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  1. He deserves it, who else you going to give that $ to on our roster right now?
  2. Redskins Losing Fans at a Rapid Rate

    Definitely, Brian Lafemina and his crew had such a good plan too, Bruce had to go get all jealous again and convince Dan to get rid of them though. Ugh
  3. #FireBruceAllen

    Yeah definitely, that's what I mean, sustained winning.
  4. Redskins Losing Fans at a Rapid Rate

    As I said in the Fire Bruce Thread: If we win things will change. Especially if Haskins turns into a great QB. Just look at the excitement around RG3 in 2012 vs what most fans think of the team now. Winning cures all. Also, our stadium sucks and I think it is one of the oldest in the NFL. A new stadium next decade will also make fans excited as long as the team is good w/ a good young QB or by that time hopefully a good to great QB in his prime.
  5. #FireBruceAllen

    If we win things will change. Especially if Haskins turns into a great QB. Just look at the excitement around RG3 in 2012 vs what most fans think of the team now. Winning cures all.
  6. Well Doctson, PRich, Simms and Harmon have that type of talent. Whether they stay healthy and/or live up to their potential is another question, that remains to be seen. PRich, CT and McLaurin have the speed to take short passes into long gains. PRich and McClaurin have the speed to get behind defenses and make plays on deep balls w/o having to jump up and make plays on the ball in the air. But again, this all remains to be seen. We can hope they stay healthy and showcase their skills but we don't know that they will.
  7. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    Well Beal for one, trading Wall - which keeps resurfacing from a few posters even though it's virtually impossible - for 3 years. The discussion that's been going on for 5 years is the discussion of having a team that is good enough w/ Wall and Beal to be in the discussion of the top 5 in the conference to compete to get to the Conference or NBA finals or to just trade them, tank and start over which, will mostly likely be the result of the team in a few years if we did that, unless we get lucky like we never have and get a Lebron James or Zion type talent in the draft.
  8. The injuries to PRich, CT & Crowder were huge bc they are those types of guys. They are the types of guys who can get the ball in their hands and can take it to the house on any play. They are kick returner type guys and when you lose 3 of them in one season its hard to replace that. I'm hoping that Quinn and McLaurin can be those kind of guys for Haskins and our young running backs in the future, Guice & Love.
  9. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    I’d love to know the context of that. The fair comparison would be Cousins in 2014 vs Haskins’ rookie year, not what Cousins has done once he developed into what he currently is in 2015 and beyond.
  10. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    It will happen for sure. I've kind of quite commenting bc we are just rehashing the same arguments we've been having for what seems like 5 years. Pretty clear the two sides aren't going to agree on some of it. We could be discussing Derrius Guices’ recent hamstring injury and if we think its a big deal and if it will linger or not.
  11. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    Man you can really tell it’s mid-July! Haha 😂 I like the direction the franchise is taking and I hope they continue doing what they're doing.
  12. I already explained my thought process. I refuse to continuously legislate a thought that I had a year ago based off of everyone being healthy all year or mostly healthy all year which didn't happen. Everyone else can be happy that our season went the way it did last year all they want so they can say they were right. Congratulations