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  1. Agreed! We were playing with house money losing JV. I really hope we can keep Springer, but the way Click talked earlier this week, it doesn't sound likely. I am happy we found some good young, and cheap arms this season. Lance is healthy and get head the staff. Framer matured. Javier has a dominating FB Urquidy proved last year wasnt a fluke Parades, and Taylor can hold their own in the pen. It was a productive season!
  2. cc: @amazingandre this is your neck of the woods right? It's going to be a shootout! Rodgers vs Watson First to 40 wins Packers stud LT Bakhtiari went down and should miss this week. The Pack struggled last week because their OL is terrible. If we can get pressure on Rodgers we have a shot to outscore this team.
  3. One of his sons is my 8th grade running back is and faster than his dad and his older brother who plays DB at Wisconsin Makes is real easy to call plays lol
  4. Ya, got hurt 2 weeks ago now I believe he’ll be back after their bye week this week
  5. Idk how long Indy’s stud MLB is out but their D is trash without him in the middle. Drawing a blank on his name currently....
  6. Anyone remember Derick Blaylock? Played RB for the Chiefs in the 90’s and backup up Priest Holmes?
  7. I would take an offensive HC and someone like Dan Quinn as DC
  8. You have 1 job as an outside backer, so not get hooked and go inside...
  9. Overall love what the offense showed and the aggressiveness of RAC Can’t fault a defense devoid of NFL talent and Cunningham being terrible
  10. Scarlett sucks *** too. Why not throw Greenard out there now.
  11. And or he knows he’s hot and would have led them down for a TD.
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