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  1. Trade up, draft Fields. Re-sign Kyle Allen to compete w/ Fields and Heinicke to be the starter this year. It’s probably best for Fields - same with Wilson or Lance - to sit for a year but I can’t dismiss out of hand that Fields wouldn’t show enough in the offseason to beat both Allen & Heinicke out to be our week 1 starter or at worst eventually be our starter during the season.
  2. Kyle Trask has a stronger arm than Kyle Trask? Not sure about that. Trask did more with less? Not sure about that, Trask had Pitts & Toney, both projected to go in round 1, same as DeVonta Smith & Waddle didn’t play half the year because he broke his ankle. I don’t see Jones or Trask as statues, they’re just not the good to great athletes that Lawrence, Wilson & Fields are. Jones reminds me of a Cousins/Dalton type athlete. Trask in a lot of ways reminds of Big Ben as an athlete. Not really athletic, but big and strong and deceptive in his movements where
  3. I’m not totally against it, it depends on the price. He is 31 years old though. I’d rather draft a TE, on the flip side we can do both though.
  4. The only issue I have with signing Van Noy is his age, he’ll be 30 on March 26th. If we signed him he’d be our starting SLB and then we can slide Holcomb over to play MLB. If we sign Jayon Brown, he’d be our WLB or we can try Landon Collins there while re-signing KPL on the cheap and we have Khaleke Hudson and JHC returning to compete for the starting WLB as well.
  5. Sad but necessary I guess. I really think Alex should retire now, but maybe he won’t. Maybe someone will sign him to be their back up. Here’s to the future. I sure hope we find a QB that can win us some games consistently in the way Alex did in his 16 starts as our QB. I’d love for it to be Heinicke, I’m very interested to see if he can be that dude. I’m not totally bought in that he is after just 6 quarters of good/great QB play, but no fanbase deserves it more than Washington’s to find a franchise QB.
  6. Even so, it’d still be better to find our own franchise QB through the draft and have them for hopefully the next 15-20 years. Russell Wilson is going to cost a lot of draft capital as well as one of our DL starters, as will Watson, and they have huge contracts. Watson is going to be 26 in September. Wilson will 33 in November. Any QB we draft in round 1 will be 22 or younger. That could be a huge difference for our future & winning games for decades to come. It’s about the long game, the long term vision of building a team, not just the short term fix that yes will make us bette
  7. Much like Heinicke, I wouldn’t put all my chips in on Allen being our starter, but I wouldn’t count him out either.
  8. Rashod Bateman runs a sub-4.4 40-yard dash at EXOS combine - ProFootballTalk https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/27/rashod-bateman-runs-a-sub-4-4-40-yard-dash-at-exos-combine/
  9. There’s not a veteran available in FA THAT WILL MAKE US A SUPER BOWL CONTENDER!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Not sure how that makes him not an option for us. We should take the best player available.
  11. Yeah, let’s just keep repeating the same thing we’ve been doing for most of the last 30 years. Why keep Trent Green when we can trade 3 draft picks for Brad Johnson and then not re-sign him? Why draft and develop a QB when instead we can trade for Mark Burnell and give him a huge contract extension when his career is basically over? Why re-sign Cousins when we can trade a 3rd round pick & Kendall Fuller Alex Smith & give him a huge contract extension? The idea behind drafting and developing a QB is if you can actually develop a young QB into a good or great sta
  12. I really think Winston can become our back up PG, maybe as soon as next year.
  13. Never thought about this before... I mean... yeah!
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