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  1. I get it. I was fine with this philosophy for years and still sort of am but it's just gotten old now. It is what it is I guess. It's only football
  2. I've never seen that one lol. That's unreal. It's like he tried to emulate Sage
  3. But maybe not I should ask him how many people on Earth are capable of this feat.
  4. Maybe this is my fault but "there may be a couple thousand people who know how to watch tape" makes it sound like capable, not a couple thousand out there doing it that know what they're doing. If it's the latter then I think he's on point. I bet that's what he meant though. I guess first read he was acting like only 2k people could at all which seemed insane to me. I'm sure he's smarter than that
  5. Sure sure. I get you. 2000 who actually do seems fair. But he made it sound like there's only 2k people capable of doing it I felt.
  6. I think the other issue is how seriously people have started to take themselves over this stuff. It's part of the reason I've walked away from it a bit. It's this huge magnet for people who want to tell everyone how smart they are when they were really mostly throwing darts.
  7. I agree with what he's saying but a couple thousand seems stupidly low.
  8. I like what he sees in Mond. Not A I'm fan myself but I get it. He sold my there.
  9. I like this. I think I watched one last year but I've watched them all now, well on OL. Doesn't go straight with the norm but he doesn't feel like he's trying to hot take and feels like he's definitely about to explain why he feels the way he does where other guy's opinions sometimes feel so damn generic
  10. Could be, but I hadn't gotten that impression myself. I guess I'm not cynical enough lol
  11. Random but does anyone watch Chris Simms rankings?
  12. This is what I felt closer too. But I think I came in with expectations maybe too high after the buzz about him here in the Dakotas, I actually missed that central arkansas state game, think I worked, but I heard it wasn't great but that's not a huge surprise given circumstance. But I'm not intrigued enough to take another long look and try and be open minded since opinions vary pretty wide here
  13. I'm sure I would. That happens with me and QBs watching live a lot. Had no idea he was that young though, damn.
  14. Is that the only strategy involved in drafting? Only taking a guy to help the biggest reason why you lost the last game?
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