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  1. The Next 4 Games Will Determine the Fate of Our Regime

    Let's just be honest though, last year was essentially a scratch, no attempt was made to win a single game, at least based on roster construction. Add to that punting on the qbotf for another year. Firing a coach isn't some magic fix-all, I assumed more folks would have figured that out by now.
  2. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Lowest ratings in history. I just wish politics could be left on the back burner for a while so folks can just enjoy themselves. There's a time and place for everything. I don't know why but it seems it's just become expected for celebrities to tell you about their politics or your politics as if someone was actually asking them. One of the great things about FF is folks here can talk about pretty much anything.....except politics.
  3. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Congrats man, that's good stuff.
  4. Broken Hand Feared for Corey Coleman

    Concussion protocol, he's in until he's not and it varies from person to person and concussion to concussion. I'd imagine he's out this week though.
  5. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Then bring in UDFA's. Right now corner hasn't been a huge issue tbh and if these guys keep playing like they have I don't know if I go corner in round one either unless they are obvious BPA. If all goes well bring in a 2nd day pick to develop with Wilson and BBC, maybe two if the opportunity presents itself.
  6. The Next 4 Games Will Determine the Fate of Our Regime

    The fact that even the most hardcore fanatics such as ourselves are to this point should indicate just how bad of a situation Haslam has got himself in.
  7. The Next 4 Games Will Determine the Fate of Our Regime

    As a fella who's had the displeasure of watching more than a few Bengals curb stompings of the Browns in PBS and the excitement of the fan base down here, yeah, sure. I'll settle for a consistent competitor as opposed to being a consistent punching bag for the rest of the league. But I'm sure if we fire Hue the next guy will figure it out, right? That's worked so well the last 18 years.
  8. Broken Hand Feared for Corey Coleman

    I personally agree with you, but I don't know if the FO will cut bait that quickly. I still have a sliver of hope for Britt as it's still super early, but he's been awful and, as you said, has no special teams value. I'd imagine it will be Coleman going to IR that clears the roster spot.
  9. The Next 4 Games Will Determine the Fate of Our Regime

    I don't think Hue gets canned under any circumstance this season. Top down they committed to a 21 year old rookie qb and have the youngest roster in the league. That's not a recipe for success. All that said, they need to win 2 of the next 4. I honeslty feel bad for Hue in some ways. The front office is making good (IMO great) moves, but they don't set a team up to win now. I really hope Haslam doesn't consider firing Hue until he's been given a full 4 years. The patience would be rewarded IMO. If Haslam fires Hue this year I buy Bengals season tickets and don't look back and I'm not really joking.
  10. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    I mean, that's an interesting projection, but the dude you gave as an example went in round 2. RB's are generally thought of as "safe" and instant fixes to running games but the fact is they bust at a really high rate in the 1st round and the ones who don't bust typically have shorter careers than other positions as well. The idea of a single back getting hella touches is a thing of the past for most teams. Many teams use a stable of backs as they cost less, are more versatile and an injury is less impactful. Not to mention it allows teams to constantly have fresh legs in the game. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have a stud, but those guys have consistently been found pretty much anywhere in the draft.
  11. POTD 9/18: Fantasy Football

  12. Week 2 GDT - In the land of Crab Cakes

    I'm guessing Colts fans feel the same.
  13. Broken Hand Feared for Corey Coleman

    Coleman could go IR designated to return too.
  14. Broken Hand Feared for Corey Coleman

    Somebody gettin axed, my money is on Coates.
  15. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    These boys and girls are called the exceptions (if we're including Fournette as he's played all of two games, great example btw). Google first round running backs drafted in the last decade and get back with me.