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  1. The construction of the team is a lesser concern to some degree as you can move guys once the cream starts to rise, but as of now there’s not a lot to love about any of these guys. Allen and Sexton have shown some ability, but they don’t look like guys you can build a winning team around. At least not yet. Same with Garland. At some point we have to find “the guy” who this team is going to be based around.
  2. I get that, but this has been an annual tradition around here forever.
  3. It makes mock drafts more fun to make, duh. According to FF, any vet is available for a day 3 pick.
  4. The irking part for me isn’t that they didn’t choose to pay one single dude, it’s that they refuse to pay literally anyone. The league needs a salary cap and a salary floor, and it will never happen.
  5. Surprised @fullyclothedtayne let this joker get the jump on moderating...
  6. To be fair, we didn’t actually mention any real posters...
  7. I mean, that’s like 4 years ago. I’m not saying he can’t contribute, but I think people need to temper their expectations a bit. He hasn’t been “that guy” in a while and I can’t think of many examples of a guy having a 3-4 year dip in production only to become elite again.
  8. I’d love to see them dump the reserves and get as many people vaccinated as possible, even if they just get one dose initially. Sure, the second vaccine will be needed eventually, and maybe boosters down the line, but we’ve got to slow this thing down.
  9. First question, which one am I? Second question, why? I don’t like the pick. Not a fan of hyphenated names. That’s my only rationale, and I feel justified.
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