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  1. Week 10: vs Chargers in Mexico City

    I'm honestly not sure that's true anymore.
  2. This. And people struggle so much with this concept in sports, IMO. The goal is always to win the superbowl. The understanding needs to be that 97% of the time, that isn't going to happen. Not winning the superbowl means you did not achieve your goal, but it does not mean that you underachieved or failed to meet expectations. No team should ever be expected to win the superbowl.
  3. Notable Stats and Observations

    http://pfref.com/tiny/cgXT6 Not the tweet, but the stat. Fun fact, Blake Bortles was very close. Andy Dalton was a TD away. Luck would certainly have made it if not for injury.
  4. Notable Stats and Observations

    It's one of those fancy convenient cut off kind of things. Mahomes has 2 games >385 yards and >2 TDs since week 14 of last year, and Prescott does have 6. But that's a weird cut off, and kind of an arbitrary time stamp. If you stretch it to include Prescott's entire career, he still has 6. If you drop it to 375 yards, and include Prescott's entire career, it's still 6. If you drop it to 350 yards, and include Prescott's entire career, it's still 6. So it's just kind of this one small timeframe and one point of stat accumulation where it seems really eyepopping. Dak's a guy with 9 career 300 yard games, it just happens that 6 of them topped 385. For Mahomes though, if you stretch it to his career, you add another game to make it 3. If you pull back to 375 yards, Mahomes has 6. If you pull it back to an even rounder 350, Mahomes has 9. And I'm sure the leaguewide numbers escalate similarly. It's one of those stats that is very carefully crafted to try to advocate a narrative as much as possible. If the timeframe and/or cut offs seem weirdly specific, there's always a reason for it.
  5. Your 2019 MVP: Russell Wilson

    So you're honestly trying to argue that, despite the Seahawks being 27th in passing yards allowed, they're a top 10 passing defense? Under what reasoning? Additionally, when you refer to a team's ranking as a passing or rushing offense or defense, the implication you're making is that you're referring to their yards ranking. That's standard. You can't just say a team is top 10, for reasons, and move on. You're going to have to justify it if they're bottom 10 statistically. You clearly were referring to rushing yards when you called them a top 5 rushing offense, so why would anyone think you weren't referring to yards when calling them a top 10 passing offense?
  6. NFL Week 11 GDT

    He has 2.5 sacks across the 9 prior games. Not sure what kind of point you're trying to make, but that's not particularly impressive.
  7. Your 2019 MVP: Russell Wilson

    They're 5th in rushing attempts, but 15th in yards per carry. They run a lot more than they run well. And that's including Wilson's totals. They also fell out of the top 5 now that more teams have played 10 games like they have. For passing defense, I can only assume that you're reading the chart backwards, because Seattle's passing D is 27th in the league.
  8. Who do you have making the All Pro Teams

    He has 8 more INTs than Mahomes. I dont think you can context away that big of a gap there.
  9. Who do you have making the All Pro Teams

    I feel like my number one takeaway from this thread is people not realizing how the all-pro team works, and how exclusive it is. Got people listing multiple QBs as first team all-pros, and people calling guys locks at positions where you can only make the all-pro team if you're voted by someone as the best at that position in the NFL. No QB, for instance, is a lock for an all-pro team right now. This isn't pro-bowl where you just have to cement top 6. You have to convince one of the voters that you were the best in the league at your position. It's entirely possible that Jackson or Wilson or Watson or Mahomes could pull ahead enough to where no one else gets any votes. Late season games really shift perspectives too.
  10. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Just turn around, man. You're in perfect position, just look for the ball.
  11. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    I'm iffy on the ejection, just because I don't like ejections for what may have simply been an accident or a whiff. But then I don't know if Randall has any kind of history of that this year or anything.
  12. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    That's going to cost him.
  13. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Yeah, I don't understand the touch distribution. I love him using them both in the backfield at the same time, but it's going to telegraph play calls if Hunt gets all the catches and Chubb gets all the carries. You're making it easier to defend at that point.
  14. Is Kyler the most talent rookie to play since Luck?

    At this point, I just assume if someone tacks on "I believe" or "I think" after posting a statistic, it's really just a way to say something not true, and if they get called on it, they can go back and say "Well, I saw it said somewhere by someone two weeks ago." He also used Arizona being 6th in YAC to say Murray has better ball placement than Mahomes despite Mahomes having likely thrown for more YAC despite missing 2 1/2 games (KC is about 400 yards ahead of Arizona in that regard. I don't actually have a YAC breakdown by QB, but I know Moore didn't throw for 400 YAC.)
  15. Better qb, now and all time Russ or Rodgers.

    Now, it's Wilson, and call me crazy but I don't actually think it's that close. But he still has a ways to go to match Rodgers in terms of career success and resume. It isn't necessarily Wilson's fault, but he hasn't been asked to carry the way Rodgers has for most of his career. And as a result he just isn't on the same level in terms of accolades. No MVPs or All-Pro teams yet. Never been in the conversation for best QB in the league. I'd also argue Wilson took more of a game manager role in his postseason run where the LOB took center stage, while Rodgers had an 1100+ yard, 11 TD 4 game stretch to win the superbowl. Those things could change now, and then quickly have him catch up, but they aren't there historically for him. A superbowl win where he's the driving force behind Seattle, or an MVP year, would be huge for him in this comparison.