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  1. Any update on the guys who didn’t report?
  2. The Pats now up to 8 opt outs....I know most have medical reasons but it’s a sinking ship. They just better not tank enough to get Lawrence....
  3. Yup, they literally come in only to get tested in the parking lot the first 3 days. If they test negative on those 3 consecutive days then they get cleared to come into the facility.
  4. Weddings are just a rip off....wish she was cool with the JP 😔
  5. Only cause they were protesting outside the Attorney Generals house.
  6. Ya man all I wanted to do was sleep. Had absolutely zero energy and couldn’t stay away for the life of me. I did have a couple of spells of confusion like you said....real weird
  7. She’s still has to say yes 😂 So the first wave of symptoms when I had headaches, fatigue, loss of taste and smell and a dry cough wasn’t to crazy. But I felt **** going on in my chest so I started taking mucinex. I started being able to cough up some semi mucus but it had a lot of blood in it which freaked me out. Started feeling like I was snapping out of it for a day or so and then the breathing issues started. Shortness of breathe is no joke. Now out of the 5 people in my family that got it, I had it worse by far and the only one who had a second wave of symptoms. Everyone else had a out of week of my original symptoms plus some stomach issues. I think the scariest part of the whole virus is how it effects people so differently. I wouldn’t wish breathing problems on anyone and am so glad I don’t have asthma or anything along those lines cause that stuff freaked me out
  8. Basically fully recovered from the Rona. Just asked the GF’s pops for permission to marry her. Popping the question out in the Hill Country tomorrow at a winery! Wish me luck fellas
  9. Supposedly there’s a lot of agents and nfl ppl saying this is a terrible deal for Mahomes now that they have more detail.
  10. Rapoports tweet just now says 10 years 503 mil with 477mil in guarantee mechanisms, whatever that means
  11. And set a new precedent with the cap percentage angle.
  12. All fluff. Watson’s agent and himself are smart wanting a 3 years deal. No way this deal doesn’t get restricted multiple times.
  13. Thanks my man. Had some major fatigue and headaches the first couple days. Lost my sense of taste and smell, but felt semi better about day 5 and then started getting have some shortness of breathe and trouble breathing. Almost went to the hospital but luckily started slowly improving yesterday and today’s the best I’ve felt in a while.
  14. Welp, brother in law caught the Rona from work and it spread through my family.... Never lost my sense of taste and smell before now and it’s truly a weird sensation.
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