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  1. Here’s my scenario: Den Gets: QB Aaron Rodgers WR Davante Adams TE Robert Tonyan CB Chandon Sullivan* GB Gets: 2022 1st Round Pick 2022 3rd Round Pick 2023 1st Round Pick 2023 3rd Round Pick WR Jerry Jeudy TE Noah Fant CB Patrick Surtain Jr Note that Sullivan doesn’t bring any value to the trade, other than freeing up a roster spot for GB and giving Denver some training camp depth. Tonyan and Adams provide some familiarity to Rodgers, while freeing up future CAP space for the Packers by not offering them extensions. Tonyan and Adams are both free agents at
  2. Matt Stafford brought back two 1st Round Picks (2022 and 2023) as well as a 3rd in 2021 on top of receiving Goff. If the Packers were to consider trading Rodgers later on this offseason, the deal above would merely be a far off starting point.
  3. Knee injury. He is signing with the Jags, who will then place him on the non-football injury list.
  4. It took until the 7th, pick 256, for some of you to get your guy.
  5. Almost to the 7th round, so time to start thinking about UDFAs. Any guys on your radar?
  6. Team Packers (So Gutey...)
  7. He probably thought he was drafting himself in the 3rd round.
  8. Trade back about 10 spots into the 3rd and pick up an early 4th. Then take our late 3rd and move up with one of the back end 4s.
  9. Down to 5 picks before 62, Who is your top 5? I've got: 1. WR Marshall 2. DT Nixon 3. C Humphrey 4. DE Basham 5. LB Cox
  10. Broncos draft us Jamaal's replacement. Thanks!
  11. Broncos trading up to send more talent to GB.
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