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  1. Nintendo Switch Thread

    The Virtual Console isn't on Switch. Right now their online subscribers have access to most of the big first party NES games. SNES games are apparently in the works and hopefully coming soon.
  2. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Switch is looking pretty stacked for 2019. Unfortunately, there isn't much besides Yoshi and some old Final Fantasy ports until June, but after June you have... Super Mario Maker 2 Fire Emblem: Three Houses Link's Awakening Remake Pokemon Animal Crossing Luigi's Mansion Plus a bunch of other games too.
  3. Apex Legends (F2P BR)

    I understand that, but they need to at least add duos or squads. Three is just a strange number for a game. Most people either want to play with one friend or team up with several.
  4. Apex Legends (F2P BR)

    I'll give this a try. Titanfall 2 is probably my favorite FPS this generation, and even though this is missing a lot of the movement (not to mention the Titans), I think that just the shooting mechanics are good enough to give it a test drive.
  5. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I don't see a price drop happening anytime soon. The best-case scenario is to get a bundle that includes a free game.
  6. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    I'll be the **** who says it: do we really want someone in the league that can't be bothered to let us know if they're going to play or not? Isn't the problem that people aren't involved enough?
  7. In the last decade, how much has scouting changed?

    It seems like if you're a good player you're going to get a shot regardless of where you went to school. That probably wasn't the case all that long ago.
  8. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    I think that it should still be a decent fantasy class. The WR and TE groups this year look great to me. RB is a bit weak, so that will be interested given how our league always seems to value RB's way more than the other positions.
  9. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    I typically wait until the season has started and I've had some time to assess my team to make moves, but feel free to make offers if you want to.
  10. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Finished Mario + Rabbids, moved on to Wargroove. Strategy games are a good fit for the Switch. I like the old Advance Wars vibes that I'm getting from it.
  11. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Are we doing this or what? Again, the lack of participation is a big concern to me. We have people that can't even bother to check in and confirm whether or not they're going to join the league again.
  12. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    So, I put in a claim for a player, but I have a full roster. If I win the claim do I then choose who I want to drop? It didn't ask when I put a bid on the guy.
  13. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    I need the Commish to make this pick for me. I can’t pick anyone because I’m over the roster limit. Or just delete the pick, whatever you have to do For what it’s worth, I don’t see any good reason to be against an extra five rounds. Keep the current rules then tack on extra rounds. Nobody is at a disadvantage in that scenario.
  14. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    I mean, I think that you could add another five rounds to the minor league draft if we wanted to. Since those picks didn't exist before, no one could have traded those picks away, so it would be pretty fair for everyone.
  15. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    I liked the move at the time. He had been a pretty solid relieved for the last three years or so, and wasn't doing poorly in Washington. The only surprising part was the fact that he had a player option.