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  1. Around the NFC East

    They’re done! The main reason the eagles beat us twice this season was because we couldn’t sack Wentz when we had him in the grasp a handful of times. Wentz broke those tackles and he’d hit a man wide open downfield or run for a 1st down. Foles can’t do that.
  2. The Jay Gruden Thread

    It’s an interesting comment by Swearinger since he blew the coverage on the TD given up over top of Norman.
  3. NFLMock Offseason Prediction

    So I understand that you refuse to watch the film I showed you? If you don’t see a guy getting a lot of pressure after watching that you’re blind. You have nothing to back up these claims other than, you just don’t like them and want to stick with your predictions to begin the season.
  4. A Thought Experiment On Changes To Make

    There aren’t any snaps for him. It’s really why I didn’t want to draft an OLB last year because we had Kerrigan, Smith, Galette and Murphy already. Drafting an OLB in round 2 was a mistake made by the front office, not the coaching staff. I like Anderson as a player, if there were snaps for him he’d be an elite run defender on the edge as he showed he could be on some plays this year like in the saints game but I doubt he’s ever better than an average pass rusher. I don’t see double digit sacks in his future even with a guy like Allen pushing the pocket.
  5. Things other than Redskins

    Mike Scott been on fire over the last six games. Last night he had 22 points on 9 of 10 shooting in the wizards win over the clippers. Over the past six games, he’s shooting 34 of 43 from the field (79.0 percent). wahoo wahoo!
  6. Things other than Redskins

    Mount Union where Garcon and 3 of my cousins went won another Division III National Championship.
  7. Kirk Cousins Stuff

    There is nothing wrong with Ioannidis remaining a rotational player.
  8. Kirk Cousins Stuff

    Qb is the most important position. The jags have done well in the worst division in the nfl. If they want to be a championship contender they need to get an upgrade at qb.
  9. Doctson to get more reps

    Agreed up until the Big Ben remark. Ben has his off games but the guy is clutch and has been since he got in the league. You don’t just luck box your way into 3 super bowl appearances, 2 super bowl trophies and many more playoff wins and AFC championship game appearances. Cousins is a good qb that we need to keep but let’s not go and say he’s better than a qb who’s been good or better since 2004, sometimes elite and most importantly clutch.
  10. The Pit of Misery!!!! Dilly Dilly

    Either way Bruce isn’t getting fired until we get the new stadium built - if ever - it’s just something we are going to have to learn to accept but never like.
  11. NFLMock Offseason Prediction

    When Allen was healthy we had 3 good Edge rushers (Kerrigan, Galette and Smith) without Allen we haven’t had an interior pass rush and QBs just step up away from Smith and Galette’s pressures from the right. Kerrigan uses his up the field and cut back to the inside move to beat the lesser blocking RTs. We get Allen back and Smith goes back to being the guy he’s was the first month of the season. If you watch film of Galette you can see he’s got great pass rush moves and is quick as a cat off the line of scrimmage like a Dumervil. I’m not happy with Manusky because he never got those 3 on the field together this year and I think it was a huge mistake. We could have had a handful more sacks between Galette and Smith if they were in on 3rd & long with Kerrigan instead of a 2nd DT.
  12. NFLMock Offseason Prediction

    He’ll get it next year when Galette is gone since Gallete went to twitter to pretty much say his good bye’s.
  13. I think football outsiders but you have to pay for it and I’m not. The truth is that Allen’s injury & then Ioannidis’ shortly after that killed our pass rush. Allen took on double teams and still pushed the pocket. Allen taking on double teams allowed Ioannidis to go one on one with the LG. They both pushed the pocket back so QBs couldn’t step up and when that happened Smith was there to get a sack or qb hit on the edge. Without that, QBs just step up away from Smith. Kerrigan gets sacks in different ways. He rarely turns the corner becaus3 he gets no bend on his pass rush, he goes upfield and then cuts inside the RT to get the sack or bull rushes them. Smith needs to work on an inside move like Kerrigan has, if he did he may have a few more sacks. Also, I know people don’t like to hear this but Smith usually goes against LTs and they are good and great pass blockers. This doesn’t mean Smith doesn’t need to be better, but at the same time just look at the LTs he’s gone against this year, it’s been a group of good and great LTs minus a few all year.