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  1. eagles v. vikings thread

    The OL is bad. The CB's are also bad. Idk if it is scheme or what but Darby and Mills are getting routinely beat for massive gains every single week. We were a bad call and an awful fumble away from winning that game. Our record looks worse than this team is, but not by a large margin.
  2. eagles v. vikings thread

    If your gunna try to stir that pot, at least own it.
  3. eagles v. vikings thread

    Seamolu or whatever his usless name is should have been cut a year ago. Terrible
  4. That's my bad boys, I completely forgot to set my lineup. I'll do better from here on out.
  5. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    Absolutely pathetic effort. Defense lets people run open, multiple 4th down conversions, absolutely Brain Dead penalties. Freaking pathetic.
  6. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    Our DBs remind me of our DBs from 2016. So freaking soft
  7. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    Good lord our DBs are horrible
  8. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    Darby and Mills are both freaking horrible.
  9. Well a win is a win. Defense still looking really good even with the pass rush being MIA. Wentz looks great, he will play even better as he gets more comfortable. O Line needs to play a bit better going forward.
  10. Ok, a couple of tackles in the middle of the field and we are good.
  11. Oh, guess I am going Ertz then