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  1. As much as I want to be a fan of Kyler Murray’s, all I can see is a really fast toddler running around in the backfield. I mean he really looks like a baby human when he runs.
  2. Apparently Chris Banjo is still playing in the league. Huh.
  3. Thanks for the depressing correction
  4. You would have thought the same against the 2 win Vikings and 1 win Jaguars so..
  5. Did we get those Entitled Town shirts made yet?
  6. Seriously. What’s with all these guys tackling?
  7. I have to wonder with the way the front office has acted as if they are planning on trading him (when it makes financial sense) regardless of how well he's playing.
  8. Is there such a thing as pre-mid-season? Cause that’s what tonight kinda seemed like.
  9. Can’t wait to watch Oettine go nickel and send our whole d-line into coverage on 1st down
  10. Anyone have any feelings about the Dexter Williams potential should he end up being RB1? He's been buried on the depth chart thanks to Dillon, but Im genuinely curious to see where he's really at since we had no preseason.
  11. Is it really too early to tell for Jace? Just like MVS and ESB? And...and....and Jace is barely a guy. Maybe we get a richrod out of him but more than likely that’s our best bet. I’m not sure it is too early to tell. There’s no actual flashes. He’s a guy, at best. I’ll put money on the rest of his career being very richrod comparable.
  12. I'm fully expecting a notification to pop up on my phone that says "Packers Trade" and open it up to find out Gute traded Will Redmond to the Colts for a pick TBD.
  13. Actually If Gute signs no one, and we don't fire Pettine after Thursday, I'll start that one.
  14. Might as well start at the top...
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