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  1. No it’s not. When the players around him are feasting on sacks, QB pressures & QB hits that’s a direct reflection of Chase Young’s impact on the defense. I mean all we have to do is compare the performance of the defense & the DL in 2019 vs what it was in 2020 after we drafted Chase to see his impact.
  2. Well don’t get me wrong, I love Heinicke & I would’ve re-signed him too, I just don’t know that he makes us anything better than mediocre. If I had my choice last offseason I would’ve traded for Darnold or traded up for Fields or Jones in the draft after we didn’t get Stafford, then re-signed Heinicke and then either re-signed Allen or drafted a QB like Trask or Mond to develop too if we had traded for Darnold.
  3. Heinicke is 28, he’s not young. Their plan is awful. If anything their young QB they are hell bent on developing is Kyle Allen still who is 25. He’s the guy that Rivera said after last season he felt that he could’ve done what Alex Smith did for Washington during the 2020 season, totally once again downplaying Alex Smith’s importance to the team winning 5 straight games going from 2-7 to 7-9 and winning the NFC East. Darnold was effd by the Jets, don’t play dumb and act like you don’t know that he was put in the worst situation of any of the QBs in that draft. Darnold has the tools &
  4. As Kevin Sheehan said this morning, that shows their trust in Heinicke which is good. Yes, Gibson should’ve had 10 more touches in the game, a few screens/option routes or a route where he leaked out of the backfield & up the sidelines like Heinicke hit McKissic on late in the game, but what I will never understand is Scotty going full Kyle Shanahan and throwing it with a QB making his first start this year on 3rd & 7 with the lead w/ 2 minutes left in the game while having a RB who’s averaging 5 ypc at your disposal. Obviously throwing the ball is the worst option there. Run
  5. That’s fair, but if anyone’s argument is that Darnold doesn’t have a higher ceiling than signing a 39-year old Fitz then I’m going to have to disagree with you there.
  6. People sleep on Clowney too. Sometimes a players impact on the team & on his unit/in this case defense/defensive line doesn’t show up on the stats sheet.
  7. @ThaiphoonYou’re feelings about Darnold are how I feel/felt about signing Fitz. Sadly, so far Darnold looks like more of a better option we could’ve made than Fitz has. Also, I get that we were looking for a vet to sign to hopefully remain mediocre or slightly better after we won the division, but again me, ME I never did agree with that approach. I don’t give a flying whatever what they thought, I’m just saying IMO it was an awful strategy regardless if we won the division or not last season, that’s irrelevant to me because they still could’ve drafted a QB heck, even if it wasn’t by
  8. I’m sure can, but I feel like w/ Colt & Brees as @MikeT14 was saying he’s going to need a lot of time and protection to sling the ball 40 yards plus downfield. He doesn’t have a strong arm, so he’s not one of these elite QBs who can just drop back and fling it 40 plus yards downfield with ease. Heinicke seems like the type that needs more time to load up with his lower body and everything to really heave it 40 plus yards downfield.
  9. Yeah, Collins needs to be playing as a 3rd safety in the box or as a WLB over Jon Bostic. They need to get him out of intermediate to deep coverage, it’s not his forte, he’s a true SS or more like a dime LB in today’s NFL. I’ve been saying this since February & i think the point holds even more true today as my thought/idea did back in February.
  10. Well I realize that but Woz’s point seemed to be that it was definitely inevitable that if we had drafted a QB in round 2 or 3 that it was more or less a waste. I don’t agree with that because if that QB practiced/played well they may not see the need to take a QB in round 1 if they believe the QB they drafted a year or two earlier will be a starter for them that season.
  11. Depends on what the QB that was drafted after the first round shows them. Russell Wilson, Dak, Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles & others were kept and given chances to start by their teams right away or w/in a few years because of what the guys showed they could do. If the team really believed in that guy they had drafted like say if that guy for us was Trask or Mond, then Rivera may not be thinking QB in round 1 next year but that would be asked off of what the QB they had drafted this year was showing them the off-season, preseason and practices.
