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  1. Duce is a good coach and a good guy. He isn't the visionary type though, he is just a good leader. I do worry that with Lynn and Duce the Lions offense might be super bland and stuck in a more running focused approach... we will have to just wait and see. He will fit Campbell's style of coaching though and maybe if they can get enough done he will get better looks as a HC. I think he will be a good one, just wasn't the right fit in Philly.
  2. Steichen is younger but has been in the league for a while now. Experience is on his side. I really like the way the staff is filling out. Kept Stoutland and got two young coordinators that have worked with successful groups on their side of the ball. Lets see the positional coaches now... but I am a fan so far.
  3. I won't believe we hired Sirianni until I see him coaching week 1 of the season. Until then you never know what could happen.....
  4. Big hire imo. Colts DBs have been overperforming expectations for awhile now.
  5. Imo the team we have right now is more talented than the one Doug inherited in 2016 and he won a SB in two years. Not saying that is going to happen here of course, just speaking to the general level of talent we had then compared to now, especially on offense.
  6. It's not posted officially cause it isn't official yet. They are probably working out contract talks and looking at staff. It took the Lions three days to get it done with Dan Campbell. It will get done.
  7. Hopefully we have a really strong draft class this year and our players that underperformed from last years drafts look better.... If Howie isn't going today I want him to succeed going forward at least, even if I doubt it happens.
  8. There are reasons.... He works mainly with the running game, most assume Reid carries the brunt of the offense and Kafka handles the pass game. Having Mahomes be your QB makes everyone look better. He has a lot of things in his past that are obvious red flags. He isn't a perfect candidate by any means. People are just surprised he hasn't been hired cause the Chiefs have been so good that past couple years, but it is very hard to quantify exactly how much he is responsible for their success.
  9. Staff is going to be super important here. Need guys who are tough and can hold players accountable as our last regime failed at that completely
  10. Fan of this hire on paper but we will have to see who he brings in on his staff for me to be really sold. He checks all the boxes on what we need going forward though so just have to hope it works out.
  11. Tabloid readers abound... they don't understand what actually is going on in Philly and just blindly trust the media.
  12. No other team is even considering him as a candidate though so he can't be that upset that he isn't getting the job. Imo the Texans should interview Duce, he is a better fit there than here with all the stuff going on in that front office...
  13. Brady would have been a year early, but I think he is going to be a great head coach down the line and our 2021 season is looking bad as is so I was good on the sacrifice... I like this hire though, good blend of what we need. He needs a good staff though.
  14. I like this hire. New, young coach from the newly found Reich tree who was fantastic for us. Personable but very tough, won't let people get away with things like Doug did and will hold the team accountable. Obviously the big questions are what is the plan at QB and who are the coordinators gunna be. If he can bring in solid coaches this could be a really good hire.
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