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  1. Texans vs Lions - Preseason Game 2

    Warring is more than likely taking a all inclusive trip to IR Island. I could said Akins traded/cut first because of his age.
  2. Texans vs Lions - Preseason Game 2

    You’ve been awful negative lately, Pastor!
  3. Clowney gets Franchise Tag

    But that’s Clowney for a 1st in essence
  4. Clowney gets Franchise Tag

    Would you trade Clowney to the Eagles for Dillard?
  5. Training Camp/Pre-Season

    Why? We have zero talent at the T’s. While I’m not a proponent for Dev, he inherited a ton of talent that has since been dismantled. Brandon Brooks, Ben Jones, and Duane all have been sent packing. Then we finally invest come top draft capital back in it this past draft.
  6. Training Camp/Pre-Season

    Unless it’s for a CB or LT
  7. Training Camp/Pre-Season

    These Clowney trade rumors 🔥 🔥
  8. Training Camp/Pre-Season

    Training camp is over by that point too
  9. Training Camp/Pre-Season

  10. Training Camp/Pre-Season

    Cause you give more reps to the 2 UDFAs and Ferguson
  11. Training Camp/Pre-Season

    You also can’t have your RB2 not being a contributor on special teams, unless your Mark Ingram/Alvin Kamara. I agree there should be a plan in place outside of the rookie+Ferguson, but that’s on Gaine, and one of the main reasons he’s gone. We will sign a veteran who’s cut in a couple weeks, and one the young guys will be the RB3. Will then get whatever is left out of Miller in his last year of his contact, and hopefully use a 2nd or 3rd rounder on a potential impact back next draft. There’s some talent coming up in that area too.
  12. Training Camp/Pre-Season

    Foreman got cut this morning!!
  13. Training Camp/Pre-Season

    Ya there’s zero chance we have 2 UDFA rookies backing up Miller. Really wish we could have snagged Reddick, but oh well. I think we sign a roster cut from another team.
  14. Training Camp/Pre-Season

    While I believe this too, I think we wait and see what we have in the joint practices/preseason games. Williams is a plug and play guy so if we trade for him later in the preseason he’ll still the best we got even with the learning curve
  15. Best player in Texans history?

    While my heart says Dre, my brain says JJ. It's like the argument for Terrell Davis for HOF, when they were both at their peaks, JJ was truly more dominate