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  1. Supposedly that’s what Buzzbee said he got from Watson Camp, they’re pretty arrogant. Biting Watson in the *** now.
  2. Chronicle fired Aaron Wilson for his comments he made in a Boston Radio Show about the situation comparing the women to terrorist...
  3. So with Buzzbee implicating people within the organization, does that make the firing of the equipment manager make a little more sense possibly?
  4. What I don't understand is why Deshauns gone to almost 40 or more that we know about masseuses in only a couple of years. There's a fetish or something going on with this guy....
  5. Tunsil restructure, opens up 10 mil in cap space to get back under the cap
  6. Fuller to the Fins on a 1 year deal smh
  7. Welp, the kid going to Kansas was indeed legit.... That coupled with not hitting our 3's sunk us. We clawed back to within 3 with 4 min left after being down 12 at the half, and then they hit a couple of daggers to finish us.
  8. I was apart of the most intense/best sporting event in my 31 years last night. We played our district rival Summer Creek High School in the 6A Region 3 Finals last night. The lead for either team never got above 4 and that was for a split second our way. After 1 it was 13-13. At the half it was 25-25. Then 40-40 going into the 4th. We hit a double clutch awkward layup to go up 51-50 with 3.6 left. Summer Creek calls a TO. Then inbound, and get it up in a hurry. Somehow getting a solid look at a 5 footer than banked in at the buzzer went off. Except one ref with the angle came in and waved it o
  9. Ya, but what if he just opts out due to Covid?
  10. They do want him to restructure his deal
  11. Id settle for that, but ask for a defensive player on top also before settling
  12. CMC does nothing for me. 1)He’s been awfully injury prone 2)By the time we’re ready to win again, he’ll be out of the picture
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