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  1. Overwatch

    The equivalent to Ana and Roadhog having to aim, is that Brigitte has to be right in front of her target. It's a fair trade off. Neither hook nor sleep dart would require any skill at point blank range either.
  2. Cardinals suspend GM Steve Keim 5 games

    Keep in mind, even if it were during the regular season, it isn't actually 5 games, it's 5 weeks. Just like with players, that means he doesn't just miss the games themselves, but also any other team related activities for those 5 weeks. He can't show up for practices, team meetings, he can't communicate with anyone really on that team (scouts, coaches, etc.), and he can't do any of his normal duties himself (you'd still have injury related decisions, signings and cuts, you might have extensions you're still in the process of negotiating, etc., and all that needs to be pushed to others, basically.) The games aren't the real punishment there, it's all the work he'd normally be doing in between.
  3. I just didn't find it funny. With an exception or two. I've said before, I'm not really a Star Wars fan, so the whole thing some people go on about whether it's a real Star Wars movie or not because of stuff like that is kind of non-sense to me, but my issue with the humor was just that most of it wasn't funny. And in particular, it tended to be the drawn out stuff that was least funny, to me, so it was long and missed the mark. The Poe phone call. Most of the creatures on Luke's island. I like BB-8, but I do think his comedic moments were handled better in The Force Awakens. They did get a laugh out of me for Chewie trying to eat a Porg, but I think that was it from what I remember.
  4. First Rookie Running Back to 1,200 yards rushing?

    I selected other in the poll, but really my answer is none. Only 3 players topped 1200 yards last year. Most seasons no rookie hits that mark. 3 guys have in the past 2 years, but prior to that was a 3 year stretch were no rookie topped that many. 1200+ rushing yards is not a very common benchmark these days. 1200+ total yards, sure. But not rushing.
  5. Worst Career Amongst These 10 QB's...

    So that you could oppose Rodgers, apparently.
  6. Offensive Line--Asset or Liability?

    PFF had Mitch Morse as a top 10 C just two years ago. All that needs to happen to take the line from average last year back to above average is Morse getting healthy. As long as that happens, you have an average LT, an above average C, RG, and RT, and just a weakness at LG, which is far better than what most teams have and more than good enough to get by. OL doesn't worry me at all unless Morse never returns to form. OLs without a single weak spot are incredibly rare. The Raiders have had one of the league's best in recent years, with garbage at RT. If we have just one weak link, we're in great shape. We won't be dominant, because we don't have many of those kind of OL guys either, but we'll be consistently solid. Which is fine. And keep in mind anyway, one of Alex's biggest weakness was his willingness to settle for sacks. He's always preferred a sack to a risky pass attempt or throwaway, and our sack totals as a team have always been inflated as a result. So I kind of think our pass protection is actually going to wind up looking a bit better, statistically.
  7. The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    At least Renner. I could see no Jackson because of cost or availability or something, just as he probably wouldn't get that much screen time anyways, since he almost never really has in any single movie. But you don't do a Black Widow movie without Hawkeye, or vice versa, in this MCU. They've been painted as a duo since the very start of the first Avengers. They have enough history and sentiment together that it would honestly be weird to have something occur for Widow that's major enough for a movie, that wouldn't drag Hawkeye in too. And I imagine that Marvel knows neither are really the characters to carry a movie. Really no different from the fact that they've scarcely ever had her as the feature character of a solo comic. But as a duo they totally could.
  8. Best Case: Patrick Mahomes's talent shines in an offense crafted by Reid and loaded with a ridiculous amount of skill position talent, and the passing offense no longer suffers Smith's limitations. A purge of aging and declining talent on the defense leads to replacements and young depth stepping up, and combined with the return of Berry leading the secondary, makes the 2018 defense an asset as opposed to the 2017 defense that....had issues. The Chiefs win the division, but bow out at some point in the playoffs to just a more experienced post season QB (probably the Patriots, unfortunately, even in this best case scenario.) Worst Case: Mahomes looks like the rookie he effectively is, and while he makes some exciting plays happen through scrambling and deep balls to Hill/Watkins, he also brings the struggles of a new starter combined with the mistakes of a gunslinger and we go from the best team in football at not committing turnovers to something very different. The defense responds poorly to the overhaul, either due to too many pieces changing (Peters, Parker, Johnson, and Hali all gone in one offseason), due to a sudden departure of veteran leadership, or just due to the failures of their replacements, and continues to be a detriment to the team. Could be as bad as 4th in the division pending what the other teams do, something like a low end top 10 pick. The variance for us is a little high just because of the unknown quantity at QB. I imagine someone could argue we could turn out worse, just because if Mahomes busts Deshone Kizer style or something it'd be a catastrophe, but for me he showed enough against Denver to make me believe that won't happen. Maybe a Jake Locker or Blake Bortles style disappointment, but not a burn the whole team down and build from scratch kind of bust.
  9. I mean, obviously other people knew. Holdo and Leia aren't transferring fuel from the ship to the escape pods and prepping the escape pods to depart on their own. They're not flying the main ship close enough to Crait to evacuate there themselves. They're not piloting or navigating the pods to Crait themselves. They're not directly handling the evacuation alone either. There are guards with Holdo ready to detain Poe when he discovers the plan. Hell, they could've had a big town hall style meeting about the plan with a mix of engineers, navigators, alliance leadership, etc. Just like you wouldn't have the guy who fuels up the ships in a meeting about an attack run on the death star, you don't need a fighter pilot in a meeting about fueling up some escape pods. Plenty of people knew the plan. There's no reason to assume no one did, aside from the fact that Poe was shouting non-stop about not knowing the plan. And it's important to remember that when Poe acts as though he speaks for the whole resistance, he doesn't. All the times he shouts tell us you have a plan, he really means tell him the plan. And Poe's reaction once he finds out strongly justifies them not telling him in the first place. Combined with the fact that his role in the resistance as a fighter pilot makes him really just a regular person needing evacuated in that particular plan. He has no greater role there. He just seems important enough to know to us because he thinks he is and talks like he is, and he's a main character.
  10. Overwatch

