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  1. For sure. That said, in this instance all you have to do is walk into a pharmacy and get the shot for free. It’s pretty simple, as you yourself know. As far as people not trusting the medical community, they sure as **** will seek their help when their sick. If you *really* distrust them, get the vaccine so you don’t need their help for extended periods of time. And in your case, just an assumption here, the issue as it’s not necessarily just a medical issue, but blurred lines between medical and dental insurance, the latter of which is a bigger joke than the former. Those sit
  2. I’d rather he just get vaccinated like an adult with a functioning brain. 🤷‍♂️
  3. And that’s on ownership. Sashi had Berry here 3 years before we hired him and the two of them wanted to hire McDermott instead of Hue. Haslam wanted Hue. How many other instances have their been like that? I can’t even imagine… Hoe many coaches got saddled with a lame duck GM or vice versa? Holmgren, Heckert and Shurmur was the last time we actually “did it right” as far as structure and that was like 6 dozen regimes ago.
  4. 💯 We are all fans and many have skewed views as such. Looking at this objectively from the perspective of a potential employee, our owner involves himself in the basketball side too often, our roster shows no vision/identity and the Houston market is like 5x the size of Cleveland and has no state income tax. I simply can’t hate on someone for having a preference as to where they live and work. I do.
  5. I mean, when did all of the regime change benefit us save this last time? This is a perfect example of Occam’s razor. Either almost literally every player and coach we’ve hired for 20 years was a bum…. OR…. it was the team/organization/ownership that was the problem. Which of those is most likely to you?
  6. Agreed, but how do you develop an identity when you change course every 2-3 years? It’s human nature to want to do something different than the last guy, but that comes at a cost.
  7. I mean, it’s hard to argue and say they would have been good or anything of the sort, but how much was the lack of continuity why almost every draft pick for 20 years seemed to bust? I just feel like you can take 2 players with the physical ability, work ethic, etc and they could have very different careers depending on the franchises they were drafted by. When you start listing reasons why a player can fail other than their own talent, the organization was guilty of failing them in pretty much every way.
  8. Yep, this is proper roster management and why having 8-10 picks every year is important. Allowing a guy 2 years on the bench before starting allows them time to develop while also allowing for 2 years of cost controlled talent on the back end of the rookie deal.
  9. That’s fair, but both are 4-5 years older also and have had time to develop their bodies. I don’t think anyone expected Harris to be the best available guy last year, hence being a developmental player. That said, if he’s able to recomposition his body and keep his movement skills and ability, he’ll likely be a far better player than either of those two. All I’m saying is you can’t look at a single rookie season worth of tape on a young, developmental player and come to any conclusions.
  10. I mean, it’s not easy to get 1k yards when you have a bag of arseholes throwing you the ball. Any good receiver will produce with Mayfield. That said, Stefanski’s offense isn’t really designed to get one guy a mess of catches. He’s going to spread it around. Backs and TE’s are featured more in our offense than others.
  11. He did, but he was also just 21 and an obvious project when we took him. I said when we took him he was likely a 2 year project. He needs to work on his body and lose some the fat and get stronger, which takes time. He needs to show some improvement this season for sure to even be considered a potential replacement for Tretter.
  12. Other than Kevin Johnson, Braylon Edwards, and Josh Gordon you’re right. 😂
  13. I just hope this thread stays open long enough after those posts are deleted to hear about the infringement of his first amendment rights.
  14. I think that’s the idea, at least at first. Just a rotational guy, 3rd or 4th DE who plays in primarily passing situations. I liked him a lot when we grabbed him, but I tend to agree. Maybe things click year 3, but so far I’ve been less than impressed. Green was a rookie in a wonky year. I think there’s still a chance he’s able to contribute in a meaningful way.
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