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  1. Somehow reminded me of when people use the word hater because they don't like what you said so they can just dismiss it
  2. Make them trade a first for Cobb
  3. You just need to save right before the draft then when the draft is over, check everyone's overalls and if some are bad, just reload your save. It's ******* easy. I do it all the time. Gute sucks.
  4. I'm no expert but I'd wager to guess he might have already been told, we're moving on but we'll wait until the hell dies down a bit to let you go. Afaik, they can still look for a replacement. It's the worst kept secret in the NFL that he's gone. If you are looking to be an ST coordinator, you know this is an option. That being said, we're not going to hire a "name" at STc if I had to guess. And everyone can go back to being emotional again
  5. Honestly there's no reason to fire him right now other than the fans feelings
  6. There's zero point to this conversation other than a flex about knowing some old stat that makes him look like the most long term dedicated fan ever.
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