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  1. Things other than Redskins

    So much for Cobra 🐍Kai not being able to make a 50-yard Fg...
  2. Should we move Reed to WR full time?

    He would do both. We’ve moved him outside before and run slants andnothrr routes with him as well. Vs the Chiefs wasn’t he on the outside and beat the defender covering him on a route and was open but Kirk was afraid thensafety could get over - even though he likely wouldn’t have - so Kirk worked back over to throw to Doctson? I do understand what you’re saying and I said the same thing in my OP, if you actually read it all but we have to find a way to a better in-line blocking TE on the field to help our running game.
  3. Should we move Reed to WR full time?

    It’s also ludicrous to make him a blocker but they do that constantly. I think that he could beat anyone with his route running, but he couldn’t beat good corners deep.
  4. Yes, horrible on a horrible offense. He has some talent, just needs more development. Their top two WRs are duds, the only reliable wr options the offense has is Njoku and Duke Johnson out of the backfield. It’s impossible to truly evaluate him.
  5. Doctson to get more reps

    It will be Grant. Crowder is the slot guy and the only other wr we have that can play slot is Grant.
  6. Should we move Reed to WR full time?

    True, I think they just need to not have him as an in-line blocker, it would basically be the same thing w/o moving naming him a WR instead of TE. I just don’t want to see him in-line anymore. He shouldn’t be blocking DEs... EVER! I’d rather have Paul as the in-line guy than Reed and Paul isn’t good at it either. My other thought behind this was to do it to get Sprinkle more reps as the in-line guy to see what he has. That way we know what we have in him and whether we need to take another TE in the draft Like Wisconsin’s Troy Fumagali in round 2 who is like Hunter Henry/true TE. He can block in-line and be flexed out wide as well.
  7. Should we move Reed to WR full time?

    In the running game if one of the guys on the line doesn’t do their job - including the TE - the play doesn’t work.
  8. WK 7: Redskins @ Philadelphia

    I’ll take it!
  9. Chris Thompson