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  1. I really hope Greg Stroman makes the team as our 5th/6th corner, Martez Carter as our 4th RB or Trey Quinn as our 4th, 5th or 6th WR so one of them can be our punt returner.
  2. Well you’re original post didn’t read that way. The way it read was that they traded Alex for a 2nd year player and they didn’t trade him for a player from another team. I do see what you were trying to say now.
  3. Huh? That’s not what happened. The Chiefs drafted a young QB last year who they see as their long term future and they like his potential. The FO decided to go young and rebuild. So, while doing so they unloaded Smith’s $19 million salary to a qb needy team - bc Kirk wasn’t coming back - which opened up cap space to spend on FAs/trades like for Quinn and Sammy Watkins.
  4. I know, I apologize. I just realized I’m blowing up your list and you’re thread which you really are working hard on and doing a good job at. eventhough we may disagree on a few things on this list, I appreciate you putting the work in. I would say, if you’re going to put this much work into it, you might want to email Fanside or HogsHeaven about writing for them so you actually get notoriety for your good work.
  5. Report: Eagles release Mychal Kendricks. Should we? profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/05/22/rep…
  6. Counter point: One is coming off a career year and hitting his peak as a player. And, he is walking into a situation where he has a better OL, better weapons and a better defense too if the team stays more healthy than last year. The other guy may not even be a starter. A veteran may beat him out because he’s only a rookie. Not likely, but possible.
  7. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    You can only win championships if you have great players. Trading them away makes your team worse, not better. Subtracting 50 to 60 points per game off of any basketball team by getting rid of their best player is going to have a negative effect on that team over the course of 82 games, and mostly likely that team Wouldn’t make the playoffs without that player’s production.
  8. Sure... and we know that how? You just said you discount new players. I guess that doesn’t include rookies. You have Richardson & Smith Ranked lower than some rookies. It’s clearly your list but based off of recent history snd what each of them did last year in the NFL - and not in college - it just doesn’t add up to me.
  9. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    There was that one guy from the Giants forum that used to come around. I remember the discussions between Him and If Andre Carter or Osmenyora were better.
  10. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    Because their OL sucked at pass blocking. Unless you’re going to tell me that guys like Eric Fisher are better than Trent Williams...
  11. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    Didn’t Rex Grossman hurt his ribs and then missed a few games? I don’t think he was benched for Beck, Grossman got hurt. It wasn’t fair to give McNabb just one season in DC given the roster he was handed. The Redskins/Shanahan gave McNabb one season with the worst roster they had in Redskins history. McNabb was only average in his one year in DC, but he was essentially the offense that year. His #2 & 3 WRs were a 39-year old Galloway and Anthony Armstrong who was a one trick pony who at best should’ve been a #5 or 6 WR. We think we’ve had bad running backs the last two years, look back at the running backs we had in 2010 after Clinton Portis went down and retired because of a concussion. Putrid. We think our Ol and defense were bad last year after injuries, look at what it was back in 2010. I’m not saying McNabb was going to be the answer or that he was only going to lead to the playoffs in 2011, but we certainly would’ve won more than 5 games given how much better our D was in 2011 thanks to the additions to Kerriagna, Bowen, Cofield, Wilson and Atogwe. I think if McNabb was retained in 2011 we probably end up 8-8 or 9-7. Then, we probably don’t trade up for Griffin in 2012. Instead we take a qb to develop behind McNabb in 2012 in round 2 after taking a WR or defensive player in round 1. Heck, they probably would’ve taken Cousins or Russell Wilson in round 2 in 2012, and the rest would’ve been history.
  12. Yeah, that doesn’t pass the smell test because you ranked Payne over Alex Smith. Payne hasn’t played a snap in the NFL yet. Let me ask you, who’s more proven out of the two?
  13. Trent Williams hosed on NFL’s top 100

    That’s not true. He’s not overweight for his position, he played 3/4 of the year with a torn patella tendon. You should watch the highlights I posted. In there, there is the play from the San Diego game where Melvin Ingram does a spin to the inside to get to Kirk and Trent Williams does a spin move to the inside to block him. He’s the only LT in the NFl with the althletic ability to do that and he did that with a torn ligament in one of his knees. He’s arguably the #1 LT and IMO he is the #1 LT. Other players think that as well from other teams.
  14. In 15 games. You forgot to mention he had 4,042 yards and 26 TDs in just 15 games because Andy Reid chose to rest him for the playoffs because he had such a good season that the Chiefs had home field advantage wrapped up a few weeks before the end of the season. If Smith had played in week 17 last year, he likely would’ve had another 250 to 300 yard game with 2 or 3 Tds and then his stats are 4300 plus yards and 28 or 29 tds. Also, I just don’t see how a rookie NT and a back up TE that Alex threw too as a young QB and helped make a great TE are better than him. I can’t think of 10 players better than Alex on the Redskins, in fact it’s hard to think of 5 better. You really sell him short.
  15. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    His overall record is better than mediocre the last 5 years. He’s an upgrade in that regard over what the Redskins have been since 1992-93.