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  1. based on the 49ers game, we need 4 more tds before we can rest easy
  2. Boom, offense on fire. Our games are so quick it seems like. 2 hrs in and its the 4th quarter.
  3. 3rd and long, first down to Cobb. Just like old times
  4. Really impressive throw on that first one too.......big jump from not great to travesty. He's had two really bad plays but offense clearly isn't the problem today.
  5. Jones is back to Jones this game, but to be fair, Rodgers has been far from great this game.
  6. lucky that wasn't another red zone pick
  7. when he goes 4 for 4? Shanny is drooling when he watches our D-line.
  8. few answers already but I think the 'run the table' year could qualify here as well. then going way back the super bowl year too. our offense was terrible until like week 12 when some Jordy Nelson dude started hitting his stride. Going more than a decade back might be a bit of a stretch though.
  9. teams have duds all the time and are fine.
  10. if we look similar next week then its time to worry. Other than that burn this game out of our minds.
  11. already a few similar analogies in here, but this is like replacing the HVAC in your home. You hate doing it as you'd rather buy that new TV, end up doing it and not worrying about it for 10 years.
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