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  1. Fire Pettine

    How have I not have this connection with fat Mac before. Damn
  2. Fire Pettine

    As 13 year olds on Reddit like to tell me, boomer is a state of mind or something like that
  3. Fire Pettine

    If you're upset at being down 27-0 at half and giving 200 yards rushing to journeyman running back, you're spoiled. You guys didn't have to go through the 1-9 season of 1863! Stupid millennials.
  4. Fire Pettine

    To maximize profits I will do everything I can to stay mediocre!!!
  5. Fire Pettine

    Murphygate. Pettine has pictures of him in the basement of a pizza parlor
  6. Fire Pettine

    Thank you
  7. Fire Pettine

    Why would Murphy fear hiring a different DC? He wouldn't. This **** has to stop.
  8. Fire Pettine

    Y'all the worst.
  9. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    He's brought this up before, the day after he told me how stupid I was for saying Kumerow can't get open (and I refuse to let it go) lol
  10. NFL News & Notes

    These are the same people today get upset when players celebrate, it's to be expected this would also make them grumpy.
  11. NFL News & Notes

    I'm serious when I say I'm pretty sure he's going to commit suicide eventually. He needs ******* help
  12. Fire Pettine

    Or ILB (nobody but me remembers this but some dude went off on me for saying Kumerow doesn't get open then days later said Gary could play ILB. Real football genius.)