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  1. Battlefield V

    My understanding is that playlist was force more testing on those other modes, essentially
  2. N64 Classic Edition

    Have you guys played GoldenEye lately? Holy **** the controls are so foreign these days.
  3. Battlefield V

    I think I read that all comes on official release
  4. Battlefield V

    Agreed on ops. I get what they were trying to do with it I guess. Just doesn't seem to be as fun to me. I liked the idea of it this way until I played it a bunch. And yeah I'm enjoying it but there are obviously things I don't like and things I needed adjust to as well.
  5. Battlefield V

    The more I play, the more your point is relatable. Especially in the infantry focused modes. This is such a love/hate game right now. One round I want to uninstall, the next I'm like wow this is great lol
  6. Mike Pettine Defense

    Stop talking to it. It's not here to have actual conversation.
  7. NFL News & Notes

    Why would anyone watch the Raiders though?
  8. Kupp out for the year(sorry Rammy)

    oh lawd
  9. N64 Classic Edition

    My biggest curiosity with this is that the hardware and software is going to be, with emulation the way it is, they can't just rip off an emulator, hell the best n64 emulator right now might be Dolphin ( a Wii emulator) emulating a Wii playing n64 games lol. But n64 emulation isn't terrible and has some benefits with upscaling and things like that that can greatly improve visual quality. They won't remake any games, but I wonder if there's some possibilities like that depending on hardware and if they also have their own emulation (that hopefully gets stolen and put online for us lol if it's really good).
  10. They're using the most popular emulators open source for this, lol. Not even doing anything of their own. If anyone is mad about what games are on it, look, I bet you about a million dollars it will be child's play to add ISOs. If you are smart enough to know what those are and how to find them, I'm sure you can add games, the only issue being space. I have the entire USA ps1 iso collection, without being at my PC, I believe it's about 400GBs, I might be crossing that with my Dreamcast one though. But if you just want to add like ten games, I'm guessing ezpz on purpose
  11. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    Okay. I now guarantee a SB. Incog for prez
  12. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    Wasn't polling though. They did some research deal where they did both and tested what they remembered best or whatever after
  13. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    Tramon can only tackle guys who who are 5 foot 3 and 125lbs
  14. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    I was gonna bring this up but that whole half football half commercial thing is all because their research says you're more likely to actually watch the commercial when both are on the screen.
  15. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    Aaron Jones is seriously better than Aaron Rodgers