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  1. In before Nate Sudfeld is still our backup QB this season.
  2. I just don't get it. Yeah, backup QB is important, but why spend a 2nd round pick on a QB that doesnt even look that special? Terrible pick.
  3. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. If you aren't happy with this deal nothing will ever make you happy... Huge pickup for our DBs. One more starting caliber corner and draft a young safety and our defense is looking scary...
  5. It is a good signing. We won a SB by owning the trenches, this helps us get back to that.
  6. Crazy to see Kobe die. Not one I expected to see anytime soon that is for sure.
  7. Flip seems like a great fit. Doesn't call plays here, Carson loved him and played fantastic under him, and he knows our offense already.
  8. So far this is his worst choke which is actually really impressive.
  9. Where are the fire BoB boys at?
  10. So who will we be looking at for their head coach in two years?
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