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  1. No, and they shouldn't. They should delete the post and act like nothing happened. The last thing they should do is draw mass attention to this when a majority of fans won't see it.
  2. Apparently the Jags and Eagles have no shot this weekend according to the NFL Facebook Page http://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/01/nfl-announces-patriots-vikings-super-bowl-facebook Some more material to get the underdogs pumped up this weekend!
  3. MAN does that look bad for the NFL. If there is any bad calls or anything in the Championship games, there will be conspiracies everywhere because of this. Definitely a massive mistake by whoever put that post out. I am sure it is just a mistake, but still looks so bad.
  4. GWT: Week 20 Vikings @ Eagles

    True. We need all the help we can get vs him and Diggs.
  5. GWT: Week 20 Vikings @ Eagles

    Didn't he practice yesterday? Probably just trying to hide his status, he will play.
  6. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    I agree, and have said this numerous times already.
  7. We were always the second most active team forum outside of the Packers. Had a couple down years after the Chip hire but we are back. The only grave site we are gunna see is Keenum's after Cox kills him all game
  8. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    I agree, but we need a home run hitter/3rd down back. Aajyi and Clement are good, but there is no change of pace guy. To me, Sony is the perfect guy to come in and fill that hole. He can catch, he can hit the home run ball, and I think he can develop into an every down back in a few years. But, this would be a luxury pick, not a need therefore it is completely unlikely.
  9. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    Bro Clement ran a 4.68 40. Michel is going to be around 4.45-4.5. Michel is 100% faster and quicker then Clement. Clement might run more nasty and he has decent vision, but Sony is a much better receiver and is way more explosive. That run at 1:15ish is something that Clement couldn't pull off.
  10. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    The Eagles. That is who. I like Clement and Ajayi, but Sony gives us a dimension we currently don't have on offense.
  11. Gene Steratore to ref Super Bowl LII

    It could be worse, a lot worse.
  12. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    Right now, I am all in on a trade back to the early second to pick up Sony Michel. He would be an amazing complement to Ajayi and would give us a third down option and Home run hitter right away, and would develop in to an every down back eventually. I know it won’t happen, and we have bigger needs, but I love the way he runs the ball.
  13. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    I like Okorafor more as a high ceiling guy but Miller can play for sure. Would love to get one of the top OTs in the draft that late. The problem is he has never played on a good OL in college so he is kind of hard to project, but I think he has good feet and is powerful enough up top.
  14. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    Idk how you can think that if you watched him play this year though. People just want him to be Wentz cause he is tall, athletic, and went to a small school. The reality is he is not accurate when throwing the ball and makes some seriously questionable decisions. He is more Jake Locker than Carson Wentz imo.
  15. The only thing I am worried about is covering Diggs/Thielen cause those two are really good. If Case struggles great, but if his guys are running free all game it doesn’t matter. Need to get constant pressure or cover those guys up.