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  1. TCMD Discussion (Free Agency Round 5 Begins)

    Agree with Dan. Keeping him at that amount is a perfect deal. He gets paid market value, but stays like he wants. Win-win.
  2. Joe Burrow may force his way out of the Cincinnati Bengals

    We’re seeing more and more in the NBA players utilizing leverage to “team up” like we had never seen before. With Burrow having so much hype plus accomplishments like he said he’s now at a point where he’s got a certain amount of leverage. Your description at the bottom might be the exact reason he wouldn’t want to go to Cincy. They have what appears to be a lame duck coach (compared to Brian Flores) and they’re perceived as being a less than competitive team... as they haven’t invested so much in their team facilities as much as other teams. Prior to last season it was unheard of for a team to select a QB top 10 in back to back seasons. With the Eli Manning scenario, Burrow “leveraging” his position to play for a team with a greater path to victory, perhaps with a more competitive situation might be possible if his camp speaks with the Bengals and determine it’s not a good fit. He would be in a division where Pittsburgh and Baltimore have thrived for such a long time with two of the top 5 competitive organizations in the NFL over the last two decades. The Browns have a very talented team that could figure itself out at any moment. So it’s a less than ideal path considering he has the leverage to force himself potentially into a more ideal path. Other teams would surely pay a premium for the rights to Burrow at #1 overall and especially considering the precedent of the low amount of value the Giants has to give up (compared to an RG3 type of haul), the Burrows agent could threaten to play hardball that could cost them serious value in negotiations... or play it nice, maintain public face, while allowing the Bengals to get max value for a player who doesn’t want to be a part of their franchise.
  3. Hits every nail that I would’ve hit. Completely agree.
  4. I’ll take Cam Newton. He’s got a skillset that you can’t coach that he brings to the game. I feel like he’s more likely to give me a SB win than Phillip Rivers.
  5. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    TJ Watt, LB, Wisconsin Zack Baun, LB, Wisconsin Clay Matthews, LB, Green Bay (Wisconsin)
  6. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Oh absolutely. I’ve never left his bandwagon. Have to think the simplest explanation is the evaluators have begun to overthink it and nitpick Biadasz to an unfair degree. He’s the best center prospect I’ve seen considering Nick Mangold’s Draft was the first one where I paid some attention, but I wasn’t really scouting players so much as reading scouting reports, so I can’t include him definitively.
  7. TCMD Discussion (Free Agency Round 5 Begins)

    Agreed. Seems realistic enough to me. No move would absolutely surprise me if it happened IRL.
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Heck in light of the recent NFL decision to let him back in the slow season, I wouldn’t be surprised if “the leak” was of their own doing. Garrett doesn’t have to be culpable in the situation and be terrible at lying to the public, he just has to not answer any of those questions. While the league gets to expertly navigate one of its stars receiving preferential treatment. Wouldn’t put it past them.
  9. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Though I will say, after doing something that crazy... he almost had to make that claim. I also think he’s lying but with millions of dollars on the line in potential future endorsements (that just need a decent excuse to carry you as an athlete) and more millions of game salary, plus the hate of seemingly the NFL community coming down on you... I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing, I can’t say if I were in his shoes I would do it any differently. I’m sure his agent told him to say it.
  10. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    I just got to looking at Marlon Davidson and just off of his size to athleticism, I can’t seem him not blowing up the combine. He looks like a bigger, faster version of Pernell McPhee. More of a 4i and 5 tech option then a true IDL option. I think he’s got 4.89 speed at probably 295 lbs, that’ll display probably boosts his draft ranking some.
  11. Ravens Mock Draft Simulators

