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  1. Suh signs with Rams 1 year 14 million

    Rams won the offseason. Eagles won the Super Bowl. I'll take the Eagles win over the Rams everyday. The Rams have added a lot of talent to an already talented roster though. On paper it looks pretty ridiculous, but football isn't played on paper. The NFC once again looks completely freaking stacked, will be a fun season of football.
  2. Suh signs with Rams 1 year 14 million

    Edit: Misread sry. But the rams will win their division.... unless this is the new dream team.
  3. Suh signs with Rams 1 year 14 million

    This is giving me Dream Team flashbacks.
  4. If he did it, I don't want him on the Eagles. Either way, it is a seriously bad look. I find it hard to believe that the Eagles made this trade with this information in hand. There is no way they trade for him if they believed he did this.
  5. Losing P Rob sucks, but Bradham is a more important piece to hold onto imo. That said, this D is gunna have a lot of turnover. Hope they can keep the cohesion together going into next season.
  6. The NFC East Thread

    I completely agree with you and I understand why the NFL bans it, just my personal opinion on it is all.
  7. The NFC East Thread

    The league needs to change their rule on marijuana imo. Especially since it is legal in states where players reside and play. That said, I hope he gets suspended for this cause Giants.
  8. Rams trade LB Alec Ogletree to Giants

    Honestly, this is great for the Rams. I have no idea why they even extended him this past year. He is so incredibly mediocre as a player. Great talent, average player.
  9. Michael Bennet somehow traded to the Eagles. What the heck.

    The Howie guy is pretty good at his job huh?
  10. Our DL actually is going to get better? I like this move, although he is getting up there in years.
  11. Vikings Quarterback Situation

    They should roll with Case on a short contract if they can and draft a QB they like to develop. It would be incredibly foolish to at least not try to get Case and replicate the success they had this season. No, he isn’t the future, but he got you to the Championship game this year, if the NFC is any weaker next year maybe he can get you to a SB.
  12. Alshon Played with a Torn Rotator Cuff

    Glad he will be back by the regular season.... but it is rough that he is gunna miss all of the preseason. Hopefully with all the injuries we won't be looking to rough early in the year.
  13. What can I say, I like to be wrong all the time so I can make you guys look good. To be fair, we did promote Duce to AHC..... so I was in the ball park?
  14. Anyone else ever just randomly get happy as hell throughout the day when you remember the Eagles won the Super Bowl? Sometimes it still feels surreal.
  15. Looks like we promoted Groh.