading up to pick #32 for Love, had it worked, would’ve been the most ideal situation. That way whether or not you can get Rodgers on the line just moments after making your trade for pick #32 (for Love), you can t
  6. He’s a sophomore QB that went through a COVID offseason. He was someone with the tools that they wanted to develop. Hence Patrick Mahomes. Had Andy Reid had rookie Mahomes and he went through a similar tumultuous NFL offseason and not to mention was backing up a legend (and not Alex Smith), he might not have been as inclined to have Mahomes take over after 1 season. IFFF he hadn’t as much opportunity to get as strong a look/feel for Mahomes ability, Mahomes might’ve been forced to sit an additional period of time during a COVID inspired time period. Especially if Reid knew he had another
  7. Agreed. Trading Rodgers would net the Packers no value towards this season anyway. And trading him prior to getting a reasonable look at Love in a non-COVID offseason would’ve been a HUGE gamble and an unreasonable decision. They’ve handled this about as well as they could have… outside of having the decency to let Rodgers know they planned on drafting Love in the first place. Sparking some of these hurt feelings. Not relevant to this current scenario, but in retrospect (and at the time), it probably would’ve been smarter for them to give him a rookie WR option like Tee Higgins
  8. Why restart the clock if you don’t need to. That doesn’t say anything about Love. If the Packers had rookie Patrick Mahomes on the bench or something, you roll with your first team All Pro because no matter how talented a guy looks in practice, you just never know how he looks in game. With no preseason and a COVID year last season, resetting the clock without giving Love a true redshirt season makes even less sense. I think this says more about the Packers giving this squad one last shot than any unreasonable speculation about their young QB.
  9. I think he was just being sarcastic. Nothing more.
  10. I was waiting for someone to make this joke. Liked that show back in the day.
  11. Maybe they’re playing 4D chess and simply playing these clips so the perception of Lamar will be more negative and allow us to sign him to a more team friendly deal. 🤷🏾‍♂️ But yeah I saw either that pass or another slightly wobbly pass that they decided to show and I’m like... could they not have ran a Lamar to Bateman story or to Hollywood or Andrews or Wallace? There are enough receivers that I feel they could’ve made a story on and unless Lamar is consistently throwing wobbly passes, they could’ve went with something else for sure.
  12. Agreed. I’ve yet to see a competent argument as to what would position the AFCW ahead of the AFCN. They won 31 games in 2019 and 34 games in 2020; the QB situation hasn’t really changed within the division too much going from Rivers (fringe top 10 type QB) to Herbert (fringe top 10 QB)- the one benefit being that the Chargers now have a QB on a rookie deal vs an expensive option, though Mahomes is now going off of his rookie deal and into his rising expense (which is unlikely to hinder them this season obviously), Carr still QBs the Raiders, and the Broncos QB situation hasn’t really improved.
  13. That’s cool. Difference of opinion. I’m considering rosters, coaching, and the past couple seasonal trends. The NFCE won 24 games in 2019 and 23 games in 2020. Ron Rivera is an average coach whose defensive tendencies I believe will be somewhat adjusted to this season. I think the WFT will find themselves ultimately in a position similar to last year in record unless they land a Rodgers or Watson. Fitz all too often can be quite tragic. I see an average roster with an average coach. Thus I expect average results: 8-9 record. Dallas I see a good roster with a below average coach and a
  14. Which is why I take your point. However to the original point @bmorecareful was making, Oweh played with a bunch of nobodies that final year. Shaka Toney was the only other legit defender of note that I can recall and he was drafted in like the 7th round for a reason, he’s a hard worker but isn’t someone an offense needs to worry about game planning around to stop. Oweh didn’t have a Yetur Gross Matos to collapse the inside, while Toney did his job, as Parsons (a clone of Darius Leonard) was a heat seeking missile. The point isn’t about another edge talent that can keep Oweh in 1v1
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