    Agreed. Though if were going to trade out of the first round and give up that additional year than it’s going to cost a lot more than your projection I think. I’m thinking if we’re trading out of the round to a top 5 pick in the 2nd round even it better be netting us a 3rd round pick straight up. That 5th year option makes the positions we might be interested in taking (WR/Edge/IDL) much more affordable if the pick is a hit. Would love it if we could partner with the Chicago Bears, I know they’ve said they’re sticking with Mitch Trubisky, but perhaps a talented player like Jordan Love might cause them to course correct. Would be a cheap price to pay if he were to “hit” and become a franchise guy. For us we could accumulate their 43rd and 50th selections and pair our 4th round pick with the 43rd for a trade up of a few spots to secure... Zack Baun, LB/Edge, Wisconsin. He’s the perfect fit for what we need. There’s been some who have felt that we need an ILB, but then there’s another group (where I fit) who feel that with the number of nickel/dime looks we run, having a classic ILB on the field would likely not be the ideal use of personnel. That said Baun has looked good in coverage and is a superior pass rusher guys like Uche and YGM who might be picked in a similar range. From there we could have two additional second round picks to work some magic. Perhaps with those picks we could target an IDL such as Madubuike or Marlon Davidson (though he plays more like a Pernell McPhee); WRs such as Donovan Peoples-Jones, Brandon Aiyuk, or Jalen Raegor; could go with an IOL such as Cesar Ruiz or Tyler Biadasz.
  12. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Either way the NFL likely intentionally let him back in during the slowest time of the NFL offseason (while the NBA and NHL seasons are ramping up- plus now there’s the XFL), so they can let a star player back into the fold without any media scrutiny of “whether the suspension was long enough” hurting its public opinion.
  13. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    To be honest I have no idea how the day 2 players are likely to go. In no world do I think Biadasz should be a day 2 player, but apparently since his senior tape isn’t as dominant as his previous 3 seasons he’s being picked apart and falling. Meanwhile my other favorite IOL Cesar Ruiz went from a day 3 guy to a high shelf day 2 guy. Then guys like Jalen Raegor could be high in the 2nd or could fall later, same with Brandon Aiyuk... could he fall to the 3rd? At this point I’m just establishing guys I like and let the chips fall where they may. But yeah I really love what I’ve seen from Donovan Peoples-Jones. I think his game is going to translate very well to the next level and with better QB play will prove to be a serious threat. This WR class makes me feel largely uncomfortable, even guys I like such as Raegor and Aiyuk... but I’m confident that DPJ is going to be a legit player at the next level. His movement skills, his adjustments, and his hands make me a believer. He’s got the total package... just doesn’t have quite as high a ceiling as some of these other guys. I see him as a Juju Smith-Schuster/Cooper Kupp kind of player.
  14. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    Have to wonder if Hurst didn’t take one for the team here. EDC convinced him that if he gets busted for the juice we can sign Clowney AND McCoy/Campbell for our championship run....
  15. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    I know it’s 2018 film, but Baun is steadily becoming a favorite. The more I watch of him the more convinced I think he’s the pick. He reminds me of something between Von Miller and Kyle Van Noy, he’s the pro bowl version of that skillset vs the All Pro version or the impact starter version. I love him and Madubuike as potential additions to the defense. I can instantly see a path for both players being impact rookies from day one. Really hoping Judon can be traded for a 2nd, that way we can hopefully exit the first two rounds with some combination of Baun, Madubuike, and DPJ/Aiyuk/Biadasz. if Baun runs in the 4.5/low 4.6 forty range at the combine I think it’s a wrap.
  16. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    I like what Raegor does there, but I feel like his form of returning won’t be sustainable at the NFL level. Feel like he’s a hyper athlete that can get away with stuff like that in college. That’s not a smart special teams play in the pros though. Personally I’m higher on Brandon Aiyuk as a return specialist... and probably at receiver too. They’re both so tightly contested. I think Aiyuk is better right now and more unique, but Raegor has the age score on his side. For some time I’ve been trying to remember who Brandon Aiyuk reminds me of and I’ve finally found it, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. If he can develop his route running to that same level he could be a special player.
  17. TCMD Discussion (Free Agency Round 5 Begins)

    Didn’t realize Pierce was back. Forgot about that. Was thinking Brandon Williams at NT and the other guys as ends. You’re right, might be too many cooks in the kitchen... though I guess just like corner, you can never have too many dominant DL options.
  18. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Draft picks would definitely need to be swapped. There’s talk that Judon might net a 2nd round pick plus another pick. He’s in the prime age of his career. MJJ is over 30 in the “decline” stage of his career and a 4th probably be his max value, could perhaps be had for a 5th. I certainly wouldn’t be against this deal. In fact it’s a pretty brilliant trade scenario. However the lowest I would go for would be: Matt Judon Marvin Jones Jr + 3rd Though if we could somehow get a second out of the deal that would be ideal... even if the value is similar. Something like: Matt Judon + 4th Marvin Jones Jr + 2nd This draft isn’t as deep as some in the past, acquiring a high 2nd would be an absolute boon. With how high the Lions pick, we could even package another 4th to move up and get the additional year for whichever player we might consider. Young players such as an Xavier McKinney, Patrick Queen, Cesar Ruiz, etc.
  19. TCMD Discussion (Free Agency Round 5 Begins)

