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  1. Maybe there's more to football than computers
  2. What would you do instead? Just more teams in it?
  3. I never watched the JT O video but I swore the idea was that it put a positive light on it
  4. I would venture to say that most years I'd be okay with it, just not this year. I wouldn't want to to be a steadfast rule, I'll put it that way. I'm sure there's been other times I wouldn't have been a fan but nothing comes to mind
  5. You're nuts. Cincy and Baylor would eat Alabama's ****. One game doesn't mean **** anyways. We'll see them play again I'm sure, I think bama wins again but it'll be closer. UGA could easily win. Alabama is #1 and you're okay with that and lost to a team that is barely ranked but it didn't happen in a title game so they can be #1 and the team who's only loss, is to number one, and **** on a bunch of ranked teams, has to kick rocks because of when they lost. Who hacked your account?
  6. I don't want to see UGA and bama again necessarily, but if I was a UGA fan and was out for a two loss Baylor team who played close with some less than stellar teams, I would riot. Vegas line would be over twenty if those two play and they would have demolished the B12. I don't like what the SEC is doing but I still want the "best" teams when we only get four
  7. I don't see how you leave Georgia out for Baylor at all.
  8. Why the heck would you want more games decided by the point after?
  9. Or at all... It was never going to make a bunch of teams go for two, it was just going to make kickers even more important. Which is terrible
  10. Anyone can play RB for Greg Roman
  11. I got excited and the dog was sleeping and it startled him and he fell off the couch right onto his *** lol
  12. I doubt that win is going to affect their draft spot lol
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/didthevikingswinsb/
  14. Imagine losing to Dan Campbell
  15. Go in the Vikings forum and tell them good effort
  16. Lol when Goff was running to Campbell my dad goes holy **** they're going to kick a fg
  17. loocogdkgxohclhcitxohclolololl
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