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  1. Well hey, at least they shouldn't have to worry about Chad Henne next season.
  2. This is not true at all. This exercise fails horribly with other positions. Barry Sanders, Anthony Munoz, Joe Thomas, Tony Gonzalez, Steve Smith, Calvin Johnson, Ladainian Tomlinson, Walter Payton, Lee Roy Selmon, Khalil Mack, Larry Fitzgerald, Aeneus Williams, Andre Johnson, O.J. Simpson, etc. There are tons of guys at non-QB positions that either spent their entire careers on crap teams, or at least had really long stretches with a lack of success for their teams. Like, Walter Payton's Bears got it together at the tail end of his career, but most of the time he was their they were bad to oka
  3. What's the alternative? Because there's no way you're going to get the value of a guy like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, etc., by spending $35M - $45M on free agents or other players on the roster. Yes, in a literal sense, you have less money to spend on other players. But every player you give money to gives you less money to spend on other positions. The Rams giving Aaron Donald $22M means they have less money to spend on other positions than if they did not give Aaron Donald $22M. But that's a pointless, meaningless, obvious statement. The only way to avoid that is to not spen
  4. This. The Chiefs have a much bigger issue in the form of Frank Clark's contract than they ever will with Patrick Mahomes's. Mahomes will easily be worth 20% of the team's wins for the remainder of his career. It's missing on guys like Clark making 10% of the cap or Hitchens making 5% of the cap who don't make that big of an impact that actually restrict us.
  5. Our QB seems to be having a hard time seeing his receivers downfield?
  6. I am trying hard to temper my reactions already, because immediately it feels like there's been so much hype around every player I would want to hear good things about. Smith, Gay, Hardman, Gray, Powell. Just need some positive news around Deandre Baker and Nick Bolton and everything will just feel crazy optimistic.
  7. The fact that they just went ahead and rolled with Smith day one at RG is a huge vote of confidence, IMO. Even with Long on PUP, that means they had him with the 1s over LDT, Wylie, Blythe, and Allegretti, who have all been at least passable Gs and are vets at this point.
  8. I'm assuming they're just taking a literal interpretation. Wagner started 9 games last year, plus the two in the postseason. Assuming he started all of those 9 games at RT, he was the starter for most of the 2020 season at RT. In that sense, there will be a different starter at RT than they had most of last year. I can understand the logic. For the Chiefs, as an opposite example, last year our starter at RT was supposed to be Schwartz. But he was injured most of the year, and Mike Remmers stepped in. Remmers may be the starter at RT this year, if so, would it be logical to describe him as a ne
  9. I honestly don't see how anyone can argue anything from the last decade. Prime and veteran Brady at his worst is still a well-oiled machine compared to what he was those first 5 or 6 years he started. I'm sure 2019 Brady is probably the worst statistically, when compared to peers. But no one can convince me that you're better off with a 2002ish version of Tom Brady than the 2019 model.
  10. Slight disagree here. I find I rather like him more for it.
  11. He thinks he's a lot better than he is. I guarantee he was pushing for a high end contract. This is the time of year when the players that overvalued themselves are starting to settle for what they can get. At that cost though, solid signing for Philly.
  12. Man, who did Anthony Miller piss off to deserve this?
  13. Maybe you haven't, but it's absolutely been a trendy prediction virtually every year for like a decade. It's a meme at this point with Chiefs writers on twitter, and I'm sure it was the same with the Broncos before that torch was passed. I like Herbert, and I like the Chargers roster, and even then I'm reluctant to actually predict them to do anything because of how many years they've looked good on paper, been a trendy upset pick in the West, and then fallen flat. It's more noticeable if you're tuned into AFC West news and reporters and such. But it's very much a thing. 2010 they were co
  14. Glad to see Devin Funchess finally getting put in the right spot on the depth chart.
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