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  1. Mock Draft/Off-season Thread

    People, draftniks, experts, etc all saw it with Trent Richardson, Robert Gallery, RGIII, etc. Bottom line is there are no sure things. We can do both. QB at number one, and trade 4 for more picks both this year and in the future. We can have our cake and eat it too.
  2. 2018 Draftable QB Discussion

    False. This gentleman used the same throwing motion to throw a pigskin over a quarter mile in ‘82.
  3. General discussion thread.

    That’s not remotely close to what your previous post said. That said, we are clearly in a “win now” mode and any way to improve should be considered. Paying for a top 10 QB would be fine with me, it’s not my money.
  4. Mock Draft/Off-season Thread

  5. Mock Draft/Off-season Thread

    Lots of good players were available at 25 too. Maybe we got one? I mean, it’s been one season. Yep, and we are still receiving compensation for that. Kinda hard to determine whether the trade was decent or not when we haven’t even made all of the picks or seen how the picks we’ve made turn out. Again, great players WERE available, we didn’t get them. Coulda taken OBJ or Aaron Donald too.....but we didn’t. Could have taken Wilkerson instead. Again...the players were there. I remember when people wanted the “can’t miss” dude Aaron Curry then. That was dumb at the time. The compensation didn’t warrant it imo. (1 6th rounder). We’re talking about multiple premium picks to move down. The Pats have whiffed in players too, they just pick a lot and have an established roster that covers those issues. Jabril Peppers wouldn’t be considered a bust there right now, he wouldn’t have been viewed as one of their defensive leaders right away like he is here, at least by fans.
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I’m in SW Ohio, but I drive to Michigan every few months to visit in laws so I’ll keep that in mind, thanks!
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Tell me about this pizza place, I may live near Podunk.
  8. Browns OC search

    Hue making sure he won’t be the most disliked coach on the staff.
  9. Browns OC search

    Potato is the perfect descriptor.
  10. Mock Draft/Off-season Thread

    You act as if we haven’t whiffed on top 10 picks too... https://www.vox.com/2015/4/30/8516007/nfl-draft-economics
  11. Mock Draft/Off-season Thread

    Actual facts and data almost 100% contradict your opinion fwiw.
  12. General discussion thread.

    Seeing posts like this makes me question if you understood any part of the previous regime’s plan. Are you under the impression that they were trying to win as many games as possible? You are aware this cap space rolls over, correct? The previous regime was building draft assets and cap space as well as adding young talent. The cap space they saved could then be used at a later date when the team was ready to compete.
  13. (Poll) Will Josh Gordon Make it Through this Offseason Clean?

    This is the only option imo. Move forward and plan as though he won’t be around and if he is it’s a bonus. If not, the team isn’t SOL.
  14. 2018 Off-season Coaching Staff Changes

    I wouldn’t mind Mularkey, he’s not my first choice, but he’s better than the current guy. Seeing as we’ve got the OL and a pair of decent backs, I wouldn’t mind a run heavy offense, especially if we have a young QB.
  15. If you haven’t worked out in 7 years you’ll prolly be fine just doing regular body weight pull-ups. If you’re able to do 2-3 sets of 10+, it’s time to start doing the weighted version imo.