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  1. Do you think Seattle tried to trade Russell Wilson?

    What off the field issues?
  2. Analysis: Did the Seahawks really try to trade Russell Wilson to the Cleveland Browns in 2018? I can’t even wrap my brain around a team trying to dangle a QB the caliber of Russell Wilson. He wasn’t one of the near consensus top 2 QBs at the time of the theoretical proposal, but he was still viewed as a top 8ish franchise QB. Does anyone think there’s any truth to the rumor that Seattle tried to trade Russ? I don’t think so, but PFT is legitimate, so I thought I’d at least bring it up for discussion.
  3. Rodgers 2011 vs Mahomes 2018

    I voted Mahomes because I’m a biased Chiefs fan... And then I saw the numbers someone posted. The answer is clearly Rogers, I was wrong. That said, I do think Mahomes clearly superior playoff performance closes the gap some, but still... I’m changing my vote Rogers.
  4. Top 10 Statistical QBs 2019-20

    No, it doesn’t “heavily grade” for running plays. It’s like 90% based around EPA. And as Matts4313 stated, it’s highly correlated with winning.
  5. Top 10 Statistical QBs 2019-20

    Ok, so that would be called an outlier. Those are going to exist in MOST statistical comparisons regarding sports. That, plus as you said, too small of sample size.
  6. Top 10 Statistical QBs 2019-20

    No he wasn’t and that why you don’t use the stat alone. You use it in conjunction with ANY/A and passer rating and it more or less gives you an accurate gauge of how that QB performed in that given season.
  7. Top 10 Statistical QBs 2019-20

    QBR is basically EPA/play. Yes there’s a little extra stuff in there but it’s not based around wins/losses. And Mitch Trubisky didn’t have the highest QBR in 2018, Mahomes did.
  8. Top 10 Statistical QBs 2019-20

    It’s actually a good stat that was poorly promoted by ESPN. The stat is just based off of EPA per play, and as someone else noted it has a very high correlation to wins/losses. If used in conjunction with ANY/A and passer rating, it’s a very good stat.
  9. Mariota reminded me of Alex Smith coming out. Now certainly, Alex Smith had a good enough career to just being a 1st round selection, but probably not a number 1 overall. As such, I didn’t think Mariota was worth the number 2 pick. I didn’t and don’t think he’ll ever be anything more than a solidly above average QB at his peak, if he ever reaches that. Locker was definitely a boom or bust prospect, but the boom aspect of his game intrigued me, so I’ll go against the grain of this thread and say Locker disappointed me more.
  10. 1995 Niners vs 2014 Seahawks

    Two teams that were coming off of dominant SB wins. Two teams that looked poised to repeat entering the playoffs, with elite QBs and fantastic defenses. I know repeating as a SB champ is EXTREMELY hard, but I was still fairly surprised that both of these teams fell short, (although Seattle came a freaking yard away from a repeat). Sooooooo, who ya got? Even though I think the Niners were probably a little more talented overall, I'm still slightly leaning Seahawks, because they seemed to be better playoff performers.
  11. Who is the better QB: Drew Brees or Jared Goff

    Brees is one of the 10 greatest QBs the game has seen since the merger. Nothing Goff has done yet would indicate he’s on that kind of trajectory. This thread is silly. Now comparing their first 4 years as starters, as someone else mentioned, is far more interesting.
  12. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    Numbers aside, he’s basically Alex Smith with only a half a decade worth of starts instead of a nearly full decade. He certainly wasn’t a better player than Rivers either. Of course, you already knew that, which is why you put Luck and Stafford on the list ahead of Cousins in spite of him having better numbers than those guys. And if you WERE going to put a stats only guy up there without very many starts, Romo is a WAY better option.
  13. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    Cousins has zero business on this list
  14. The Saints may or may not have been the favorites in 17 or 19, but they were definitely good enough to compete with any of the four SB participants those two years.
  15. Which of these modern runningbacks are HoF worthy?

    Speaking as Chiefs fan who watched and loved Priest... Yeah, no. Davis has a league MVP and a Super Bowl MVP, two important distinctions Priest doesn’t have. This would be like Raiders fans arguing that Gannon deserves to be in since Warner got in. I really wish Chiefs fans would drop the Davis/Priest HOF argument.