  12. They were obviously gassed bc I don’t think anyone would consider any of our top 5 DL lazy, or they shouldn’t. On the flip side of they had been out of the game getting a breather and Toohill, Smith-Williams, Settle & Ioannidis had been in the game spelling them in sure that you and @TheGreeK1973 would’ve been composing and saying how can Del Rio not have their best DL in the game in crunch time!
  13. I am as disappointed in our defense the first two weeks as anyone else, giving up 800 yards & 49 points - which could’ve been 43 points last night if not for Giants implosion - is awful and not how I expected them to start the season. But, I do expect this defense to improve as the season goes on. I thought Jamin Davis had good coverage on the running backs and others last night when he was in there, so I think he’s making strides, not huge strides but strides & he’ll probably have a good second half of the season. I think some of our issues in the secondary is incorporating
  14. No, he’s not a bust. He’s not putting up the impressive eye popping sack numbers like he did his last year at Ohio State, but he’s not a bust. He’s playing really well & he’s clearly a leader on that defense despite just being 22, but those who only watch stats and not pay attention to what he’s doing on every play will probably call him a bust. Just for example, Chase gets more attention from blockers than any other defensive lineman on the team. The focus Chase gets allows Montez Sweat & Jon Allen to gobble up sacks. Chase’s impact doesn’t show up on the stat sheet but his prese
  15. And what’s sad about that is that wasn’t Kirk’s fault, like Trent Green & Brad Johnson before him & unlike the other guys who couldn’t cut it, Kirk had earned a long term deal. Our owner/team President at the time just didn’t what to give him the long term deal he had earned so Kirk’s playoff win that we’ve been longing for since 05-06 happened in Minnesota instead of DC. 😥
  16. If we don’t gas up Redwolves1 & roll out the red carpet for Rodgers next March Rivera should be fired! It’d be awesome to get Rodgers, he’d make us a contender for sure. We have to get him! He could end up in Denver but we should do everything we can to sign him!
  17. @Thaiphoon newsflash, we don’t agree. I think we could’ve signed Sam Darnold & I think he could’ve been a QBOTF for us like he may be for Carolina. I also wouldn’t have signed Fitz. He’s Just not a guy to be excited about, he’s not even been as consistent as Case Keenum has been at times in his Career. Fitz isn’t even an averages starter. You Keep what you have in Allen & Heinicke - who are similar to Fitz as guys who can be below average at best average starters & the ther FAs we could’ve signed - but Heinike/Allen are younger/developing and have upside that Fitz & those
  18. True, if they think Rattler, Howell, etc are a clear upgrade but I’m not so sure they are. Also, tonight for example he accounted for what should’ve been 460 total yards & 4 TDs (2 passing & 2 rushing) if there wasn’t a holding call on his 50 yard run & if Slaton didn’t drop and easy TD pass. It’s hard to imagine him not being at least a 4,000 yard passer this year w/ 25 TDs & a handful of rushing TDs & 500 yards rushing. This was a Kirk Cousins type game for Jones tonight. He played well & even played better than the stats suggest bc of the mistakes his
  19. Wow! Shades of what we had 2 & 3 in 2000. I wonder if they’ll draft a QB or roll w/ Jones for one more year & just take BPA. They could take Kayvon Thibodeaux, DE Oregon and Evan Neal, LT Alabama. Move Andrew Thomas to RT.
  20. Didn’t see it. And sometimes there’s no time to get off the field if a team is running hurry up.
  21. If the Danny Jones 48-yard TD run didn’t get called back and Salton made the easy wide open catch, our defense would’ve given up 43 points tonight! 😱😢
  22. Well Jon Allen wasn’t, but the rest of them were except for a few plays by Montez. 6 tackles & 2 sacks by Jon Allen is an awesome game for a DT.
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