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  1. I’ve always believed there needs to be a balance between the two. Teams should always build through the draft but, getting a few good players in free agency every year is important too. Under Vinny we didn’t build well enough through the draft. I agree that Under Shanahan & Allen we didn’t do enough in free agency except in 2011 when we rebuilt our defense mostly in free agency and along with the addition of Kerrigan became a good defense.
  2. Outside of Lawrence they’re the top 2 guys I want.
  3. True but they’re different types of QBs - Griffin’s game revolves around him running - and this injury is about 2 months sooner in the year to Griffin’s meaning Mid Nov vs Mid Jan. From now until the start of the 2021 season is 10 months.
  4. If you’re counting on Washington winning a game, you’re in trouble.
  5. I wouldn't be against it, but I don't want to hear people complain if we do it and then don't improve much like last decade while they say same old Snyder & buying a team doesn't work, you need to build it through the draft. Basically if we're huge players in free agency in March and then it doesn't translate into the playoffs, I don't want people flip flopping about that approach like they are now about having wanted to build through the draft for over a decade plus but now they want to go hogwild in free agency.
  6. If we are playing well enough to get to the NFC Championship game - which I doubt - we most likely aren't going to get stomped! In order for us to get that far our DL would have to be dominating in the playoffs, Alex is playing well along with the young WRs and Gibson will have to be on a roll rushing the ball. All possible but not likely.
  7. That means in 2022 we get a top 10 pick then and a QB unless at 29 we take Trask or Mac Jones if they're there.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH_b3m8Fr0F/?igshid=1tmp32ze128zf Yeah, Darby sign that dude!
  9. You mean Dallas is 7-1 vs Washington right? Dak wasn’t the only reason we lost those games. I remember our defense being quite awful since Dak was drafted by Dallas.
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