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  1. Agreed with everything....which is why "Go Chiefs". I will say I like this Niner team a lot better than the Harbaugh team.
  2. For some of us, the Niners are hated dating back to the Favre days. The unfortunate thing for Packer fans recently is that while Favre owned the Niners, Rodgers has been the opposite. Also when they do overhead shots how are we supposed to know which fanbase is more dominant? Just a bunch of red....boring
  3. ha true, but man it's like the whole division took it personally when Seattle made the playoffs at 7-9. Since then... SF - 13-3 - NFCCG SF - 11-4-1 - SB SF defense getting old/retiring/drunk driving and Kap figured out? Well here comes the Legion of Boom SS - 13-3 - SB Champs SS- 12-4 - SB Legion of Boom falls apart? Well here comes Arizona out of nowhere AC - 13-3 etc. etc. Like come on...just go away please
  4. The Championship games are here!

    ehhh the 8 straight playoff seasons is an undervalued part of Rodger's career. Brees may be setting all time records, but he's had 4 losing seasons since the Saints won the super bowl. Rodgers 2, with 1 being an injury year. Brees/Rodgers is definitely an interesting conversation, but the gaudy numbers from Brees haven't amounted to as many wins.
  5. The NFC West is all secretly owned by the same guy, and he takes turns tanking with a couple of his teams some years. He then has everything timed so that at least one team is elite off of those high draft picks while the others are in tank mode. Change my mind.
  6. Don't worry Norm, you'll be having fun again this time next year. Mark it down
  7. Rodgers isn't retiring. I don't think there is anyone in the league that wants a super bowl more than he wants his second.
  8. Fire Pettine

  9. Yup, nowadays you suck for a while and then win a super bowl. Or you have a HOF QB that makes you pretty good for a while but not good enough for a super bowl. Same thing will happen with Mahomes. He's cheap right now so they're loaded and he very well might win his first. Then he will get a mega deal and the rest of the roster will fall apart.
  10. yeah, with another good off-season we should be in the mix again. As long as some crazy bad injury luck doesn't happen.
  11. Welp, you guys are loaded.
  12. We were really lucky with health this year. What happens if Jaire/King miss a good amount of time next year? Depth all along the defense seems pretty thin.
  13. The idea that a HOF QB grants you multiple super bowls is skewed by Brady. Brees is right there with Rodgers as guys that were pegged for multiple super bowls early in their careers and never made it back. Manning too until he went to Denver. Same thing might have to happen for Rodgers if he really wants another one. Same thing could happen to Mahomes if he wins this year, then signs a mega-deal which makes the rest of the roster sub-par.
  14. uh...didn't we win the second half 20-10? Or you mean if we started over at half the Niners could have run us out of that one too? Sucks to dig ourselves into these holes in these games.