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  1. Haven't played anything but Super Mega Baseball in years. Man this feels hard. I'm just struggling with timing in general - pitching, hitting, even fielding. I'm going with the directional hitting for now so I can just focus on the timing, but I can't get a feel for pitching yet. Pulse and meter pitching seem to be the best mix of being a bit more simple but still having a little challenge, but I don't have the timing down for either one, especially when the timing changes depending on the pitcher's delivery. Still having lots of fun; excited to try RTTS later today.
  2. Yes. There are supposed to be some tweaks and it sounds like ME1 is getting adjusted the most.
  3. Anyone playing Outriders? I got it from GamePass. I like the core mechanics and it's pretty fun, but the online is a mess. It doesn't feel like it's very fun to play solo and it has been impossible to stay connected to a random party. I'm just glad I didn't pay for this.
  4. Same. I like a lot of the picks, but I think that Jamin Davis goes RD1 and Holland sometime in the 2nd.
  5. I've been giving this game another chance. Started a franchise with Washington, drafted a solid QB. I made it through the first two years before I just realized that it all just feels the same...maybe I need to really adjust the sliders or something, but I went from having an OK offensive line to a pretty dominant one in terms of ratings, and I'm not seeing any difference on the field. I've had receivers like Curtis Samuel (86 overall) go down with injuries and their replacements (72 overall rookie) are just as productive. I had a few injuries on the line and went from having an 82 overall at
  6. Is the Road to the Show mode still pretty fun? I haven't played in a long time (since the PS2). I worry about being a pitcher and rarely getting to bat or field or being an outfielder or something and not getting to pitch at all...is it engaging enough to play for a while?
  7. Why? You have to at least consider it IF there's a prospect that they like and they fall to #7. There's no guarantee that next year's class will be as good (both on an individual talent level and in terms of depth) or that we will be in a position to get one of those top guys.
  8. Nice. He's a decent player that was actually really good a couple of years ago. If nothing else, I'm all for anything that doesn't force Okudah to start in a huge role. He just clearly wasn't ready last year and you don't want to have to force him in there.
  9. It's not a great group. I think that Corn Elder could be a sneaky good pickup in the slot role. Okudah has a ton of potential, and I feel like Oruwariye is a very good #2/#3 corner. What we are really missing is that elite #1 option. Hopefully Okudah develops into that guy, but he didn't look great last year. We definitely need to add some depth and competition and I'd be fine with the Lions drafting one in the first round again IF they trade down. If not then I'd take a look on Day Two.
  10. I'm fine with losing coaches if it's because they're good. If someone else wants to steal a coach to be a coordinator or head coach then that's a good thing for this team.
  11. I think that the thing to remember about BOTW is that you don't have to do it all. You don't have to find every shrine. That's kind of the beauty of the game - it can be as long or as short as you want.
  12. You just use the default draft classes for this, right? The ones that Madden generates? I've heard that those can be pretty awful but it doesn't look that bad.
  13. Ugh. Eventually the NFL is going to hurt itself by making it so difficult to watch all of these games. Goodell is full of ****, this doesn't give fans more options, it forces fans that want to watch every game to subscribe to a ton of different platforms. They still don't have streaming figured out. Why is that so hard? Seems like there should be a ton of money there, since that's what a ton of people do these days.
  14. Another solid move. I'm all for anything that pushes Cephus down the depth chart. I just don't think he'll ever be more than a WR4. It's also nice to have veterans so that we can draft someone and they can come in without have to worry about immediately being "the guy."
  15. Hm. I'm surprised that he went to Washington, to be honest. They had a need, but Samuel already got the Ron Rivera experience, and it felt like Rivera never quite knew what he had in Samuel. Samuel didn't really flourish until Joe Brady came to town and Rivera was out.
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