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  1. I’m not saying it’s irrelevant, but a good coach doesn’t win you a ring. Doesn’t do much other than maybe make a middling team somewhat relevant. We don’t even have a middling team at this point tbh. Firing a coach doesn’t move the needle imo. Nothing moves the needle in any significant manner other than a huge increase in talent.
  2. Maybe, but it think success in the NBA has very little to do with coaching. Find a guy that players respect and go from there. There’s no scheme or strategy that makes up for ****ty talent nor does coaching honestly impede talent unless the players just can’t stand them.
  3. He’s been given a roster full of **** talent with zero structure. It’s a bunch of role players at best.
  4. You’re pointing out the exception. Brady is was the driving force. Let’s be honest, is AB and Gronk were there because of him. They were a 7 win team with many of those FA before Brady got there.
  5. I can blame him and you can’t stop me.
  6. Retiring numbers is dumb anyway. There’s like 3 geezers on this board who actually even remember guys like Jim Brown’s playing days. I have no firsthand knowledge or most of this team’s historical greats, and I’m pushing 40. There are only so many numbers, eventually you’re going to run out if you retire the number of anyone who was really good.
  7. For sure, he cost Ozzie a statue and a retired jersey number. But, Ozzie chose to be a part of that organization and did more for them than for us. Let them honor him. How tf are we gonna retire a number for a dude who was the architect of a division rival’s roster for 2 decades and won a pair of rings with them?
  8. Mistakes happen, but some can be fixed.
  9. No way I retire Ozzie’s jersey after all the misery he was responsible for since he left. Let them retire his number or some ish. Who’s next, Bill Cowher?
  10. He was a rookie playing in a rotation who graded out well per PFF. Im not saying he’s great or anything, but I don’t think we can read too much into a rookie year with no TC, etc.
  11. Mike, you need to stop putting this out there. Next thing we know agents, whose entire job is based around getting the most lucrative deal possible for their clients, will also get wind of this little secret that only us insiders know and they won’t want to sign extensions now, but rather wait a year.
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