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  1. Free Agency

    I dunno. My expectation is that the draft will be used to sure up the front 7. Our front 7 signings are making backup/rotation money. Mathieu and Breeland are the only guys we've signed that are really making starter money. I feel like Okafor and Wilson are depth signings in case the draft doesn't fall as we expect, but I think the plan will be an edge high and a LBer in the mid rounds. WR, RB, and OL would all not surprise me at some point. Seems we almost always draft a developmental OL guy late. But I don't think we go with any of those with our top pick. I think they already have a guy in mind at edge or LB.
  2. Chiefs sign CB Bashaud Breeland (1 year, $5M)

    I like it.
  3. Redskins sign OT Erick Flowers (1 year, $4M)

    At least its short and cheap.
  4. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    Honestly, I don't think this is the kind of question we're really able to know the answer to. So much of what makes any coach good, bad, great, or terrible is far enough behind the scenes that we're not going to be able to see it or judge it. We can try to judge based on results, and kind of one what others say, but plenty of people in the NFL have bad takes of their own.
  5. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    Assuming it follows suit with other generations, the answer is kind of both. The past few gens have had all of the new Pokemon, along with some of the old Pokemon available during the core playthrough of the main story, 8 badges, elite four, etc. Then once you're past the elite four, the post-game introduces a substantially larger number of the older Pokemon through either new areas, new mechanics, items, or just by making them start to show up. Even then though, I don't think it's ever reached the point where ALL of the Pokemon are available, unless you count trades or imports. In X/Y a little under 600 of the 700+ Pokemon were available. In Sun/Moon about 400 of the 800ish Pokemon were available. And typically a pretty hefty number of those unavailable Pokemon are things like old starters or legendaries. It wouldn't make sense, for example, to have Ho-Oh catchable in every single region (though occasionally they find special ways to make stuff like that happen, so you don't have to go way back to catch and transfer through multiple gens.)
  6. Jaguars sign WR Chris Conley

    He's solid, basically. He's subpar as a #2, but he's a good #3. Though his skillset makes him best suited as a perimeter receiver, so his ideal situation is like what we had last year, where Hill and Watkins started over him outside, and then when we went 3 WRs, either Hill or Watkins would move to the slot to put Conley on the outside. So he's a good #3 option, but not as the slot guy. Phenomenal blocker, from the WR position. Very solid hands. Routes are consistent though not excellent. He's not going to get great separation, but he will be where he is supposed to be. His measurables were borderline elite coming out, but it never fully translated on the field. Faster than he is quick. Better at jumping than he is catching jump balls, if that makes sense. But, still a solid, reliable player, and a good pickup if the money is reasonable.
  7. Hill under investigation for Battery

    His sons arm was broken back in like January, for what it's worth.
  8. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    Yeah, the hot takes got spat out for like 6 pages and an hour after the initial news broke, but how calm the thread now is is basically a reflection of everyone just waiting for info.
  9. Free Agency

    For the most part. We normally did Fuller outside in base, kicked Fuller in to the slot in nickel or dime. I would assume we leave Fuller outside if we sign Dennard. Something like Fuller and Ward outside, Dennard in the nickel, and maybe kick Mathieu down to the slot if we go dime.
  10. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    FWIW, some have noted on Twitter that Hill's son has had a broken arm for a few months. In some Instagram photos from January, apparently. It is not something that happened at the same time as the police reports.
  11. It's a really bittersweet kind of happy, but honestly, Eric Berry. Amazing human being, fantastic player for a time, but the season long saga of him being day to day, and will he or won't he play, was brutal and frustrating. And so much money for so few snaps.
  12. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    A KC local news channel had the police reports. One incident from a week and a half ago that was closed with no charges filed. Then this incident now. Child has a broken arm. Hill's fiancee was the only name mentioned in the police report. Both incidents occurred at Hill's house. No charges filed for any of it yet. Reports were submitted to the DA, so if there will be charges filed on anyone, it probably won't take long.
  13. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    This is a good post surrounded by a lot of bad ones. Pretty much my take.
  14. Free Agency

    And perhaps this is true. But you don't take that risk. If you're elite in an area, you're not going to fire a key part of that area. Even if we were succeeding because of talent, not Sutton, you still risk screwing the whole thing up by firing Sutton at the time. You also list yards, not points, and we know we were always a better scoring defense. A lot of turnovers, a lot of red zone success in that 2013 - 2016 window.
  15. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    Just want to add, those saying it's unlikely Mahomes improves on what he did last year, it depends on what you're talking about. It's entirely possible that Mahomes improves as a QB, but that does not have to translate to statistical improvement. A lot of things are necessary for that kind of statistical production, which is why seasons such as that are typically followed up by statistical regression. But it doesn't mean he will regress from a skill perspective. Brady didn't become a worse QB after 2007, for instance, the Pats just weren't really structured or set up to have him throw 50 TDs again.