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  1. Wilton Speight played at Michigan and gifted the Buckeyes a win every year. No thanks.
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/17/raiders-cut-jonathan-cooper/?share=twitter&nb=1 Can't in case something happens to our All-Pro LG Ereck Flowers, we should keep this one in our back pocket. Cooper was serviceable last year when we had to bring him in after we had multiple injure a at guard. In fact most of us were shocked he wasn't re-signed and that we signed Flowers to play LG instead.
  3. Patriots put Isaiah Wynn on IR. I hope they call the Redskins for Trent
  4. Jalen Ramsey?

    They waNt two firsts as if he's a player in the franchise tag and no one even gives that much for franchise tagged players anymore. We’d likely be giving up two top 10 picks for Ramsey, no thanks.
  5. It ain't the QB .

    Keenum is serviceable. He isn't the future. The future is Haskins. We need to do what the Bears did 3 years ago and what the Giants just did today. The average QB isn't getting us anywhere. The future is now, start Haskins!
  6. Tell us about yourself

    What exactly did they get Tressell on? Terrell Pryor exchanged autographs and memorabilia he had won for free tattoos? Bfd
  7. Keenum has been up and down. He was definitely good the first quarter and a half vs Phila. He hit Davis on a realively short pass and then Davis broke 5 tackles and took it 50 yards for a TD. Davis did all the worlk. He hit an open Scary Terry for a 69 yard TD. After that? Keenum didn’t do anything until garbage time. Vs Dallas he three for 221 yards and 2 TDs (75 yards and a TD of that was in garbage time once again) and for most of the game he was a bit inaccurate like in the second half vs Phila. He missed several open throws in each game. I don't hate Keenum but when I know Haskins could do what Keenum is doing and possibly more bc he has a stronger arm, it bothers me that we’re keeping the young guy from playing and getting that era started. Collins has been good vs RBs & TEs - or Ertz & Witten didn't kill us for the first time that I can remember. The Eagles and Cowboys beat the Redskins on the outside to their WRs and their WRs beat our corners. Nicholson has been fine but the corners have blown coverages and Norman has freelanced since we signed him but when the corners flow coverages the safety cant cover 2 or 3 guys at once. Truthfully our safety coverage hasn't been elite since Gibbs/Cerrato let Ryan Clark walk in 06. Swearinger was pretty good in coverage. We had a poor stretch of safety coverage from 08-2016. Also, we had very little pass rush in either game, you can't cover WRs for 10 seconds.
  8. Tell us about yourself

    Ha! Sure, remember the fab 5?
  9. Mack vs Moses? It’s going to be ugly? Heck Floyd is so fast he’ll probably get a few also. There’s no way we’ll be able to run on Eddie Goldman (who we took PSmith over in 2015) and Akeem Hicks. Akeem Hicks will abuse Scherff too.
  10. #FireBruceAllen

    O’Connell was supposed to call the plays, I don’t know who is calling them for sure. Callahan is supposed to be the run game coordinator but who actually knows if that’s the case. Callahan’s run game was good in dallas so, I question if we are running what Callahan wants to run or if Gruden is mandating that we do what he did in Cinncy. Whatever it is, it ain’t working.
  11. Fed Ex Field on a Monday night? Guaranteed blow out for the Bears! 31-13 Bears! Keenum benched in the 4th after throwing his 3rd interception to the vaunted Bears defense. Haskins Era begins! Haskins starts vs the Giants for a rookie vs rookie match up.
  12. Who's ”no one else?” have you talked to every single football analyst in the USA. The truth is some do, some don't but the fact that he's constantly among the leaders in not giving up sacks in the entire league, is amongst the most athletic LTs to ever play the game and is a great run blocker makes most disagree with your assumptions. I just saw a graphic that showed he was I think first in the NFL last year in not giving up a sack. I’ll try to find it.
  13. Giants name Daniel Jones the starter

    Can we just discuss the topic? Man, WTF