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  1. Is Josh Jones actually good, I was going to post about it and forgot but I saw a couple fans bitching about him elsewhere on the internet one day
  2. Fwiw, i don't believe there's one person here that still like him
  3. I was half joking too. I just always thought he was overrated off that one line he dropped.
  4. Competent DC prompted Kevin Greene's name coming up?
  5. He'd get hurt stepping off the plane.
  6. Almost positive we got a sack on it early this year because I made a sarcastic comment about it in the game thread
  7. I'm not saying you are wrong that some people focus on Aaron and find tons of negativity with him when they can, but you also have to know you also have that same lens you look through for finding it and acting like he's the only one catching hell.
  8. I just hate them inside my head. If I was intoxicated, they would be hearing it out my mouth and I'd probably get fired. Lop
  9. https://v.redd.it/vdsuvoppx1u51/DASHPlaylist.mpd?a=1605719730%2CNDRlZjNiYTBjYjVjMjJkMjlmNjEyMTU3YTFhZDZhNjIxNjNhNzIyMzY5YjE3NWJmYjQ5ZjAyZDBkOTJmYmUwNQ%3D%3D&v=1&f=sd This made my day
  10. And now MLF is ruining his post prime! /s
  11. There's a thread for Mike mccarthys Dallas record
  12. Is this some sort of thing where you trying to force this physical identity into the team? That's how it feels to me.
  13. It was pretty ugly but it's just game 5. There's so much season left. It could get worse, or we might have it figured out by the end. Fans definitely live on the roller coaster too often, myself included. It felt like early on we had that game and then it totally unraveled, it can happen. It doesn't automatically mean doom and gloom.
  14. Ah I remember this now. I was thinking their d coordinator at some point.
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