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  1. Houston Astros Thread (76-47 A very quiet 5-2 week)

    Got some great pitching this week, and timely hitting. Looks like we're starting to come out of this rut
  2. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    I still remember that roar like it was yesterday, and tonight's will be even louder. We're starved for a QB.
  3. Expectations for Deshaun Watson

    Absolutely nothing. On top of that, what inkling gives you the thought that Savage can make it through a 4 month season healthy?
  4. Patriots @ Texans Pre-Season Version

    When OB throws DW out there to start the game....
  5. Expectations for Deshaun Watson

    Exactly, and who's to say they don't want DW to start. If we thought Savs was truly an answer why did we bring in a scrub like Ryan Mallet, or move up and give up a 1st to get DW.
  6. 2017 Houston Texans Training Camp

    LOL at the Jags

    You been hitting him pretty hard though lol
  8. 2017 Houston Texans Training Camp

    Day 1/2 practicing against the Pats Greg A. Bedard ✔@GregABedard Brady is not happy, barking at teammates. He shouldn't be. Texans tough defense is winning the day. 10:38 AM - Aug 15, 2017 Greg A. Bedard‏Verified account @GregABedard Follow Deshaun Watson is very impressive. 8:33 AM - 15 Aug 2017
  9. Houston Astros Thread (76-47 A very quiet 5-2 week)

    Cash or a PTBNL aint nothing. It'll be someone in AAA like Preston Tucker
  10. Baseball Forum Directory

    Thanks my man, just my 3rd day on the new setup. Still working out the kinks!
  11. Over/Under 2017 edition!

    Mayne I think Hops in for a huge bounce back year. I just hope my big money league is still down on him and I can snag him in the #rd round of my FFL draft. I thought that said how many we'd have instead of given up and I was going to put the house on the under LMAO. That's a great number to set, Ill take the over..... just barely (hopefully) Over/under total tackles B.Mak 130.5 (Had 130 last year)
  12. Predict the Record 2017

    I mean the schedule isn't that tough outside of NE, Pitt, and SEA. I really wanted to give up the W against KC too. I'm sure will lose at least one of the road division games. but I don't trust Mariota to stay healthy, Luck to get healthy and stay health, and Bortles to not throw picks
  13. Baseball Forum Directory

    Hey, did my @Eagles27 did my Astros thread get deleted? I know ET created a thread a while back, but I'm more active in this neck of the woods and like to change the thread title throughout the season
  14. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Tweets/Videos Get Embedded

    Spent a week there on the beach, amazing park. It is easily one of the best parks I've been to at the majors or minor league level.
  15. Deadpulse's Sig Gallery - Open

    Hey @Deadpulse, could I get a Deshaun Watson sig. Free reign on design! Here's a pic I like, not sure if it'll work or if you can find something better!