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  1. Eagles sign Mike Wallace to a one-year deal

    A $25M/year Wentz would have the Eagles $5M - $20M over the cap pending contract structure, so really they wouldn't have. Plus, the quote Ketchup replied to was about more than just the Wallace deal.
  2. Overwatch

    I actually find Brigitte incredibly fun, though how useful she is definitely seems to be a mixed bag. I've had some real success with her at times, but this early it's hard to tell what's legit and what's people still figuring her out. She's surprisingly mobile. I find myself using the shield bash for mobility more often than for attack. That, how quickly she can raise and lower her shield, and her smaller hit box makes it a bit easier for her to back out of situations than it is for Reinhardt. I really think her big issue will be that she's a jack of all trades, master of none, kind of character. She has some DPS-ish elements, some tanky elements, and some support-ish abilities, but she's not the right choice to be any of the three. And she pretty much needs to be in a tight team fight to do any of them well. I had the most success with her defending on 2 capture point maps. Get everyone in a tight enough space to do a lot of damage and healing.
  3. Sea of Thieves | Xbox & PC

    I don't currently intend on getting it, but I am keeping an eye on it. I've seen the NMS comparisons too (though it's a little better than NMS because SoT didn't really promise anything they didn't deliver on, as far as I can tell), and reviews complaining about how much content there truly is in it. But it's hard to say this early how a game like this will hold up. If it's just fun enough, enough people will be complacent just doing the same stuff over and over again, and it'll survive well enough. Kind of impossible to predict this early in.
  4. Occasionally. I cheered hard for the Falcons to win the superbowl when Tony G went there (from 09 - 12 it was pretty clear we weren't winning it.)
  5. KC FA tracker

    You don't see why jump balls won't fix his hands? He's had 4 years to work on refining his game. It hasn't happened. He's still the exact same raw but talented player he was when we first acquired him. He just can't catch. He caught 3 passes from Mahomes. That's not enough to offset a 4 year body of underachieving work. And you say just yet, but it's been 4 years. This isn't a guy still establishing himself. He is established. And Watson is not a long term replacement, no. But Watson as a temp #2 while we draft a potential future backup or even a UDFA or something, could be. Watson would be the immediate improvement. We'd find someone else for the future (since I doubt we'd resign Harris either way next year anyway.)
  6. KC FA tracker

    I think Conley still might. With Wilson gone, I'd expect either Hill or Watkins (or Kelce, I suppose) to play in the slot when we go 3+ wide, so Conley should still see a decent snap count.
  7. KC FA tracker

    A willingness to throw jump balls will not fix Harris's hands or route running. He dropped 6 passes last year, while only catching 18. That's staggeringly bad. The dude is talented, but 4 years into his career and he can't reliably catch, that's not someone you want as a backup TE. Regardless of how high you may be able to throw a pass to him.
  8. KC FA tracker

    Watson has been in the $2M per year range for the last 5 years or so, so I'd expect something in that area. Maybe a little less for age. I wouldn't be surprised if signing him led to cutting Harris. And I'd be fine with that. Harris's potential is clearly not going to be realized, at this point.
  9. The myth of NFL parity

    This is a phenomenal stretch in how you're describing that source. The HSAC is a club at Harvard that runs a blog. That's it. It makes for interesting reading at times, but it's not actual peer reviewed academic research. It isn't necessarily even people that are studying or majoring in this kind of work, either statistical or sports-related. At the end of the day it's a club.
  10. I mean, a physical in the NFL is literally, by definition, pass/fail. There are no other outcomes. You pass the physical or you fail the physical.
  11. Games I Beat Thread

    I had all of them up to Gen 4, I think it was? Whichever was Diamond/Pearl. Had like 400-500 pokemon in the games at that point. All I can really say to explain it is I had a lot of free time in Middle School and early High School. Honestly, I think it's only possible if you do it continuously. Because you can generally import them to the next game. I could only do it back then because I already had most of them from playing the earlier games normally.
  12. Colts release Hankins

    The Colts are moving to a 4-3, not to a 3-4.
  13. Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict Suspended 4 games

    Because what you're describing doesn't exist. It's not like there's a massive spreadsheet out there listing all the drugs most doctors would prescribe, and all the drugs they wouldn't. In the end, using a phrase as vague as "a consensus of the medical community" just opens the whole process up to more subjectivity by the NFL in deciding what does and doesn't warrant a suspension. It'd be a step in the wrong direction. It's like when people suggest that the catch rule should just be, if most people would think it's a catch, it should be a catch. You still have the NFL being the one to decide what most people would think.
  14. Do backup QBs ever actually help young QBs?

    This isn't necessarily the case. An inability to do something very well doesn't always correlate to an inability to teach someone else to do something. Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy were both failed pro QBs. Both went on to be QB coaches, then OCs, then head coaches. There are a lot of reasons a QB can fail to succeed in the NFL, and an understanding of the game is just one of them. I don't think teams necessarily sign QBs to be a mentor, but I do think they like having a veteran presence there to review film, to go over drives on the sideline, to be in the room in meetings, etc. If you've ever taught or trained a person or group, it can absolutely be helpful having someone in that group that is experienced in what's going on. You're right, that another coach would be cheaper, but you need a backup QB regardless, a backup QB isn't going to encroach on the QB coach's authority, and he carries the benefit of maybe being able to win a game in a pinch. As opposed to having a dirt cheap drafted backup, where sure they'd have potential, but you never wanna find out about it anyway, and they're not going to get the attention they'd need when you're busy grooming the guy in front of them anyway. So it isn't JUST about helping the young starter, but I do think there's an element to that. Basically an extra $1M or $2M gets you an extra bit of knowledge and experience in the room.
  15. Offseason Rumor Thread

    I'm not 100% that Reid's situation is because of the activism. This has honestly just been a really dead market so far for all FA safeties. Reid, Branch, Burnett, Boston, etc., have all gone pretty much untouched. The only safeties that have been signed have been cuts (Mathieu and Coleman), resignings (Joyner and McDougald), and then Marcus Gilchrist who got a 1 year deal yesterday. I think the market just isn't putting high value on the position right now. I do think him now talking about the activism will probably hurt him, but it isn't like other safeties on his level have been signing block buster deals immediately or anything.