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  1. Brian Baldinger thinks that Jamin Davis fits right in with Washington’s Defense.
  2. He had 36 carries, 409 yards & 8 TDs vs Kent State last year 😱
  3. I think Montez is going to be a practice squad player again. They obviously didn’t think he was ready as they signed Heinicke instead of rolling with Montez last December when Haskins COVID partied himself off the team.
  4. We aren’t the only team/franchise that has done this. The Patriots did it, they were average and then they stumbled on a 6th round QB who changed their fortunes. The Bucs did the same thing, look at Arianas’s staff. A lot of ties all the way back to his time at Pittsburgh. I could keep going.
  5. He started his career off as a #4 or 5 CB and then as a nickel CB for the first 4 years of his career. Then the Dolphins moved him to FS in 2019. In 2020 he played SS for the Dolphins, not even FS. I don’t know if he’s a huge upgrade over what we have in Curl, Forrest, Everrett or Reaves playing FS but, I hope he can be better but it’s to be determined. Most safeties don’t get a lot of interceptions. Only the elite ones do and he’s certainly not elite. Hooker is a much more talented player but he’s coming back from a torn achillies and he’s battled injuries every year he’s been in th
  6. As long as they do a good job I don’t care where they came from. Teams/people running the front offices hire people they know all the time. Marty hired his whole family and I remember people being upset about that. Gibbs hired a lot of people had worked with decades before and when we weren’t good on 2004 everyone said it was a huge mistake and coaching in the NFL had passed Gibbs by. Shanahan hired his son and a lot of ex Broncos coaches and players. Now Rivera is doing the same, it’s to be expected.
  7. I’d gladly take that Super Bowl appearance that that front office and coaching staff had in 2015, I’m hoping they find a QB and we get there within the next few years.
  8. I think Apke would be better at SS. He doesn’t have the feel & recognition for FS. He reminds me of a less physical Landry. He’s fast can hit but is poor at playing FS bc he doesn’t recognize what’s going on in front of him and blows coverages deep like vs Phila or is late to cover over the top like vs Baltimore. I don’t think he’s good enough to be in coverage all game at CB. It’s almost a certainty he’s cut. I’d take every safety we have over him despite his athletic ability. Apke is more athlete rather than football player. He’d probably do good at track & field.
  9. I hope we sign him, seems like he’s be an upgrade.
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