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  1. Coleman has been injured (freak injuries) and has played with 7 QB's in 2 years. What do you expect his stats to look like? I'm not saying he's the second coming of Antonio Brown, but he could still prove to be a very decent starting WR. Im not sure how cutting Gordon changes the culture, he hasn't been in the building for 12 months before and they seemed to lose just fine without him.
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    It's an application for mobile devices that the younger generation uses to send pictures of their genitals to each other.
  3. Do you know enough to give up on Deshone Kizer?

    Would you start Hogan over Kizer?
  4. Do you know enough to give up on Deshone Kizer?

    Idk, I think Hue has taken a look at his other options and was none to impressed their either. At this point it doesn't really matter IMO, they'll have a new guy there next year.....again.
  5. This is the most important bit IMO. Im not going to do something I hate for the rest of my life.
  6. Stop it, I'm not taking the bait lol.
  7. Josh Rosen vs Sam Darnold

    Yeah, you don't look for starters there, you try to find a backup and sometimes those guys develop. Kizer should be that developmental backup.
  8. Josh Rosen vs Sam Darnold

    As far as the USC prospects, those guys played for different coaches in different eras really. Darnold has everything you want in a qb prospect with the exception of maybe a little more experience.
  9. Lol what do you mean?
  10. Prospects sitting out bowl games

    Almost like this thread....
  11. Prospects sitting out bowl games

    It s the same calculations that cause a player to leave with eligibility remaining, they feel they've shown enough to secure an acceptable draft position for themselves. I'll care about these kids leaving "their team" when coaches stop leaving "their team" for better jobs and other players are processed out of a spot on "their team".
  12. Do you know enough to give up on Deshone Kizer?

    I don't think there's any reason to put Kessler or Hogan in the game personally. Just roll with Kizer and see if he can improve. Maybe that experience pays dividends next season.
  13. GDT week 11 Browns vs. Jaguars

    Fair point.
  14. Josh Gordon is back

    Sounds great, I love gastropubs. Can't imagine why he wouldn't. If he were at a bar or nightclub I'd get it, but a restaurant that serves booze is pretty unavoidable. If he went to Chipoltle would the same things be said?
  15. GDT week 11 Browns vs. Jaguars

    Williams also has 3 top 32 picks on the DL, a pro bowl caliber stud at MLB, a solid vet in Kirksey, two solid vets at CB and a 1st rounder at safety. Hue has some talent on the OL, but 3/5 were new starters this year, now 4/5. Coleman has been mostly hurt, njoku plays a position that rookies historically don't produce, has next to nothing at RB, less at qb and literally nothing (outside of Coleman) at WR. Cant say I'm shocked the defense is ahead of the offense tbh. Hue does seem to be stubborn about calling the plays though.