    Would still have IDL as a need. I know we have Gerald McCoy and Jonathan Allen in this scenario. But McCoy is 32 this season, he’s at the age where injuries become more a factor, decline in play could occur, and also where a SB win might mean retirement on top. Would still love a guy like Madubuike if he falls to the 2nd round (or we trade down) to groom as the eventual replacement. But yeah BPA is definitely in the cards now for sure. Edge is probably our biggest need though it seems, unless I’m forgetting about a transaction. What’s the depth chart look like now?
  20. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Perhaps. But I really think we only make one legit UFA splash... if that. We’ve always been a secondary market team and while I see DeCosta as being more aggressive than Ozzie, I don’t see him completely abandoning the formula. I mean the secondary market will likely find quality veterans on the market that could include: Calais Campbell, Marcell Dareus, and Sammy Watkins just to name a few. Smart trade options such as Marvin Jones Jr could potentially be available for one of our comp 4ths. I see plenty of strategies available to the team to improve the team while maintaining the comp pipeline. It’s not just about the picks themselves, but now that they can be traded they’re even more valuable resources in improving this team in the immediate future and in the down the road future. So unless unquestionable value presents itself, I doubt we are going to sign backup OL and starting ILB options if it means giving up the prospect of a 4th/5th round comp pick. Perhaps if it’s edge and DI, such as with Clowney and McCoy for instance, I could see us shirk the comp picks... but then I also think it would be difficult to afford two premier options at those two spots in UFA. If DeCosta could make those two signings happen and fit under the cap, he’s truly a magician. Outside of that, have to imagine we would look at some cap casualties and trades to fill out key spots. But free agency is steadfastly approaching before us so we’ll see in a few weeks.
  21. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Yeah that’s pretty laughable. 22-26 y/o Taysom Hill in college had a career passer rating of 121.4; in his 5 years of production he accumulated 6929 passing yds, 43 TDs, and 31 Ints. He adds another 2132 yds and 32 TDs, and 5.3 ypc. Hill got drafted as a 26 y/o rookie and is a good gadget player. Conversely 18-20 y/o Lamar Jackson had a career passer rating of 142.9; in those three seasons he passed for 9043 yds, 69 TDs, 27 Ints. Lamar adds another 4132 rushing yards and 50 TDs, and 6.3 YPC. Lamar won a Heisman and has now won an NFL MVP... as the youngest QB ever to win the award. For a coach in the NFL to make these types of comments isn’t just laughable, it’s highly suspect, disrespectful, and pathetic. Nothing Hill has done has been at Lamar’s level in college not the pros. Have to wonder if this guy shouldn’t be coaching in the XFL instead... perhaps he can coach Taysom Hill to an MVP in THAT league at some point....
  22. 2020 FF Consensus Mock Draft [Pick 28 - Baltimore Ravens]

    OTHER: Justin Madubuike is my option #1, but since it’s not listed my other selections will be for Ross Blacklock who is a similar, yet slightly inferior prospect and lastly I’ll go with BPA with Xavier McKinney. He has legit athleticism and a very sound game. Though Terrell Lewis was my 3b selection, if I had to go with another option.
  23. Ravens extend S Chuck Clark (3 years, $19M, $10M GTD)

    You’re right, I clearly remember the Patriots giving Stephon Gilmore the responsibility of covering the Dolphins top WR DeVante Parker and he got burnt for 7 recs and over 100 yds. Clearly he can’t cover opposing team numbers ones anymore either.... Makes sense.
  24. Ravens extend S Chuck Clark (3 years, $19M, $10M GTD)

    Not to mention that Peanut while having some Huge games in 2018, also had some average to below average games to balance it out. Whereas game in and game out, Clark has just been consistent. He handles his responsibilities at a high level. He makes plays, he recovers plays, and he calls the plays. If this were a contract year I might’ve been a little worried that his production was due to that factor, but he balled out just because that’s who he is and what he wants to accomplish.
  25. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Not particularly. He’s better than Eric Weddle in that regard. He’s an all pro from a playmaking, cover, and athletic perspective. Every player has a weakness. I mean Ed Reed with his nerve issue became a poor tackler and because we had reliable tackling elsewhere at safety it didn’t matter. We have Clark as that guy and Earl Thomas is a reliable tackler as well. Lastly I think we have the DC in Wink that can be smart enough to hide Delpit’s flaws.