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  1. Jets game this week $6.00 tickets

    I’m so glad I didn’t take the bait! I sure as hell thought about going bc the tickets were so cheap, but just bc the tickets are cheap that doesn’t mean that t he parking, food and beer will be! It’s still a waste of a Sunday to go to a Redskins game and will be until they build a new better stadium and if they ever have a winning the am again.
  2. Does McLaurin Break 1,000 Receiving Yards?

    I think he gets over 900, but not 1,000. As Lavar said, Callahan runs the ball too much and with Haskins being the QB now, he’s not as experienced as Keenum was so that will hurt the passing game the final 6 games some too as it has in Haskins first two starts. So, a combination of those two things keeps McLaurin from getting 1,000 yards IMO. I’m guessing 350 more yards receiving and 2 TDs over the last 6 games for 916 yards and 7 TDs on the season.
  3. Gameday Thread: Prepare for takeoff!

    Anyone who watched the game knows there’s more the OL could do and the running backs when blocking. There were several times on the sacks that Haskins took where there were free runners. One time, Flowers let a blitzer run right past him - I guess assuming that the RB would pick him up - meanwhile he went to right and double teamed someone with Roullier. I saw Smallwood run right past blitzers several times while going out for routes and not even chip them, he just let them have a clear run at Haskins off the edge or in the A-gap. All that being said, Haskins does need to do a better job of knowing where his hot reads are and getting those players the ball when he recognizes blitzes coming at the line of scrimmage. These are things though that I expect him to get better at and not to be perfect at in his second start of his career. Heck, Keenum wasn’t perfect at this stuff either this year. I mean just going back to RG3 and Cousins, we saw both of them make similar mistakes in 2014 for both of them, and again in 2015 for Cousins. We even heard Kirk be honest about it and say he didn’t set the protection correctly when he threw his pick 6 to Robert Alford at Atlanta to lose that game in 2015. So, this happens for all young QBs. I just hope throughout the course of the final 6 games and next year we see growth from Haskins in setting the protections, getting out of bad plays and into good plays at the line of scrimmage and getting his WRs into hot routes and then him recognizing the hot routes and getting the ball to the player quickly.
  4. Gameday Thread: Prepare for takeoff!

    Totally am with you 100% on this. All of a sudden this year he’s come off as a know it all when he’s on air or Twitter. I’ve had a few back and forth’s with him on Twitter. I forget what the last one was about but he was coming off as a total as and it was pretty much just an opinion of his, it wasn’t factual like he was trying to make it out to be.
  5. Do the Redskins Win Another Game?

    In what year? It sure as hell ain’t gonna be this year! Haha 🤣
  6. Has anyone on the team said he’s not a high character guy? I haven’t heard that once said about Haskins. Not this year or the previous two years when he was at Ohio State. And, are we really going to blame Haskins for being frustrated with Jay Gruden when it was clear that Jay was more interested in getting Keenum ready for the season than to work with Haskins and develop him for the future. Jay basically ignored Haskins, then reporters report that Haskins isn’t ready and all this stuff, but that’s bc Jay had no interest in getting Haskins ready to ply this year. I mean, that’s as clear as day!
  7. Rookie and young QBs have to earn veteran players trust by playing well. All this says to me is that Dwayne hasn’t earned it yet. I hope he does sometime soon by playing better.
  8. 2020 Draft thread

    Actually, sadly the left side of our offensive line has been better than what we thought would be the strength of our OL - after Trent decided to sit out - the right side of our OL and our center. I don’t know what the hell has happened to Scherff, but he’s easily been the biggest disappointment on the roster this year!
  9. 2020 Draft thread

    I’d say Jim Tomsula has done a good job developing Matt Ioannidis and Allen and Payne continue to play well. So, I think the DL coaching/development is fine. Our problem is more inconsistent pass rush from our OLBs, average at best play from our ILBs - especially in coverage - which isn’t something new, that goes back a decade and our secondary has vastly underperformed vs what we thought they’d be. A new defensive coordinator will help, but we need personnel upgrades - particularly at ILB - and corner opposite Dunny. Norman’s got to go. I don’t know what the heck happened to him the last two years but I’m more shocked when he stops someone from catching a pass on him now rather then someone getting a reception on him bc it happens so frequently. It’s clear that Moreau is not a slot corner. I don’t know if moving him to the outside as a starter helps his play next year but, it may and I think that position is better suited for him. I’m not sure if Moreland can become our slot guy, and we shouldn’t just give him the job bc we like him. We need to draft another corner at some point and sign a corner to compete with Moreau for the starting job opposite Dunny and that has the ability to play in the slot too.
  10. #FireBruceAllen

    I’d say most of us saw 0-3 to start the season, and at best 2-5 after 7 games with wins vs the Dolphins and Giants. No one saw 1-9, but we certainly thought it was strong possibly that after 10 game, at the very best we’d have 4 wins, but mostly likely 3. Also, did Jay quit on the team? It seems to me, he was fired bc the team President and the Owner thought they had a team that would compete for a playoff spot, and they couldn’t have been more wrong! And, despite the interim HC changing a lot of things since he took over the team still isn’t winning! So, perhaps we overrated the talent on the team - especially on defense - as has Bruce Allen who still thinks we’re close despite the team that he built being 1-9.
  11. 2020 Draft thread

    It’s true that it’s likely, but we must lose to the Jets. I also don’t know that the Bengals win a game. We are bad, they are worse and now they are starting Finley. Maybe AJ Green makes a difference but I can’t imagine it’s a 10 point or so difference where they’d win 3 or 4 games the second half of the year.
  12. 2020 Draft thread

    We should release PRich no matter what. Can’t afford to pay him $10 mil over the next few years. Even if we don’t get a huge upgrade opposite McLaurin, I know I’m fine if Harmon is starting opposite McLaurin next year, I’d rather have another WR drafted in the first 3 rounds but I like Harmon’s potential too. Then, we still have the Sims brothers and Kidsy too.
  13. 2020 Draft thread