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  1. They managed to limit the total number of cases treated in the US to 11. Take that as you like.
  2. Wait, where the hell am I? This isn’t the Browns forum.....
  3. Eh, you say incredible, I say completely believable as a Browns fan. Expected almost.
  4. Well we’re only playing one rn. 4D chess baybeeee
  5. You should think of his doppelgänger, uncle Phil. *eta: an exceedingly more handsome version of uncle Phil
  6. Lol I’m speaking with like minded people, not arguing.
  7. Lol been an interesting week for off topic discussions. So I’ve been discussing those elsewhere 🤷‍♂️
  8. The buffoonery will never be over, it’s just getting started.
  9. I know YOU get it, but there are a lot of folks seemingly struggling to wrap their noggin around it. One of which is pretty prominent and in a high position of government. Agreed. I think it’s long overdue to standardize voting on a national level. Things like early voting times, when ballots need to either be received or post marked, equal access to polling (or as some may say, pole-ing) places, etc. I think we as a country also need to chip in and buy Nevada a new abacus to speed up their counting.
  10. I mean, anyone with two brain cells that occasionally collide knew this was going to be the case. It was well known ahead of time who counts mail in votes early/late, it’s like this every year. The only difference this year is the number of mail in ballots due to covid. Here’s an article that explains what we could expect and it’s from days before the election. Obviously it’s a prediction and not 100%, but it highlights the “why” behind the shift in results based on timing from state to state. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/election-results-timing/ Waiting to count was and still is dumb, but that’s the system those states use. 🤷‍♂️
  11. But now they have to pay more taxes on their house. I get the frustration, but it’s a good problem.
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