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  1. Started Undertale yesterday. Am I better off just playing blindly? I have no idea if I should fight some monsters and spare others, pick one option or the other and only kill or spare, etc.
  2. Finished 64 and Sunshine so far. 64 definitely felt aged. The camera was super frustrating at times, and Mario is a bit slippery to control. I think that Sunshine is a really underrated game. Mario is just really fun to move and the camera is a lot better. The game actually looks really good as well. There are some super frustrating levels, but I was able to "complete" the game (I ended with 60-something Shines). I'll play Galaxy next, which I've never played before.
  3. @Lions017 sends 2021 3rd Round Pick (via Two Wins Away) and Keelan Cole @Lionized sends 2021 2nd Round Pick @WE-R-Lions or whoever has the capability may have to make the trade in ESPN, not sure how it works. Or Lionized has to drop a player?
  4. Side quests either need to have fun and interesting stories, like in the Witcher 3, or they need to be truly optional. My problem with Odyssey was that most of the quests weren't really all that interesting, but the game definitely forced you to do a bunch of them in order to level up enough to advance the main quest. I had fun with some of them, but at a certain point I just wanted to finish the story. I had to spend 3 or 4 hours grinding levels to do that, and it just felt like they artificially found ways to make the game longer. As others mentioned, Mass Effect 2 did a great job with side quests. They were interesting, there weren't too many, and they impacted the main quest.
  5. The only thing that would save Quinn and Patricia for me is if they win a playoff game. That's it. The team has been so bad for three years that they need to show something significant. Competing for a playoff spot or finishing with a .500 record isn't good enough. Getting blown out in a wild card game isn't good enough.
  6. Any interest in Keelan Cole? WR 21 on the season. Tarik Cohen is on IR for the year, but he's on the block too.
  7. When I think of building blocks, I think that our team (particularly on defense) is really lacking. Swift looks good. Stafford can still play. Decker and Ragnow are both really good, and Jackson seems like he has potential too. Golladay and Hockenson are good offensive pieces. The defense is a mess. Flowers and Collins are guys that are still good but are older. I hesitate to call them building blocks because they're older, so if the team does a rebuild they'll be at the end of their contracts in a couple of years. Pensini looks like a solid run stopper, but I'm not sure if he's a game-changer. The linebackers are a hot mess. Okudah has potential still, Amari has developed well, and Walker is decent. When I think "building blocks,"" I think of players that you can build around long-term, three to five years out. Guys like Ceephus and Tavai have potential and might fill a role, but I'm not sure if you build a team around those players.
  8. I actually have more fun once I've played a few years and all of the players are fictional. That's part of why I loved NCAA so much and why I have OOTP Baseball games that have gone on for 50, 60 seasons.
  9. Yeah...I thought about it, but my team is 0-5, and I'd rather save that waiver spot for the future. Someone is bound to pop up that might be more useful long-term. I didn't want to spend a waiver claim on a bye-week fill in when my team is almost certainly eliminated from the playoffs already unless I go undefeated the rest of the way. I'm not going to tank and not set my lineup or bench my best players or anything, but it's probably in my best interests at this point if I just keep losing, you know?
  10. I think that Dalton is going to do really well. He's better than people think. I got Flacco off of the free agent pool to cover me this week. Better than fielding an empty lineup spot.
  11. Woof. 0-5. I think that my true talent is way better than that, but we'll see. I don't have a backup QB right now and Wilson is on his bye week. I'll try to add one this week, but no guarantee. I'm in trouble now that Haskins is benched, but my team is so bad that I don't really have a big incentive to give away future value for one week.
  12. The only reason to trade Stafford is if you think the team needs 2-3 years of serious work before competing. And to be honest...maybe it does. We don't exactly have a ton of pieces that we could sell off for future value, and the defense might not have a single, proven building block out there. Stafford is 32, which isn't old for a QB. It's possible that he plays at a high level for 8-10 more years. It's also possible that he falls apart. He has dealt with back issues and so far has not had a particularly good season. Maybe it's rust, or frustration or the pressure to carry the team, but he hasn't been great. Maybe a new regime wants to get ahead of the future collapse and build toward the future. I don't know. I don't think that the Lions will trade Stafford and I don't really want them to, but I can see reasons for and against it.
  13. I mean...look at what he did? He was a terrible GM, but the guy won multiple playoff games. He won a playoff game with Brock Osweiler at QB. He can coach. He won his division four times. He's better than being lumped in with failures like Patricia. Not saying that he should be the Lions coach, or even that he's great, but he's not terrible either.
  14. It would probably have to be an offseason thing. Unless you’re just adding one spot for COVID stuff, then you go through the normal waiver process.
  15. Don't see it. I wouldn't hate it if they got a good return - I actually think that Stafford probably deserves a chance to win with another team after all of the **** that he has put up with here. I just don't think that Dallas would make it worth it for us. Dalton is a perfectly average QB and I don't think they would spend the resources it would take to get someone like Stafford.
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