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  1. The NFC East Thread

    Just a reminder that the current starting QBs of our divisional opponents are Alex Smith, Eli Manning, and Dak Prescott. LMAO.
  2. The NFC East Thread

    Living in the past and being a Redskins fan.... they just go hand and hand.
  3. The NFC East Thread

    I like that the new response to Eagles fans is that we only have one ring now. Can't blame them though, not like the Skins and Cowgirl have won enough over the past two decades to talk about anything other than their rings they won in the 90's
  4. I am pretty sure these aceinthehouse threads about the Skins in NFL Gen are my favorite thing about this forum.
  5. That is a really big loss if he is out for 6 months. Yeah, his played dropped off in the second half of the season, but he was a big part of our stout run defense post Hicks. We are one beat up team at the moment. I hope we don't lose a lot of momentum in the early season when we inevitably have a bunch of backups getting lots of snaps. Hopefully they can play as well as they did last year.
  6. NFL News & General Info Thread

    I guess so. He should be ranked in the top 50 for sure.
  7. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Lane is at least 40 spots too high on this list.... but I am not surprised at all seeing as how these lists are always awful.
  8. Pretty crazy he hasn't been picked. I know his skill set isn't great for today's NFL, but he has the raw athletic ability to have impact at the next level.
  9. Rams trade Tavon Austin to cowboys

    Tavon Austin is really fast, but that is all he is. Not a good football player and a clear bust.
  10. I don't know much about this kid, but it sounds like he has the skill set to succeed. High upside picks in the fourth round are always nice to see.
  11. Eagles select TE Dallas Goedert w/ the 49th pick

    I like this pick, and I love David Akers.
  13. Guice is actually going to drop to 52?
  14. When you consider pure value of what we got vs what we gave up in our trade back, I don't see how it can be seen as a bad trade. If the Ravens miss the playoffs next year we just added a top 50 pick to move back 20 spots in a deep second round. Just off pure value it is great. If you add in the fact that there was no homerun prospect on the board, it makes even more sense.
  15. I feel like Derwin James or Edmunds is too good to pass up there.