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  1. Hello Steelers, what's happening? Ummm, I'm gonna need you to go ahead lose two games this season. So if you could lose to the Ravens this Thursday that would be great, mmmk... oh oh! and I almost forgot ahh, I'm also gonna need you to go ahead and lose to the Bills too, kay. We ahh lost a game to the Raiders earlier this season and ah, we sorta need to play catch up.
  2. Not bad for a filthy Chargers fan. Even if I were to quibble with a few rankings, it’s overall such a good list that I can’t really nitpick. I agree with your top 8 in that exact order though.
  3. This post is completely and utterly dripping with irony. I gave you 4 all-encompassing, well-known stats that measure a QB’s value on a per play basis... And YOU proceeded to cherry pick a few stats, while accusing me of doing so. Every one of the stats I gave you INCLUDE TD efficiency and INT efficiency already. So try again. Edit. And I just double checked the interception thing. Wilson and Mahomes had identical interception percentages last year, so you weren’t even right about that particular cherry picked stat.
  4. Your opinion vs reality: Passer rating: Mahomes: 105.3 Wilson: 106.3 QBR: Mahomes: 77.7 Wilson: 71.5 DVOA: Mahomes: 30.0 Wilson: 24.3 ANY/A: Mahomes: 8.38 Wilson: 7.42 Looks pretty clear cut to me.
  5. Per game volume stats. I remember in the Wilson vs Luck debates when people would argue for Wilson they would argue efficiency was more important than volume. Are we not doing that anymore? Mahomes had the overall more efficient season last year, in 2018, and is doing so again this year. But a 6 week stretch to start the season this year is supposed to override all that?
  6. Don’t be dense. His typical level as in where he sits statistically overall for the season. I called him elite. I compared him to a HOFer (Brees), obviously I didn’t mean his typical level was 10 turnovers in 4 games. Slinging the ball all over the field isn’t Wilson’s game. He’s not Mahomes. He’s not Rodgers. He thrives in run heavy offenses when he’s able to then use his deep ball to burn the defense when they start worrying about the run game. He’s never established himself as being able to maintain an elite level play over the course of a season in a pass heavy offense as Mahomes or Rodgers. His Oline isn’t nearly as bad as you’re trying to make it out to be. That’s just absurd narrative speak. He legitimately has issues with holding the ball too long. And Mahomes HAS had to prop up a historically bad defense... You know, in his first ever year as a starter. Where he lost two games where his team put up 40 and 50 points. People like you just keep making excuses for Wilson and that’s fine. He’s fantastic. He’ll bounce back. He’ll have a great season overall when the dust settles. But as some point it becomes hard to ignore the evidence in front of you. He’s not the transcendent talent you want him to be.
  7. They are, but I’m becoming less inclined to consider that Russ is Mahomes’ equal (and certainly not better). He’s regressing back to his typical level, which is still elite, but not transcendent, ala the level of prime Rodgers or current Mahomes. It’s reminiscent of the spot Brees occupied behind Brady and Manning when they were all on top of the league together. As an aside, people may have been too quick to write off Rodgers. I thought people underrated the season he had last year, and I think he’s moved ahead of Russ in the MVP race this year.
  8. Once you get past the big 3 of Mahomes, Wilson, and Rodgers, the gulf to the rest of the pack is so wide the other two names aren’t all that relevant. Beyond that, Brady has been mentioned as a serious MVP candidate all year. How you going to go in on Kamara as a bad candidate when Brady is a much worse one???
  9. This current Saints/Bucs game should remove Brady, who didn’t deserve to be in there anyway, but I heard some in the media giving him consideration. The actual race, in order: Wilson Mahomes Rodgers Kamara Allen In all honesty though, Kamara and Allen are WAY, WAY behind the top 3, and I only threw them in there to get to 5, as per thread specifications. As for the top 3, they are separated by a razor thin margin. I expect this will be a MVP race that goes down to the wire in the final few weeks of the season.
