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  1. For fun post Richardson mock

    We could get offered a lot if SD wants to ensure they get the 4th or 5th top QBs, it'd do it, but it'd have to be a 2nd round pick and at least a 4th for me to do it.
  2. With the 7th Pick...

    I have to go with the Fitz here. He's so versatile, might be the best DB to come out of bama in a long time. Like Ramsey, he can play CB or FS at an elite level which is incredibly valuable.
  3. Things other than Redskins

    I'm not so sure. They still have Russell Wilson, some weapons on offense, talent at LB, S and some talent on the DL. Rams were the team with the leasdt injuries last year and that's probably not going to happen again.
  4. Zack Brown back with skins

    I think so too, if some team is going to give him $10 million a year.
  5. Zack Brown back with skins

    This is the first time Allen has been in total control and made a major trade.
  6. Free Agency

    But in this case he's right. When cerrato was here all fans complained about trading away 2nd round picks and mid round for other teams players and mostly overpaying in free agency. We at least aren't overpaying in free agency now although we did just Fuller and a 3rd trade for a pro bowl qb.
  7. Orlando Scandrick a Redskin

    Biggers was a back end of the roster guy, aka not expected to do much except special teams. Haynesworth made as much money as Cousins did from the Redskins. Biggest at least tried his best week and week out, Hayneworth had no heart.
  8. Orlando Scandrick a Redskin

    Doesn't that look worse on Perry Riley? He ducked his head to make a kill shot on Crabtree, so he wasn't looking at the target, whiffed and hit Biggest who was about to make the tackle along with Riley if Riley was looking at what he was going to hit.
  9. Well new year new draft machine madness

    Lol, it was supposed to be"in the." Damn autocorrect
  10. Remaining Possible Free Agents...

    I missed this post in here and just made it its own thread, its what we all thought was true but didn't know for sure. Definitely worthy of its own thread IMO.
  11. Best and Worst Drafts of the last 20 years

    Eh, we have a better Colt now
  12. Best and Worst Drafts of the last 20 years

    colt may have worked out as a back up if not for the torn labrums. He had something to offer and a moxy about him. Its a shame he couldn't stay healthy.
  13. Best and Worst Drafts of the last 20 years

    That's right, duh. Well that pick turned into Tatum Bell who wasn't much. Betts would've started for the Redskins from 04-09 if champ bailey hadn't cheated on his wife and given him an ultimatum to leave DC or she was leaving.
  14. Gruden hints RB early

    Even if we sign Hankins, I think Vea or Payne in round 1 and a RB like Chubb or Johnson in round 2 is still the best thing to do. Having a DL that looks like this would be a dream: RDE: Allen, Lanier, McClain/McGee NT: Vea, Hood/Hankins LDE: Hankins, Ioannidis
  15. Comp picks

    It’s like Woz said, an few more bites at the Apple to hit on mid and late round picks doesn’t hurt. Our own FA’s got overpaid on the market by most fans estimations - except for Breeland - so I’ll gladly take a Comp pick back and hope that that player becomes a good back up and maybe develops into a starter after a few years of development.