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  1. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    You're right, my bad. Hope everyone is getting their keepers in!
  2. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Draft will start on the 26th, right?
  3. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    Alright, are we doing roto or not? Season starts in less than two weeks. Make a call.
  4. Random Game Talk

    Finally diving into Assassins Creed: Odyssey. It's good, but it definitely has some flaws. I think that I liked Origins more. The world is big but is a bit repetitive, and the side quests don't really stand out to me narratively. There's also a grind factor. I was enjoying the main story, but I just finished Chapter 6 I believe at around level 24, which was in-line with the suggested level for the main quest. But now the first quest in chapter 7 is recommended for level 32? That's a huge leap and it's going to force me to grind out a bunch of side missions, which aren't super interesting and take hours to get that much XP. Frustrating.
  5. Madden 21

    You're going to be asleep for a long time...
  6. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    I agree, sorry for the delay.
  7. Xbox Series X

    I hope that the Xbox presentation shows something that really wows everyone. Next-gen games (PS5, at least) have not impressed me so far. I need to see something more than just faster load times and higher resolutions. Games need to play or feel different, you know? Games one the One feel way too similar to the 360 in terms of gameplay.
  8. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    That way you could always play the other 7 teams in your division 3 times each I guess... I don’t know, I don’t care a ton. This season seems like it’s going to be flukey and more “for fun” anyway. Just throwing out ideas. I’d also be for a roto year with the same categories that we have now.
  9. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    If you keep the divisions and you can play 3 games per week, that’s 21 games. You play everyone out of division once, your division 3 times? 12 + 9 = 21? No wild cards?
  10. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    Huh. I overlooked that. Good to know! But yeah, multiple opponents each week would be good if it’s easy enough to set up.
  11. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    Apparently Fantrax allows you to play three opponents per week. Is that an option for us? 3x7 gives you 21 games. You could always do 3x8 and then just have a one-week playoff for the two top teams too. More games is better for seeding next year as well. I know about the callups, but if they get some tiny playing time this year in some fluke situation then they count against your 15 keepers next year, which kinda stinks. It can happen in any year, but I hope it doesn’t happen more without any real life minor leagues.
  12. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    I don’t see how to make this work with head to head. There are going to be what nine-ish weeks of the regular season? You would need at least two for the playoffs. So seven weeks to qualify? Seems a bit silly to me. I just hope teams don’t call up prospects with the lack of minor leagues and then ruin all of our minor league systems where we have to have guys on our main roster next year that had like 15 AB’s or something.
  13. Madden News

    Better yet: don't buy it at all. Madden is still missing things that it had in the PS2/Xbox/GameCube era. The "new generation" games always start with missing features compared to previous generations, then those slowly get added back in over time. Unless they really shock everyone with the full reveal, what they've put out so far seems like negligible improvements. It would be fine if they picked one area to significantly improve each year, even if that one area wasn't something that you cared a lot about, but instead they seem to be just doing little tweaks here and there.
  14. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Thanks for letting me know. Done!
  15. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Can you make that Drew Lock trade that @SimsZilla and I made on the last page?