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  1. Washington could be interesting next year. Tampa though....their list of free agents into the offseason looks brutal: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/tampa-bay-buccaneers/ it looks like they'll need every penny of that cap space and then some more.
  2. Which NFC teams are in a good spot going into the offseason?
  3. I hear this so often and it is flat out wrong in so many ways. Playoff games bring in a lot of money for the teams playing in them. Like it or not, these teams are businesses and have to make money. Green Bay is not a typical city to own a professional sports team. 100,000 people when compared to cities like San Diego that just lost their team despite having 1.4 million. Its part of what makes Green Bay so great, but also becomes a problem when they aren't successful. When the Packers went 20+ years with pretty much 0 success there was all sorts of talk about moving the team to a differe
  4. MVS went for over 100 yards plus a TD. What exactly would a "#2" receiver have changed today?
  5. We won the turnover battle, we won the TOP battle by a LOT, more yards, we stopped the run. This one sucks
  6. wasn't it 3 ints on back to back to back possessions? For a grand total of 6 points. Just brutal
  7. they dropped 21 in the first half, which is still way too much. then the offense has to have some blame for the 7 in the third
  8. there's no time run-off at all? well shoot, battle of wills go!
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