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  1. I think Kelce's odds are better than some are suggesting. TE isn't a position that typically shows a super sharp fall off in terms of athletic ability. Kelce really only needs three seasons at his career average pace to get to top 5 in NFL history in receiving yards for TEs.
  2. Eric Berry plans to return to NFL in 2020

    I doubt he'll ever quite be the same, at this point. Between various injuries and just age, now. This would've been year 10, for him. Same draft class as Earl Thomas. So even if he's healthy, it's very unlikely he looks like 2012-2016 Berry. He's smart enough to compensate mentally, to a degree, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was still a plus player for someone. And I certainly hope he is. He's that kind of player where no matter where he goes, I'll want him to have as much success as humanly possible.
  3. I wouldn't read too much into it. Game 1 was still within a month of that knee injury. Statistically, week 11 - 13 was the worst stretch of his career. I think he was still just getting comfortable with it again. He was drifting back in the pocket on a lot of the plays where he would've extended outside of it. Week 17 was mostly just a matter of game script, though. Only had 10 drives. 2 were basically kneeldowns. 1 was a one play long rushing TD. 25 passing attempts is about the fewest you'll ever see from us. It definitely doesn't represent any kind of schematic issue, if that's what you're asking. He fared just fine against the Ken Norton and Gus Bradley defenses of 2018. Not to mention San Fran's own defense that year.
  4. Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs Chiefs

    You know, I can tell myself that now. Like right now, I'm content whatever happens. We're in the superbowl, first time in my lifetime, and that's freaking fantastic. Further than I had any right to expect us to go. And we have a lot of Mahomes left no matter what happens in that game. It isn't like a Giants/Pats kind of thing where us losing would be a huge upset or something either, so right now, I can say that I wouldn't be surprised by any outcome, and I'm pleased with the season no matter what. But when gameday hits, I'll be a nervous wreck regardless. Even if we go way up I'll be a nervous wreck. Just part of the deal, I suppose.
  5. Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs Chiefs

    50/50 to me. Teams are very differently composed but similarly talented, IMO. Outstanding coaching staffs on each side as well.
  6. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    I'm fairly certain he doesn't literally mean catching, but the overall receiving game.
  7. Watkins and Erving, definitely. Marshall, who cares? LDT.....maybe. The concern I would have is that our interior OL is already a bit weak, so removing the best player there would make it a huge issue. But definitely not Sorensen. Core ST piece, hugely versatile depth, key piece of that secondary, I think he's worth his cap hit next year, and that's the last year he has on the books. Cap relief isn't needed that badly there, IMO. I'd throw someone like Breeland Speaks on there. Less cap relief, but far less useful.
  8. I will say, a ton is being said really definitively about personnel. SF can't keep up with KC's receivers, KC will get owned in the trenches, Jimmy can't hang with Mahomes, KC won't be able to stop the run, etc. I really think much of this will come down to the coaches. I think the duos of Shanahan/Saleh and Reid/Spags have been doing fantastic work over the past few months. With the Ravens early exit, probably the best coaching performances in football on the whole season. And who is able to get the proper edge there scheme wise on each side will be the difference. And both sides have the creativity, adaptability, and brilliance to win there.
  9. We're not bad in the trenches on either side. I think we're too good on each end to get manhandled. I do think they have the edge on both lines, but everyone but Reiter has been playing above average at least as of late on our OL, and with the emergence of Pennel, the signing of Suggs, and the health of Clark improving, our DL is quite good as well. San Fran might have the edge, but manhandling is a stretch, IMO. Additionally, we're very good schematically on offense about limiting the success of opposing DLs. We allowed the third fewest sacks in the NFL, and it would've been the fewest had Matt Moore not started two games (7 sacks in those two games, 18 in the other 14.) If the concern is that we won't be able to get push in the run game, my counter would be that we really don't care. 30 designed runs to RBs this postseason and like 20 came in the last 20 minutes against Tenn. We do enough on O with motion, misdirection, moving the pocket, and just using Pat's mobility that I doubt we get "manhandled" in the trenches with our O versus their D. I do think San Fran has an edge in the trenches overall, but it's not as egregious as you make it out to be. Additionally, we only played goal line against Tenn on the one 3rd and 1 play. We actually rarely stacked the box that game. A lot of it was just Pennel, Jones, Clark, and Nnadi all playing fantastically along the DL.
  10. Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs Chiefs

    Safeties taking correct angles is a huge deal as well. The first long run Mostert had for the early TD could've easily been stopped for a long, but more manageable gain, had their rookie S Savage not taken a terrible angle underestimating Mostert's speed.
  11. See, we would've been nice and made things interesting before taking Green Bays manhood.
  12. From the Chiefs side of these questions: Our OL is above average, particularly in pass pro. It's a more agile, less strong, kind of OL, so they won't hold up well in run blocking. They'll need screens, misdirection, etc., to get much going from the run game or RBs. But in pass pro they have some strong players. We're best outside, where Fisher and Schwartz are a very good tackle duo. LDT has been coming back on at RG, and Wisniewski has been a big upgrade over Wylie at LG. Reiter at C is the main weakness, there. I don't know much about how exactly San Fran lines up, alignment-wise. I would trust Schwartz against anyone, even Bosa. Bosa could definitely get the best of Fisher, though. I'd worry if Reiter winds up one on one against Thomas or Buckner often, as well. For the DBs, I think the only way they beat us there is if the pass rush gets home. Kelce and Mahomes are way too good at diagnosing and picking apart zone defenses. You need to man up against us and hope the pass rush prevents the speed from winning on long developing plays. If San Fran has Sherman follow Hill, they're fools. The speed gap there is enormous. Sherman is more physical, but that's the kind of battle where if Sherman wins the press 4 times out of 5, that means Hill is speeding by him enough to make them pay. In particular, Sherman versus Hill in the slot is a bad matchup for Sherman.
  13. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    I'm not sure you wanna hang your hat on beating us without Mahomes.
  14. Playoff Week 3: Tennessee at Arrowhead

    I know the feeling. I'm at about 20 years of being a Chiefs fan now, and all the memories of us just sucking still seem so fresh. Knowing that we're here, knowing how far the team made it two straight years, knowing what we have in terms of the future of this team, I'm pretty damn content no matter what happens in two weeks. Though we totally should win the whole thing, just for icing on the cake.
  15. Playoff Week 3: Tennessee at Arrowhead

    I just like hearing him shout "REVERSE!" anytime we fake a jet sweep or reverse in motion.