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  1. TO was our last elite WR. Smith looks really, really promising so far so hopefully that streak breaks, but we need someone who can throw him the ball first.
  2. Yeah maybe. Seems like a pretty simple lose, lose for the Texans though. I know they are an idiotic organization ran by idiots, but the one thing rich idiots hate is throwing their money away. You have to think they have communicated with the league and considered all their possibilities. If what you are saying is true it is literally a win/win to activate him. Either you activate him, tell him he is starting and he sits out and you get to dock his pay... or the league puts him on the exempt list and you are off the hook either way. The ONLY way it is bad is if Watson decides to actually
  3. If this is true why not just do it now? The Texans are paying this dude millions of dollars every week to be inactive. As far as I know if the Texans activated him this week and he was willing to start he would be good to play. The NFL has a lot of rules and things I don't know so I could be completely wrong, but the dude is on the active Texans roster right now. You have to think if the Texans thought they could get out of paying him money by simply activating him and saying we will play him if you don't put him on the exempt list... they would.
  4. The obvious advantage is Watson's value will never be lower than right now. The Texans are paying him millions to sit on the bench inactive and he has very serious allegations looming. If the Dolphins have done research and think he will be available this season and in the future... their is no better time to trade for him than right now. Obviously, I don't think it happens as I have stated multiple times, but I don't see why the Dolphins would all of a sudden just be completely uninterested in trading for him because of a bad start.
  5. Why would it not make sense for the Dolphins to trade for Watson now? If anything this offseason the Dolphins were probably hopeful Tua would come in and look like a top 5 pick, but he has been hurt and when he has played not been that good. If Watson can play this year and in the future he instantly makes them perennial playoff contenders.
  6. Good news. If we can't win this game the season is officially over and we just need to go on a fire sale. There is no point in competing for a wild card spot and shooting for 9 wins when we have so much draft capital coming up. In theory I want to say we should win... they have an interim HC and their record makes them look better than they actually are. We have also played well on the road this season and I think we match up well vs them. Jacobs will feast on us, but if we can get Carr to turn the ball over like he often does we will have a shot. All that said, I think we lose 27-20
  7. I saw a lot of people saying trade Cox, but with his contract how many contenders even have the ability to trade for him? I think if we are true sellers our best trade assets would have to be Nelson who has played pretty well at a valuable position and is on a one year deal and Miles a young RB whose talent is obvious but stock is down due to usage. I think Barnett would potentially get interest as well but he has done nothing to help his stock so far this season. Slay and Cox make sense for us, but not really for other teams unless there are competitors with lots of cap space for so
  8. Our LB’s are great…. As 5th LB’s and ST players….
  9. You can't guarantee the Eagles will be in range to grab a QB in the 2023 NFL draft. If there is a QB you like available at one of our picks and Hurts doesn't improve this year... you just take him and see what happens. I love the idea of a Bryce Young in Philly.... but you just can't gamble that we will be bad enough to get him or whatever top QB comes out the following draft.
  10. I am reading that the Dolphin's website just never updated the depth chart since he came back from IR... which makes more sense than them removing him from the depth chart before officially trading him. Move along.
  11. I have heard this story before.... Like I have been saying all along I will believe it when I see it. I don't see how any team trades for him unless the compensation is so ridiculously unfair that the Texans are practically giving him away. Why risk trading for Watson and the onslaught of terrible RP if he gets criminally charged or suspended. Its dumb.
  12. Hey Wentz hasn't looked too bad past few weeks.... Not that I would ever defend that weasel again.
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