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  1. Agreed and I’m good with it either way. Both guys were great players for us, I don’t really care which one is our franchise sack leader, they’re both great and deserving.
  2. Ohh that’s bad! That’s real bad! 😂 I’ve definitely seen much better graphics done for all the Washington names that are in the running whether it be Wolves, Red Wolves, Red Tails, Red Hawks or whatever.
  3. He’s got some talent but never been consistent enough. His foot injury he had as a senior in college really affected him & the projections for his career. My guess is he could wow us vs back ups in the preseason, as I expect Patterson to do as well and they both will end up on our practice squad. Williams is outside looking in even more so than Patterson IMO. He’s really going to have to look like our 3rd best RB & be good on special teams to make it over Barber and/or Miller as our 3rd RB, and I just don’t see it happening. I’d welcome it but I don’t see it happening.
  4. You’re forgetting about the biggest reason guys like Barber make teams as reserve RBs & guys like Miller - who used to be starters - don’t. It’s special teams. Barber most likely makes it over Miller because Barber is a good special teams back and while he’s not as explosive as a healthy Lamar Miller, Barber is a better short yardage runner, a good blocker & also a decent receiver out of the backfield. I also read that Barber dropped like 10 pounds this offseason. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/football-teams-peyton-barber-drops-weight-during-
  5. Yep, that’s where I’ve been for months. We should trade Scherff to a team where he can work out a new long term deal. I’d much rather have a 2022 2nd rounder than a 2023 3rd round comp pick for Scherff.
  6. I don’t see Rivera as a running back by committee guy, they drafted Christian McCaffrey in Carolina and he was an every down back. If Gibson ever develops into a better blocker - which hopefully he will this year - then he would be the best every down RB on the roster and it wouldn’t surprise me if Gibson becomes an every down back and McKissic’s snaps are greatly affected. I’d still expect McKissic to get snaps on 3rd downs some, but I’d expect Gibson to get some also which will cut into McKissic’s snap count. Yeah, I don’t see Barber being cut. He’s a good short yardage b
  7. I doubt we can trade Barber. If Miller is healthy and shows well in the preseason teams will probably know Barber could get cut plus, Barber is a dime a dozen type player. He’s a good back up utility type RB & special teams player who can do everything but can’t do anything at a high level. I doubt teams would trade for that when usually you can find that player easily as a young RB who’s undrafted or whatever.
  8. Eh, if the name isn’t the best and we start winning I’ll get used to it!
  9. Cleveland renamed their baseball team the Guardians. The name is ok, I don’t love it. I do think the intro for the name using Tom Hanks as the voice for this video was awesome! Going to be hard for Snyder to top that!
  10. Exactly. Getting out from paying Westbrook $44 million this year and $47 million next year and building around Beal with this young team is key. That frees up a lot of cap space. Bertans is definitely a negative trade value. He’s making about twice as much as he should. Yes, he’s a bench player & sharp shooter but he gives us nothing else. He’s not even as good as like a Kyle Krover type who was a better defender & all around player who I don’t think never made over $10 million in his career. I would keep Denis Schroeder. When he was in OKC with Chris Paul he scored 19 ppg wi
  11. Exactly. Getting out from paying Westbrook $44 million this year and $47 million next year and building around Beal with this young team is key. That frees up a lot of cap space.
  12. Moving in the right direction! I like it! I’m still worried about a key player getting COVID but I guess that’s the chance they’re willing to take. It will really suck for the team though if we lose a game bc someone got it.
  13. Bakhtiari may have taken a step back bc he is coming off an injury last year but I have to say Bakhtiari is luck to be protecting Aaron Rodgers - one of the most elusive QBs in NFL history in the pocket & outside the pocket - that probably helps his stats a lot. Trent on the other hand has had to protect the blindside of some dud QBs the last decade, including last year with all the injuries to the 49ers QBs last year.
  14. I thought we got a 2020 5th & a 2021 3rd for Trent? It’s really a damn shame that Bruce didn’t make him the highest paid OT in 2019 but we can’t do anything about it now, but yes, it really sucks. Here’s to hoping that Leno can at least be a good LT for us.
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