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  1. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    Supposedly Belichick asked for a 1st as compensation. So with Caserio’s contract up after this season, will just not have a GM this season and hire him after the season. I don’t fault Cal for not wanting to give up Belichicks ridiculous compensation, and the majority of the GMs duties aren’t done during the season. We have a whole department of scouts and other upper personnel. Will be fine.
  2. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    AAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDDDDDD he's gone. Typical late Friday afternoon news dump..... Texans withdrawing their interest in Caserio and Pats dropping the tampering charges.
  3. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where It's A Brand New Season

    He might go back down with Diaz re-aggravating his hammy injury the other day. White is only on the team because aside from Gurriel, he's the only other option at 1B.
  4. 2019 FA TALK!!!

    You front load it, then in 3-4 years he'll complain he's not paid his worth.... Nothing wrong with franchising him for 2 more years if need be
  5. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    From what Ive read and heard Esterby and Caserio are both just awesome at what they do and kind of wanted to get out of the shadow of the Pats org and do it on their own. I mean they could win superbowls and no one bats an eye. BUT If they bring a FOOTBALL Championship to Houston, they'll be immortalized
  6. OTA's/Mini-Camps

    Me thinks Caserio or whoever becomes the new GM might make the move for WIlliams as long as the price isn't too high
  7. Texans fire GM Brian Gaine

    I think this played a big roll in it. Cal's been waiting in the wings long enough watching how his dad operated. He know's time is ticking before we have to pay DW. All the moves Gaine has made have been for the long term, which isn't a terrible thing, but hopefully now there's an urgency to win. That being said, there's no way we fired Gaine if we didn't have a guy in mind/lined up to take over the position. The Ray Farmer interview was just getting the Rooney Rule out of the way which also makes me think there's a move coming soon. Also, I think this is a little bit of a warning shot to BOB. At least I hope.
  8. 2019 FA TALK!!!

    So with the Gaine firing and Cal obviously being a much different type of owner than his papa, I think he'll hire a more aggressive GM. Hopefully he'll come in and pull the trigger on Williams!
  9. 2019 FA TALK!!!

    Trent Williams anyone?
  10. OTA's/Mini-Camps

    Figured we could use a place to talk all things OTA's Hearing Jordan Thomas is look much improved. Justin Reid turning into a true difference maker in the secondary. Foreman looking spry
  11. Houston Astros Thread (2017 World Champions)

    I like the way he bounced back yesterday. That ump was squeezing the $&#@ out of him
  12. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread V.2

    Scoping out the real estate marker I see
  13. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    We just signed Bregman to a 6 year 100 million dollar contract!
  14. Wild Card Round - Texans vs Colts

    RAC just needs to do the exact opposite of his gameplan for the last matchup
  15. 2018 College Football

    Coogs putting it on Zona! Summy gonna Summy