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  1. I think that the reason you might bring in a veteran is to help the other guys. At a certain point, if Goff isn't cutting it, you hope to have someone else that you can put in there that can make the team better. It's not fair to the development of some of our young receivers, for example, to not have a competent QB throwing them the ball. You also don't want another season that goes off the rails and you're looking at another 2 win season, because at that point you worry about guys wanting out or just not buying in anymore. A veteran also provides some flexibility - if someone falls to you in
  2. An impact safety would be a huge addition. I think that Walker is a really good player, but he's being asked to do way too much out there. It feels like he's always cleaning up other people's messes. I like a lot of these plans a lot. I agree about adding a receiver from that second or third tier of free agents - a guy like Gallup or Chark would be miles better than anything that we have. They're both better off as a #2 receiver, I think, but they could hold down the #1 role while a rookie gets acclimated. I still think that we need to draft someone early, but Gallup/Rookie/St.-Bro
  3. Not sure if there's much to do at QB...probably should've had a waiver claim. The kicker thing is weird. I'd get it if someone had like the #1 kicker, but neither one of those guys is even in the Top 10. Either an...interesting strategy or just an oversight.
  4. My team is dead last in points scored and yet I'm 6-6. I'm also dead last in points against... I can't even tank properly.
  5. As a Cubs fan, I think that you guys will enjoy Baez. He's a hell of a lot of fun to watch. He can be extremely frustrating, and there will be times where he looks completely lost, but just know that he'll spend an equal amount of time absolutely carrying your offense on his back. I think that he has a pretty decent floor as well. Yes, you can worry about his bat dipping as he gets older due to a loss of bat speed, but he's such a great defender and baserunner that he's still going to have positive value.
  6. See, I like Wilson a lot more than Olave. Don't get me wrong, Olave will be a good NFL player, but I think he's more of a #2 guy. I'd rather draft a traditional "alpha" type.
  7. This game was...disappointing, I guess, but not surprising. That's just what the Lions do. I do think that Campbell has taken on more than he needs to with the playcalling duties. That's not a strength of his. Maybe Lynn is still calling most of the plays and Campbell is mostly just there to communicate with the QB, but it has been stupidly conservative at times these last few weeks. Campbell got hired because he's a motivator and leader, not because he's some kind of offensive or defensive guru. He needs to let his position coaches and coordinators do their thing. I'm not ou
  8. They have to be pretty confident that they're going to land a soild QB this offseason. Rodgers, Watson, Wilson...somebody. I wouldn't even rule out a guy like Matt Ryan or Tua.
  9. I'm really surprised to see that Sutton resigned there. They just gave Tim Patrick an extension as well and they have Jeudy there on his rookie deal. Sutton hasn't been getting many looks since Jeudy came back either. Sutton is a good player, but he has had 5 or less targets each of the last 4 games...
  10. Welp. At least we can rest easy knowing that we don't have some hidden gem on the roster. Boyle looked pretty awful yesterday. Goff, at least, has shown that he can be a decent player in the league if we can somehow get him back there. He's not the answer either, but he provides a much higher floor, as weird as that sounds. You don't want to be so bad at QB that the rest of the team just starts to give up.
  11. The playlists are a little annoying, especially for someone like me that only gets to play for an hour or two here and there. One of my challenges was to capture a flag yesterday. I played seven or eight matches...no capture the flag, just team slayer and oddball.
  12. Boyle is at least worth a look. Dude has a strong arm and can probably do a few things that Goff can't - although I'd also expect him to make more mistakes. He's at least interesting. Blough is...blah.
  13. I hope so. I've played for probably 2.5 hours so far and I just barely reached level 2. A lot of the challenges are for using specific weapons, and I found myself playing maps/modes that didn't even have those weapons available.
  14. Um, so this is pretty great, isn't it? I haven't been into a competitive shooter in a long time, but I played a bunch of this last night and it really felt like a modernized version of old school Halo...which is just what I would want. I actually dropped $10 on the battle pass, which I've never done before for any of these F2P games. I'm pretty excited that Season 1 is going to last until May and you can keep unlocking things even when it's technically over.
  15. We can draft a guy in the 3rd/4th because we should have a bunch of extra picks...but I wouldn't expect much. The vast majority of starters in the NFL are first round guys. That isn't to say that you can't find exceptions like Wilson, Cousins, or Brady, but it's pretty unlikely.
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