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  1. Packers Mount Rushmore

    Nah Kumerow
  2. Packers Mount Rushmore

    Yeah I'd have to put Lombardi then Favre, after that, I don't ******* know. Too close
  3. Packers Mount Rushmore

    Anything without Favre is wrong
  4. NFL News & Notes

    You don't post much, but every post you've had since May 24th is about not changing something or about not doing anything differently. Sorry, I just had to point this out.
  5. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    I hate the word "gelling"
  6. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    I'm not really an EQ fan or anything. I just think reading into "talk" during TC is overrated as all hell and some people took the fact he wasn't the one being discussed as much, like it meant he had **** the bed, when I'm not sure that was the case.
  7. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    Literally explained in the post above yours
  8. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    I'm sorry but you act like every week they trot Rodgers out there, ask him nothing, and go "Well, tell us what you want to tell us Aaron." No, they ask questions, and they asked about Kumerow because of he was playing in Wisconsin in college and ya partially the white underdog thing. I really don't give a ****, I'm not EQ's dad or anything, but it was skewed to high hell because they wanted to know about him so much so that's all we heard from Aarons mouth, not rewriting history since there was a day i had off and I was following this and some other WR made a big play and only one beat guy said anything, but they'd NEVER miss a Kumerow play
  9. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    Most believable take so far
  10. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    I love how all you guys act like you were at every TC practice that year and you know that he did zero bc the other reporters were all too busy drooling at Kumerow to care about anyone else.
  11. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    Maybe someone addressed this, but this is because every reporter around was like OMG KUMEROW THIS KUMEROW THAT, 90% of that stuff was him responding to questions and nobody was asking anything about ESB.
  12. I didn't vote for the thing but when I saw TBC was winning I laughed pretty hard and I love that movie
  13. NFL News & Notes

    I remember him talking about this once after I posted where he was saying arm strength is overrated so he prefers placement, etc. Which is fair.
  14. NFL News & Notes

    Man I read that comebacks line like 5 times, trying to figure it why Drew couldn't comeback in a game. Lol Also his list is strange, seems like he's just about accuracy? I would have liked to hear him explain it.
  15. NFL News & Notes

    I was thinking about this today when I was reminded of how the Bullets changed their name bc of crime