  10. You say you have a hard time putting Brady, Brees and Ben ahead of him, but offer absolutely no insight as to why that is the case. Seems more like recency bias than an actual assessment of their play. Instead of making a jump to me using “recency bias”, you could have just asked me why I ranked Carr over those guys. Carr had a strong season statistically last year finishing top 10 in QBR, ANY/A, PR, and DVOA, and he’s doing that again this year. When you factor in aging and injuries for those other guys, it’s hardly a stretch to put him over them. What reason would you give that they still deserve to be ranked ahead of Carr? No, it’s not contradictory, unless you don’t know what Carr did last season, which you don’t seem to. Carr had a better season than Brady last year as well. Big Ben was obviously hurt. Brees was better but he didn’t play the whole season. I’m not ranking Carr solely off this season. I’m including what he did last year too. Carr played well last year too. I don’t think comparing him to Tannehill knocks him down much, because I think you can also argue Tannehill is a currently a top 8-10 QB based off his play the last 2 seasons collectively. If those two guys fall off in the future it doesn't negate what they’ve done in the 19 and 20 seasons, and where they deserve to be ranked in the here and now. If you want to make the argument that Brady, Brees, and Ben are still better than Carr that’s fine. I’d take Carr over those guys right now and I think that’s a more than reasonable take to make, unless we're also taking the 2018 season into account. I personally don’t, as all 4 of those QBs are fairly different since that season.
  11. Goff has been wildly inconsistent since his Monday night masterpiece against the Chiefs. He and Wentz are the same guys right now. Extremely talented but very uneven.
  12. He’s probably top 10 at this point. I have a hard time still putting Brady, Brees, Ryan, Roethlisberger, or Stafford ahead of him. In no order, QBs I’d have ahead of him: Mahomes Wilson Rodgers Watson Jackson Tannehill Allen is more talented but he needs a bigger body of work as a good passer before I move him ahead. Burrow and Herbert are showing promise but they’re rookies. Cousins and Jimmy G are usually solid but they’re having down years. Dak has an argument over him I suppose. Wentz is more talented but he’s wildly inconsistent. No one else would be worth bringing up. Credit to Chucky. He’s always done a great job getting the most out of his QBs. While I don’t think he’s quite as good a coach as Payton or Reid overall, he’s on par with those guys as far as maximizing his QBs strengths.
  13. I really think people are just over-correcting on Wilson now. I felt like he was pretty underrated his first 5/6 years. Now however, people have swung the pendulum too far in the other direction and are acting like he came into the league as this generational talent who turned around a mediocre franchise. Early in his career, RW had solid receiving weapons, an elite running back, and a generational defense. He was good, but he was absolutely not as good as Mahomes at the same point in his career. I’m much more sure that second year Mahomes could have won a SB with Seattle than third year RW could have won with KC.
  14. I was literally just thinking about this topic today. I’ll still slightly lean Watson, but I grant Allen has improved substantially this season and much more than I anticipated. This will end up being the new version of the Matt Ryan/Matt Stafford debate IMO. Allen has far more pure arm talent than Watson (although Watson doesn’t have a bad arm), but Deshaun is a far more polished QB. Allen has significantly closed the gap in that department though, and right now he’s playing at a higher level than Watson ever has, but it’s VERY early.
  15. Wilson is getting the Elway benefit right now. I remember in the 80/90s, it didn’t matter what Marino/Montana did, there would always be people arguing Elway could definitely do better if he just had what they had... Mahomes has lower football IQ, even though he takes less sacks. He’s somehow more inconsistent, even though the Chiefs have far fewer 3 and outs (a function of RW occasionally not seeing or not settling for the underneath play). I’m not even saying Russ isn’t amazing, but people are inventing weaknesses for Mahomes that don’t even exist. Mahomes has literally had the greatest 2 year start to his career that we’ve ever seen and people are assuming that Wilson can definitely match that. People are way too quick to take historical greatness for granted.
