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  1. Giants cut Kelvin Benjamin at the very start of training camp... Here's what he had to say about Joe Judge: Who said taking a chance on Kelvin was better than going after Kerryon? Yeah.... about that.
  2. Saying the odds aren't favorable on Devonta Smith is just....... wow. Some people really can't even have a spark of hope.
  3. I have no idea how the league didn't suspend him after their investigation... No one will meet an amount that is even remotely close to what the Texans will ask for him. He is staying in Huston, unless they practically give him away.
  4. I literally typed into the post you are replying to what I expect this team to do. Do you want me to copy and paste it? Or are you just looking to pick at words in a statement that was typed in passing cause I liked a signing my favorite team made. I pray you are bored cause this interaction makes you seem absolutely miserable.
  5. Well that’s a massive jump and an extremely odd conclusion for you to come to seeing as how I didn’t say anything remotely close to that. I’d say if our offense can score points we will probably be in the hunt to win the division at best. If they can’t we are probably a 5-6 win team. Defense will be at least average if the can stay healthy.
  6. This is a fantastic signing. We have two starting caliber CBs!!!!! Defense is actually looking pretty solid, season will depend on if we can score.
  7. Ya idk why I said Groh... it was Taylor. The whole organization has been kinda messed up since we won the SB... here's to a brighter future.
  8. No head coach is perfect, but when you refuse to hire an OC for no real reason, give Groh the keys to the passing game, watch it fall apart, and then in the offseason say you want to PROMOTE him, you just don't have any credibility when it comes to hiring coaches(sorry for the awful sentence im lazy). The drafting hasn't been good the past three years. That is a fact. Howie has always been the guy who drafts pretty good but not great players, which is ok but it also isn't ideal. He has made some good picks, recently they have not been good at all. That said, it is obvious why guys w
  9. He picked them in 2016. After the SB Pederson promoted his guys which is when it became a disaster.
  10. I think Pederson is a really good football coach. I think he knows how to motivate players and get them to play hard. That said, he is horrendous at choosing his coordinators and position coaches. This leads to a team that plays really scrappy and can squeak out wins and clutch up, but a team that never will become a dominant force for a long period of time. It also means he is just not good at developing talent cause his positional coaches are bad. His play calling is average overall. He innovated a lot his first few years here, but the last two he fell into the same style of playcallin
  11. Lakers fans are the absolute worst fans in sports outside of Cowboys fans. There is no other take.
  12. The post you quoted me on was literally talking about if the Cowboys would be a "good" team and if they would win 12+ games... lol. And yes, your offense was rolling early last year, but the only good defense you really played against in the first 5 was the Rams and they held you to 17. I'd like a higher sample size to see how good that offense really is. I still expect the Cowboys to win the division, I just don't see them being some powerhouse that is going to beat a bunch of good teams. They will probably do well against the East and lose to teams with real talent.
  13. So you think the Cowboys are good enough to win 12+ games if they remain healthy then? Not exactly sure what your point is. The Cowboys are the favorite in the East I just don't think they will be a good team.
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