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  1. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    I’m just telling you why he left this particular forum. He felt he was going to keep getting in awful arguments and end up being suspended. He didn’t want that so he quit posting here. He still stalks here though and likes a lot of my and HTTRG3’s posts, possibly other ppl’s too. He told me he was disappointed in Alex’s Play so far.
  2. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    That’s not his point
  3. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Again, we almost went to the NFFCG in 05 bc of running the ball, great D and winning the turnover battle by a lot.
  4. Amazing and sad that Jay is the winningest HC in the Snyder Era.
  5. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

  6. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper

    It’d be pretty cool to have the 4th and 5th picks in the 2015 draft on our team, but damn if Cooper comes here and balls out that’s going to be expensive to re-sign both our RG and a WR in the same offseason. Cooper also has been one of the leaders in drops in the NFL the last few years. Coincidentally, so has DThomas and both of their teams are willing to trade them... Red flag much?
  7. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper

    Yeah, only about 70 times has he thrown to a WR. I guess that’s never.
  8. Alex Smith - Deja Vu

    Why would anyone admit someone else is right? You know that doesn’t happen.. up in here! Up in here! lol 😂
  9. Alex Smith - Deja Vu

    Im talking about playmakers. You know, like Im watching Hunt & Hill take 5 yard dump offs, wheel routes or crossing routes and taking them for 20, 30 or 40 yards. We have 1 of those guys who’s consistently done that - CT - but he’s hurt right now and we are 2-0 w/o him.
  10. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    I’m not sure why the truth bothers you so much. He didn’t say any thing controversial, just that the other QBs who dealt with the elements today didn’t play well either.
  11. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    On the 3rd & goal, Alex had a TD if he pulled it on the zone read. That’s all on him. He gave it to Peterson and should’ve known he was going to get blown up. We don’t need a FB, we have ZO 2.0 aka Ryan Anderson.
  12. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    So, do I have this right? The Redskins are 2-0 w/o Crowder and CT? That’s impressive
  13. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    This is true but the no turnovers helps you win more games than you lose. I think we’re +5 in turnover margin on the season. It’s the biggest reason why we’re 4-2.
  14. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    I went shirtless again in case you were wondering. two wins in a row, time to pop the champagne
  15. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Winning! 4-2! Sole possession of 1st place for the first time since week 17 of 2015
  16. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    We beat Dallas! Haven’t done that since 2015. Former Qb was 0 for his last 4
  17. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Yes!! We never get those bounces!
  18. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Oh, Payne! I love you man
  19. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    What is Payne doing?
  20. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    I get it but I’m saying not just the current group of players/coaches. This has been an issue since 1993
  21. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Need a turnover
  22. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Horrible challenge
  23. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Well, at least that’s honest and not just blaming it on this current team.