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  1. I'll be honest, I'm someone who puts a decent amount of thought into my pro bowl ballot every year, and even I just check the box for whatever Chiefs player is on there for special teams, unless they were terrible. Slater had years where he was the best, but also years he got praise because he was on a list of names where he was the only one where people were like "Hey, Ive heard of that guy!"
  2. He'll probably get there on carry 1 against us.
  3. Henry started a year older, and didn't hit his stride until year 4, while Smith was already there in year 2. That means effectively he's like 3 years behind Smith already. It won't happen.
  4. They're 3 games back from that spot, already. They've lost tiebreakers already to the Raiders and Colts, who will be in that low level wildcard race, and are 1-4 in conference. It's very likely they have to go like 9-2 down the stretch to get in that conversation (with games left against Buffalo, Baltimore, Tennessee, Carolina, and New Orleans), and I really doubt they're that team even if Watson comes in and immediately plays at peak (which is also pretty doubtful, IMO, given the new team and time off.)
  5. I get where Nacho is coming from. It makes less sense to make a midseason trade for a player when you don't see any chance of really being competitive at midseason. The big hang up with Watson is waiting to see what happens to him in the coming offseason, so if you don't believe adding him now makes you competitive this year, it makes far more sense to wait for the results and then see about a trade. Unless there's a competitive trade market, anyway. Then time becomes more sensitive.
  6. Even with exceptionally good or bad RBs, box count almost always has far more to do with personnel and alignment than it does the whole "fear of the RB" thing. No matter how good a team thinks Henry is, you don't put 8 in the box against 11 personnel, for instance. On the flip side, as rarely as the Chiefs run the ball, and as much as everyone is concerned about Tyreek Hill when they paly us, if we come out in 13 personnel with Hill as the lone WR, no one is going to run cover 3 out of a nickel defense in response. Teams load the box when the personnel justifies it. And this shows in the snap
  7. I don't think it's the OL to the level one poster is describing it. But I also don't think Henry is having nearly as special of a season as some are making it out to be either. The bulk is absolutely fantastic. He is on a legitimate pace to contend with both the single season rushing yardage and single season rushing TD records. 6 games in, of course, but still. But he's also on pace to absolutely destroy the single season record for carries in a season, as well. Even without the 17th game, he would be. And I genuinely flip back and forth between whether this is the most impressive thing about
  8. This is a very reactionary thread.
  9. Brown has been good so far. Not great, but good. I'm not sure QB hits, and QB hits alone, should be used to rank much of anything.
  10. Agreed. And isn't the weakness of the Bills supposed to be the interior line? Why would you choose to let the game come down to literally your interior line against the opposing DL, and take everything else out of the game with that choice?
  11. Only reason Tannehill should throw that pass is if they're going to go for it on 4th.
  12. I mean, I won't argue it's a great defensive call, but the announcers are acting like a CB never has to play a deep zone. If Jenkins can't handle a deep zone, you have problems way beyond your play calling.
  13. If you're outside the pocket it still has to get back to the line. The only case where it doesn't have to get to the line of scrimmage is if the deem a receiver was in the area (which I think is what they ruled there.)
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