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  1. Alex Smith

    Kirk wasn’t staying!
  2. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    Last nights loss was inexcusable! Horrible effort on the defensive end once again from most of the starting 5, save Howard (25 pts, 17 rebs). You’re 5 best 3pt shooters can’t go 2-14 and you win many games. Defense and 3pt shooting must improve or this team is going nowhere.
  3. Alex Smith

    Andy Reid and Matt Naggy used a lot of zone read and RPO with Alex Smith last year. Alex used it a lot dating back to college with Urban Meyer. When we use it, Smith is money. We need to use that more and then it should open up play action pass for him to hit something downfield to Doctson or Harris. As far as WR goes, I’d draft a WR in round 1 or 2, re-sign Crowder, and cut Richardson after next season, unless he balls out next season. Bruce Allen & Schaefer put an out in PRich’s contract after two years aka the 2019 season. We can let him go after two years.
  4. Is the defense for real?

  5. We Should Extend Scherff and The Greek Now!

    Huh? Scherff plays Cox twice a year and has since he was a rookie. His rookie year he went vs Suh in his first ever NFL game vs the Dolphins and he helped pave the way for Alfred Morris to go for 121 yards. The Rams were smart and had Donald go against Lauvao last year, that’s not Scherff’s fault, and while Lauvao didn’t do a bad job, Scherff would’ve done better.
  6. Redskins Waive Holsey

    Bibbs is playing well and is a better option as a receiver which is needed because of CTs injury.
  7. Possibly, I’ve heard it was LCL, not MCL. Maybe it’s both?
  8. Alex Smith

    He didn’t miss “a lot of WRs” on some plays he’s seeing something pre-snap, goes there and then something else goes uncovered but he has already gone with his pre-snap read. This stuff happens with All QBs, I’ve said for years it’s easy to be an armchair qb after the game but the truth is all QBs aren’t going to make the perfect play every game, every play. This same narrative you’re using was used against the former QB for 4 years, and the QB before that for 2 years after his great 2012 rookie season. If you’re not willing to go through some misses and mistakes with a QB then you’re never going to be satisfied as a fan because they’re not robots.
  9. Alex Smith

    No doubt Alex should’ve hit those 2 plays, but it’s 2 plays? 2 plays in the entire game? For example, As good as AD is I can’t point out two decisions he made on cuts which cost him more yards and possible a TD but you don’t hear me complain do you? You know why? We won! On to the next one. People did this to the former QB for 3 years that didn’t like him and we’re still infatuated with RG3 from 2015-2017, don’t be that guy.
  10. Alex Smith

    Would it have mattered that much? Didn’t Doctson, CT & Reed all miss a lot of time in the preseason? AD wasn’t on the team yet either. See, when your targets aren’t out there it’s impossible to get in a rhythm with them. I guess Alex & PRich could’ve gotten in a rhythm but from what I could tell until PRich was some for the year, those two didn’t have a chemistry issue. It’s been more with the incumbent targets. Re-signing Cousins long term went out the door after we first franchised him in 2016. I ignored the truth that Lavar spoke for the next two years, that we should’ve trade Cousins - like McCloughan wanted to do after Cousins’ first franchise tag - because the front office didn’t want to sign him to a long term deal in 2016 playing him on avg $20 m a year - which Cousins wanted - and after Cousins didn’t get that, he seemed skeptical if he wanted to stay.
  11. Our biggest need in 2019-Offensive Tackle

    That’s attempts buddy. 10 attempts, 6 or 7 completions.
  12. Alex Smith

    I expected growing pains with Smith. I constantly stated how our offense has started slow for as long as I can remember the first month of the season. Especially in 2015-2017. So, I expected the same to happen for Alex especially with him being new and the offense also being new to PRich. Sure I expected guys to have injuries, that’s football. I didn’t expect 3 of our starters to be out for the year in one game and before the half way point of the season. I also didn’t expect Crowder to miss over a month.
  13. Alex Smith

    This just is not the truth, he’s clearly playing average right now and that’s without 2 of his top WR options, CT & Crowder.