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  1. Texans off-season thread

    Word from scouts is UT OT prospect Connor Williams has a mid round grade on him. I didn't watch much UT ball this year but I wouldn't mind grabbing him
  2. Official Houston Rockets Thread: Power of the PGs

    Joe can shoot the ball man, he's going to get some PT. Especially in those smaller lineups we like that can switch everything
  3. Houston Astros Thread (2017 World Champions)

    10 days have past, and it's still surreal. Also, upgraded my season tickets from the Terrace Deck to the Club level today
  4. GDT: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

    With this season a wash, Davenport needs to play EVERY snap at LT to get those game reps. MSE. Clark got beat like he stole something on the final play by Jabal Sheard to cause the strip sack. Savage never had a chance.
  5. Houston Astros Thread (2017 World Champions)

    My bro in law bought a bottle of wine with the Stros logo and it was bottled in 2017 from Kroger. Said it was $50 went back and they were all sold out
  6. Watson Reportedly Tore ACL in Practice

    What a #%$&*@? week. Pastor, BoB aint going anywhere. He'll sign an extension this offseason. Now Vrabel on the other hand..... So apparently Deshaun was walking around the facilities yesterday with no swelling and hardly a limp. I mean it sounds like it was a simple and clean tear. Initially I feared he'd be gone this year and next, but if it's just an ACL, he'll be good to go for 2018
  7. Houston Astros Thread (2017 World Champions)

    Sorry ET, Ive been drunk for the past week. It feels so good! Only dropped $300 so far on WS gear. So glad I decided to reup on my season tickets for next year. Just kicking myself for not buying the playoff package this year.
  8. World Series: Houston Astros vs Los Angeles Dodgers GDT

    Please remove your tampon and quit bitching.
  9. World Series: Houston Astros vs Los Angeles Dodgers GDT

    No it's just the further pussification of America. I make racial jokes with my friends all the time who happen to be of many different races, and I Hispanic. That doesn't make me a racists
  10. World Series: Houston Astros vs Los Angeles Dodgers GDT

    My bad, I tried to put it in but I guess it didn't work. (That's what he said) I'm still learning the ropes of the new layout, and I was excited from the game 7 win.
  11. Houston Astros Thread (2017 World Champions)


    WORLD SERIES GAME 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO STROS!!! !
  13. Gameday signup thread

    @Texansfan713 you're up
  14. Trade Duane Brown?

    Finally got to much on his pocket book