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  1. I think Saadiq Charles & Wes Scherweitzer practiced the last few days, they weren’t listed on the injury report - but Kendall Fuller & Cole Holcomb were - and they were in griffinvison’s pictures.
  2. Good deal, you and @e16bball have made me feel better about our offense vs the Cardinals defense.
  3. I hear he’s a great writer! Disappointed that they don’t see enough in Hentges to keep him around, a lot of people had him on the 53 man roster.
  4. I don’t see the Browns or anyone trading for Alex Smith - no one knows how he’ll hold up vs DL hits & his cap number is high to take on for another team in a trade. Also, the Browns have Case Keenum as a back up who isn’t great but he’s a serviceable back up capable of throwing for around 300 yards every now and then especially to a talented group of pass catchers like OBJ, Landry & Hooper.
  5. @e16bball Understood but at the same time they did improve w/ the addition of Isaiah Simmons and Phillips. You can’t possibly feel comfortable w/ the left side of our OL going up against the athleticism of Jones & the power of Phillips. Phillips is 340 pounds, I think he’s going to overpower Martin. I sure hope I’m wrong, but I saw Martin get bowled over last week bc of bad technique vs a guy who’s about his size so I’m worried that Phillips will have his way with him. Again, hope I’m wrong but that’s a big concern.
  6. That’s so last season but I’m sure you’ll be riding that high for another decade until maybe LSU wins another one. You’re just lucky The Ohio State had to make the tough decision of choosing between Haskins & Burrow. If Burrow had won the starting Ohio State job in 2018, you would’ve never won your first National Championship since 2007. Just remember who got you that Championship, another Ohio guy! Athens, OH own - the home of Ohio University, I almost went there and have a handful of cousins who did - Joe Burrow.
  7. This is not last season. They signed Jordan Phillips to help their DL, he had 9.5 sacks for the Bills last year and they drafted Isaiah Simmons. Last year is irrelevant. The left side of our OL is going to face Chandler Jones & Jordan Phillips they had a combined 28.5 sacks last year. Chandler Jones had a sack last week against Trent Williams, what do you think he’s going to do to Gerron Christian? Patrick Peterson can hold Terry mostly in check by himself allowing the rest of their back 7 to focus on covering Inman, S. Sims, Logan Thomas & our RBs.
  8. Makes sense, I like how he’s honest and doesn’t blow smoke.
  9. https://sports.yahoo.com/fan-who-attended-texans-chiefs-nfl-opener-tests-positive-for-covid-19-174102860.html Fan who attended Texans at Chiefs NFL opener tests positive for COVID-19.
  10. I like Thomas’s ability as a receiver, but he sure seems soft as a blocker ala Jordan Reed and Thomas missed several blocks - two on one play - vs the Eagles last week. I still think we should’ve signed Nick Vanette - maybe I’m biased though, my cousin, his father in law and one of my other cousins coached Nick Vanette in HS and he went to The Ohio State.
  11. He’d get that same treatment as a QB too! 😂
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