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  1. Brandon Scherff confirms that he and the Redskins have & have been talking about a contract extension https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/brandon-scherff-confirms-he-and-redskins-have-been-talking-about-contract-extension
  2. I thought Collins was good when he was at LG but after Free retired he was moved to RT and hasn’t been as good at RT as he was at LG but I don’t think he’s been awful even at RT.
  3. What to do about the quarterbacks?

    Pretty sure Gruden was the one who wanted to draft Dalton in Cincy and was Dalton’s OC the first 3 years of his career before he got hired for the Redskins HC job. So yeah, Gruden wanted Dalton and developed him the first few years of Dalton’s career.
  4. What to do about the quarterbacks?

    We were talking about for 2020. It wasn’t clear but Doc was responding to a post I had on the previous page on what they should do vs what I think they will do next year with Alex.
  5. #FireBruceAllen

    Final say is what matters to me. People rip people all the time for having final say when something doesn’t go right and it was ultimately their decisions.
  6. Redskins Sign ILB Bostic

    Never know around these parts! Haha 🤣
  7. #FireBruceAllen

    I’m not disputing any of that but it bugs when certain posters or talking heads on the radio or on TV ignores the truth bc they’re always trying to defend Shanahan as someone who never made a bad decision. The truth matters.
  8. #FireBruceAllen

    My guess is we would’ve taken Mack bc we let Rak go or Mike Evans bc we needed a WR with a large catch radius for RG3.
  9. Redskins Sign ILB Bostic

    He’s started 28 games the last two seasons. It’s not like we’re re-signing Zach Vigil or Will Compton. I don’t see one post where someone is saying he’s a pro bowler let alone comparing him to a Hall of Famer. Saying he’s been a solid vet LB or he was above average the last two years is far from calling him a great player.
  10. Redskins Sign ILB Bostic

    4.61 forty time, certainly not a blazer but not exactly slow either for a Mike LB. Mason Foster’s 40-time is 4.75 by comparison... He has experience in multiple systems in the NFL and has worked under some great coaches. He’s no pro bowler but as Woz said it’s May, there aren’t going to be any pro bowlers available. He’s a reliable vet. He started 14 games for Indy in 2017 and 14 games for the Steelers last year. I don’t know what people are crying about... they’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.
  11. We always need a things other than Redskins Thread so we can talk about other D.C. sports, college sports and other things just not political. Here's one for the Wizards: Jared Sullinger is coming back from back & foot injuries. He's playing in the Super16 tourn on ESPN & Balling! TheWizards need to work him out in hopes he can be a back up PF/C, he's been nailing 3's and scoring at will. He looks great.
  12. What to do about the quarterbacks?

    My gosh dude! Gruden developed Dalton and Cousins into 4,000 yard passers playoff caliber QBs. He turned McCoy from a QB who was unemployed into a reliable back up who may be more than that if he could stay healthy. It’s pretty clear Gruden knows offense and knows how to develop QBs. Your hate for him is blinding reality. Mush Head McCoy? That’s not funny.
  13. The Leader We Need

    I don’t know that Gruden is the problem Redskins park - it’s above him like 15 years before he was hired - from all accounts Gruden knows what he’s doing as a play caller. It’s been proven that he’s able to delegate responsibilities to others like he’s done with his coordinations, for example with Sean McVay and now Kevin O’Connell with play calling. It’s also been proven Gruden has a good eye for talent, he moved Dunny to corner bc he was he was so aggressive on special teams and we had injuries at corner. Gruden saw Ioannidis’ pass rush ability at the Senior Bowl and stood on the table for him during the 2016 draft. Also, McCloughan said when he was walking out the door that the Redskins are in good hands with Gruden bc he knows how to scout and develop talent. It seems to me you get on Gruden bc he doesn’t run training camp the same way as they used to in the 70s, 80s and 90s, well they can’t bc of the collective bargaining agreement that was signed in 2011. That’s not Gruden’s fault.
  14. The Leader We Need

    https://www.redskins.com/video/jonathan-allen-we-can-always-find-room-for-a-guy-who-works-hard This press conference is worth a watch. Jon Allen is the leader we need on this defense and team. As long as he’s here I believe our lockeroom and team will continue to improve. This is one of the best conferences I’ve seen from a Redskins player. So promising.
  15. I could still go either way on Scherff or Leonard Williams. Williams has more value as a pass rushing and run stuffing DT/3-4DE and it was amongst the teams greatest needs at the time as well. I like Scherff but if I had the choice, I’d take LWill.
  16. #FireBruceAllen

    No Shanahan told Snyder he’d take the job if Brice was hired to handle the salary cap. http://www.espn.com/nfl/news/story?id=4801852
  17. #FireBruceAllen

    Yeah, I totally agree it’s not good, but I hate it w/ a passion especially on the radio when sports jockeys who should know more than me report this wrong. It makes me want to break my radio!
  18. I mean depending on how bad it is, there’s a chance Reuben could be ready for the 2020 season too. The start of the 2020 season is 16 months away or put him on PUP and then he can play the second half of 2020. As for Alex Smith. I think they should cut him after June 1st, but I don’t believe they will actually do it. I think they are going to give him a chance to come back in 2020 and be Haskins’ back up. My hope is that they at least restructure his contract then.
  19. #FireBruceAllen

    2010-2013 Shanahan had final say on football decisions and if there was a disagreement, it went to Snyder. I know everyone likes to include it bc it makes Bruce’s record look worse, but anyone with knowledge of how the team was run from 2010-2013 knows that Allen was mostly just the salary cap guy that Mike Shanahan said he wanted hire or he wouldn’t take the job in 2009. So, I have a hard time putting 2010-2013 and those 3 losing seasons on Bruce Allen knowing the facts.
  20. Things other than Redskins

    Congrats to former Wizards overpaid player Juwan Howard for getting the head coaching job at Michigan! Much deserved, he’s paid his dues. If he does well there over the next few seasons, I’d hope that Ted gives him a chance to replace Scott Brooks if the Wizards don’t improve... very likely!
  21. Redskins Sign ILB Bostic

    Boom! Hopefully he does enough to make Mason expendable. He was better than average last year in Pitt, but they chose to trade up and draft Devin Bush instead of retaining Bostic.
  22. The Leader We Need

    My guess is that Jon Allen likes him. Last year when Swearinger ripped everyone else, Jon Allen said he didn’t speak for everyone. And just then, I knew we had a new leader in town!
  23. The Leader We Need

    while I liked the first paragraph why must you bring Gruden into everything? I don’t think that’s the case with Gruden at all. He certainly chastised RG3 in 2014 but Allen/Snyder cracked the whip on him for criticizing RG3. He also got rid of Amerson in 2014 and others who didn’t work hard enough or take things serious enough. Last year he got rid of Swearinger after he repeatedly criticized the entire organization from the ball boy to the players to the coaches and front office. They didn’t re-sign Zack Brown either partly for similar reasons. Yeah, he’s a player coach, but I don’t think it’s true that he has no discipline for his players and there seems to be a line you can’t cross with him or you’re gone.