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  1. GDT: Texans vs Browns

    Great work as always, Tom! I don't think this will be quiet the blowout most think it'll be. It all depends on if we can generate a some pass rush, and have the OL contain Garrett. If he's playing more snaps this week, and it's on run downs, I would just run it down his throat and tire him out.
  2. ALCS: New York Yankees vs Houston Astros GDT

    IMO that game winning play is on "MVP Candidate" Judge. He was pretty nonchalant getting to the ball and getting set. Then he threw to 2nd base instead of the cutoff man. You want to see how a relay is supposed to work, check the Reddick to Correa to Bregman to get Gardner idiotically at 3rd for the final out of the inning.
  3. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread

    The only way we get rid of him is at GM, when Cal bumps him to a higher made up position within the org
  4. Week 4 - Texans vs Titans!

    Sure is nice having a viable option at QB. The line blocked decently today. I loved him, but Cush who?? Today was this first time that I can ever remember that I watched a Texans game, and had no idea what the next play call would be. OB was firing on all cylinders. Still wish he'd use Foreman more on the goaline and short yardage/
  5. Texans @ Patriots

    Sure the loss sucks, but we found a QB. Especially now that he's getting all the 1st team reps in practice. I mean imagine what he could have been already if he got a chance in training camp instead of wasting time with Savage. The kid has poise, presence, and a damn good arm.
  6. Houston Astros Thread (101-61 ALCS vs Yankees)

    Verlander is straight money
  7. Will Fuller returns to practice

    True, but it's not like we send him across the middle. He's there to run the 9 and stretch the field.
  8. Houston Astros Thread (101-61 ALCS vs Yankees)

    Verlander going to clinch it at home today?
  9. Fido on the IR

    If I remember correctly, Barnidge has concussion issues
  10. Time to cave

    You're smoking that good good Tim, if you think Duane changes much, then we watched a completely different game today.
  11. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread

    I agree that we need a clean slate, and with the lack of top picks next year this isnt going to turn around quickly, but why are we dismissing Rick Smith on this? He built this team...
  12. Week 1 Jacksonville @ Houston GDT

    That being said, LJC's official prediction is Texans - 20 Jags - 14
  13. Week 1 Jacksonville @ Houston GDT

    IT'S GAMEDAY!!!!
  14. 2017 Adopt-A-Texan

    @EliteTexan80 OTC
  15. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    Happy Verlander Day!