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  1. If anyone does want to trade for Akers…hit me up I guess. I’d rather just hold him than sell him for nothing, but if you want to put something together let me know.
  2. Same. It’s go time. Wish we could just start. I’ve always thought that we should be done before the preseason begins anyway. Once that starts players start getting hurt, you hear about who’s performing well and who is not, etc.
  3. Why do we have such a long gap between finalizing keepers and starting the draft? Are we just hoping that it gives people time to make trades and stuff? I just want to get started at this point.
  4. L-O-*******-L. I finally get my hands on a stud RB and Akers tears his achilles before the season even starts. At least I got Henderson I guess...
  5. Can we find a way to fix the abbreviations that everyone has so that they match…something? Team name, user name, something? It’s really hard right now if you’re looking at trading for a player. You find the player but can’t offer trades yet through the ESPN app so you have to manually go and find the team they’re on. One team just says “MLF.” How am I supposed to figure out who that is?
  6. If anyone is thin at RB and wants to add I have James White available as a reliable veteran. Looking at a 2022 pick as compensation.
  7. That's fine though, I think. I don't believe that the games ever specifically marked things as being DLC, they just try to tie it into the main game.
  8. I think that the difference with Kerryon and Gurley is that there are things that Kerryon just can't do anymore. Gurley has had health issues but he can still do some good things - just not as often as he used to.
  9. It makes sense to give him a chance to adjust to the new scheme in camp and in the preseason, but I have no hope for this guy. He looked like an absolute bum last year. There were games where it was obvious that teams were going to pick on him and there was nothing that he could do to stop it. The dude just looked lost. It was a bad pick from the start. Patricia and Quinn picked him because they have such specific requirements for that scheme, but it just hasn't worked out and the dude is far from an elite athlete.
  10. Damn. My team pretty routinely does great throughout the week and then craps the bed on the weekend. It always feels like I'll be up something like 8-2 and then that'll completely flip by the time that the weekend is over.
  11. Before anyone else asks...I'm not really interested in trading down from 1.05. I could be interested in trading up with two of my secound round picks (I have 2.01, 2.05, and 2.16) but I don't see myself trading down in the first.
  12. Maaaan these games are still so good. Even Mass Effect 1 holds up incredibly well.
  13. Makes sense. Matt Campbell is one hell of a coach. I'm sure a lot of teams were interested in him.
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