  16. Idk. I just think that throw was absolutely insane. People see Hardman running wide open and how causally Mahomes makes that throw and don’t appreciate the level of arm talent it takes. This is not a knock on Wilson, who has a fantastically strong arm and otherworldly ball placement, but I don’t think he can make that throw.
  17. Carroll and his staff aren’t on the offensive level of Reid and his staff, but they still do a very good (and often under appreciated) job of putting Russ in good positions to maximize his skill set. Russ throws that deep pass outside the hash marks better than Mahomes and he’s more elusive, but Mahomes does a better job getting the ball out his hands quicker (Wilson takes a lot of sacks that are his fault), and can make off platform throws that Russ can’t. People see Mecole Hardman wide open for his TD on MNF and talk about scheme, but that play doesn’t work if Mahomes doesn’t drift back in the pocket to buy more time and then put the ball out there on a dime with the ball traveling over 40 yards in the air, while the defense is bearing down on him. That’s more talent than scheme. I don’t think Wilson can make that play. In fact, there’s been only three guys I’ve ever seen who I think can make that play: Elway, Favre, and Rodgers. That’s not a knock on Russ, who is amazing, but I just think there are more things Mahomes can do that Russ can’t than vise versa.
  18. I knew that we were going to see a bunch of knee jerk reactions in this thread based off Mahomes first 2 games and Wilson’s first three. Mahomes played virtually all of last season on a bum ankle with injuries all throughout the OL and WR corps and still had arguably the best season in the league on a per game basis. When he was healthy and the playoffs came he was on a different level. The idea that if you swapped them places Russ would be doing what Mahomes is but Mahomes couldn’t do what Russ is laughable. Carroll is not some offensively inept clown being carried by Russ.
  19. I can’t decide how I feel about these three division winners from last year coming into this year. I think I might like the Eagles the best. I expect them all to be pretty good, I just don’t know how good. 2 questions 1. Which of these three do you think is LEAST LIKELY to repeat as division champ. 2. Which of these teams do you think is MOST LIKELY to repeat as division champ.
  20. I’m definitely not saying Wilson is only Hall of Good. I’m like you, where I think he’s on Hall of Fame pace but just needs a little more accrual work.
  21. WRs have occasionally come away with SB MVP awards, Holmes, Ward, Rice... Although in Howard’s case, he got his more for his efforts as a kick returner. Howard was a pretty feared return man that year, and his KR TD in the SB came right after NE had scored and it looked like they had all the momentum. It was a massive game changing play. Now, it’s debatable whether that should’ve been enough for him to get the award over Favre. I think I probably would’ve leaned towards him.
  22. Look, I’m certainly not downplaying how good Russ has been. I don’t think he’s quite cleared the bar for the HOF just yet, but he’s certainly on the right pace. I’d like to see him maintain his current level of play for a couple more years before I’d be completely solid on his induction. As for Warner, injuries played a much bigger factor in his run in STL ending then people tend to acknowledge. He never got a fair shake in NY, but it’s hard to blame the Giants because they had a blue chip prospect waiting in Eli, and that turned out to be the right decision for them. His run in Arizona would’ve looked even more impressive than it ended up being, but not for the fact that it took the organization bizarrely too long to realize that Leinart sucked.
  23. Because of severe injuries to his hand and a concussion, not because he couldn’t play. No, he just had a historically dominant defense and wasn’t asked to carry a heavy offensive load earlier on when he went to his SBs. He’s also had one of the best coaches in the league his whole career. Its debatable who played in a “crazier qb era”. And I never said Wilson wasn’t good. I said he hasn’t surpassed Warner. You can’t compare their numbers directly because they played in two completely different eras. Warner led the league in passer rating twice, Russ once. Warner led the league in passing TDS twice, Russ once. Warner led the league in passing yards once, Russ never. Warner led the league in ANY/A three times, Russ never. And please tell me you’re not trying to play up win/loss percentage over MVPs!!!! You might as well be hyping up Alex Smith for his amazing win/loss record in the 2010s. C’mon now. Regardless, Warner also has a SB MVP, something Russ also doesn’t have.
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