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  1. The NFC East Thread

    Wow, that is a big blow to the Skins.
  2. The NFC East Thread

    A truly great pre-season QB.
  3. Awesome info. I unfortunately doubt I will have a ton of time to explore the city a ton, but I will get as much as I can in on Wednesday. I might try to get down to center city for Wednesday night based on the info you have given me. Probably do some relatively light drinking and get a bite to eat. Any solid places for dinner you can recommend around there? Budget doesn't matter too much, don't want to completely break the bank if possible. Maybe like a decent steak house or an Italian place? Thursday I will be hanging around the stadium for sure. Will probably just try out Jim's or the pizza place you mentioned for lunch before I start drinking. I might look into the tailgate stuff around there depending on how it looks like. I have some experience with tailgate parties like that in LA and AZ and while I am sure Philly does it the best they can be hit or miss. The Xfinity Live stuff sounds pretty dope, will almost certainly be checking that out early on and maybe moving to the parking lots a bit closer to game time. Really appreciate the info man, can't wait to experience what its like to party with the best fanbase in the NFL.
  4. For sure I appreciate the expert knowledge. I am staying basically right by the Linc. At the Marriot on Intrepid Ave. Only there for three days/2 nights. Most of the fun stuff will be done on Wednesday/Thursday. Definitely wanna try some Philly Cheesestakes out for lunch at some point. Also would love to hear about any must have Burgers/Bar food in the area. Most importantly, what I should be doing for pre game stuff on Thursday? Is Tailgating the place to be for drinking on Thursday? Or should I be hitting up some bars? Any details on when I should get to the Linc before the game would be appreciated as well. I will be using Uber the whole trip. Not too worried about budget, and not too interested in Tourist stuff. Just kinda want to experience the city and get the pre game experience for the game on Thursday. As long as I can get a good cheesestake and party hard with some fellow Eagles fans before the game I will be a happy man.
  5. Howie and Doug extended through 2022

    Well deserved. Glad we have these two locked in for a long time.
  6. I can't remember exactly where but I am pretty close to the Linc, like 3 miles away? I can check out my reservations later and get you an exact spot. Never heard of it before sounds exotic!
  7. Flying out to Philly for the first game of the year, any suggestions on must hit spots to eat or drink? Also, any pre game festivities that are must attends?
  8. The NFC East Thread

    That was quick
  9. The NFC East Thread

    His threads in NFL Gen are the highlight of the offseason for me.
  10. Eagles Fantasy Football: Keeper League

    Hopkins Baldwin Olsen
  11. Eagles Fantasy Football: Keeper League

    Ready to rumble boys.
  12. The NFC East Thread

    Just a reminder that the current starting QBs of our divisional opponents are Alex Smith, Eli Manning, and Dak Prescott. LMAO.
  13. The NFC East Thread

    Living in the past and being a Redskins fan.... they just go hand and hand.
  14. The NFC East Thread

    I like that the new response to Eagles fans is that we only have one ring now. Can't blame them though, not like the Skins and Cowgirl have won enough over the past two decades to talk about anything other than their rings they won in the 90's
  15. I am pretty sure these aceinthehouse threads about the Skins in NFL Gen are my favorite thing about this forum.