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  1. I would be far more receptive of this narrative, than the one of "Oh, the Chiefs always start hot, so don't buy into it." We have absolutely had streaky tendencies. Last year was a hot streak then a cold streak then a hot streak. 2013 was hot then cold. 2015 was cold then hot. It has definitely been a thing. But it's also been fairly random in terms of length and time, so it isn't really predictive, IMO. And that's a key thing to me. People who say we always start hot say it to suggest it's inevitable that it won't be maintained. But the history doesn't suggest that conclusively at all. We could be hot for another 7 weeks based on recent history and then lose 5 out of 7 including the wildcard. We could go cold for 6 weeks then ride a hot streak through the post season. It's hard to say. Mahomes makes it extra hard to predict. Last year our streaks aligned with whether Smith was playing like an MVP or like...just a bad QB. First 7 games last year he was great in 6. The next 6 he was great in 1. It's hard to know how, when, and if Mahomes will peak or regress or slump or whatever. And I will say, it's highly likely we maintain this for a full season. But that's more an NFL thing than a Chiefs thing.
  2. Roughing the Passer - Rule Change Idea

    So, here's my question on this line of logic, though. Do these penalties actually deter those injuries? Because I don't feel like there's been much change in how defenders are actually hitting QBs based on the Rodgers rule. The helmet rule, the going low rule, those changed things because they're avoidable ways to tackle a QB, but the new rule this year really doesn't give them much to do. They're trying to figure out how to follow it and most of them don't seem to know how to or be able to. So I don't feel like this enforcement will prevent any injuries, at best it's just going to punish the player who injured somebody after the fact, which doesn't really do anyone any good.
  3. Packers DE Wilkerson out for the season

    I mean....you could have.
  4. Roughing the Passer - Rule Change Idea

    Really they just need to go back and remove the non-sense about landing with their full weight on a QB or driving a QB into the ground or whatever it is officially. The rest of it is fine. I can even accept the roughing the passer penalties where a QB takes an arm to the helmet. Sure, fine. Just get rid of the regular tackle = roughing if the refs are feeling flag happy bit. And they'll never go back to a 5/15 split. At least not anytime soon. Probably the second biggest trend in rule changes after player safety has been removing judgment calls from the game. It's why they eliminated the 5/15 split for facemasks, it's why they got rid of the force out rule on out of bounds catches, and it's the reason for like 90% of the constant changes to the catch rules. They'd rather have people upset about the rule but be able to say hey, they refs called it right, than have to deal with the controversy of a rule that allows a call to be correct and incorrect at the same time.
  5. We don't always start hot. Last year we started hot. In the past 3 seasons we've had a terrible start (1-5), a mediocre start (2-2), and a hot start (5-0.) There's no real trend there for us. If you want to go back to the start of Reid's tenure, it's something like 2 great starts (5-0, 9-0), a mediocre start (2-2), and two bad starts (1-5, 2-3.) It's a pretty standard variance. People have made this claim a few times on this forum, that we always start hot, but it's not really true.
  6. Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4)

    More challenges unlock shortly after the bomb ones. And two of the types are way easier to perfect than the bombs.
  7. Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4)

    Yeah, I had most of the backpacks collected before I even had the landmark photos available. Taught me my lesson there.
  8. But...none of that is true? 6 RBs have a higher YPT than him this year. Along with any WR with enough touches to qualify. Kamara actually had 7.7 YPT last year. And that wasn't really a record, anyway. It didn't even lead the league last year for RBs since Chris Thompson had 7.8. It's one of those records where you have to set some qualifiers for it to work. It was the highest yards per touch, for a RB, post-merger, with over 200 touches. Otherwise you get a ton of WRs and TEs, pre-merger guys like Doak Walker and Beattie Feathers, and lower volume guys like Chris Thompson or Keither Byars or Ronnie Harmon, with better YPT. And let's be real, all YPT really is is a measurement of catches versus rush attempts for RBs. It's why historically that stat has been led by guys like Sproles, Woodhead, Kevin Faulk, Chris Thompson, Charles Sims, etc. Great player, but I hate that stat.
  9. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Surprised the Chargers didn't call a timeout before the FG. Could've had good field position and about 20 seconds.
  10. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Clearly the Chiefs knew, Peters was overrated because he might get injured this season.
  11. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    I honestly think the risk of a stuff on an inside run is greater than the risk of a sack/penalty on a pass play in those situations.
  12. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    I hate the two inside runs in a situation like that. Do you really think you're going to break through against a Donald/Suh led defense going for a safety?
  13. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    I hate that so many teams let Derwin James fall to the Chargers.
  14. Earl Thomas anyone?

    This would help with a lot of our problems in the back 7. Thomas plus a Berry return would make our defense....acceptable, at least. I imagine we're only considering this now with how quickly Mahomes has come on. You don't want to go too all in if Mahomes will have growing pains, but with this start, they might want to try to go all in this year or next.
  15. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Shame. That play was so unnecessary, too. The guy needed to just go out of bounds.