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  1. With the Bills, I think you stay the course, ultimately. There's no doubt they're trending in the right direction, and it's hard to make it all the way your first year in. This game was completely uncharted territory for them, and I think it showed, in how McDermott handled some of the 4th down decisions, how Allen responded to pressure, and how the team as a whole responded emotionally to the loss. But as long as they take that energy in the right direction in the offseason, they're going to have more chances these next few years. I think they have some clear things they need to add. I think
  2. This angle, from behind Mahomes, is the perfect illustration of what Kelce does, and the absolute trust and synergy he has with Mahomes, and why that makes him so hard to stop. It isn't always the scheme or the play call, but just the feel between those two. Their LB covered this route absolutely perfectly. The play call left Kelce blanketed, in this case, they just both feel the same spot in the field coming open from the LB who raced over to cover Kelce's curl route, Mahomes keeps his eyes and fakes to the right to keep the LB leaning that direction, and he throws Kelce to that spot just as
  3. Screenshots of supposed offensive holding penalties will always be the worst possible argument.
  4. His backup is good. The problem is, his backup was also the backup at RT, and with Schwartz having been out almost all year, we either have to go with the third string guy at LT, or the third string guy at RT. Who that is, is....unclear. So Remmers should be good at either spot. He's been very solid this year. Our problems have been more at G than T. But I legit don't know who we'll play across from Remmers. There was some optimism around Martinas Rankin after last year, but he was still recovering from his injury last year, and didn't see any game time until week 17. Yasir Durant took over at
  5. More cap casualties than ever, a lot of backloaded deals, and a lot of free agents signing shorter deals than they normally would for less than normal in hopes of seeing a more normal payday come back in a year or two. Like half the league is going to have to make cuts or extensions just to get a 53 man roster under the cap. I think you wind up only seeing a few free agents rake in big money, the truly top tier guys, and then a lot of guys have to settle for less temporarily, because they just won't have much of a market. There's been chatter in the KC forum about how Watkins moving on is a fo
  6. The counter I do want to add to all the OL concerns, is we had mostly the same OL against Tampa the first time (Fisher is the only difference, we were already down Schwartz and LDT and Osemele back then), and if you had to pick any coach to scheme around an over-matched OL, I feel like it would be Reid. He'll have screens and shovels and jet sweeps to confuse the pass rush. Kelce will eat up the shallow center of the field if they blitz their LBs. And they'll find ways to get Hill open deep quick enough for Mahomes to still get it there.
  7. They concern me less. Maybe that's just the experience and the lower sense of desperation for the team to win one, on my part. But while the QB is better, the team as a whole is quite a bit worse, IMO, when comparing Tampa and San Fran. Tampa is streaky, far less consistent, and while their DL is still good, their overall play in the trenches is inferior to San Fran. I also think San Fran had better coaching, generally. I feel like we played our A game in the Superbowl last year, and still barely squeaked by. I feel like we need to screw some stuff up to lose to Tampa. But, I also thought Gree
  8. Depends on how long of a list we're making. Sure, top 5, top 10, no way. He's more MVPs or more superbowls or 50k yards away from those guys. But you start getting to like a top 25 list, or maybe a little further, I think it'd be hard not to. Because at some point in that list, you're going to be putting a guy with less MVPs, and less superbowl wins, and maybe even less first team all-pro selections. Do you rank Warren Moon of Philip Rivers or Dan Fouts higher, for playing at a lower level for longer? Because that's all some of those guys would have. Like, as a Chiefs fan, he's already the gre
  9. As for the thread topic, I think on some level he has to already be in that discussion. It's just incredibly hard to imagine ranking him, given the huge disparity in time played. But his resume, as far as accolades and success, already outpace the vast majority of QBs in NFL history. If you leave out bulk stats and years accrued, and just throw down the resume of 1 MVP, 3 conference championship games, 2 superbowls, 1 superbowl win (at least), 1 superbowl MVP (at least), add in that he's already top 25 in postseason passing TDs, top 30 in postseason passing yards, #1 in post season passer rati
  10. I was barely alive for it, but this will always be one of my favorite football plays of all time.
  11. They stop the run when they want to, is honestly the best way I can explain it.
  12. So, three interceptions due to bad play. I don't get what point you're trying to make here. If they were like fluky tips or something, I'd get what you're saying. But you're saying yes, they threw three interceptions due to their own mistakes. So I'm not seeing your argument. Like, everything you list is bad play or getting outplayed.
  13. I kind of agree. I think too much attention is being drawn to KC's O versus Tampa's D in the thread so far. But to me, if Brady plays like he did against Green Bay, and our secondary plays like they did today, that could actually wind up being a huge mismatch. Brady had three straight drives where he threw INTs in the second half, and GB came away with just 6 points. You won't get away with that as easily against us.
  14. So, predict what you want, but the Chiefs have only scored under 20 points twice in Mahomes's career. 22 is the lowest output in the postseason, and that involved Mahomes getting concussed. Mahomes has never scored less than 31 in the postseason, when he played the full game. I won't disagree with people predicting Tampa. Great teams on both sides, or it wouldn't be the superbowl. But there's absolutely no justification behind this, beyond bold prediction for bold prediction's sake.
  15. I assume Schwartz isn't worth mentioning at this point? Just a foregone conclusion he's done for the year?
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