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  1. Anyone see Patrick Storm drop some stuff last night on twitter? Like Joe Brady was the guy until he caught wind of the Watson situation. And Amy Palvic(however you spell it) helped try and cover up some of the Watson stuff in the beginning.
  2. I may hop into the season ticket game. Went from 12k waitlist to no wait list and them running season ticket specials
  3. I get it. Watson either shows up, or skips and gets fined, or they excuse him. Any option make it a media circus, and the players get hounded.
  4. Tyrod aint making it through a full season. I think will see Mills by the bye week
  5. Agreed lol I love a ticked off Pancakes
  6. Have you been living under a rock, Pastor? Lol
  7. The afternoon guys on 610 were speculating that possibly one of the 3 not names Deshaun was taking part in the OTA's boycott and that's why Driskel was brought in. Or they saw some live reps of one of the guys and thought, WTF
  8. Maybe also a sign that negotiations and all this mess is close to wrapping up.
  9. That's one crowed QB room. I mean I guess they're assuming Deshaun isn't showing up if everything get cleared up. But 4 QBs seems excessive, especially when Mills needs to get a good chunk of the work, presumably along with Tyrod.
  10. Culley will be the fall guy, ie Bo Porter for the Astros. I give him 2 years as a place holder, hell maybe only 1.
  11. He needs to sit a learn, at least until the bye week. You don't want to stunt his growth if he struggles and takes a pounding. Sure Caserio signed a buch of JAGs, but this team, more specifically the defense sucks. We were in games last year because Watson was having a career year. Even is Tyrod is decent, we're still picking top 5.
  12. McShay's first 2022 Mock 1. Houston Texans Kayvon Thibodeaux, DE, Oregon* At 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds, Thibodeaux is an extraordinary pass-rusher off the edge. Over 21 career games, he has 12 sacks and 23.5 tackles for loss, and the 2019 No. 1 recruit generated pressure on 13.5% of his pass-rush snaps over the past two seasons, the 18th-best rate in the country. Following J.J. Watt's exit, the Texans could use a player with Thibodeaux's high-end traits to jump-start their defense in their rebuild.
  13. Supposedly word about the draft last weekend was a settlement is imminent. So here’s my scenario I want to play out. Deshaun get suspended like 6 games ish and then sits the rest of the year or something. In Philly Hurts proves to not be the answer. Philly also gets Indy’s 1st based on Wentz staying healthy. This gives Philly 3 1st round picks in 2022. Their own, Indy’s and Miami’s. Would you take those 3 1st rounders for Deshaun?
  14. I like the Tech grade transfer from Oregon
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