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  1. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    https://mobile.twitter.com/MikeGarafolo/status/1242113574358732800 LOL
  2. 2020 Draft

    More picks coming in this David Johnson deal!!
  3. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    Yup, Schefter just said we’re assuming the 2 years 17 mil left on his contract
  4. 2020 Stupidity Virus Outbreak

    I wouldn’t mind Robby Anderson, I think he’s a FA
  5. 2020 Stupidity Virus Outbreak

    KC was going to get going eventually. One play wasn’t going to stop them from scoring. Ya they might not have put up 50
  6. Texans and J. Joseph to mutually part ways

    I’d say one of the best FA signings in NFL history
  7. 2020 Draft

    Ya, 97 overall could be a solid piece If utilized right
  8. Texans extend K Kai’mi Fairbairn (4 years, $17.65 million, $9M gtd)

    Pretty amazing turnaround by Ka’imi
  9. We resigned Fells for 2 years 7 million today Also Carebear got 4 years 17.65 million with 9 mil guaranteed
  10. Everything Else

    RIP Kobe
  11. We have to bring a pass rusher in this offseason. Getting 0 pressure off the edge.
  12. JJ Watt to Return?

    He changed the game today and flipped the momentum...
  13. Playoffs/Wild Card Round! Texans v Bills GDT

    Beautiful, Apollo!
  14. Playoffs/Wild Card Round! Texans v Bills GDT

    That Cunningham play on the QB sweep saved the game..... Then the Duke 3rd down conversion lowering his shoulder.... Then Watson being Watson. So many big time plays made