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  1. Foster and Brown May Start at MLB

    Well I appreciate a response like that. I think Scot was a great GM and would have built us into a great team in the future and I do agree with Doc that if McCloughan had his way Cousins would be here under a LTD. I never will agree with Bruce & Dan letting Scot go. All I'm saying is that he was GM and incontrol when Compton wasn't upgraded. The Redskins could have signed Zack Brown last offseason when he was a free agent to upgrade Compton but they didn't and not making signings like that led to us not making the playoffs last year because our defense was worse than it was in 2015. Last year Brown's contract on the Bills was 1/2 of what we are paying, 1 year $1.25 million and for that price we could have had a pro bowl ILB last year. There's no doubt that Scot liked, maybe even loved Compton as a player because he likes tough guys who are leaders, care about football and are intelligent. So back to my original point, if Scot wanted to upgrade Compton he would have upgraded him with a player like Brown last season or would have drafted an ILB in one of the earlier rounds.
  2. Gameday Thread - Redskins vs. Packers 8/19

    Roster battles to keep an eye on during Redskins vs. Packers | CSN Mid-Atlantic http://www.csnmidatlantic.com/washington-redskins/roster-battles-keep-eye-during-redskins-vs-packers 1. Starting Middle Linebackers: Zach Brown, Will Compton or Mason Foster? Rich - Zach Brown and Will Compton JP - Zach Brown and Mason Foster 2. Backup Running Back: Samaje Perine, Mack Brown or Matt Jones? Rich - Samaje Perine JP - Samaje Perine 3. Carry a fourth Tight End? Rich - Yes JP - Yes Again, it isn't as fun when they both agree, but they are both still right. Given the injuries to Jordan Reed and the outstanding camp (and versatility) from Niles Paul, keeping a fourth tight end seems likely. Who will it be...? Fourth Tight End: Jeremy Sprinkle or Derek Carrier? Rich - Jeremy Sprinkle JP - Jeremy Sprinkle
  3. Foster and Brown May Start at MLB

    That's not true, the 2015 & 2016 rosters on defense were horrible on defense when Scot was here. When he was hired I was so excited because I thought he was going to fix our defense and it'd be near as good as it was last decade and we'd start winning some close games, but he didn't upgrade the defense. And yes, he could have done more in the draft and free agency to upgrade the defense. Scot wasn't here this offseason so I don't see how he gets full credit for the current roster. Yes, he helped developed the plan with the others in the front office but he didn't sign the free agents we signed and he didn't determine which players we drafted. I'm sure he helped develop the big board, but he still didn't make the selections. Scot helped build the roster in each of the last 3 seasons no doubt but he doesn't get total credit for what was done this offseason, he's been gone from the team since early February. It's anyoying how no one can mention Scot made mistakes without getting killed. I'm just speaking the truth. If some other posters are going to get their facts wrong about why certain players were not upgraded, cut or not re-signed in 2016, not drafted in 2015 & 16, not signed in 2015 or 16, I'm going to point at who the GM was at the time. I don't see how that's wrong. If it was Vinny or Bruce you all would be killing them for saying some of things Scot has said on twitter - particularly about Matt Jones and passing on L.Williams for Scherff - and not upgrading the defense enough in 2015 & 16 to make it at least around average so we could have won a few more games and maybe a playoff game. The only reason people don't want me to mention it is because they don't want to admit Scot made some mistakes.
  4. Around the NFC East

    Doesn't matter how far away it is. The players are going to want this suspension system to drastically change, they're going to want more guaranteed contracts or fully guaranteed shorter contracts, expanded rosters, probably upgrades in safety of the equipment to help protect against concussions and that's not even counting what percentage the NFL income goes to the players in the next contract from the tv contract etc. The owners want more games, probably 18. Goddell already mentioned that they may be willing to shorten the preseason but I'm sure if the players do that, the owners/league are going to want to go to at least 17 games, if not 18. And if that happens, the players are going to want an even larger piece of the income pie.
  5. Things other than Redskins

    Maybe you can come over to the right side and become a Redskins fan and we'll let you make the thread! Lol 😂
  6. Things other than Redskins

    Nationals placed RHP Ryan Madson on the 10-day disabled list with a sprained right finger. Shawn Kelley was activated in the corresponding move. The move was made retroactive to Monday and the Nats are hoping to have Madson back when first-eligible next week. The right-hander sports a perfect 0.00 ERA over nine relief outings since coming over in a trade with the Athletics last month. Aug 17 - 7:43 PM Source: Mark Zuckerman on Twitter http://www.rotoworld.com/player/mlb/3610/ryan-madson
  7. Around the NFC East

    I think we all better prepare for a work stoppage of some kind when the CBA is up. I don't see how these two sides will solve the major issues they have between them without both sides losing some money over it.
  8. Foster and Brown May Start at MLB

    Last season yeah, who else's would it be? If Scot wanted to upgrade Compton at ILB last offseason he would have done what the front office did this offseason and signed a player like Zack Brown or he would have drafted an ILB in the top 3 rounds of the 2016 draft instead of a wr, hybrid S/dime LB and a corner. It's the GM's job to upgrade the roster in the offseason. Scot didn't upgrade the talent of the defense last offseason other than signing Norman late after the Panthers stupidly rescinded his franchise tag and drafting Cravens - who Barry then miscast as only an ILB - instead of playing him at S from rookie mini-camp on and have him learn some ILB for 3rd & long.
  9. Around the NFC East

    Yes we might as well not even talk about it because we're not going to agree ever. You see things as a business owner and I see everything in my life through the eyes of a union official who represents workers rights daily and how can I do things to make the working classes life better.
  10. It's not about later in the season, it's about being ready to go week 1 and then through the first few games of the season. The preseason helps to get starters ready for that, nothing more, nothing less. The Preseason has no effect on the season after the first few games of the season. For the starters the preseason is to be used to get them ready for the start of the season. The fact that Thai and I have to even have this discussion with an extremely bright and intelligent poster such as yourself is unbelievable to me.
  11. Around the NFC East

    Stephen Paea pushing for starting NT job with Cowboys http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/08/18/stephen-paea-pushing-for-starting-nt-job-with-cowboys/ via @ProFootballTalk “Just be aggressive in there,” Paea said, via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “A lot of guys they think of a nose tackle, they’re just there playing with your hands and just playing the run, but Rod just wants more out of the nose tackle. If you don’t pass rush as a nose, then you’re not doing your job, so that’s what he wants from the nose tackle.” Terrell McClain started 15 games at the nose last season, and after he left in free agency, the Cowboys signed Paea, who played for Marinelli in Chicago after the Bears made him a second-round pick in 2011.
  12. Foster and Brown May Start at MLB

    The coaches aren't the ones who didn't upgrade the ILB position last offseason.
  13. Foster and Brown May Start at MLB

    It was McClougan's decision to not upgrade Compton after the 2015 season. Then, this offseason we signed Brown to upgrade him. So, we should be praising the decision to add Brown by the current front office.
  14. My extremely dark horse

    I think that's helping all of our guys. They all are really getting coached up by Jimmy. Even with Johnathan Allen, they said he came in with great hands and powerful hands with a lot of good moves for a rookie but Jimmy was still working him hard on other stuff and I think his pad level was something he needed to improve.