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  1. Some see this as just straight click bait or Watsons agent floating these to force Cal to fire Easterby
  2. Well, Peter King hinted today that Easterbunny will be out soon enough
  3. NFL tweak its rules, and starting tomorrow teams can start requesting interviews of coaching candidates from their respective teams. Now they still have to wait till both teams seasons have concluded to hold the interview, but we should get a better picture of who’s in our sights
  4. Louis Riddick getting his interview today for the GM spot
  5. Ya, it’s HIPPA rules or some legal mumbo jumbo. The Teams only get notice of a suspension too. The fact that it’s 6 games means it was more than likely PED related.
  6. Actually only the player and agent are told of a positive test. The the player and agent can have someone supervise the testing of the sample B and if that then comes back positive the suspension comes down. The only way the team knows before the suspension is handed down is if the player/agent lets them in the loop.
  7. Last Thanksgiving game vs Detroit was pretty memorable. Let’s get this win!
  8. Has Bellichick called O'brien this week?
  9. I heard Florio or one of the national guys that 610 has on from week to week. Said that he reached out to some potential candidates for GM and that some were coy on the job see as your usually only get 1 shot at being a GM. If it goes South then your chances of being a GM again is slim to none.
  10. President Jamie Rootes reiterated today that Easterbunny would not be the GM of the Texans.
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