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  1. If he’s willing to gut it out, I see no reason to bench him. It’s really just pain management on his end at this point. Im perfectly fine ignoring what I see this year if it’s not great and using next year as the eval year either way. I just think 80-90% of Baker is better than Keenum.
  2. That’s how I prefer to look at it as well.
  3. Of I don’t mean as far as lighting up the scoreboard, I just mean as far as having an offense that may be able to score 14-17 points and not go three and out each possession.
  4. Vic Fangio is welcome to stay. You can even take Joe Woods with you in return.
  5. If our OL is healthy enough to play and our run game is productive, I think we’re ok and have a reasonable chance to win. If not, we don’t.
  6. I’m certain he is, he’s mentioned it. Trouble sleeping, etc.. He’s got one option for long term pair relief and it’s not s guarantee. Even then, it doesn’t fix the issue. If his dislocating, even with his pain managed to a tolerable level, they’re gonna have to shut him down. No, we’d need him playing and playing at a very high level for that to happen. I just hope they don’t throw in the towel. This is still a team that should be competing for a playoff spot.
  7. I mean, he’s in one of two spots. 1. the pain sucks right now and maybe they’re gonna give him a cortisone injection and hope that keeps his pain manageable for the rest of the season and then repair it in the winter. 2. the second opinion has revealed further damage and he’s weighing his options before making a decision. Not really sure what a 3rd option would be.
  8. Ngl, a part of me wonders if we’ve seen the last of Baker this season.
  9. Nah, it’s gonna require surgery. I think at this point it’s just a matter of getting the pain/inflammation down to a manageable level. Maybe he pulls the plug on the season if that doesn’t work 🤷‍♂️
  10. Smart move tbh. Obviously the extra time isn’t healing a complete tear, but it may help him reduce the pain and be more prepared moving forward. If I’m Baker I don’t step foot on that field until the tackles are back at least tbh.
  11. Can’t get in trouble for calling yourself names and as long as the name calling is perceived as accurate by the person doing it, it’s ok here.
  12. I still love them and their wishy washy arses.
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