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  1. Those 2 cuts might actually make us better, ha
  2. My bad, I got tickets to the aTm vs Bama game and it was a wild night to say the least
  3. I know he’s been bad, but we have to take a flyer on Jaylon Smith, right?
  4. Weather going to be the great equalizer today
  5. A lot of chatter currently πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
  6. No CMC helps lol, but Lovie made some tweaks after the first drive. Also the penalties were BAD Starting to swim in the koolaid of this coaching staff
  7. He's a leader of men. That's what you need as a HC. Personally I like that he's not the offense or defensive play caller like most coaches are these days. Hire a staff underneath you have trust them to do their jobs. I too was very skeptical, but I'm all in on this staff.
  8. Ya, and it's bigger in Texas lol. We work some crazy *** hours. Man, went up to Dallas to play Denton Guyer (#5 team in 6A) started slooooooow and dug a 14-0 hole in the 1st. Woke up and dominated the 2nd quarter to tie it at 14 at the half. Took the lead 28-27 with 6 min to go, then our returner got stood up and this gunner came down with a kill shot on his ribs and he fumbled the ball. We fell apart after that. Luckily the kid just has bruised ribs, and they weren't broken, cause it was a lick. All in all going 3-1 in Non-District with our schedule is fine by us. We got North S
  9. Not when you're trying to set the culture of a franchise that had none
  10. We're 1 snap away from the Jeff Driskel experience lmao
  11. Go ahead and take the beating by Bills Mafia lol
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