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  1. At least Whitehurst was just bad. Randy Wright couldn’t even do bad well. He was boring and bumbly.
  2. Lynn Dickey had his fun moments and his migraine moments, and then we got good ol’ Randy Wright.
  3. Ugh. It’s going to be in the last 15 minutes for sure and if I stay up to watch it I know it’s going to piss me off one way or another. Why do I still want to torture myself?
  4. I heard Andrew Brandt make an interesting comment on this the other day, essentially saying often these GM types (referring to Gutey) are incredible football evaluators, but not so good when it comes to their people skills. That would seem to line up.
  5. For some reason I’m not expecting to see pink Rodgers jerseys walking around Lambeau this go round.
  6. I don't know. Between his Jeopardy fantasy (which is never coming true) and his paper ego, I can see him interpreting the league's "failure" to offer the world for him in trade takes him to the place of "I'm taking my video games and going home".
  7. I have a suspicion that we're going to trade up in Rd2 and/or trade to end up with multiple picks either in Rd. 2 or Rd. 3 tonight.
  8. Do you think that's even possible with anything that doesn't border on ludicrous? Like the board firing the whole front office and trading Love and signing him to an extension?
  9. If it didn’t happen last night, it isn’t happening until June 2nd. Unless we get an insane offer, they’re waiting to save cap room first. I agree though, at this point I want him gone, there is no point in forcing him to stay knowing how hard he grudges. It’s a true recipe for disaster.
  10. I like this. After today I think we should draft all defense and hire a second DC for the hell of it, and ask Rodgers to restructure so we can sign a couple more defensive FAs to round it out. But seriously, I would love to see Stokes put King on the bench.
  11. His mom married my sisters husband so I’m cool with this.
  12. We'll trade out for the ultimate middle finger to AR, only to wake up to AR saying he won't play unless he's traded.
  13. Is it me or did they actually slow the draft down more?
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