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  1. Your franchise All-Time Team?

    Not far off what @kingseanjohn had. Just some differences on the DL, and SS. Can't blame him on any of the choices though. Allen and Berry are personal favorites that it's hard to leave off in lieu of guys from way back. Will be interesting to see how long some of our current guys last and where legacies end up. Host of current guys could take a place on this list with enough time and success. For the longest time, any KC all-time team was basically the late 60s to early 70s roster, with the early 2000s OL, and a couple other guys sprinkled in. Nice to be adding recent names with recent successes.
  2. FA KC

    You're exaggerating how many guys worth signing are off the market, and exaggerating how much we need to or should have done that we've missed out on. There's still the draft. We still have Hitchens/Nieman/Wilson, who was our LB corp for the entire playoff run. We still have Ward and Fenton at CB, really only need one guy there (keep in mind, Mathieu plays slot in DB heavy formations), and there are plenty left. We never needed to make a big play in free agency. We're not some team that needs to desperately throw around all the money we have on high end free agents. I don't really know what you expected this offseason, but it isn't what anyone else did. This is exactly what anyone reasonable figured we'd do. Keep as many of our guys as we can, and prep to extend Mahomes and possibly Jones.
  3. Chiefs re-sign WR Demarcus Robinson

    $1M cap hit is worth it if he does nothing but run block and play special teams, honestly. I love it.
  4. The Olympics are a different beast entirely, though. If you just had the athletes, and literally no one else, the Olympics would still host 10,000+ people, from basically every country on Earth. That alone would be a huge, international infection risk. One person slips through and you could end up redistributing infected individuals to dozens of countries. If even a handful of countries would still be struggling with this when the Olympics start, you'd want to shut it down, and that's a virtual certainty. And that's not to mention the logistical issues of coordinating different countries on testing standards, all the personnel and staff needed, etc. Now, I'm not saying camps will be able to proceed, or that the season will start on time. I have no idea, frankly. But the NFL is in slightly more controllable pockets. 1700 rostered players, but you'd only have ~100 per site on gameday. 90 per site during camp. That's a bit more manageable logistically. Bit less risky in terms of mass spread. Though probably still not worth it from an ethical perspective, if we're being honest. But it's also hard to envision where we'll be two weeks from now, let alone 3 - 4 months from now.
  5. I'm okay with it. Shut the NFL down forever. Just declare KC the true and final champions of the National Football League and move on.
  6. Yup. All that really matters is that none of y'all can say a thing to me.
  7. FA KC

    You said almost all impact FAs are gone. There's a crap ton of free agents still out there, so I was only able to assume you meant the top dollar, insta-sign type of guys. I think you're just grossly exaggerating how many guys have been signed so far. Additionally, if we want to sign someone, we will. We can cut Watkins whenever. But you're not going to do that unless you see someone more valuable for that $14M. We have an easy $14M of flexibility. We can sign someone if we want to. There are plenty of free agents still out there. You're exaggerating a lot here.
  8. FA KC

    Honestly, look at the free agents signed so far, and find me $20M worth of them that will carry a greater impact than Chris Jones. If we get rid of Jones (or Watkins, honestly), it's for long term cap flexibility and short term draft capital. It's not so we can blow that $20M on overpaid free agents on the market. That's not the way to build a sustainably good team either. I personally thought we'd move on from Watkins. But not so we can use that $14M to sign high end free agents, but just so we can resign our own. I'd rather bring back Breeland and Robinson, for instance, than work the market. Additionally, you called them impact FAs, that are gone. I would say the overpriced free agents are what is gone. You generally don't want to be in that early push for the big names. That's where you overpay and get over-negotiated. Get used to us not being in that period of free agency. We are not a team that is going to be throwing out $15M - $20M per in the early stages, and we will not be for likely the next decade, if we're doing things right.
  9. FA KC

    I honestly think our plan is to do all we can to keep the core of the superbowl roster together. I don't think anyone we've lost so far was part of that core (Fuller, Ragland, Ogbah, or Bell), while the guys some of us thought we couldn't afford or would be cap casualties, we're trying desperately to make work because they were core elements of the superbowl run (Jones, Watkins.) It also needs to be said, we went aggressively all-in on last year. It paid off, hugely, but some of the moves we made last year were not really long-term cap responsible kinds of moves. We shouldn't really have had the capital last year to get guys like Clark and Mathieu. Their base salaries last year, COMBINED, were about $1.6M. Last year was a full, screw the future, let's win now, kind of offseason. Eventually you have to have a year to pull back to offset that, and that's this year. We're not going to defer anything into the future right now, and that's the only way we could really make any moves at the moment. It's the right play, IMO.
  10. Notable Stats and Observations

    Yeah, if you look at it as Greg Olsen was his #1 receiver, Ginn his #2, Funchess his #3, and Cotchery his #4, it looks far more functional. They did an excellent job that year of using each guy correctly, too. Neither Ginn nor Cotchery were good all-around WRs, but Ginn as a deep threat and Cotchery as a slot possession guy are both very valuable.
  11. Keep in mind, a player like Jones is honestly a luxury from a team building perspective. You need pass rushers along the front, they don't necessarily have to come from full-time DTs. DTs that can play full-time and get 8+ sacks are incredibly rare. This is why he's as pricey as it is, but it also means there's a league full of teams getting by without that much pressure from a single player on the interior line. It's more important, functionally, to have depth and reliability at that spot. You can get by with 3 - 4 guys who are reliable run stoppers who can occasionally generate push. You don't need a star pass rusher inside. Hell, we had a strong defense for years where Allen Bailey was our best pass rusher on the interior. As long as you can get pass rush from somewhere, it's fine. And if we get the Frank Clark that played end of season, all year, we'll have the edge rush to compensate, like we did when we were running Houston/Hali behind a bunch of run stuffing pluggers. I do think you try to get an extra body if Jones moves on. I think it's nice being two deep across the line. So 4 functional DEs, 4 functional DTs. DE is arguable, but DT is definitely just 3 if we don't have Jones. So it'd be nice to add a guy to the rotation. But I don't think that becomes a first round need suddenly, or anything. Nnadi, Pennel, and Saunders is a fine core. Can always move Clark or Tanoh iside on obvious pass plays, too. Spags was one of the earlier adopters of that with the Giants.
  12. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    I'd love to have him back for his run blocking. That's really where he was able to shine most for us. Otherwise, yeah, he really wasn't a good enough separator or route runner to be more than a good #4 for us.
  13. FA KC

    Wouldn't do anything.
  14. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    In fairness, neither really were Albert Wilson and Chris Conley. Recent history has taught Chiefs fans that our depth WRs get snatched up quick lol.
  15. FA KC

    1 year deals for Sherman and Pennel. Getting Pennel back is particularly exciting, to me. And nice to see our annual resigning of Sherman continues.