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  1. Call of Duty. He's a master of quick scoping... Change of direction though, if that's what you were asking
  2. Oh I know. I was just being a dumb *** stating it as fact because it pretty obviously is. That's not Randall imo. Just like we were never ever going to pay his full salary, which was obvious. But everyone pissed their pants over it for 48 hours lol
  3. I'm stupid, yes, that might be the case
  4. I mean, if we're talking about the OP he did pretty much say we shouldn't do it edit: oh I didn't see that novel of a reply that it's probably in
  5. This would be a very silly thing to do though. You're doing this to make Rodgers happy, don't screw around and make him think you're ******* with him and what he wanted. Edit, thought I was in the Cobb thread
  6. That's absolutely my feel too. Even before anything from TC. Just seems like the type. Doesn't mean everything but interesting nonetheless
  7. I don't know much about this dude really but everything i have ever heard always made it sound like he could be a player one day. Hoping I get to see that play out
  8. Not to be that guy but just so some random a hole doesn't make fun of you once day, it's mince words
  9. Idk any future money but last word from one of the beat guys was they only had a 3milish cap hit after HOU paying some and Cobb taking less somehow Not all that bad anymore really, even though without it being for Rodgers hardly anyone would want this.
  10. Ah okay and I have no idea who that even is haha
  11. [Herman] The Packers have GOT to stop drafting the top players at their respective positions. It’s creating far too many contract disputes. You don’t see the Bears having to find money for their crappy draft picks.
  12. Lolol I wish this one was real
  13. I just found it too lol. Nice
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