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  1. I just don't see us moving back up cause the guys we would be targeting are going to be picked before 8/9. Due diligence is good, but it doesn't seem realistic. The only question I have is, assuming ATL stays at 4, what is Trey Lance's floor? Does Carolina spend a pick on a QB at 8 after giving up all those picks for Darnold? I definitely do not see him making it past 9. Could Howie be looking at swooping in and taking a QB while keeping the three first rounders next year? I could see it... This is the scary part of being at 12. What if Slater and Sewell free fall and we are stuck with
  2. So this whole thing is basically just a bs story.... not unexpected. The only thing I see AD needing to take from this is he really should hang around a better crowd of dudes.... I am 99.9% sure AD doesn't need protection from anyone who isn't holding a gun to him.
  3. Clowney is the perfect example of why being an exceptional athlete doesn't guarantee you will be a great pass rusher. The guy is so lacking in so many areas when it comes to getting to the QB. He will be solid for the Browns vs the run so it should be fine, but spending 10 million on a EDGE player that can't get to the QB is not something most players would get. If he had a different name the guy would be getting paid less than half of this. Clowney is probably the most notable failure of a "can't miss guy" in recent memory. Imagine how good that Texan's D with Watt would have been if the
  4. Kelvin Joseph at 70 is a pick I would feel REALLY good about. He needs work but he has the tools and length to be a legit CB1 in a year or two. The only pick in hindsight that I don't love is Parsons at 12.... would have rather gone Horn or traded back.
  5. Pitts almost certainly doesn't make it to 10... but if he does it's simply a bad pick for Dallas. They can score points. They can't stop anyone.
  6. If Schefter isn't one of the most reliable sources for information in the NFL idk who is. Obviously he could be completely wrong, anyone could be wrong, but I like to go with the idea that when there is smoke there is fire. We won't know the truth until draft day or if the Niners just say who they are picking.
  7. GIving up this much for a QB that has looked pretty terrible most of his career is.... interesting.
  8. double dip on CB imo. biggest need on the team by a mile and more depth there can never be a bad thing. OL/DL are positions I would look at as well if we didn't want to go CB.
  9. I like Molden and Joseph. We should guaranteed grab at least one CB as it is by far our biggest need with our current draft.
  10. We easily could be bad enough to pick high enough for a top QB. We should be worse than this past season and we picked top 6.... We also will have a ton of draft capital to maneuver for a QB if needed. We will be fine.
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