    Eh. Brigitte's big impact on the game really isn't against Rein though. If you're letting a melee character without any real mobility abilities get that close to you with your shield up, either you or your team have probably already done something wrong anyways. It's really no worse than letting a Hog or a McCree walk right up to stun, or letting a Doomfist or Rein get that close so they have a point blank punch/charge (Hog would have to walk through the shield to hook, but that's like a two step difference.) But if you don't have someone behind the shield shooting at Brigitte before she can close that difference, that's the problem there, not that Brigitte can stun Rein through that shield at point blank range. It's either a positioning issue (like when people try to play Rein dead center of the choke on King's Row or Hanamura), or a team support issue. Brigitte is very survivable once she gets in close quarters, but at range she's pretty easy to take down still (hence snipers being the main counter to her, despite her having a shield.) Her stun does change the meta, yeah, but she's done much more to help counter dive, because of how well she can punish characters that are built around suddenly getting in close quarters. So she has been more damaging to characters like Winston or Tracer than she has been to Rein. Rein usage has actually gone up pretty substantially since Brigitte came in.
  11. Ant Man and the Wasp movie SPOILER talk.

    Honestly, this is the main thing that bothered me a little bit with the movie. I know with this style of movie you don't want to get bogged down too much in the non-sense details of how comic book technology works, but I feel like sooooooo many critical things that happened, especially in the last act of the movie, were just kind of hand waved as, don't worry about it, it's quantum stuff. And Scott even makes a joke at one point, saying something like "Do you just put the word quantum before everything?" But he's not Deadpool, so it actually just seems like a good point rather than a wallbreaking kind of joke. And maybe I missed something, I dunno. But like, I don't get why Janet is vaguely "different," I don't get how she healed Ghost, I don't get why Ghost's thing would've killed her, etc. It's all just explained as quantum ________. I dunno. I feel like it just dived into bad comic book writing levels of fictional technology. A lot of time spent around it, a lot of big words about it, but in the end it just is what it is and you're expected to go along with it. Other than that I quite liked it. Actually probably laughed more than in the first one. And while I think Ghost was underused somewhat, she had a much better arc IMO than Yellowjacket in the first movie.
  12. It seems incredibly unlikely from where they sit now. That team still has some serious talent deficiencies that will take a few years to rectify.
  13. BK's Top 100 Movie Badasses v2.0

    Would you view each James Bond as a different James Bond, for the purposes of this list? More curious than anything.
  14. Julio Jones V Andre Johnson

    Please, I'm just here for the jokes. My instincts say Julio. But they're close. I think neither is substantially better than the other at anything in particular. Though I see Jones as a bit more of a gamebreaking kind of threat. Which gives him the nod for me.
  15. Julio Jones V Andre Johnson

    Just a bit.