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  1. What to do about the quarterbacks?

    Explain to me how the Redskins were “short sided” when they took a QB in round 1? Seems to me they were thinking of the future when they did that.
  2. Definitely a close race but I think currently given TWills age and injuries over the last 4 years that Scherff is about to pass him or already has as our best OL. If Moses could stay healthy, he’d be a lot better but for the last 3 years he's battled knee and ankle injuries too.
  3. Bleacher Report Ranks all 32 Team's WR corps

    Maybe, we’re yet to play the season. I think the talent is there for our WR corps to be good, but they must reach their potential and that's been an issue.
  4. Bleacher Report Ranks all 32 Team's WR corps

    That’s highly, highly unlikely. Just bc the fans don’t like PRich & Doctson and they aren’t great starters doesn’t mean that McLaurin and especially Harmon could start. IMO there’s NO chance either of our rookies are starters, unless you consider the slot position a starter and McLaurin beats out Quinn.
  5. IMO Scherff is our best offensive lineman.
  6. Bleacher Report Ranks all 32 Team's WR corps

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens and if PRich, Doctson and our young guys - especially McLaurin and Quinn - can step up. Preseason rankings are usually meaningless.
  7. #FireBruceAllen

    I don’t care what those other 22 teams did, I care that they took Carlos Rogers over Aaron Rodgers. I don’t know that I give Gibbs credit for the defense continuing its improvement that Marty Schottenheimer and Marvin started to build from 2001-2003. That was Gregg Williams.
  8. The issue is w/o him does our OL begin to unravel? I think so, just look at how poorly our OL started to play after he tore his pec last year.
  9. They did address center. They drafted Ross P who was a 3-year starter at center at Alabama. Agreed that center is the 2nd most important position on the OL and it has been addressed in two of the last 3 drafts.
  10. What to do about the quarterbacks?

    I think he had input. And I know he developed him.
  11. #FireBruceAllen

    Including Gibbs. Gibbs had a few good decisions from 04-07 but also some awful trades/not re-signing good players as well and he passed on Aaron Rodgers.
  12. I thought Collins was good when he was at LG but after Free retired he was moved to RT and hasn’t been as good at RT as he was at LG but I don’t think he’s been awful even at RT.
  13. What to do about the quarterbacks?

    Pretty sure Gruden was the one who wanted to draft Dalton in Cincy and was Dalton’s OC the first 3 years of his career before he got hired for the Redskins HC job. So yeah, Gruden wanted Dalton and developed him the first few years of Dalton’s career.